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Tim White
Chapter 4

                “My God Zach, your ass is so tight. It feels so good.”
                “Fuck me Tim, fuck me.”
                I started pounding Zach’s ass with all my might. Each time I pushed forward, my nuts would hit the area between his balls and ass. Each time it hit, it made a loud smack. Each time I pushed into Zach, he moaned so loud that people back in Iowa could hear him. While I was pounding him, I reached around and started jacking him off.  We both started moaning. I could feel my body getting ready for the inevitable orgasm.  My balls tightened. The door to my room flow open.
                “Tim, time to wake up. You need to get ready for school.”
                I sat up. Just as I did, I shot me load straight up in the air. I sleep nude and I was glad that I kicked my blanket off during the night. I still had my eyes closed.
                “Tim, I’m glad that you’re happy about going to school, but hurry up.”
                Oh my God. My dad was still in the door way as I shot my load. I was so embarrassed. I reached over and grabbed a pillow to cover myself up.
                “Ok I’m awake dad, you can leave now.”
                “Ok, don’t go back to sleep.” He said while laughing.
                “I won’t”
                I grabbed a pair of underwear and headed to the shower. I usually take care of my morning wood while in the shower, but since I took care of that with my dad as an audience, my shower went faster. I went back in to my room and got dressed. I headed down stairs. Josh and dad were in the kitchen eating. I walked in and grabbed a granola bar.
                “Josh, you ready to go? Since it’s your birthday this weekend I thought I would give you a ride everyday so we can come up with some ideas on what I’m going to be doing this Saturday with you.”
                Both Josh and I walked out to my car. I put the top down and drove Josh to school. I would have stopped and pick Zach up but I didn’t want to make Josh made. I sent him a text and he got a ride with his dad. We met at the front doors. We talked until the First bell rang. Some guys were starring at Zach.
                “Tim, why are there people starring at us?”
                “Umm, Zach, I think that they are starring at you. There are wondering why you are hanging out with the gay kid.”
                “Oh, is that what it is going to be like when I tell everyone?”
                “Well, not if it anything like what happened with me. Follow me.”
                We walked to my locker. I showed him all the threats and hate mail I got from Friday after I left school until now. I have been out 2 years and I still get them. Anyway, I Told Zach good bye and we parted ways. The rest of the day was pretty boring. Up until gym that is. Yay, the best part of the school day, but for a different reason. Before it was to see any guy naked, now it was just Zach.
                After school that day, I drove Zach home. We went into his house.
                “So are you ready to take the next step and let other people know? If you aren’t, that’s cool. I’m here for you no matter what.”
                “Yeah, I think I am, But I want you there to help me get through it all.”
                “We only have two classes together.”
                Zach started to cry.
                “Please font cry. I will figure something out.”
                I thought for a minute. I thought back to when I came out. I tried to remember who was there for me at school. Then it came to me.
                “I’ve got it. Our guidance consular.”
                Zach had a puzzled look on his face.
                “When I came out, I think I spent two mouths straight in his office. He helped me get through it. We can talk to him and maybe get us put in the same classes. It has only been a month since school started. If you’re ok with that. I don’t want to pressure you into doing this.”
                “Yeah that’s fine with me. Oh and I can’t hangout. I’m doing some stuff with my parents.”
                “Ok that’s cool.  I will talk to you in the morning.”
                I went out to my car. Just as I was closing the door, my phone rang.
                “Hey Tim, you out of school yet?” asked my dad
                “Yeah, I just dropped off Zach, was getting ready to head home. Why?”
                “Can you go and get Josh. His school called and said something was wrong. I told them I would send you to find out what it is.”
                “Yeah, I will head over there right now.”
                “Thanks son, bye.” Click
                I drove over to Josh’s school. I went into the front officer. The receptionist said;
                “Hello, can I help you young man?”
                “Yeah, Hi, my dad just called and told me to come over here and pick up my younger brother> he said you called him because something was wrong.”
                “What’s your brother’s name?”
                “Josh White”
                “Oh yes. We asked you dad to come down here because you brother had gotten into a fight. He is alright but it is mandatory that we send all people involved in that kind of behavior home. May I see your ID so I could tell you his brother and I will need to talk to you dad.”
                I reached into my back pocket and took out my wallet. I showed the lady my ID. She looked at it then at me several times. She handed the ID back. I put it away, then grabbed my phone and dialed my dad’s number.
                “Hey dad, the school needs to talk to you to make sure that it is ok for me to take Josh home…….. I will tell you later. Here she is.”
                They talked for a couple of minutes. She hung up the phone.
                “Ok Tim, you can take Josh home. He is down in the nurse’s officer. Have a good day.”
                I walked down to the nurse’s office. Josh was sitting in a chair with his elbows resting on his knees, and his face barred in his hands.
                “Hey Josh. Dad sent me to come get you. Are you alright?”
                He didn’t say anything.
                “I’m fine, can we go home.”
                “Yeah, do you need to grab anything?”
                “No” he said, I could hear the anger in his voice.
                We walked out to my car, and drove home. When we got to our house, Josh ran inside and rushed up to his room. I walked into the house, set my keys on the table just inside the door. I headed up to his room.
                “Josh, can we talk?”
                “I don’t want to”
                “Please, I want to try and help. I need to know your side of the story so I can back you up.” I said hoping to get a smile, but to no avail.
                “I got into a fight, what’s the big deal. You get into lots of them.”
                “Ok Josh there’s a difference. I only fought those guys to defend myself. I didn’t want to fight. The kids were bulling me because of the things I do and the people I like. Did you start the fight?”
                Josh hung his head. “Yes”
                “He knocked me over, didn’t say sorry on anything. He just walked away laughing. So I run up to him made him stop and said ‘you could at least say sorry’. He just laughed at me. So I hit him until he said it.”   
                “Josh, you know that’s not right. You should have let it go. You can get into a lot of trouble for doing that.”
                “ok, I will try.”
                “And I will tell dad that we talked about this, and that you won’t do this anymore unless it is to defend yourself. OK?”
                “Don’t make me a lair now, or I will have to pound you.”
                We both laughed. I hugged him and went to my room. I texted my dad telling him that I talked to Josh. I had a lot of home work to do. I couldn’t focus on it though. I was thinking about how tomorrow is going to go. I hope it’s better for Zach then it was for me.
                I was trying to write a paper for English when I heard the door bell ring. I ran down stairs to answer the door, but no one was there. I found a note on the door that said;
‘Don’t try and help you little fag boyfriend
when he tells the school. If you do, you and
he will get it much worse then you did before.’
                That was the first time anyone has come to my house and threaten me. I normally don’t take them personally, but this one was only threatening me but Zach as well. That I will not just shove underneath the rug.
                I decided not to ell Zach what happened until the next morning. I didn’t want to ruin anything that he was doing with his parents that night.
                I went back up to my room, set the note on my desk. I tried to go back to writing my paper, but I couldn’t. That note was all I could think about. Who knew? How did they find out? There were so many questions flowing through my head, but there were no answers. It was late so I went to bed.
                Now normally I have dreams about the events that happened to me that day or as of late Zach in general. That night my dream was a nightmare. In the dream was helping Zach get through everyone glaring at him and the threats that he was getting at school. When we left to go get in my car, we were jumped. A group of 10 guys started punching and kicking us both. Each kick felt like it was going to rip my body in two. After about 10 minutes of getting my ass kicked, I passed out. When I woke up, I was in a basement somewhere. I could taste blood in my mouth. I looked around to see if I could see anyone. I was tied to a chair, so I could move much. I heard a moan.
                “Zach, is that you?”
                Another moan
                “Yes it’s me. Are you ok?” Zach asked
                “No, I have blood in my mouth and I’m tied to a chair.”
                Just then I heard a noise, I looked up and saw a group of guys standing in front of me. I could see their bodies perfectly, but their face’s were blacked out. Not because they were wearing masks, but because they didn’t have faces. {To show that I didn’t know what the note came from.}
                “I thought we told you to stay out of this. Did you think that we were joking? If you just listen it would have been no worse than it was with you. But no, you had to be the nice guy and help him. Now you’re going to watch as we beat the living hell out of Zach here.”
                They pulled Zach to where I could see him. They started punching and kicking him. With each blow he screamed with pain. I struggled to free myself from the chair. They saw that I was trying to get free. The more I tired, the more violent the boy’s got. I stopped struggling and started to cry. My boyfriend was getting beat up fight in front of me and there was nothing I could do about it. Why couldn’t they do this to me? I was the one that didn’t listen to them. I hung my head, I couldn’t watch this anymore.
                “Look at me you little faggot.”
                I looked up at him, and my heart stopped. The guy that was talking had a knife held up to Zach’s throat.
                “Oh my god, please. Please don’t do this. I will do anything. Just let him go. Please.” I said through my sobs.
                “We told you to mind you business. Now there will be consequences.”
                Just as he started to pull the knife across Zach’s throat, I woke up screaming. I was sweating, shaking, shocked and yelling all at the same time. My dad busted in the room
                “What’s wrong?”
                “Nothing……sorry…….dad……I……..had……….a………..night……………mare…….” I said while gasping for air.
                My dad came over and hugged me. He hugged me like he did when my mom died. I could feel the love and fear that was inside him. This hug brought all those feeling back. The hate I had in myself for doing that to her. The fear I felt that my family would hate me for causing her death. The disgust I had in myself for being gay.
                Everything that I felt when I found out she was gone came back in a rush a emotions. I lost it. I pushed my dad away and ran out of the house. I didn’t know where I was running to, but I didn’t care. I just ran. The whole time thinking about how I felt. I was not mad at my dad. I was mad because I let those feeling find their way back inside me. The thought of me feeling that way scared me. It terrified me. Of course I have been scared, felt hatred, and felt disgust other than that day. It scared me because of the degree that I felt them. I don’t like feeling that way. The combination of the 3 made me feel helpless.
                Some how I ended up at the beach. I sat down in the sand. I put my face in my hands and cried. Thinking about everything that has happened, the dream, Zach, my family. Everything going in and out of my thoughts.
                “Are you alright son?” someone asked
                I lifted my head and looked in the direction that I heard the voice. There was a flash light in my face. I could see who was talking.
                “I would be better if you didn’t have the light shining straight in my eyes.”
                “Oh sorry, force of habit. And I think that you could use a set of pants.” As he handed me a pair of shorts
                I totally forgot that I was completely naked. I left the house so fast I never grabbed a pair and I was thinking too much to realize it.
                “No biggy, and thanks for the shorts. I’m just upset. I want running and somehow ended up here.” I said as I saw that the man talking to me was a police officer.
                “Well, I’m glad you’re ok, but the beach is closed at night. Do you need a ride home?”
                “That would be great, thank you.” I said as I wiped the tears from my eyes.
                We walked to his car. Got in and he drove me home. I called my dad on the way because I knew he was out looking for me. I told him a cop picked me up and is driving me home.
                I told the officer thank you and got out of the car. My dad had already gotten home. I walked through the door, and my dad ran up to me. He threw his arms out so that he could hug me. He stopped before he closed his arms around me. He put his arms down and looked into my eyes. I reached out and hugged him, and he hugged back. We walked over to the couch and sat down, I explained to him why I ran out of the house and what happened after. I didn’t tell him about the dream. He knew I had a nightmare and that was enough.
                After we talked for a while I decided to get back up to bed and get a couple more hours of sleep before I had to get ready for school. The rest of the night was not every peaceful. I tossed and turned all night. I finally got tired of it and stayed awake, just laying there for a half hour until me alarm went off. When it did go off, I stumbled to the shower. Quickly washed my body. Normally I would have jacked off, but I didn’t feel like it. I got out of the shower and dried off. I went over to the sink and shaved and brushed my teeth. Then went back to my room to get dressed. After I finished getting ready, I didn’t want to face my dad or brother so I stayed in my room until Zach texted me saying he was ready for me to pick him up. I took josh to school then head back for Zach.
                On the drive over to his house I thought and decided that it would be a bad idea to tell the whole school at once. After the note and my nightmare, I think he should take it slow. I pulled into Zach’s driveway and he got it and kissed me.
                “Good morning sweet lips. How are you today?” Zach asked with a smile on his face.
                “Not so good, we need to talk.”
                “What’s wrong Tim?”
                I told him about the note and the dream I had. Then I told him what I think he should do, but that It was completely up to him.
                “After that, I think your right, but nothing bad will happen. It is and empty threat. Can we still see if the consular will switch our classes?”
                “Yeah, I still want to do that.”
                With that all being said and done we headed to school. I pulled into the parking lot. We got there kind of late so there were almost no parking spots left. I parked in the back. We got out and started heading towards the school. We were about half way to the school when I heard something behind us. I looked and saw a group of 7 boys running at us.
                “RUN ZACH!”I yelled.
                We both took off running. I tripped and fell face first into the pavement. Zach stopped an turned around.
                “NO ZACH, GO GET HELP. GO!” I yelled
                Zach took off at full speed to the entrance of the school.


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