Disclaimer: This story is a continuation of the story of Kevin Foley, Rick Mashburn, and their "sons," Tim Murphy, Kyle Goodson, Justin Davis, and Brian Mathews that started in "Tim," continued in "Justin" and "Kyle," "Kyle, Part 2," and "Kyle, Part 3."  It now continues in "Summer Fun."  It is about gay men and gay boys living and loving together as a family, and it contains descriptions of sex.  The sex is never intergenerational, though.  If you are offended by descriptions of gay sex, or if the law in your area forbids you to read them, please exit the story.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it.  I appreciate feedback, and you can send it to me at brew_drinker23@yahoo.com.

--Brew Maxwell

Summer Fun

Chapter 5

(Kevin's Perspective)

Telling Justin about having to give that deposition was one of the hardest things we had ever had to do with the boys.  Rick and I knew they couldn't ask him about Burl Jackson without delving into the prostitution and abuse Justin had had to endure, and we knew that would be hard for him.  Justin hadn't witnessed the crime, but he had witnessed Jackson's confession to it while Jus was bathing the blood off him.  

Kyle was wonderful, as usual.  He had been telling us about training Trixie not to lick, and, in an instant, he switched to his role as Consoler General.  He had done a lot to bring Jus back to the land of the living that morning, and he had wanted us to take them out to breakfast at the Boardwalk.  That one was the smallest of the big four, with only 425 rooms, but it was still big by local standards.  Goodson Enterprises had slightly more than five thousand rooms altogether, and that one had a pretty substantial place in our lineup of properties.  

We slipped into the dining room unobserved, I thought, but that turned out not to be the case.  The GM came in to make sure everything was the way we wanted it to be.  I introduced Rick, whom he had certainly heard of, he said, but had never met, Justin Davis, a bellhop at the Laguna and our son, and Kyle Goodson, another son, soon to be a bellhop at the Laguna, too.  He did a slight double take at Kyle's name.

"One of them," he whispered to me.

"Yeah.  One of them," I said.  "The only one of them left in the next generation."

"Kevin, call me later, please.  I beg you."

"Why?  Kyle wanted to come here because he said this was the best restaurant of any of them.  You're obviously doing a great job, Morris.  I'm not going to have time to call you today, okay?  Just relax, man."

"Oh, thank God, and thank you, Kevin," he said.

"No, thank you, Morris," I said.

Nine of the eleven properties had restaurants, but the big four had really nice restaurants.  Some of the others had good restaurants, too, but they tended to feature simple American cuisine that tourists from the southern states liked, especially a lot of fried seafood.  The big four had real chefs with real training and credentials.  Rick and I were fundamentally restaurant people at heart, but we hadn't really explored our own restaurants very thoroughly.  When we went out to eat, it was almost always to the same bar and grill that had become a quasi-hangout for us.  We'd have to do better.

The waiter took our order, and it was there very quickly.  He had asked if we wanted an eye-opener, meaning a Bloody Mary, a Milk Punch, a Mimosa, or some other kind of alcoholic drink.  That was the last thing we wanted that day.

Rick and I both ordered Eggs Benedict.  Kyle ordered a poached egg dish set on two artichoke hearts and covered with crab meat and Hollandaise sauce.  Justin got scrambled eggs, link sausage, and grits.  Kyle made Jus taste his dish, but I could tell Jus was in no mood to be a gourmet that morning. 

We finished breakfast around 9:30.  Kyle, Jus, and I went into the men's room before we left, and Justin almost lost his breakfast.  Kyle wet some paper towels and put them on his neck and forehead after he squeezed them out.

"Come here, Bubba," I said to Jus.

He came to me, and I hugged him.

"You know the people here with you are your family, don't you?  You know we love you, don't you," I asked.

"I know, but I'm probably going to have to say some really bad stuff, and you're not going to love me after you hear that," he said.

Kyle grabbed him away from me, and he slammed him up against the wall.  I thought a fight was breaking out.

"This is the same shit you pulled in New Orleans at Christmas, isn't it?"

No response.

"Isn't it," Kyle said much more aggressively.

Again, no response.

"What did I tell you then?  Huh?  Say it."

"You said I can't do anything to make you stop loving me," he said.  Tears were streaming down his face.

"That's right, and it hasn't changed.  It's never going to change.  You can't make us stop loving you, Justin.  Love is forever, man.  Get that through your thick country-ass head.  We love you!  We will always love you, no matter what!"

Kyle and Justin were crying, and I started crying, too.  Then Kyle and Jus started laughing and crying at the same time.  

"Let's wash these ugly faces, Bubba," Kyle said.

Morris the GM came into the restroom just then.  I was sure he or someone else had heard what was going on and become concerned.

"Can I help in any way," he asked when he saw what was going on.

"I think we have it under control now, Morris.  Thanks, though, man," I said.

"Who is that guy," Kyle asked, once Morris had left.

"He works here," I said.  "Don't worry about him."


They let Rick and me sit in on the deposition, since we were Justin's foster parents.  Tyrone Williams was there, too.  In addition to the court reporter from Alabama, the state's attorney and Jackson's court-appointed defense attorney were there, as well.  There were seven of us in the conference room adjacent to my office proper.  Kyle was out in Mary Ann's office.

The questioning started off pretty gentle, just asking for information about Justin's relationship with Jackson.  Pretty soon, though, it got kind of rough, with the man asking about what Jackson had made Justin do.  I knew he was embarrassed beyond words by all of that, but he answered the man honestly and well.  I had been angry at Kyle for jumping on him in the restroom at the hotel, but at that point I was damn glad Kyle had done and said what he had.

After about an hour, Justin asked for a bathroom break, and Rick and I went out with him.  Kyle was right there.  We all went to the bathroom and either peed or pretended to pee.  Gene came in there with us to find out how it was going and to ask if there was anything he could do.

Justin pulled Kyle aside, and the two of them hugged.  I knew Jus was telling Kyle what was going on, and Kyle was totally pissed.  He borrowed Justin's cell phone and made a call.  I figured he was calling Tim and Brian on the island, but he looked too serious for that to be the case.  Who he was actually calling, though, was my brother for legal advice.

"I'm going in with y'all," he said.  "Craig said I can probably just slip in, and I'm going in with him."

Nobody objected to Kyle's being there, since he wasn't with the media or anything.  We broke for lunch an hour later.

"I think the worst is over," Jus said.

We were on the back deck of a restaurant at another one of our properties, overlooking an inlet.  It was cool and nice, and the food was excellent.  I got a bowl of she-crab soup and a Greek salad.  Rick and the boys got the same thing, plus a roast beef sandwich.  That restaurant was a place where people could pull up in their boats to eat, and a couple of them did that while we were there.  It was built on stilts over the water, and the floor seemed to shake a little when somebody walked around.  The floor was a little uneven, but the place was rustic and had a lot of charm.

Once again we were spotted, and the GM of the hotel came out to see us.

That place wasn't one of our big four, but it was a great place for lunch.  I introduced Rick and the two boys.  The guy recognized Kyle's last name right away, and he asked me in a whisper if that was who he thought it was. 

"Yeah, that's Gene's only child," I said.

"Oh, my God," the guy said.

"Lighten up.  Kyle doesn't even know his family owns this place.  He's a kid, Stewart, and he's more concerned about his brother's deposition than anything, right now.  We're here to eat, not evaluate.  After his brother's deposition, his second big concern is how to get our puppy to stop licking us on the face."

Stewart grinned.  "Unbelievable," Stewart said, obviously relieved.

I saw Stewart talking to the restaurant manager, and in a minute a tray of desserts was presented to us for our selection.  Kyle and Justin ordered some kind of chocolate cake dish that looked incredibly rich, and Rick and I ordered coffee.  Since we were at an outdoor table, smoking was permitted.  Justin, Kyle, and I all lit up.  

After lunch, we went back to our building for the rest of the deposition.  It didn't go as well as I had hoped, and twice Jus had to take a break because he was too emotional to go on.  

"This is one of the worst parts of my job," Tyrone said, "watching these poor kids have to go through this.  He's doing well, though.  I'm glad Kyle is here.  He seems to give Justin strength or something."

"Yeah," I said.

The deposition was over by four.  We all went back to our house and crashed in the den.  Justin was very quiet and subdued, emotionally drained from the day.  We all were, really.  Kyle and Justin were sitting next to one another on the sofa.  Kyle started humming, imperceptibly at first, but it gradually got louder.  At first we couldn't tell what the song was, but then we realized it was "Friends in Low Places."  By the time he got to the chorus, the part we all knew by heart, he was singing softly.  In a second, Justin joined in and Kyle got louder.  Then Rick and I joined in, too, and all of us were singing Justin's favorite song and grinning.  The line "I'll be okay" had special meaning that day, and we all knew it.

Kyle got up and put the CD of that song on the stereo.  He got Justin on his feet, and suddenly they were dancing.  Rick took me in hand, and we danced, too.  By the time the song had played through three times, the blues had been washed away.  Kyle had done it again.

(Kyle's Perspective)

I was about to jump out of my skin sitting in Mary Ann's office while that deposition thing was going on.  I wanted to be in that room with them so bad I could taste it, but there wasn't anything I could do about it.  Mary Ann was just about the nicest person there was, and she kept trying to talk to me to get my mind off what was happening in the next room.  Kevin must have told her about Trixie, and we talked about her some.  I wasn't much in the mood for conversation, though, and she must have figured that out.  Eventually, she stopped talking and just let me sit and worry.

I don't know how long it was, but pretty soon they came out.  Kevin, Rick, and I went into the restroom with Jus, and that boy was shook up.  Finally I thought to call Craig.  He would know if I was allowed in the room with them.  When I told him what was going on, he said it wasn't really open to the public.  He said I should just slip in and hope nobody cared, and that's what I did.  If they noticed me, nobody said anything.

After the whole thing was over and we were sort of rested up, I wanted to get everybody over to the island.  I wished damn Jeff was going with us so the whole family could be together, but he wasn't even home yet.  I knew he had other plans, too, but I thought maybe I could convince him to go, if he had been around.  He wasn't, though.

The great thing about that island is it's so peaceful.  Tim, Brian, and Trixie were there to greet us.  We didn't waste any time getting naked, and we all went for a swim.  The water was cool but not cold, and there were enough waves to be fun without us having to worry about a rip tide.  We played in the water for about an hour, and we all got out to lounge on the beach.  I got beers for Kevin, Jus, and me without even asking if they wanted one or if Jus and I could have one.  I think Kevin and Rick thought that we had been through a lot that day and that if we were men enough to do that, we were men enough to have a beer.

We cooked the steaks we had brought, and I cut up one for Trixie, too.  I made her stop eating a couple of times, and she pulled her mouth back the instant she heard me say the word.  When we were finished eating, we were all lounging around, and she didn't once lick anybody in the face.  I knew that she probably hadn't been completely broken of that, but it was a start.

We got up some beach volleyball after dinner, and we had a great time.  At first, Trixie wanted to play, too, but after a while she just sat and watched.  One time I took a dive going after a ball, and she jumped up to see about me.  She didn't lick, though.  Having her around was like having another person there who cared about you.

When it got too dark to play, we sat around and talked about a million things.  We didn't talk about the deposition except to fill Tim and Brian in on what had gone on.  We talked about Jeff and his friend Tyler some, and we talked about our little Chris, some, too.  I hadn't had time to do much thinking and planning for a trip to go see him, so I didn't want to bring that up.  I wanted to have everything worked out before I even presented the idea so they couldn't shoot me out of the water on some technicality, like having to work or something like that.  Summer was our busiest season, of course, but it was also the only time for a two-week trip, which is what I figured we'd need, at a minimum.  I knew they wouldn't hear of us missing that much school, so if we were going to do it at all, it would have to be in the first two weeks of August.  I was already tied up at school during that third week of August with orientations and such, and school started right after that.  

On around ten o'clock, everybody was looking pretty tired.

"Six o'clock wake-up call," I asked.

"Why don't we just wake up when we wake up," Rick said.

"Good idea," Kevin said, "and Jus you plan to stay out here with your brothers tomorrow.  I'll let your boss know you're on special assignment for me tomorrow."

We all grinned big at that one.

"Thanks, Kevin," Jus said.

All six of us slept on those four sleeping bags zipped together.  We all snuggled up with our partners, but there wasn't any sex that night.  I was sure there were boners all over the place, though.  I know I had me one, and Tim did, too.  Apart from holding his, though, that night was sex-free.  

(Rick's Perspective)

Kyle took us in on Wednesday morning and came in with us for some coffee.  He used the bathroom and showered, but he didn't shave again that morning.  I can't stand having stubble on my face, but evidently some guys, like him, didn't mind it.  That black shadow on his face looked sexy as hell, though.

He cooked a big breakfast while Kevin and I were getting ready for the day, and he packed most of it up to take back to the island for the guys.  He made plates for us, though, and he left just after we made it into the breakfast room.  

"I think we're going to come home tonight," he said.

"You're not going to stay the whole week," I asked.

"We had talked about it, and we still might if they all want to, but Brian and Tim are getting a little tired of being dirty and sticky all the time from the salt water.  We've gotten a lot of sun, too.  See?"

He pulled down his shorts and pealed a sticker off his penis to show us the little untanned heart that was there.  A lot of people would probably freak out if a kid his age did something like that at the breakfast table, but in our household it went without comment.   

"Call us if you decide to stay, okay," Kevin said.

"Yes, sir, I will, but I think we won't."

"Have fun today.  And Kyle, thank you for yesterday, Bubba.  It meant so much to Jus for you to be there with him," Kev said.

"He's worried about the trial," Kyle said.

"I know he is, but we'll all be there with him.  We'll get him through it," I said.

Kyle took off then with breakfast for his pack of boys.


They really did come home that night, and they all had to show us their suntan tattoos, as they called them.  Kevin and I had noticed Tuesday night that some shaving had gone on, and the neatened effect really looked good with their suntans.  With the hair gone and with the dark tan, Kyle's chest and abdominal muscles looked a lot more defined than they had before.  He had always been a powerfully built kid, but the effect of the work in our gym since Christmas was really noticeable.  It was on all of them, but we had noticed it more gradually with the others.  I now knew why bodybuilders shaved themselves.

The rest of that week went by without incident.  Brian and Tim hung out together during the day.  Sometimes they skateboarded, sometimes they shot pool or played ping pong, sometimes they sat around reading.  

Kyle joined them for some of those activities, but he also spent a good bit of time in the darkroom at school.  He had gotten basic instruction on darkroom work from the photographer he had befriended, but, as he put it, "it just takes hours of practice to get good."  Sally Ortega, the principal, obviously loved Kyle to death and had given him permission to use the school darkroom as long as he bought the supplies he needed.  He was more than grateful, and I'm sure he bought a lot more supplies than he would use all summer.  She even went so far as to give him a key to the exterior door of the classroom that had the darkroom in it, and he was able to get in and out of that room from the outside of the building whenever he wanted to.  

Kevin and I both had things well under control at work, and most days we were able to get home around four or 4:30 to work out with the guys.  After that, we would swim.  On Friday night, Jeff and Tyler joined us until around nine, and then they went out.  After they had left, Justin brought up the subject that I figured everybody was wondering about.

"Do y'all think they're fucking?"

"Say what you mean, Bubba.  Don't beat around the bush," Kyle said.

We all laughed.

"No, I mean it," Jus said.  "Do y'all think they're having sex?"

"We don't know, Jus, and it's none of our business if they are, now, is it," Kevin said.

"I knew you were going to say that," Jus said.

"Why do you care," I asked.

"Because we care about Jeff, that's why," Kyle said.

"Yeah," Jus agreed.

"I know you do," I said, "but he plays it pretty close to the vest.  We may never know for sure, and that's his right, don't you think?"

There really was no room for disagreement on that point, and we let the subject drop.  We knew Tyler hadn't spent the night at our house, and Jeff had been there every morning, at least.  Tyler had his own apartment, but he also had a roommate, who was also in the Coast Guard.  I had no idea if the roommate knew he was gay or not, but that was something they would have to work out.  Ty had a lot vested in not being outed, that was for sure, but they could still do whatever they wanted without spending the night with one another.  

We put it away around ten that evening.  The boys went upstairs to their rooms and Kevin and I went to bed to make sweet love of our own.


Sunday night everybody, including Jeff and Tyler, was gathered in our den.  Ordinarily, Tim and Kyle would have been at one or other of their own homes, but they wanted to spend that night with us because the next day was their first day of work at their summer jobs.

"Are you nervous, guys," I asked.

"Naw," Kyle said.

"I am," Brian said.  "I've never had a job before, and I'm afraid I'm going to screw up."

"Just do what they tell you to do, and you'll be fine," Jus said.  "That's what I do.  And it doesn't hurt to use your noggin once in awhile, either."

"What do you mean," Bri asked.

"Well, if you see something that needs doing, go ahead and do it, even if nobody tells you to," Jus said.

"That's good advice," Kevin said.

"Kyle, I get to train your ass tomorrow," Justin said.

"Tim's already taken care of that," Kyle said.  "Ain't you, Babe?"

"Kyle!" Tim said.  We all knew he wasn't really embarrassed by what Kyle had said, but his pretend shock made us laugh.

"Not that kind of training," Jus said.  "Bellhop training."

"Like what," Kyle asked.

"Well, how to get them ice, how to adjust the air conditioner, and, the most important part, how to hang around for your tip without being obvious," Jus said.

We all laughed.

"Do you make good tips," Kyle asked.

"Yeah, most days," Justin said.  "I'm working on quite a nice little bankroll, in fact.  I'll also teach you how to know when it's your turn to take a guest and how to get along with the other bellhops."

"Are they hard to get along with," Kyle asked.

"Just a couple of guys," Jus said.  "I'll tell you about them later."

"Tell me now," Kyle said.  "You know I hate secrets, Jus."

"Well, okay.  There's this one guy who will probably flirt with you all day long," he said.

"Flirt?  What do you mean?  What does he do," Kyle asked.

"Just different things.  He looks at you with sort of knowing eyes, you know?  Or he'll find excuses to touch you or do little kisses in the air at you.  Stuff like that," Jus said.

"Does he do that with guests, too," Kevin asked.

"No, sir, not that I've ever seen.  He just does it with the other bellhops, especially if nobody is looking."

"What do you mean he touches you?  Like, down there," Kyle asked.

"Oh, no, nothing like that.  I mean, when he talks to you, he'll put his hand on your arm.  Shit like that," Jus said.

"A lot of people do that, Bubba," I said.

"I know.  I probably wouldn't think anything about it, if he didn't do the other stuff, too.  One morning this week, Monday I guess it was, he asked me if Kyle was my boyfriend when he dropped me off at work."

"What did you say," Brian asked.

"I said 'no,' of course.  Then I asked him why he thought I might have a boyfriend, and he said he was just teasing me," Jus said.  "He doesn't mean any harm by it, and he's usually pretty funny, too."

"I'm glad you told me that, though, because that's the kind of thing that would have gotten all over me if I hadn't known about it ahead of time," Kyle said.  "What about the other guy?"

"The other guy's just the opposite.  He's always calling everybody fag and homo, and stuff like that.  He really gets on Stephen.  That's the first guy's name, Stephen and not Steve.  I made that mistake the first day, and he set me right.  His name is Stephen."

"Has he ever called you fag," Kyle asked Justin.

"A couple of times.  Yeah," Jus said.

"What about you, Jeff?  He ever call you fag?"

"He calls everybody that, Kyle.  Don't go there looking for a fight," Jeff said.

"I'm not," Kyle said.

Kyle got quiet.  It was almost like you could see the little gears working in his head, trying to sort it all out.

"Kyle, you go there tomorrow with the intention of getting along with everybody, you hear," Kevin said.

"Yes, sir, I am," Kyle said.  "He and I might have to have a private chat, is all.  What's his name, anyway?"

"It's Wayne," Jus said.

"Kyle, you can have a private chat, but no pulling rank, you hear me?  'Cause I'll fire your ass, if I find out about that," Kevin said.

"I'm not going to do that, Kevin.  I learned my lesson last summer with Herman.  I'm not going to be an asshole," Kyle said.

"Why change now," Jeff asked.

We all laughed, and Kyle got this really hurt look on his face.  Jeff rarely teased him, or anybody, like that, and it appeared Kyle had taken it personally.

"Kyle, I didn't mean that.  You're not an asshole.  You know I don't think you're an asshole, Bubba."  Jeff was all over himself apologizing for what he had said.  

"Got you last," Kyle said and laughed.

The rest of us laughed, too, including Jeff.

"On second though, you are an asshole, after all," Jeff said.

We all laughed hard, and Kyle was positively tickled.  Just as Jeff rarely teased anybody the way the rest of us did, we rarely had a chance to get him last.

"I wish somebody knew something about the gift shop we're working in," Brian said.

"Yeah, like, what are we going to have to do," Tim asked.

"You guys will start out learning the stock," I said.  "That's usually the first thing.  Then you'll learn how to run the register and wait on customers.  Once you've learned the stock, you'll be able to tell people where to find stuff."

"Does it get really busy there," Tim asked.

"Sometimes," I said.  "There will be five of you working at any one time.  You guys work from eight till three, and then another shift will come on.  It closes at ten.  Sometimes you'll have to close."

"That's a long damn day," Justin said.

"They'll go in at three on those days, Jus," I said.  "Don't you guys have shifts?"

"Yeah.  Seven-thirty to 3:30 or 3:30 to 11:30.  There's the graveyard shift from 11:30 at night to 7:30 in the morning, but they have regular guys who work that shift all the time.  We won't get that one ever."

"Actually, Jus, I set it up for the summer that you guys will only work the day shift.  You might have to fill in occasionally at night, but not usually," Kevin said.

"That's called working a double, just so you'll know," I said.  "You do it in the restaurant business all the time."

"Well, I'm all set and ready to start," Kyle said.  

(Gene's Perspective)

Frankly, I had very mixed feeling about Kyle starting to work at the Laguna.  On one hand, I was excited as hell that my son, my baby boy, was moving into the family business.  If the good Lord said the same, he'd have my job one day, and it was important for him to know that business from top to bottom.  The gift shops were profitable, and we could have lived damn well if those were all we had, but the hotels and motels brought in the real money.

Even though I was excited for Kyle, I was also a little sad that he was already old enough to work at all.  With Clay, I always knew, or thought I knew, that he would grow up and be a man.  Kyle, though, would always be a little boy in my mind, I thought.  What ironies life throws us!  Here he was, at seventeen, a mature, responsible, sensitive, intelligent, and very capable young man.  Clay never made it as far in his twenty years as Kyle had in seventeen.  Sixteen, really, because he didn't just get to be that way.

I had made big plans to buy the resort in the next town and to turn it into an international showplace.  Then September 11 came along, and financing for that sort of project disappeared almost over night.  I had already hired Kevin and Rick so I could devote my full time to the resort, and I wasn't about to let those two get away.  I went in to work every day, and I didn't say anything to them--or to anybody but Rita--about what had happened.  But my resort plans crashed along with the World Trade Center.

I hadn't gotten over the emotional shock of that catastrophe when Clay died, and that really threw us for a loop.  Parents are not supposed to bury their children.  Period.  At forty-three, Rita and I were still young, but when Clay died a part of us died with him.  Rita was especially hard hit.  She went into deep depression, and it took two doctors and almost-daily therapy to get her out of it.  She was totally listless.  When she wasn't crying, she was sleeping.  

We had always had a pretty active and vigorous sex life, but that came to a screeching halt.  It wasn't until we were in New York after Christmas that we were able to make love again since Clay.  I missed it, sure; who wouldn't?  But, to tell the truth, it took weeks after he died before I could even get aroused.  I had always masturbated, even when we were making love almost every day, but I didn't even do that for a couple of months.  I've since read that Rita and I were not at all unusual; if anything, we recovered faster than most.  At the time, though, I thought death had robbed me of my masculinity and of a fundamental part of the most important relationship in my life.  

In the spring, things improved significantly in the tourism industry, and the banks and mortgage companies that had shot me down on the resort deal came sniffing around wanting me back in play.  By then, though, I had lost interest in the resort.  I decided, instead, to buy just the hotel portion of the package, which they were eager to sell me.  That deal wasn't closed yet, but it would be by the end of July.  I hadn't yet talked to Kevin and Rick about it.  One part of me wanted to get back into hotel management in a hands-on kind of way, and Rita and I had talked at length about selling the house in Emerald Beach and moving closer to the new hotel so I could run it.  Kevin and Rick could run corporate, as they had so well demonstrated.

In fact, the best business decision I had ever made was hiring Kevin and Rick to run the business here.  They were both smart as hell, and they seemed to thrive on hard work.  More importantly, though, they were a natural team, and those are rare.  Had both of my own children not been gay, I might have hesitated to hire a gay couple for their jobs.  What a fool I would have been to let that stop me!  They brought a synergy to their jobs that was priceless and irreplaceable.  

I got a little worried a few times in the spring when they got into some major arguments over policy decisions.  I needn't have worried, though.  Those were just honest differences of opinion about work matters, and they had nothing whatever to do with their personal lives, except maybe to improve them.  I commented about my concern to Kevin one day, and he just laughed.  "If you knew what those arguments did for us in the sack, you'd encourage them every day," he had said.  That was what I wanted to hear.

I had already decided I was going to stay away from the Laguna on June 1st, the day Kyle started there.  Nobody else's daddy checked up on them on their first day on the job, and he didn't need me doing that, either.  But I'd be there on June 2nd, prouder than a peacock.

(Kyle's Perspective)

I had wanted to work in a hotel all my life.  When I was little, before he died my grandpa had my dad's job, and my dad had the job Kevin and Rick have now.  He used to take me and Clay with him to visit the hotels and motels on Saturday morning sometimes, or in the summer.  We didn't have as many then, but I loved those places.  I wanted me a uniform like the bellhops had.  What they did looked like it was so much fun.  I didn't understand about getting paid and tips and all of that.  I just knew I wanted to work like they were working.

"Are you excited, Babe," Tim asked me in bed the night before our first day of summer work.

"Yeah.  Are you?"

"I'm excited, but not like you are," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"When we make love when you're excited about something, it's like no other time, Babe."

I propped up on my elbow to look at him.  

"Did I hurt you," I asked.  That was the last thing I ever wanted to do.

He started laughing.

"No, you didn't hurt me, Kyle, but one of these times don't be surprised if I pass out because it feels so good.  Making love when you're excited is the best."

I smiled at him.  He was so cute and innocent.  I mean, obviously I knew he wasn't totally innocent or a virgin or something, but he just seemed innocent, somehow.

"It's always good for me," I said.

"It's always good for me, too, Babe, but nights like tonight are just super good," he said.

"I lasted a long time, didn't I?"

"That was part of it, but there's just more intensity when you're excited.  I don't know what it is, but I can always tell, even when you're not jumping around," he said.

"I'm getting better at not jumping around, ain't I," I said.

"Yeah, I think you are.  You and Trixie," he said.

"You little monkey," I said laughing, and I went after me some of that big, fat banana of his.


We really didn't have to get up until 6:30, same as during school, but I was awake by 5:30.  I was hoping Tim would wake up, but I didn't want to wake him myself.  It always made me feel selfish to wake him up just because I wanted sex.  He never said anything or told me no, and I knew he wouldn't that morning, either.  We had done it twice the night before, and I knew I would stay alive without it that morning.  Still, I was really, really horny, and I thought it would be nice to start the first day of our new jobs by making love.

I eased myself out of bed to pee and use the bathroom for the other thing, too, just in case.  I was careful getting back in bed, too.  I was just lying there, listening to him breathe, and I was wanting him bad.  

"Hi," he said.

He kind of startled me a little bit because I wasn't really expecting him to wake up.

"Hi, Baby," I said.  I kissed him gently on the lips.

"That wasn't much of a good morning kiss," he said, so I kissed him again, that time so he knew how much I wanted him.

"Lie back," he said, after we had kissed for a while.

Ever since Justin had shaved me, Tim had wanted to rim me and suck my nuts even more than before.  I loved when he did that, and it always made me horny to have him do it.  He put a finger inside and found my sweet spot.  I wanted his dick, though, and I knew he'd get around to that eventually.  It was almost like we knew what each other wanted without having to say it.

It didn't take him long to get me so hot I was about to pop.  I was leaking pre-cum into my belly button, and he was rubbing it around on me.  He scooped some up and rubbed it on his own dick.  God, that was hot, I thought.  He squirted a little of the lube that was on the nightstand on me, and he rubbed it in as deep as he could go.  Then he lubed himself.  I pressed down to make it easier for him to get in my butt, and we made spectacular love.

"That's the best way to start the morning.  Now I'm going to have some of you inside me all day," I said.

"Just don't fart," he said, and that cracked both of us up.

We got up and took a shower together.  We washed each other, but we only got a little hard, not the real thing.  I figured our bodies were trying to recover from the night before and that morning.

I put on my uniform, and it felt great.  I only had two, so I would probably have to wash it every day.  I was supposed to wear a white tee shirt under it so that it showed at the collar.  Maybe that would help so I could wear it more than one day, I thought.  Then I thought, Hell, I'll just buy some more.

Tim didn't really have a uniform, but he sort of did.  He had to wear a navy blue polo shirt with the company logo on it and khaki shorts or long pants, his choice, as long as they were khaki.  No jeans.  

They were all waiting for us at the breakfast table.  Rick had gotten up and cooked a really nice breakfast, and we had plenty of time to eat it without rushing.  I noticed Brian didn't eat very much.

"Nervous, Bubba," I asked Brian.

He smiled real sweet and nodded.

"Tim will take care of you, Buddy," Justin said.  "I'm going to have to take care of his boyfriend's ass; he might as well take care of yours."

It was right on the tip of my tongue to say that Tim had already taken care of my ass that morning, but I caught myself in time.  That was the kind of remark they definitely didn't like.

I got Kevin and Rick to take some pictures of us with both cameras.  I took some of Tim with the SLR, and I knew they'd turn out good.  

Justin and Jeff had been riding together in Jus's truck, but three didn't fit all that good in it.  We took my car that morning, but Jeff and I would alternate.  Jeff had a Mazda 626 just like me, and it was a company car, just like mine was.  I knew Tim would let me take his, if I asked him, but I also knew he was pretty damn proud of that Wrangler and loved to drive it.  

Since we had to be there at 7:30, we left the house at seven.  They didn't have to be at the gift shop till eight, and it was also a little closer than the hotel.

I punched the clock when I got to the hotel.  Justin showed me how to do that, but there really wasn't anything to it.  Then he took me up to the lobby where the bell captain was waiting for me.  I hadn't met him before, so I introduced myself to him.

The captain's name was Jason.  He looked like he was thirty-something and pretty good looking.  He smiled real nice when we shook hands, and he eyed me up and down pretty good, too.  He wasn't wearing a wedding ring or anything, which I knew didn't mean squat, but I just had a feeling that maybe him and me were on the same team.  I met Stephen, Wayne, and a couple of other guys.  

Stephen wasn't exactly prissy, but he wasn't going to win any Mister Macho contests, either.  He was in his early twenties, I guess, and he was pretty cute looking.  

"And who might you be, cutie," he said to me before I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Kyle," I said.

He looked at my name tag that said "Kyle."

"And so you are," he said.  "Any last name, or is that confidential?"

"Goodson.  Kyle Goodson," I said.

"I'll bet you're good at more than just being a son," he said.

Usually I hate it when people play around with my last name, even though I've gotten that all my life.  The way he said it was just funny, though, so I laughed.  Wouldn't you like to know, I thought.  I was going to like him, I already knew it.  

"Hi," I said to this big guy with strawberry blond hair.  His name tag said he was Wayne.

"Hi.  You're Justine's boyfriend, right?"

"Justine?"  I started laughing.

He didn't want to laugh, I could tell, but he finally did smile a little.  I had the feeling that was as much joy as that boy had had in a while.  I just ignored the comment about being Justin's boyfriend.  

"Kyle, I want you to work with Justin today, at least this morning.  He knows the routine pretty well, and he can show you what to do," Jason said.

"Yes, sir," I said.

He kind of smiled sarcastically at me when I said that.  I'm sorry, but that's just the way I was raised.  Blame my parents, Jason, I thought.  Saying "sir" was just a reflex.

Justin explained about taking turns with guests.  Usually the captain went out to greet the guests, and one or two or sometimes even three of us followed, if they had a lot of stuff.  One guy would take them up to their room, but the other one or two would help load their stuff on the cart.  We had to make it snappy so they wouldn't have to wait for us.

The guests would check in, and we would hang behind, but out of everybody's way.  Our goal was perfect invisible service.  Jus said a lot of times the lady would strike up a conversation with the bellhop while the man was checking them in.  If they had kids, he said it was a good idea to keep an eye on them in case they wandered off.  You weren't supposed to go after them or anything, but you would be able to tell the parents where they were when it was time to go up to their room.  He said most of the time the kids were pretty excited to be on vacation and in a hotel, so they tended to roam.

I found out that Monday wasn't all that busy a day for bellhops.  Vacation people usually checked out on Sunday morning and new ones checked in on Sunday afternoon, if they were staying a full week.  I had always figured working Sunday was for the low guys on the totem pole, but the opposite was true.  Because there was so much traffic that day, the guys who had been there the longest got to work that day because they made so much more in tips.  I was just glad to be there.

I found out, too, that that particular hotel was about fifty-fifty during the summer--fifty percent vacationers and fifty percent business travelers.  The hotel ran a couple of shuttle vans back and forth to the air port and to the Navy base, where most of the business travelers were headed.  They went to other businesses on the beach, too, like the game and fish research station, the Coast Guard base, a cell phone company that had like a million employees, and others.  A lot of people rented cars, too, of course, even if they arrived by plane.  We also had business meetings and business training sessions there, but those were mostly in our non-vacation seasons.

Justin and I worked four sets of guests together, two arrivals and two departures.  He showed me how to get a room ready for them, where to get ice, and that sort of thing.  It took about a half hour for each set of guests because of the time at check-in and all.  Sometimes it took longer, he said, sometimes not that long.  The departures were much quicker, and you usually got a lot smaller tip from them.  They were usually in a hurry, and a lot of times they were probably broke from their vacation.  Remembering to save money to tip the bellhop wasn't real high on many people's priorities.

Another thing we had to do was deliver room service.  We had a couple of those orders, too, that morning.  The people called room service to place their order.  The people in the kitchen made it for them and called the bell desk.  Usually the captain took the call, but whoever was closest did, if the captain happened to be away from the desk.  You then had to go to the kitchen to get the order, deliver it, present it, ask if they needed anything else, like more towels or ice or a blow job (just kidding), and then leave.  Usually they put the cart in the hall when they were finished, or housekeeping got it back to the kitchen later in the day.  A room service call usually meant a pretty good tip.  They probably thought we had cooked it.

"Are you ready for a break," Jus asked me.

I hadn't even thought about getting a break, but I guess you had to have time to pee sometimes.

"Yeah," I said.  "I guess."

"Come on," he said.

He took me to an employee break room.  It had a couple of vinyl couches, some vending machines, and four or five tables with chairs around them.

"This is where we take our breaks," he said.  "It's also where we eat lunch.  It's okay to smoke in here, if you want to."

I didn't have any smokes on me, but he did.  I bummed one from him and got myself a soft drink and a candy bar from the machines.  I sat down on one of the couches, and all of a sudden I realized I was tired.

"How are you liking it," he asked.

"I'm loving it," I said, and I wasn't lying.  

Wayne came in right about then and lit up a smoke.

"Are you two sweethearts having a good time," he asked.  At least he's talking, I thought.

"I'm having a good time," I said.  "What about you?"

"Same as always.  Two cocksuckers stiffed me, though.  The bastards."

If you'd be more friendly, that might not happen, I thought, but I kept my mouth shut.

"I think you're ready to be on your own," Jus said.  "We'll see what Jason says, but you know what to do."

"So you're turning your boyfriend loose, sweetie?"

"Look, dude," I said.  "We're best friends, but we're not boyfriends, okay?  So lighten up with that shit."

"You're a feisty little cocksucker, aren't you?"

"Come on, Kyle.  There's no point in talking to this guy," Jus said, and we left the break room.

Jason said it was okay for me to start taking guests by myself if Justin thought I was ready.  The rest of that morning was fine.  I didn't see much of Wayne after that.