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Tim White
Chapter 6
The rest of the school day was pretty good. Oh who am I kidding, the rest of my day was great. Everyone was really nice. Everyone felt sorry, and wished me well. I was glad that I got all my classes changed. Now I could spend all my time with Zach. For the time being, I needed him to push me around in my wheelchair. Being in a wheelchair was kinda fun. I got to leave class before everyone else, but it sucked because of the reason that I was in the chair. I couldn’t do anything for myself.
“Zach thanks for being so nice to me and pushing me around. I’m sure you would rather being walking beside me, holding me hand.”
“Don’t be silly, I’m happy to do this for you. As soon as you no longer get hurt from physical touch, you are going to repay me.”
“Oooo you kinky bastard”
“You know it bitch”
We both laughed and headed to class. The bell rang after our last class and school was out. We went to Zach’s and my locker. They got moved to right next to each other. We each opened the doors and a mountain of note came falling out of each.
“Oh no not more hate mail. Damnit, I was hoping this would stop”
I picked up a letter and read it.
                                ‘Dear Tim,
I would like to say that the speech you gave
today was great. I personally would have
locked those guys away. I wanted to say
sorry for the notes before. Maybe we could
hang out sometime.
 OMG, they were all letters of apology and sympathy. This was great. We picked all the notes up and shoved them all in a bag and headed out to my car.

The next month and a half were just about the same as that day. Nobody hated me anymore. Zach and I were popular. Neither one of us wanted to be popular. We didn’t act the part. We just continued being ourselves.
My body was healing faster than expected. I still had the cast on my arm. My ribs still pained me every once in a while. I got out of the cast that was on my leg. I still had to wear a brace. I could walk a little but I had to use a crutch. We were at school on a Wednesday, It was lunch time. We were sitting alone for the first time in a month.
“Oh, Zach, I think I’m feeling able to have some fun. Not too rough though.”
“Are you sure? I don’t wana hurt you.”
“It’s been a month and a half since we did anything. I want to, if it hurts, I will deal with the pain.”
“Ok Tim, but I want to take this to the next step. I want you to fuck me.”
Oh my god. Did I just hear him right?
“Zach, really? I mean sure, yeah. We will do that this weekend. I can wait two more days.”
“I can wait to.” Zach said as he started to lean over and kissed me.
Some people were giving us some weird looks when we kissed. We just ignored them. We kissed until the bell rang for us to go to class. The rest of the day went by pretty quickly.
On the way to my car, I remembered the promise I made to Josh. He would be out of school already. For his birthday our dad got him a cell phone. I pulled out my phone and called him.
“Hey bud. Have you decided what you want to do for your birthday?”
“Yeah, and I wanted Zach to go with us. He has been cool to you.”
“So you like him now?”
“Ok what do you want to do?”
“Well I know you’re still hurt so, I thought a movie and dinner.”
“Ok, we will plan for Friday, since we don’t have school.”
“K Timmy” He said as he hung up. Ahh, that name again. It is a good thing that I love him.
“Ok Zach, our plans for this weekend are as follows. Friday we are going to a movie and dinner for Josh’s birthday. Our other plans will go down on Saturday. You ok with that, sexy man?”
“Yes I am” he said as he slapped my butt.
“Ouch, that hurt”
“You know you liked it”
“That’s beside the point”
I was able to drive again. I dropped Zach off at his house then headed home. I did my homework and went to bed. Thursday was slow. All I did was daydream about how Saturday was going to go. After school, Zach and I stayed and talked to new friends, but then went to his house. We decided not to fool around until our special day. We just sat in his living room and watched some TV. I was still daydreaming. Mid night came pretty fast. We were both tired so we went up to his bedroom, stripped to our underwear and fell asleep.
I woke up at 9:30 to Zach shaking me.
“What babe, 10 more minutes.”
“No, no, you need to shower and get dressed. We are taking you brother out today before the movie and dinner.”
“Who says? What if I want to stay here naked with you until the movie? Did you think of that?”
“Well, no I didn’t; but this day is about your brother. Our day is tomorrow. What did you get Josh?”
“Oh shit, I forgot. We need to go to the mall. I was going to get him an IPod. Dad didn’t want me to, but this way he will stop stealing mine.”
We both got dressed as fast as we could. Zach still needed to help me a little with getting my shirt on. We went out to my car and drove to the mall. We went to the big electronics store there and bought the biggest IPod they had. Don’t worry about the price. We went back out to my car and drove home.
“Hey Josh, you ready to go? We are going to take you out to lunch.”
“Yeah, I need my shoes.”
He put on his shoes and we headed to one of the restaurants along the beach. It had the best fish around. That was Josh’s favorite food at the time. I hate fish, but it was not my day. We ate and talked for a couple of hours.
“Oh Josh, before we go, here is your present.”
I grabbed the bag and handed it to him. When he opened the bag to see what was inside, his jaw dropped, and his eyes went wide. Wide enough that you would have thought one good smack to the back of the head and his eyes would have popped out.
“Are you for real Tim? Thank you. Dad said he wouldn’t buy me one because they were too expensive.”
“They are a little pricy, so be careful with it. When we get home I will help set it up.”
We finished our meal and headed to the movie theater.  We selected our movie. We went and bought popcorn and drinks. (I don’t remember what movie it was) After the movie, we went to eat dinner. We went to a steak house. One of those places that put on a show while cooking your food. Neither Zach nor Josh had been to one before. They were amazed at the tricks our chef was doing. The show went on for 2 hours. I paid the bill and we left. We got to Zach’s house, I kissed him goodbye, and I told him see you tomorrow. Then Josh and I went home.
“Did you have a good time?”
“Yes, thanks Tim.”
“No problem little dude.”
Josh got out of the car and ran into the house. I got out and hobbled my way inside. I was pretty tired so I went to my room, stripped down and went to bed.
I woke up at 9 am to my phone ringing. I reached over and grabbed it.
“Wake up, we have a big day.”
“OK, come over and help me”
“Ok, be there in 15.” Click
15 minutes later Zach was rushing in my room. He ran over and jumped on me. It hurt pretty bad, but nothing that would kill me.
“Ahhhh, Rape, Rape” I yelled while laughing.
“It’s not rape if you want it to.” Zach said with a huge smile on his face.
“Ok get off; I need a shower…..eww and so do you. I can’t have a stinky man running around with me.”
“Well I did just run over here.”
I grabbed a pair of underwear for myself and one for Zach. We were about the same size. We went into the bathroom and got in the shower. I washed Zach’s backside and he washed mine. He grabbed my cock and started to tug on it.
“No, no, you have to wait”
“But I can’t” He said with the sad puppy dog face.
“You have to.”
We finished our shower, dried off and went back to me room. I grabbed some clothes and got dressed. Zach was just standing there in my underwear.
“Even though I love the look you’re going for, I don’t think my dad would want to see you that way. So you pick out some clothes.”
He walked over and grabbed a red muscles shirt and a pair of jeans.
“You look so sexy in my clothes.”
I walked over to him and kissed him. We kissed for 10 minutes before I broke it and dragged him as best I could down stairs. We ate lunch and headed out to my car.
“I know what you wana do today, but what else. The ‘Fun’ will come later. So what do you wana do until then?”
“Let’s go to the mall.”
So we headed to the mall. We did a little shopping. Bought some clothes and stuff like that. Mostly we just wondered from store to store. We saw a couple people from school; we went over to them and talked for a while. They said they had to leave, we went on our separate way. It was about 8:30 when we started to get hungry. We went to the food court and got some food.
“So Zach, were do you want to do this? My dad and brother are going to be home, so I don’t think it will be a good idea to go there.”
“My parents will be home too. Hmmm, how about we drive up to some hill top, you know, like in the movies.”
“That sounds romantic. Let’s go. I Think I now a place. I have a blanket in my trunk.”
We finish our food, and then we head for my car. While we were driving, we each sent a text to our parents, telling them we would be home late. We drove for an hour before I pulled over next to a cliff side. It was exactly like in the movies. We got out. I popped the trunk and grabbed the blanket. I laid it down on the ground. We lay down and cuddled. We started to make out. We kissed each other for 30 minutes, letting our tongues explore every inch of the other ones mouth. I started to lift Zach’s shirt off him. We only broke the kiss long enough to lift the shirt over his head. I moved my hands over his smooth chest and stomach. I moved my kiss down to his neck, then to his chest. I got to his nipples. I started sucking and nibbling on them both (not at the same time). I started to move my way down hit stomach. I undid his pants and pushed them down. There was a tent in his underwear. I knew what he wanted. I put my teeth on the waistband, and I slowly started to pull them down. I got them past his cock, and it flung back and smacked his stomach. I pulled the boxers the rest of the way down with my hand as I started tease the head with my tongue. After a short tease I stuck the whole cock in my mouth and started to bob up and down on his delicious rod. I only sucked him for a couple of minutes when Zach pulled me off.
Zach went through the same motions I did. Kissing me on the lips while taking my shirt off, then moved downed to my neck, then nipples. Sucking them and biting them. He then kissed down my stomach. Undid my pants and slid both my jeans and boxers down at the same time. He started first by taking my balls in his mouth while jerking me off. He moved to sucking me after spending some time tantalizing my nuts. He sucked and slurped on my cock for 5 minutes. He took his mouth off, reached over to his pants and grabbed a condom. He took it out of the wrapper and slid it on me.
“I’m ready now, be gentle.”
“Sit on me; you can go as fast as you want to.”
He reached over once more and grabbed a tube of KY. HE put some in his hand and started to rub it on my cock. He put some on his hand and started to go to rub some on his anus, but I stopped him. I maneuvered his body so that his ass was above my face. I spread his ass wide. I through my face forward and started to rim him. He moaned with pleasure. He was in heaven. He tasted so good. I didn’t want to stop. Once I got his cherry nice and wet he went down and got on his knees above my dick. I helped position my cock with his ass. He slowly lowered himself until the tip of my prick was touching his whole.
“Breath Zach, don’t go to fast. Take it slow, and relax.”
Zach took a deep breath and lowered just enough for the head to pop in his ass. He winced from the pain.
“Breathe babe.”
He stared to breathe faster
“Relax, don’t tighten up, it will hurt more.”
I felt his body his body relax a little. He lowered himself a little more. We repeated the until my entire cock was inside him.
“You ok sweetie? If it hurts too bad you can stop and do me.”
“I’m fine, I just need to let my butt adjust to the massiveness that is your cock.”
We both laughed. Zach started to slide up and down on my rob. Slowly at first, but then faster and faster. Both of us moaning from the pleasure.
“Oh God Zach, your ass is tight.”
Zach stopped and got off. He moved over on the blanket so that he was on all fours.
“Fuck me Tim”
I sat up and moved over to him. I slid my dick back in his ass. I pushed in all the way. I let him settle for a minute, then started to pump in and out of him. I couldn’t stay in this position for long because of my leg, but luckily I was really close to shooting.
“I’m gonna cum”
“Pull out, I wana swallow it.”
I pulled out, took the condom off and he turned around and started to suck me off. I was very close. I grabbed his head and started face fucking him. I thrust forward once more and shot my load. I shot 4 wonderful times. He swallowed all of it. He stayed on it to clean me up. He kept my cock in his mouth until it was completely limp. We both rolled over onto our backs
“Wow that was great Zach.” I said through my heavy breathing
“Thank you Tim, thank you so much.”
“Don’t think me yet, it’s your turn now.”
I reached over to my pants and grabbed the condom and thing of KY that I brought. I opened the condom, and put it on Zach. I grabbed the KY and lubed us both up. I was still lying on my back. I lifted my legs up to expose my ass. Zach moved over and positioned his cock to my ass. He pushed the head in. I moaned. He pushed a little more. I moaned again.
“Go all the way”
With that the pushed his cock all the in, right down to his pubs. He let me settle for a minute before giving me the best fucking that I have ever gotten. He was humping me so fast his body would smack every time he pushed forward. My cock was hard again. With every thrust, Zach was hitting me prostate. I was in heaven. I was going to cum again. I didn’t even get the words out and I shot. The cum went straight up and some hit Zach in the face, the rest landed on the blanket and my chest. As I shot my second load, my ass tightened around Zach cock. The tightness sent pleasure through Zach’s entire body. The pressure my put on his dick was sending him over the edge. He pulled out, ripped of the condom, and quickly moved to my head. I opened my mouth and he shoved his cock in. He started face fucking me the same force he was pounding my ass with. A couple thrusts later, he stopped moving and I felt his hot jiz hit the back of my throat. It hit with such force I began to choke. I regained my composer and swallowed every last drop. I cleaned him up and then he pulled out of my mouth.
“That was great Zach, the way you pounded me, I would have thought you had been having sex for years. No one has ever stimulated me like that before.
“That was my first time having sex with anyone.”
“Well now I guess I have to tell my other fuck buddy I don’t need him anymore, I have you for both love and sex.” I said with sly smile on my face.
“Who is he, I might want him. Hehe, I love you.”
“I’m glad I was your first,” I said, and then I got a little serious “Can we talk about something?”
“What is it babe?”
“Are you doing all of this because you want to, or because you love me and I ask you to?”
“I’m not sure if I know what you mean.”
“You coming out to your parents, letting me tell the school for you, us having sex. Are you doing all this because you want to? I don’t wana be the one to make you do things you are not ready to do.”
“Where is this coming from?”
“When I was in the hospital, I watched you sleeping that first night. I began thinking how lucky I am to have you in my life, but then I thought am I the one that is going to get you hurt. I got that note because I was going help you come out. I don’t wana be that person, I don’t wana cause you any harm.”
We were both laying on our backs. Zach turned over so that he was facing me, I did the same.
“Tim, I love you. I love you with all my heart. I know we are 17 and shouldn’t know what true love its yet, but I do. I choose to do those things because I love you. Those things would have been done even if you never asked me. You just made it easier for me. I was dreading telling my mom and dad. I thought they would hate me, but I told them with you by my side. I wouldn’t change anything that you have done for me, except you getting put in the hospital. No offence, but you don’t look as cute covered in bruises.
“Gee thanks. Just as long as I’m not pushing you into anything. I love you too. If I ask you to do anything, and you don’t want to, please tell me.”
I leaned in and kissed him.
“I will. I think it is time we head home.”
We got dressed and drove home, holding hands the entire way. We got to Zach’s, I went in. We went to bed. So far that was the greatest day in my 17 years of life.


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