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Chapter 7

Rick was by himself in the den when I got home, and he didn't even have the TV on. I kissed him hello.

"Hi, Babe," I said. "How was your day?"

"Hi. It was good. How was yours," he asked.


"Do you want some coffee," he asked.

"Yeah. Please. Will you get it for me while I change?"

"Of course. Don't I always?" He gave me one of those heart-melting grins that I loved so much.

I went into our room to change, and Rick had cups of coffee for each of us when I returned. Drinking coffee together after work was a ritual we practiced whenever our schedules permitted, and we both took great pleasure in it.

"Where are the boys," I asked. I knew Kyle was there because I had seen his car. Then I remembered he was spending the night with us, so naturally he would be there.

"There in Tim's room. Changing the bed," he said.

"Changing the bed? Didn't the maid come today? The check is gone."

"Oh, yeah, the maid came," he said.

"So what happened? Did one of them get sick or something?"

"No. Our little boy became a man today, Daddy, and he and his boyfriend are taking care of the evidence." Rick was obviously delighted by what he was saying, and I felt a surge of...what? Pride?

"All right. I've got to have all the details," I said.

"Okay. I knew you would. I got home a few minutes after five. I changed my clothes and made coffee, as usual. I wondered if the cable guy had been here today, so I walked back to Tim's room to see.

"I tapped on the door, but I didn't wait for an answer. I opened it and got quite an eyeful."

"You just barged right in," I asked. That was totally out of character for Rick, who had been adamant about protecting Tim from embarrassment.

"Yeah. I wasn't thinking. I apologized to them, and they seemed okay with it."

"So, what did you see," I asked.

"They were both buck naked, and Tim was rubbing Kyle's chest. There was cum all over the bed and all over them. I'm telling you, Kevin, if there are two cuter ones than them out there, I don't want to meet them," he said.

"Were they hard," I asked.

"No, they were soft, so I figured they had each shot a half dozen loads."

We both chuckled.

"So, er, is Kyle worthy," I asked.

"Oh, yeah. They're a matched set, only Kyle is cut."

"So, one of each, just like us," I joked.

"Yeah. They got up, got dressed, and came out here. We talked."

"What did you talk about? What did they say?" I was dying with curiosity.

"We talked about sex, of course. I find them a little na´ve about sex," he said.

"Oh, yeah? Why's that?"

"Well, Kyle thought they hadn't had sex because they hadn't done oral or anal. I set them right on that score, and I told them about us and that we took it slow at first. They seemed willing to accept that."

"Well, that's good."

"I made a point of saying that different couples did different things but that it was important for both members to want to do something before they tried it. They got the message."

"It sounds like you did good," I said. "Daddy."

He chuckled.

"Rick, I'm not necessarily sure they're so na´ve as they are inexperienced. I'm sure they've both been to gay porn Web sites, and most of what you see there is guys sucking and fucking. They need the kind of guidance they got this afternoon from you, and that's just a fact."

"Maybe you're right. Kyle asked a question that sort of ended our discussion. He said, `Does fucking feel better than what we did.'"

"Why did that end the discussion," I asked.

"I told them that I wished you were here for that discussion. Tim asked if you know more about sex than I do."

I laughed out loud.

"And what did you tell them," I asked.

"I said no but that that was a very special conversation we were having and I wanted to share it with you. They were cool with that."

Just then I heard laughing in the hall, and then the shower went on.

"Shower fun," I said.

Rick and I both chuckled.

Rick clicked on the TV, and we watched the tail end of the national news.

"Oh, I almost forgot," I said. "Mont called today. He and Terry are going to a sports bar to eat and watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics. He asked if we wanted to join them."

"Jeez, I forgot the Olympics start tonight. That sounds like fun, but let's get the boys squared away first, okay?"

"Oh, absolutely. They're job one."

It took them about twenty minutes to finish their shower and to join us in the den. After our greeting, I said,

"Well, I hear two boys became men today."

They both beamed.

"Do you guys feel any different," I asked.

"Yeah, kinda," Kyle said. "We kinda feel like we've got a secret between us, a special bond that we don't have with anybody else."

"Yeah, we feel like we're joined a little bit, you know," Tim said. Kyle took Tim's hand in his and held it. How cute, I thought. Then I got up and sat on the arm of the chair that Rick was in. I took his hand.

"I know just what you mean," I said. The boys both smiled. "Have y'all got any questions for us?"

"I was wondering about, er, ...fucking," Kyle said. I was sure that word tumbled off his lips easily enough in other circumstances, but it was rather charming that he was reluctant to say it in front of us.

"You can call it `anal' or `anal sex' if you don't like to use the word `fucking,'" I said.

"Yeah. Anal. Does that feel better than what Tim and I did? Why do guys do it?"

"Do you guys know what your prostate gland is," I asked.

If they knew, they didn't respond.

"It's the gland in your body that produces most of what you shoot when you have an orgasm," I said. "Or, more accurately, when you ejaculate."

"I thought that stuff came from your, your, er, nuts," Kyle said.

"You can say any word you want to with us, Kyle. We're guys. We know how guys talk," Rick said.

"Actually, Kyle, sperm does come from your nuts, but sperm makes up a very small part of a load of cum. Anyway, when you have anal sex, the penis of the top guy, the one who penetrates the other one, rubs the prostate, and that feels very good. Most of the time that pressure and the pressure of having a dick in your ass, make the bottom guy's orgasm really strong."

"Have either of you guys ever stuck your finger up your ass while you were jerking off," Rick asked.

"Ewwww, gross," Tim said.

"Doesn't that hurt," Kyle asked.

"No, not at all," Rick said, "and Tim, don't knock it till you've tried it, buddy."

"Have you done that, Rick," Kyle asked.

"Yes, Kyle. I've done it to myself, and..."

"He does it to me, too. It really is pretty awesome, guys," I said.

"Why is it so awesome," Kyle asked. I could tell he was getting pretty interested in man-to-man sex. He adjusted himself, no doubt to accommodate his hard-on in a more comfortable position. I was hard myself, just talking about that stuff, but I didn't feel bad about it because the boys had a right to know about their own bodies.

"A couple of reasons. You can rub your prostate with your finger. It's maybe not as intense as a dick because it's not as big and you're controlling it. It's like when somebody else jerks you off. To me, that's always better than when I do it to myself."

The boys looked at one another, wide-eyed.

"Are we embarrassing you guys," Rick asked.

"No way! This is good stuff," Tim said. "Keep on."

"What's the second reason it feels good having a finger up your butt," Kyle asked.

"Well, you wouldn't know this unless you've done it, but your ass muscles contract rhythmically when you shoot. That's part of what shoots the cum out. It feels really good and really intense when those contractions happen," I said.

"Is that better when Rick has his dick in you," Tim asked.

"Yes, it is, buddy. His dick is fatter than his finger. Only slightly, but some."

Kyle roared with laughter, but Tim didn't seem to get the joke at first.

"Very funny, Dr. Ruth. Keep on," Rick said.

"Does the guy on the bottom cum just from getting fucked," Kyle said, obviously over his shyness about using "guy words."

"We both do, pretty much," I said.

"Yeah, we do," Rick said. "Some guys don't, though, apparently. You see in videos and such that the other guy has to jerk him off, or his jerks himself off while he's getting fucked. Sometimes you see guys getting fucked who aren't hard. That's never happened to either of us, either."

I glanced at my watch, and we had been at the sex lesson for forty-five minutes.

"Do you get shit on your dick when you fuck," Kyle asked.

"Sometimes," I said. "And your finger, too, if that's what you're using. Just wipe it off. It doesn't hurt. By the way, never stick anything up your butt, finger or dick or anything else, without a lot of lube. Do you have any, in case you need it?"

They shook their heads "no."

"We'll pick you up some tomorrow," Rick said. "In the meantime, there is a tube in the drawer of the table on either side of our bed. If you borrow one of them tonight, make sure it gets back where it belongs, okay?"

"Okay," Kyle said. "Thanks. What about condoms?"

"Good question, Kyle, but can we save that for another time? We're supposed to meet up with some friends to watch the Olympics. Even if you guys fuck each other blind tonight, it won't be a problem for you. You're both virgins, right? Or at least you were until a couple of hours ago?"

"Right," they both said at the same time.

"But we're not going to do that," Tim said. Then, looking at Kyle, "Are we?"

Kyle gave a very evil grin, and it looked like Tim got scared.

I knew Kyle was playing, but Rick wasn't taking any chances. His voice was kind, but it communicated that he really meant business.

"Kyle, not until he's totally ready, you understand? Not until he's begging you for it. Otherwise, I'll fuck you up, and I won't use my dick."

"Don't yell at him, Rick. He won't hurt me," Tim said.

"Oh, no, sir. I would never do anything to hurt this guy. Please believe me," Kyle said.

"I'm sorry if I came on a little strong, guys. But I really mean it. And, Tim, the exact same thing goes for you, man. Sex between two people who care for each other is more fun than you can imagine. Don't ever spoil that by being selfish and only thinking about your own pleasure."

"Rick, we know you're right. Thank you, guys, for talking to us. What do gay boys do who don't have friends like y'all," Kyle asked.

"Good question, Kyle. They fumble through, hurt each other, don't really understand what they're doing. Hey, fellas, we've got to go," I said.

We all stood up, and the boys walked over to us. Without saying a word, we had a grand group hug.

"Was I too tough back there," Rick asked, as soon as he had started his car.

"Not at all. I'm glad you said what you did, the way you said it. I was glad you included Tim in it, too. I think Kyle is the more eager of the two, but it applies to both of them."

"Well, good. I'm glad I didn't come across too heavy," he said. "Did I yell at Kyle? I didn't mean to."

"No, you didn't raise your voice. I think that's just an expression, Babe. You were great, and I was proud of you. You really care about that kid, don't you," I asked.

"Yes, I do. A lot. And you do, too, don't think I don't know that," he said.

We got to the bar in about ten minutes and located Mont and Ter. I ordered a beer, and Rick ordered water with lemon.

"I'm sorry we're late, guys," I said. "We had a little sex education gig tonight."

"You're not late. The show doesn't start until eight," Mont said.

"What's this sex education gig all about," Ter asked.

"You remember Tim and Kyle from the other night, right," Rick asked.

"Oh, sure. Cute kids," Mont said.

"Yeah, well they just became boyfriends this week, and this afternoon they had their first sexual experience together. Or with anyone, for that matter," I said.

"They told y'all about that," Ter asked.

"Well, I sort of walked in on them," Rick said. "We had told Tim to always lock his door when he had company. I tapped on the door, and I opened it before they told me not to. I won't do that again, even if it is unlocked."

Our waiter came for our order right then. He was a real hunk, but he was just the slightest bit effeminate. He asked if we wanted the bill in one big package or solo. Terry was taking a sip of his drink when he said that, and he started laughing and coughing at the same time. When we indicated we wanted the bill split up by couples, he said something like, "Ohhhhh. Good choices, guys." All four of us laughed.

"So, back to where we were. You caught them screwing, Rick" Ter asked, his grin a mile wide from the antics of the waiter.

"Oh, no," Rick said. "They were finished by then, but the evidence was all over the bed and all over them, too. They were pretty fucking cute, actually."

"I'll bet," Mont said. "So what did you do?"

"Well, I jumped out of there as fast as I could, apologizing profusely. They were cool with it, though."

"Were you just checking on them," Mont asked.

"Actually, the cable guy was supposed to come this afternoon to install a cable modem in Tim's room. I wanted to see if he had gotten there." Then, turning to me, Rick continued, "I still didn't get an answer to that question. Did you?"

"No, I don't know, either," I said.

"Was tonight like a safe sex thing or something," Terry asked.

"We didn't get that far. Tonight was much more basic than that," I said.

"This afternoon when they emerged from the den of iniquity," Rick said, "I talked to them. Kyle didn't think they had really had sex because there was no penetration, oral or anal. We had to get that worked through. Then, tonight, they wanted to know what's the big deal with anal sex, so we had to talk about that. You sort of take for granted what you've learned about sex over the years, and you forget how innocent guys like them really are."

"Well, I think what you guys are doing is fucking heroic, man," Mont said. "We'll have to get all of y'all out on the boat real soon."

"I can go! I can go!," Rick said. "Me, Kevin, and the spermlets."

Everyone laughed.

Our food came just then, and we turned our attention to it. The VOICE of NBC came on as we were finishing, so we turned our attention to that. We made small talk about our jobs, about sports, about the Olympics, about Matt Lauer (consensus: nobody would kick him out of bed), and about a hundred other topics. I thought about Kyle's comment about our Super Bowl party and how normal and natural the evening was.

We settled up our tabs around eleven.

"Do you guys want to stop someplace for coffee," Mont asked as we were leaving.

"Jeez, I'd like to," Rick said, "but I'm doing a long one tomorrow morning. We'll take a rain check, okay, guys?"

"A long one? A long what," Ter asked.

"Sorry. A long run," Rick said.

"How long is long," Mont asked.

"Twenty miles. Twenty-two. Something like that," Rick said.

"Jesus Christ! Is somebody chasing you," Terry asked.

We all laughed.

"Just a little compulsive disorder," Rick said. "Nothing major. I'll tell you about it some time."

"Well, good luck, and don't die."

"Thanks," Rick said.

We shook hands all around and said good night.

Light was coming from under the door of Tim's room when we got home. We looked down the hall and then at each other, and we both grinned. Rick ran the middle finger of his right hand into his mouth, and then he snaked it down the back of my jeans and underwear. He found my hole, and stuck it in.

"Ohhhhhh," I said. "You want some of that tonight, you little sex monkey," I asked.

"Yeah," he said. "I got horny as hell when we were talking with the boys earlier."

"God, I know it," I said. "Me, too. Don't run tomorrow."

"I'll just do ten or twelve tomorrow," he said.

"How many a week now," I asked.

"Well, I had been breaking a hundred, but this week was for shit. If I run twelve miles tomorrow, I'll be right at seventy-five miles for the week."

"Well, but it's not every week you become the parent of a fourteen-year-old, you know?"

"Good point. Now get your ass in there so I can demonstrate some of what you taught them tonight."

He swatted my butt, and I laughed.

Rick was gone when I woke up at nine o'clock the next day. I lay in bed for a few minutes, thinking about him and about how lucky I was to find him. I thought about him and how he related to Tim. Tim was mighty quick to defend Kyle last night when Rick was giving his little speech, I thought. Tim must really like that guy.

The urge to pee was getting stronger, and the woody I had woken up with was gone. I got out of bed, took care of my bathroom needs, and splashed some cold water on my face. It got my circulation going, and I felt good.

I went out into the den, and it was empty. I was still naked, but I didn't think the boys would be up. Even if they were, after what I knew they had been doing, seeing me naked would be no big deal.

When I got to a point in the room where I could see over the counter into the kitchen, I spied them. They were both in briefs, and they were obviously cooking. The coffee smelled great, and I wanted some immediately.

"Morning," I said.

They both jumped a little, startled. They both stared at me, checking me out up and down.

"Do y'all see anything you haven't seen before," I asked.

They both giggled and blushed.

"It's big," Tim said.

"Yeah. A shower, not a grower," I said. "Can I have some coffee, please. It really smells good."

They were all over each other getting me a cup of coffee. Tim tried to take it away from Kyle so he could deliver it to me, and Kyle gave him a hip bump.

"Shit," Kyle said.

He poured the contents of the saucer into the sink and topped off my cup of coffee.

"Cream and sugar, too, please. And a spoon," I said.

I watched what they were doing with pure delight. They were like two puppies trying to get the affection of their human. I noticed Kyle's physique, and the boy was built. The hair of both of them was flat on their heads, and I imagined the grease slicks on their pillows from the gel they wore.

They presented my cup of coffee and the cream and sugar like people presented the gifts at Mass. They stood there watching me.

"What are y'all doing in there," I asked.

"We're making breakfast. For you and Rick. Is he out running?" Tim was the spokesman.

"That's great, guys. Thank you," I said. "Sit down and talk to me. Did you guys do okay last night without us?"

They looked at each other and grinned.

"We did the finger, and you and Rick were soooooooo right," Kyle said.

"Yeah," Tim echoed.

I fixed my coffee like I liked it and took a couple of sips. There was a box of cigarettes on the table, and I lit one.

"I owe you a pack, Kyle," I said.

"No. Help yourself, Kevin," he said.

"So, you guys liked the finger trick, huh? It's not bad, is it?"

They both blushed a little and giggled.

"What's for breakfast," I asked.

"Don't you want to wait for Rick to get home," Kyle asked. There was concern in his voice.

"Oh, of course. I was just curious. I don't usually get this kind of treatment."

"It's not cooked yet, but it's going to be French toast, scrambled eggs, sausage links, and bacon. Does that sound good," Tim asked.

My stomach chose that precise moment to make a huge noise.

"Does that answer your question," I asked.

They both laughed.

"Do you know what they call French toast where I come from," I asked.

"Where do you come from," Kyle asked.

"New Orleans. They call it pain perdu. Lost bread."

"Why do they call it that," Kyle asked.

"Because they make it with lost bread. Bread that's stale and would have to be thrown away otherwise. The cooks there are very frugal. They hate to throw away anything, especially French bread that has gotten stale. So they make pain perdu and bread pudding with it."

"Have you been to Mardi Gras," Tim asked.

"About a million times. Did y'all know it's going on right now?"

"I thought it was last weekend and the weekend before," Kyle said.

"Naw, man. Mardi means Tuesday in French. It's this coming Tuesday. We had Mardi Gras parades here last weekend and the weekend before. In fact, Rick and I were in the parade two weeks ago. But that was just leading up to the real thing on this coming Tuesday."

"New Orleans has all the neat stuff," Kyle said. "The Super Bowl last week, Mardi Gras this week. I'd love to go there."

"And maybe you will, Kyle. With us." Pause. "Guys, Rick's going to want two huge glasses of water and a cup of coffee when he gets home. Do y'all want to get that for him?"

"Yes, sir," Kyle said. He and Tim jumped up to get the water and the coffee. I suggested they might want to wait to pour the coffee until he got home so it would still be hot. Kyle poured it back into the pot. Smart boy, I thought.

I finished my coffee and cigarette, and I went in and took a quick shower. The temperature outside was in the low 60's, but I knew it would warm up considerably as the day wore on. I put on shorts and a tee shirt. As usual for a Saturday, I didn't shave. I went back out just as Rick was coming in.

"Hi," I said and kissed him good morning.

"Hey. What the hell's going on here."

He had seen all the stuff in the kitchen and wondered about it, as I had.

"Sit down," I said.

Tim and Kyle were out in an instant with two glasses of water and a cup of coffee for Rick.

"Thanks, guys," he said. "What's going on?"

"Just be quiet and let them wait on us. They're cooking breakfast for us. Just relax and enjoy."

"What's this all about," he asked.

I whispered: "They did the finger last night."

He was right in the middle of a drink of water. He laughed so hard it came out of his nose.

"Shit," he said, and I laughed.

In about ten minutes they brought out the food. They had a huge platter of eggs (whites only) ringed with sausage. They also had a platter of French toast that had bacon draped across it in a cross-hatch pattern. It wasn't the most elegant presentation I had ever seen, but at least it had the concept of presentation. They went back and came out with a tray of jellies, syrup, and butter, and a pot of coffee. They set it all down and took their places.

"Er, guys, do you think we could have some plates, and maybe some silverware and napkins," I asked.

Tim backhanded Kyle hard on the shoulder, as they jumped up.

"I know. I'm sorry," Kyle said. It was all Rick and I could do to keep from doubling over with laughter.

They brought the stuff in, and we had a grand breakfast.

"What's going to happen today," I asked.

"I'm going to the nursery to see if they have any early spring bedding plants," Rick said.

"I'll go with you," I said. "Can you wait for me to get the groceries and the other stuff?"

"Sure. That'll be fun."

"We were thinking about doing some skate boarding today. We didn't know we both liked it until last night," Tim said.

"Kyle, will you spend tonight with us, too, please. I think our friends might invite us out on their boat tomorrow, and they want y'all to come, too."

As those words were leaving Rick's mouth, the phone rang. I answered it.

After the usual greetings, Mont said, "Do you guys want to go out on the boat with us tomorrow? We'll leave about 11:30."

"Absolutely, man," I said. "The kids, too?"

"Well, of course the kids."

"I thought so, but I was just checking."

We finished the conversation with the usual pleasantries.

"That was Mont. They invited us out on their boat tomorrow. I accepted. Did I do right?"

"Oh, wow," Tim said. "You guys do a lot of stuff, don't you?"

"Well, yeah, I guess," Rick said.

"I already told my parents I was spending the weekend here," Kyle said. "So it's all cool."


I went grocery shopping, stopped at an ATM machine for cash, and picked up Rick's cleaning. Rick was outside when I got home, and the boys were nowhere to be found. I put the groceries away and went out to see what he was doing. We had lost a good-size limb off one of the oak trees, and he had just finished cutting it up. I helped him move it to the fire pit behind a hedge of azaleas, which were beginning to come into bud.

Rick had become quite an avid gardener in the last couple of years. When I bought the house, it had minimal landscaping that was put in by the builder. It looked fine to me, but it didn't suit Rick's taste. Since he managed two golf courses and a very large track of public land at the resort where we worked, it was second nature for him to be interested in the lawn. But he also got interested in flowers, and every spring and summer we had one of the nicest gardens in the neighborhood. The first year he tried his hand at vegetables, but the squirrels got most of the tomatoes while they were still green, and the rest of the stuff didn't produce very well. Part of the problem was the yard was very shady because of the trees.

We went to the nursery he used, but it was too early for there to be many bedding plants. He already had a nice crop of pansies and miniature snapdragons for color, so he didn't buy any of those. He picked out two Encore azaleas, the kind that bloom more than once a year, but those were his only purchases. Rick planted the shrubs when we got home, and I "helped" by keeping him company.

Rick bought a couple of movies for Saturday night. He and I got comfortable in our usual position on the sofa with our shirts off but our pants on. He called Tim and Kyle to see if they wanted to watch a movie, and they did.

"That looks pretty comfortable," Kyle said when he saw how we were sitting.

"It is," Rick said.

"Can we sit like that, too," he asked. He recognized the intimacy of the position, and he wanted our permission to do the same with Tim.

"Not on here, you can't," Rick said. "This is our place."

"Duh," Tim said.

Without waiting for permission, they both took their shirts off and got in the same position we were in, but on the floor. Kyle had his back against the sofa, and Tim crawled into his arms.

I hit the play button on the remote, and the movie started.

"I'm going to skip the previews," I said.

Rick, Tim, and Kyle said "NO!" in unison, so we watched them.

The movie was Hurricane Streets, and it was about a gang of teenaged boys in New York who had a clubhouse. They stole merchandise from stores and sold it on the black market to elementary school kids who were going to summer school. It had been a winner at the Sundance Film Festival in 1997, and, frankly, for $4.95, it was a pretty good deal. I was sure we'd watch it more than once in the future.

The main character was a very good looking boy of sixteen. It was rated R, for violent content, but I knew Tim could handle it. There was a love interest on the part of the sixteen-year-old, but there wasn't any sex. Even the language was milder than what we heard around our house.

"Damn, that boy is fine," Kyle said about the sixteen-year-old.

"I know," Tim said.

"He's cute, too, but that one's a dawg," Tim proclaimed about two other characters.

Rick looked up and me and smiled. He was enjoying their reaction to the movie as much as the movie itself, and so was I.

We watched the movie, more or less in silence, with the odd "Did y'all see that?" and "Damn, that was cool" tossed in.

About fifteen minutes into the movie, Kyle said, "Kevin and Rick, do y'all ever get hard when you're sitting like this?"

"Yeah, sometimes," I said. "If you're uncomfortable, just change positions."

Rick put his hand on his crotch and slowly elevated his index finger to indicate an erection. Then he pointed down to the two boys and grinned. I grinned back and nodded.

We stopped the movie about half-way through so Kyle could take a bathroom break. I got up and made two bags of microwave popcorn and got everybody a coke. Kyle came back a few minutes later, smiling sheepishly and blushing slightly. We restarted the movie. I flicked my thumb over one of Rick's nipples a couple of times, and he burst out laughing.

"Hey, what are you guys doing," Tim asked.

"Nothing. Watch the movie," I said.

We munched our popcorn, drank our cokes, and behaved like the All-American family of four, who just happened to all be queer.

We finished watching "Hurricane Streets" around 9:15.

"What else did you buy," I asked Rick.

"It's called O, Brother, Where Art Thou. It's supposed to be a re-telling of the Odyssey. It was nominated for a couple of Oscars," he said.

Kyle whispered something to Tim that I couldn't hear.

"We're real tired," Tim said. "We're going to go to bed now. Thanks for the movie, Rick."

"No problem, buddy. Glad you liked it," Rick said.

"Tim, remember the rule," I said. "You lock your door when you have company, and keep the noise down. Nobody wants to know what's going on in there."

"Kevvvvvv-innnnnn," he said. They both blushed and wouldn't look at us, but they were both grinning.

"We're going to skip church tomorrow, guys. We've got to be at the marina at 11:30, and we like to take Sunday morning kind of slow. Tim, set your clock so you'll both be up," I said.

"There's no chance those two won't be...up," Rick said.

"Gaaaaaaa," Kyle said.

"Guys, you gotta know we're going to tease you, just like y'all tease us," I said.

"We know," they said at the same time.

"Night, fellas," Rick said. I echoed his good night, too.

"Good night, guys. I love you," Tim said.

"We love you too," Rick and I said in one voice.

"And you, too, Kyle," Rick said.

"Yeah, you, too, Kyle," I repeated. He grinned.

"I love y'all, too," Kyle said. Then the two of them went off to bed.

"Are you real tired," I asked Rick.

"Not too tired for what you want, you little sex monkey," he said with a grin on his face.

I gently pinched both of his nipples, and we went off to bed.