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This story is a continuation of the story of Kevin Foley, Rick Mashburn, and their "sons," Tim Murphy, Kyle Goodson, and Justin Davis that started in "Tim" and continued in "Justin."  It is about gay men and gay boys living and loving together as a family, and it contains descriptions of sex.  The sex is never intergenerational.  If you are offended by descriptions of gay sex, or if the law in your area forbids you to read them, please exit the story.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.  I appreciate feedback, and you can send it to me at brew_drinker23@yahoo.com.

--Brew Maxwell

Kyle, Part 1

Chapter 16

Kyle's seventeenth birthday was November 13th, which happened to be on a Friday that year.  When Rick realized a week or so before the event that his birthday was going to be on Friday the Thirteenth, he and Tim devised all sorts of elaborate pranks to scare him. 

Tim was a great fan of the Harry Potter books, and many times he had said he wanted an owl of his own.  Every time that had come up in our presence, Kyle had shivered and said he was scared of owls.  He had seen an owl go after a rabbit, a "little bunny" he called it, on a camping trip, and it had unsettled him really badly.  At first, Tim had wanted to buy an owl and set it free in their room while he and Kyle were sleeping at our house.  He called a bunch of pet stores up and down the Emerald Coast, and none of them had owls for sale.  One place gave him the name of a man who raised exotic birds, and Tim called him.  The guy had an owl for sale for $2,000, and that price ended the quest for a live owl.

They decided, instead, to create the illusion of an owl in their room by downloading an audio file of a hooting owl.  Tim's computer was still in their room at our house, and he and Rick set it to start playing pretty low at two o'clock in the morning on Tuesday.  It didn't wake Kyle up when it first started playing, but he heard it when he woke up for the day.

"I think there's a bird in our room," Kyle said when he and Tim came to the breakfast table that morning.

"A bird in your room?  Did you see it," Rick asked.

"No, but I heard it.  Didn't you hear it," he asked Tim.

"I didn't hear anything but you farting," Tim said.

Kyle ignored that tease, if it was a tease.

"I know I heard a damn bird, and I think it was an owl," Kyle said.  He was dead serious, and it was cute as hell.

"The owl is the bird of wisdom," Brian said.  "Why would it be in your room, of all places?"

"Good one, little brother," Justin said.  He and Brian knocked fists together over that.

"Very funny, shithead," Kyle said.

"Yeah, but he got you last, Kyle," Rick said.

We all laughed at that, except Kyle.  He was playing right into Rick's and Tim's hand, and it was fun watching him.

"Yeah, y'all laugh if you want to, but there's an owl in our room," he said.  "I hope it don't fly out and gouge these off."  He grabbed Justin's balls when he said that, and Justin jumped up from the table.

"Come on.  Come outside, pussy," Justin said.  He was standing like he was ready to fight, but he had a grin on his face a mile wide.

"Sit down and eat," I told him, which he did amidst laughter from all of us, including himself.

We changed the topic of conversation, first to Rick's run that morning, and then to an English test Kyle had that day.

Tim and Kyle spent Tuesday night at Tim's house.  During the day on Tuesday Rick had found a dead black cat in the road on his way to work.  He had stopped his car, gotten out, and recovered the carcass for their next stunt.  He put it on the driver's seat in Kyle's car late Tuesday night so he would be sure to find it first thing Wednesday morning.

Rick and the boys and I watched the clock carefully.  Brian rode to school with them, so he was ready and at the door when it was time for them to leave.  Rick, Justin, and I were standing behind Brian ready to spring out the door when we heard Kyle's reaction.

They left Tim's house, and Tim was talking very loudly.

"Shut up, man.  Why are you talking so fucking loud.  You'll wake people up," Kyle said.

"I'm not talking loud," Tim shouted.  Kyle must have opened his door at that moment because he let out a scream.  We burst out our front door at just that moment, following Brian.

"Kyle, what's the matter," Rick yelled out.  We all ran over to Kyle.

"There's a dead cat on my seat," Kyle said.

We gathered around to see, and, sure enough, there was a dead cat on a paper grocery bag on the seat of Kyle's car.  There wasn't any blood, and it didn't smell bad, but there was the cat Rick had found.

"How'd that get there," Rick asked.

"How do I know?  I didn't put it there," Kyle said.

"Was the car locked," I asked.

"Hell, yeah, it was locked," he said.  We had a set of keys to it, of course.

"This is not good," Rick said.  "I thought you were probably hearing things with the owl yesterday morning, Bubba, but there's no mistaking a dead black cat.  It's Friday the Thirteenth.  It's a bad day, it looks like."

"How can it be a bad day?  That's my birthday."

"Well, a lot of people think Friday the Thirteenth is bad luck, man," Rick said.

"It's a good luck day for me," Kyle said.  He wasn't laughing.  He scooped the cat up in the paper bag and took it over to the garbage can that was at the curb.  "Let's go," he said to Tim and Brian, and they took off for school.

Tim and Kyle spent Wednesday night at our house so Tim and Rick could play another trick on Kyle Thursday morning.  Their routine in the morning was pretty fixed.  They went into the bathroom together.  Kyle was first in the shower while Tim shaved at the sink, and then Kyle would shave while Tim took his shower.  Sometimes they showered together, of course, but that was reserved for days when they had time to play around in the morning.  School mornings weren't those days.

That Thursday morning they followed their routine as usual.  Kyle took his shower, and Tim shaved at the sink.  Only that morning, Tim released a huge spider Rick had bought the day before into the sink when he finished shaving.  Kyle got out of the shower, dried off, and then went to the sink to shave.  He no doubt looked down and saw the spider.  The thing was harmless, but it was big, four inches across at its largest point. 

"FUCK!!!," Kyle screamed.

Rick, Justin, and I were standing in the hall waiting for his reaction.  We burst into the bathroom.  Rick grabbed the spider and ran out of the house to release it.  Then he came back inside.

"Are you okay," Rick asked solicitously when he got back.

"Yeah, I'm okay," Kyle said.  "What the hell was that?"

"It was a spider," Rick said.

"I know that.  Tim, did you see it in the basin when you were shaving?"

"See what," Tim asked innocently.

"That monster spider that was in there," Kyle said.

"I didn't see anything," Tim said.

"Will y'all excuse us, please, we have to get dressed," Kyle said.  I could tell he was just a little rattled by it all.

"I heard that damn owl again this morning," Kyle said when he and Tim got to the table.  "I know it's in this house somewhere."

"Owls.  Dead cats.  Spiders.  It's got to be Friday the Thirteenth, man," Rick said.

"That's bullshit, Rick, and you know it.  I know you're teasing me about that," he said.

"I hope this is all coincidence, Kyle.  Just be careful not to spill any salt.  That would be the ultimate sign," Rick said.

"I'm not going to spill any salt.  Pass it, please.  Watch."

Rick picked up the salt shaker to pass it to Kyle.  "Wow, look at the moisture on this thing," he said.  He "wiped" it off with his napkin, loosening the top of the salt shaker.  He handed the shaker to Kyle, who went to apply some to his eggs.  When he did, the top fell into his plate, and the contents of the shaker poured out.

"Oughhh," Rick said.  "You spilled salt."

Suddenly a big grin cut across Kyle's face.  "You guys set this up, didn't you?"

We were all laughing by then.

"I know who it was, too.  It was you," he said, pointing at Rick, "and you, you little sex monkey," he said, pointing at Tim.

Tim leaned over and kissed him. 

"You guys went to a hell of a lot of trouble for me," he said.

"You're worth it, dude," Justin said.

"Justin, you and Brian are supposed to be my buddies, man," Kyle said.

"We're your buddies.  We know that.  But it was fun seeing Kyle the Great scared shitless," Jus said.

"'Kyle the Great.'  Right."

"You are to me, Kyle," Brian said.

"This self-esteem moment was brought to you by Hallmark.  And your family, asshole," Rick said.

Kyle's eyes filled up in an instant.

"Excuse me," he said, as he got up from the table.  Tim got up to go after him.

"Tim, stay here, man.  He needs to be alone.  He's trying to process what Justin and Brian just said.  By the way guys, that was awesome.  Thank you for saying that," Rick said.  "That might be the best birthday present he gets."

Kyle came out of the bathroom in a few minutes.

"Thank you for scaring the shit out of me.  I'm sorry I ruined tomorrow for you," he said.

"You didn't ruin it.  We couldn't think of anything else to do," Rick said.  "There was the broken mirror thing, but I hadn't really figured out how to do that."

"I figure the cat was road kill, and you bought the spider.  Where's the owl, though," he asked.

"We tried to buy an owl, but they're really expensive," Tim said.  "What you heard is a .wav file on the computer."

Kyle grinned at his partner.  "You really went to some trouble, didn't you," he asked.

"It's your birthday, and it's Friday the Thirteenth," Tim said.

"Let's go to school, guys," he said, and the three high school boys left the house.  Kyle was happy, as happy as he made the rest of us.  That was a good thing.


Friday night Rita and Gene took Tim, Rick, and me out to dinner to celebrate Kyle's birthday.  They told us to be at their house at 6:30 for drinks.  Rita, or her maid, had made some really nice hors d'ouevres, and the boys swallowed quite a few of them.  Rick and the boys had cokes, but I noticed Kyle sneak into the kitchen with his drink and Tim's for a little fortification from the bar.  Rick saw it, too, and he and I grinned at one another.

Gene spoke.  "Kyle, you have made your mama and me so incredibly proud of you.  I'm not going to try to recite all the reasons, son, because that would take all night.  This fall has been a very difficult time for our family, but you've been a man through every bit of it.  Mama and I love you with our whole hearts, son.  Never forget that.  And we love Tim, too, and these two reprobates, Rick and Kevin, too.  We got you a present, but it isn't wrapped up.  It's outside.  Do you want to go see it?"

"Yeah," Kyle said.  His excitement showed in his voice.

Gene led us out the back door, across the patio and pool area, and down to the lagoon.  There, in the water, was a brand new, eighteen-foot speed boat.  We stopped when we got to it, but nobody said anything.  Finally Kyle spoke.

"So where's my present?"

"It's right there son.  Don't you see it," Gene asked.  I could tell he was really tickled with the way Kyle was reacting.

"That boat?"

"Yes, son.  That boat," Gene said.

There was a moment's pause as it registered with Kyle.

"Ahhhhh!  Ahhhhh!" he shouted.  He picked up Tim and spun him around.  Then he grabbed Gene and Rita in each arm and tried to pick them up, too.  

"Oh, my God!  That boat is mine?" he screamed.

"Yep.  It's all yours and nobody else's," Gene said.

"I can't believe it.  Oh, Dad.  Mom.  Thank you so much!  I love it.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Babe, you see this?  This is our boat," he said to Tim.

"It's your boat," Tim said.

"It's everybody's boat.  Now we can ski.  Oh, Mom.  Oh, Dad.  Thank you.  Let's go for a ride.  Right now."

"Just a real quick one, okay, son," Gene said.  "We've got to be at the restaurant in forty-five minutes."

"Yes, sir.  That's good.  Just a quick ride.  Just across the lagoon," Kyle said.  He was so excited that it was really fun to watch him.

We all got in the boat.

"Can you believe how excited he is," Rita asked Rick and me.

"He deserves it," Rick said.

"Oh, I know, Rick.  How well I know," she said.

I thought, You don't even know a third how much that boy deserves this boat, Rita, and you'll never know what miracles he'll work with it.

Gene showed Kyle how to start the boat, and Kyle took over from there.  He drove over to the other side of the lagoon and then headed out to the bay.  Gene made him turn around and go back to their dock.  Kyle would have taken us to Cuba that night, without even realizing it.

We all rode together to the restaurant in Gene's car, with Rick driving.  It was nice having a non-drinker in the crowd.  Tim and Kyle were in the front seat with Rick, and Kyle babbled about his new boat.  Rita and Gene grinned constantly at his happiness. 

After our cocktails and soft drinks arrived at our table in the restaurant, Gene spoke.

"Son, you know you're going to have to name her.  Give some thought to what you want her to be called."

"I already know, Daddy," Kyle said.  "Any boat I ever have will only be called one thing."

"What's that?"


The emotion at the table at that moment was almost overwhelming.  Rita burst from the table to the ladies room in tears.  Huge tears ran down Gene's cheeks.  Rick and Tim and I were in tears as well.

"Why are y'all crying," Kyle asked.  "What did I say?"

"Shut up.  These are happy tears," Rick said.


Kyle's party with the friends started at two the next afternoon.  Clay was a very big hit with everyone, and those boys skied up and down that lagoon, and out into that bay, all afternoon.  Kyle taught Tim and Justin and Brian how to run his boat, so Kyle got his fair share of skiing in that afternoon, as well.  It was the middle of November, but the water temperature was still in the low 70's, and the air temperature was higher than that.  We had almost unbearable heat in the summer, but winter came late and spring came early in north Florida, and we were taking full advantage of that fact.

Rick and Tim had taken charge of the food for that party.  Kyle had tried to butt his ass in a couple of times to take over, but they had insisted he leave it to them.  He moped around our house that morning, dying to get his hands on what they were doing.  He smoked three cigarettes, which was an undisputed record for him and a testimony to the fact that he wanted to be in that kitchen with Rick, Tim, Justin, and Brian.  He and I were in the den.  I was reading for pleasure, and he, ostensibly, was reading for school.  He drove down to his house to check on his boat three times, and, every time, he came in with a grin on his face.

"What time is the party supposed to start," he asked for the fifth time.

"It's still scheduled for two, Bubba," I said.  "You can't sit still, can you?"

"No.  This is driving me crazy.  I'm so hyped up.  I'm supposed to be in there with them, telling them what to do.  Showing them what to do," he said.

"Rick's in there.  They'll do it right," I said.

"I know.  I should be in there learning from Rick," he said.

Just then Justin brought out sandwich plates for Kyle and me.  They each had two ham and cheese sandwiches on them, a mound of potato chips, a couple of spears of dill pickle, and a scoop of coleslaw.  

"Eat up, brother," Jus said, as he handed Kyle his lunch.

"Thanks, Justin," Kyle said.

"Thank you, man.  You saved my fucking life," Jus said.  And then he left.

"Why did he say that," Kyle asked me.

"He said it because it's true.  We talked about this the other day, Kyle.  Remember?  In the coffee shop?"

"Yeah, but I didn't believe that," Kyle said.

"Well, believe it.  You just heard him say it.  You have an awesome gift, man.  I pray every day you'll use it right.  And so far you have."

"I don't like this," he said.

"What don't you like?  The sandwiches or the coleslaw?"  He had already finished one sandwich and half the coleslaw.

"No, this is good.  I don't like this so-called gift you were talking about," he said.

"Well, it's yours, whether you want it or not," I said.

"What is it, like King Herod's touch," he asked.

"What the hell are you talking about," I asked.

"Wasn't there a king in the Bible who touched stuff and it turned to gold?  Wasn't that King Herod?"

"King Herod is in the Bible, but you're thinking of King Midas, who is in mythology.  Everything he touched turned to gold, but that was a curse, not a gift."

"Midas?  Like the muffler guy," he asked.  "Are mufflers made of gold?"

I was laughing too hard to respond at first.

"You're joking me, right," I said.  "You know mufflers aren't made of gold and that it was King Midas in mythology and not the Bible."

"Yeah, I was teasing about mufflers, but I really did think King Herod could touch stuff and it would turn to gold," he said.  "I knew some king could do it."

"It was Midas, not Herod.  Two very different kings.  But, yeah, you sort of have the Midas touch with people.  You make them happy, and you don't even know you're doing it, do you?"

"I know I make Tim happy when I touch him.  It doesn't turn to gold, but it gets as hard as gold," he said.

"Thank you.  Too much information.  Let's change the subject," I said.

Kyle got serious.

"You and Rick always want to change the subject when sex comes up," he said.  "What's up with that, man?  You know we do it."

"Yeah, we know, but it should be private, you know.  How would you guys react if Rick said to me at breakfast, 'Oh, Babe, that was a fantastic fuck this morning.  I almost shot when you stuck your dick in me, but it was that work on my sweet spot that really did it.'"

He grinned at me full out.

"I see your point, Kev.  It's got to stay private.  I see that," he said.

"But teasing and joking is another thing entirely.  That's okay," I said.

"I know.  I was teasing just now, playing puns and all, you know?  I see the difference.  I'll be good about it," he said.

"Very rarely does either of you say anything that's not appropriate, Kyle.  You all know what you can say," I said.

"Sometimes I kind of stretch it, though, don't I," he asked.

"Just a tiny bit."

"Tim and I want Brian to have a good first experience, whether it's with Dave or some other guy.   That Brian's a sweet boy.  You know that?"

"Yes, I do know that, and you guys have been so good to him already," I said.

"Well, he's our brother, you know?"

"Yes, I know, and that makes Rick and me really happy."  Kyle seemed to be babbling incessantly, probably because of his excitement over the party.

"We got his back, too, you know?  We'll kick ass to protect him, if we have to," he said.

"He was worried about that, wasn't he?  About getting picked on at school?"

"Yeah, but he doesn't get picked on," Kyle said.

"That's good.  Are Chad and Gage still getting picked on," I asked.

"They don't really get picked on so much as they get teased.  Some of it is mean sometimes, but Gage always has a come-back.  It's so funny that he sort of wins over the guys teasing him," he said.

"He and Chad really like you guys," I said.

"I know.  We like them, too," he said.

We were finished eating lunch by then, and Kyle gathered up the stuff to take it back to the kitchen.  He came hustling back.

"They wouldn't let me stay in there," he said.

"They're working hard for you, buddy," I said.

"I know.  I wish they wouldn't do that."

"Kyle, I can't believe you said that.  You love it, and you know it," I said.

He laughed.  "Busted."

(Kyle's Perspective)

My birthday party was awesome.  Everybody got to the house around two o'clock.  My parents were there to greet everybody, but they weren't going to stay.  They had tickets to a play in Tallahassee, and two of their friends were going to drive over there with them to see it.  They were going to spend the night.  That was a good thing because we couldn't have gone skinny dipping if my mom had been there, and everybody wanted to do that.

It was a pretty hot day, and I was dying to try out my new ski boat.  They all insisted that I take the first run, since it was my birthday and since it was my boat, and I had a ball.  My dad drove the boat.  I'm a pretty good water skier, and I did some stunts to show off.  I can slalom pretty good, and I did that.  Then I kicked off the one ski and skied barefoot.  Then, still barefoot, I hooked one foot in the ski rope and let the boat pull me a while that way.  That boat was really something else.

After my run, everybody else took turns skiing.  I taught Rick, Kevin, Tim, Justin, and Brian how to drive the boat.  I figured that it was really a gift to all of us, not just to me, and that they might like to use it sometimes when I couldn't go with them.  

"When are you going to teach me how to drive it," Philip asked.  I had forgotten about him.  Philip had been my best friend since I was nine years old and he was eight.  We had always been in the same grade, even though I was six months older than him.  

"Right now, buddy," I said, and I showed him how to drive it.  Philip was like me in that he really already knew how to drive a ski boat.  We had pretty much always had a boat until a couple of years ago, and he had been out on our others a million times with us.  He and I had taken boats out on our own starting when I was twelve, so I knew he knew what he was doing.

"This is the nicest one y'all have ever had," he said.

"I know."

"Are you going to name it?"

"I already did," I said.

"Did you name it Clay," he asked.

I nodded.

"I knew you would," he said.  Philip knew me really good, and it didn't surprise me that he already knew that before I told him.

We skied until about five o'clock, when it started getting dark.  The air temperature dropped about fifteen degrees when the sun went down, and it would have been too cold to ski, even if we had been able to see.


We went back up to the pool after Tim and I covered the boat, and everybody got naked to go in the water.  We played some pool volleyball and then a game of dick tag.  Dick tag is just tag, only you have to grab the guy by his dick to make him "it."  That made it more interesting.  It's one thing to catch a guy, but it was usually a lot harder to grab his dick.  Even though everybody at that party but Doc Murphy was gay, that wasn't a gay game, really.  I had learned it in my scout troop, and most of those guys were straight.

Rick and his guys did a great job with the food.  We always had steaks at pool parties, and we had some great ones that night, too.  But that time we also had raw oysters that Justin and Jason opened for us, and they had boiled about twenty pounds of shrimp and seven dozen large blue crabs for us to have as an appetizer.  About half of the guys there didn't know how to peel a boiled crab, so I had to show them how it was done.  Tim never did really catch on, and I ended up peeling three of them for him.  After a while, he was sucking the meat off my fingers, and that started making me hard.  Nobody could see because I was sitting at one of the picnic tables, but I knew he knew what he was doing to me.  One time he put his hand on my dick.  I thrust up into it because it felt so good.

"We better wait," he said, and then he took his hand away.

Jus came by in a few minutes to bring us some oysters.

"Hey, I seen what y'all were doing," he said.  "You horn-dogs."

"Don't tell, okay," Tim said.

"Give me some credit, Tim, okay, stud," Jus said.

He and Tim looked at each other and laughed.

"Kevin and them think y'all are goodie two shoes, but I know y'all do shit like that all the time.  My hat's off to you.  Hell, I'd get caught, if I tried it."

All three of us were laughing hard.  Justin was a good ole boy to the core, and Tim and I both loved his shit-kicking country ass.

One of the other things Tim and I regularly did at those parties was drink alcohol, and none of the others seemed to know about it, except Justin and Jason.  They'd sneak beers and drinks when we did.  We knew better than to drink too much in front of the grown-ups, especially when Tim's dad was there, but we always got a pretty good buzz on.  Once or twice Philip and Ryan had joined in the drinking, too, and the last time even Chad and Gage had participated.  I wondered if any of them had splashed a little bourbon in those cokes they were nursing that night. 

After we ate the seafood, we went back in the pool to play some more before the real food was served.  That time we played pool fight, where one guy got on another guy's shoulders and tried to unseat opponents.  Tim and I were good at that game as a team, but me and Rick were totally awesome at it when we teamed up.  The final match-up that night was me on Rick and Kevin on Sam.  It was all strong guys, and there were basically no rules other than to unseat the other guy.  Sam tripped Rick in our first fight, and we went down.  The second time, I got Kevin in a headlock from behind and Rick backed away so I was able to pull him off Sam.  Everybody watched the third and final fight.  Rick won it for us by kicking Sam in the stomach, causing him to lose balance.  Everybody cheered.

We got out of the pool after that.  The grown-ups put on shorts or bathing suits, but the boys stayed naked.  I loved the feeling of being naked outside.

"It's dance time, ladies," Gage said in his campiest voice.  "Maestro, cue the line dance music."

Chad was the maestro, and he put on one of Justin's Garth Brooks CD's that had some great dancing songs on it.  Everybody was dancing and having a great time.  Rick was next to me.

"Who's cooking," I asked.

"Shit, I'm supposed to be," he said.  "All my kitchen staff, come with me.  It's time to cook."

His kitchen staff was him, Tim, Justin, Jason, and Brian.  They left the dancing to go cook and get the other food ready.  We kept on dancing for about another thirty minutes.  Gage knew a lot of different dances, and he taught them all to us.  I kept thinking that dancing would be much better in shoes on that concrete pool deck, but I knew the fun was worth a few blisters.

Finally, dinner was ready about eight o'clock.  It was a buffet, of course, and we all lined up to get our food.  They made me and Tim get to the head of the line.  Jerry said a real nice blessing.

"Father in heaven, seventeen years ago you did this world a great favor by sending us Kyle.  He has proved his heroism in deeds of valor, but daily he inspires, encourages, and supports us all.  We thank you for him and for his gift of building up your family on earth.  We ask your blessings on Kyle and on this food we eat in his honor, through Christ our Lord."

"Amen," they all shouted.  Then they all clapped.  Wow, I was sort of embarrassed by all of that.

There was a whole lot of food on that table.  Besides the huge platter of filets, there was a platter of corn on the cob, my personal favorite vegetable; a huge bowl of eggplant casserole with lots of ground beef and sausage and Italian breadcrumbs, another favorite of mine; twice-baked stuffed potatoes, with lots of bacon and cheese, which I absolutely loved; green bean casserole, that Rick thought was gross but that I craved; and layered salads in trifle bowls that were almost too pretty to tear into.  I got a wad of all of it, and a roll and butter, too.

I waited for my table to fill up before I started eating, and then I went at it.  I was surprised at how hungry I was after eating all those oysters and shrimp and crabs, but I was hungry.  At my table were me, Tim, Kevin, Rick, Doc Murphy, Brian, Dave, and Jerry.  It was a real good mix of people.  Pat, Jerry's brother, had had to go back to Boston, so he missed the party.  He was coming for Thanksgiving, though, and then he was going to move here.

"Kyle, what are you going to name the boat," Jerry asked.

"Clay," I said.  "For my brother."

"I was talking to Jeff earlier," Jerry said.  "He certainly is a fine young man."

"He's the best," I said.  "I was so glad he could come home this weekend.  We hadn't seen him in three weeks."

The rest of the meal we talked about this and that.  Nothing serious.  When everybody was finished eating, Kevin got everybody's attention.

"We're going to have birthday cake and ice cream in a few minutes, but you guys were kind enough to bring presents tonight, and I think now's the time to open them.  Kyle, are you ready to be surprised?"

"I'm ready," I said.  "Y'all shouldn't have brought presents, though.  Just you being here is present enough for me."

Tim got up to help with the presents. The very first one was from Kevin and Rick.  It was a huge box.  I tore into the paper, and, when I opened the box, there were four more presents inside.  They were numbered, like "Open me first," "open me second."  I opened the first one, and it was a stuffed toy owl.  I grinned big.  The second one was a stuffed black cat.  I thought I knew where that was going.  The third one was a stuffed spider toy, and the fourth one was a salt shaker.

Tim, Justin, and Brian were laughing their asses off, but nobody else thought it was funny.  

"Tell the story," Kevin said, and I did.  I hammed it up really big, and they were all laughing hard at what had happened earlier in the week.

"There's something else in the box," Kevin said.

I dug around for it and found an envelope.  I opened it, and it was two plane tickets to New York City and a voucher for a week at a hotel.

"Goddamn," I said.  "You guys!"

"That's your Spring Break this year, Bubba," Rick said.

I checked the dates, and it was definitely for the week of our Spring Break.  There was also a thousand dollars worth of Traveler's Checks that Tim had already signed.

"Thank you so much," I said.  I handed it to Tim.  "Here, hide this so they can't take it back."

Everybody laughed hard at that one.

I opened some shirts and CD's and books.  Then I got to Justin's present.

"That's from me and Jay," he said.

"And the one wrapped just like it is from me and Dave," Brian said.

I was grinning so hard I had cramps in my cheeks.

I opened Justin and Jason's gift, and it was a magnificent pair of cowboy boots.  They were absolutely beautiful.  I remembered Justin saying his boots were the nicest things he had ever had, and that made them really special to me.  I put them on right on the spot.

"Oh, wow!  These are wonderful.  Thank you, guys," I said.  I was pretty excited about those boots.  I was nodding and pointing at them.  I was also pretty close to crying happy tears for what they had done.

I opened Brian and Dave's gift next.  It was a brown felt Stetson cowboy hat, and I loved it.

"Thank you, Brian and Dave.  I love it."  I put the hat on, and it fit me perfectly.  I stood up and modeled my new stuff.  I felt like a million bucks.

Philip and Ryan gave me gift certificates for three detailing jobs at a car wash.  They spent way too much money on that.

Doc gave me a digital camera.

"Oh, wow.  This is so cool," I said.  Kevin took it away from me and started snapping pictures.

"I'll show you how to use it tomorrow," he said.  "It's easy."

"Thank you, Doc," I said.

"I expect pictures of you and my boy on a regular basis in my e-mail," he said.

"Yes, sir, and you'll get 'em."

The last present was from Tim.  I opened it not knowing what to expect.  When I got the paper off, I realized it was jewelry.  I opened the box, and it was a gold ID bracelet.  It was engraved with my name on the front, and it also had a tiny face that was a digital clock.  I turned it over, and the engraving said "Love, Tim."  I took my tacky-ass Shark watch off and put it on.  It was magnificent.  I knew I would never take it off.  I leaned over and kissed him, and everybody applauded.

"Guys, this is too much," I said.  "This is better than Christmas."

They applauded again.

"Okay, everybody.  It's cake and ice cream time," Rick said.

Tim, Justin, and Brian got up and went inside.  In a few minutes they brought out a big ole birthday cake with seventeen candles on it.  They sang "Happy Birthday," and I blew out the candles.  They were all out, and then they started burning again.

What the hell, I thought.

I blew 'em out again, and they started burning again.

"Very funny," I said to Rick, and everybody laughed.

We ate our cake and ice cream, and it tasted real good.  

I checked my new watch, and I saw that it was eleven o'clock.

"Clean up crew, let's go," Rick said.  It was the same as the cooking crew.

"Are you happy," Kevin asked me.

"Yeah, but I've been happy for months, ever since I met Tim and you guys," I said.

"We love you, man," Kevin said.

"I know, and I love you, too."


We were going to spend that night at Kevin and Rick's house, but it was only 11:30 when everybody went home.  Jus, Jay, and Brian were still at my house with me and Tim watching TV in the family room.  

"Come outside, I want to show you something," Tim said.

I looked over at him, and he was boned up in his shorts.

He took me outside on the patio.  It was dark, but there was light coming through the kitchen windows that sort of let us see where objects were.

I was usually the more aggressive one when it came to sex.  I mean, Tim would start stuff now and then, but he usually waited for me to make a move.  That night, though, he was all over me.  He hugged me real tight, and I could feel his hard-on through his shorts and mine.  He kissed me deep and passionate.  I really didn't have much kissing experience except for Tim, but I was sure Tim was one of the best kissers there was.  He snaked that tongue of his into my mouth, and that just about sent me to heaven.

"I love you so much," he whispered.  His voice was sort of hoarse, but I thought that was because of how turned on he was.  "You make me so happy."

"You're everything to me, Babe," I said.

We kissed some more.  He took my tee shirt off me and tossed it aside.  He used his tongue to play with the rings in my nipples, and the feeling was incredible.  He licked his way down my chest and stomach, and then he undid my shorts and let them drop to the ground.  He pulled my underwear down, too, and he was on my dick it a second.  We had done it standing up like that a few times before, but that night was really intense.  He sucked my dick for all he was worth, but he did it gently, lovingly.  He made me kick off my shorts and underwear so I could spread my legs out some more, and he lubed up a finger with spit and drove it into me.  

"Oh, Babe," I gasped.

He fingered me and sucked me at the same time, and suddenly my knees weakened and I splashed my stuff inside his mouth.  When I come really hard like I did that night, I have a tendency to buck without realizing it.  I bucked so hard that night I thought I would have sore pelvis muscles the next day.  

I pulled him up to me and kissed him some more.  I could taste my cum in his mouth, and it felt sort of gummy and thick.

"I want to do you now," I said.

"No.  Not now.  Maybe later, okay.  I've been thinking about doing that since this afternoon, and I wanted it to be all for you."

"Okay.  I understand," I said, and I did.  "Did you shoot?"

He sort of hung his head in shame or embarrassment or something.  "Yes," he whispered.

"Are you embarrassed by that?"

"Yes," he whispered again.

"Why?  Don't you think it makes me feel good to know that I can turn you on that much?"


"Yeah, really," I said.  "I thought you had gotten over ever being embarrassed about anything around me."

"I have, but I just so totally lost control just now."

"Timmy, I want one more thing for my birthday from you, okay?"


"I want you to promise me that the next time I turn you on so much that you lose control you won't get embarrassed.  Okay?  Promise?"

"I promise," he said.  "But I wanted it to be special for you."

"Don't you think what happened was special for me?  You got so excited making love to me that you came in your pants?  Don't you see how special that is for me?"

"Don't ever leave me, okay," he said.

"I'm not going anywhere.  That's for sure, Baby.  You can put that in the bank.  The sperm bank."  We both laughed and went inside.