Kyle, Part 3

Chapter 16

Disclaimer: This story is a continuation of the story of Kevin Foley, Rick Mashburn, and their "sons," Tim Murphy, Kyle Goodson, Justin Davis, and Brian Mathews that started in "Tim," continued in "Justin" and "Kyle," "Kyle, Part 2," and now continues in "Kyle, Part 3."  It is about gay men and gay boys living and loving together as a family, and it contains descriptions of sex.  The sex is never intergenerational, though.  If you are offended by descriptions of gay sex, or if the law in your area forbids you to read them, please exit the story.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.  I appreciate feedback, and you can send it to me at

--Brew Maxwell

(Justin's Perspective)

Those guys loved a trip better than anything, except maybe a party, and that was all right with me.  They had taken me to New Orleans twice, to North Carolina twice, and to Sarasota once, and that was the total of the traveling I had ever done.  I had never even thought about going to a museum or a zoo or deep sea fishing or skiing or any of the stuff they took me to.  I had been in just fast-food hamburger places before I met up with those guys, but since then I've been in some fine places to eat.  They taught me table manners, too, and other kinds of manners.  I was truly country-come-to-town when I met them, but they didn't give a shit about any of that.  They never made fun of me except in fun, and if there was a single word for what we were all about, after "love" it would have to be "fun."  They made me into a new person, and don't think I didn't appreciate it and love them, too.  Sure, it wasn't always peaches and cream, and there were conflicts, sometimes.  But the conflicts were never mean or hateful.  I only had one direction to go when I got there, and that was up, and that's where they made me go. 

My job at the hotel was pretty chicken shit, and I knew that.  I worked it as hard as I could, though.  There is a certain amount of trust you put in somebody when you turn them loose in hotel rooms where people have all of their stuff right there for the taking.  I never touched a thing, though, because I knew if I broke trust with Kevin and Rick, it would be all over for my ass.  And then what?  No, sir.  I did exactly as I was told, and I never even so much as took a cigarette out of a pack that had been left in a room.  No, sir.  Nothing.

At first the work was pretty dull.  I'd have to make up beds and straighten up stuff and clean the bathrooms.  I'd have to vacuum and dust and empty the trash and that sort of thing.  I was basically a maid.  But then I started noticing things, like what kind of liquor they were drinking, if any of that was out, and what kind of clothes they had hanging in the little closet alcoves.  Then my mind went to work, and I started imagining what the people were like.  You could tell a lot about people's habits from how they left their rooms, or at least I thought you could, and I learned to spot little things that gave clues.  Our rooms have two beds in them.  Sometimes both beds had been slept in, and sometimes only one.  If it was a married couple, I wasn't surprised when only one bed had been used.  Two guys and only one bed?  You tell me what that was all about. 

Most of the people in housekeeping were ladies, and I got along real good with them.  As far as they knew, I was just another kid who needed a job, and that was the way I kept it.  They had no idea that every night I went home to the house of the big boss and that the owner's son was my brother and best friend.  Some of those ladies tried to fix me up with their daughters or grand daughters, but, of course, I wasn't interested.  I never lied to them about being gay or not being gay; I just never let it be an issue.  I wasn't scared of them knowing I was gay, but I just didn't think it should matter in those circumstances.

Rick and Kyle took me under their wings when it came to learning stuff about the computer.  I knew Brian and Tim would have been all over themselves about teaching me how to do computer stuff, but I was a little bit shy about not already knowing stuff they had known since they were little kids.  Rick never fooled with it at home, but it turned out he knew quite a bit about it.  He got me started learning how to type, and I got pretty good pretty fast.  Kyle showed me all about e-mail and the World Wide Web, and he showed me how to use the Google to find information.  Kyle gave me his password to some kind of adult verification thing, and I did some checking out of the boys on the gay picture pages.  Some of those boys were pretty hot looking, but when you got a hot one right next to you naked in bed every night, and him willing to do anything in the world you want to do, you don't much need those boys on the Internet. 

Speaking of the Internet and e-mail and such, Kyle got all worried about that Seth boy we met in New Orleans at Mardi Gras.  He writes to Kyle a lot, and Kyle doesn't know what to write back to him.  He thinks he has to match him one for one, but all that boy really wants is for Kyle to show him a little attention now and then.  It's like a case of hero worship or something.  The thing is, Kyle doesn't understand the effect he has on people.  You take somebody like Craig Foley, Kevin's brother.  He's probably as straight as they come, but I'd bet you anything he'd hoist his fine young ass up in the air for Kyle in a minute, if that's what Kyle wanted.  I may be making this up, but that's the way it seems to me.   

On about that last week in March, it was time for another trip.  Kevin and Rick had given Kyle a week-long trip to New York City for his birthday in November, and they had done the same thing for Brian's birthday in January.  Those were trips for two each, and Tim's name and my name were on the second tickets.  I had started my job on February 2nd, and I damn sure didn't need a vacation by the time March 21st rolled around.  But a vacation I was going to get, and a paid one at that.

"We've got to make sure you don't lose any pay while we're gone to New York," Kyle had said to me one day.

"I get paid by the hour, Bubba.  How do you figure I should get paid when I ain't even in town?"

"Yeah, but this is going to be like training for you," he said.  "You're going to go to New York to learn how the big city boys do it." 

He was grinning so hard his face was about to split open.  He knew everything he was saying was bullshit, but that didn't stop him.  The thing is, I really didn't need much money.  I lived in a palace, ate like a king, and they took me to all these nice places without me having to pay for any of it.  Now and then, if the four of us went out together, Kyle would let me pay, but that was rare.  He always carried a good bit on him, and he was the only one of us who had a credit card.  And he didn't fail to use it, either, if we wanted something.  He never really bought much for himself, though. 

"Training?  What the hell are you talking about, boy," I said.  "Ain't but one way to make up a bed or clean a toilet."

"Aren't you supposed to be in training to be a manager or something," he asked.

"Yeah, but . . ."

"But what?  But your butt?" 

He grabbed my butt when he said that, just like I knew he would.  We both laughed.

"So, this is all about my butt?"

"Speaking of butt, gimme one." 

He wanted a cigarette, so I gave him one.  He smoked about one a week or something like that, so he never had his own.  He kept me in supply, though, "from the gettin' place" as he called it, meaning the warehouse.  That was a good arrangement because I couldn't yet buy them legally, anyway.

"Kyle, you know your idea is another one of your bullshit schemes," I said.

He grinned mighty big. 

"Yeah?  So what?"

"So one of these days they're going to get tired of you, that's so what."

"What are they going to do?  Stop talking to me?  Plus, it'll just be a suggestion.  I can't make any decisions.  You know that," he said.

"That's probably a good thing.  If you could, there's no telling how wild you'd get."

"No, sir, I wouldn't, either," he said.  "I ain't a fool, Justin, except on purpose sometimes.  I can be shrewd when I want to be."

After I thought about it, I knew that was right.  Well, he did talk Kevin into paying me for forty hours of training.  He tried to get him to pay me for twenty-four hours for each of the eight days we were going to be gone, but even Kyle wasn't that persuasive. 


The six of us had a good talk the night before we left for New York.

"Take taxis; no subways," Kevin said.

"I've been on subways," Kyle said, like he was trying to dispute Kevin.

"In New York?  By yourself?"

"No, but . . ."

"Kyle, this is not a subject for debate," Rick said.  "Take taxis."

"Okay," Kyle finally said.  They knew he'd obey a direct order like that one, and they knew he'd make the rest of us obey it, too.

"In just one more week we would have been able to go to a baseball game," Tim said.  "I checked the Web sites for both the Yankees and the Mets, and neither team even has an in-town exhibition game while we're there."

"Maybe we can ride up to Atlanta to see the Braves sometime," Kevin said.

"Oh, Kev, that would be so cool, man.  I've actually done that a few times," Kyle said.

"What haven't you done," I asked.  I said it sarcastic to tease him.

"I ain't bit your dick off yet, but that's going to be next on my list if you don't stop being mean to me," he said.

I didn't have a come-back line, and everybody laughed when they realized I didn't know what to say.

"Make sure you eat at at least one really nice restaurant," Kevin said.  "Tavern on the Green might be nice, or 21.  See if the concierge can make a reservation for you.  Y'all packed your suits, didn't you?"

"Yes, sir," we all said together.

"You guys aren't taking your boots, are you?"

"Give us some credit, Kevin," Kyle said.

"Okay.  Just checking."

"You guys need to take a bus tour of the city as soon as you can," Rick said.  "The concierge can help you with that, too.  And don't forget to be good tippers, you hear?  Make sure the concierge, especially, knows you appreciate what he or she does for you."

"Like how much," Brian asked.  I was glad he asked that, because I sure didn't know.

"Well, it sort of depends on the service.  If he gets you reservations at an exclusive restaurant on the day you want to go, then I'd say $20.  If he gets those same reservations a week in advance, I'd say $10," Rick said.

"Who else do we tip," Kyle asked.

"I'm glad you asked that," I said.

"Let's start at the beginning with the Sky Caps," Kevin said.

"Who's that," Kyle asked.

"Those are the guys who work for the airline and who will help you with your luggage when you get to New York.  They'll put the luggage in the cab for you, and the standard is $2 per bag.  How many pieces of luggage are y'all taking?"

"One suitcase each and two bags for the hanging clothes," Kyle said.

"So that's six bags.  Give the Sky Cap $12, and tip him both times--when you get there and when you leave," Kev said.

"Okay.  Who's next," Kyle asked.

"Next would be the cab driver.  Give him 15% of the fare.  Do you know the quick way to figure 15%?"

"Don't look at me," Kyle said.  We laughed.

"I know," Tim said.  "You take the amount, move the decimal point, and then add half of that again."

"Huh?"  Kyle was a damn smart boy in every way, but he was shit with numbers, especially in his head.

"Babe, follow me on this.  Let's say the bill is $18.65.  If you move the decimal, you get $1.86 or $1.87 by rounding up.  What is half of $1.87?"

"Timmy, I don't know," Kyle said.

"Come on, Kyle.  You're not stupid.  What is half of 18?"


"So, half of $1.87 is going to be around ninety cents, right?"

"What if I just rounded it all up to $20?  Then the tip would be around $3, wouldn't it," Kyle asked.

"Kyle, what you just said makes it easier, plus it makes the service person happy," Kevin said.  "You fellows have money.  Spread it around.  Don't be cheap."

"Who's next," Kyle asked.

"Next will be the bell hop, probably," Rick said.

"I know something about that," I said.  "I talk to the bell staff all the time, and they'll lay a bad cussing on a cheapskate, that's for sure."

"So how much," Kyle asked.

"I'd say twenty bucks a room," I said.  "If you give that much, he'll hide a body for you if you need for him to."

"For real," Tim asked.

"Yeah, for real," I said.  "What if we have to kill Kyle?  What are we going to do with the body?"

Kyle was laughing his nuts off at ole Tim.

"You're teasing me, aren't you," Tim asked.  He was another one who was smart but dumb about common sense things.

"Nobody's going to kill me, Babe," Kyle said.  "Justin, though, is another matter."

"Are you going to kill me after you bite my dick off," I asked.

"If we have to," Kyle said.  "We're going to have the dick bronzed, though, so we can have something to play with on the plane on the way home."

Everybody laughed.

"Speaking of planes, do we tip the waitresses on the plane," I asked.

"Waitresses," Kyle asked that like it was the dumbest thing he had ever heard.

"Or waiters," I said.

"They're called flight attendants, Bubba, and you don't tip 'em," Kyle said.  "Why don't you, anyway?"

"I don't know, because they are kind of like waiters and waitresses," Rick said.  "I'll have to check into that."

"There are a couple more people you need to know about," Kevin said.  "On the bus tour, tip the driver $5 each when it's over.  If you go to a really nice restaurant, there will probably be a restroom attendant.  Tip him a buck or two."

"Even if he doesn't shake you off good," Kyle asked.

Kevin and Rick thought that was about the funniest damn thing, and they were laughing their butts off.  I didn't know what he was talking about.

"The restroom attendant helps you pee?"  That was Tim again.  Damn, even I knew better than that.

"Come here, you little monkey," Kyle said, grabbing Tim around the neck.  "Don't you let anybody touch that but me, you hear?"  Tim was really a cute kid, and he was especially cute when he was being dumb.

"The guy in the restroom is there to clean up the place, wipe up water from when guys wash their hands, make sure there are enough towels, and things like that," Kevin said.  "He'll probably hand you a towel."

We talked more about stuff like that, and we finished up the evening with bowls of ice cream.  It wasn't really an ice cream moment like the usual ones were, but it seemed like a good way to end things.  

"Are you excited about the trip," I asked Brian when we were in bed.  I was holding him in a spoon, and I had his dick in my hand.  We had each already come once, and I was hoping we could work up a second one.

"Yeah," he whispered back.  "Have you ever been in an airplane before?"

"No.  You?"

"No.  Kyle and Tim have been, though.  Tim told me it was really neat."  He was quiet for a few seconds, and then he said, "Justin, I love you so much, and I'm so proud of you.  Thank you for loving me."

I squeezed him in my arms.

"Brian, I love you so much, too.  You're the best thing I've ever known.  You're so smart, and you're so cute, and so everything," I said.  "I could hold you like this forever."

"I hope I don't ever have to go back home.  I still miss my mom a lot, but I'd hate to have to leave you," he said.

That was a jolt, if I ever heard one.  I had never even thought about that happening.

"That's not going to happen, is it," I asked.

"Not that I know of, but I just hope it never does," he said.

"I turn eighteen in about three months.  I'd go with you, if it happened," I said.  "But let's don't think about that.  Let's make love."  

By then his dick was rock hard again, and so was mine.  Even though he was usually the bottom guy, I wanted him to fuck me that night.  I wanted to feel him deep inside me, pumping out his love, filling up that rubber.  That little monkey came through like a champ for me that night, too.


We were up early the next morning to get our flight at 7:10.  Kyle was wired like a circuit breaker, only there wasn't an "off" switch.  I'd've damn sure used it if there had been.  He was cute as hell, and a lot of fun, usually, when he got like that, but at 5:15 in the morning, it was getting on my nerves.  Kevin saw that it was.  He got behind Kyle at the breakfast table and started giving him a neck and shoulder massage to calm him down.  After a few minutes, it worked.  He was still excited, but at least I didn't want to punch his lights out any more.  I'd never do that to him, of course, but sometimes I thought about it when he was like that.

Once we were at the airport, we had to go through security.  Tim and Kyle hadn't taken out their nipple rings, and they set off the machine.  They had to be searched individually, and the wand picked up those rings right away.  They tried to explain what they were, but the guy wouldn't take their word for it unless he saw for himself.  They had to open their shirts so the guy could check them out.  Those were two embarrassed young boys that morning.  I thought about those pictures I had seen of guys with big rings through their dicks.  Now wouldn't that be a sight in an airport!

I was a little nervous about my first plane ride, and everything was smooth and good until right before we landed in Atlanta.  All of a sudden, without any warning whatsoever, we took a big bounce.  I thought for sure we were going down, and I'd be going down with a load of shit in my pants.

"Jesus Christ!  What the fuck was that," I said.

Brian was on the window, I was in the middle, and Kyle was on the aisle.  Tim was on the aisle across from Kyle, and there was a young guy next to Tim.  He thought what I said was funny, and he started laughing.

"Shhh.  Bubba, not so loud," Kyle said.  "That was just a little turbulence.  It happens all the time when you're flying."

"Why didn't somebody tell us it was coming," I asked.

"They don't know it's coming sometimes.  Sometimes they know in advance, but not usually.  One time I flew through a thunderstorm, and that was the worst turbulence I've ever seen.  I was pretty damn scared that time.  There was lightening all around, and the plane was bouncing like crazy.  I said every prayer I knew," Kyle said.

"I can just see Kyle right now," Tim said.  "He bowed his head and said, 'Bless us O Lord and these your gifts which we are about to receive from your bounty, through Christ, our Lord, Amen.'"

Brian, Tim, and I laughed, but Kyle didn't think it was so funny.  The boy next to Tim thought it was funny, though.

"That's not the only prayer I know," Kyle said.

"Oh, yeah?  What other ones do you know," I asked.  "Now I lay me down to sleep?"

"I know the Lord's Prayer.  We say it every week at church," he said.

"That's true," I said.  "What other ones?"

"That's about it," he said, sort of laughing.

The guy sitting next to Tim was following what we were saying real close, and he was smiling at us.  He seemed like a nice guy, just from that.

I was so green about trips and flying and all that I didn't know what to expect when we got to Atlanta.  I figured we'd get right off when the plane stopped, but we didn't.  It took a good fifteen minutes for us to get out of there.  Once inside the airport, we had to get our bearings.  We had to go from Concourse A to Concourse C, and I had no idea what that meant.  Kyle and Tim both knew, though, so they took the lead and got us to where we were supposed to be.  I was taking me plenty of mental notes in case I'd ever have to do that by myself or with just Brian.  He was scoping it all out pretty good, too.  That little guy is nobody's fool.   

We had an hour and a half before our next flight, so we decided to get something to eat.  We got us each a big waffle cone of ice cream.  It was only about 8:30 in the morning, and we had had a real good breakfast, but that didn't mean we weren't ready for a snack.  After we had finished eating, Kyle said,

"Let's go have a smoke."

"You can't smoke in here," I said.

"Yeah, you can.  There's a place," he said.  "There are usually a lot of cute guys in and out of there, too."

"Oh, so that's it," I said, laughing at him.  He had calmed down quite a bit from earlier in the morning, but he was still excited enough to be fun.  "I was wondering why you wanted to smoke."

"I want to smoke because I'm a smoker, just like you.  You know that," he said.

Jesus, what was it with him and smoking?  I was just barely a regular smoker, but he probably smoked a pack of cigarettes a month, if that.  I decided to drop the subject because it was dumb and pointless, and I knew he'd never give in.

He led me to the smoking place, and I was overwhelmed as soon as we walked in.  There was so much smoke in that air that I didn't even have to light up to get lightheaded.  

"This is shit, man.  Let's get out of here," I said.

"Don't you want to smoke," he asked.

"I just did.  I took two breaths and got four cigarettes' worth.  I'm going," I said.

"Yeah, it's pretty bad.  My eyes are burning already," he said.

There was a glass front to the room and no door, just an opening.  You would expect to see smoke billowing out of the place, but it wasn't doing that.  I didn't know why, but the smoke all stayed in the room.

"Let's sit over here and watch 'em," he said.

"Why?  Let's go back to our boyfriends," I said.

"I like to watch guys smoke, okay?  I think it's sexy," he said.

I looked over at him with this face that must have said something like, "I'm not believing this," 'cause I wasn't believing it.

"Don't look at me like that.  I know it's weird, but I still like watching 'em."  He got embarrassed.

"Kyle, don't get your ass embarrassed around me for that, Bubba.  It's like a little fetish or something.  It's nothing.  Does it make you hard when you see a guy smoking?"

"No, of course not.  I just like to watch it, that's all.  Let's change the subject."

"Not just yet.  I think everybody's got some little thing like that.  I like to watch guys pee.  I don't get hard when I see it, but I do like to watch it.  Does Tim know you like to watch 'em smoke?"

"Yeah.  He thinks it's funny.  He knows I like to watch you smoke."

"I'll try to do it more often for you," I said.

He laughed.

"No, Bubba, you don't have to do that.  It's just that you look so masculine when you smoke.  I don't know.  I'm fucked up in the head, and I know it," he said.

I laughed when he said that.

"Kyle, you're about the least fucked up person I know, man.  If you're fucked up, I'm a basket case.  There ain't nothing wrong with you mentally, dude.  Is that why you smoke?"

"Yeah, I guess," he said.

"Chad and Gage both smoke, and that's the opposite of masculine," I said.

"I know.  They don't do anything for me," he said.

"Let's walk back to where our two very masculine boyfriends are, okay?"

"Jus, don't tease me about this, okay, Bubba?  I just opened myself up to you because I trust you.  Don't let me down."

Well, that was all it took, you know?  If he trusted me that much, I knew that boy was going to be my friend for life.  I wanted bad to cry just then and hug his ass big time, but I knew I couldn't in the middle of the Atlanta airport.

"I know.  I would never do that in public.  I want to get all over you so big time right now, I can hardly stand it.  But we can't, and I know it.  Let's go find the little guys."

He grinned at me so big, it was like a huge sunflower turning to the east to face the sun.  Melt me down right here, why don't you, Kyle, I thought.  Make me a fucking puddle, man.


The flight to New York was okay, and there wasn't any turbulence to scare me.  I knew I needed more of that so I could get used to it, but I was thankful we didn't have any.  The flight from Atlanta to New York was about two hours, and Kyle was sound asleep for all but about ten minutes of it.  He didn't even get a soft drink.  

It took us thirty minutes to get off the damn plane, but our luggage came up pretty quick.  Rick had told us to tie a ribbon to our luggage so we could recognize it, and we had done that.  That paid off big time as we watched bag after identical bag go by.  When ours came by, we were able to snatch 'em off right away.

There were a whole lot of people in that airport.  A lot of them were just in ordinary American clothes, but there were a bunch of costumes, too.  We saw two boys all in black with hats on.  Hats, not caps, like you would expect.  They had on, like, suits, too, and they had these really long pieces of hair growing down from right by their ears.  They weren't beards.  They were just, like, loose head hair.

"What is that all about," I asked.  I knew not to say it loud.

"Those guys are Jews," Tim said.  "Hassidic Jews."

"What's up with that long hair on the sides of their heads," I asked.

"I don't know what it means, but it's part of their religion," Tim said.  "I read a couple of books called The Promise and The Chosen in middle school about them.  I loved those books, and they were about those guys."

"About those two?  How do you know?"

"No, not about them, Jus.  They were about two boys about their age, though, who were Hassidic Jews.  About how they were best friends and all.  I still have them, if you want to read them," Tim said.  "They're great books."

"Maybe so," I said.  God!  Think about me reading a book!  I had actually read a couple that Kevin had given me, and they were good.  That wasn't like me at all, though.

"I'd like to read them, too," Kyle said.

I knew he read books because I had seen him doing it.  Kevin and Rick, especially Kevin, read books a lot, so I knew it was cool to do, but I never thought I'd do it.  Of course, I did a lot of stuff with them that I never thought that I'd do.  Go figure.

I saw a lot of other people dressed strange in that airport.

After we got our luggage, we went out to the place where the taxis were.  We had to stand in line, and I wanted a smoke.  It tasted mighty good, too.  I offered my pack to Kyle, and he shook his head "no."  Given what I knew about him and smoking, I tried to do it as sexy and as masculine as I could.  He caught on to what I was doing, though, and he called me "asshole" and laughed at me.  I laughed, too.

So far that day everything had been good, but it all changed at the check-in desk at the hotel.

"I'm sorry, sir, but we can only accommodate two of you here.  We've made arrangements for the other two at the hotel across the street," the desk clerk said.

"Why," Kyle asked.  He was our mouthpiece.

"Do you really want the truth," the guy asked.

"Yeah, I do," Kyle said.

"We were booked solid for this week, but we had a suicide in one room and a fire in another room last night.  One of your rooms was the one with the suicide in it.  We have to walk you," he said.  "That means put you across the street, at our expense, of course."

"That's bullshit, man.  We're four brothers, and we want to stay together.  Our reservations were made a long time ago," Kyle said.

"I know, sir, and I really hate to do this to you, but we just don't have room here."

"Call Kevin, Kyle," I said.

"No.  I'm not calling him.  I'm not whining to him like some candy-ass baby.  I can take care of this," Kyle said.

"Okay.  Have at it," I said.

"How many beds are there in the room you have," Kyle asked.

"Well, it's a double room, so there are two beds.  Two queen-size beds."

"We'll take it.  We want to be together," Kyle said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure.  We sleep together all the time.  It's not a problem, man," Kyle said.

"Mr. Goodson, you don't realize how much this simplifies things for me," he said.

"Just call me Kyle."

"Well, Kyle, you have simplified things for me a great deal.  I'll apply the difference in price to your room.  Both rooms were paid for by company vouchers.  Do you have a Corporate connection?"

"Yeah.  My father owns a franchise for one of these in Florida," Kyle said.

"Very nice.  That means you're family."

"Can you give us the refund in cash instead of applying it," Kyle asked.

"Yeah, of course.  At least I think so."

"Go check," Kyle said, "and then bring us our money."

The guy chuckled as he went off to get the money.  He came back in a few minutes with eight one-hundred dollar bills, three twenties, and other smaller bills, and Kyle gave two hundreds and a twenty to each one of us.  He kept the loose money.

"This is like a windfall," Kyle said.  "I kind of like this.  All four of us get to be in the same room, and they give us $220 each to make it happen.  That is pretty damn cool."

"It is cool," I said to Kyle in private.  "You can watch me smoke my next cigarette."

"I told you I didn't want to be teased about that, but I knew you would do it," Kyle said laughing.  "Just be careful your next cigarette doesn't come out your ass, burning bright."

"I said I wouldn't tease you about it in public.  I think it's just another special little link between us, man."

He and I both laughed about that, and we hugged each other.  It felt good to be with my three brothers and best friends in New York City for an adventure.  


We went up to our room, and it was pretty nice.  We gave the bell hop $40, and he told us his name and that he would take care of us, if we needed anything.  He stayed for a few minutes, and we struck up a conversation.   His name was Tony, he was twenty-three years old, gay and had a boyfriend.  When we told him we were gay, he said he sort of suspected it.  He was a really nice guy.  As it turned out, we got to be really good friends with Tony, and he took care of us like visiting royalty.  We kept tipping him, though.  You have to do that.

We didn't waste any time getting busy.  The first thing, after we put our stuff away in our room, was to get something to eat.  It was almost noon, and all of us were hungry.  We decided to eat lunch in the hotel restaurant because we wanted to talk to the concierge right after we ate.  I actually knew what a concierge was because we had a concierge desk where I worked.  I ordered me a club sandwich with French fries, and they brought the biggest damn sandwich I had ever seen.  It was so thick I couldn't even get my mouth around it without nibbling the edges first.  It was damn good, too.  The French fries were very thin little shoestring potatoes, and they were crispy and soft at the same time, if that makes any sense.  Brian got something called a Rubin sandwich, and he let me taste it.  That Rubin moved to the top of my list for the next time we ate sandwiches.

The concierge turned out to be yet another member of the Rainbow Brotherhood.  He didn't tell us that at first, of course, but everybody suspected it.  Not that we had a problem with it, but it just seemed funny that there were so many gay people in the hotel business.  We had a lot of them working where I worked, too, including me.

He set us up for a bus trip that afternoon starting at 1:30.  The bus would meet us in front of our hotel, and we would just pay the driver.  It was a four-hour tour, and he said it was one of the best.

"Do you guys have any plans for tonight," he asked.

"Not really," Kyle said.  "We're supposed to go to a play tomorrow night, but we haven't talked about tonight."

"Well, there's a tremendous amount to do," he said.  "By the way, my name is Keith."

We all introduced ourselves.

"Where do you like to go for a night on the town," Kyle asked.

"I probably have different tastes than you guys," Keith said.

"Maybe not.  What do you like," Kyle asked.  Kyle was doing the talking for us.

"I like to go to Greenwich Village, but I have to warn you of something.  It's sort of the gay and lesbian part of town, so, if you go, don't be surprised," he said.

"That would be cool with us," Kyle said.  "I know we look straight, but we're gay."

Keith got a slightly surprised look on his face, kinda like Seth had at the strip joint in New Orleans.

"Well, then you might enjoy it.  There are tons of people and tons of shops, bars, coffeehouses, clubs, galleries, and you'll probably find some very interesting and entertaining street performers in Washington Square," he said.

"Why don't you go with us," Kyle asked.

I figured he was looking for a free tour guide.

"That's pretty tempting, actually, but . . ."

"But what?  You got a boyfriend?"

"I'm dating someone.  Yes," Keith said.

"Call him up and see if he wants to go tonight," Kyle said.

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"Hell, yeah.  Why not?  You seem like a real nice guy, and we love making new friends," Kyle said.

I could tell Keith was sniffing the bait, and I could also tell he liked Kyle.

"You guys need to get outside for the tour bus.  I'll work up a list of things you might enjoy doing while you're here and see if I can get tickets for you so you won't have to wait in line at some of the attractions.  Samuel, the desk clerk, said you're part of the Corporate Family and that you did him a big favor.  He marked your registration VIP, so we'll take good care of you.  I'll still be here when you get back from the tour, and I'll let you know then if my friend and I can make it tonight," Keith said.

We all shook Keith's hand, and he seemed to act more masculine than he had at first.  While we were waiting to catch the bus, Tim called his dad and Kyle called his parents, and Kevin and Rick.  They had told us to call them when we got there so they'd know we made it safe.  Kyle told Rick we had already made a new friend.


Rick had been right about taking the bus tour.  We were all over that damn city.  I don't even remember all the stuff we saw, but some of 'em were Grant's Tomb; the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, which was totally awesome; Columbia University; part of Harlem;  Trump Tower; Central Park; Wall Street; the Battery; South Street Seaport; and a whole bunch more.  We didn't get out everywhere, and a lot of times it was just a drive-by, but the tour guy knew so much, you couldn't imagine.  

Kyle had a second camera by then, and of course Flash did his thing right and left.  He put one of us on the digital, and he used his new one that took film.  It was a Minolta XTsi with a zoom lens, not that that meant anything to me, but Kyle thought it was hot shit.

After the bus tour, we looked up Keith, and, sure enough, he had a list of things for us to do.  He had talked to his boyfriend, and they would be stepping out with us that night.  Kyle collected ten dollars from each of us for his tip.  Keith didn't want to take it at first because he said he had enjoyed doing it.

"Bullshit, buddy," Kyle said.  "You take that money and spend it tonight.  You earned it, man."

"Well, thanks, guys.  I feel as though we're getting to be friends, though."


Our night in Greenwich Village was a whole lot of fun.  The place sort of reminded me a little bit of the French Quarter in New Orleans.  Keith's boyfriend turned out to be our bell hop, and me and Kyle kept those two boys laughing their asses off all night.  Brian and I didn't think twice about holding hands when we saw Keith and Tony doing it, and Kyle and Tim even kissed once or twice in public.  And I don't mean a peck, either.  

"You're getting mighty brazen, boy," I said to tease Kyle.

"Shut up, asshole," he said, but he was laughing.

"The next thing you know, you'll have his cock out sucking it over there in the park," I said.

"Do you think we could get away with that," he asked.

"Bubba, you're teasing me, right," I asked.  With him you never really knew.

All he did was wink at me.  Now Kyle was not a winker, so I wasn't sure.

"Tim, let's walk over to the park," Kyle said.

"Kyle.  No!  Don't do it, man," I said.  "Are you out of your fucking mind?"

"He's teasing you, Jus," Tim said, grinning.  Then I saw Kyle's big-ass grin.

"You shitass.  You got me last for sure that time."

Keith and Tony were old enough to buy drinks, and they managed to hustle a few out to me and Kyle, too.  It wasn't about drinking, though.  It was about just seeing everything there was to see.

We went into a mostly gay sex shop and poked around.  It was a lot bigger than the one in New Orleans, and Kyle bought three more of those Bel Ami movies like he had gotten at Christmas.  We had watched those a bunch of times, and we had really enjoyed them.  They didn't have much of a story, but they had some of the most beautiful boys in them, and all the boys had humongous dicks.  Believe it or not, I picked up some how-to from those movies, too.

The highlight of the night, though, was we all got tattoos.  Real ones, not the fakes like we had gotten before.  Kyle and Tim had said they wanted 'em, and sure enough they got what they wanted.  Kyle got him a little monkey that was about two inches tall, and Tim got a bunch of bananas right opposite Kyle's monkey.  Kyle made the guy let them get down to their briefs and to hold each other face to face so he could measure where each tattoo had to go.

"I want the monkey to be able to eat the bananas," he told the guy.

The guy laughed and said he thought they were a pretty damn cute couple.  Keith was kind of like our big brother that night, and he made the guy show him his license and inspection papers from the health department before he would let him get started.

"Are you going to get one," Brian asked me.

"I might.  You want you one," I asked him.

"Yeah.  Sort of," he said.

"Well, this would be as good a place as any to get it," I said.  "We've got money, and they'll be all healed up by the time we get home.  What do you want?"

"I want a teddy bear," he said.

"What should I get?"

"I don't know.  What goes with a teddy bear?"

"Get a frog with his tongue sticking out," Kyle said.  "Like he's licking the teddy bear."

So that's what we did.  It didn't take long, and it stung and burned some but not bad.  The guy gave us some cream to use on 'em for a couple of days, and he put a bandage on each one.  He told us we could take those off the next morning before we took a shower.  

Kyle went first.  He kept his shirt and briefs on, but he had to drop his jeans down so the guy could get to the spot where he wanted it.  Kyle was sort of lying down so the man could work, and it didn't take long for him to grow him a big banana of his own in his underwear.  The guy joked about it and eased us all.  Kyle didn't even get embarrassed.  Of course, Tim, Brian, and I did the self-same thing when it was our turns, so it was a good thing we weren't the modest types.  I could tell Keith and Tony were getting a kick out of the four little redneck fags come to the big city.  The first thing we bought was tattoos.  They were some really nice guys, though, and I could tell they liked us a lot.


We said good night to Keith and Tony around 12:30, and they went their way and we went ours.  We were back in our hotel room by one o'clock, and I was bushed.  Kyle still had plenty of life in him, though, because he had had a good nap on the plane.  There was a VCR in our room, and Kyle wanted to watch one of the movies he had bought that night.  I figured I'd be asleep before the first guy in the movie shot his cum, but that isn't what happened.  

We got naked and got in bed with our boyfriends.  Kyle fired it up with the remote, and before I knew it we were all hard as rocks watching those boys suck and fuck on the TV.  Each of us jerked our boyfriends off, and the next thing I knew Kyle was sound asleep.  He wasn't snoring exactly, but the noise he was making was mighty close to it.  I looked over at their bed.  Tim grinned at me and shook his head like he didn't understand him, either.  Tim rolled him on his side facing us, and he spooned up behind Kyle and put his arm around him.  Kyle looked really cute when he was sleeping, and, if I hadn't known there was a devil inside, I would have said he looked like an angel.

Brian was the next to go.  I switched off the movie with the remote and snuggled up with him.  It had been warm enough during the day, so we had opened the window a little bit to let in some fresh air.  It got colder as night progressed, and it sure felt good to have that sweet little warm thing next to me.  The last thing I remember thinking before I took the count was how lucky I was.  I had everything I needed or wanted, I had great friends, I was happy, I was having fun, and I was in love.  It couldn't get any better.