Disclaimer: This story is a continuation of the story of Kevin Foley, Rick Mashburn, and their "sons," Tim Murphy, Kyle Goodson, Justin Davis, and Brian Mathews that started in "Tim," continued in "Justin" and "Kyle," "Kyle, Part 2," and "Kyle, Part 3."  It now continues in "Summer Fun."  It is about gay men and gay boys living and loving together as a family, and it contains descriptions of sex.  The sex is never intergenerational, though.  If you are offended by descriptions of gay sex, or if the law in your area forbids you to read them, please exit the story.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.  I appreciate feedback, and you can send it to me at brew_drinker23@yahoo.com.

--Brew Maxwell

Summer Fun

Chapter 10

(Seth's Perspective)

They gave a party in my honor the first night I was there.  I couldn't believe it.  In fact, I didn't know it was in my honor until after we had eaten.  That's when Kyle mentioned it.

And, my God, what a sweetheart he is.  I was really shy about getting naked in front of all of those guys.  I checked them out, of course, and almost all of them had big, hanging, swinging dongs.  When mine was soft, which was rare around them, it nestled in its bed of pubic hair, so small you could barely tell it was a penis.  A couple of other guys there were on the small side, too, but I needed more time to adjust to them before I would show mine.  Kyle got me a pair of trunks to wear, and he wore trunks, too, so I wouldn't be the only one in a suit.  That was a small and painless thing for him to do, I realized, but it said so much to me about his character and about him as a person. 

I was going to have a job, just like the rest of them.  I had never had a job before, and I was pretty excited about that.  My parents were rather well off, but they both worked.  I knew that I would have to work all my life, too, and I was kind of eager to see what it was like.

Kyle and Justin said they were going to take it as their summer challenge to hook me up with a guy named Cody, if I wanted to get hooked up.  I hadn't seen him or met him, but I was already fantasizing about him, just on what they had said.

Kyle came into my room early Sunday morning.  I say "early."  It was after nine, and I was already awake.  I was lying there thinking about Cody, actually, and getting ready to masturbate.

"Sunday morning is our family time," Kyle said.  "Put on just some briefs.  Have you got any?"

"Yeah, that's what I wear," I said.

"Cool.  Put 'em on, and let's go."

"I sleep in my briefs," I said.

"Well, come on, then."

"I can't."

"Why?  Are you hard," he asked.  "That don't matter.  So am I."

I had noticed his erection as soon as he had come into the room.  Nobody had ever before asked me if I had an erection, but somehow it seemed perfectly natural coming from him.

"Come on, Seth.  Nobody gives a shit if you're hard," he said.  "Just don't play with it downstairs, okay?"

I couldn't imagine the circumstances under which I would ever play with my erection in front of a group of guys.  "Okay," I said.

"Seriously, that's one of the big rules around here.  If you get hard when you're naked swimming or something, just ignore it.  Don't fool with it.  We don't ever do sex in public, unless it's just the kids."  He chuckled.  "We sometimes play around, when it's just us.  Never around Kevin and Rick though, okay?"


"We don't talk about what we do in private, either, around them.  Since I've gone this far, I might as well tell you the major rule.  You never do anything sexual unless both guys want to do it, okay?  No forced sex.  Period."

"Okay."  Again, I couldn't imagine myself in a situation for that to apply.

It took me a few moments to get out of bed, but eventually I did.

"Nice one, dude," he said.

I'm sure I blushed to the very marrow of my bones.

"Why are you blushing like that.  I've seen it, remember?  You ain't got nothing to be ashamed of."

Yes, I did remember, and I was horrified that he did.  He must have seen that in my face.  He sat down on the bed, and he pulled me down next to him.

"Seth, look at this objectively, man.  You're gay, and everybody else in this house is gay.  We all get hard-ons all the time.  It's part of being a guy, and it's definitely part of being a gay guy in a house full of guys.  If somebody teases you about that, it's going to be in fun.  Always in fun, never to hurt.  This is a family.  We love each other.  We don't hurt each other.  There are nine guys in this house this morning, and I would say at least five have erections right now, if not all nine.  Don't let your dick be a barrier to loving those guys and participating in our family fun.  'Cause it is fun.  Almost always."

"Almost always?"

"Sometimes the big brothers, Kevin and Rick, have to get down on us because they think we need it.  That isn't fun, but it always ends in fun," he said.

"I trust you, Kyle," I said.

"Well, let's get our asses downstairs," he said, and I followed him.

We went into the den, and everybody else was already there.  They were all in just underwear, and I would have felt strange and out-of-place if I had dressed.  I looked around, and Kyle was right.  There were several erections in that room besides mine.

"Kyle, go get us some breakfast," Rick said.  "Some real breakfast, not just biscuits."

"Okay," he said.  "Tim and Seth, go with me.  I'll drive, Tim."

"I figured that this morning," Tim said.

We went upstairs and put on shorts, tank tops, and shoes.  We went to a Shonys, and Kyle talked to the manager like they knew each other.  The manager was a black man, and it was pretty obvious he considered Kyle a friend.  Kyle told him we wanted nine breakfasts to go, and he brought out a bunch of styrofoam carry-out plates for us.

"Fill 'em up, Kyle," he said. 

Kyle paid him with a credit card, and we marched back to the breakfast bar to fill up.  We got four heaping plates of scrambled eggs; four plates of  meat; a ton of grits; two plates of biscuits, one covered in sausage gravy and one plain;  three plates of fruit; two plates of French toast with syrup; and one plate of salad, smothered in Ranch dressing.  I had never had salad for breakfast, but it actually looked pretty good.

A little girl was crying at a table near the bar.  There were probably a dozen people at the table with her, and they were all dead quiet.

"They're embarrassed," Kyle said.  "They need to take that little bitch outside."

"Kyle!" Tim said.  "How can you say that?  You love little kids."

"I mean it, Tim.  The rest of the people in here are paying good money to have a nice breakfast, and that little bitch is ruining it for them.  Look at her.  There ain't a tear on her face.  All she wants is power.  She's the boss of this restaurant right now, and she knows it.  And that mother is so fucking dumb, she thinks a two-year-old is supposed to be able to make a whole restaurant full of people miserable, if she wants to."

"How'd you figure that out," I asked.

"I don't know.  I just know people, I guess," Kyle said.

"What would you do, if that was your kid," Tim asked.

"I'd haul her ass out of here.  If you ain't hurting, you can't be crying.  That's my motto, when it comes to kids.  If they put her ass in the car and walked behind it where she couldn't see them, I guarantee she'd shut up in a minute.  You have to train a kid, just like we have to train Trixie.  The dog can't be the boss, and the kid can't be the boss."

"Trixie doesn't shit or piss in the house, and she doesn't lick anymore, either," Tim said.

"I know," Kyle said.  "But y'all thought I was being mean to her when I was training her, didn't you?"

"Yeah, we did.  You spoke so hard to her," Tim said.

"I know I did, but I had to.  Who do you think she loves the most?"

"Rick," Tim said.

"Yeah, but after him.  Me, right?"

"Yeah, you," Tim said.

"'Cause I make her mind."

We took that food home, and it was still hot when we got it there.  We all stripped down to just briefs again.  They had coffee ready, and juice, and we all ate a good breakfast that morning.


"Who wants to ski," Kyle asked.

Everybody said they did, including me.  I wasn't all that good at it, but I liked water skiing.

"Let me go move the traps," Kyle said.  "Come with me, Tim."

"I've got to use the bathroom," Tim said.

"Seth, you come, then," Kyle said.  "Let's put on our suits first."

I went upstairs with Kyle to his bedroom, and he dug around in a drawer for another pair of trunks for me.  He put on a very small red Speedo, and it left very little to the imagination as to what was under it.  I noticed the tattoo of a monkey he had on his lower stomach.

"I didn't know you had a tattoo," I said.  "It's cool."

"Thanks.  I got it in New York at Spring Break.  We all got 'em," he said.

"I saw theirs last night, but your trunks hid yours.  I see you have Tim's name under it," I said.

"Yeah.  That monkey's him.  He's my little sex monkey," he said.

That was all it took.  You've heard of certain statements being red flags?  That statement caused me to provide the pole for the red flag.  I was going to have to get a grip on myself; otherwise, I'd stay hard all the time.

"Kyle, Gage said something to me last night about getting a haircut today at one o'clock," I said.

"Oh, yeah.  I forgot about that.  He wants you to get a makeover, or something like that.  Do you want to?"

"I guess.  I sort of need a haircut.  Is that all it is?"

"He wants you to get some highlights added to your hair.  You know, lighten it up in spots a little bit.  I think it'll look good.  Gage knows all about that kind of stuff," he said.

"So you think I should do it?"

"If you want to.  It might be a good time to experiment, you know?  I mean, nobody knows you here.  You can be whatever you want to be.  I'd do it.  Last summer my hair was pure blond, and it was fun."

"Are you going to do that again," I asked.

"Naw.  I'm going to grow me a little fringe, though.  I've already started," he said.

I didn't know what he was talking about, so I asked him.

"This here," he said.  

He rubbed a thin line of beard that was no more than a quarter of an inch wide that started at his sideburns and went down to, and across, his chin, sort of outlining his face.  I had seen guys with beards like that, and I was jealous of them.

"It's a bitch to shave, though.  I don't know how long I'll keep it."

"I thought you had hair on your chest," I said.  I had seen it at Mardi Gras when he had taken his shirt off, and I had thought it was mad sexy.

"I do.  I shaved it off, though.  I trimmed up my pubes, too, and got rid of the hair on my balls and on my ass, too.  See?"

He pulled his Speedo down to show me, and I almost fainted.

"Cool," I said.  What else can you say to something like that?

"Let's go," he said, and we did.

He and I moved the crab traps off to the side of the lagoon so they wouldn't be in the way of skiing.  In the process, we collected a bunch of crabs.  Kyle re-baited the traps, too.  That took us about thirty minutes.

"We need to go get some gas, and then we'll be all set," he said.


"I need to get gas for the boat.  Then we'll be ready to ski," he told the others in the den. 

They were all still lounging around in their underwear, reading the paper, watching TV, and just relaxing.  Justin was leaning on Brian on the sofa, and he had his legs spread wide, showing everything you could show with a pair of briefs on.  Oh, don't do that to me, I thought, when I saw him.  After Kyle, I thought he was the sexiest one of them, and I could have easily fallen for him.

Kyle went upstairs and came back with his wallet.  He was wearing just the tiny Speedo and a pair of deck shoes.  I wondered if I would ever have the self-confidence to go anywhere in public dressed like that.

We put the two ten-gallon gas tanks from the boat into the Jeep, and we rode off to get the gas.  We had the top down on the Jeep, and it was fun.

"Have you ever driven one of these," he asked.

"No.  It looks like it's fun.  Riding in it is fun," I said.

"You can drive back," he said.

We went to a convenience store gas station not too far from their house, and he and I each filled up a tank.  It was heavy as hell when I lifted it to put it back in the car, once it was filled.  We went inside to pay.

There were three or four people ahead of us in line, so we had to wait.  In a minute, a guy came in in just a bathing suit.  I glanced at him and thought, Oh, my God!  He got in line behind us.

"Hey, Kyle," he said.

Kyle turned to him.

"Hey, Cody.  What's up?"

"Just getting some gas.  I thought I'd surf this morning, but it's breaking up too bad."

"I'm surprised," Kyle said.  "I thought I saw a southeast wind out there."

"Yeah, me, too, but it's not working today.  Maybe later this afternoon," he said.

"Cody, I want you to meet my good friend Seth Adams.  Seth, this is Cody Mitchell.  Seth's going to be working at the Laguna with us, starting tomorrow.  Bellhop.  Replacing Wayne," Kyle said.

I shook hands with Cody, and he flashed me a huge smile.  He held my hand and my eye just a tad longer than usual.  He was about six feet tall, had dark blond hair, blue eyes, and the face of a model.  He was quite muscular, just as they had said he was, and his tan was perfect.

"We're fixing to ski.  You want to ski with us," Kyle asked.

"Yeah.  Sure, if I won't be barging in," he said.

"No way, man.  There are eight or nine of us, but we'll take turns.  You'll know some of 'em," he said, "and the rest you'll get to know."

"Kyle, I never did tell you how much I liked your election speech, man.  Nobody's ever said anything about gays before, and that needed to be said."

"Thanks, Cody.  Like they say, 'We're queer and we're here.'"

"We damn sure are," Cody said.  "You knew that about me, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I had heard.  Just a rumor, though."

"Well, it's true.  I decided that once I graduated, I wasn't hiding anymore.  I said goodbye to the closet on my way to the ceremony," he said.

"Everybody's been fine with it, too, haven't they," Kyle asked.

"Yeah, my parents and my two brothers pretty much knew, anyway.  The friends I've told haven't had a problem with it.  I told Stephen at work, and I figured he'd get the word out," he said.

It was our turn to pay.

"Just follow us," Kyle said.  "We're in that little white Wrangler."

"Is that your car," he asked.

"No, it's my boyfriend's.  That's why I got so pissed off when Wayne tried to fuck it up the other day," Kyle said.

"Oh, man.  Did he know who it belonged to," he asked.

"Not really.  At least, I don't think he did.  We got it cleaned up, though.  Well, let's go," Kyle said, after Cody had paid for his gas.

"That's the one, isn't it," I said after I had pulled out.

"Yep.  That's the one.  I couldn't believe he just came out to us like he did.  He's a hell of a nice guy, that's for sure.  Pretty smart, too," Kyle said.  "I saw how he looked at you, too, there, buddy."  Kyle was grinning.  "We might have us some love on the lagoon this afternoon."

"Stop it," I said, teasingly.

"It could happen," he said and laughed.

Oh, God, please let it happen, I prayed.

(Kyle's Perspective)

I couldn't believe the good luck of running into Cody in a damn convenience store.  It couldn't have worked out any better if I had planned it.  I had thought I'd invite him over to swim or work out or something during the coming week, but this was even better.  We'd have to take turns skiing, anyway, and he and Seth would have time to get acquainted in a natural kind of way.  This was perfect.

I got 'em all out on the dock.  I introduced Cody around.  He already knew Justin and Jeff, so he felt pretty much at home.  He was the real friendly type, anyway, though, so he was at ease with them.  They brought lawn chairs down to the dock to sit on while they waited their turns.

"Let's set an order to ski in so y'all won't have to wait down here, if you don't want to," I said.  "Let's go by age.  Kevin, that means you're first.  I need a spotter.  You want to do that, Tim?"

"No.  Brian and I are going to fly kites," Tim said.

I had forgotten about those kites I had bought for Brian's birthday.  We had had them all that time, but we had never flown them.

"I'll spot," Rick said.

He and I got in the boat, and Trixie was there having a fit to ride with us.

"Come on, girl," I said, and she jumped into the boat.

Kevin skied first, and then he spotted while Rick skied.  Rick and I switched off after that, me driving sometimes with him spotting, and him driving with me spotting.  There were ten of us to ski, and I let everybody have a fifteen minute run.  That way, we could get through everybody at least once in two and a half hours.

Just before we broke for lunch, my cell phone rang.

"Hello," I said.

"Kyle, this is Gage.  Where are you?  I hear this really loud noise in the background."

"I'm on the boat," I said.

"Turn it off.  I can barely hear you."

"I can't.  Somebody's skiing.  I'll talk louder.  What do you want?"

"Tell Seth I'll be there to pick him up at a quarter to one," he said.

"Okay.  Why don't you and Chad come over," I said.

"Okay, I'll pick him up after I take Seth to Antonio's," he said.  "I've got to go now.  Bye."

"Bye," I said and closed out the connection.

I told Seth what Gage had said when I picked up the next skier, and he said okay.

When we broke for lunch, I noticed that Seth and Cody seemed to really be hitting it off good.  We ate leftovers from the party, and Kevin or somebody had grilled hotdogs, too.  I was glad he had done that because it would have taken too long to eat enough seafood to get a decent meal.

I loved driving the boat, but I wanted to give somebody else a turn at it, too.  Besides, I was getting pretty tired of doing that.

"Who wants to swim," I asked.

Several of them said they did, so we went over to the pool.  Tim and Brian started pulling off their suits, and ole Cody got him a rapid case of bug-eye. 

"We don't swim with suits, usually," I told him.  "You can if you want to, though.  It ain't against the rules or anything."

"No, that's cool.  I've never done it in broad daylight before, though," he said.

"We do it all the time," I said.

Cody stripped down, and I watched to see if he would fluff himself out like most guys do.  He did, but there wasn't much to fluff.  All of his dick that you could see was the cap.  He had a real sharp tan line from a Speedo, it looked like, and I had to admit the boy was impressive looking.  Seth was eyeing that stuff up, too, and I smiled at him.  He got just a little embarrassed, but he smiled back.

We played in the pool for a while, and then we shot some hoops, still naked.  I loved being naked outside, and I did it every chance I got.  At one point, Cody's dick started putting on a little weight.

"Just ignore it, man," I told him.  "It happens all the time around here."

"I know, but it's embarrassing," he said.

"No.  What's embarrassing is when you can't get it hard when you want to," I said.

"Yeah, like you would know anything about that," Tim said.

We all laughed, and I think that made Cody feel a little more at ease.

Seth came back with his new haircut, and it looked damn good.  He had gel in it, rough-combed the way I usually wear mine.  We pretty much all did, in fact.  There were enough highlights in his hair to make it look shiny and alive, but it was still basically brown.  

Cody, Tim, and I were sitting at a picnic table, and Seth sat down with us.

"Your hair looks great," Cody said.

"Thanks.  I thought it came out pretty well," Seth said.

"It looks fabulous," Gage said.  He had just walked up.  He came over behind me and started playing with my nipple ring on the right side.

"What the hell are you doing, Gage," I asked.  Who the hell do you think you are, touching me like that, I thought.

He took his hand away and sat down.

"Sorry, but I couldn't resist.  I want to do that to you every time I see you," Gage said.

"Well, don't do it, man," I said.

"Are you mad at me," he said, all pouty and everything.

"No, I'm not mad, but that's pretty intimate, you know?"

"Who's getting intimate," Justin asked as he walked up.  

"Nobody," I said.  God, let's just drop it, okay, I thought.  All I need is a big, fat boner right now.

"Your hair looks good, Seth.  It looks like you shaved, too.  Did you," Jus asked.

Seth nodded.

"What's this shit on your face," he said, rubbing my cheek.

"What's it look like," I asked.

"Are you growing a beard," he asked.

"Yes.  Do I have your permission?"

He laughed, and then he put his hands on my shoulders from behind.  I knew he was just being affectionate, but what was it, Touch Kyle Day?  He started massaging my shoulders and neck.  Then I decided he could touch me all he wanted to.

"Kyle, beards like that are very 'in' right now," Gage said.

"They're cool, but I'll bet they're hard to shave around," Cody said.  "How many days is that?"

"The last time I shaved my full face was Friday," I said.

"Damn, Kyle, that's pretty good for just two days," Cody said.  "That much would take me a week, probably."

"Is anybody still skiing," I asked.

"Jeff and Tyler, and Kevin and Rick are still out there," Justin said.  "Does anybody know where Brian is?"

"The last time I saw him before we started playing basketball, he was lying on a sofa in the clubhouse watching TV," Tim said.  "I bet he fell asleep."

"Probably," Jus said.

"What'd you do?  Keep him up all night," I asked.

He popped me on the side of my head.

"Owww," I said, pretending it hurt.

He and I both laughed.

"I want to get back in the pool," I said.

"Me, too," Justin said.

He took his suit off and pulled it down over my head.  

"Damn, you're looking good there, Kyle," he said.

That got a laugh.

I pulled the suit off my head and threw it toward the pool.  It went in.  Trixie came trotting up from the dock when I did that, and she went into the water after the suit.  

"I hope she tears it up for you," I said.

"I don't care if she does.  It belongs to you," he said.

"Oh, shit.  That's my favorite suit, too," I said.  "What was that sticky wet stuff on the inside of the suit that I felt on my face just now?"

"You wish," Justin said.  "I wish, too, now that you mention it."

That made us all laugh.

"Seth and Cody, you guys must think we're filthy," Tim said.

"I think it's pretty damn funny, actually," Cody said.  "I knew Kyle was funny, but I didn't know about the rest of you."

"Everybody knows Kyle's funny, don't they, sweetie," Justin said, rubbing my chest.

"God almighty!  Why is everybody wanting a piece of me today," I asked.

"'Cause you're so hot and so irresistible, Kylie," Justin said.  

He was all over my chest when he said that.  I could have gotten pissed off and knocked his hand away, but I knew he was just playing around to tease me.  Plus, it felt pretty damn good, too.  

"If you give me a hard-on, I'll get your ass," I said.

"Goodie," he said.

That broke everybody up.

"I wouldn't mind seeing Kyle with a hard-on," Gage said.  "What about you guys?"

"That's it.  I'm in the water," I said.  

I got up and got into the pool.  The rest of them joined me, all but Seth.  

"Come on in, Seth," Gage said.  "I'll show you how to fix your hair when you get out."

"He's a little shy, Gage," I said in a whisper.

"Come on in, Seth.  You saw me," Cody said.

"Just barely," Justin said.

Everybody, including Cody, laughed.

"Don't make fun," Cody said, still laughing at Jus.

"I ain't making fun.  You're a grower, not a shower," he said.

"What does that mean," Cody asked.

"That means your dick's built to grow when you need it to.  It ain't built for showing off in a pool," Jus said.  "What's that good for?"

"That's a good way to put it," Cody said.  "That's exactly what I am."

"That's what I am, too," I said.

"Yeah, right, donkey dick," Jus said.

"That's definitely what I am, too," Seth said.  "I'm going to come in, so don't laugh, okay?"

"If anybody laughs, they'll answer to me," I said.

"Yeah, hot shot?  What you gonna do," Justin asked.

I reached down and pulled his dick, pretty hard, too.

"Owww!!!  That hurts, asshole," he screamed.  "It's going to be black and blue.  Brian'll have to be up all night kissing it to make it better."

We all laughed hard on that one.

"I'm sorry I hurt you, Bubba.  Here, you can pull mine," I said.

"I ain't touching it.  You'll probably shoot off all over me, if I do," he said.

That made us all laugh, too.

While all of that was going on, Seth slipped into the pool, sight unseen, at least by me.  We played around in the pool for a long time.  Everybody was hungry by then, so I decided to grill some hamburgers.

"Where's Chad?  I thought he was coming over," I said to Gage.

"Oh, my God!  I was supposed to pick him up, and I forgot," Gage said.  "He's going to be pissed."

"It's only four o'clock.  We'll be playing a lot longer," I said.  "Call him and tell him you're on your way."

"Where's a phone," he asked.

"My cell's on the table," I said.

He called Chad, but he didn't act like Chad was pissed off at him, or anything.

"Is he coming over," I asked.

"Yeah.  He wasn't mad, either."

"What'd you do?  Give him a handjob over the phone," Jus asked.

Cody and Seth were both standing there, and they both laughed.  Gage took off to get his guy.

"It wasn't bad going in naked, was it, Seth," I asked.

"Not really.  I'm glad this guy is like me, though.  I'd hate to be the only one with the invisible penis around here," he said.

"What y'all need to do is trim up your pubic hair.  You've got way more than you need, not that you need any, that I can tell.  It'll show off what you've got better," Jus said.

"You trim, don't you," Cody asked.

"Yeah, but out of necessity, not for looks," he said.

"Necessity," Cody asked.

"Yeah.  You ever use a condom?"

"No," he said, kind of shy.  That boy was damn cute, let me tell you.

"If you have hair on the top of your dick, or long pubic hair, it gets caught in the condom when you take it off.  That hurts like hell because it pulls the hair out," Jus said.

"I've seen pictures of guys with a nice sharp line of hair right above their dicks, and I've wondered about that," Cody said.

"That's why they do it," Jus said.  "Of course, I think it looks better trimmed, and in your case it'll look a lot better.  Seth, think of it as the part of your makeover the barber guy missed."

We all laughed.  

"Jus trimmed me and Tim up about a week ago," I said.

"Two weeks, 'cause we were on the island when I did it, remember?  You're about due again, too, Bubba."

"Will you do it again," I asked.

"I think that's something you and Tim can share," Jus said.

"Yeah, you're right," I said.  I said that kind of suggestive, and they laughed.

(Cody's Perspective)

I was really disappointed when I got to the State Park and discovered the surf was breaking up all over the place.  We had been having pretty good days during the week when I had to work, and the first weekend day the wind was out of the southeast it started breaking up in the pass.  Damn.

I decided to go home and see if I could interest either or both of my brothers in going to Destin with me.  The Web site that reported local surf conditions said they were having a good day.  Before I could go home, though, I had to buy gas.  I had ridden out to the park on fumes, and I was afraid I wouldn't even make it home if I didn't stop.

I thought about my brothers and my parents.  My family was absolutely ordinary and typical in every way.  Both of my parents were college educated, and they were both in the real estate business.  They did well, and we always had a good family income.  They were in their early forties, and the three kids, me and my two brothers, were seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen, a year apart to within a few days of one another.  I was the middle child, and I guess I had most of the typical "middle child" characteristics.  Except I was gay.

I had first started suspecting that about myself when I was about twelve.  My two brothers were my best friends, and we talked about everything with each other.  At that age, my older brother was starting to show an interest in girls.  A couple of years later, he "bagged" his first chick, as he put it.  By then, I was fourteen and pretty much knew I liked boys "that way."  My younger brother was interested in girls by then, too.

I did a certain amount of dating in high school, both because I wanted to do the things one does on big dates, like proms and Sadie Hawkins and Christmas dances, and because I didn't know how deep my attraction to boys really was.  I never did anything sexual with any of my dates, though, and I really didn't feel as though I wanted to.  I knew I was considered a "safe date," but I didn't care.  Let my brothers spread the family seed around, I thought.

By the time I was a senior, I was really tired of pretending to be somebody I wasn't.  I was a jock and pretty well developed physically, so I was never teased about being queer.  There were a few effeminate boys who took a lot of that shit, and I figured I'd get it too if I let the cat out of the bag, so to speak.  On the night of my high school graduation, as the family was eating dinner in a nice restaurant after the ceremony, I told all of them I was gay.

Talk about a non-event!  Nobody cried, not even me; nobody raised his or her voice; nobody said much of anything at first.  Then my parents both assured me it didn't matter, and I knew they were telling the truth.  My older brother said he figured I was, and my younger brother said I would still be his best friend, no matter what.  Actually, I was closer to my older brother than I was to him, but I didn't say anything about that.

I went out with my two best buds from the wrestling team when I left my family that night.  We went to a couple of parties, and then we each bought a six pack of beer and went to the county pier to drink it.  After a couple of beers, I got up the courage to tell them.

"Is that why you always got a boner in practice," one of them asked jokingly.

"Is that why you always did," the other one asked him.  We all laughed hard.

"Cody, we've been like brothers for four years, man.  That's not going to change," Alvin said.

"No way, dude," Butler, whom we always called But, said.

"Thanks, guys," I said.

"What's it like," Alvin asked.

"What's what like," I asked in return.

"You know.  Doing it with a guy?"

"How the hell should I know?  I've never done anything with anybody," I said.

That was the truth, too.  I was a total and complete virgin.  I never even jerked off with my brothers, although I had thought about doing that more than a few times.

I wanted a boyfriend, though.  I had read a bunch of stories on the Internet about guys being in love with one another and having great sex, and I wanted that.  I wanted somebody I could call my own, be myself with and not have him judge me or belittle me for what I was, or for what I wanted to do.

Rumors had started circulating about Kyle Goodson at the start of the school year that he was gay and had a boyfriend.  I didn't believe them at first, but I heard them so often I began to wonder if they were true.  Kyle was just as masculine as any other guy I knew.  He was the jock type, even though he didn't play any sports that year.  He had a ton of friends, including two guys that everybody knew were gay, but the majority of his friends were straight.  Girls would have spread their legs for him in a heartbeat, and, for all I knew, he was "bagging pussy" every weekend. 

Near the end of the school year, it came time for Student Government elections, and Kyle was running for president.  Everybody pretty much knew he was going to win, he was that popular.  Every year we had this assembly where all the candidates for major offices had to give speeches.  That's when I knew the rumors about Kyle were true, and that was also when I decided the closet was no place to live my life.  He didn't come out or anything, but he said enough for me to know that homosexuality was an important issue for him.  Three weeks later I walked out of the closet for good.


I got a job as a valet parker at the Laguna Hotel.  I had worked in a surf shop the previous two summers, but I wanted to make a lot more money than the surf shop could pay me.  Kyle got a job at the Laguna, too, as a bellhop.  He and I exchanged pleasantries a few times, but I really didn't know him very well.  There was another bellhop, Justin Davis, who hung out with Kyle and who rode with him to work every morning.  I figured the two of them were boyfriends.  There was an incident with a car and a weirdo named Wayne Smith, another bellhop.  Smith had cracked up or something and spray painted the word "faggot" on a guest's car.  Kyle went crazy and almost beat Wayne up.  I only saw some of it, but Kyle was pissed.  Kyle had talked in his speech about tolerance for queer people, and I figured his reaction that day was all about that.

The Sunday morning after that incident was the day I couldn't surf and needed gas.  I found myself in line to pay behind Kyle and another guy.  The other guy was sort of dorky, but he had a great smile.  I could tell he was intelligent, too, just by looking at him.  Kyle asked me to come over to ski, and I accepted immediately.

It turned out the guy Kyle was with, Seth Adams, and I clicked immediately.  There were a lot of guys at Kyle's house, and we had to wait our turn to ski.  Seth and I had a chance to get acquainted sitting on the dock, and he was a great guy.  He was gay, too, as were all the guys there, I learned, and he would be working at the Laguna, too, for six weeks.  I found out that that wasn't Kyle's house.  It was the house of Kevin Foley and Rick Mashburn, both of whom worked for the company that owned the Laguna.  They were a gay couple of long standing.

That was the first time in my life I had ever been with a group of gay guys, and it pretty much changed my life.  Up until then I had been worried about being "strange," or "different."  None of those guys, with the exception, maybe, of Gage, was in the least bit "strange" or "different."  They were just guys who liked to have fun.  There were a lot of jokes about sex and about being gay, and to them it was the most natural thing in the world.  I loved being there with them.  I felt at home.

We played all day long.  First we skied, then we swam in the pool naked, then we played basketball naked, and then we played ping pong and pool inside.  Seth and I talked the whole time, and I got to like him more and more as the day went by.  I could tell he liked me, too.  I wanted to do something with just him.

He walked me out to my car when I was ready to leave around ten.

"This has been a great day," I said.  "Your hair really looks good, too."

"Thanks.  It's been a great day for me, too," he said.

"Can we do something tomorrow night," I asked.

"Sure," he said right away.

"Do you like to ride go-carts?"

"I've never done that, but I bet I'll like it," he said.

"Cool.  I'll pick you up around six, okay?"

"Okay," he said.

We shook hands, and I put my left hand on our two hands when we were shaking.  We said good night, and I backed out to drive home.

My God, I thought.  I have a date with a guy!

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