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Chapter 13

The days flew by. Tim and Kyle were inseparable, and, as May moved along, they talked more and more about the coming summer. They were both planning to work at the motel where they had worked during Spring Break, and they were pretty excited about it.

Kyle's school play was on the second weekend of May, and, of course, we attended it. Tim attended all three performances, and he and Kyle talked about maybe Tim trying out for a play the next school year.

We celebrated Tim's birthday with a swimming party and cookout at the Goodsons' house at the end of May. Kyle was the host, and everyone on the guest list was gay. Our friends Mont and Terry were there; Sam the scoutmaster, who had by then turned into a regular member of our circle of friends, was there; Fred, Mont's younger brother, was there; and Philip and Ryan were there. Swimming was "suits optional," and, of course, nobody wore one.

Mont, Terry, Rick, and I were taking a break from the horseplay in the pool. We had towels wrapped around our waists, and we were nursing beers.

"That Sam is a nice guy. I wish he wasn't in the closet so deep," Mont said.

"You guys work together, don't you," Rick asked.

"Yeah. He's a damn fine engineer, too. I wish he and Fred would click."

"Is Fred still dating Mike," I asked.

"Yeah, off and on. They're good friends, but there isn't much chemistry there," Mont said.

"I sort of got that same feeling from Mike," I said. "And you're right. He really likes Fred, but I think it's pretty much a platonic hang-around-with kind of friendship."

"Those four boys are really cute," Terry said. "It's pretty amazing they've been together as couples this long."

"It's only been since January for Tim and Kyle," Rick said.

"That's not long to us, but to kids that age it's pretty good," Mont said.

"Our two are in love. There's no question about it," I said. "I wonder if it will last."

"It could. A lot of people marry their high school sweethearts, you know," Terry said.

"That's true. I guess I hadn't thought of it that way," I said. "Sort of destroys the stereotype about gay relationships not lasting."

"Well, look at you guys. And look at us," Mont said. "We've busted just about every gay stereotype there is." Pause. "Except for those damn pink hot pants Terry insists on wearing all the time."

"Shhhhhhh," Terry said with his finger to his lips, and we all laughed hard.

"I noticed all four of you guys wear ankle bracelets," Terry said. "Is there a story behind those?"

"Not really. Tim gave them to us and Kyle for Easter, and Kyle gave him one, too," I said.

"I like that," Ter said. "It kind of symbolizes a family bond or something."

"Yeah, we all really like that aspect of it," Rick said.

"So when are we going to get you guys out on the boat again," Mont asked, changing a subject that had run its course.

"Any time," I said.

"Yeah. We love going out with y'all, and the kids talk about it all the time," Rick said.

"When do they get out of school," Mont asked.

"At the end of this coming week," I said.

"What are the chances of you guys getting off in the middle of the week," Mont asked.

"We've both got plenty of vacation time built up," Rick said. "I could swing it. What about you, Babe?"

"Yeah. But why not on a weekend," I asked.

"It's tourist season, you know, and they're already swarming everywhere. It'll just get worse on into the summer. Besides, my grandfather and his friends are more likely to want to use the boat themselves on weekends, now that the summer is here."

"I see your point," I said.

"If the boys want to bring Philip and Ryan, that's okay, too," Mont said.

"They'll like that," Rick said. "They've gotten to be really good friends with those guys, and they seem to get along well, too. They even had a dick-measuring contest."

"Oh, yeah? Who won," Ter asked.

"Who would you guess," I asked. "You've seen all four of them."

"Gosh, I don't know. Ryan?"

"Well, he was evidently the favorite going into the contest, but it was actually Tim," I said.

"No, shit," Ter said.

The conversation drifted back to the boat trip. Mont said he knew a different island to go to that wouldn't have anybody on it at all. He said it had a reputation as a nudist playground and that we wouldn't have to worry about clothes, if we didn't want to. We planned the trip for the first week of June. We would leave on Tuesday morning and come home Thursday night.

The party lasted all afternoon and into the evening. Kyle and Rick grilled steaks for everybody, and they served microwaved baked potatoes, salad, and a green bean casserole that was very tasty. We had birthday cake and ice cream for dessert.

Tim got some really nice gifts. We gave him a nice camera that was waterproof. Philip and Ryan together gave him a gift certificate to a music store. Sam gave him some kind of fancy compass that no true scout should be without. Fred, Mont, and Ter gave him two polo-type shirts and a pair of shorts that Tim declared to be "wicked." Kyle insisted that Tim open his gift last. He brought out a rather large box that was wrapped reasonably neatly, and Tim tore into it.

Inside the box was six wrapped packages. Tim grinned at his boy, and Kyle grinned back. The love they had for one another was right there on their faces, and seeing them caused a lump in my throat.

The smaller packages contained shirts, a swim suit combo like Kyle had given us for Easter, a razor, a simulation computer game, and a baseball cap.

A few days before the party, Kyle has asked to talk to Rick and me alone. Once settled in the den at our house, Rick started us off.

"What's up," he asked.

Kyle seemed nervous. He was always totally at ease with us, but that afternoon I sensed that he was stressed about something.

"I wanted to talk to y'all about Tim's birthday present," he said.

"Are you looking for ideas," I asked.

"Oh, no. I have plenty of ideas. In fact, I've already gotten everything."

He ticked off his list of presents.

"You're giving him a razor," Rick asked. "He doesn't need a razor."

"Oh, yes, he does," Kyle said. "He shaves almost every day. He's been using yours, Rick."

"Okay. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit together. A couple of times he's left my razor on the counter in the bathroom, and I had to get out of the shower to get it. I'm glad you're getting him one."

"It sounds like you have everything taken care of, Kyle," I said.

"There's one thing I'm not sure of," he said.

"What's that," Rick asked.

Kyle had lost his nervousness after he started talking with us, but it seemed to come back at that moment. I knew Rick sensed his uneasiness, too.

"Kyle, if you want to give him a pony, the answer is `no,'" Rick said.

Kyle and I laughed.

Then Kyle took a deep breath. "I want to give him myself," he said quietly.

Rick and I were both puzzled about what he meant.

"Er, help us out here, Kyle," Rick said. "What do you mean, exactly?"

"You know how y'all talked to us after the first time we had sex, and Rick you said we shouldn't do anything unless both of us wanted it?"

"Yeah, I remember," Rick said.

"Well, we've stuck to that rule."

My heart just went out to Kyle. He was struggling so hard that I wanted to just hug him and pet him to make it easier.

"Kyle, what does that have to do with your gift," Rick asked. Kyle didn't respond right away, and what he was getting at seemed to dawn on Rick and me at the same instant.

"Are you talking about having anal sex with Tim," Rick asked. God, that man was gentle.

Kyle nodded shyly.

"Are you asking us if it's okay, buddy," Rick asked again.

"Sort of," he said in a voice not much louder than a whisper.

"Son, we can't give you permission to do that. That's something you and Tim have to work out between you," Rick said.

"Oh, we both want to do it," he said. "I don't know if you can tell, Rick, but Tim and I are in love. We're both thinking we could be it for each other, do you know what I mean?"

"Do y'all see yourselves being sort of like us," I asked.

"No. Being exactly like y'all. Not just sort of like y'all."

"That's pretty flattering, Kyle," I said. "Thank you."

"No, Kevin. Thank you and Rick for being who you are, man. Philip and Ryan are so jealous of us because we have y'all that they can't stand it. Philip's only out to his mom, and Ryan isn't out to either of his parents."

"Let's go back to the other thing," Rick said. "You and Tim have talked it over, and you both want to have anal intercourse. Am I right so far?"

"Sort of," he said.

"Help us here, Kyle. I'm not following everything just right, yet," Rick said.

"We've talked about it quite a few times, and he asked me if we could do it. He said he really wants to. Both ways."

"Both ways?" Rick's tone of voice let me know he was getting more and more puzzled.

"Babe, I think he means they'll both top and both bottom," I said. "Is that what you mean, Kyle."


"And you've been afraid," I asked.

He blushed and hung his head.

Rick lifted his chin. "Hey, buddy, that's nothing to be ashamed of. Are you afraid you'll hurt Tim?"

"Yeah, but I was more afraid he would hurt me. He's really big, you know?"

"We've heard," Rick said. Kyle must have remembered the Easter morning episode, and he laughed.

"If your measurements are right, Tim's only a tiny bit bigger than Donkey Dong here," I said, "and he doesn't hurt me. Not even the first time. Well, maybe a little bit the first two or three times, but the pain was so little I don't even remember it."

"Another thing, we're not real sure how to do it. I mean, we know how to do it, but how do you do it so that it doesn't hurt?"

"Well, we can tell you that, but doesn't Tim need to be in on that conversation, too," I asked.

"See, that's the thing. He doesn't know yet that I want to do it, too. I kind of want that to be a birthday surprise for him. I was thinking I could wrap up a package of condoms and give it to him with his other presents at the party. That way he'd know."

"Jeez, I had forgotten this was about his birthday present," Rick said.

"And I want us to do it that night after the party," Kyle said.

"I think it's doable," Rick said. "We can still talk to both of you together about it without spoiling the surprise. Are you spending the night tonight? And where is Tim, anyway?"

Kyle glanced at his watch. "Shit, I'm supposed to be picking him up right now. He's at the motel. I told my dad I wanted to talk to you guys, so he figured out how to keep Tim busy this afternoon without me."

"Well, you better go get him," Rick said. "I'll order pizza."

"Can you believe those two," Rick asked. "It was almost like he was asking us for our son's hand."

"Or ass."

He laughed. "Right. Or ass."

Rick called in a pizza order, and they told him it would be at our house in thirty minutes or less. Rick always wrote down the time when the pizza place said how long it would be, and a couple of times he had gotten us free pizza when they weren't there when they said they would be.

Tim and Kyle got home shortly after he hung up the phone.

"Pizza's on its way," Rick announced, after Tim had said hello to us.

Tim got cokes and napkins for all of us, and we settled into the den to wait for the food. Before it got there, Tim started things moving.

"Can Kyle and I talk to you guys about sex," he asked.

"Of course you can. You know that," I said.

"Yeah, we know," Tim said. "Philip and Ryan and us were talking about sex yesterday..."

"Teenage boys talking about sex? When did this start," Rick asked.

Everybody laughed. There was my guy, turning tears into laughter again, only that time there weren't any tears.

"Go ahead, Tim. Just ignore him," I said.

"They asked us if butt sex hurts."

Very good, Timothy, my man, I thought. You figured out how to finesse this one pretty damn well.

"We had to tell them we didn't know," Kyle piped in. "We know they do the finger, and they like that."

"Ah, yes. Doing the finger," Rick said. I laughed, but the boys didn't find that amusing.

"Tim, the answer to your question..."

"Their question," Tim shot back.

"Their question," I said by way of correcting myself. "The answer is it might a little bit the first few times they try it, but the pain doesn't last more than a few seconds unless they don't do it right. It really doesn't have to hurt at all, though."

"Can you explain how to do it without it hurting," Kyle asked.

"Yeah. We can and we will, boys," Rick said. "But before we talk technique, let's talk meaning, okay?"

"Sure," the boys said in unison.

Suddenly the pizza delivery had arrived.

Rick looked at his watch and said "Damn." Evidently they were under the specified time. He paid for the food and we dug in.

"Okay, back to where we were," Rick said. "Why would two men want to have anal sex?"

"Because it feels good," Tim said.

"No question about that," Rick said. "It feels very good. But so does kissing and getting jerked off. Have you guys done oral yet?"

They both nodded.

"Oral feels mighty good, too, doesn't it? But why anal when other things feel good, too?"

"What are two guys really saying to one another when they have anal sex, boys," I asked.

"That they want to make each other feel good," Kyle asked.

"That's a very big part of it, Kyle, for sure. You want to give your partner pleasure," I said. "But can you think of any other reason?"

"Let me give you a little hint," Rick said. "We started off this conversation with a question about whether there's pain involved. Kevin told you there might be a little pain at first, unless the top guy doesn't do it right.  Then there could be a lot of pain.  What does that suggest?"

"That there's risk of pain," Tim said.

"Ah ha! Why would anybody want to take that risk when there are so many other things you can do that give pleasure?" Rick was on a roll.

"Maybe it's a way of telling your partner you trust him," Kyle said.

"Now we're getting somewhere," Rick said. "When you let somebody take your ass, you're really saying, `Buddy, I trust you not to hurt me.'  And if it does hurt a little, you're saying you are willing to put up with that to please him."

He paused to let that sink in.

"And you're also saying, `Buddy, I care about you enough to put you in charge of my body for the next little while. I surrender to you.'"

"Do you guys think about that when you have anal sex," Tim asked.

"Probably not every time, Tim, but it's definitely there beneath the surface," I said.

"Another thing, guys," Rick said, "when we have anal sex, I think we feel like we're sharing sort of the essence of who we are with one another, the essence of our maleness. When Kevin gives me an anal orgasm, he does something I can't do for myself."

"I guess that's why they call it making love," Kyle said.

"Bingo! Right on the money," I said.

"So how do you do it," Kyle asked.

Rick explained in pretty good detail about making sure the receiver is relaxed and well lubricated. He told them about pushing down on the muscles of the rectum as the top is entering. He explained about starting out with the top on his back so the bottom guy can ease himself down and control the action. He did a remarkably good job in answering their questions, too.

They wanted to know about condoms, and we explained about not really needing them in a totally monogamous relationship.

"That means two virgins doing it together for the first time in their lives," Rick said. "Unless you are absolutely, positively sure about your partner, insist on a condom every time. You got that?"

"Yes, sir," they both said at once.

"Boys, tell Philip and Ryan they can always come to us for information, too," I said. They agreed they would, and that pretty much ended the conversation.

The next morning Rick asked Kyle to help him with something in the garage. Rick later told me he suggested Kyle save his surprise for Tim for a private moment. He suggested Kyle wrap up a pack of condoms and put them on Tim's pillow that night. He said Kyle liked that idea.

When the birthday party ended, Rick, Kyle, Tim, and I went home. I had assumed they would sleep at Kyle's house, but Kyle wanted to sleep at our house. We told the boys good night, and we all went to our rooms.

"God, I hope it goes well for our babies tonight," Rick said when we were in bed. We were nude, and I was holding him in my arms.

"Me, too, Babe," I said. "By the way, I don't think I told you how good a job I thought you did with them last weekend."

"Thanks," he said, "but I couldn't have done that alone, that's for sure. You were great, too."

"We make a pretty damn good team of dads, don't we?"

"I think we do, too. Ooooh, do that some more," he said.

"You horn-dog," I said, as I continued gently rubbing his nipples.

"Kyle seemed pretty nervous after the party, don't you think," he asked.

"He seemed excited to me. You're the one who seemed nervous."

"I was. I am, a little bit. I wonder which one is going first."

"I'm sure we'll find out tomorrow. Right now, though, I want this big thing in me, where it belongs."

That was all the encouragement he needed.

The next morning it was my turn to flood him with love. Afterwards, we lay in bed cuddling, as usual for a Sunday morning. In a little while, we heard noise and giggling coming from the den.

"Let's go see `em," Rick said. He was so cute about those kids that he was totally irresistible.

"Okay," I said. I kissed him before leaving our room. "I love you," I said.

"I love you, too. Now come on."

I laughed.

"Hi, guys," they said in unison as we entered the room. They were both beaming, and they seemed more excited than usual to see us. If I hadn't known what Kyle had had planned for the night before, I would have known something big was up just by the way they were acting.

"Guess what," Tim said.

"What," I said.

"No. Guess."

"You finally had a wet dream," Rick asked.

"Very funny," Tim said. "No. We did it. That was my surprise birthday present."

"What is `it,'" Rick asked. Kyle was grinning at Rick's little game.

"You know," Tim said.

Rick walked over to the phone and dialed a number.

"Hello. May I speak to Harry Potter, please," he said. "I need a mind read, and I thought he might be able to help me out."

The boys and I howled with laughter. Tim, a big Harry Potter fan, was especially delighted with Rick's antics.

"I've just been teasing you guys," Rick said. "I know what you're talking about, Tim. Y'all both seem pretty happy this morning, so I guess everything must have gone okay, right?"

"Oh, yeah. It was great. Do you want to hear all about it," Tim asked.

"Tim, man," I said, "I really don't think we do. You know we both love you guys, and we're flattered that you would be willing to tell us, but I think some things that a couple do should remain between them, don't you?"

"I told you," Kyle said.

"Yeah, yeah. You guys are right. Anyway, thank you for everything, guys. We do love you very, very much."

"And we love each other, too," Kyle said. He gave Tim a very sweet kiss.

School ended for the boys on the last Friday in May, which happened to be the thirty-first. They had the previous Monday off because of Memorial Day, which I thought was strange as hell that close to the end of the year. The beach was packed Memorial Day weekend, and Rick had run a full marathon to commemorate the holiday. The boys had had to work, but they both made it to the finish line to cheer him on as he crossed it.

On Tuesday morning, we boarded Mont's boat at six in the morning and motored to St. Vincent Island. Mont told us that as soon as we set anchor the trip would be totally clothing optional. The four kids, our two plus Philip and Ryan, were eager to get naked. The adults kept their clothes on for a little while, but we were all naked too by the end of the day.

The island was more wooded than the other one was, and the boys gathered up firewood for that night. They decided they wanted to camp on land, and since all four were effectively Eagle Scouts, nobody had a problem with that. The beach was magnificent, even better than the ones closer to home, and there wasn't a piece of trash to be seen anywhere.

We had a wonderful time on that trip. We did some surf fishing with equipment from the boat, and Philip had brought his surfboard. The boys and Rick took turns surfing naked. Rick said that the surf wasn't the best he had ever seen but that the experience of surfing naked made it the best surfing of his life. He and Philip taught the other kids the rudiments of surfing, but they didn't look nearly as good out there as Rick and Philip did.

Night time was a time of intimacy for all the couples, I'm sure. The boys were off in the dunes doing their boy thing, and Mont and Ter, and Rick and I took advantage of the privacy of the air conditioned staterooms.

There was nothing bad about that trip. Everyone got along with each other, and nobody complained about anything. We were all a little sad when we had to weigh anchor and head home early Thursday afternoon.

We weren't home more than fifteen minutes when the phone rang. I answered it.

"Hello," I said.

"Hello, Kevin. This is George."

"George Murphy," I asked.

"Yeah. How the hell are you?"

"We're great, George. How are you? Where are you?"

"I'm in Virginia," he said. "I put in for compassionate reassignment, and it just came through about a week ago. It's taken me that long to get here."

"Babe, it's George," I said to Rick, who was just coming into the den from the kitchen.

"George Murphy?"

"Yeah. Get Tim."

"Sorry, George. Rick's getting Tim," I said into the phone.

"Okay. Great. How is he, Kevin?"

"George, he's the greatest kid I've ever known in my life. He's stolen our hearts, man."

"He's the best, isn't he," he said, parental pride dripping off every word he spoke.

"Dad!" Tim screamed as he came into the room.

"I hear him," George said. "Can you put us on speaker so everyone can hear?"

"Sure." I switched on the speaker.

"Dad! Dad! Dad!"

"Hi, Son. God, I've missed you, Tim."

"I've missed you, too, Dad. Where are you? How can you talk on the phone?"

"I'm in Newport News, Virginia, Tim. I'm coming home."


"I should be home Saturday, Son. I got time off for good behavior," George said.

"That's great, Dad. I can't wait to see you. When do you have to go back?"

"I don't, Tim. We'll talk all about it when I get home, okay. I need to get off the phone now, though. Can you and the guys meet me at the air base on Saturday at one o'clock? That's when my plane lands."

"Absolutely, George," I said. "We'll be there with bells on."

"Bye, Tim. I love you, Son. And bye Kevin and Rick."

"Bye, George," we said in unison.

Then the phone was dead.