This story is a continuation of the story of Kevin Foley, Rick Mashburn, and their "sons," Tim Murphy and Kyle Goodson, that started in "Tim."  It is about gay men and gay boys, and it contains descriptions of sex.  The sex is never intergenerational.  If you are offended by descriptions of gay sex, or if the law in your area forbids you to read them, please exit the story.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.  I appreciate feedback, and you can send it to me at

--Brew Maxwell


Chapter 5

Things settled into a pretty normal pace at the Foley-Mashburn residence fairly quickly.  Tim was once again in our charge while his dad was away studying, and when we saw Tim we almost always saw Kyle, as well.  They spent most of their nights at our house, mainly, I think, because Rick and I were there to talk to and play with.  Occasionally, though, they wanted to be alone, and on those nights they slept at Kyle's house.

Justin fit it more and more as the days passed.  He went to work with them every day, and Kyle would always stop to pick him up in the morning if he and Tim had spent the night before at his house.  

There was a period of adjustment, of course, and the need for it was never more apparent than it was the first Sunday morning Justin was with us.  Tim and Kyle knew that Sunday morning was private time for Rick and me.  We used the first waking hours of Sunday to make slow, prolonged love, to hold one another, to talk quietly and intimately, and to be lovers, unconcerned about anything in the world but each other.  We made love many mornings, and sometimes at night, as well, but Sunday morning was special, a time for us to recharge the batteries of our relationship.

That particular Sunday morning Rick woke up before I did.  He put his hand on my chest, and he gently brought me to full consciousness.  He leaned over and kissed me, and we held our kiss, tongues playing with one another, a long time.  We were already hard with morning stiffness, but I felt mine grow larger and harder with sexual arousal, and I knew his was doing the same thing.  He licked his way down my chest and stomach, and he dabbed his tongue at the little puddle of pre-cum that had formed on the head of my penis.  He pushed my foreskin down with his tongue and gently sucked the head of my cock into his mouth.  He moved on from there to my anus, and his tongue had its way with me there.

"God, that's good," I said.

He kept that up for a while.  Then he reached into the drawer of his night stand for a tube of lube.  He inserted the nozzle into me and squirted a generous amount.  He used his "fuck finger" to spread it around inside.  I moaned loudly when he rubbed my prostate.

"You like it when I do the finger, don't you, you little sex monkey," he asked.

Ordinarily that would have made me laugh, but that time all I could do was gasp out "Ohhh, yeah!"

He lubed himself and entered me.  His dick knew all the right places, and he moved my legs even higher so his angle was perfect.  Rick thrust in and out of me repeatedly, and I made a noise of pleasure on each of his downward thrusts.  

"You're really into this today," he said, smiling at me.

"Oh, yeah.  Oh!  Oh!  Keep doing that.  Don't stop," I said.

After bringing us to the edge and back several times, we both climaxed long and hard and loudly.  He lowered my feet to the bed, and he stayed in me while we cuddled.

"Justin!"  It was Tim's voice outside our door.  He had tried to whisper, no doubt so we wouldn't hear, but the sound came right through our door, as I was sure our sound had gone in the opposite direction.  Our room was at the other end of the house from the den and the other bedrooms, and, with the door to the little hall that led to our room closed, our "suite" was completely private.  We didn't scream and carry on when we made love, like some people I'd read about and seen in movies, but we did respond vocally to the pleasure we gave one another.

"What the fuck are you doing, man," Kyle whispered.

"Shhhh," Justin said.  "Rick's fucking Kevin."

"Get away from there, man," Kyle said.

"Yeah, like you've never done this," Justin said.

"God!  Justin!  What are you doing," Tim asked, panic intruding itself into his voice.

"I'm jacking my cock, what does it look like I'm doing," Justin answered.

I moved in a way to indicate to Rick that I wanted to get up to take care of the matter, but he put his finger to my lips.

"Let's see how they handle it," he whispered so softly that I could barely hear him.

"Jesus Christ, Justin," Kyle said.  In a second, "Get your fucking hand off me!"  It was all Kyle could do to keep from shouting.

"Nice bone you got there," Justin said.  His voice was low, but it was more than a whisper on that line.

I heard what sounded like a physical struggle.  Then Kyle said, "If you ever touch my dick like that again I'll kick your fucking ass."

"But it's okay for Timmy there to touch it, right?"

I heard something hard hit the wall, and Justin laughed.  "That's none of your fucking business, dude," Kyle said.  I had never seen Kyle angry, but he was obviously livid at that moment.

"Oh, shit," Kyle said.  Then, after a pause,  "Clean it up, Justin.  Now!"

"Fuck you," Justin said.

I heard footsteps go down the hall.

"I'll get something to clean it up," Tim said.

He must have come back in a few seconds with a wet towel or something.

"I couldn't believe he just laughed when you slammed him into the wall," Tim said.  I heard scraping against the carpet, so he must have been taking care of the mess.

"I know.  It was like he didn't care if I hurt him, or something.  I know they heard that, if they didn't hear the rest of it," he said.  "That fucker's got a lot to learn about how to be a part of this family, and we're going to teach him.  Did you get it all up?"

"Yeah, I think so," Tim said.

"Kyle," Rick said in a normal voice, "no blood, and no broken bones or teeth, okay?"

The boys were deathly quiet.  Then Kyle spoke.

"We're sorry, Rick."

"It's okay," I said.  

"Okay," he said to us.  Then, to Tim, "Come on."  We heard them leave our area and close the hall door into the den.

"Well, well, well," Rick said.  "I wouldn't want to be Justin right now, would you?"

"What do you think we should do," I asked.

"I think we should just pretend it never happened and let Tim and Kyle take care of their business with Justin themselves," he said.

"I've never seen Kyle angry before, have you," I asked.

"No.  I was pretty surprised.  I wasn't even sure he could get angry."

"Do you think they'll beat Justin up?  I don't think we can allow that, do you?"

"I really don't think they'll beat him up, unless he attacks them first.  They'll talk to him in a language he can understand.  That's all."

At that moment we heard the sound of raised voices coming from the other side of the house.  We couldn't understand what they were saying, but it was obvious somebody was being told a mouthful.

"Why don't we get up," I said.  "You were great, by the way.  Both times."

"Both times," he asked, slightly confused.

"Yeah.  During and after," I said.

"Get your ass up, you little sex monkey, before I'm all over you again."  Pause.  "How much should we price the tickets at?"

I laughed hard at that line, and he joined me in my laughter.

We got cups of coffee and settled in on the sofa in the den.  Rick's room, the one Justin had slept in the night before, was right behind the den and shared a wall with it.  We could hear voices, but we couldn't make out what they were saying.  It sounded like Kyle was doing most of the talking.

We sat there in silence for about ten minutes.  Then Rick said,

"I'm going to get the paper."

He went outside in just his briefs, as he or Tim or Kyle did every Sunday, and he came back inside with the local Sunday newspaper and the Sunday edition of The New York Times.  He refilled our coffee cups before settling down to read.

We read the papers in silence for close to forty-five minutes.  The voices in the next room steadily got quieter.  At one point it sounded like somebody was crying.  Since we hadn't heard any noise that suggested fighting, we didn't get up to see about it.  Rick looked up from his paper, smiled, and nodded.  I smiled back.

A few minutes later we heard laughter coming from the room.

"It sounds like somebody in there has your gift," I said.

"What are you talking about?"

"Your gift for turning tears into laughter."  Rick just grinned at me, but the way he did it let me know he was immensely pleased with what I had said.

About fifteen minutes later we heard the bedroom door open.  All three boys appeared in the den in just their briefs, our Sunday morning uniform.  They stood in front of us in a row, with Justin in the middle.  Kyle and Tim each took one of Justin's hands in their own, as they had done at the motel.

"Justin wants to say something," Kyle said in a very serious voice.

Rick and I looked up.

"I did something bad this morning," Justin said.  His eyes were still red from crying.  "If you don't send me away, I won't ever do anything like that again.  I'm sorry for what I did."

Justin was obviously very nervous at that moment.  Nobody said anything for a few seconds, and then Rick said,

"Come here."

Justin didn't move, but Kyle and Tim tugged on his hands to indicate that he needed to go to Rick.  When he got to Rick's place, Rick grabbed him in a big hug.  Kyle and Tim were grinning, and they obviously wanted in on the affection, too.  They climbed onto the sofa with us, and all five of us put our arms around each other.  We were poking each other, tickling, laughing, and having fun.

"I'm hungry.  Let's cook," Kyle said.  The boys got busy in the kitchen.

I snuggled up against Rick.

"How is it you always know the right thing to do--or not do," I said, low enough so the kids couldn't hear us.

"I just do what feels right.  I don't know ahead of time if it's going to work or not," he said.

"Pretty good instincts, I'd say."

Rick kissed me, softly, warmly, and for a long time.

"Okay, love birds.  Break it up.  Breakfast is ready."

Kyle's voice startled us, and we jumped a bit.  The three boys laughed.  When we stood up, the bulges in our briefs were bigger than normal.  We weren't hard, but it wouldn't have taken much to get us there.  Tim noticed and pointed.

"Pudgy, pudgy, pudgy," he said in sing-song.

Rick took a playful swipe at his head, but Tim dodged it.  Kyle laughed, but Justin looked confused.  Rick shrugged and said, "So what?"


The furniture we had bought for Justin's room was delivered the next week, and I didn't think I had ever seen a kid more excited than he was that day.  We were all in the den, kids on the floor, Rick and I on the sofa.  Not only was Justin chattering incessantly about his new stuff, but every few minutes he would pop up to go look at it or make some minor adjustment to how it was arranged.

After the fifth or sixth time he did that, he came back in and wanted Tim and Kyle to go look again.

"I'll look at it later, Jus.  I'm trying to watch this game.  You're getting on my nerves," Kyle said.

Justin got kind of a hurt look on his face.

Tim said, "I want to see it," and he got up to go with Justin.  He purposely kicked Kyle's feet when he passed him.  Kyle didn't say anything, and Tim looked back at him over his shoulder to see his reaction.

"Why is Jus so excited," Kyle asked us.

"It's his new stuff," I said.

"I know, but it's just furniture," Kyle said.

"I'm sorry I'm getting on your nerves, bro," Justin said to Kyle when they returned.  He sat close to Kyle and put his hand on Kyle's shoulder.  It was a gesture of friendship and reconciliation and apology, all at once.

"That's okay," Kyle said.  "I want to look at it later.  But it's just furniture, you know."

"I've been in your room, Kyle.  I know what it looks like.  I know how nice it is.  There's more furniture in that room back there right now than there ever was in the whole trailer I grew up in, and we never got anything new.  Ever."

"Were y'all poor," Kyle asked in disbelief.  Kyle came from a family that had money, apparently a lot of it, and I was sure "poor" was just an abstract concept in his mind.  

"Yeah, we were poor," Jus said.

"Kyle, they were so poor," Rick chimed in, "that if he didn't wake up with a hard-on, he didn't have anything to play with all day."

All of us laughed at that line, but Justin thought it was hilarious.

"What happened to the money you made," Tim asked.

"I had to give it to him.  To Buel, the guy I lived with."

"What did he do with it," Tim asked.

"Drugs.  Booze.  I don't know what else," Jus said.

"Were there ever days when you didn't get enough to eat," Tim asked again.

"Yeah, there were a lot of those days.  That's why I started swallowing," Justin replied.

It took us all a few seconds to realize what he was referring to.  When Rick got it, he roared with laughter louder and harder than he usually did.  Everyone else laughed, too, but Justin turned around with a huge grin on his face to watch Rick for his approval.  I wondered at that moment how Justin perceived our relationship.

"Jus, when you were having sex for money, were you top or bottom," I asked.

"Always the bottom, Kev, just like you," he replied.  "I'm the submissive type, too."

Rick looked at me, and I knew he wanted to explore that topic and set Justin straight.  My hunch about how Jus saw us had been correct.

"Kyle, hit the mute button," Rick said.

Kyle turned his head to look at Rick and made a face to indicate he wasn't please with what Rick had told him to do.

"Mute it, and y'all face us so we can talk," Rick said.

Kyle hit the mute button, and the three boys turned in our direction.  Kyle had a shit-eating grin on his face, and I knew he and Rick were communicating something nonverbally that I didn't get.  

"Justin," Rick started, "there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a total bottom, or being submissive, if that's what you and your partner want.  But Kevin doesn't bottom any more often than I do.  As for being submissive, our goal is to be submissive to each other.  Nobody dominates in our relationship."

"You let him fuck you," Jus asked Rick.

"I don't let him fuck me, Jus, I invite him to, I ask him to share himself with me that way," Rick said.

I had to remind myself that Justin had a lot of baggage from his past to overcome and that it was at times like that one that Rick and I might be able to help him do it.

"You invite him to do you," Justin asked incredulously.

"Yeah, I do.  Do you think being the receiving guy is bad," Rick asked.

"It's not bad.  It's just being the girl, that's all" Justin said.

"You think Kevin is a girl," Kyle asked.  There was an edge to his voice that we had only heard once or twice before Justin came into our lives.  Since the Sunday morning episode when he had gotten so angry at Justin for eavesdropping, we had heard that in his voice several times in his interaction with his new brother.  

"He don't act girlish or anything, but I just thought he was the bottom.  That's all, Kyle.  Don't get mad at me, man.  I didn't know."

"I'm not mad at you, man," Kyle said, irritation even more obvious in his voice that time.

"Kyle," I said gently.

"Sorry," he said.

"Justin, is anal the only way you've ever had sex," I asked.  I tried to be as gentle and non-threatening as Rick would have been.

"I've sucked guys off a good bit, but I don't know if you would really call that sex.  Most of the time I didn't even come unless I jacked my own cock," he said.  "But, yeah, I always got fucked."

"Bill Clinton," Kyle said.  Rick and I chuckled.

"What," Tim asked.

"I'll tell you later," Kyle said.

"Jus, would you believe that some gay couples never have anal sex," I asked.  "Rick and I probably have anal intercourse less than half the times we make love."

The look on Justin's face let us all know that what I had said was, indeed, a revelation to him. 

 "What do you do, then," he asked.

"Oh, there's lots of stuff to do," Tim said enthusiastically.

"Yeah," Kyle said, with equal enthusiasm.

"You guys don't do it every time, either," Justin asked in disbelief.

"We just started doing that about two months ago," Kyle said.  "We've been boyfriends since January, and we've been making love with sex since then, too."

I liked Kyle's expression, "making love with sex."  In fact, I liked it a lot.  It reminded me that everything Rick and I did together, including having that conversation, was a way of making love to one another.  Kyle often amazed me with his insights.

"So what do you do if you don't fuck," Justin asked.

"We kiss a lot," Kyle said.  "That makes us hard, and we rub our dicks together."

"I didn't know you could get hard just from kissing," Jus said.  "I've never kissed anybody."

"We didn't know it, either," Tim said, "but you do get hard.  Kyle has made me shoot a few times just by kissing me."

"The smoker," Rick said, and I laughed hard.

"What's so funny," Tim asked.

"Private joke," I said.  "I'm sorry."

"Y'all have a lot of private jokes," Justin said, "and y'all do, too," meaning the boys.

"That's one of the great things about being in love, Jus," Kyle said.

"Must be nice," Jus said in reply.  "What else do y'all do?"

"Kyle likes for me to suck his nipples and play with them with my hands," Tim said.  "I can make him shoot just by doing that to him."

"Guilty," Rick said.

"What," Tim demanded.

"I do the same thing to him, Tim," I said.  "I make him shoot that way, too."

Justin looked a bit confused, but Kyle was absolutely loving that conversation.

"Do those rings in your nipples make them more sensitive, Jus," Rick asked.  "I've read that they do."

Tim and Kyle both perked up even more when Rick said that.

"I don't really know," Justin said.  "Nobody's ever played with 'em."

"Did it hurt to get those rings," Kyle asked.  "I know a place where they do that."

"They were a little sore for a few days, but not bad.  Are you thinking about getting some?"

Tim and Kyle looked back and forth expectantly between Rick and me.

"It's up to you, guys.  It's entirely up to you," I said.  I could tell by the looks on their faces that they'd have them by the next afternoon.

"What else do y'all do," Justin asked.

"A lot of stuff," Tim said.

"We jerk each other off, suck each other's dicks, rub up and down on each other till we shoot.  What else, Babe," Kyle asked Tim.

"Y'all do the finger, don't you," Rick asked.  

He looked at me to see my reaction.  I knew that was coming sooner or later, so I was prepared not to laugh.  Instead, I just grinned at him.

"Oh, yeah!  How could we forget that," Tim asked with enthusiasm.

"What does 'do the finger' mean," Justin asked.

"Here, I'll show you," Kyle said, his voice full of devilment.

"Just explain it, Kyle.  A demonstration won't be necessary," Rick said.

"He wasn't really going to do it, Rick," Tim said.  His tone of voice was defensive of Kyle, and I thought that was too cute for words.

"We know, buddy," Rick said.  "Tell him, Kyle."

Kyle explained to Justin about lubing up a finger and inserting it into the other guy's anus to massage his prostate.  He wasn't quite that clinical in his choice of words, but he got the point across.

"Don't that hurt," Jus asked.

"You've had dicks up your ass and you think a finger would hurt," Tim asked in disbelief.

"Yeah, and dicks hurt like hell, Tim," Justin replied.  Justin lit a cigarette.  Kyle looked like he wanted a smoke just then, too.

"Can I have one, Jus," Kyle asked.

"Hell, yeah, man.  You gave me the whole damn carton," Justin said, tossing his box of smokes to Kyle.  Kyle fished a lighter out of his pocket and fired one up.

"Kyle's dick doesn't hurt me," Tim said, bringing the conversation back on topic.

"His don't hurt me, either," Kyle said.  "We wouldn't do it if it hurt."

Justin looked at Rick and me.  "What about you guys?  Don't it hurt y'all?"

Rick and I both shook our heads "no."

"Well, y'all must be taking some baby dicks, then," Justin said.

"Jus, you've seen every one of us when we were swimming at my house.  You know what we look like, man," Kyle said.  "We just do it nice and slow and soft and loving and gentle.  It doesn't hurt when your guy cares about you, man."

"Well, I wouldn't know about that," Jus said.  "What else do y'all do, Tim?"

Tim looked at Kyle with a sort of embarrassed grin.

"You can tell 'em, Babe.  We ain't ashamed for doing that, are we," Kyle asked.

"Jesus Christ, what on earth are y'all talking about," Rick asked.

Kyle glanced at Tim, and then he looked down.  "We like to lick each other's butt holes," Kyle said.

"Ewwww," Justin said, as Rick burst out laughing.

"What's so funny," Kyle demanded.

"Sorry, buddy.  I just didn't know what you were going to say.  I was trying to picture some bizarre act.  Justin, don't knock it till you've tried it," Rick said to him.

"Y'all do that, too," Justin asked.  

"All the time, buddy," I said to Justin.

"God!" he said.  "Do y'all do everything they said," he asked us.

"Yeah.  Pretty much," Rick said.  "They didn't mention one thing that we like, though."

"What," Tim and Kyle said in unison.

"Docking," I said.

"What's docking?  Maybe we do it but call it something else," Tim said.

"Not every couple can do it," I said.  "At least one guy has to be uncircumcised.  We slide my foreskin over the head of Rick's penis, and we take turns masturbating ourselves and each other like that."

"Whoa!"  Kyle said.  "We don't do that."  He was cute when he looked at Tim, and they both registered excitement on their faces.

Yet, I thought. 

"Damn," Justin said.

I could tell he had slowly had his street-tough mind blown already that evening, but that bit of information put him over the top.

"I thought I knew everything there was to know about queer sex," Jus said.  "Turns out I didn't know nothing compared to you guys.  I wish I had somebody to try all that stuff with."

"We need to find you a boyfriend, don't we," Kyle said.

"What about my friend David," Tim asked.  "He's wanted a boyfriend ever since you and I got together.  Philip and Ryan might know somebody, too."

"David.  Yeah, David!" Kyle said.

"Who's David," I asked.  "Do we know him?"

"He lives two doors down from me," Kyle said.

"This guy ain't no flaming drama queen, is he," Justin asked.  "I ain't interested in no drama queens."

"No, he's a baseball queen.  Kyle's the drama queen," Tim said.

"Bullshit!  Kyle ain't no drama queen, man," Justin said rather vigorously, almost like he had been offended when Tim called his boyfriend that.

"Yes, he is," Tim said.  "He's been in three plays at school, and he's a great actor.  I'm going to be a drama queen, too, next year."

I sensed a fundamental misunderstanding of the term "drama queen," and, frankly, it was amusing the hell out of me.

"What do y'all think a drama queen is?  Kyle," I asked.

Kyle turned up his hands to indicate he was at a loss and shook his head.  "I don't know.  I've never heard of that."

"Tim, what do you think?"

"What I said before.  Somebody like Kyle who likes to be in plays.  That's drama, isn't it?"

I nodded.  "Okay, Justin.  What do you think a drama queen is?"

"It's a guy, doesn't have to really be gay, but he acts like a girl, talks funny, holds a cigarette like this."  He pulled out a cigarette to demonstrate.

"I think Justin's right, Tim.  I think a drama queen is an effeminate boy or man," I said.

"Oh.  Dave ain't like that at all," Tim said.

"Dave's all boy, Jus," Kyle said.  "We'll introduce you to him.  But be nice, okay?  Don't do to him what those guys used to do to you, 'cause that was wrong, man."

"Don't even tell him about that stuff, Jus," Tim said.  "That's just family stuff, just for us to know about you, okay?  Just forget about all that shit that happened to you and pretend you're a virgin.  Let Dave take the lead, if he's interested, okay?"

"Is he cute," Jus asked.

"Yeah, he's really cute," Tim said.

"Where do you know him from, Tim," Rick asked.

"He was the guy who played short stop when I played third base in middle school."

Rick and I suddenly realized who they were talking about.

"He is very cute, Jus," Rick said.  "I see him sometimes when I run.  Are you sure he's gay, guys?"

"Oh, yeah," they said in unison.

"Y'all are out to each other," Justin asked.

Tim and Kyle both nodded.

"Who else are you out to, so I won't out you on accident," Jus said.

"Smart boy, Jus," I said.  "We should have done that the other day.  Who are y'all out to, guys?"

They took turns rattling off a list of names, starting with their parents and running through our gay friends.  They also listed some kids that we didn't know.  When I asked, they said they were mostly guys in scouts with them, but there were one or two neighborhood kids, as well.

"Are all them guys gay, too," Jus asked.

"Our parents aren't," Kyle said.  "The rest are, though."

"You didn't mention your brother, Kyle.  Are y'all out to him," I asked.

"Oh, yeah.  I forgot him.  Yeah, we're out to him, but I'm thinking he might be serving some closet time right now himself."

We had met Kyle's older brother, Clay, when he was home with his roommate for Spring Break.  Our friend Mont, the gaydar expert, had asked me if Clay and his roomie were gay when he had met them at a pool party at Kyle's house.  I had forgotten about it until Kyle said that about him.

"Well, if he is, Kyle, he knows where his two big brothers are, right, man," Rick said.

"Absolutely, bubba," Kyle said.  "Guy's, I'm having fun, but I am really tired."

"It's only 9:30," Rick said.

"I know, but we worked outside in the hot sun all day, and it makes us tired, you know," Kyle said.  "I love y'all.  Good night."

That started a round of "I love you's" that even included Jus, for the first time.  Kyle led Tim by the hand back to their room.

When Tim and Kyle left, I got into my usual position on the sofa, and Rick got into his.  Justin didn't go to his room, and he looked like he wanted to talk.  Out of deference to him, we kept our tee shirts on that night.

"Sit up here and talk to us, bud" Rick said.  He crossed his legs yoga style to make room for Jus.  Justin sat crossed legged too, facing us.

"I want to thank you for my new room," he said.  "It's beautiful, and I love it."

"You're more than welcome, son," Rick said.

"And I want to say again that I'm sorry for what I did Sunday.  I thought Kyle was going to beat me up, and I wasn't even going to fight back.  I thought y'all were going to kick me out, after I saw how mad him and Tim got.  When y'all didn't say anything, I felt so glad.  I got no place else to go, except on the street.  Nobody else would be nice to me, and I still don't know why y'all are."

Tears were streaming down his face, and he used the bottom of his tee shirt to wipe his face.

"I don't ever remember crying in front of anybody before I came here," he said, "but now it seems like I cry all the time.  Y'all must think I'm a pussy or something."

"Jus, we cry all the time, too.  All four of us.  There's no shame in that, man.  Those look like happy tears to me, though," Rick said.

"I'm not sad right now, if that's what you mean," he said.  Pause.  "I don't say 'please' and 'thank you' like Tim and Kyle do, but I want to.  I want to be nice like those boys.  Will you help me be like them?"

It was our time to show Justin what our happy tears were like.  Rick and I both started crying quietly.  A look of panic came over Justin's face when he saw that happening.  Rick sat up between my legs, and I sat up behind him.  He grabbed Jus in a big hug.

"Thank you for trusting us, Jus," he said.  

"I got really scared just now," Jus said.

"I know.  I can feel you trembling a little," Rick replied.  "Never be scared of us or of Tim and Kyle.  We're your dads, and they're your brothers."

"Can I be your little brother like they are," he asked.

"Would you be more comfortable thinking of us that way," I asked.

"Yes," he said softly.  "I'll still do what you say, just like they do, but I want to be just like them."

"We're glad you like your brothers," I said.

"Y'all really love them, don't you," he asked.

"Yes, we do," we said in unison.

"I can tell.  Do you think y'all will ever love me like that?"

"I know we will," I said.

"No question about it, bud," Rick said.  "Kev, do you remember those big bowls of ice cream you and Kyle made for us that time?  Let's make some like that right now."

We made sundaes with fruit, nuts, cherries, chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream, and anything else we had in stock that went with ice cream.  We ate those great huge bowls of stuff, and then we went to bed.

"Did you really want all that ice cream," I asked Rick.  He watched what he ate very carefully, and he very seldom ate that much before going to bed.

"That's the only thing I could think of to get out of that conversation.  I was about to lose it totally when he asked us to love him," he said.

"Well, I was glad you did.  Tim and Kyle are cute and funny, but they're not needy like Jus is.  I'm so glad we took him in," I said.

"Speaking of them, could Kyle have been any more transparent about wanting to get back to their room?  Was that funny, or what?"

"It was cute as hell," I said.  "I sure hope and pray he and Tim make it together.  Do you ever think of puppies when you think of those two?"

"All the time.  That's what they are.  They're going to be awesome men in a few years, and I'm glad we're getting to play a part in making that happen.  Do you remember what George said when he thanked us for all we've done for Kyle?  I can't imagine him anything but fun loving and well adjusted, can you?"

"No, I can't," Rick said.  "I haven't been around very many kids that age, but those two seem incredibly happy and, well, well adjusted.  That's our goal for Jus, right?"

"Absolutely.  What he said tonight about anal sex always hurting a lot made me realized he was raped for years by every john he was with," I said.

"I thought the same thing.  I wonder if he's even really gay.  I almost wish Kyle would take him to bed so he could experience what it's really like," he said.

"Kyle and not Tim," I asked.

"I'm sure Tim could do it, too, but Kyle just seems more adventurous or something."

"You like Kyle better than you like Tim, don't you," I asked.

"I don't play favorites with my children," he said.

"I didn't say you played favorites.  I said you like Kyle better."

Rick had been stroking my chest, but he stopped doing that when he heard my last line.  What I had said troubled him, I could tell.

"That's something I'm working on," he said.  

"I'm sorry I brought it up, Babe," I said.

"No.  It's something I need to address.  I don't love Kyle any more than I do Tim, but Kyle's personality just appeals to me more.  It's like we're more attuned to one another than I am with Tim," Rick said.

"There's nonverbal communication between the two of you that you don't have with Tim.  I saw it tonight," I said.

"When I told him to mute the TV and he balked a little?"

"Exactly," I said.  "He worships you, you know?  They both do, but especially Kyle."

"I know.  Are you jealous," he asked.

"I'm way too proud of you to be even a little bit jealous, Babe.  I think you already knew that," I said.

"I hoped it," he said.  "Yeah, I knew it.  I love you so much."  With those words he kissed me good night.   



The next morning was Friday, and Rick didn't run because we had stayed up later than usual the night before.  He was rarely awake after nine o'clock most nights, either in bed or on the sofa in the den, and the night before we hadn't gone to sleep until eleven.  We were both awake by six o'clock, and we "made love with sex."  We had time for a big breakfast, and it was on the table by the time the kids came out, already dressed for work.

Rick and I knew that Kyle had dragged Tim to bed when he did so they could make love, and we were sure it included docking.  Rick had been unusually rambunctious with me in bed that morning, probably because he was better rested than he usually was at that time of day.  I figured that would transfer over to teasing the boys.

"Kyle, I've been meaning to ask you," he said, "is there a dock at the motel?"

Kyle was bright, very bright, in fact, and he picked up on what was going on immediately.

"Yeah, there is.  A pretty big one, and it has this long protruding slip that a boat can slide right into."

"I ain't seen it," Justin said, oblivious to what was going on.

"Well, there hasn't been too much docking there yet this summer, Jus, but I think that's probably going to change today," Kyle said.

"Does the slip accommodate large boats," Rick asked.

"Only one boat ever uses it, Rick, and it's more like average-plus than large."

Tim finally caught on to what they were doing.  I attributed that to a lack of attention more than to a failure to grasp.

"Kyle and I are the two dockers, Rick, and I was amazed at how much that slip stretched when we slid that boat into it yesterday," Tim said.   

Rick and the two kids were doing all of that totally deadpan, but I was having to suppress laughter every time one of them said anything.

"Can I have some more," Jus asked.  Then he added, "please?"  I winked at him, and he grinned at my approval.  I handed him the platter of eggs, and he dished up seconds.

"Have you tried to do any docking in the rain," Rick asked.

"That's on the schedule for this afternoon," Kyle said.

"Is it going to rain today," Jus asked.

"I don't know," I said.  He and I had finished eating and were both smoking.  He had actually gotten up from the table, put his dirty plate and silverware into the dishwasher, and brought an ashtray to the table for him and me.

"Tim, do you and Kyle enjoy docking," Rick asked.

"Oh, yeah.  It's really cool," Tim said.  "I'm really glad we learned how."

"Good, I thought you'd enjoy it.  It's probably not something to do every day, but it's fun to do in the rain," Rick said.

"Y'all are talking about something," Jus said.  "I don't think it's me you're talking about, so I ain't worried, but it's making me wonder."

"We're playing a word game, buddy," Rick said.  "Do you remember us talking about docking last night?  Using a foreskin?"

"Yeah, I thought that might be it at first, but doing it in the rain didn't make sense," he said.

"That's the shower, bubba," Kyle said.

"Oh, that makes sense, I guess," Jus said.  "I knew that's what y'all were doing while we were eating ice cream last night.  I hope it was good enough to pass up that ice cream for."

Rick and I chuckled, and then we all went about the business of the day.