Kyle, Part 3

Chapter 6

Disclaimer: This story is a continuation of the story of Kevin Foley, Rick Mashburn, and their "sons," Tim Murphy, Kyle Goodson, Justin Davis, and Brian Mathews that started in "Tim," continued in "Justin" and "Kyle," "Kyle, Part 2," and now continues in "Kyle, Part 3."  It is about gay men and gay boys living and loving together as a family, and it contains descriptions of sex.  The sex is never intergenerational, though.  If you are offended by descriptions of gay sex, or if the law in your area forbids you to read them, please exit the story.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.  I appreciate feedback, and you can send it to me at

--Brew Maxwell

(Kyle's Perspective)

We went to bed after we finished our ice cream the night we planned Brian's birthday party, and I was so hot for Tim I could hardly stand it.  In fact, I think I scared him a little bit.

"What's the matter," I asked him once I got him in my arms in bed.  I could feel tension or something, and I didn't like it.

"You're so big tonight, Babe.  You've been like this a few times before.  It scares me a little bit," he said.

"What do you mean I'm so big tonight and I scare you?  I've never hurt you, have I?"

"Of course not.  Kyle, I don't think you realize the effect you have on people when you get like you are tonight."

"What do you mean," I asked.  The only thing I ever wanted was to love that boy and make him happy.  It sounded like I was scaring him or something.

"Kyle, people can't resist you.  Kevin is the strongest one after you, but he can't resist you, either.  Like tonight," Tim said.

"Was I rude to Kevin, Babe?"  I never, ever intended to be rude to Kevin or any of my brothers.  I was worried.

"No, of course you weren't rude.  It's hard to explain, Kyle.  It's like with Craig.  Craig is totally straight, but you could have done anything you wanted to with him in New Orleans.  Did you know that?"

"I knew he liked me a lot," I said.

"It was more than that.  He was totally, like, sucked into your orbit or something.  And Justin's that way, too.  And Jeff.  We all are, Babe."

"Yeah, but you're the only one I ever want," I said.  I hoped it sounded like I meant it as much as I really did.

"I know, and I thank God every day for that, Babe.  I love you, Kyle.  I know I'm only fifteen, but you're it for me.  This is for life, isn't it?"

"Oh, baby, you don't know how happy it makes me to hear that," I said.  "I love you with all my heart and all my soul forever, Tim."

We had said that stuff to each other before, and that's as far as we got before the physical stuff took over.  I made love to Tim that night with more care and more feeling than I had in a long time.  I didn't know what he had been talking about, and I didn't care.


I got up about ten minutes to six the next morning and went downstairs to the kitchen.  Tim and I usually got up at 6:30, but I was wired that morning.  I had a party to put on.  Rick came in from running while I was putting the coffee on.  I was in briefs.  I had already pissed, but I still had morning wood.

"Morning," he said as he passed me.  He thumped my dick hard, and it hurt.  That sucker went down quick, though.

"Bastard," I said to him.  Then he flicked my ass hard with the tips of his fingers, like we used to do in middle school, and that hurt like hell, too.  He was grinning at me so big, though, I couldn't get mad at him.

"You fucking kid," I said.

"You fucking grownup," he said in reply.  We both laughed.

After I made the coffee, I went back upstairs to Jus and Brian's room.  I wasn't supposed to go in unless they invited me, but I did that morning.  He and Brian were both naked, like I knew they would be, and they were both hard as rocks.

I nudged Justin.

"Wake up," I whispered.

"Hey, stud," he said with a big grin.  "Get in and warm up with us."

I was tempted to snuggle up with that big ole boy, but I resisted.

"No.  You get up, and don't talk so loud.  You're going to wake up Brian," I whispered.

He got out of bed.

"Put your underwear on," I said.

He did, and we went down to the kitchen by the back stairs.

"I've got to piss," he said.  He was whispering then.

"Well, go piss," I said in a normal tone of voice.

He came back into the kitchen in a couple of minutes, and he was still very hard. 

"I was like that when Rick came home from running, and he thumped the shit out of my dick.  Then he flicked my ass.  I'm probably going to be bruised front and back," I said.

He laughed.

"Kyle, I want to ask you something."


"You said last night I was your best friend.  Did you really mean that?"

"Hell, yeah, I meant it.  I've told you that before.  You just don't remember," I said.

"No, you haven't, Kyle.  I would definitely remember something like that, dude.  You're my best friend, too," he said.

"I know.  I could tell.  I thought you could tell that about me, too," I said.

"Well, I hoped it was true, but hearing you say it in front of all of them just about made me go crazy, man."

"I'm the lifer type, Jus, so this is it, man."

"What about Philip," Jus asked.

"Philip is my kid best friend.  You're my grownup best friend.  Does that make any sense?"

"I love you," he said.

"I love you, too," I said in return.  Jeez.  It was too early for that kind of talk. 

We poured ourselves cups of coffee and sat down at the table.  Justin wanted a smoke, so he went out into the den and grabbed a pack from out there.  I hadn't smoked a cigarette in almost two weeks, but I had one with him that morning.  I got light-headed as hell from that cigarette, but I couldn't let him know that.  I had an image to uphold.

Justin and I cooked breakfast for the gang that morning.  Kevin and Rick went off to work after breakfast, and Tim and Brian had to go to school.  I had forgotten that they depended on me for a ride, so I ran upstairs real quick and put on some jeans.  I didn't bother with a shirt.  That was a big mistake, I soon learned, because it was cold.  Regardless, though, I drove them to school.  When I got back home, Justin had cleaned up from breakfast.

"Do you want to take a shower together," Jus asked.

"You know I want to, but I can't do that.  Okay?  Do you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I know, you dick-whipped motherfucker."  He was grinning real big.

We were both back downstairs in about twenty minutes. 

"It's still pretty damn early.  Do you want some more coffee," I asked.   

"Yeah," he said.  He took out his pack of smokes and offered me one.  I said 'no.'

"Kyle, how much do you smoke a day," he asked.

"I don't smoke every day," I said.

"Why do you smoke at all," he asked.

"'Cause I like smoking sometimes," I said.

"I can understand that," he said.

Justin and I had business to attend to.  The first place we went was the supermarket.  I ordered the cake, and they said they would have it ready by the next afternoon.  While we were there, we did the bulk of our grocery shopping for the party.  I had a list, but I was sure I'd probably forgotten something.  They had some awesomely large artichokes, and I got eight of them.  I got five plastic bags of salad greens, and for the grilled vegetables I got eight eggplants, twenty yellow squashes, twenty zucchini, and ten each of green and red sweet peppers.  I got three large packs of mushrooms, too.  I picked up two bags of yellow onions and a couple of bunches of green onions.  We got veggies for the vegetable trays, and three packages of dried dip, and the stuff to mix it with, too, besides what we bought to grill.  We got the sausage and canned spicy tomatoes for the dip, the polish sausages to grill, and we bought lots of chips for the cheese dip, too.  I bought four one-pound blocks of processed cheese, and garlic and Italian breadcrumbs and grated Romano cheese for the artichokes.  I didn't forget the olive oil, either.  I bought it all.

The total was around $185.00.  I pulled out my credit card and ran it through the machine.  I made sure I had the family one that Rick had given me for that.

Next we went home to put all that stuff away.  We didn't put the vegetables in the refrigerator because it couldn't hold everything.  I only put perishable stuff in there.  There was another refrigerator and a big freezer in the utility room, but I knew we'd need that refrigerator for the rest of what we had to buy.  The refrigerator in the clubhouse would be reserved for beer, soft drinks, and white wine.  The red wine that I was serving with dinner stayed out.

"We're going to need to go into town for this next trip.  Can we take your truck," I asked Jus.

"No.  I don't want your smelly ass in my truck," Jus said.

"You want my smelly ass in your bed, but you don't want it in your truck?  Is that what you're saying?"

"You got me last on that one, Bubba."  

He and I both laughed.

"What do we need the truck for," he asked.

"I'm hoping we can buy some tables and chairs," I said.

"Kyle, we can take my truck, but it's just a pick-up.  How much shit are we talking about, man?"

I thought for a few seconds.

"Maybe we'll need to make more than one trip.  But I want this thing all set up today," I said.

"Why?  What are you going to do tomorrow?"

"I'm going to cook.  What do you think I'm going to do?"

"Kyle.  Dude.  Why are you so into this party?  I mean, I appreciate it, and all, that you would do this for Brian, but I'm just wondering."

"I'm doing it for Brian, but I'm doing it for more than him.  I love Brian, but I also love the people Brian loves, you know?  Face it, man.  Brian and Tim are best friends, just like you and me are.  And Kevin's family is coming from New Orleans.  And my parents and all our friends are going to be here for it.  Plus, I just want to prove I can do this.  Does that make any sense?  "

"Yeah, it does."

"Okay, so let's get cracking."

I looked in the phone book to see if there was any place that might sell what I was looking for.  I basically wanted four ten-top fold-up round tables and forty nice upholstered stacking chairs to go around them.  I called six or eight places that sold furniture, but none of them had anything like what  I wanted.  

"Damn," I said after the last call.  I was pissed.

"What's the matter," Jus asked.

"None of these fucking so-called furniture stores have what I want, that's what's the matter," I said.

"What is it you want?"

"I want tables and chairs like they have at the hotels.  Round tables that seat ten people, and forty chairs to go with them.  Three of these fuckers said I'd have to order those from a restaurant supply company.  We ain't got time for that."

"Why don't you just borrow them for the party and then order you some later."

"Borrow them?  Who would I borrow them from?  Huh?"

"Kyle, sit down," he said.

He stood up and got behind me.

"Take your shirt off," he said.

"Justin, don't start, man.  You know where I stand on that."

"This ain't sex, dude.  Just take your shirt off."

I trusted him, and I took my shirt off.  In a second, I felt his hands on my shoulders and neck.  He was giving me a massage.

"Kyle, these muscles are like steel, dude.  Just relax and take some deep breaths."

His hands felt really good.  He kneaded my muscles hard, but I guess I needed that.  After a few minutes, I started to relax.

"How many hotels does your daddy own," he asked.

"I don't know.  Ten or twelve.  You know better than I do," I said.

"He owns eleven, Bubba, and four of 'em have more than 400 rooms.  They're big, Kyle."

I was loving what he was doing, and I didn't want him to ever stop.

"Do you know what that means, Bubba?"

"That we can have a whole lot of company, if we want to," I said.

He popped the side of my head pretty hard.  That was already the third time that day I had gotten hit, and it wasn't even ten o'clock yet.  He and I both laughed, though.

"No, asshole, it means you can probably borrow four tables and forty chairs from those hotels.  Do you have any pull with the boss man?"

I didn't say anything because I didn't want him to stop doing what he was doing.  Timmy gave me massages sometimes, and I gave them to him, but nobody had ever done to me what Jus was doing just then.  Him touching me like that had made my dick hard, but I knew he didn't mean for that to happen.

"Who's the boss," I finally asked.

"It's this real hard-ass named Kevin Foley.  But I work for him, so maybe I have some pull," he said.

We were both laughing, and I felt sort of dumb for not thinking of that before.

"And you know what else," he asked.


"They have table cloths and napkins to go with those tables.  And silverware, too.  And plates.  Really nice plates.  No cracks or chips.  And they even have cups and saucers and glasses you can use in the bar, and all sorts of shit."

I was laughing so hard I could hardly stay in my chair, and Jus was loving it.

"Would you call Mr. Foley and see if he can help us out," I asked.

"You call him.  I have his number," he said.

He stopped rubbing me down and got a phone.  He handed it to me, and it was already ringing because he had pushed the speed-dial button for Kevin.

"Hi, Kev.  It's me.  Kyle," I said.

"Kyle who?"

"Kyle Goodson.  What the fuck Kyle do you think it is," I asked.

"What do you want?"

He always teased me when I got him on the phone at work, which I didn't do often.  It sounded like he was outside or something.  I heard some laughing in the background.

"I was calling to see if I could borrow some tables and chairs and table cloths and dishes and shit for Brian's party.  From one of the hotels.  I couldn't find any tables like I want anywhere in town.  They told me I'd have to order them from a restaurant supply place, but we don't have time to do that."

I heard more laughing.

"Where are you," I asked.  "It sounds like you're outside.  I can hear people laughing," I said.

"I'm in my office, and the people laughing are your father and Rick.  I'm on speaker."

"Hi, Dad.  Hi, Rick.  Make him let me borrow that stuff, you guys."

"Why didn't you think of that first thing, son," my dad asked.

"I don't know.  All I was thinking of was they would need it in the future, so we might as well buy it now.  I was going to charge it to Goodson, Dad.  I hope that was all right."

"That's what you should have done, son, but we'll see that they get fitted out later.  Right now you have a problem, don't you?"

"Yes, sir.  Make Kevin tell me it's okay to borrow the stuff we need, Dad.  Please."

"You know it's okay, Kyle," Kevin said.  I could hear them all laughing.

"So, where do we get it," I asked.

"Where are you right now," Kevin asked.

"I'm at home.  At your house.  Justin and I just bought a lot of the groceries."

"I'll send some guys over with the stuff, and I'll ask Mary Ann to go with them to supervise them setting the tables.  You and Jus get on about your business.  They'll be able to get in.  I'll give Mary Ann the code to the clubhouse lock.  How many do you need?"

"I was going to buy four ten-tops and forty chairs, but we're only having thirty people, so three and thirty, right?"

"I guess you need table setting for that many, too, huh?"


"Okay, I'll take care of it, and I really do appreciate you and Jus doing all of this, Bubba," he said.

"Thank you, Kevin," I said.  "And thank you, too, Dad."

"No problem," Kevin said.  "Now get the hell out of my life."

They all laughed hard at that ending.  I laughed, too, and then we hung up.

"Phew, that's a relief," I said to Jus.

"What'd he say?"

I told Jus what had just happened on the phone.  

"You've got to think of all angles, Bubba," he said.

"I know.  I just learned that lesson.  I won't be making that mistake again."

"And see, you've already taught me something.  This is supposed to be a training day for me, you know, and I just learned an important lesson," Jus said.


"That you're a dumbass.  That's important to know about somebody who's going to be your boss someday," he said.



"Don't stop doing that, Bubba.  That feels so good."  He had stopped massaging my shoulders and neck.

"No.  Get up." 

He pinched the shit out of my right nipple, and it hurt.

"What is this, Abuse Kyle Day?"

"It looks like it.  Come on.  Put your shirt on so we can go."

"Okay, but I've got to make one call first," I said.  I looked up the number of the butcher shop we did business with and told them what I wanted.  They said they'd have it ready around one o'clock.


We were in my car, but Jus had wanted to drive.  I let him.

"Have you got him a present," I asked.

"Yeah, I bought him a gold chain like he gave me for Christmas.  Do you think he'll like that?"

"What guy wouldn't like that," I asked.  "It's kind of neat that y'all will have the same chain."

He smiled nice.

"What can Tim and I get him," I asked.

"He told me he likes radio controlled model airplanes.  You could get him one of those."

"Oh, man.  That's perfect," I said.  "I guess we could get one at Toys-R-Us.  You think?"

"What is that?  A toy store?"

"Jesus, Bubba.  You don't know what that is," I asked.

"I don't know toy stores, Kyle.  Come on, man.  You know me."

"I'm sorry, dude.  I forget sometimes, you know?  You fit in so good with us, I forget sometimes."

"I know.  I ain't pissed at you, Kyle.  Let's go to that store and see what they have."

"It's in town.  We have to go to town for a lot of things.  We still don't have the meat and potatoes," I said.

The first place we went in town was the toy store.  They had a bunch of toy airplane model kits, but they didn't have any radio controlled ones.  The manager knew what I was talking about, though, and he looked up a place in the phone book that sold them.  I thanked the guy for his help.

"We need to buy something here because he was so nice to us," I said to Jus.  "Do you think Bri would like a kite?"

"Yeah, I guess so," he said.

"They're not real expensive.  I used to love flying kites when I was in Cubs."


"Cub Scouts.  We used to have a contest every year to see who could build the best kite that would really fly.  Did you ever do that?  Fly a kite?"


"Let's get kites.  You want to?"

"Whatever you want, Bubba," Jus said.

"Let me call them to see if they want me to buy Brian a present," I said.

I called Kevin on my cell.

"Hello," he said.  I called his private number, so he answered it himself.

"Hey.  It's me."

"Who is this," he said.  He did it to me again.

"It's Kyle, and don't say Kyle who.  I'm buying a present for Brian.  Do you and Rick have something for him?"

He started laughing.  "What are you getting him?"

"I'm getting him a radio controlled model airplane.  He likes those.  Do you want me to get him something for you all to give," I asked.

"We're giving him the same thing we gave you, but get him a plane from us, too.  A nice one, hear?"

"Justin, too," I asked, meaning the trip.

"Yeah.  The same time as you and Tim.  Can New York handle the four of you guys at one time?"

"Oh, Kevin!  That is so cool, man.  Thank you so much!  We're going to have a blast.  Why don't you and Rick go, too?"

"No.  We want you guys to have an adventure on your own.  We'll all go some time, though.  Listen, I need to go.  Thanks for thinking about us, Bubba."

"Okay.  Bye."

He said bye and hung up.

"What did he say," Justin asked me.

"He said to get one from them, too."  I didn't say anything to Justin about the trip because part of the surprise was for him, too, but I was about to piss my pants I was so excited about that.

I bought two cloth kites, one for Brian and one for the rest of us to have to play with.  Then we went to the model store.  I didn't really know what I was looking for, but the guy in there was pretty helpful.  I ended up buying a Sturdy Birdy II and a Sky Trick.  The Sturdy Birdy was going to take some work to put together, but the Sky Trick was ready to fly.  I got the batteries they needed, too.

"Man, I'm excited about these presents," I said.

"You get excited about everything, don't you," Jus said.

"Yeah.  Am I getting on your nerves?"  I sometimes got on my parents' nerves when I was too excited.

"No.  You're fun to be around when you get excited."  He was laughing at me, and he made me laugh, too.  I knew I got too excited sometimes, but I didn't know it made me fun to be around.

"We need to get some party decorations, don't you think," I asked.

"Like what?"

"I don't know.  I know where there's a party store, though.  Let's check it out."

We went to the party store.  I bought a big canvas banner that just said "Happy Birthday."  I figured we could use that more than once.  Then I bought some sparkly things to spread out on the tables.  I had been to a few things where they had that stuff on the table, and it added a lot to the festivities.  

"You know what we need," I said to Jus.

"No, what?"

"We need some flowers for those tables, don't you think?"

"I don't know.  I guess.  How do you think of stuff like that, man," Jus asked.

"I don't know, but for it to be nice, we have to have fresh flowers," I said.

"Where do you get them?"

"At the grocery store.  Ain't you ever seen the flower department in a grocery store?"

He shrugged like he didn't know what I was talking about.

We were at a strip mall, so we went to the grocery store that was there.  I told the lady in the flower department what I wanted, and she said she could have three nice sets of flowers ready in about an hour.  It was already 11:30, so Jus and I decided to get some lunch.  There was a fast-food Italian place in the shopping center, and that's where we ate.  There were a bunch of high school kids in there from one of the high schools in town.

"Do you see that girl checking you out," I asked Justin.

"Yeah.  She's pretty cute, too," he said.  

"Do you ever think about having sex with a girl?"

"I have," he said.

"You've had sex with a girl," I asked.  I was a little surprised.

"No, dummy.  I've just thought about it.  I've never done it," he said.

"I think about it sometimes," I said.

"Does it bone you up?"

"Yeah.  A little, at least.  I think I could do it, if I wanted to.  Trouble is, I don't want to."

He laughed.  "I hear you, bro.  How did you figure out you were gay?"

"I always felt like I was different from other guys when it came to some things.  I mean, I liked sports.  Still do, in fact, and I was pretty good at them.  I liked other 'guy' things, too, like fishing and camping and boating, and all that.  I liked to look at boys, especially naked boys or guys with their shirts off.  I also liked to think about somebody tying me up naked and rubbing all over me.  I always pictured a naked boy doing that.  My dick would get really hard, and I'd come.  I didn't shoot anything, but I'd still come."

"Would you like for Tim to tie you up and make you come?"

"Not now," I said.  "I used to think about that when I was like seven years old.  You're not going to tease me about that, I hope.  I don't mind being teased, as you well know, but I don't want to be teased about that.  I'm not into kinky stuff."

"Shit, Bubba.  Give me some credit, man.  I won't even tell Brian you told me that, Stud.  Besides, that ain't so bad, you know?"

"Thanks, Bubba," I said.

"What was the first sex you ever had?"

"The first time was with Tim.  Until I met him, I only thought I might be gay.  I mean, deep down I knew for sure, but that's all I would let myself think.  He's the one who made me okay with it.  It was almost love at first sight, for me," I said.

"Damn, Bubba, I'm enjoying the hell out of this.  As good as we know each other, I feel like I'm just getting to know a major part of you right now," Jus said.

"Tell me about you.  How did you know?"

"Well, you know about me and Burl Jackson, and what he did to me.  I guess he spotted it in me and took advantage of what he saw.  I don't think I ever really had a moment when I said, 'Okay, boy, you're gay.'"

"You just more or less always knew, huh?"

"Pretty much.  I never was really ashamed of being gay, though.  You were, weren't you?"

"I wasn't so much ashamed as scared.  I thought that I'd turn into somebody like Chad or Gage.  That's what I thought all gay guys were like, and I definitely didn't want to be like that.  Then I met Tim, and through him I met Kevin and Rick.  I knew from them that I could be gay and ordinary, just like I had always been," I said.

"How often do you and Timmy make love, if that ain't too personal," he asked.

"It's not too personal for you to know, dude.  We don't screw every time we do something.  In fact we only do that two or three times a week.  We pretty much get each other off every day, though, some way.  Sometimes all he has to do is kiss me and rub my nipples, and I'm off."

"Do you guys do oral to each other," he asked.

"Oh, yeah.  That's a biggie for us.  What about you all?"

"Yeah.  Brian really likes doing it to me.  I like doing it to him okay, but he really likes doing it to me.  He likes for me to fuck him, too.  He fucks me sometimes, but I reckon he's more the bottom type, and I'm more the top," Justin said.

"Yeah, I can see that.  We're pretty much 50-50, I guess.  Kevin and Rick are like us, too, I think.  They don't screw every time, either," I said.

"We don't, either.  Is this conversation making you hard?"

I laughed.  "Of course it is," I said.  "You?"

He smiled and nodded.  "Do you guys ever just kiss and make out?"

"Yeah, we do.  Tim likes to play with my dick.  Not jerk me off, although he sometimes does that, but just play with it.  He gets it hard and tries to see how long he can keep me hard before I shoot," I said.  "He does some pretty amazing things."

"I bet it's fun playing with his dick, with that foreskin and all," Jus said.

"Yeah, it is.  Especially with my tongue."  I stuck out my tongue in a little point and wiggled it.

"Shit, if you keep that up, I'm going to need to change my underwear," he said.  

I laughed.  "Let's go see if the flowers are ready.  Want to?"

"Yeah," he said.  "I'm ready.  Thanks for talking to me, Kyle.  I feel really close to you right now.  I never had a best friend before, and I think I like this a lot."

If we hadn't been in public, I would have hugged him when he said that.

"Me, too, Bubba."  We shook hands instead of what I really wanted to do, which was to hug.

We stepped into the men's room to adjust ourselves.  If I hadn't known he was hard, I probably wouldn't have noticed the bulge in his jeans.  I was probably the same way.


The flowers were ready.  They were really pretty and just the right size.  I didn't want something so tall you couldn't see the people across the table from you.  I was glad we were in my car instead of Justin's truck.  I put the flowers on the floor of the back seat so they wouldn't turn over and get messed up as we drove.

We spent the next hour or so getting the real food for the party.  The butcher shop I had called that morning had the best meat in the whole county, and that's where we went.  I got prime beef tenderloin, and I had them cut it into three-inch steaks.  That meat was going to melt in everybody's mouths.  I got thirty-five stuffed baked potatoes, and there were thirty-seven steaks.  I knew that would be enough.

"You know what I really like," Jus said.


"Corn on the cob."

"That's my favorite, but it ain't good this time of year.  That's a summer vegetable.  We'll have that at your party," I said.  "What else should we get?"

"What else is on your list," he asked.

I checked my list, and we needed beer, soft drinks, and wine.

"We need to go to the warehouse," I said.  "Once we do that, we'll have everything, I think."

We headed back across the bridge to the beach.  When we pulled up to the warehouse, I asked, "Have you ever been here before?"

"I've been here every day, Kyle.  This is where I pick up the stuff I take to the hotels and the stores," he said.

"Yeah, but I meant have you ever been here with me?"

"No, but what's special about coming here with you?"

"When you're here with me, if you see something you want, it's yours.  Do you need any clothes?  How many pairs of jeans do you have?"

"Two," he said.

"You only have two pairs of jeans!?  You're getting some more.  Five more, in fact.  You wear the same jeans more than one day?"

"Yeah.  So what?  Everybody does that, don't they," he asked.

"No, I don't.  I wear clean ones every day.  Sometimes I'll wear a pair two days, but never any more than that.  Do Kevin and Rick know you only have two pairs of jeans?"

"I don't know.  They only bought me one pair when I first came here.  I bought the other pair myself because ole Jason said my jeans stunk," he said.

"I'll bet they don't know that.  We're getting you clothes while we're here," I said.  

We got the soft drinks, beer, and wine loaded up in the trunk of my car, and then we went back to do some clothes shopping.  I was shocked that my own brother didn't have more clothes than he had, and I made a mental note to bring that matter up with Kevin and Rick.  Justin made his own money, and I knew they weren't giving him an allowance.  The more I thought about it, the more pissed off I started to get.

"What size jeans do you wear," I asked Justin.

"I don't know.  Look on the back of these.  They fit me good.  You seem like you're pissed off, Kyle.  What did I say, man?"

"Yeah, I am pissed off, but not at you.  I'm pissed off at Kevin and Rick for not taking better care of you, Bubba.  Damn, I can't believe you only have two pairs of jeans.  That's all you ever wear.  They're going to hear from me about this.  As much money as we all have.  Shit!  It's ridiculous that they would let their son try to get by with two pairs of jeans.  How many pairs of underwear do you have?  And socks?  And shirts, for that matter?"

"I've got enough, Kyle."

"You might have enough for you, but you don't have enough for me."

"Why do you care how many pairs of underwear I have," he asked.

"Because I just do, that's why.  And, hey.  Come here.  I wanted to do this before, but we couldn't 'cause of where we were."


I grabbed him and hugged the hell out of him.  He didn't respond at first, but then he hugged me back.

"You're a damn good guy, Justin, and I'm proud you're my brother and friend," I said.  I started to tear up, but I held it back.  He did tear up, though, and I didn't turn him loose until I knew he was over that.

We got a lot of stuff for him, and he was beaming because of it.  They had all kind of clothes in that warehouse besides jeans and underwear.  We got him some nice shirts, too.

We left that place loaded down with shit for Justin, and I felt really good about all of it.

"Jesus, Kyle, how much more do we have to do.  I'm tired.  Ain't you tired?"

"That's it, I think.  We need to get home and put this food away.  Then I want to make sure they delivered the tables and chairs, and set 'em up right.  We're going home now."

"Kyle, this is the first day you and I have ever spent together, just the two of us.  Did you realize that?"

I thought about that for a few seconds.  He was right.  

"We spend so much time together, but it's always with the others around, isn't it," I said.

"Yeah.  I want to do this some more, Kyle.  Just you and me out having fun together.  This has been a great day for me," he said.

"For me, too, and, yeah, I want to do this some more, too.  Do you think Tim and Brian will be jealous," I asked.

"I really don't think so.  You said before you thought they were best friends, and I really think they are, too.  Tim's been spending a lot of time with Brian on his Eagle Scout project, and I really don't think they'd be jealous.  Just friends, though.  No sex," Justin said.

"You say no sex.  Man, you've been trying to seduce me the whole day," I said.

"Kyle, I'm not going to lie to you, man.  I would love to have sex with you.  Full out tongue-kissing, cock-sucking, butt-fucking sex.  But I really do love Brian, Bubba, just like I know you love Tim.  I want the four of us to be best friends for life, Kyle.  You said this morning you're a lifer, and I want to be a lifer, too.  I won't do that seduce thing anymore.  I promise.  The four of us are too close to let sex get in the way."

I thought about what he said for a few minutes.

"We can do stuff like the four of us have been doing together, though, can't we," I asked.

"You like that, do you," he asked.  He was teasing me.

"Yeah, I like it, and you do, too.  Don't tell me you don't," I said.

"I do like it, Kyle.  I meant no sex between just the two of us," he said.

"I know.  We're brothers, right?"

"You're my brother.  I hope I'm yours," Justin said.

"We're going to be totally awesome when we're grownups, aren't we," I said.

He was grinning and laughing and being real cute.  "I think we're pretty awesome now," he said.

"I think we're pretty awesome now, too," I said.