This story is a continuation of the story of Kevin Foley, Rick Mashburn, and their "sons," Tim Murphy and Kyle Goodson, that started in "Tim."  It is about gay men and gay boys, and it contains descriptions of sex.  The sex is never intergenerational.  If you are offended by descriptions of gay sex, or if the law in your area forbids you to read them, please exit the story.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.  I appreciate feedback, and you can send it to me at

--Brew Maxwell


Chapter 8

(Justin's Perspective)

When he came home covered with blood, I knew the shit was fixin' to hit the fan.  He had come home bloody before, but he had always had cuts and bruises on him from some fight he had been in.  That night there was just blood.

"What the fuck happened to you," I said.

"None of your fucking business," he said.  "Clean me up."

"What the fuck do you want me to do," I asked.

"Get a pan of warm water and some soap, asshole, and clean me up.  Wash this blood off me."

"Whose is it," I asked.

"This fucking guy got in my FACE.  He ain't gonna do that no more, to me or nobody else, that's for damn fucking sure.  Get your ass in gear, boy."

"What'd you do, kill him," I asked.

"He needed killing.  Damn undercover cop."

"You want to take this fucking thing off me so I can fucking walk," I asked.  He had my feet shackled together, as he usually did when he went out, and I was naked. 

He unlocked the handcuffs that were around my ankles.  He had had that shackle made up by some friend of his a couple of years before, and I hated when I had to wear it.  I wasn't going to run nowhere.  I didn't have nowhere to run to, and he knew it.  I spent most of my life naked, so that didn't both me, but that shackle did.  I had figured out how to walk in it, so at least I could get around the trailer to use the bathroom and such.  The first few times he put me in it, I had shit and pissed myself right there on the floor 'cause I couldn't get around.

"Bring that bottle of bourbon back with you to, you hear?"

I didn't answer him.  I ran some hot water in a cook pot, and I got a bar of soap and a rag.  He thought I was his fucking slave, having to bathe him, and all.  It wasn't bad enough he had turned my ass out to trick for him when I turned thirteen.  He had to treat me like a slave, too.

"Take my clothes off me and throw them away," he said.  I did as he said, and I got full view of his fat, hairy body.  He was a little on the short side, around five-six, and he must have weighed 225 pounds.  Everything about him was gut, and he was so fat that his navel wasn't an innie or an outie anymore.  It was pure flat.  It had some nasty black shit in it, too, from not washing good.  He really smelled bad when I took his clothes off.  He wasn't wearing no underwear, and I saw these nasty dark stains on the inside seat of his jeans.  We hadn't washed clothes in a good six weeks, and he had worn those same jeans every day.  I looked at the outside seat, too, and some of the shit stains had bled through.  He might have kept me naked, but at least I was clean, most of the time.

"Don't let your queer ass get your dick hard when you're looking at me and touching me, you hear, motherfucker," he said.

I didn't say nothing.  He was so fat, all you could see was a piece of the head of his dick under that apron of blubber he wore around his middle.  He worked my ass out every day, so I was pretty muscular.  He was the absolute opposite of that, though.  I thought his body was disgusting, and I couldn't have gotten hard looking at him if my life had depended on it.

I washed the blood off him like he told me to do.  Most of it had already dried, and it was like a stain on his skin.  He had three or four ugly-ass tattoos that had faded into smears of dark blue ink so that you couldn't make out the design anymore, and that's what the blood on him reminded me of.

When I had finished washing him, he told me to go out to the car and get us each a fresh set of clothes.  Our clothes really weren't fresh because they hadn't been washed in a long time, but at least they were different from the ones that had blood on them.  I went outside buck naked to get the clothes out of the trunk.  I had done that a bunch of times, so it didn't bother me, but a couple of kids who were playing in the street saw me and laughed at me.

We left for Florida as soon as we were dressed.  It was a pretty long trip, and he drove for a few hours while I just looked out of the window.  When we stopped for gas, he bought me a coke and a pack of cigarettes.  I was grateful for that 'cause I hadn't had a smoke since the day before, and I was wanting one bad.  He made me drive the rest of the way to Florida.  I didn't have a license, but I had been driving him around since I was thirteen, and I drove good.

He bought me some lunch around two o'clock that afternoon, but we got out of the place without paying for it.  We checked into a motel on the beach.  I wanted to go down and walk around and look at the ocean.  I hadn't ever seen it before, and I figured that might be my only chance to see it.  He said "no," though, and he made me get naked and into my shackle.  He left without telling me when he'd be back.  I figured it was going out to score tricks for me.

He didn't come back that night or the next day or the day after that one.  By what I figured was Wednesday, I was so hungry I was starting to get lightheaded.  I took a chance and called the desk.  I asked the man if he would order me some food.  I told him I wanted some of that New Orleans-style fried chicken.  He said he had some boys he'd send for it after I told him I couldn't walk.

These two beauties came in with that big ole box of chicken.  I ate it fast 'cause I was so hungry.  I could tell they didn't feel right being there with me naked and all.  They asked me for the money I owed them for the food, but I didn't have a dime.  I offered them blowjobs, but they refused.  That had never happened to me before, and I was a little confused.  I figured them for Boy Scouts or something, earning merit badges by being nice to me.  One boy smoked, though, and he gave me his pack of cigarettes.  They were Marlboro Reds in the box, just the kind I liked, and it only had like three missing from it.

They called some friend of theirs cause they didn't know what to do.  The two boys were really cute, and the friend was cute, too.  Then the friend called a friend of his to bring a hacksaw and cut me aloose, and he looked like this fucking god or something.  I was horny as hell, and I tried putting moves on all four of them.  I had learned that a straight boy liked to have his cock sucked by me just as much as a gay boy did, but those guys didn't want it.

Anyway, they cut me aloose and then this one guy, Kevin, took me to his house.  When I asked him what his wife would say, he said he was married, or something, to Rick, the real hot one.  That freaked me out, but I tried to stay cool.  At their house, Kevin put me in this humongous tub with bubbles.  I hadn't ever done anything like that before, but I had fun taking a bath.  He stayed in there and talked to me for a while, but he got really mad when I told him about guys taking pictures and movies of me getting fucked and sucking cock to put on their computers.

Those two hot boys spent the night, but before they did, we went swimming at Kyle's mansion.  That boy must have really been rich, that's all I've got to say.  We swam naked.  I got hard as a rock watching them bounce up and down on the diving board with their dicks hitting their stomachs, but I stayed underwater, so nobody noticed.

Those two boys were as big as me, but that one boy, Tim, seemed like he was younger.  He didn't tell me how old he was, but I thought I could tell he wasn't too up on sex and all.  That Kyle, though, was a different story.  That boy oozed sex out of him.  Damn, his face was beautiful, and his body was something else.  I thought he was probably a football player, just like that guy Rick, but it later turned out they both liked to run.  I didn't see any point in running unless somebody was chasing me, but to each his own, I thought. 

To make a kind of long story short, they sort of adopted me, Rick and Kevin I mean.  I wasn't real sure how Tim and Kyle fit in to the picture, because they both had parents, but after a few days I really started liking those boys.  I couldn't figure out why they were being nice to me, but they were.  I asked Kevin why he was, but he never really answered me.  He asked me if any teacher had been nice to me.  I didn't know that he wasn't a teacher.

I almost got kicked out on the first Sunday I was there.  I now know that Sunday morning is Kevin and Rick's special time together, but I didn't know that then.  I got up to piss that first Sunday, and I heard noise coming from their bedroom.  It sounded like fucking going on, so I went down this little hall to listen at the door.  They were fucking, and it made me hard just hearing it.  I started jacking my cock, thinking what else do you do, when all of a sudden Tim, and then Kyle, caught me.  They were both mad as hell, and Kyle slammed me into the wall when I rubbed his cock.  He was hard, and I knew by then he and Tim were gay, so I figured he'd like that.  Well, sir, he didn't like it one damn bit.  I figured I was in for an ass kicking, so I went ahead and tossed myself off right then.  Tim freaked out.

They both barged into my room, and I was ready to take my beating.  I didn't know why I was going to get a beating, really, but I was ready to take it.  Kyle huffed and puffed around a little bit, calling me names and such, but he never did hit me.  When I finally realized I had done wrong, at least the way they saw it, I cried.  All of a sudden, Kyle became like a different person.  He was really nice to me.  I just knew Kevin and Rick were going to kick me out, and probably without the nice new clothes they had bought me, but I knew I had it coming.  I always knew you couldn't make chicken salad out of chicken shit, and that's exactly what I was.  Chicken shit.  Kyle told me I had to tell Kevin and Rick I was sorry and that I wouldn't do it again.  By then I was ready to do it.  I didn't want to get bounced out onto the street, and I would have done anything to keep that from happening.

Kyle did a really nice thing, though.  He told Tim to hold my hand and he would hold the other one when I told the guys I was sorry.  They did that, and it all worked out good.  They didn't kick me out.

Over the next few days, I fell in love with those boys, all four of them.  Kevin and Rick were men, sort of, but they weren't all that much older than me.  In that next week, I think I figured out what love was.  They called me by my name all the time, and they even called me Jus.  Kevin asked me if I minded that.  Shit.  That was the best thing anybody had ever called me.  I thought it was great.  Kyle got me a real job right away, and I was making money that I didn't have to turn over to nobody.  I thought about paying for my room and board, which is what Buel, the guy who ran my ass for tricks, said I was paying him when he took the money I made.  But I knew the state was paying for me to be there, and I also knew those guys didn't need the money.  Hell, they were feeding and putting up Tim and Kyle for free.

The best thing Tim and Kyle did for me, though, was introduce me to Jason.  Oh, what a guy he was.  He was kind of preppy like them, but he was also just as down-home and country as I was.  He had relatives in my part of Alabama, and I even knew some of his kinfolk.  Jason was a real good looking boy.  He was almost exactly the same size as Kyle, Tim, and me, and he had the nicest smile I think I had ever seen.  The day I met him was probably the happiest day of my life. 

We were in the pool at Kyle's house after the four of us had eaten lunch at a pizza place.  They had gone inside to look at something.  Jason and I were playing around in the water.  He could swim real good, but I could just do the dog paddle and barely make it across the pool.  He grabbed me, all of a sudden, and he kissed me.  That was the first time anybody had kissed me in my life, and he did it on my lips.  I pulled back after a few seconds.

"Open your mouth so I can give you some tongue," he said.

I did what he said, and, whoa, that was so good.  We did it some more, and I got brave and stuck my tongue into his mouth, too.  That felt really good, and I started getting hard.  I knew he felt it 'cause he was standing right up on me.

"Have you done this before," he asked.

I shook my head "no."

"I didn't think so," he said.  "Just let me show you what to do, okay?"

"Okay," I said.

He was already hard, too, and he started rubbing his cock against me.  Then he started rubbing in on my cock, and we kissed again.  That was a long one, and we played with each other's tongues in our mouths.  I was loving what we were doing to one another.  We both rubbed our cocks together, and it was like some kind of spark to me, or something. 

He reached down with his mouth and got my right tit.  Whoa! I thought.  That was fucking great.  He kept it up a while, and then we kissed mouth to mouth some more.  We were rubbing our cocks together the whole time.  I was so hard I didn't know what was going to happen.  And then it did happen.  I stiffened up and shot my load.  He did the same thing a second behind me.  I looked down into the water, and I saw the plumes of our cum shoot out our cocks.  The stuff sort of clumped together, like oil does in water.  I had jacked off all my life, but I had never done it like that with somebody else.  I was sort of weak in the knees.

We didn't stay in that pool too long after that.  We got out and he said he had to go home.  He asked me to go out with him that night, and I said "hell yes" before he could change his mind.  I had gotten paid for my first week's work, so I had some money to spend.

Kyle and Tim came out the house after Jason left, and I told them I had a date that night with Jason.  They both got real excited for me, and I knew right then they liked me.  We were all three kissing each other and carrying on.  They jumped up on me, and we danced around a little until they got too heavy for me to hold anymore.  We all fell down in the grass.  I cried for the second time since I had met those boys, but that time I cried because I was happy.  They cried, too.  I finally got me some friends, I thought.  These boys really care about me.

I had made a pure fool of myself over my new furniture and my new room the night before.  Kyle got sort of pissed at me, but Tim put up with me that night.  After Tim and I had looked at my room for the last of a bunch of times, Kevin wanted to talk about sex.  I thought I knew all about sex, but they taught me a lot of new stuff that night.  I was hard as a rock the whole time we were talking, and I figured Tim and Kyle must be, too.  Kevin told us about something called docking.  I can't do it cause my skin's been cut off, but I knew Tim and Kyle could do it. 

Kyle was really cute.  He said they were tired and had to get to sleep.  He said they had worked outside in the hot sun all day and were drained.  Nobody said nothing about them wanting to get after that docking, but everybody knew that's what ole Kyle was wanting.  I couldn't blame him, of course.  Tim was such a cute guy, and I was so damn horny.  I saw they were both hard when they stood up to go to bed.  They did something I won't ever forget, though.  They both said they loved me when they told Kevin and Rick they loved them. 

I wanted to be like Tim and Kyle in the worse way.  I knew I didn't have no manners, and they had good manners.  They weren't fruity about it, though.  It was just natural with them.  I told Kevin and Rick that, and I told them I could tell they loved Tim and Kyle.  I wanted them to love me like that, too, and I told them so.  I didn't really know what was going on, but it looked to me like both of them stud horses were fixin' to bust out crying.  We made us some big ole bowls of ice cream before we went to bed.

Laying in bed that night, I could hear Tim and Kyle giggling.  I knew they were doing sex, and I was still horny from before.  I blew two big loads that night thinking about them and what they were probably doing. 

The next day was when they fixed me up with Jason.  That night they helped me get ready for my date.  They helped me pick out clothes, and Kyle even washed my new jeans to make them fit tighter on me.  Kyle said he knew what to do to make my dick look bigger, so I wanted him to do it.

He made me get naked, of course, so he could work on my cock and balls.

"If I touch it, don't get mad at me, okay, Jus," Kyle said.

"Okay," I said.  What I wanted to say was, "You can touch it any damn time you want to, buddy," but I didn't.  They really didn't like for me to say stuff like that.  Kevin had told me he and Rick didn't fuck with nobody but each other, and I guessed Kyle and Tim were that way, too.

Ole Kyle took a white shoestring out of his pocket.  He wrapped it around my balls and the base of my cock a few times, and then he tied it in a bow knot like you use on shoes.  I figured I'd get hard with him fooling around down there, but he did it so fast I didn't have time to. 

"Look at it in the mirror," Kyle said.  When I did, I could tell that the whole package was standing out a lot more than usual.

"Okay, now put your briefs on," he said.  I did, and I had me a right substantial bulge.

"Now your jeans," he said again.

I put my jeans on.  They were a good bit tighter than they were when I bought them, and they were still a little warm from the dryer.  It really felt good for them to fit so snug.  When I checked myself out in the mirror again, I had me a nice little pouch in front.  I smiled.

"That looks hot," Tim said.  "I want to do that, too."

"I don't want everybody staring at your crotch," Kyle said to him.  "This belongs to me."

When he said that, Kyle cupped Tim's cock and balls through his shorts.  I hadn't ever seen them do anything like that, and it surprised the hell out of me.

"I didn't think y'all did stuff like that in front of strangers," I said.

"We don't," Tim said, "but a brother ain't a stranger, now, is he?"

Kyle had turned him aloose, and they were both just a grinning at me.

"You guys really do think of me as your brother, don't you," I asked.

"Of course we do.  You are our brother," Kyle said.  "And we love you, too."

That just about stopped me cold.  I was hoping they'd get to love me someday, but I just wasn't expecting them to say that so fast.  I felt tears come up to my eyes.

"Come here, you stud," Kyle said.  He grabbed me in a big hug, and Tim got a piece of me, too.  We stood there for a few minutes, and I didn't know what to do.  I shivered a little bit 'cause I was so excited.  Not sex excited; excited with love.

We finally busted that up, and I finished getting dressed.  They put some shit in my hair and ran their fingers through it to make it look like it wasn't combed.  My hair was pretty short, but it stood up all over the place like theirs did. 

We went out into the den where Kevin and Rick were, and they both said how good I looked.  Kevin said a box of my stuff had come that day, and I got it to get my boots.  Everybody said how nice they were, and I wore them that night.


I had fun on my date that night, and I really liked Jason.  He was funny as hell, and he thought the stuff I said was funny, too.  We ate a pretty good supper, and then we went to a movie.  I let him hold my hand in the movie, but I noticed he kept our hands low so nobody would see us.  After the movie we went to a pool place, and he taught me how to shoot pool.  A couple of times he showed me how to stand and how to hold the cue stick, and he sort of spread his body over my back to do it.  That was pretty powerful, and I started boning up a little.  He did, too, though, so I knew it was okay if I did.

We sat in the car talking for a good while after we got to my house.  Then we started kissing.  I figured the next step would be to get naked and get in the back seat, but we didn't do that. 

"I had a great time tonight," he said.  "Did you?"

"I had the best time, Jason," I said.

"A lot of people just call me Jay, Jus."

"Okay, Jay," I said.  I kissed him a little after I said that.

"Will you promise not to laugh at me if I tell you something," I asked.

"Sure.  What?"

"This was the first date I ever had, and this afternoon was the first time I ever kissed somebody," I said.

His eyes got wide.  "Really," he asked.


"Jus, that is so cool, man.  I was the first.  Did you ever do that stuff we did in the water before," he asked me.

"Nope.  That was the first time, too," I said.

"Did you like it?  Did I go too fast," he asked.  It sounded like maybe he was having second thoughts or something.

"Yeah, I liked it, and, no, you didn't go to fast," I said.  "Can we do that again sometime?  I'm hard right now."

"Yeah, we can do it again.  I'm hard, too, but we can't do it out here.  Besides, I'm already almost late."

I got a little disappointed, but I didn't say nothing.

He took my hand in his hand, and he just looked at me.  He was kind of serious, and I was hoping he wasn't going to tell me to take a hike.

"Jus, I really like you a lot," he said.

"I like you a lot, too, Jay," I said.

"Can we be boyfriends," he asked.

I heard what he said, but I just wasn't ready for that.  I wanted to be his boyfriend bad, but I didn't expect him just to come out and say it.  I stuttered a little bit.

"What's wrong?  Too fast," he asked.  He sounded worried.

"No, man.  Nothing's wrong.  Everything's right.  Better than right.  Perfect.  Yes, we can be boyfriends.  Yes.  Yes.  Yes."

He sort of giggled a little bit.

"You're cute," he said.

"So are you," I said.

"I hate to do this, but I really do have to go.  Gimme another kiss for the road, boyfriend," he said.

We kissed for a few minutes, and we did tongue stuff.  Then I got out and went inside.  There was a car in the driveway that I didn't recognize, so I figured somebody had company.  Kevin came out headed for the kitchen, and he and I talked for a little while.  He told me that he and Rick loved me, and he said he knew Tim and Kyle did, too.  

So many happy things happened to me that day that I wished I could have made that day my birthday.  It was like a new person had been born, and that new person was me.


My brothers gave me a birthday party on my birthday.  It was the Fourth of July.  It was a holiday for everybody, but us kids had to work at the motel.  I got some great presents, and Tim and Kyle even gave me a computer.  It was all guys at the party, and we swam naked in Kyle's pool.  It was great.

The next weekend something bad happened, though.  On Saturday night we had decided we were all going to go out on a date together.  It was me and Jay, Kevin and Rick, and Tim and Kyle.  Our friends Philip and Ryan were going to go, too, but some of Philip's cousins or somebody popped in at the last minute.  They couldn't go.

We started out by going to a movie.  It was pretty good, and each couple held hands.  After the movie, we went to this place to eat that was like a restaurant and bar combination, and they had pool tables there, too.  Jay had been teaching me how to shoot pool, and I was getting pretty good at it.  I didn't win any games, yet, but at least I sunk some of the balls when it was my turn to shoot.

Kevin and Rick shot a few games with us, but then some friends of theirs came in so they quit.  
The four boys kept playing.  It was really better to play with just four, anyway.  Just before I took a shot, this drunk guy came up to the table and dropped a twenty on it right in front of me.

"Let's go," he said.

I was surprised as hell.  I looked at him good, and I knew who it was.  It was a guy I had sucked off five or six times back in Alabama.

"Pick up your money.  I ain't going with you," I said.

"Since when don't you like to suck my cock, you little faggot," he said.

He was really drunk, and he smelled bad.

"I don't do that," I said.  I felt the skin on my face burn, I was so embarrassed.  Tim and Kyle and Jay were looking at what was going on.  Tim and Kyle probably figured out what was going on, but Jay was totally puzzled.

"Bullshit you don't do that, cocksucker," he said.  Then he looked at the other boys and said, "Do you boys know what a good cocksucker y'all got here?"  Then he grabbed me by the arm and tried to pull me away with him.  "Come on, boy.  Don't waste my time," he said.  I jerked my arm away from him.

Just then ole Kyle said, "Kevin, Rick.  We need you."  Then Kyle grabbed his cue stick like it was a baseball bat and said to the dude, "If you touch my brother again, I'll kill you."  

"Yeah?  You and what army, piss ant," the guy said.

All of a sudden Rick, Kevin, and their two friends were right there.

"We ain't an army, but we can handle your ass, cocksucker," Rick said.  "Now get out of here," he said.

The guy started to grab his money off the table, but Rick said, "Leave it," and he did.  Rick picked up the bill, folded it, and stuffed it into my shirt pocket.  "Let's go, guys," he said to us.

I had ridden with Jay, so I got into his car.  He was quiet till we got out of the parking lot, and I didn't say nothing, either.  Then he said, in a quiet voice that I didn't like the sound of,

"What was that all about?"

"I don't know.  Just some drunk," I said, trying to laugh a little to make him think it hadn't bothered me.  "Ole Kyle was fixin' to whip some ass, though, wasn't he?"

"I think he knew you, man," Jay said.

"Naw.  How would he know me," I asked.  I really got nervous when he said that.

"How'd he know you were gay, then?  Huh?  None of us around that table did or said anything to make people think we're gay.  How'd he know that about you?"

"How should I know?  Man, I don't like the way you're acting, Jay," I said.

He didn't say anything for a few minutes.  He lit up a cigarette, and just kept driving.  I was nervous as hell, and I lit up, too.

"I told my grandma you were my best friend.  She didn't know you by name, and she said she knows everybody around there.  Then I told her what you looked like."

I didn't say nothing when he said that.

"Do you know what she said," he asked.


"She said, 'Be careful of him.  I know who you're talking about, and just be careful.'"

I got so scared and nervous when he said that I could barely get my cigarette between my lips.

"Why would she say that about you, Jus?"

We turned into our driveway just then.

"You want to come in," I asked.  It was only a little after ten, and he had plenty of time before he had to get home.

"Not tonight."  He said it so cold I thought I was going to puke.

I leaned over to kiss him goodnight, and he turned his face away.

When I looked up, Kevin was standing on his side of the car.

"Jay, would you come in for a little while.  I think we need to talk."

I could tell Jason really didn't want to go inside, but he started getting out of the car.  He walked to the front of it, and I met him there.  I put out my hand to take his, and he wouldn't let me touch him.  I almost started to cry, but the front door opened and my two brothers were there, smiling at me.

We all went inside.  Kevin and Rick were sitting on the couch, like always, and the four of us kids got on the floor, like we always did.

"What happened tonight should never have happened," Kevin said.

"What did happen tonight," Jay asked.  He sounded like he was pissed off, like he had in the car.

"You saw as well as we did," Kyle said.

"Yeah, I did see, Kyle," Jay said.  "And that guy knew Jus."

"Did you know him, Justin," Kevin asked.  He said it real gentle, but I wished he wouldn't make me answer him.

I didn't say nothing.  Then Jay said,

"Answer him.  Did you know him?"

I nodded and held my head down.

"How the hell did you know him," Jay said, demanded like.

"I knew him from back there," I said.  I said it real low cause I was so ashamed.

"Back there?  Where?  Alabama," Jay asked.

I nodded again.

"How'd you know that creep," Jay asked in that same demanding voice.

"Jason, have you and Jus talked about why he lives here with us," Rick asked.  I was glad he was finally getting involved.

"No, sir.  Not really.  I've wondered about it, though.  I tried to bring it up a few times, but Jus would always change the subject."

"Justin, would you come sit up here by me, please," Rick asked.  He said it so nice.

I sat next to him, and he took my hand in his, not like a boyfriend but like Kyle and Tim had done that first Sunday when I had fucked up so bad.

"Son, you know we love you, right," Rick asked me.

I nodded.

"And you know none of us would ever do anything to hurt you, right?"

I nodded again.

"This might hurt a little bit, Jus, but I think your friend has a right to know.  If what happened tonight had never happened, you wouldn't have had to tell him if you didn't want to.  But he's involved now, too."

"I know," I whimpered out.

"Jay, Justin lives with us because he's our foster little brother," Rick said.  "He's in foster care, and Kevin and I have custody of him."

Nobody said anything, but Jay got this real confused look on his face.

"Jay, our little brother was severely abused.  We found him in a motel room.  He had shackles around his feet so he couldn't walk, and he was naked.  His mother's boyfriend had made a slave out of him after she died.  A sex slave.  He let men rape Justin, and he forced Justin to give oral sex to them, too, for money.  That man will go to trial this fall for murdering a policeman in a drug deal, and, after that trial, he'll be tried again for aggravated child abuse."

It was dead still in that room.  I leaned over and put my face in my hands.  I was so totally ashamed and embarrassed I didn't want Jason to see me.  Rick put his hand on my back and started rubbing it.  I wanted to die, but feeling Rick do that made me know I was safe, at least.

"It started when Justin was thirteen, and it didn't stop until we found him.  Justin likes you very, very much, Jay, and so do we.  I don't know what you guys have done sexually, and I don't want to know, but all of us have tried to show Jus by our love for him that he's a good person, somebody who is loveable."

"He hasn't wanted to do as much sexually as I have," Jay said.  "And I've respected that."

"Good for you, son," Rick said.  "A kid has to have it all right now, but a man can wait, Jay, until his partner wants it as bad as he does.  Congratulations on being a man."

"This is so confusing to me, Rick," Jason said.  "I need to go home."

He stood up, and Kyle was right behind him.  Kyle walked him to the door, and then he went outside with him.  Jay liked Tim and Kyle a lot, and I knew my brother would do what he could to help Jay understand.

Nobody said nothing while Kyle was outside.  Finally, we heard Jay's car start up, and Kyle came back inside.  He walked over to Tim and reached out his hand to help him up off the floor.

"Whoa.  Not so fast, mister," Rick said.

Kyle turned around with a huge grin on his face.

"You sit you ass right down there and tell us every word he said," Rick said.  His voice was sharp, but I knew Rick wasn't pissed off at Kyle.  Those two had something special between them, almost like they could read each other's minds.

"Were you going to just go to bed and leave us here," Kevin asked.

"He's playing a game with my head, Babe, and I knew it," Rick said.

"Jesus, you two," Kevin said.

Rick and Kyle both grinned like monkeys.

"Everything's going to be okay," Kyle said.  "He cried.  He cried a lot, and he cried hard.  He likes you a lot, Bubba.  He kept saying over and over again, 'Those bastards!  Those bastards!'"

That made me feel so much better, that I started crying and laughing at the same time.

"He was overwhelmed tonight, Jus," Kyle said.

"I know.  God, I hate that motherfucker," I said.

"We all hate him, Bubba," Tim said.  "Did you guys see what Kyle was going to do to that guy tonight?"  Tim had the biggest look of pride on his face.

"Shut up," Kyle said.

"No, don't shut up, Tim," Rick said.  "Say what you want to say."

"It's just that Kyle was going to kill that guy if he messed with Jus, and I was going to help him," Tim said.

"Were you really going to kill him," Kevin asked.

"Naw.  Just cripple him," Kyle said.  "And then shove that cue stick up his ass.  That's all."

Everybody laughed at the way he said that.

Then Rick got serious.  "You boys are all well built, and you're going to get stronger if y'all keep working out everyday like y'all have been doing.  We want you to avoid a fight if you possibly can because nobody ever really wins a fist fight.  Both guys lose.  Both guys get beat up, just one more than the other.  But y'all have to stand up for each other, you hear me?  Y'all get each other's backs, just like Kyle did tonight.  And if Kevin and I are around, we'll get your backs, too." 

Nobody said anything for a little while after Rick said that.  Then Kyle said,

"Can we have ice cream?"

"Yeahhhhhhh," Rick said.  "Ice cream!"

We made big-ass bowls of ice cream, with fruit and nuts and cherries and coconut and whipped cream and all of that, and we ate 'em in the den.  Nobody talked while we ate, but I felt so happy to be part of those guys.  Then the phone rang, and Tim answered it.

"It's for you," he said, handing me the phone.  "Jay," he mouthed.  I took the phone and went into my room to talk.

"I'm sorry I acted the way I did tonight, Jus," he said, as soon as I said hello.

"That's okay.  It was pretty scary for me, though," I said.

"I know it was, and it was scary for me, too.  I can't stay on the phone 'cause I'm supposed to be in bed, and my mother has the sharpest ears of any human being there is, but I wanted you to know something before you went to bed."

I got a little nervous when he said that.  "What," I asked.

"I love you."

It was like somebody had shot me with a stun gun.

"Are you there," he asked, when I didn't say nothing.

"Yeah.  Just a little bit weak, you know?"

"Are you okay with that," he asked.

"Yeah.  Oh, God, yeah.  I love you, too.  I hadn't loved anybody before I came here, but I love you."

"I wish I could kiss you right now.  With lots of tongue and rubbing against you," he said.

"Me, too," I said.  I knew I wasn't making good sense, but I was still kinda stunned.

"Tomorrow afternoon at your house, okay?  Can we do that," he asked.

"Yeah.  I'll get Tim and Kyle to make sure nobody but us is here.  Oh, man, I can't wait."

"Me, either.  I love you," he said again.

"I love you," I said.

"I love you more," he said, but I've got to go.  Bye."

"I love you more.  Bye."  We hung up.

I took the phone back out to the den.  Tim and Kyle were gone to bed, I guessed, but Kevin and Rick were still up.

"Well," Rick said when I went in there.

"He said he loves me," I said.

"What did you say," Kevin asked.

"I said I love him too."

The three of us hugged, and then we all went to bed.

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