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There is sex in this one. Just oral but read and you will find out why.

Tim White
Chapter 2

                I had cried for a half an hour. At some point during that half hour I had leaned over and put my head in Zach’s lap.  The whole time Zach was sitting there rubbing my back. When I finally lifted my head, my eyes were blood shot. They hurt so badly.
                I looked down at Zach lap, and started cry laughing. It looked like he had wet himself.
                “I’m sorry about that. My mom is a very sensitive subject to talk about for me.”
                “That’s ok, I understand. I’m really sorry for bringing it up; I guess I should have taken the hint when you never said anything when I asked if your mom was home too. We don’t have to talk about if you don’t want too.”
                “I really don’t want to, but I think that I should. I have never talked to anyone about this, not even my dad. I told my parents that I was gay, my dad too it fine. He said that he was already wondering if I was or not. My mom however was in complete shock. She just walked out of the room. When I was a little kid she would take me to ever sporting event that she could get tickets for. She was hoping that I would be this great athlete. I like sports but I’m not a jock. So when I told her, it broke her heart. In her eyes, that because I was gay that means that I could not be a good athlete. I could tell from the look on her face that she was disappointed in me. I started to cry when she left the room, I was hoping to be able to talk to her about this. She went to her room and locked the door. She was having a hard time with her health. She was having heart problems, and that night while she was sleeping…….”
                I paused; I started to get teary eyed again.
                “It’s ok Tim; you don’t have to tell me.”
                “Yes I do. She died that night.”
                I started crying again.
                Through my tears I said, “The doctor said her heart stopped form not taking her pills. But I know that she didn’t for get to take them. She gave up because I had broken her heart.”
                I reached over and hugged him and started bawling.
                “Oh Tim; I’m so sorry. You can’t blame yourself for what happened.”
                “It was my fault. I killed my mom.”
                We didn’t talk for 2 hours. We just sat there, and Zach held me as I felt sorry for myself. I cried off and on during that time. Zach broke the silence by saying.
                “I’m going to call my folks and tell them I staying with you tonight.”
                “Thank you.”
                Zach reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone. He pushed the number for his house.
                “Hey dad, I’m going to stay at my new friends Tim’s house….. Yeah. He needs some here with him; he’s not feeling well…. Ok, I will call when I wake up.”
                He put the phone back into his pocket, I hugged him and we went to sleep.
                I woke up around 11:30 to the sound of Zach texting someone. He didn’t have the phone on vibrate.
                “Good morning sexy.”
                I must have scared him half to death because he jumped about 3 feet off my bed.
                “Shit man, don’t do that.”
                “Hehe, sorry. How did you sleep?”
                “Good, I was to the nicest and sexiest person I have ever laid my eyes on.”
                “Well thanks. So today I thought I would help do the hardest thing that you would have to do in your life, so far anyway.”
                “Yeah, I figured out that I should have told them first, but I was too scared. Since I didn’t tell them first I didn’t have anyone to help me get through telling everyone else. So I decided that you should tell your parents so they could help you.”
                “Ok, I will tell them today, but you have to come with me. And I already have someone that is going to help me. You.”
                “I will. I was going to go and help you anyway.  Let’s go get some food before we do that though, I’m starving.”
                “Yeah me to.”
                We went down stairs and into the kitchen. My dad was there. He looked at me with that look of ‘did anything happen’ I just mouthed no, taking it slow. He smiled and went back to reading the paper.
                “So what do you want to eat?”
                “Hmmmm how about pancakes.”
                “Ooo that sounds good, dad you want some?”
                “Yeah, sure.” He said.
                Together Zach and I made the pancakes. We sat down and ate. We just stared at each other. Thinking how sexy the other one is. We got done eating and headed back up to my room.
                “So how are we going to do this?” Zach asked
                “Well, I just happen to run a website for just that very question. I started it when I had so much trouble with it. I put my story on the main page to show what you can go through. I ask people that go to the site to e-mail me advice that they have for other people that are going to come out. Some people e-mail me there story just to get it off there chest. I ask them if it is alright if I can put it on the site. I put stories there for people to read and maybe get ideas for when they do it.”
                “That’s awesome, can I see it?”
                “Sure, I will pull up the page about tell your parents…….There we go. Go ahead and read what it says while I change clothes.”
                He started reading. Got done and looked in my direction. There wasn’t a lot to read. Just as he was looking at me I was pulling up my underwear. I looked at him and saw how excited he got when he saw my cock. I told him       
                “Later, now that you have read that, are you ready to go over to your house?”
                “I think so. I’m really nervous. I’m really really glad that you are helping me with this. I have wanted to go it for so long, but I have been too scared.”
                “Well that’s what friends are for, helping them get through tough times.”
                We went down stairs, told my dad wear we were going.
                “Are you finally going to tell your parents?” my dad asked
                “Yes. Tim is going to help me.”
                “Well just remember that no matter what happens, they will love you.” He turned and looked at me. I had a tear rolling down my cheek. Even though I never told my dad what I think, I know that he thinks that I think it was my fault. He has never said anything about it, and I’m glad that he did.
                We went out and got in my car. Zach told me the address. It was about 10 blocks from my house. Not too far but I like to drive. We pull into his drive way. I looked over at him and I see that he was shaking. I reached over and put on hand on his shoulder. He jumped.
                “Are you ready to do this?”
                “No, but let’s get this over with.”
                We got out of the car, got to his front door and Zach Froze.
                “You ok Zach?”
                “I’m too scared”
                “I know but wants you get it out there then you can be yourself, you won’t have to keep pretending that you’re someone else in front of them.”
                We walked into the house. Both Zach’s parents were sitting on their couch. They looked up from the TV when we entered.
                “Oh hello there. You must be Tim. Dan told me that Zach spent the night at your house. My name is Laura.” Zach’s mom said. Dan was his father.
                “Yes. I’m Tim, and yes Zach stayed over last night. We had a great time.”
                I looked over at Zach and nodded. He took a deep breath.
                “Mom. Dad. I have something that I need to tell you. This is really hard for me. And so you know this scares me to death.”
                “What is it Zach?”
                “Not to be rude, can you guys wait until I’m done saying what I have to say before you speak?”
                They both nodded
                “Like I was saying this scares me to death………ok…….”
                Zach started to breathe really heavily.
                “Zach its ok you can do this” I said
                “OK. Mom, Dad. I’m……… I’m……….. Gay.”
With that being said, Zach hung his head. His parents just sat there. Zach started to cry. I ran over and hugged him.
“Honey I’m really glad that you felt you could chare this with us. Why did it scare you so much to tell us that you were gay?”
“Well, I think that you would hate me, that you would get your heart broken.”
I felt my heart start to grow heavy. I was not sure if that was a comment made about what happened to me or if that is truly how he felt.
“Zach, we could never hate you. You are our son and we love you with all our hearts. I must confess that I’m a little saddened by this, but this is who you are and I will support you in this.” Said his mom.
I started to cry, and not the tears of joy for Zach but tears of sadness. I went out his front door and sat down on his front step and sobbed.
A couple minutes later I felt a hand on my back. Then I saw Zach sitting down next to me. I never heard him come out the door.
“I’m sorry, but seeing your mom take the news so well made me think I was the worst person ever for doing that to my mom. Don’t get me wrong Zach; I am really happy for you. But I’m also jealous that you have both your parents support.”
“I know. My mom asked me what she said to make you cry. I told her that if you want her to know that you are the one that is going to tell her, not me.”
“Let’s go back inside”
I stood up, turned to Zach and kissed him. Right there was our first kiss. That is one that I will never forget. We walked back into the house. The first thing that Laura did was run up to me and asks;
“Did I say anything wrong? If I did, I’m so sorry.”
“Its fine, I will be ok.”
“Do mind if I know what I said, so that I say it again.”
“Mom I said please leave it be.”
“Its fine Zach, I will tell here”
So I sat down on their couch and told them my story. I told them everything, except the period I was with Jason. I’m not ready for anyone else to know.
“Thank you so much, Tim, for helping Zach comes to turns with his sexuality.” Said Zach dad.
“It’s no problem. I know that Zach is ok with it, but I wanted to ask your permission. Is it ok that I date you son?”
“Yes it is, so long as you never intentionally hurt him.”
“I would never do that.”
“Well we have to go. You two have fun.”
“Ok thanks mom and dad”
“Oh Zach come in here for a moment.” Said his dad
A minute later Zach came back into the room holding a box of condoms.
“My dad said ‘I was saving these for when you got you first girlfriend, but you have a boy friend. So here you go’ and he handed me these condoms.”
“Wow that is to weird, my dad did the same thing.”
We both laughed
“So what do you want to do tonight” Zach asked
“Well my dad is going out of town for a couple days. We could stay over there and do whatever.” I said with a devilish smile.
“Ok” Zach said back to me with the same smile, but I could tell something was wrong. I didn’t say anything. He went to his room, got a change of clothes, and left a note for his parents. We went out to my car. We drove to my house.
We got there, walked in and found a note on the table from my dad.
The note said
                                                                I already left to go on my business
                                                                trip. Josh is staying over at Justin’s house
                                                                for two day. Have with Zach on you long
                                                                weekend. I left one of my cars so that you
                                                                go out.
                                                                                                Love you, Dad
“Well, my dad is gone and my brother is at a friend’s house. We can do whatever we want.”
We went up to my room, Sat on my bed, and started making out. We kissed for about twenty minutes letting our tongues explore each other’s mouths.  We stopped, and just looked into each other’s eyes. I reached over and started to life his shirt off. He pulled away.
“What’s wrong?”
“I have never done anything with someone else before. I’m a virgin.”
“You scared?”
“Don’t be afraid I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to make you do anything that you don’t wana do.”
“Ok, thanks”
I went back to taking over his shirt. I got it off. Kissed him on the lips once then moved down to his neck. Kissed there for a bit, and then moved down to his chest. As I got to his right nipple I felt his body shiver. I stopped, looked up and smiled up at him. I started to suck on his nipple like a baby trying to get milk its mom. I did the same to his left. When I got them hard I went back to moving down his body, kissing him the whole way down. When I got to his belly button I put my tongue in and liked it. That made him go crazy. Then I started moving down his happy trail to his waist. I unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down the zipper. He stood up and his pants fell to his ankles. He stepped out of them. He sat back down. He was wearing a pair of black boxer briefs. He was already hard. I started to tease him by licking the outline of his cock. He started to moan softly. I grabbed the waistband as his underwear with my teeth and started to tug. He lifted his butt off the bed. I got his boxers off and grabbed his 8 inch hard cock. He shivered again. I put my mouth right at the tip of his dick. Stuck my tongue out and used it to massage the head. I did this for maybe 5 minutes. Then I put the entire cock in my mouth. I have been doing this for a while now so I know how to deep throat. It helps that I don’t have a gag reflex. I sucked him for 10 minutes when I felt his body tense; he shot 5 times in my mouth. I swallowed it all. I sucked him a few more times to clean him off.
“Sorry…..I…..didn’t…..warn you……” Zach said out of breath.
“That’s cool. I like the taste of cum, but yours is the best I have ever had.”
He blushed.
“If you are nervous about this, just do what I did. Also don’t worry about doing everything perfect. This is your first time.”
I got on the bed. With that we started kissing He broke the kiss only long enough to take off my shirt. Then right back into it we went. We made out for what seemed like 5 hours, but I know it was only like 10 minutes. Then he moved down to my neck. Stayed there for a minute or two then went down to my pecks and started sucking my left nipple. But instead of sucking them the whole time, he started biting them.
“Oh my god, that feels fucking…… amazing……” I moaned
He moved down to my pants. Unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper. He pulled down my jeans and boxers in one clean sweep. My cock flung back up and hit just below my belly button, then went down to stick straight out in front of Zach’s face. He just stared at my 7 and half inch hard cock. About a minute passed and he still stared at it.
“It’s not going to bite you.”
“I know, but I’m not sure if can.”
“It’s ok; if you’re not ready we can stop.”
“No, no. I want to”
He stuck his mouth around the head. He used his tongue to caress it. Then he moved his head forward. He got about 5 inches of my dick in his mouth before he gagged. He took his mouth completely off.
“Sorry” he said as he looked at me.
I smiled and said, “You’re doing great. Just do what you can. I will teach you to deep throat later.
Zach then went back to sucking me. I was lying on the bed. I started to move my hips back and forth. He gagged once when he was going down when I was pushing up. From then on he got the rhythm down. I was so turned on by the fact that Zach was sucking me off. I wanted to shoot my load in his mouth but decided not to since he had never this before.
“I’m going cum”
And as I thought he stopped sucking, but started to jerk me off. I moaned as I lifted my butt off the bed. Then I shot 4 times. One shot landed on my chin, the other three landed on my chest. I was breathing heavily. I laid there a min while Zach moved to lie next to me. I used my finger to spread the cum around my chest. Then I used the same finger to get the glob of boy juice off my chin. I went to put it in my mouth when Zach grabbed my hand. I looked at him. He took my finger and put it in his mouth. He made a humming sound when he tasted it.
“Yum. I always wanted to taste cum, but never could bring myself to taste my cum. It is salty and sweet.”
“I’ve never heard sweet before but ok.
We scooted up further onto the bed, cuddle and fell asleep.

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