Disclaimer: This story is real. It really happened. I should know I lived it. So there ha. Anyway, the last names of people have been changed (If they are even mentioned, but they are the same last names from all the other chapters) to protect the individuals. Some names have been changed completely.
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Tim White
Chapter 8 – Special Chapter

Hello everyone, how’s it going? Yeah like I can really hear you when you answered that question. What do you people think I am, psychic? Oh by the way this is Zach. I asked Tim if it was ok that I write something for the story. I mean it is all about the wonderfully, awesome, sex god that it me right……. Yeah I know it is. =). Even though what I’m going to write about is from the present day, it’s still part of our lives. This is a special story for both of us. So let get started shall we?

I woke up at 3 am. My alarm on my phone was going off. I reached over and turned it off. I rolled over and gave Tim a kiss to wake him up.
“You know I really hate getting up this early, but I love my job.” Tim said
“Yeah I know, get up and get to the shower.”
We both rolled out of bed and went to the bath room, and hopped in the shower. Before you get to excited, nothing happened. Never does in the morning. Our morning wood isn’t even awake then. It is too damn early. While we are washing ourselves, I will explain what our lives are like now. Both Tim and I are 20. Well I’m going to be 20 in April. We both work at Netflix and we bought our own house. My parents moved back to Iowa after I graduated. I’m not sure why but they missed it. The only thing about Iowa I missed was my friends. So I didn’t go for obvious reason. Duh. Would you want to move away when you have a cute ass to fuck where you are. Hehe. I’m kidding Tim. Love you. OK looks like we are getting out of the shower, so back to the story. (Yeah I know I’m crazy, shut up)
 We got out, dried off and went back to our room to get dressed and head off for work. Tim went and got in his car, yes the really nice mustang. I went and got in my red 97 jeep wrangler. It’s not as nice as the mustang, but I love it. We both drove our cars to work because we both get off at different times. Today was Monday. I have to leave early so that I can go to my college classes. I pulled into the parking lot at 4:15. Our work day started at 4:30 every day, but we did have the weekends off. I walked in and said hello to everyone. I went over to the operations manager, Steve. (Again not his real name)
“Morning Steve”
“Morning Zach. How was your weekend?”
“Good. Didn’t do much. I wanted to let you know that I will need to leave early that normal today. I have to meet with a company today about planning an event.”
“No problem, what time do you need to leave?”
“Umm, I think around 11:30.”
“Ok cool, just let me know before you take off.”
OK I said and went off to start work. From 4:30 until about 8 o’clock we opened the DVD’s that people sent back. We had to make sure that there is no kind of damage. Then we got our lunch break. It was really more of a breakfast break, but we have been wake for 5 hours now so it is lunch time. Then we went over and worked on the machines. It got to be 11:30. I went over to Steve and told him I was leaving.
I went to my jeep. I bet you are wondering what I was planning. Well guess what, I’m going to tell you. I was going to even if I didn’t put this little ramble in here. I just wanted to take up some more of your time…. I’m such an ass… but I’m a cute ass. =). I headed over to a restaurant to meet a fireworks guy. I pulled into the parking lot and went inside.
“Hello, how many today?”
“Well there will be two. I’m meeting someone here. His name is Jeff Stomers. Is he here?”
“No not yet. I will take you to a booth and bring him over when he arrives.”
“Ok, thank you”
She takes me over to a booth and asks what I would like to drink. I tell her ice tea. She brings me the drink and I sit there and wait for Jeff. An hour later I was getting ready to leave when my waiter leads a man to my table.
“Zach? I’m so sorry I’m late. I another meeting and the people would not stop talking. I was going to call but I forgot you number.”
“It’s ok.”
The server came up and asked what he wanted to drink. He said water.
“Do you wana order before we talk business?” Jeff asked “I’m starving.”
“Ya, that sounds good.”
The waitress came back and took our order. He ordered a T-bone steak, and I ordered a piece of grilled salmon with veggies. She left to put in our order.
“OK Zach, so what is it that you are looking for? What kind of show are you looking for?”
“One with things that go boom.”
“Well I think that I can handle that.” He said while laughing. “What I mean was what specific boom’s would you like.”
“OH ok” I said, sounding a little naïve.”Well I’m not sure the specific fireworks I want. I guess really anything for the show. Whatever would make a great show.”
The waitress brought out our food. We at while we talked.
“Is the show that you looking at going to be for a few people or for anyone to go to?”
“I was think anyone can go, but there is something special I want at the end.” I hand him a piece of paper. “I want a sign at the end of the show that says that in fireworks. Can you do that?”
He looked at the piece of paper, then back up at me.”Yes, we can do that. How long were you thinking you wanted the show to be? We have done shows up to a half hour. Not sure if that is in your price range.”
“Excuse me? I’m not sure how you meant that, but is seemed like you are implying that I won’t have the money for this. If that’s the case, I will find another company that will do this for me.”
“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. What I meant to say was I’m not sure if you are willing to pay the cost of a half hour show. It is pretty expensive.”
“How much are you talking?”
“For the half hour show, grand finale, and the sign we are looking roughly around $4500. That’s for the best show possible.”
“OK let’s set that up. This is how I want the show to go, we will do the main fireworks display. When that is over I will have a special something to do then you will do the sign. I will have a big screen to show everything that is going on. Then you do the finale. Is that ok?”
“Yep that is fine. Do you have a specific date that you wana do this on?”
“Well how soon can you have the fireworks ready?”
“I would say 2 weeks. I will need you to call me with a location.”
“Ok I will make a few phone calls, when I find a place I will let you know.”
Ok here is a little side note. Something I asked Tim if it was alright that I put this in here. He was not keen on the idea but agreed anyway. There have been a few people that Tim and I have been talking to through Yahoo IM’s and emails. I wanted to personally thank these guys for helping Tim. Most of you font know this but Tim has a very hard time talking about his feelings with people. I have tired getting him to talk about things, but when he tires, he can’t seem to form the words. All he can do is cry. He wants so bad to be able to sit down with me or anyone face to face and talk about how he feels. Last night (Wednesday the 25) someone got him to talk. I was watching TV and I heard him crying. I went into his computer room and saw why. He was talking to someone about his mom. This person got him to talk about the most traumatic thing in his life. That is something that only him and his dad ever talked about.
I don’t know if you know someone like this but, because Tim has been through so much, when he talks to someone, reads something, or anything like that he sees a picture in his head. A picture so that he can remember what he feels at that moment. So when he wants to remember all he has to do is see the picture. I know it sounds weird.
This person said a word that I won’t repeat because I know Tim is going to read this. This word sent a picture to Tim’s head that set him off. Tim typed back to him “I’m sorry, I can’t” He got up and left the house in tears. I sat down and told him that Tim left. I know what you’re thinking. Some boyfriend I am. Tim leaves the house and I don’t follow him. Well before you freak out and send him emails and tell him to leave me, I know where he went and how long he was going to be gone. He goes to the beach and sits in the sand and listens to the water. It calms him down. The point I’m trying to make here is that those of you that care enough to take the time and talk to Tim are really helping him. The only thing that I ask is that you don’t try and help or talk about his Mom. I will talk to him and his dad about the someday. Again thank you. Now back to the story
I called went over to our old high school and talked to the principal about using the football stadium. It had the screen that I wanted to use. I told him I would gladly pay to be able to use the stadium and screen. He agreed. I called Jeff and let him know the location. There was one thing left I needed to do. I went over to the mall and went into a jewelry store. I told the lady behind the counter what I wanted. She should me what they had. I told her which one I wanted and paid her. She told me that the items would be ready in two weeks. 
I headed home. When I got there I could tell there was something wrong.
“Tim, what’s the matter?”
“I may have lost my job. I will know tomorrow.”
He explained to me what happened. I called the office.
“Hey this is Zach. I’m not so good. Is there anything that can be done so that Tim can keep his job?”
“I’m sorry but no” Replied the manager.
“well if he is going to get fired for something so stupid and easy remedied, then I will quite…………….No I’m not joking. There is no cause for you to fire one of you top employees for that. So if he is fired then you lose two…….Ok we will be there in the morning to clean out our lockers.”
“You don’t have to quite because I got fired. You know I can always go back to my other job. They loved me there.” Tim said
“I know, but I didn’t like that job much anyway. I stayed because I was with you. And now this way I can take more classes. I can afford it. We will be fine.”
“I’m going to wait to call pizza hut. We haven’t spent any time together.”
Tim came over to me and pulled me into a passionate kiss. We let our tongues explore every inch of each other’s mouths. We made out for what seem like hours, only breaking when we needed to take a breathe. We broke the kiss and ripped our clothes off while racing up to our bedroom. We reached the just as our underwear is flying off. We hopped on the bed, and Tim gets on top of me. We started to make out again. After 5 minutes or so Tim started to slowly make his way down my body, stopping only long enough to bite each one of my nipples. I let out a loud moan. Then he got to my cock. He started flicking the head with his tongue while pulling and massaging my balls. “Hmmm…….Oh yeah”. He licked up and down the shaft then right back to teasing me mushroom head. “Ohhhh. Stop teasing and suck me please” Tim slowly took the head in his mouth. Using his tongue to circle around it. I put my hands on the back of his head and tried to force him further down on my cock. “Suck my cock please…….I can’t take the torture.” Finally Tim slowly started to deep throat me. Up and down he sucked my cock. He pulled off “Fuck me Zach.” I reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lube, while Tim laid down on the bed and lifted up his legs. I set the lube down and proceed to throw my face into Tim’s ass. Licking his hole. I started to shove my tongue inside him. He moaned from the pleasure. “Fill me Zach, put that cock in me” he cried. I couldn’t disappoint him. I put a generous amount of lube on my raging dick and lined up with his hole. I started to push in. It had been a while since we actually hadsex. “Oh my god you tight.” “Shove in me” He replied. I did as he commanded. I pushed in with all my might. He screamed, but that was soon replaced with grunts of ecstasy as he shot his first load of cum. With each thrust I could feel my dick hit his prostate. About 20 minutes and 2 shots of Tim’s hot jizz flying everywhere later, I was ready to shoot. I pushed once more as hard as I could, and shot the biggest load of my life. The pressure and feeling of my cum swimming around in his ass made Tim have one more orgasm, but it was completely dry. His body twitched for 10 minutes. It seemed this orgasm was going to last forever. He finally settled down. I pulled out of him and lay next to him.
“Thank you” was all Tim said and fell asleep.
“Your welcome” I said and leaned over and kissed him. I laid my head on his should and fell asleep also. I woke up the next day, made Tim breakfast in bed. I set an alarm to go off in 5 minutes, and I left for my classes. On the way to the school Tim sent me a text ‘Thanks babe.’ I went to my classes. I left for home around 12 noon. When I got home I found Tim in his computer room with Rammstein blaring from his surround sound speaks that he has for his computer. If you don’t know who Rammstein is, I will add a few good songs to the website. I didn’t want to disturb him. He was working on the story. I went to our room and changed into a jockstrap, a pair of sports shorts, and a black muscle shirt. I grabbed my IPod and strapped it to my arm, and went for a jog. I jogged my normal route. Stopped and talked to a few two then headed home. I walk in the house, went to our room grabbed some clothes and took a shower. I was gone for about an hour. I got out fired and dressed, then when to see Tim.
“Hey sexy, how’s your writing going?”
“Oh Hey, Good. I’m taking a break.”
“Well how about you stop writing for today and we go and cuddle on the couch and watch movies.” I said.
“That sounds good.”
For the rest of the night we sat on the on the couch and watched movies. We ended with Tim’s favorite Sweeny Todd. Pretty much the next two weeks were the same. Without the mind blowing sex every day. The Saturday before the special day I planned, Jeff gave me a call. We finalized all the plans and the price. I told him I would meet him later and give him the money. The jewelry store called and told me that the items were ready for pick up. I put an ad in the paper saying that there will be a special fireworks show at the high school stadium. Monday came and I was a nervous wreck. How was this day going to turn out? At about 6:30 we headed over to the stadium. I set a place for Tim and I to sit in the front row. The stands filled up and the show started at 8:00. It was spectacular. I was getting more nervous. Ten minutes left in the show I told Tim that I’m going to the bathroom. I go back behind the stands and get a microphone. When the main shower ended music started playing and I started to sing as I walked along the front of the stands to wear Tim was sitting, a camera following me so that all could see me on the big screen.
                                                                “Tell me can you feel my heart beat
                                                Tell me as I kneel down at your feet
                                                I knew there would come a time
                                                When these two hearts would entwine
                                                Just put your hand in mine forever

                                                For so long I have been an island
                                                When no-one could ever reach these shores
                                                And we’ve got a whole lifetime to share
                                                And I’ll always be there, darling, this I swear

                                                So please believe me for these words I say are true
                                                And don’t deny me a lifetime loving you
                                                If you ask, will I be true? Do I give my all to you?
                                                Then I will say I do

                                                I’m ready to begin this Journey
                                                Well, I’m with you with every step you take
                                                And we’ve got a whole lifetime to share
                                                And I’ll always be there, darling, this I swear

                                                So please believe me for these words I say are true
                                                And don’t deny me a lifetime loving you
                                                If you ask, will I be true? Do I give my all to you?
                                                Then I will say I do

                                                Come on just take my hand oh come on
                                                Let’s make a stand for our love
                                                But I know this is so hard to believe, so please

                                                So please believe me for these words I say are true
                                                And don’t deny me a lifetime loving you
                                                And if you ask, will I be true? And do I give my all you?
                                                If you ask, if I’ll be true? Do I give my all to you?
                                                Then I will say I do

As I finished singing the song I turned and waved. The sign that I had Jeff make exploded as the fireworks went off. When the smoke cleared the sign could be easily be read;
                TIM WILL YOU MARRY ME?
After Tim read the sign he looked back at me. I was kneeling down with  a open box holding the engagement ring I bought him. With the camera now pointed at Tim. He said with tears streaming down his face.
“Yes, a thousand times yes. Oh my god I love you Zach. YES. YES. YES.”
I placed the ring on his finger and pulled him into the most passionate kiss I had ever given him. When our lips touched the Grand Finale started going off. You know the kind of kiss that shots fireworks off when you do it. Well I just made the kiss come to live. Most of the people in the crowd where cheering and applauding us. But there were some screaming some very hateful things to us (fuck them, the man I love just said yes to marrying me). we went home and made love for hours. We would call our parents and tell them in the morning.


Zach’s notes: Thank you all for reading this. I asked Tim if it was ok that I write this and post it. I wanted to share this will all of Tim’s readers. The song that I sang was I Do by Westlife. I first the song at one of my best friend’s wedding that lived in Iowa. He was 19 when he got married. He called me and asked if I would be his best man. So Tim and I flew out back there. When they played this song I cried. I thought it was so beautiful. I will if I can add a file so you all can hear the song. I will also add a picture of the rings I bought. I will make it so that you don’t have to be a member to see the files and pictures. That way if you don’t have a yahoo account you can still see them. And once again thank you all for the support you have given Tim while he is writing this story. You have no idea how good it makes him feel when you send a comment about the latest chapter. How good it makes him feel that people around the world read it and like it. There is a boy in turkey that had been IMing Tim. He was the first person that said he loved the story. Then more and more comments came into his inbox. He talks and trades emails with over twenty people a day. People that care about him and us. People that care enough to offer to help if he ever needs to talk. Please, please keep the comments coming.

Thank you, with love
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