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Tim White
Chapter 3

                I woke up around 6 am the next morning. Zach was sound asleep still. I got up out of the bed as carefully as I could so I didn’t wake Zach up. I was still naked, but I didn’t bother putting on any clothes because my dad and Josh were still away. I went into the bathroom to take a leak. When I was done I went back to my room. Zach was still sleeping like a baby. I decided I should make my sleep angel some breakfast. I grabbed a pair of boxers and headed down to the kitchen.
                I looked around for something to cook. I settled on bacon eggs and hash browns. I went to the closet and grabbed the breakfast tray. I made one plate, grabbed two glasses and poured orange juice in them. I went up to my room carrying the food. I sat the tray on my desk which is next to my bed. I walked over to the bed, sat down, and gently shuck Zach.
                “Honey, time to wake up…..”
                Zach didn’t even move. He was so cute while he slept. I could have just sat there watching him forever.
                “Zach, it’s time to wake up.”
                That time he shifted a little, but still didn’t wake up.
                “Wake up, or I will never pleasure you again.”
                That worked. He shot straight up and stared at me in the most pitiful way.
                “What, you’re never to suck me again? What did I do?”
                “Nothing but that was the only other way I could wake you up. I made us some breakfast. Hash browns, eggs and some bacon.”
“Oooo, That’s so nice of you. There is only one plate. Are you not eating?”
“No you piglet. We are going to share it.”
                We both laughed. We didn’t say anything while we ate.
                “So what are we doing today sweetie?”
                “Well, I have planned something, but I’m not telling you what it is. Finish waking up and get in the shower. Then we will head out.”
                “Dang you. Fine I will go along, but I don’t want to.”
                I got off the bed, leaned over and gave Zach 6 kisses. I grabbed the tray, and went down stairs. I made a few phone calls. I heard the water start running. I got turned on by the thought of the cutest boy ever standing in my shower letting the water just flow over him. I couldn’t think about that now, I was making final plans for our day. I went online to see how much money I had in my bank account.
                I have been doing odd jobs since I was 13 years old. I never spent the money; all of it went into the bank. Same with all the money that I got for Christmas and my birthday.
                I had about 10 thousand dollars in the bank. Now by no means is my family filthy stinking rich. We do have a bit of money though and won’t be hurting anytime soon. We don’t show off our money either. That a tracks the wrong kind of people. That kind of thing bring moochers out of the woodwork. I had a friend w while back that would always hangout with me. We would go to the movies and stuff like that, but I was the one that always had to pay. One day I told him either he pays of himself or he can’t hangout with me, I was tired of it. He beat me up and took all the cash I had on me.
`               Oops sorry, off topic. The only thing that I have that comes close to showing off is my car. It is a 1968 midnight blue convertible mustang. It had black interior. My dad got it for me when I turned 16.
                Ok back to the story now. I was finishing my plans when I heard the water stop. I ran upstairs, and told Zach to hurry up and get dressed.
                “Ok. What is the rush?”
                “We have a big day.”
                I laughed and went to take a quick shower and got dressed.
                 I rushed Zach out to my car. I looked at my phone and saw it was 6:40. We got in and took off. Where was I taking him? I was taking him to one of the most magical places on earth. Disneyland. I was hoping that he would fall asleep during the drive and I got my wish. The night before I asked him if he had ever been to a theme park. He said yes, a place called ‘Worlds of Fun’. I never heard of it. We got to the park at 7:20ish. I had gotten us tickets to go on the segway tour.
                “Zach, sweetie, wake up” I said giving him a shake.
                “Hmm, 5 more minutes.”
                “5 more minutes and we will be late.”
                “Late for what?”
                “Wake up and look for yourself.”
                Zach opened his eyes, looked out the window. If only you could see the look on his face. I will try and describe it as best I can. Think back to when you were little, 4 to 7 years old. Remember the look on your face when you went down stairs on Christmas morning, and saw all the presents that Santa brought you because you were a good boy. Do you have that image in your head? Good now put blonde hair and blue eyes on that image. And that was how he looked. He couldn’t talk.
                “Are you happy?”
                “Oh my God. I can’t believe it. I have wanted to come here since I was 10. How did you know?”
                “Well, when I asked you if you have ever been to a theme park, and you told me that worlds place I knew. So I decided to bring the love of my life to the place where dreams are made.” I said with a loving smile on my face “We need to go; I booked a tour before the park opens. So let’s go.”
                We got out of the car, and went up to the front gate.
                “Hello, how can I help you?” asked the front entrance guard.
                “I have two tickets for the segway tour.”
                “Can I see them?” the guard asked
                I showed him the tickets. “Ok looks like everything is in order, go on in.”
                We walked in and found the tour guide sitting on a bench. We walked over to him.
                “Hi there, you the guide for the segway tour?” I asked
                “Yes sir I am, looks like you tow are the ones today. My name is Todd. What are your names?”
                “Wow we are the only two that wonted the tour. That’s cool. My name is Tim.”
                “Ma…….. Ma……..”
                Zach was still in stock for getting to come here.
                “His name is Zach; this is his first time coming here.”
                “I understand. That happens to a lot of people.”
                So we went around the park riding our segways. We learned a lot about the rides and attractions. Why there are they way they are. We got to go behind the scenes to see how some of the stuff works. We did that until the park opened to the public. We went back to the main gate at 10 am to start our day at the happiest place in the world. We ate lunch in the American part of the town. We went on some rides. Then all of a sudden Zach dropped down to the ground and started crying.
                “What’s wrong Zach? Are you ok?”
                “Yes…… I’m just so happy that you brought me here. This is the nicest thing that anyone has done for me. I didn’t think there was anyone in the world that could care and love me so much besides my parents.”Zach said with tears rolling down his cheeks.
                “I love you Zach. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. From the moment I saw you in the locker-room on your first day of school, I knew that I would love you if you were gay. I love you, and will always love you.” When I finished I felt tears start to form in my eyes. I kneeled down in front of Zach and kissed him.
                We wondered around the park for a while. We played some games and went on some more rides. Then I get a call on my phone.
                “Hey Tim, what are you doing?”
                “Oh hi rat-boy. I’m hanging out with Zach. What are you up to?”
                There was silence on the other end.
                “Josh, you there?”
                Still nothing. “Be right back, I need to talk to josh” I told Zach.
                “ Ok no problem” he said
                I walked over and sat on a bench.
                “Ok Josh, I’m alone now. Please talk to me. What’s wrong?”
                “Why are you with him?”
                “Josh we talked about this. I though you understood. What can Zach do to win your approval?”
                I know it is weird that I’m working so hard to please my little brother, but I could not live with the fact of him hating me or the one I love.
                “He can let me hang out with you guys for one whole day, but not try and steal you away. We do what I want. K?”
                “I will talk to him. Josh we are going to a show. I will talk to you when I get home ok? Then we will plan our day of fun.”
                “Ok, thanks Timmy.”
                I hate that name. HATE it. He is the only one that can call me that, and only because I love him.
                “Love you rat-boy.”
                “Love you too.” Click
                I walked over to Zach. “Is everything all right.”
                “Yeah. I found a way for Josh to like you.”
                “What’s that?”
                “He wasn’t to hang out with us for one whole day, and do whatever he wants. Another thing is that you are not allowed to try and steal me away. You cool with that?”
                “Yeah, I don’t like being hated. Let me know when, and I will be there.”
                “Well, this coming weekend is his birthday. So maybe two weeks but I will let you know.”
                “Ok, when dose Fantasmic start? That’s the one thing I can’t miss.”
                “It starts at 7:30. We have a couple more hours, and I know the perfect spot to sit. My dad used to bring me once a month when I was a kid. He used to work here.”
                “Wow, that’s so cool.”
                We went to get a bite to eat before the show. When it came time we headed over to the stadium. We found the spot where I was talking about. We could set everything. All through the show Zach was on the edge of his seat. With ever light flash and every fire work that went off, I saw the happiness and joy on his face. That was all I needed, to see that the boy I loved with all my heart was happy. He looked like a little kid. Hanging on everything that happened. He was so cute. I wished that I could have stayed in the moment for ever. When the show came to an end, Zach turned to me. He kissed me with all the love that he had in his body. Some people around us gave us really dirty looks. I didn’t care; I had made my man the happiest boy ever.
                “Oh my god, thank you so much Tim. Thank you for making this day the best ever. I never expected to be able to come here. Not at least with the greatest boyfriend someone could ever ask for.”
                Like I said before, I love you and always will. Nothing will ever happen to change that.”
                We hugged and kissed, then headed back to me car. We got in and headed home. I pulled into Zach’s drive way.
                “Can you come in for a bit? I want to find a way to repay you.”
                We got out of the car and walked into his house. His dad was on the couch.
                “Hey you two. Where were you guys tonight?”
                “Tim took me to the most wonderful place in the world. He took me to Disneyland.”
                “Wow Tim, That was really nice of you. He has always wanted to go, but we could never offered it.”
                “I’m sorry if it was not my place to take him, but I wanted today to be special.”
                “Oh don’t be worry about it; I was going to ask you if there was any way you could make that happen anyways.”
                Zach and I sat on the couch and told his dad all about our day. Everything we did. Just listening to Zach tell the story made me feel like the best guy ever.
                “Lets go upstairs. K?”
                We went up to his room, sat on his bed.
                “I just wanted to thank you again for what you did today. We have known each other for only a couple days. We have been dating for one. You took me to the happiest place on earth for our first date. Most people would go to eat dinner or go see a movie. Thank you so much. How can I repay you for this? I don’t have much.”
                “You have all you need, and you will never run out of it. All I want in return is your love.”
                I leaned over and kissed him. Not a peck, but the kiss of love, the kind of kiss that would shoot fireworks if it wasn’t impossible. We kissed for 15 minutes when he threw mw over further on the bed. He started to unbutton me shirt. After he had it off he stacked me nipples like a cat attacks a mouse. I moaned. Zach stopped, but only long enough to say;
                “Shhh, I don’t want me parent to hear.”
                He went right back to my nipples. It felt so good. He bit and pulled them, making them so hard you could make lemonade with them. He moved down to my waist, kissing my stomach as he undid my jeans. The way he pulled them off was so cute. He unbuttoned them, and then looked into my eyes as if looking for the green light. I nodded. We repeated this until I was down to my boxers. I was at full erection. You could tell be looking at the tent I had in my boxers. He smiled as he slowly pulled my underwear down and tucked them underneath my balls. He started to lick the shaft up and down, tasting ever inch of it. He then started lick my balls, sucking on each of them for a time.  After sucking my nuts almost to the point of explosion, he slowly started to insert the head into his mouth. Just before he closed his rosy red lips around my cock, I said;
                “Wait lets 69.”
                “But this is pay back for today, lay back and enjoy.”
                “I told you, you already have.”
                I stood up knocking him off the bed. He looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes. I leaned over to help Zach stand up, but he had other plans. When I got close enough, he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me down to the ground. We wrestled for a while. I over powered him. I sat on his waist and removed his shirt. He started squirming trying to get away. I quickly turned around so I was sitting on his chest. I reached down and undid his pants, and started to push them down long with his underwear. When I had them down as far as I could from where I was sitting, I quickly went down to his feet and pulled them the rest of the way off. Zach tackled me as I was throwing his clothes aside.
                “Ooo, I like it rough.” I said
                “Kinky” Zach said laughing.
                We started kissing again. Then once again Zach moved down my body to my throbbing member. Before he got there he looked back up at me. I gave him the saddest puppy face I could muster. He knew what I wanted. So he turned around so that his head was at my crouch and his crouch was in my face. We both started sucking each other. Both us started moaning each time one of us sent down on the other.  I reached my hands up and started to rub Zach ass. I then opened his ass as wide as I could. I saw the virgin rose bud that was on my mind since I found out that this Greek Adonis was gay. I wanted it, but I was not going to push it. I will just have to wait until Zach is ready. About 10 minutes went paste when I felt Zach’s body start to tense up. I started to suck harder. Seconds later Zach shot his load of boy juice down my throat. There were 4 shots. Just the taste and feeling of his cum in my mouth pushed me over the edge. I took his cock out of my mouth and told him I was going to cum. That just me him go faster. I couldn’t hold it. I shot 5 times. He took it all and swallowed it.
                “Wow, that was great, but you need to go home. We have school in the morning.”
                Oh I see how it is, you get me cum and then me on my way. Next time I will just send a jar over.” I said while I started to fake cry.

                We both started laughing. We got dressed and headed back down stairs. We got to the front door, we kissed and said goodbye. I got in my car and headed home.

[This little bit is from Zach. This is what happened after I went home.]
                I went over to the couch and sat down next to my dad. We just sat there and watched some TV. After a little bit he said;
                “Zach, I don’t mind that you are gay and that you have boyfriend. I don’t mind that you two are going to have sex. But next time can you be a little quieter. At least until me and your mom are in bed. I don’t think that she will want to hear what I did.”        
                “Oh my god, I’m sorry dad. I didn’t mean to be so loud. I’m so embarrassed.”
                “It’s ok Zach, your 17 years old. You are old enough to make your own choices, but make them not so loud.”
                Both I and my dad started laughing. I was beat red. My dad had heard me having sex with Tim and didn’t care. I knew that no matter what happened from that point on, he would support me. I was glad that he waited until Tim was gone before he told me that. If he came in the room while we were into it, I would have died.

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