Disclaimer: This story is real. It really happened. I should know I lived it. So there ha. Anyway, the last names of people have been changed (If they are even mentioned, but they are the same last names from all the other chapters) to protect the individuals. Some names have been changed completely.
If you are offended by the idea of boys or same sex relationships what the heck are you doing here? If it is illegal for you to view this material, again what the heck are you doing here? If this applies to you, don’t read on (Not like I can really stop you, so if you are going to read this then don’t get caught).
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Tim White
Chapter 13

The next morning, I woke up with this sense that I great heart ache had been lifted my shoulders. I wasn’t sure why. I rolled over to get out of bed and someone was there. The first thing that came to my mind was that Zach must have snuck over last night and climbed into bed with me. I reached over and started to grab the hard cock that was making a tent under my blanket. Just as I was closing my hand to grip the cock, I looked up at the face.
“OH MY FUCKING GOD! What are you doing here!? What are you doing in my bed!?”
Just as I was finishing up my question, my door flew open and my dad was standing there. “What the heck is goi……………… Ryan? Is that you? What are you doing here?”
“Hi Mr. White. Yeah it’s me. Tim and I talked last night and we are friends again……….well at least I hope we are.” Ryan looked over at me with a questioning look.
I looked back to him. Am I crazy for letting him back in? He was the one that caused me endless torment. He was the one that didn’t seem to give a damn. So am I crazy for wanting to be his friend again. “Yes, we are friends again.” Well there’s the answer.
My dad gave me a look that said “that’s great news.” He walked back down the hall and down stairs. I looked over at Ryan.
“Sorry for freaking out on you there. I forgot what happened last night…………So, if you don’t mind me asking, what happened after …….. you know……….that night?
“Well, I went home and told a bunch of people. I think at the time I was mad at you because you hid it from me. After I hung up phone, I knew that I did the most unforgiveable thing. I betrayed you. I want to let you know that I never took part in any of it. I started to seclude myself. I lost all my friends as well………Every day I wanted to tell you how sorry I was, but I was sure that you never wanted to talk to me ever again. So I just avoided you. I started to stay in the back hallways because hardly anyone used them……Then I heard what happened to you in front of the school……… I caused that……..Then you talked to the school. Yu said you forgave them. So I started thinking that maybe you would forgive me also……… Then Zach comes along, tells me that you don’t hate me, that you never wanted to stop being my friend. He told me about the party. So I went, and here we are now.”
“Yes, we are friends and it will stay that way…………. I love you Ryan.” As I finished I gave him a big old bear hug. We were both crying. We held each other for a while. We broke the hug. I needed and shower and no offence to Ryan, but he smelled really bad. I went in a cleaned up. Ryan go in after me, while he was washing I called Zach.
“Good morning my sexy love muffin. How are you doing today?”
“Morning birthday boy. I’m great. How did everything go last night?”
“Everything went great. I kind of freaked this morning when I found him in my bed next to me…… No I didn’t do anything with him…………..At first I yelled, then I remembered what happened the night before.”
We talked a little longer, until Ryan got out of the shower. We had made plans to meet at the mall to hang out, but no matter what, that night was just for us. When Ryan got out of the shower, I told him what was up. Hs asked if he could tag along, so that he could get to know Zach better. I said sure. We headed out to my car, and then headed to pick Zach up. We headed to the mall. We went to a couple stores, did a little shopping. I had Zach help me pick something out for his parents. Then both Zach and I picked something out for Cody.
We headed to the food court to get some food. Ryan was asking a lot of questions. I could tell that Zach was a little uncomfortable with answering them. The questions were about him in general. Questions like: Where did he move here from? Did he have any brothers of sisters? What his parents were like. They were just general questions. I think that he was uncomfortable because at the things that happened in the past. How I was hurt. He didn’t want it to happen again. Zach answered all the question none the less.
It was getting to be later in the day, and I wanted to spend some time all with Zach. So I stood up, they followed, and we took Ryan home. I pulled out of his driveway, I took Zach’s hand in mine, and we drove. We went to the beach. We sat in the sand and just held each other. The sound of the water was so soothing.
After a couple of hours of us holding each other we got up and headed back to the car. We drove for while until we got to a park. It was pretty late. We grabbed the blanket out of my trunk. At this time of night, the park was completely deserted. We found a spot out of sight, just in case someone was out for a midnight stroll. We spread the blanket out on the ground.
We both sat down on the blanket. I leaned over to Zach and started to kiss him. I pushed him down, not breaking the kiss. My hands started to roam over his entire body. One of my hands came to rest on his hardening cock. I started to run and caress that piece of juicy meat. Zach grabbed my hand, he stopped me. “This is all about you.” He lifted my shirt off. He started to suck on my neck. Then moved down my chest, and stomach. He unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down off my legs. He started to rub my cock as kissed my body. I moaned from the pleasure his hand was giving me. He got me hard, then started to lick the outline of my cock throw my boxers. He pulled my boxers off and started licking on my dick. “Oh fuck, that feels good,” I moaned. He licked up and down the shaft; he took each of my balls in his mouth. After spending some time on my balls, he started to suck on my cock. Up and down, he went, sucking me harder and harder with each pass. He started to deep throat me. The first couple times he gagged but then he relaxed and took it all. “Oh my fucking god, that feels great”
Zach took his mouth off me cock. “What do you want to do?” I looked at him and told him to fuck me raw. He lifted my legs up and started to lick my ass. He licked the hole, up and down. After a bit he started fucking me with his tongue. Once he was satisfied that I was lubed up enough, he positioned himself so he could push his hard cock deep inside me. He was teasing me by rubbing the head of his cock up and down my crack. Finally he pushed in. Normally he would start slow then go faster and faster. But this time he didn’t. He pushed in and didn’t wait for me to adjust. He started pumping in and out of me. Yes it hurt but the pain was great. I don’t know why but the way that he was fucking me, I felt like everything in the world will be alright. I felt like nothing could ever hurt us.
I was brought out of the trace, by the feeling of Zach cumming. I felt every shot. Zach fucking me this way must have turned him much more than normal. There were only 3 shots, but the amount of cum with these shots filled me up and over flowed my ass. There was so much cum, that it was it was not just leaking, but flowing out of my ass. Zach pulled his cock out and laid beside me. He started kissing me. I still haven’t gotten the chance to get off yet. Just the feeling of the cum in my ass what almost enough to send me off the edge. Zach seemed to know what I was thinking. He moved to my dick and slid it into his mouth. It didn’t take long until I shot my load. He swallowed every last drop. When I was drained of my love juice, he came back up and kissed me. I could taste my cum in his mouth.
We kissed for about 10 minutes. “We should probably head back. We don’t wana get caught out here.” So we got dressed and headed back to my car. We ended up at zach’s house. I went inside and just planned on saying goodnight, but I laid down on his bed and fell asleep holding him. I woke up the exact same way as I fell asleep. With Zach’s head on my chest. He was so adorable. I didn’t want o wake him up, but we had some stuff we had to do today.
Me and Zach had decided that we wanted to have a Christmas party. Not one where everyone exchanged gifts. I like the idea of secret Santa, but I think it needs to be with close friends.
“Zach, hun, we need to get up. We have to go get stuff for the party.”
“Do we have to? I just wana cuddle with you.”
“I would love to just cuddle with you, I don’t wana stop, but we have to.”
“OH fine then, but I’m going to go around in just a thong today.”
“I am not objecting to that, but the rest of the world might.”
So we go out of bed and got dressed. I borrowed some of Zach’s clothes. We went to a couple of stores. For the food we had decided on snack foods. There is going to be a bunch of teenagers there so we didn’t need a bunch of meal foods. We were planning on 40 people, so we bought enough food that should feed twice that. Then enough drinks for 3 times that. It is going to be a great party. After we got home, my house, we put everything away. My dad said we could have the party at our house. The party was the next day, so we went to sleep pretty early so we could get up and set up everything.
We woke up at 8o’clock. Josh wanted to stay and help. I thought it would be good to have an extra set of hands. I just didn’t want him there for the party. I don’t know what all will happen, and didn’t want him to see anything if it turned x-rated. We got everything set up and people started showing up around 5 pm. I knew some of the people from talking to them at school. Others must have been friends of Cody’s. Like I thought about 50 people showed up. To my great surprise about every single one of them cared on a conversation with me. We all had a great time. I couldn’t remember a time when I felt so loved and liked by this many people.
The party was winding down. People started going home. Like 10 people stayed and helped us clean up. They all went home except for Ryan, Cody and two others. Their names were Keith and Tyler. They were a couple of Cody’s friends. I could tell that they were a little uncomfortable by being here.
“So Tyler, what are you interested in.” I asked to start the conversation. The silence was killing me.
“I don’t know. Sports mostly.” He said
“Ok, how about you Keith?”
“Umm, sports I guess. I like to read also.”
“OK, cool.” They still looked really uncomfortable.
“Look guys. I know you feel weird being here. I don’t want you to feel like you have to be my friends just because Cody is.”
Keith was the first to speak up. “Oh it’s not that dude, at least for me. It’s that I feel bad for hurting you for so long, and I don’t understand how you can just forget about that.”
“If I didn’t forgive everyone, then I still wouldn’t have any friends. What would be the point of hating everyone that hurt me?”
“I guess you’re right.” Tyler said.
We talked for a while longer. I offered for them to spend the night. They took me up on that after. The next day was Christmas Eve. The next day, they all went home to spend time with their families.
At some point during that day, it had been discussed and decided that Zach and his family were going to spend Christmas with us. Just as my house was settling down for sleep, I got a phone call. It was Cody.
“Hey Cody, what’s up?”
“I got in a huge fight with my parents……..”
“Is everything ok?”
“No………..It is alright if I come over…………”
“Yeah………..Come over.”
I hung up the phone and told Zach what was happening.  About 30 minutes later, Cody was pulling into my driveway. He came into the house. I told him that we would talk later, that tonight we were just going to comfort him. We went back up to my room and went to sleep. I made sure that I slept on the side of the bed where I could get out without disturbing Zach.
At 6 am my dad came in and woke me up.
“Get dressed; we are going to go get the car.”
I got dressed and met my dad outside in his car. We drove to the garage that we were keeping it at. On the way there I asked my dad how we are going to hide it. He told me that he will leave his car out of the garage and we can put the jeep in there until we are ready to show him.
We got the truck back home and got it hidden. I had bought this huge bow there I could put on it.
I went back up to my room and woke Zach and Cody up. I told Cody that he is more than welcome to stay with us for Christmas. He accepted. He was going to be getting gifts, just not as much as everyone else.
I went and woke Josh while Zach and Cody took showers Of course Josh wanted to run straight down stairs and see what Santa brought him. My dad was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I went down and helped him. About 9 o’clock Zach parents came over. They bought gifts for everyone. Even Josh, even though they had never met him before.
We started to open our presents, and show each other what we got. When we were about half way through I went to the garage and pulled the Jeep out. I went back into the house and we finished. Zach looked at me. I kind of saw this hurt slash confused look. I didn’t buy him any other gifts. When I came back in I had put the keys in a box like you would get with a rig. When everyone was done, I walked over to Zach.
“Zach, I know I haven’t given you my gift yet………………. So have it is.”
I handed him the small box. He opened it and took out the key. He looked up at me.
“Yes, I got you a car.”
Without another word. Zach ran out the door. Everyone followed. He was speechless. I came up beside him. He tackled me to the ground and started kissing me. This was his first car, and his first love gave it to him. He got off me and got in the car. I got in with him and we went for a ride.


Tim’s notes:
OK sorry that this chapter took so long to get out. But I started going to see a therapist. And to tell you the truth, it has made me miserable. So I’m going to stop going. I know that at home I haven’t been very open and that people that I talk to online have been getting crappy conversations from me. I made two videos of some poems  and put them on Youtube. & . The “Sorrow in my world” is a poem that I wrote. Someone asked me “are u sure u wanna post ur poems on you tube where anyone who wants to can condemn you??” And my answer was “I don’t give a shit.” I’m tired of living my life trying to make people happy.  From now on it is about me, and Zach, and my friends. I’m not in this world to make it easier for anyone else. If you want to talk to I will, if you want advice or my opinion on something, I will give it. But I’m not going to make the world better. I have been through a shit life and I’m tired of it.