Disclaimer: This story is real. It really happened. I should know I lived it. So there ha. Anyway, the last names of people have been changed (If they are even mentioned, but they are the same last names from all the other chapters) to protect the individuals. Some names have been changed completely.
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Tim White
Chapter 14

“Zach, I know I haven’t given you my gift yet………………. So have it is.”
I handed him the small box. He opened it and took out the key. He looked up at me.
“Yes, I got you a car.”
Without another word. Zach ran out the door. Everyone followed. He was speechless. I came up beside him. He tackled me to the ground and started kissing me. This was his first car, and his first love gave it to him. He got off me and got in the car. I got in with him and we went for a ride.
Ok this is going to be a special chapter. I will not be writing all of it. Zach will be writing some, and Also “Cody” will be writing. The reason I’m doing it this way is because I hope their emotions will come through. And there are some parts that I don’t know. Also, now that Cody is well into the picture, I wanted to know how he saw things and what he felt. I know what Zach was thinking “oh my God I just wana fuck Tim.” Hehe J/K, Love you Zach. I know you had more thoughts then that. I saw the smoke…….Ok before I say too much and get beat by Zach………………..Oooooo Kinky………….let’s get started.

OH MY GOD, Tim bought me a car. The whole time I was driving, I had a smile on my face. He bought my dream car. I can’t believe it. I looked over at him and smiled even wider. Tim was looking at me. He smiled. He grabbed my hand and we drove on. We didn’t need to say a word. At that point in time, the rest of the world wasn’t there. It was just Tim and I driving.
After an hour and half of driving, Tim squeezed my hand. That was my signal that we needed to head home.
“When we get back, give my dad a huge hug. This is from both of us.” Tim said.
“I will………..I love you so much. I’m so glad I caught you starring at my crotch in the locker-room.”
“Well I couldn’t help it, you were just so hot in nothing but your underwear.”
When we got to a red light, I leaned over and started to make out with Tim. We lost track of time, and it was not a very busy road. The next thing we knew there was someone knocking on my window. When I rolled the window down, the guy started yelling at me.
“Hey you fucking queer, why don’t you stop making out with your faggot boyfriend and drive.” The man said.
I looked over at Tim. The look of excitement and joy had faded. It was replaced by a hurt look.
“Look, I’m sorry. I don’t want any trouble. Have a Merry Christmas.” I said.
“I don’t fucking care if you don’t want trouble. You and your retarded boyfriend got it now.” The guy punched me in the face through the window.
“Zach just drive. Go now.” Tim said. I was already reaching down to unfasten my seat belt.
“Listen to your pussy friend there.” The guy said.
I had had enough. Today was Christmas for God’s sake. Can’t these people let us hove on day where they don’t make fun of us. I pressed and removed my seat belt. Tim reached over and put a hand on mine. He looked at in my eyes. I sighed. I turned to the man and said:
“You are one luck son-of-a-bitch. I hope you and the rest of you fucking bigot family have a great Christmas.”
I didn’t wait for a response. I stepped on the gas. I may have run over the guy’s foot. Good. He deserved it. We had been driving around for a while after that little episode, so I decided that it was time that we headed back to Tim’s house. When we got back, the parents had a million questions about me driving. Where did we go? Did we stop and chat with anyone? How did the car drive? Stuff like that. I told them about the guy at the stop light.
“How rude can people be? I would think that on Christmas, everyone would be nice to everyone else.” Tim’s dad said.
“Well let’s forget this mess and enjoy Christmas. We still need to enjoy this great dinner that Jerry has made.” My mom said she has never been one to talk about the bad stuff. Every time something bad comes up, she finds a way to change the subject.
We all sat around the table. Tim’s dad said grace, and then we dug in. There was lots of food. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, yams, all the traditional holiday foods. Everything tasted so good. No offense to my mom’s cooking, but I liked Tim’s dad’s better. It tasted like it was homemade. (Anyway making myself hungry.)

Dinner was great. The food was good and the conversations we had made the evening wonderful. Once we were eating, Josh wanted to play with his new toys. He asked Cody, Zach and I if we wanted to play with him. We said sure. He had gotten a bunch of action figures. It had been years since I had played with these things. I started thinking back to when I was a kid.
I was 7years old. I and Ryan were playing in my back yard. We had a sand box. When playing with our toys, we pretended that the sand box was a dessert. The bad guys lair was hided out there somewhere and we had to find it. A lot of the time while we were play, we would fight with each other about how we were playing and using our guys.
I was bought out of my day dream by Josh pushing on me.
“Timmy, are you ok? You stopped moving.”
“Yeah bud. Just remembering back to when I was your age. OK witch guy am I going to be.”
“This one.” Josh said as he handed me an action figure. We played with these toys for a good two hours.
During the time that we were off in our own fantasy world, my dad and Zach’s parents were in the kitchen making the desserts. My favorite this ever is a chocolate Coca-Cola cake. All you do it add a coke to a cake mix. It is so good. The coke makes the cake so moist. It practically melts in your mouth. One of the other things they made was the pumpkin pie. Of course there was pumpkin pie, that is just a given when it comes to the holidays.
After we were done eating, we all went to the living room and starred talking. I looked over to Cody. He was just sitting there. HE hadn’t told us what happened yet. He also hadn’t called his family to wish them merry Christmas. I started to wonder what kind of family would fight just before Christmas, then get so mad that they won’t even talk to each other after. This is supposed to be the happiest day of the year. Even though Cody looked happy, I could tell that he was hurt.
After a while of talking, it was time to settle down and go to bed. I told Cody the he more than welcome to stay the night again. OF course he accepted the offer. The 3 of us went up to my room. Zach and I stripped to our boxers and crawled into bed. I had a big enough bed for all of us. Cody started to get into the bed. I stopped him.
“No clothes in the bed. Boxers only.” I said with a smile.
Cody had this strange look on his face. I couldn’t tell what it was saying. Then he said;
“You just wana see me naked don’t you? Well sorry, I don’t show my cock to guys I hardly know.” He said laughing.
“Of course I wana see you naked. Who the hell wouldn’t? And for the you hardly know us, you sure spend a lot of time with us. I didn’t mean I wanted to see your package. Just you in your underwear, But if you wana show us, feel free. Hehehehe.” I said
We all laughed. Cody got undressed. To mess with his head a little bit, when he got under the covers I rubbed his butt. I know he is straight, but this is still fun.

It is good to have friends. Tim and Zach feel like more than just friends to me, they feel like my family. I have only been friends with them for two months but I like them better then my family. They treat me like a brother. My own brothers don’t treat me family. We never have a civil conversation. IT is always yelling at each other. Them making fun of me. They are both seniors. Twins. YAY I have two asshole twin brothers. My little sister couldn’t give a crap about anyone but herself. Any my parents, WOW. Let’s leave it there for now.
I woke up the next morning. At first I forgot where I was. Then I remembered I spent Christmas with Tim’s and Zach’s families. I got up and went to the bathroom. I had some morning wood, but this was not my house, so I was not going to take care of it. When I was finished, I went back to the bedroom. I found Tim and Zach making out. I quietly grabbed my clothes and left the room. I knew where that was heading.
I went down stairs. Tim’s dad was making breakfast. I went into the kitchen.
“Morning Mr. White.”
“Morning Cody, and please call me Jerry.”
“Ok. Thanks for letting me hang out here yesterday. That was really nice of you.”
“No problem. I don’t mean to pry, but why didn’t you spend it with your family?”
There was a long pause.
“It’s ok, if you don’t wana tell me, then you don’t have to.”
We sat and talked about nothing. Josh came in and ate some breakfast. He was asking a lot of questions. I realized this was the first time he had spent time with me without either Tim or Zach nearby. He is a cute kid.
About 10 minutes later Tim and Zach finally came down stairs. They both had smiles on their faces. O looked over at Jerry, and he knew as well as I did that they just got done having sex. I gave a weak smile. I was happy for them, that they were in love, but just the idea of two guys grosses me out a little. They are friends and I will not judge them no matter what.
“Morning guys”
“Morning Cody. Morning Josh, Dad.” Tim said
“Morning. Well you guys have fun, but I have to go to work.”
“See you later dad………. What are you plans munchkin?” Tim asked Josh.
“I’m going over to Billy’s.”
“Ok you have fun.”
Josh went up to his room to change clothes. He came back down and he and Tim’s dad left. I know what Tim wanted to talk about. Just from the look on his face.
“Wana talk about it Cody”
“I guess…………………………………Well it started when I got home.”
~Fade back to Christmas Even morning~
I got home from staying the night at Tim’s I knew I was going to get yelled at for not calling and telling them where I was. I walked in the door. Everyone was sitting around the TV. WOW what a surprise in my family.
“Hey everyone.”
“Where the hell were you last night?” my dad asked.
“Sorry, I stayed the night at Tim’s.”
“Tim who?”
“You know who he is. You’ve met like 3 times. He ate with us on Thanksgiving.”
“He the gay kid that got his little fudge packer ass kicked a while back.” Tommy, one of my brothers said.
“WHAT!?!” my dad yelled “your hanging out with gay kids? I thought we raised you better than that.”
I was shocked. Did my dad really just get mad because I’m hanging out with Tim?
“I forbid you to hang out with the fucking homo. They are not right. They need to all shot in the head.”
“Are you fucking kidding me. You always thought us to respect others, not matter what. So now you are saying that that applies to everyone but the gay people. Fuck that. I will hang out with whoever I want to.”
I stormed out of the living room, and went up the stairs to my room. I slammed the door and turned on my radio. 15 minutes later there was a knock on my door. “If that’s dad, leave.” I heard the door open. I turned to see who it was. It was my mom. “If you are going to side with dad, then don’t waste your breathe.”
“Honey, he doesn’t want you to hang out those people, because he doesn’t want you to become one.”
“Those people? Your just like him. I’m not going to turn gay. Tim and Zach are good guys. And nothing you, dad, or those two fucking homophobic brother of mine will stop me from being friends with them.”
“Cody, If we tell you to or not to do something, you will obey us.”
I pushed her out and slammed the door. I could hear my dad coming down the hall. I locked the door and turned the radio up loader. My dad started pounding on the door, yelling at me to open up. I just ignored him. Eventually he would leave.
The entire time was in my room, I kept thinking about how my parents could teach me something then turn their backs on it. I was sitting at my computer, IM’ing some friends. I was asking them all if it would be alright if I spent Christmas with them. Each one answered back that they were sorry but their parents said no. I really didn’t wana spend a happy holiday with my bigot parents.
As I was asking that question a  frien, there was a knock on my door.
“Cody can we talk?” my dad asked.
I unlocked the door and he came in.
“Cody, you I love you right? I only want was best for you.”
“I know”
I thought that this was going to be him saying that he was wrong, that I can be friends with Tim and Zach.
“That’s why I can’t allow you to be friends with those fairies.”
“I don’t fucking believe this………………”
“Watch your mouth boy.”
“Hell no. You can’t tell me to who I can be friends with. Tim and Zach are good people. Even though bigots like you and your wife condemn them, they still go on.”
My dad slapped me across the face. “Don’t you ever talk about me or your mother like that gain.”
“Fuck you.” I said and went out to my car.
~back to the day after x-mas~
“Then I called you. And here I am”
“Oh my god Cody. I’m so sorry.” Tim said
“It’s ok. They don’t really treat me like their son. It’s like they see ma as some other person that they have to take care of. My brothers and sister get all the attention……………………………. Can I ask you something?”
“I think that I know the question. And I will ask my dad. I’m sure he will say yes.” Tim said
“OK thank you so much.”
Tim grabbed his phone and called his dad. He explained what was happening. Sparing the details. I was very grateful for that. After a little begging on Tim’s part, his dad said sure. Tim gave me thumbs up. I was really excited. There only thing that I was worried about was what my parents were going to do. I needed to go home and get some clothes. I would have just borrowed some of Tim’s but he is too small.
I went out and got in my car. I drove to my house. Both my parents were home. “Fuck” I thought. I went inside and walked to my room. My parents were asking me questions. I just ignored them. When I got to my room I shut and locked the door. I grabbed some clothes and put them in a bag. My parent put my gifts on my bed. I opened them. Clothes and other useless crap.
When I was done, I grabbed the bag and headed to my car I didn’t say a word to my parents. I drove over to Tim’s I packed enough clothes for 4 days. We will see what happens after that.

Authors Notes:
Cody – OK this is my first time writing so don’t be to harsh. Lol but that’s what happened. I didn’t have a good relationship with my family. Now I don’t even talk to them. And they could careless.
Tim – OK this is going to be a special week for me and Zach. Mostly for Zach. I’m flying some of his friends out from Iowa to hang out for a while. He hasn’t seen them in a while so I thought it would be fun. So I’m not sure when the next chapter will come out, but I we will not be on the computer much this next week. Sorry to those we look forward to talk to me every night. Keigan I know you will be crushed. But you can stare at my pics and pretend I’m talking to you. Hey maybe you will get off to them. HAWT.hehe here is my Youtube profile. So check it out. I’m working on another poem. Not sure when it will be up. Hopefully soon.
Love you all,
Tim and Zach