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Tim White
Chapter 5

                I parked me car in the back of the lot. We got out and started heading towards the school. We were about half way there when I heard something behind us. I turned and saw a group of 7 guys running at us.
                “RUN ZACH!” I yelled
                We both took off running. I tripped and fell face first into the pavement. Zach stopped and turned around.
                “NO ZACH. GO GET HELP. GO!” I yelled
                Zach took off at full speed to the school entrance.
                I ran into the school through the front doors. I looked around for a second, there was no one. The office I thought. I ran there. Nobody was inside. I looked around and saw the dean of students, Mr. Hummert. I ran over to him.
                “Mr. Hummert, Tim needs your hel……”
                 “What are you doing out here, get in the gym for the assembly.” He said cutting me off.
                “I’m sorry but Tim needs help, there are some guys outside beating him up. When I finished speaking, I took off towards the door. I was hoping that he would be following me.
~Tim ~
                As Zach raced off to find help, I rolled over onto my back to look at my attackers faces. I didn’t know any of them. When they reached me, they started kicking me. I could tell the steal toed boots they were all wearing that they had planned this out. With each kick came shots of pain running through my body. I could feel the bruises starting to form. I tried to get up and run, but as I started to lift my body, 3 guys pinned me back down. One guy on each of my arms and one guy on my legs. That left me at the mercy of 4 other guys.
                “Please…….ahhh……. Please let………..ahhhhhh……… go……………..ahhhhhhhh……..” I said through screams of pain.
                “Shut you fucking face you little queer. You don’t have the right to speak.” One of the boys said as he leaned over and punched me in the face. He caught my lower jaw.
                They continue to punch, kick and stomp on me. I got one arm loose and swung at the boys holding me down. That was a big mistake. They took my arm and snapped it. I scream out in pain. I started crying. With tears pouring down my face I managed to say.
                The boys just laughed. One boy backed up, got a running start, and punted my pinned down body. He hit me on my left side, right in the ribs. I felt sharp pain, so bad that you would wish it on your worst enemy. I knew he had broken at least 3 ribs. I screamed, the pain was so terrible that I passed out.
                The next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital room with Zach, my dad and brother, Zach’s parents, and a Doctor standing near my bed. They were all looking at the floor. Nobody was saying anything. At first I was wondering why everyone was so quite. Then how long I was here. I started to left myself up. When I moved my right arm I screamed out in pain, and then started to roll on my side. Even more pain shot through my body. I quickly remembered what had happened.
                “Tim, it’s ok, you’re in the hospital. Don’t try and move. Those boys did a real number on you.” my dad said.
                “How….bad?” was all I could managed to get out at the time, still hurting from the pain I just caused myself.
                “Your Right arm is broken in two places. 4 broken ribs and they broke you left leg.” The doctor said.
                “Shit. I knew about the arm, and the ribs, but I don’t remember them breaking my leg.”
                “That may have happened after you passed out.” The doctor replied. “You have a metal rod in your leg, and everything else is set back the way it should be. Our hope is that everything will be healed in about 8 weeks. You may not be as strong as you used to be. The recovery is going to be extremely painful.”
                “Thanks Doc.” My dad said and the doctor left the room.
                I looked around the room at everyone’s faces; Zach’s was the last one I got to. When I did, everyone else left the room. They knew I wanted to talk to Zach alone for a little bit.
                “Tim, I’m so sorry, I should have stayed and helped you. I feel so bad.” Zach said as he started crying “I hurried as fast as I could to find someone.”
                “Zach, it’s ok. If you would have stayed, you would be laying here next to me. Then who would have stopped those guys? I told you to go get help and you did. You probably saved my life.”
                I started to cry. I suddenly realized how bad things could have gotten. I guess I’m lucky I came out the way I did. Those boys could have killed me, and I think they would have if Zach had not gotten help.
                “I know, I know, but there should have been more that I could have done.”
                “It’s ok, I’m a tough cookie, I will survive. Did they get all the guys that did this?”
                “They caught 5 of them. Two ran away. They looked at the cameras but there were trees blocking the view. Do you think you can pick them out if you saw them again?”
                “Maybe, but not tight now or anytime soon………………. Zach, I love you.”
                “I love you to Tim.”
                Zach reached over and hugged me. I winced in pain when he squeezed.
                “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.”
                “It’s ok, just going to have to go a little slow with the physical contact.”
                Just then the door opened and everyone walked back in. My dad looked at me, then at Zach. Both our eyes were red from us crying.
                “Everything ok?”
                “Yeah, oh, how long have I been in here? What day is it?”
                “It’s Friday. You have been out for 4 days.”
                I looked at Josh.
                “I’m sorry bud, I’m not going to be able to do anything for you birthday. I will make it up to you somehow.”
                “It’s ok, you’re hurt.”
                “Think about what you want to do. As soon as I can, we will have a special day. Just the two of us.”
                He came over and put his arms around me. He didn’t put any pressure into the hug; he knew that it would hurt if he did.
                “Tim, I think we should pull you out of school, I can home school you or you can do everything by email with all your teachers. The consular talked to all your teachers and they are willing to do this. Zach told me about what has been happening with the notes at school.” My dad said.
                “No dad. I’m not going to let them run me out of the school. That’s what they won’t. If I leave, then they are going to do the same thing to Zach. I don’t want that. I would rather be laying here a hundred different time then let that happen. So I’m going to go back to school. I’m going to talk to the consular and get my classes changed to be with Zach. That way he can push the wheelchair that I will need.”
                “OK, I think you should consider this, but it sounds like you mind is made up.”
                “How much longer am I going to have to stay in here?”
                “At least through the weekend, until you can hold yourself up”
                Zach looked at his parents. They looked at each other, and then looked back towards Zach. They nodded.
                “I’m staying with you this weekend. It’s my fault you’re in here, so I want to stay and comfort you.”
                “It’s not your fault, but I would be happy if you stayed with me. Now I need to go back to sleep.”
                With that everyone gave me a light hug goodbye, and left. I fell asleep. While I slept I played the fight over in my head. Each time I got to the point where I passed out, I would wake up. After about 5 times of this happening, I just decided to stay awake. Zach was in the other bed that was in the room. I watched him sleep. I thought about how lucky I was to be with him. How lucky I am that I found the man of my dreams. But then I thought am I right for him. I’m talking him into thing that he may not want to do, but he is doing them because I ask him to. Him just being with me has caused him to have a threat on his life and he isn’t even out to the school yet.
                I laid there watching Zach, and thinking thing over in my head for about an hour when the nurse came in. She slammed the door open.
                “SHHHHH, he’s sleeping.”
                “Oh sorry, thought it was just you. Well I need to check your vitals………….. Ok all good. Do you want a sleep pill?”
                “Yeah that’ll be great”
                She handed me the pill and left. I swallowed the pill and with minutes I was out. I woke up at 8 am. Zach was still asleep. I called the nurse and asked if she would bring two breakfasts. About a half a hour later the food was there and Zach was still snoring away.
                “Do you mind waking him up for me?”
                “Sure thing………….. What’s his name?”
                The nurse walked over to him and started to gently shake his shoulder.
                “Zach, Tim asked me to wake up.”
                He must not have been too comfortable, because he woke right up.
                “Oh, thank you….. Morning Tim. How are you feeling?”
                “Oh the pain killers are working so I’m good.”
                “Ok Tim, today the doctor wants you to start Physical therapy. He wants you to try and walk. Don’t try to hard. You will be given a wheelchair. He just wants to see how much weight you can put on your leg, and if you’re other injuries will hurt from the walking.” The nurse said.
                “Ok, after breakfast.”
                She left the room. I and Zach ate our food without a word.
                When we got done Zach asked;
                “Ready to try PT?”
                “Yeah, but I want to put some boxers on so my ass is not hanging out.”
                Zach went to my bag and a pair. Walked back over to me and pulled down the blanket. His eyes lit up.
                “Zach, what are you thinking?”
                “You know.” He said with a sly smile.
                “Not now please. I pretty much got killed and you want to give me a blow job.”
                “Well it has been a week. I bet you really need to get off….. Come on it will make you feel better……Please.”
                “Oh ok, but try and make it quick.”
                He smiled then moved closer to my crouch. He lifted up the gown and started rubbing my cock. I closed my eyes. Soon I felt Zach’s lips on the tip of my now painfully hard dick. He started going up and down as fast as he could. By instinct I started to rock my hips to his rhythm. I had to stop that, it was to painful. About 5 minutes later I was ready to shot. I shot almost 10 times. He was right I really needed to get off. He swallowed every last drop. He stayed on my cock to clean me up. When he did my entire body twitched. I screamed. The pain from that was more then I could bear. Tears rounded down my cheeks. I couldn’t hold any part of my body. I was one giant bruise.
                “Oh my god, Tim, I’m sorry.”
                “It’s……ok…….my……..body……….twitched………not……your………fault………….me…………get………the…………boxers… ….on”
                Zach grabbed the pair of ‘boxer briefs’ my dad had packed. My leg was broken at the shin. It was at this point I wished I owned more than skin tight, one size to small boxer briefs. I had a huge cat one my leg, but that only made matters worse. He got about a fourth of the way up the cast when I told him to stop. He couldn’t move up without tugging.
                “Just stay behind me and keep the gown closed please. I don’t want the whole world to see my cute butt all black and blue.”
                “Ok, but I take a peek every once in a while?”
                I laughed. The nurse came back and helped me get out of bed. She brought a walker with her. I couldn’t put much weight on my leg but I did pretty well. We went back to my room, I fell asleep. Sunday was the exact same thing, minus the BJ. I was allowed to go home Monday afternoon.
                Zach stayed with me Monday night into Tuesday. He helped me get washed and dressed. I still hadn’t gotten new boxers yet so I had to go commando. I let him drive my car and me to school. When we got there we went into the consular’s office.
                “Hey Tim, how are you feeling?” he asked
                “Well, I’m in an extreme amount of pain, I’m hurt emotionally that people would do this, but other than that I’m great.”
                “I’m sorry to hear that, but glad you are feeling a little better. I talked to your dad, and we got all your classes changed so that Zach here can help you out. Your teachers will be giving you a typed copy of all the notes. When it comes to a test, there will be someone there to write down your answers, we will have to move you to a different room, so that you don’t give the answers to any of the other students when you tell them to the person writing.”
                “Oh thank you so much, I will defiantly need Zach’s help”
                “We called an assembly to talk about this, and we would like it you would speak.”
                “Oh…….I guess I could.”
                “You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but the message would come across stronger if you do.”
                “I will”
                “Ok great. It will be at 9 o’clock.”
                Zach and I went out to the informal study area and talked. A lot of people were staring at me. I saw the whispering to one another. We didn’t even bother going to our first class. We stayed out there and talked. The bell ran about 15 minutes before 9 and everybody started to move into the gym. We waited outside the door until I heard my name being called…
~30 minutes later~
                “Thank you all for coming here this morning. We have something very serious that we need to talk about this morning. Segregation. Yes that right. I’m sure by now everyone has heard what happened last Tuesday. I’m not going to go into details but a student for beat up for being a homosexual….”
                Whispers started to go across the room.
                “Quite please. Everyone here can only imagine what this student feels like right now. He was beaten up and put in the hospital by a group of 7 boys. We know who 5 are, 2 ran away.
                “Segregation dose not have to be just a racial thing. It can be sexual orientation. Either way it wrong and against the law.
                “The victim of this terrible act has decided to speak for himself. Can you please come in here.”
                Zach pushed me into the gym. Immediately people started whispering to one another. We got up to the microphone. I knew that everyone was talking about my leg, my arm, and the bruises that covered every inch of my body.
                “Before I start, I’m letting you know that there will be some foul language here, is that alright Mr. Hummert?.......  Everyone knows what happened to me. If you don’t here it is. Last week I was coming to school and got attacked in the parking lot. & boys kicked the shit out of me…. They broke my fucking arm in two places. One kicked me so hard he broke 4 ribs, while I was passed out laying on the ground, someone broke my leg. I had to find that one out when I woke up screaming in the hospital. Despite all this I’m still here. I have been out to everyone single one of you since the start of my fucking freshman year here. Two years you have known I was gay. I haven’t been to my locker in a week, but up until last Monday I have been getting hate mail and threats. Now for the first fucking time in my life 7 guys attack and almost kill me.” I turned to Zach, he nodded at me. “They did this because I have a new boyfriend, and I was going to help him come out to all of you. Last Tuesday we decided to hold off because some ass whole came to my house and put a note on my door. It said that if I help Zach, that we will get it worse than I did when I came out…… Yes it’s Zach, me and Zach are together, and if anyone tries anything to hurt him, I will kill you…..Ok now that I have that out of my system, I have a question for the ones who did this to me. Why? What did I do to you that you hate me so much? I didn’t think that me being gay hurt people. So Why?
                I started to cry. Zach ran over to me. I told him I will be fine.
                “I don’t hate you because you did this to me. I feel sorry for you, that you have to beat the holy hell out of someone to make yourself feel superior. When I woke up in the hospital my dad told me that he was going to pull me out of the school. He didn’t think it would be safe for me. I told him that I was not going to run away from my problems. I have never let any of the things that people say about me or what they do to me, run my life.
                “And for the two boys who were to chicken shit to stay and face what they did. I know your faces. I don’t know your names or who you are. I just won’t you to understand that nothing you do will change what I am. I like who I am. I don’t care if you ever get caught. Run and hide like the cowards you are. There is nothing in it for me. I chose not to press charges on any of you. Even though you put me in the hospital and about ended my life, I figured that you did this because you didn’t fully understand who I am. Then I thought that you are jealous of what I and Zach have.
“I ask gain before I leave, Why?........Thank you.”
I turned to Zach and asked him to push me back out to the informal area.
“Thank you Tim………I hope that everyone has learned something or at least took something from what Tim said. You should respect everyone no matter who they are. Everyone has feeling. I hope that this never happens to anyone else at this school. When we let you go back to class, I would like the 5 boys we caught to go to the consular’s officer, and of the other two would like to turn them self’s in, they can go there as well. You are getting off easy; all you are getting is suspended, that’s all that Tim asked. He didn’t feel you should be expelled for your actions against him. That is what a caring person he is. You hurt him, but he forgave you. You broke his arm, leg, and ribs, and he forgave you. Think about that. He deserves an apology from all 7 of you. Thank you, you can go back to class now.”
Everyone started leaving the gym. A few of them came over to were me and Zach were sitting.
“Hi Tim, hey Zach. My name is Tom and this is Sam and Mike”
“Hey guys, can I help you?”
“We wanted to come over and apologize. We were 3 of the people putting the notes in your locker. I’m not sure why I did it but I wanted you to know that I’m sorry. Seeing what those guys did to you makes me sick to my stomach. I never thought it would go that far.”
“Yeah, same here” Mike and Sam said in unison.
“I really appreciate that you guys. There are no hard feelings. Thank you.”
“We hope you get better soon.”
With that they walked away.
“Zach I’m sure that’s not the way that you wanted to come out but thank you for letting me tell people. I need to make a point. I will make it up to somehow.”
“It’s fine Tim. That was not the way I would have done it but now everyone knows.” He laughed.
We went back to the consular’s office. There were 5 people sitting there. I recognized all of them. When I looked at each of their faces I remember what each of them had did, and how they contributed to me being in this chair.
“Ah Tim, these are the 5………”
“I know who they are.”
“Ok then, I asked that they be sent here in hopes that we can understand why.”
“Thank you for trying to do that, but when I asked that in the gym, I really didn’t want to know. It was to get them thinking why did they do it. To me what’s done is done and that’s that. Let’s go Zach.”
“Please Tim, we want to explain.” One of the guys said.
“Ok” I said with a sigh
So each of the guys told me why they did what they did. There was a common theme to all of them. The two chicken chit boys had convinced them that I was going to force them to be gay as well. What fucking bullshit I thought.
“Thank you for telling me this, but like I said it makes no difference. I forgave you in the gym.
Zach and I left the room, and went to class.
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