This story is a continuation of the story of Kevin Foley, Rick Mashburn, and their "sons," Tim Murphy, Kyle Goodson, and Justin Davis that started in "Tim" and continued in "Justin."  It is about gay men and gay boys living and loving together as a family, and it contains descriptions of sex.  The sex is never intergenerational.  If you are offended by descriptions of gay sex, or if the law in your area forbids you to read them, please exit the story.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.  I appreciate feedback, and you can send it to me at

--Brew Maxwell

Kyle, Part 1

Chapter 3

The living room of the Goodsons' suite became our headquarters at the hotel.  They had a small kitchen, so it was convenient to keep drinks cold and to keep ice frozen.  There weren't any formal meetings after the first one to tell the story of the heroes, but people drifted in and out all evening and all the next day.  

Rick and Tim and Kyle and I stayed up late watching TV.  They had Movies on Demand at that hotel, so we watched American Pie 2 and The Gladiator.  We had all seen both of them before, but they were fun to watch together.  Kyle made popcorn in the microwave for us, and we periodically switched back to a local station to check on the storm.  The Weather Channel had on-the-scene coverage, so we watched that a little, too.  It got worse as the northwest quadrant of the storm approached.  That was the worst part of the storm, and it always had the most rain and the highest winds.

There were already reports of tornadoes, and several mobile homes were destroyed.  The police and firefighters had to bear the brunt of emergency services, but other agencies, such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, were standing by to help, too.

"Where did the tornadoes come from," Tim asked.

"The storm makes 'em," Kyle said.  "If there's a lot of them, they do more damage than the hurricane does."

"Tim, when we drive home, you'll be able to see long stretches where tornadoes went through the woods.  The trees will be knocked down like toothpicks, but the strip won't be very wide at all," I said.

"Cool," Tim replied.

Rick wasn't himself, at all.  He wasn't saying much, but he was also very fidgety.  His doctor had given him an anti-anxiety medicine for situations like the one we were in at that moment, and I wondered if he had remembered to bring it with him.

Rick lit up a cigarette.  He coughed a little when he first inhaled, and that got the boys' attention.  They had never seen Rick smoke before, and they appeared a little surprised.  He had quit smoking over a year before.

"Did you bring your medicine," I asked him quietly.

"Yeah," he said.

"Did you take some of it," I asked.

"No, but I think I need to.  Let me finish this, and I'll go take some," he said.

"Do you want me to get it for you?  I don't mind," I said.

He smiled at me, and I knew he did want me to get it.

It only took about thirty minutes for the medicine to kick in.  The doctor had said that was one of its strong points, and I could almost see him relax as it took effect.

"How long do you think we'll have to stay here," Tim asked.

"That's hard to say, buddy," Rick said.  "The water won't stay high for very long, probably, if there is any, but it'll take them some time to get the power back on."

"What do you mean," he asked.

"In our neighborhood, the power lines are underground, so they're pretty safe.  In most of the county, though, they hang from power poles.  If a tree limb is blown off and hits the power line, it can knock the line down.  We lose power when that happens," Rick explained.

"They should cut limbs that are close to power lines," Tim said.

"They do, Babe," Kyle said, "but it'll knock down whole trees.  Big ones, too.  You'll see."

"I guess a big tree could crash into a house, too," Tim offered.

"They do it all the time," Kyle replied.

Tim was holding Kyle against his chest like I usually held Rick, and, pretty soon after that last exchange, Kyle went to sleep in his lover's arms.  I watched Tim watching him, and if what I saw in Tim's face wasn't pure love, I didn't know what pure love was.  Eventually, the movie ended, and we all went to bed.


The weather was terrible when we woke up Sunday morning.  After we made love, Rick and I lay in bed listening to the thunder and the wind.  The rain was coming down hard, and it was barely light, even though it was close to nine o'clock.  We heard a knock on the door.  Rick asked who it was, and a timid voice said it was Tim.  He opened the door, and it was both boys.

"We know it's Sunday morning, but can we come in," Kyle asked.  "Tim's scared."

Rick opened the door wider to let them in.  He and I were both still naked, but we had been around the boys naked so much that it didn't matter to any of us.

"Come and get in with us," I said.

The boys scampered into bed between Rick and me.  It was a deluxe king-size bed, so there was plenty of room.  Tim was trembling.

"Are you cold," I asked him.

"I'm just a little scared.  I had a bad dream that scared me, and the storm is kind of scary, too," he said.  "All of you guys have been through lots of hurricanes, but this is my first one."

"What was the dream about?  Can you tell us," I asked.

"I dreamed Kyle drowned instead of saving that baby," he said softly.

"Oh, Timmy, that is scary, but it was just a dream," I said.

"I know, but I would die if Kyle died," Tim said.

I didn't say anything, but I knew that was true.  I knew he loved him that much.

Rick flipped on the TV set and tried to get one of the stations from home.  It didn't come on so he tried another one.  The second station came in perfectly, and the announcer said that the first station we had tried, plus a number of radio stations there, were off the air because of the storm.  The woman wasn't exactly gleeful over that news, but she wasn't sad, either.

The station showed film of the hurricane.  It had speeded up and had made landfall earlier than they had predicted.  It had been upgraded to a Cat 4, but the storm surge wasn't as bad as it could have been because it had come ashore at low tide.  There was local flooding all over the county because of the rain, but the Gulf and the enormous system of bays that dominated our landscape didn't flood.

We stayed in bed for about a half hour, and then we decided to get up.  Rick got up first and took a shower.  While he was getting dressed, I went in and took mine.

"Did y'all take showers this morning," I asked the boys when I was finished.  It was obvious they hadn't shaved, so I wondered about showers.

"We did yesterday afternoon when we first got here," Kyle said.  "Do we stink?"

"No.  Of course not," I said.  "I was just wondering.

We had breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and it was the kind of buffet the boys loved.  They saw several people they knew from home, and the place looked like it was full.

That afternoon the worst part of the rain and wind came through Dothan.  We lost power for a few seconds until the hotel's backup generating system kicked in, but otherwise it wasn't uncomfortable for us.  The boys wanted to go swimming, but even they finally realized that it wasn't very safe to be outside and in a pool with all the lightening that was going on.


By Monday morning the storm was gone.  George, Rick, and I decided to go home, at least for the day, to survey the damage.  Rick and I also had the little matter of our jobs.  I had already made the mental transition to being Executive VP of Goodson Enterprises, but I hadn't so much as mentioned to anybody at my hotel that I was leaving.  Gene had said we could have as much time as we needed to sever our ties with our company, and that process of severing had to begin that day.

I got to work around ten o'clock, and I told the Director of Sales I had to speak with her.

"I really didn't expect you to come in today," she said, after I had taken a seat in her office.

"Well, we spent the night in Dothan, but I wanted to come in because I want to tell you something.  I've been offered another job, and I really can't turn it down."

She looked a little distraught.

"I'm not surprised, Kevin.  I knew it was just a matter of time before someone would discover you.  May I ask who it is," she said.

"It's Goodson Enterprises.  I'll be Executive Vice President in charge of their hotel properties," I said.

"I see.  I know Gene, of course.  Everybody knows Gene.  You must have made quite an impression on him.  I didn't even know he was looking for someone."

I explained about the anticipated expansion without giving any details, and she listened carefully.

"It's a wonderful opportunity, Kevin, and you'll be with this company many years, and will have to move around the country two or three times, at least,  before anything remotely as big as that opens up with us.  When does he want you?"

"As soon as possible, of course," I said.

She chuckled politely.

"Frankly, you've been a huge resource for us, and there's probably no way I'll be able to replace you ever, much less in two weeks," she said.  "Unless you need to hang around here because of the money, I'm going to let you leave any time you want to.  We'll miss you.  How does Rick feel about it?"

I explained George's plans for Rick.

"Oh, my," she said.  

While I was doing that, Rick was having the same conversation with his boss.  His boss told him many of the same things mine had said to me, but he, too, told Rick he was free to leave whenever he was ready.

We had to drive through town on our way back to Dothan, and the place had the look of a ghost town.  None of the traffic signals were working, so we had to approach them as though they were four-way stop signs.  Some drivers either didn't know that or failed to notice the darkened signal lights, and we saw at least three near accidents.

"I talked to George," Rick said.

"Oh, yeah?  What did he say?"

"He said that all of his properties escaped, with only minor damage at a couple of them.  He said they had had enough time to get prepared, so they didn't even have any broken windows anywhere."

"In some places," I said, "a situation like this would create a field day for looters.  The cops and the auxiliary cops and the reservist cops are working 24/7 here, though."


Back in Dothan, we hunted up the boys, who seemed more filled with energy than they usually were.  Gene wasn't back yet, so Kyle joined us, Justin and Jason, and George and Tim for dinner.

"What did y'all do today," Rick asked.

The four boys grinned and looked at one another with devilment in their eyes.

"It must have really been something," I said.

"Oh, it was," George said.  He was smiling, too, so I figured it wasn't too terrible.

"Well, come on.  Somebody tell us," Rick said.

"We'll show you," Kyle said.  "One, two, three."

On "three," he and Tim raised their tee shirts up, and we saw what they had done.  They had gotten their nipples pierced.  They had matching gold loops in all four nubs.

"Well," I said.  I really didn't know what else to say.

"Well, indeed," George echoed.

"Are you okay with this, George," I asked.

"Actually, I am, Kevin.  I know it's fashionable, and it's not permanent, like tattoos.  I really don't object," George said.

"We get tattoos tomorrow," Kyle said.

"He's teasing you, Dad," Tim said before George could start.

"I really am teasing, Mr. Goodson," Kyle said.

George got a look of relief on his face.

"You should say Dr. Goodson, not Mr. Goodson, Kyle," Jason said.

"I know.  I keep forgetting that," Kyle said.  "Maybe if he pulled some of my teeth I could remember."

We all laughed at Kyle.

"Why don't all of you just call me George," he said.

"I couldn't do that, Mr. Goodson.  Dr. Goodson, I meant.  What if I call you Doc?"

"Whatever you're comfortable with, Kyle, but, truly, George is fine with me," George said.

"But it wouldn't be fine with my mamma and daddy, Doc," Kyle said.

That night after dinner we all went for a swim in the hotel pool.  There were two kids down there who were around the ages of our boys, and those two boys couldn't keep their eyes off the nipple rings three of our four wore.  One of them had a small tattoo at the top of his bicep, and I suspected they were envious of the body decorations of our guys.

We ended up playing pool fight, with those boys joining in as a team.  Tim got on Kyle's shoulders, and I got on Rick's, and we faced off.  I was a little nervous about horsing around too much with them because of their new piercings, and, in fact, we ended the game when one of Tim's started bleeding a little.  

George had been busy at one of the computers in the hotel lobby that were there for guests to use.  He joined us in the living room of the suite.  The kids put on shorts, but they sat around bare chested.  

"I did some research on nipple piercing while you guys were in the pool," George said.

"What did you find out, Dad," Tim asked.

"Do you have any idea how it originated," he asked.

"No, sir," Kyle said, and everyone else shook their heads to indicate they didn't know, either.

"It was actually the Roman soldiers who started the custom," he said.  "They wore nipple rings as a sign of bravery.  Historians believe they used them to intimidate their enemies, who could obviously see them in hand-to-hand combat."

"That's petty cool," Kyle said.

"Yeah," Tim said.

"In light of your recent feats of bravery, I think it's fully appropriate that you have pierced nipples," George pronounced.  I loved George to death, but George didn't talk to people; he lectured.

I noticed Justin doing something to his nipple rings, and I asked him what he was doing.

"Taking 'em out," he said.

"Why, Bubba," Kyle asked.  "Leave 'em in.  They look so cool."

"Yeah, but these things weren't put here 'cause I was brave, that's for damn sure," he said.

"We think you're brave," Tim said.

"I ain't brave.  I'm just stupid, and I should have taken these out months ago," Jus said.

"What do they stand for, then," Tim asked him.

"Slavery."  He said the word quietly, and nobody contradicted him or offered a wisecrack.  It was a tribute to his brothers and his boyfriend that they understood what he meant and supported him in what he was doing.

It took him a few seconds to get them out, but the finally did.  He rubbed his nipples a little, not in any kind of sexual way but as a way of seeing what it felt like to be without them.  I was proud of Jus for not giving in to the peer pressure Kyle and Tim exerted on him and for doing what he wanted to do.

Nobody said anything for a few moments.  Then Kyle broke the silence.

"We're growing beards, too.  All four of us."

"I was wondering what that shit was all about on your faces," Rick said.

"We're going to shave some, Rick," Kyle said.  "We're going to grow goatees."

Kyle had a pretty heavy beard for a kid who wasn't yet seventeen.  He shaved pretty much every day, but you could see his dark whiskers below the surface of his skin even right after he had shaved.  Tim's beard was even a lighter blond than his natural hair color, but it was definitely there.  Jus had a beard about the color of Tim's, and I could tell his beard-growing project probably wouldn't be as successful as his brothers'.  Jay had dark hair, too, but he had one of those kinds of beards where his moustache didn't actually connect with the hair on his chin.  I thought it would be fun to watch their beards come in, if they stuck with it.

"You guys are turning into studs around here," Rick said.

"Have you ever grown a beard, Rick," Tim asked.

"Not recently, but I did several times in college.  I've got a spot where the hair grows in a swirl, though, and it's actually uncomfortable there for me not to shave for more than a couple of days.  Besides, I feel dirty when I don't shave," Rick said.

"I'm the same way, Rick," George said.  "I can go for a day, maybe even two, but then I've got to scrape it off."

"What about you, Kevin," Jus asked.

"Yeah, I've grown 'em.  In college, like Rick said.  If I could go away for like two weeks where nobody could see me, and then return to civilization with a beard well underway, I wouldn't feel too bad about it.  I just felt real self-conscious when I've grown them," I said.

"Well, I ain't promising I'm going to grow it out, but I want to try," Kyle said.

"Boys, y'all might not believe this, but when I was your age, if I showed up at school with a beard, I would have been sent home and told not to show up until I had shaved," George said.

"Really," Tim asked, incredulity in his voice.

"Really, son.  I went to a private, all-boys Catholic high school, and they had a very strict dress code.  For example, we couldn't wear jeans to school.  No facial hair, either," he said.  "If a guy showed up with an earring, he would have been sent home or made to take it out in the principal's office."

"Damn, Dad," Tim said.

"I went to exactly the same kind of high school, Tim," I said.  "We had to wear a uniform, with a tie, to school every day.  Earrings were forbidden.  A lot of guys took them off in their cars before they came into the building in the morning and put them back when they got into their cars in the afternoon, but nobody wore stuff like that at school."

"Damn, and you're modern, sort of," Tim said to me.  That cracked everybody up.

"I think it's time to put my antique ass in bed," George said.  Again, more laughter.  Good night, my sons.  Good night, guys."  And then he left the room.

"Your dad is so cool, Tim," Jason said.  "And yours, too, Kyle.  I'm, like, in awe of them."

"Is your dad hard to get along with, Jay," I asked.

"'Get along with' is kind of a stretch," Jay said.  "He ignores me, and I ignore him, as much as I can."

"Does he know you're gay," Rick asked.

"Yeah, and that's a big part of the problem.  Ever since I told him, he's been really cold toward me.  My mom's nice, though, and my sister," Jay said.

"Do you want to talk about this right now, Jay," I asked.  I could tell he was getting more uncomfortable by the minute.

"Not really," he said.  We let the subject drop.


Power was fully restored at home by Wednesday morning, and the school system declared that Thursday would be a regular day of school.  The boys had missed three days.  Rita had said she thought they would have to make those days up, probably on Saturdays or during Christmas or Spring Break, and that had darkened the mood of everyone under the age of twenty-one.  As it turned out, though, "hurricane days" had been built into the yearly schedule, so they didn't have to make up the days.

Once everything was restored to normal in town, the media started running "human interest" stories about things that had happened during the storm.  Both the NBC and the ABC affiliate TV stations in town picked up the story of our boys, the heroes, and the newspaper ran a story about them, as well.

"Well, I guess your shit doesn't stink anymore," Rick said one night to tease them.

"Kyle's still does," Tim said.

We laughed, of course, and Kyle held his nose and pointed at Tim.  That made us laugh, too.

Over several days we got news of various medals and awards the boys were going to get.  The Optimist Club that sponsored their scout troop gave each of them a medal and a plaque, and they threw in a two-hundred-dollar gift certificate to a local departments store for each of them, too.  

Just as Sam had predicted, they had a call from the editor of Boy's Life magazine, and he wanted to do a cover story about the two of them.  They were sending photographers in from an agency they used to get their pictures, and a reporter was coming to interview them.

"What if he asks us if we're gay," Tim asked about the reporter.

"Has any other reporter asked you that," I asked.

They answered in the negative.

"So why would the guy from Boy's Life ask you that," Rick asked.  "Besides, there aren't any gay scouts.  You guys know that."  Everybody laughed.

They also found out they were going to receive a special medal from the National Executive Committee of the Boy Scouts, to be presented at an annual awards dinner in Washington, D.C. the following spring. 

The boys were really excited about all of the publicity they were getting and about all the awards they were receiving, but all of that attention had about as much effect on them as a pimple on their chins would have had.  They never talked about what they had done, and all the praise didn't change their personalities in the least.  They still laughed and joked and played around with each other, with Justin and Jason, and with us like they always had.  


Sam Stewart, the boys' assistant scoutmaster and, by then, one of our best friends, called one evening to see if we wanted to go camping with him, Fred, and his nephew the following weekend.

"Your nephew," I asked.

"Yeah.  He's my sister's son.  He's fourteen, and he's going to be visiting me for a few weeks, I think," Sam said.

"You don't sound real excited about this," I said.

"Well, I'm excited about him being here, but I don't really like the reason for his visit," he said.

"So what is this all about, Sam," I asked.

"He's gay, and he came out to my sister and her husband a couple of days ago.  My brother-in-law sort of lost it, and they decided it would be best if Chad got away from there for a little while until his dad could calm down.  Where else do you send a queer kid but to his queer uncle?"

"Oh, it's too bad it happened that way," I said.

"Yeah, it is.  Chuck, his dad, is basically a good guy, and I know he'll come around eventually, but Chad is pretty upset right now, and so is his mom," Sam said.

"Is he going to be going to school here," I asked.

"He's officially on 'home school' status, whatever that means.  He's enrolled in some kind of on-line program, so he probably won't get too far behind, but I doubt that school was a very happy place for Chad even before this came up," Sam said.

"Why not," I asked.  "What's up with him?"

"Chad's not like Tim and Kyle, and Justin and Jason," Sam said.


"Or you and Rick or us or any of our gay friends, for that matter," he said.

"What is this kid, Sam?  Some kind of monster," I asked.

"Hardly a monster," he said.  "He's just extremely shy and very effeminate, that's all.  His only friend is a girl who has cerebral palsy."

"Well, being effeminate is not exactly unheard of in the gay community, is it," I asked.  I had intended for my statement to be humorous, but Sam didn't laugh.

"Oh, of course not, but I think a lot of people find it rather off-putting," he said.

I thought back to a conversation we had all had shortly after Jus had come to live with us in which he announced he wasn't interesting in what he called "drama queens."  He had meant effeminate boys.  I knew Rick didn't have much patience with effeminate guys, and I was pretty sure Tim and Kyle wouldn't find that type appealing, either.

"We'll deal with it, Sam, and Chad will be a member of our family.  Don't worry about us or the boys.  Did you have someplace in mind for us to go," I asked.

"Yeah, I was actually thinking of the Florida Caverns State Park, just north of here.  Have you ever been there," he asked.

"I've heard of it, but we haven't been there.  Is it nice?"

"Yeah, it's very nice.  The caverns themselves are really interesting, although only one of them is actually open for tours.  But the park is beautiful, and they have swimming and canoeing and horseback riding and biking and probably other stuff as well.  I was thinking I would borrow some tents from the troop, and we could do some primitive camping, with showers and toilets furnished by the park, of course."

"Yeah, that sounds like fun," I said.  "I haven't done much of that, but I know Rick and Tim and Kyle have."

"Cool.  What say we rendezvous at your house Friday afternoon when we get off work and leave from there.  It'll be light until eight or later, and we can get up there, set up camp, and cook while it's still daylight," Sam said.

"Do we need to get together before then to talk about food and stuff like that," I asked.

"That might be a good idea.  How does tomorrow night sound," he asked.

"That sounds good.  Why don't y'all come over.  Or better yet, let's all meet at the Goodsons' house around 5:30.  We can swim and grill some hamburgers and hotdogs.  The boys can get to know Chad, and we can plan our weekend.  This is going to be fun," I said.

"Y'all are too good.  I knew I could count on you," he said.

After we hung up, I told Rick what I had committed us too, and he got pretty excited about the camping trip.  He got on the Internet, which was something he rarely did, and got information about the caverns and the park.  I called the Goodsons to make sure I hadn't spoken out of turn by saying we could get together at their house, and, just as I had expected, Rita said she hoped I knew we didn't have to ask to use their facilities.

"I know, Rita, but I thought you might like to know when a pack of boys is going to show up at your house," I said.

She laughed.  "Well, Gene and I will be playing bridge tomorrow night, but I know you can get by without us.  By the way, Gene has had nothing but praise for the way you and Rick have been running things for him.  We are truly blessed to have friends like y'all."

"We've both been having a great time.  It's been great not having to wear a suit and tie to work everyday, too," I said.

She giggled the way a Southern lady was supposed to, and we concluded our conversation.

I called the Murphy household and told George about the plan.  In fact, I invited him to join us, but he said he saw patients on Saturday.

"Really," I asked.

"Yeah," he said.  "The practice is open six days a week.  I take Saturdays and am off Sunday and Monday.  Tim Kelly works on Mondays, and we're there together the rest of the week."

I had known that, but it had slipped my mind.  Kyle was at their house that night, and, when I talked to him and Tim on their speaker phone, they were both excited about the idea of a camping trip.

Justin and Jason were at our house, and they both had to work on Saturday.  Jus actually worked for Rick, so I knew he could get the day off, but he said he wanted to work.

"Besides, we have plans for a concert Saturday night.  Shit-kicking music," he said with a grin.

"That's fine," I said.  "You don't have to go, but I wanted to include y'all if y'all were interested."

The next evening, Sam, Fred, and Chad met us at the Goodsons'.  I had told my guys that Chad might be a little effeminate, and they had all said they could handle that and were cool with that.  None of us was prepared for Chad, though.

Chad was small, maybe five-four, and he probably didn't weigh a hundred pounds.  He was extremely pale.  His hair was spiked up like Tim's and Kyle's, and he had seven or eight earrings in each ear.  He had on several necklaces and two or three bracelets, too, and there was a ring on every finger of both hands.  His skin was almost translucent.  The crowning feature, though, was his makeup.  He was wearing eyeliner and a sort of dark maroon lipstick.  From his appearance, he could just as easily have been a girl as a boy.

Tim and Kyle had been in the water a good half hour by the time Sam and Fred arrived with Chad, and, of course, they were naked.  Both of them had had some growth in the penis department over the previous six months or so, and they were unquestionably man-size by then.  They were still sporting the goatees they started growing during the hurricane, and by then they were pretty nice, especially Kyle's because of his dark hair.  They got out of the pool when the guests arrived, and they wrapped towels around their waists to greet them.

Sam introduced Chad to Rick and me, and then to the boys.  Chad's voice was at least an octave above Tim's and Kyle's, and he shook hands with them rather reluctantly.  It was pretty clear he was intimidated by them.  He checked them out pretty thoroughly, though, and he certainly noticed the gold loops they each wore in their nipples.

"Welcome to Florida, Chad," Kyle said.

"Yeah, we're glad to have you, man," Tim said.

"Thanks," Chad said.  "This place is gorgeous, and this view is fabulous," he said.

"Thanks.  This is my house," Kyle said.  "Hey, you want to swim, guys," Kyle said to everyone.

"You know I do," Rick said.

"Yeah, me, too," Sam said.

"Do you want to swim with us, Chad," Kyle asked.  His voice was incredibly gentle, and I knew he thought it was his responsibility to make sure Chad felt included.

"Oh, no," Chad said.  "I'll just watch.  Besides, I didn't bring a suit."

"You don't really need a suit," Kyle said, "but I've got a bunch of them upstairs, if you want me to get you one."

"No, that's fine, er, Kyle, is it?"

"Yeah, I'm Kyle.  He's Tim," Kyle said.

"I'll just watch," Chad said.  He winked at Kyle, and Kyle sort of blushed a little.

The rest of us shucked off our clothes and hit the water.  Chad took a seat in one of the chairs that was around a table, and he watched us.  Kyle had left his cigarettes and lighter on that table, and Chad lit one up after a while.  He held it the way Justin had demonstrated months before how a "drama queen" held a cigarette, and I almost laughed when I saw him.

"That Chad's a piece of work," Rick said to the four grownups in the pool.

"Tell me," Sam said.

"He looks like you, Sam, and he certainly acts like you," Rick said.

"You motherfucker," Sam said, with a grin on his face.  

He dove underwater and tackled Rick.  Rick went down with a mighty "ooooohf."  Tim and Kyle took that as their cue for an attack on Fred and me, and a water war ensued between the three scouts and the three other guys.  Fred turned out to be a pretty agile water fighter.  Rick finally ended it by swimming up between my legs and taking my balls into his mouth.  He bit down gently on my scrotum above my nuts, and that told me it was time to quit.  He came up laughing his ass off, and I grinned at the love of my life.

"Time to cook," I yelled.

Everybody was pretty tired from the horseplay, so we got out of the pool.  There weren't any towels at the deep end of the pool, where we got out, so we all just walked naked down to the covered area, where Chad was.  Tim's and Kyle's dicks were both distended, but they paid no attention to them.  The rest of us were shriveled a bit, if anything, but we didn't bother to dress in any way, either.

Kyle, the future hospitality major, got the gas fire started in the grill, and he sent Tim inside to get the food.  Those two boys were an incredible team in lots of areas, but food preparation at that grill was their absolute strongest point.  There was a meat market-cum-deli about five miles east of the bridge in town that had some of the finest food around, and they had gone there after school that day to score pre-made raw hamburgers, sausages, and three kinds of salad.  They had also gotten all the buns we needed and enough chips to feed twice as many people as were there.  The Goodsons supplied the plates, napkins, silverware, and condiments.

I offered a drink to Sam and Fred from Gene's liquor cabinet.  I knew from years of experience that Rick wouldn't drink one, even if he said he would, so I didn't offer him one.  Sam and Fred accepted, and I poured a drink for myself, too.

"I'm dying to get into that house to see what she's done with it," Chad said.

"Go on in and look around," Rick said.  "There's nobody here but us."

"Oh, please," Chad said.  "I need a tour.  How will I know what everything is?"

"You know a table from a chair, don't you," Fred asked.

Chad gave Fred a smirk.  It was a friendly smirk, but it was still a smirk.  "There is a lot of money here," Chad said, "and I know they have nice things.  I want hissssstory, I want backkkkkground, I want deeeeetail."  He gasped out those words.

"Kyle can tell you all that," Rick said.

"Oh, I am sooooo sure.  I can hear it now.  'This baseball trophy I won in the fifth grade, and this one was from seventh grade.'"

Chad was effeminate, but he was also very funny.  All of us laughed at the trophy thing because we all knew Kyle and knew that that was about his level of comprehension of the history of anything in that house.

Tim had set the long picnic table, and the salads, breads, and condiments were all laid out for us.  Just about then Kyle said,

"Weenies are up, boys," and he put a platter of sausages on the table.

All of us chuckled at Kyle's double entendre, but Chad thought it was hilarious.  Four naked guys and Chad moved over to the table to eat.

"I love a hot weenie," Chad said, and we all laughed.

Tim and Kyle brought a platter of hamburgers to the table about two minutes later, and they sat down to eat with us.

"Wow, this is really good, guys," Sam said.

"Thanks, Sam," Tim said.  "Do you think this would qualify us for the 'cooking' merit badge?"

"No question, buddy," Sam said.

"Oh, my God," Chad said, "am I in a nest of Boy Scouts here, or what?"

"Yeah," Sam, Kyle, Tim, and Rick said simultaneously.  "You're in a nest of Eagles," Tim said.

"Oh, well, excuse me," Chad said.


After the meal, Sam, Kyle, and I lit up cigarettes.  Kyle noticed Chad seemed to want one, too, so he extended his pack to him.  He took one and lit up.  Again, Justin's "drama queen" image came to mind.

"I didn't know you smoked, Chad," Sam said.

"Just occasionally," he replied.  "But let's keep it our little secret, shall we?"

The way he said that was funny, and we all laughed a little.

We talked about the camping trip, and Kyle got us notepads and pens to make lists of what each person would be responsible for.  We decided on three tents and that the three boys would bunk together.

"Aren't you afraid of what a fag might do to your boys," Chad asked.

"What do you mean," Kyle asked.

"Kyle, I'm gay," Chad said.  He used a kind of mock confidential tone of voice and a stage whisper that was pretty cute and pretty funny.

"Chad, so are we," Kyle said in the same tone.  He even imitated Kyle's prissy facial expression, and everyone, including Chad, laughed.

"Oh, please," Chad said.

"Chad, it's true.  We're all gay.  These guys have been a couple for about nine months, and Kevin and I have been together for over four years.  We're even married to one another.  See?"  Rick held up his hand to show Chad his wedding ring.

"Did you think you were the only gay guy here," Tim asked Chad.

"Well, I knew Sam was gay, and I assumed Fred was, but I had no idea about the rest of you," Chad replied.

"Tim and I are as queer as a thirteen-dollar bill," Kyle said.

"I thought the expression was 'as queer as a three-dollar bill,'" Chad said.

"It is, but we're a lot queerer than that," Kyle replied.  Chad laughed hard at that line, and the rest of us joined him in his laughter.

He got pretty serious after his laughter died down.

"So nobody here will make fun of me," Chad asked.  There was a poignancy in his tone of voice that let me know that Chad had been made fun of a lot in the past and that it had hurt him deeply.

"Oh, no, Chad.  We'll make fun of you, but not because you're gay.  I make fun of these two all the time," Rick said, indicating Kyle and Tim.

"And we make fun of him, too, Chad," Tim said.  "But the point of it is fun, not hurt."

"I think maybe I like you, Tim," Chad said.

"Yeah, but he's mine," Kyle said, and he kissed Tim on the cheek to emphasize his point.

Chad broke into a broad grin.  "Wow," he said.

"Let's swim some more," Kyle said.

He and Tim stood up.  They were still naked from before.  Chad stood up to join them, much to everyone's surprise.

"Do you want me to get you a suit," Kyle asked kindly.

"No, that's okay," Chad said.  "I'll just wear what you're wearing."

Chad and the boys walked down to the other end of the pool before Chad took off his clothes.  Kyle got into the pool first, and Tim pushed Chad in when he was showing a little apprehension about going in.  Kyle caught him, and Tim did a cannonball right on top of the two of them.  All three boys giggled.

"I can't believe this," Fred said.

"I know," Sam said.  "That's the most we've gotten out of him in the three days he's been here.  Those kids are incredible.  They're just so natural that it's almost contagious."

"But you knew that, Sam," I said.

"I hoped that, but you're right, I should have known that about them," he said.