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Tim White
Chapter 15

~ Some News~
Ok so where did I leave off? Well I guess I didn’t end the last chapter, Cody did. I will have to see how this chapter turns out it see if Cody will Write some. He is a really slow writer. The last chapter was all typed up before he was even two paragraphs into writing. So I will give him a smaller part if he does write.
So this last week was a mini vacation for me. I flew out 5 of Zach’s friends from Iowa. They paid me back some of the money, but they didn’t need to. I did it for Zach. He hadn’t seen them pretty much since he moved out here. We both turned off the computers. I still had my iPod so I could still check the emails. Zach still had his phone, so those that are lucky enough to have that number could still text us. That is a special number so It will not be given freely.
So how’s about we get started with another chapter of my amazing, wonderful high school years………..

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Cody had gone to his house to get some clothes so the he could stay with us for a little bit. He and his parents were having a disagreement. It is not really my place to say this but from what I gather, they don’t really have the best relationship. I guess I think that parents should allow their kids to hang out with whoever they want, and except their kids for who they are. Like I said though, it is not my place to talk about that stuff when it is not me.
When he got back to my house we asked him how it went. He told us that he parents were yelling at him and asking him a lot of questions. He told us that he just ignored them. At the time, I thought it was the wrong thing to do. I thought that he should have stayed there and talked to him. But after thinking about it for a minute, I realized that he made the right decision.
“Cody, Just so you know, you can stay here as long as you need to. I know you are going through a hard time. I’m here for you dude.” I said
“Yeah, same here.” Zach Said
“Thanks guys. You are the best.” Cody said. He got up and gave us both a great big hug.
“So what do you guys wana do?” I asked
“Well I’m not sure why but I really want Del Taco. Let’s go there.” Zach said.
“OK, sounds good to me.”
We went out and got into Zach’s jeep. I have a feeling that I won’t be driving much for a while. I’m cool with that though. Then I will not be using my gas. I will still put gas in his car. So we drove to Del Taco. It’s a good little Mexican restaurant. It is so much better then Taco Bell…..Ewww. We ate and talked about nothing in particular. Just something so we didn’t have to eat in silence.
About half way through the meal, Zach’s phone rang.
“Hey dad……………….”
“Yeah, what time?.......................”
“Ok, I will be home then……………………………….”
“Bye bye”
“What’s up Zach?” I asked
“Oh my parents want me to spend some time at home.”
“Oh ok…….Ok don’t cry Tim, don’t cry Tim.” I said while fake crying.
We all started laughing. We finished eating then Zach drove us back to my house, and then headed home after a great long kiss form me of course. Cody decided that he was going to call his cousin that was in town. They decided to hang out for a bit. Now I was alone. I sat down and watched TV. I must have fallen asleep, because that next thing I know my dad was shaking me awake. He told me to head up to my room and sleep. I looked at my phone. Zach sent me 52 picture messages. Some were of his face, his butt and his dick. I love that boy. I laid down on my bed when I got up to my room and fell asleep again.
Josh woke me up the nest morning. He was jumping on my bed.
“Josh, why are you jumping on my bed?”
“Because you didn’t wake up when I called you name.”
“OK what do you want me awake for?”
“I wana go to the mall with you. Pwease will you take me?”
“OK, sure. Let me take a shower first.”
Josh left my room. I go up out of bed and got in the shower. When I got out I went back to my room. I got dressed. While putting on my clothes, I realized that Cody was not in the bed.  He must have slept on the couch, I thought. I went downs stairs and low and behold Cody was on the couch. He had kicked his blanket off while he was sleeping. I found him in just his boxers. “Oh what a cute butt,” I thought.
“Josh, let’s go” I yelled. I needed to leave the sight of Cody bubble butt.
We went out to my car and drove to the mall. On the way to the mall Josh and I talked. He was asking why Cody had stayed the night that last couple of days. I explain it as best I could. He’s only 7 years old. I don’t think that he will understand what is going on. So I told him that he had a argument with his parents and that he didn’t wana be near them so he could have a change to calm down.
We pulled in the mall parking lot. Josh was acting a little weird as we walked towards that entrance. I decided that it was just that he was really excited about spending his money.
“ok short stuff, I Know when dad brings you here, he makes you hold his hand. I wont make you do that, because your gross…………….hehe just kidding………..”
“Very funny Timmy”
“I know. I f you wana go into a store, just tell me and we will go in. But you need to stay by my side, I don’t want you to get lost. You ok with doing that little man?”
“Yeah I can do that.”
We entered the doors that lead straight to the food court. We went into a few stores. Couple toy stores, and a game store. Once Josh was done spending his money it was time to go home. As we were walking through the mall back towards the doors we came in at, I noticed that Josh was walking sluggish.
“Josh, you ok?”
I was a little worried. We continued waling. When I reached the door, I heard screams of agony coming from behind me. I turned to see who it was Josh was laying on the ground, holding his stomach, screaming in pain. People were already crowding around him. I ran over
“Get out of my way………………..MOVE DAMNIT……………..he’s my brother.”
I finally got to him. He was holding his stomach.
“Josh, what’s wrong? What hurts?”
“AAaaaaa……….” He couldn’t form a word.
I pulled out my phone and dialed 911. About 10 minutes. Later the paramedics arrived. They put him on a gurney and took back to the ambulance. I road in the ambulance with Josh. I called my dad along the way to let him know what is happening. I told him what hospital they were taking him to.  When they pulled up to the hospital, they took him straight to surgery,
I had to wait in the waiting room. My dad got there about 15 minutes later. He had to fill out a bunch of forms. He kept asking questions about what was going on. They didn’t have any more information, they had already told us. He sat down next to me and took my hand in his.
“Tim, will you please pray with me? I know you don’t believe in it, nit do it for you brother. Please?”
“Ok dad.”
We both bowed our heads and prayed silently.
“God, I know that I don’t believe in you. I chose not to believe that a so called loving God will allow something bad happen to some for no reason. But right now I don’t know else to do. I’m praying not for myself, but for my brother. He is in the hospital and we don’t know why. Can you please let him pull through this? Whatever it is. I heard his screams. So I know whatever it is, it is something painful. I can’t lose my brother. I can’t. He prays to you. I know he does. He asks you for protection each night for himself and for me and my dad. I’m not sure if you are even listening to what I’m saying. You may have turned me off because I never do this. Let Josh pull through this. Please. I’m begging you. Please”
I began to cry. My dad reached over and hugged me. I hugged him back. About an hour or so later the doctor came out. We rush over to him.
“Is he alright doctor?” My dad asked. You could hear the worry in him voice.
“Josh will be fine. His appendix burst. We removed it. Josh will have to remain in the hospital for a few days to make sure that he doesn’t have any infections.”
I went back over at sat down. I started think that I saw that he was acting strangely. I should have pushed him harder to tell me what was wrong. I felt responsible for this. I started crying again. My dad came over and put his arm around me.
“He is going too alright Tim.”
“I should have gotten him here sooner…………….. I noticed that he wasn’t acting right. I just brushed it off. I’m the worst brother there is.” I bared me face in my hands and started bawling.
“It’s ok Tim. Stay out here until you compose yourself. I’m going into the room. The room number is 2583.” With that he kissed my fore head and walked to the room.
I pulled out my phone and dialed Zach’s number. It went straight to his voice mail. I left him a message saying to call me back as soon as he got this. Then I called Cody. He picked up on the 3rd ring.
“What’s up Tim?”
“Will you come to the hospital? Josh’s appendix burst. I know you two are bonding quite a bit and I know that he would appreciate you being here for him.”
“Oh my god. I will be right over.” I told him which hospital and the room number.
I decided that I would wait for him. He showed up about 30 minutes later. He ran up to me and gave me a hug. It was the hug that only a friend could give. One that you know that he was there for you. We walked down to the room. Josh was still asleep. We sat down on the extra bed that was in the room. After 2 and half hour Josh started to stir. My dad was the first at his side.
“Hey little man. How are u feeling?”
“My tummy hurts. What happened?”
“Well we were leaving the mall, and you fell over screaming. I called 911 and they brought you here. Your appendix burst.”
He lifted up his blanket and saw the scar. He had a look of shock on his face.
“What’s the matter Josh?” my dad asked
“What is that thing?” He point down between his legs. (don’t go there perv’s, im not kidding)
“That’s a catheter. It’s so you can go pee without getting up.”
“Oh” he looked over and saw Cody. “Cody, are you here for me?”
“Yeah bud. Here just for you. You feeling ok?
“Yeah. I’m tired, I’m going to sleep.”
With that he laid his head down and went to sleep.
“Tim, Cody, do you guys mind staying with him tonight? I won’t be able to, I have to close a big deal in the morning.”
“Yeah dad that’s fine. Oh can your take me to get my car. I mean if you don’t mind being by your self for a little bit, Cody.” I said.
He said he was fine with it. Dad and I left and went to get my car from the mall.


Tim and Jerry left. I stayed sitting on the bed. I was looking at Josh. I starting realizing that I loved this little kid. I care what happens to him. I’m scared for him. This is what it must feel like when something bad happens to a family member that you care about. I didn’t have that at home.
#0 minutes later Josh woke back up. He asked me where Tim and his dad went. I told him and that I’m here for him.
“I’m glad that your hear Cody. Your cool.”
“Thanks. Your cool to, little bro.” I caught what I said to late.
“I’m your brother?”
“Well not really. We are not family, but I will be your brother if you want me to. I’ve always wanted a little brother…….”
“And I’ve always wanted a brother that same age as me.”
I turned to see Tim in the door way.
“I hope that you mean that Cody. Don’t hurt my brother by lying to him.”
“I do mean it. I want a family that loves me. My own doesn’t, so I hope that you don’t mind me becoming part of yours.”
“Yay,” Josh said “I have two big brothers now.”
After a while of talking to Josh, he was out like a light. I turned to Tim and we just looked at eah other. He broke the silence.
“Welcome to the family.” Then he hugged me.
Tim, Zach and I stayed with Josh until he was released to go home. When Zach finally called Tim back, he rushed over and stayed there. Even though I could stay with Tim longer, I thought I should go home and face the music.

~Authors Notes~
So there is this chapter. I hope yall liked it. The next chapter will be by Cody. I won’t give anything away because…….well because I can’t. I don’t really know what happened. Cody does. So I will be just like the rest of you, reading it and learning about what happened for the first time.
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