This story is a continuation of the story of Kevin Foley, Rick Mashburn, and their "sons," Tim Murphy and Kyle Goodson, that started in "Tim."  It is about gay men and gay boys, and it contains descriptions of sex.  The sex is never intergenerational.  If you are offended by descriptions of gay sex, or if the law in your area forbids you to read them, please exit the story.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.  I appreciate feedback, and you can send it to me at

--Brew Maxwell


Chapter 7

(Kevin's Perspective)

The music from Rocky was blaring out of the house when I got home that Friday afternoon.  Rick pulled into the garage right after I did, and we walked in together, after he kissed me hello out there.

"What the hell's going on here," he asked when we went inside.

"Beats me," I said.  I turned down the stereo to a comfortable volume.

Kyle came out of Justin's room just then, and he greeted us.

"Jus has a date tonight.  Come on," he said.  Kyle was dead serious, but it was obvious he was excited.  Rick and I grinned at one another over how cute he was acting.

We followed him into Justin's room.  He and Tim had all of his new clothes spread out on his bed, and they were obviously in the process of trying to decide what Jus should wear.  Kyle joined in the decision-making process, too.  Justin was in only his briefs, no doubt for convenience so he could try things on.

"Put this on," Kyle said, handing him a polo-type tee shirt.

Jus did as he said.

"Now try these," Kyle said again, that time about a pair of shorts.  "Do you like that," Kyle asked us.

"It looks fine," Rick said.  Tim and I let our agreement be known.

"What about jeans," Jus said.  "I got some new ones I ain't worn yet."

"Get 'em," Kyle said.

Jus got his jeans from his closet and put them on.

"That's the look," Kyle said, "but they haven't been washed yet.  What time is he picking you up, again?"

"Not till seven," Jus said.

"Okay, let's wash 'em," Kyle said.  "We'll wash 'em in hot water, and that'll make 'em tighter.  I'll show you how to fix your dick so it'll show more."

Justin grinned.

"Come on, Babe," I said to Rick.

"Don't you want to see how Kyle fixes Justin's dick," he asked, devilment in his voice.

"Y'all got time for coffee," Kyle said.  "I won't do it till the jeans are washed."

Rick and I laughed.

"What are y'all laughing at," Kyle wanted to know.

"They're laughing cause you're so damn cute, Bubba," Jus said.

That made us laugh again, and we left them to get Justin ready for his date.

Rick and I got coffee, and we talked about the way the day had gone for us at work.  We watched the news, and we each got something to snack on.  In a little while we heard the buzzer on the dryer go off, and Kyle hurried through the den and kitchen into the laundry room.

When he came back through, Rick asked,

"Kyle, what's up with the tight jeans?  I thought baggy was the cool look."

"It is, but not with that shirt, and not on him.  He doesn't have the rest of the look to be cool in baggies.  Besides," he said in a confidential tone, "he and the other guy are both sort of country, you know?"  He held out the jeans.  "I need to get back there."

"He's incredible," Rick said.

"I know.  He's just like you in so many ways, too," I said.

"He's such a little man, you know?  He's the organizer.  He knows how to get things done."

"I know," I said.  "It's been fascinating to me watching him with Justin.  It's like he's taken Justin on as a project, or something."

"I think Kyle's just a genuinely nice guy, Babe."

"I just said he's just like you in so many ways, didn't I," I said.

"Come here, you little sex monkey," he said, leaping at me from his end of the sofa.

"Sorry," Kyle said, as he interrupted us.

"It's no problem, buddy," I said.  "What's up?"

"Do y'all want to watch me fix Justin's dick," he asked.  He almost sounded shy when he said that.

"I think we'll take a pass on that," Rick said.  "Don't put anything around it too tight, you hear?"

"Yes, sir.  I won't.  I know how to do it," he answered.  And then he left.

"What were you two talking about?  A cock ring," I asked.

"I assume so.  Now where were we," he asked.

"We might want to wait, don't you think?"

"Yeah.  You're right."

The boys came out into the den just then.

"Wow," Rick said when he saw Justin.

Kyle and Tim had worked on Justin's hair, and it was done up in the gelled style they both wore.  It looked good on him, too.  His clothes looked good, as well, and the bulge in his crotch, while certainly noticeable, wasn't any bigger than a lot I'd seen.  His face was freshly shaved, and the aftershave he wore smelled good.

"So who's the lucky guy," I asked.

"You mean besides me," Jus said.  That sent a ripple of warmth through me.

"Yeah.  Who's your date?"

"His name is Jason.  My brothers introduced me to him," he said.

"That's what brothers are for, isn't it," I asked.  "To help you meet guys?"

"Queer brother are," he said, and we all laughed.

"Do you need some money," Rick asked, going for his wallet.

"Nope.  I got paid today," Justin said, beaming.

"I thought y'all got paid on Saturday," Rick asked Kyle and Tim.

"We usually do, but tomorrow's a holiday for us," Kyle said.

"Oh," Rick said.

"Jus, I found out today that you've got a birthday coming up pretty soon," I said.

"How'd you find that out," he asked.

"A box of your things arrived at my office today.  It must have been stuff that was in the trunk of that guy's car, and the police sent it to me.  It had your birth certificate and some other papers.  Clothes, too."

"When's your birthday," Tim asked.

"July fourth," Jus replied.

"Are you going to be seventeen," Kyle asked.

"Yeah.  Kev, was there a pair of boots in that box," Jus asked.

"Yes, there was," I said.

"Good.  Them boots is the nicest thing I ever had.  One of my regulars gave 'em to me.  Is the box here right now?"

"It's in my car.  Do you want to get it," I asked.


I gave Jus the keys to my car, and he and the other boys went out to get the box.  When they came back, Justin put the boots on.  They made him slightly taller.

"What do y'all think," he asked Kyle and Tim.

"I don't know," Kyle said.  "I mean, they're really cool boots, and they go good with what you're wearing, but..."

"I think he should wear 'em, Babe," Tim said. 

"Tim's right," Kyle said.  "Wear 'em, Bubba."

A horn sounded in our driveway, and Justin got up to leave.  Before he did, though, he leaned down and gave Kyle and Tim each a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks," he said, and they smiled.  He was out the door.

"I like what just happened, fellas," Rick said.

"So do I.  Very much, in fact," I said.  "I have never seen him more excited or happier."

"He trusts us now," Kyle said.  "It was kinda rough for him at first, and he was scared.  You know what I mean?  He acted tough, but he ain't really tough.  We all cried together this afternoon."

"Happy or sad," I asked.

"Oh, definitely happy," Tim said.

Kyle's cell phone rang, and he went into the kitchen to talk.  In about a minute, he came back in.

"It's Philip.  He wants to know if he and Ryan can come over.  He sounds pretty upset," Kyle said.

"Of course they can come over," I said.  "What's the matter?"

"I dunno."  He went back into the kitchen to finish his conversation.

"Philip was crying," Kyle said when he returned.

"What's going on?  Is he in trouble," Tim asked.

"He didn't want to tell me till he got here.  I'll bet his parents found out about him and Ryan."

"They don't know about them," I asked.

"Just that they're best friends.  They don't know they're boyfriends," Kyle said.

"Oh, shit," Rick said.  "Why can't every gay kid have the parents like the four of us?"

"I know," I said.  "We'll see what we can do, guys.  Are they in love, do y'all think?"

"Oh, yeah," the boys said in unison.

"They're our best kid friends," Kyle said.

"They're to us what Monte and Terry are to you guys," Tim said.

"We know they are," Rick said.  "We like them a lot.  They're really neat kids."

There was a tentative knock on the front door in a few minutes, and the boys jumped up to answer it.  They came back into the den with Philip and Ryan.  They both had been crying, and Philip sported an ugly bruise on his right cheek, just under his eye.

"Hey, guys," I said.  "Sit down.  Kyle, get Philip some ice."

"Yes, sir," Kyle said and bounded into the kitchen.  He came back seconds later with a glass full of ice cubes and handed it to Philip.

"No, son.  Put it in a plastic bag so he can use it on his face," I said.

"Oh.  Right.  Duh."

"Dumbass," Rick said.

"Dumbass," Kyle said in a mimicking voice to tease Rick.  Whether they had intended it to be funny or not wasn't clear, but it had the desired effect.  Everyone laughed, including Philip and Ryan.

"He did that on purpose to make us laugh, didn't he," I said.

"He sure did," Rick said, the pride evident in his voice.

Once Kyle was back in the room with the ice for Philip, he settled down on the floor next to Tim.  He took Tim's hand in his.

"What happened, guys," Rick asked.

Philip started to speak, but Ryan interrupted him.

"I'll tell it."  Philip nodded.

"This afternoon we were at Philip's house.  We were sitting on the couch in their den, and we were sitting real close, like we are now.  I had my hand on his leg.  Like this."  He demonstrated having his hand on the inside of Philip's thigh.  "We weren't making out.  We were just sitting there.  We didn't know anybody was home, but his dad came into the den without us hearing him.  We had the TV on pretty loud, I guess.  Anyway, he saw us and got really mad."

"Did your dad hit you, Philip," I asked.

Philip shook his head "no."

"He didn't hit him, but he jerked him up off the couch and slammed him into the wall.  He hit it so hard a picture fell down and the glass broke."

"Did he say anything," I asked.

"No, sir, but he started toward Philip like he was going to do something to him.  I jumped off the couch and grabbed him from behind before he could hit him.  He's not as big as I am, but he flung me off.  Philip and I hauled ass."

"When did all this happen," I asked.

"A little while ago," Ryan said.  "A half hour, an hour?  I didn't know what time it was."

"What were you watching," Tim asked.

Kyle looked at him like he had just asked what color the Easter Bunny was.

"I don't remember.  Do you," Ryan asked Philip.  He shook his head "no."

"If you could remember, we could look it up and tell what time it happened, maybe," Tim said.

"That's a good idea, Babe, but, you know, I don't think that's all that important," Kyle said.  He mouthed "dumbass" to Rick, and Rick had to suddenly leave the room to keep from laughing on the spot.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Tim said.  It was at times like that one that the year and a half difference in Tim's and Kyle's ages really showed.

Rick came back into the room, blowing his nose and wiping his eyes on a paper towel.

"Are you okay, Dad," Tim asked.

"I'm fine.  Just a little allergy attack, that's all."  Kyle was grinning.

"We don't know what to do," Ryan said.

"Well, you did the right thing by getting out of there," I said.

"And by coming here," Rick said.  "Is your dad prejudiced against gay people?"

"I didn't think so," Philip said.  "My mom's brother is gay, and my dad has always been really nice to him and his partner."

"I'll bet it was the shock," Kyle said.

"I'll bet that's exactly what it was," I said.

"How's the face, Philip," Rick asked.

"It's okay."

"Really?  It's killing me," Rick said.

Oh, please, I thought.  How corny is that?  The boys, though, thought it was hilarious, and all four of them laughed.

Rick, as though he had read my mind, said, "See?"

"Turning tears into laughter," I said.

"Hey, that's a cool quote," Kyle said.  "Who said that?"

"As far as I know, you did, dumbass," Rick said.

"I said that?"

"Yeah, but you don't get credit for it anymore since you don't remember saying it," he said.

"You say a lot of cool stuff like that, Babe," Tim said.

"Like what?"

"Let's talk about that another time, okay?  Philip and Ryan, I think y'all need to call your parents and ask them if y'all can spend the night here," I said.

Ryan was fine with that, but Philip obviously didn't want to call home.

"I'll call for you, Philip," I said.

"Okay," he said, obviously relieved.

Ryan called home, and his mom said it was okay if he spent the night.  Rick and I had met her at Tim's Eagle Court of Honor, and she had thanked us for being nice to Ryan and taking time with him.  Nothing at all came up about homosexuality, but we knew she knew about us, and I got the distinct impression she knew about Ryan and Philip, too.  She was a school psychologist with the school district, and she was a very, very impressive lady.

Philip dialed his number for me and handed me the phone.  A woman answered.

"Mrs. Andrews?  This is Kevin Foley.  I'm one of Tim Murphy's guardians."

"Is Philip all right?"

"Yes, ma'am, he's fine," I said.

"My husband is a basket case right now, Kevin.  He is so distraught over what happened."

I wasn't exactly sure how to interpret that.

"Would it be okay if Philip spent the night here tonight," I asked.

She didn't say anything for a few seconds.  Then she said, "I hate to put you and Rick out.  That's your partner's name, isn't it?  Rick?"

"Yes, ma'am, but it's no trouble.  He's spent the night here before."

"Of course.  I know that.  Kevin, my husband is feeling very, very bad about what happened tonight.  I want you to know that that wasn't him.  He's not like that at all."

"That's what Philip said," I said.

"Oh, thank God he knows that, Kevin.  May I speak with him, please."


I handed the phone to Philip.  It was a cordless, so he took it back to the boys' room for privacy.

"What did she say," Rick asked.

I recapped the conversation for all of them.

"Ry.  Tim.  Are y'all hungry?  I am," Kyle said.

"What about us?  I'm hungry," Rick said.

"Yeah, but you're always hungry," Kyle said.

"You better be careful, mister.  I just might have to eat me a boy and spit out the bones," Rick said.

Kyle broke out into an outrageous grin, and his face got the look of a smiling Satan, minus the pointy ears.

"Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!  I know what you're about to say, and you know I didn't mean it that way."

"I don't understand.  Why would you spit out the bone?  Isn't that the best part?"

"Get your ass in that kitchen and make us big bowls of ice cream right now, mister," Rick said.

Kyle was laughing so hard he looked like he was about to wet his pants.

He stood up to go to the kitchen.  "Yes, sir."  Pause until he got to the archway into the kitchen.  "Bone breath."

Rick hurled a small pillow from the sofa at him, but it hit the wall instead of its intended target.  I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe.  Tim and Ryan were grinning at the general merriment, but it was obvious they didn't really know what was going on.

"What's going on here," Ryan asked.

"It's pretty complicated, Ry," I said.  Then, "Y'all go help your brother."

"Yes, sir," Ryan said, and he and Tim went to help Kyle.  Two seconds later, we heard the boys laughing hard in the kitchen.

"You are too much," I said to Rick.

"Me?  That was all him, not me."

"You said you knew what he was going to say.  Did he say what you thought he would?"

"Word for word," Rick said.  "And I knew he was going to say it, even though I told him not to.  It's like we have ESP or something.  It's scaring me."

"Why?  You were obviously separated at birth," I said.

My Ricky grinned, and I knew he was greatly pleased by what I had said.

The boys brought out the ice cream just then, and the bowls were huge.  Rick had twice as much as anybody else, though, and his had a whole banana sticking up out of it like an erect penis.  When I looked at it more closely, I saw that there were two globes of ice cream on either side of it, and the globes were covered in coconut shreds.  The banana had a little dab of whipped cream on the tip.  The three boys were obviously excited about Rick's bowl of ice cream, and Tim was wiggling so hard I thought he was going to drop his.  Kyle placed Rick's bowl of ice cream in front of him on the coffee table.

Rick laughed, and he looked up at Kyle.

"You knew, didn't you," Kyle asked.

Rick nodded and laughed some more.

"I knew you did," Kyle said.

"Did you know this was how I was going to eat it," Rick asked.  He leaned over and bit the banana off right above the ice cream.

"Yep," Kyle said, and he and Rick laughed.

We settled into our ice cream.  We can't keep doing this every night, I thought.  This has way too many calories.  Then I thought, Yes, we can.

When everybody was about half finished, Philip rejoined us.  He had a smile on his face, so I figured everything had gone well on the phone.  The boys had made him a bowl of ice cream, too.

"Did it go okay," I asked.

"Yeah.  Everything's fine.  And my Dad's fine with us, Ry."  Philip smiled at  his boyfriend, and that was good.

"That ice cream is for you, Philip," I said.  "I'm afraid it's a little melted, though," I said.

"Oh, that's okay.  I like it when it's soft," he said.

"That ain't what Ryan told me," Kyle said in a flash.

"SHIT!  I was going to say that, but I had a mouthful," Rick said.

"A mouth full of what," Kyle asked.

That line broke everybody but Philip up.  He hadn't been in on everything that had led up to that, but he laughed anyway because we did.

Rick nodded at Kyle, and Kyle said, "I know."

"You guys are the best," Ryan said.

"Not everyone," Kyle said.

"You fucker!  You beat me again," Rick said.  He hurled another pillow at Kyle, and that one got him in the chest.  Kyle laughed his ass off.


"Can you believe them," Rick said when we were in bed.  He was splayed up against me, and he had his left leg between my legs.  His left arm was over my torso.

"No.  They're so cute.  Especially Kyle."

"Babe, I think you've been trying to tell me this, but I realized tonight, he really is my child."

"Oh, absolutely.  Tim's mine, I think, but he might just be more ours as a couple."

"Whose is Justin," he asked.

"Kyle's.  And yours," I said.  "In that order."  He chuckled.

"Can you believe how cute they all were together tonight?  How happy and excited Tim and Kyle were for Justin?"

"Our family's coming together," I said.  "And it makes me so happy."

"Me, too."  Pause.  "Let's go to sleep now, okay?"

Rick was asleep in about thirty seconds, but I had too much on my mind to go to sleep that quickly.  I thought about Philip and what he had been through that night.  I thought about Rick and Kyle, and the show they put on.  For good or bad, for better or worse, Kyle really was Rick, and Rick really was Kyle.  Their faces didn't look alike, but their coloring did, and their bodies looked a lot alike.  I said a prayer to thank God that I had found Rick and that Tim had found Kyle.  Unless I was very wrong, I thought they would be together for the rest of their lives, and that made me happy.

I heard the front door open, and I knew it was Justin.

God, what a transformation in a week, I thought.  He had come into our lives just a week ago the previous Wednesday, tough, nasty, and naked.  That night he had kissed his two brothers to thank them for helping him.  Unbelievable.

I got out of bed slowly and carefully to not wake Rick, but I knew a freight train going through our room wouldn't have roused him when he was that deep in sleep.  I put on my briefs and went out into the den.  My pretense was going to be that I was getting a glass of water, if I needed an excuse.

"Hey, Kev," he said when I stepped into the room.

"Hey, buddy.  Are you just getting home," I asked.

"Yeah.  Jason has to be home by one o'clock."

"Did you have fun tonight," I asked.

"Ohhhh, man.  Ohhhh, man," he said.

I grinned.

"This is a whole new world to me, you know?  I've never known anybody like you and Rick and Kyle and Tim and Jason before, you know?"

"Are you happy here, Jus," I asked.

"You have to ask that question?  You don't know?"

"Yeah, I do know, and it makes me happy, too."

Justin and I sat down and smoked cigarettes together.  He told me about where they ate, about the movie they saw, and about the place they went to shoot pool after the movie.  He told me they kissed that afternoon in the pool and again that night.  There was a boy, sitting right before me, who had been raped by untold numbers of men and who was excited about his first kiss with another boy.  My heart didn't know which way to go: down for what had happened to him in the past, or up for what was happening to him in the present.

"You know what else," Jus asked.

"No.  What?"

"Jay asked me if we could be boyfriends."

"Wow.  That was fast.  What did you say," I asked.

"I said hell yeah.  He was worried about it being too fast, too, but he's the one who brought it up.  He likes me, and I really like him."

"I'm happy for you, Jus," I said.  "Really happy for you."

We were quiet for a few moments.

"Whose car is that in the driveway," he asked.

"I think it's probably Ryan's.  He and his boyfriend Philip are spending the night here.  They're friends of Tim and Kyle."

"I figured they had friends," he said.  "Guys that nice and that cute have friends."

"You like them, don't you," I asked.

"I think it's more than like.  I think I love them.  And I think I love you and Rick, too."

"You asked us last night if we would love you sometime in the future.  Jus, I know Tim and Kyle love you now, and I know Rick and I do, too.  We love you, man."

We smiled at each other, and tears of happiness were streaming down our faces.  Without another word, we went to bed.