Timber Stone

Chapter 12

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“Follow me.”

 I ran into the shed and hopped on to one of the ATVs. I yelled, “Hop on Bill!”

 Bill wrapped his arms around my mid section as I gunned her for all she was worth right down the fairways. I didn’t care if I caused any damage. All I could think about was that he’d be wondering why I hadn’t returned and he’d set out on foot alone. To make matters worse I kept picturing what kinds of trouble he could be getting into by wandering around in the dark. We arrived at the trail that led to Johnson Lake. “Bill I want you to follow close behind. Let me know if you need me to slow down.”

 Bill nodded as I turned to make our way up the rocky trail. It was a moonless night and it was pitch black out. I was almost running at times and I could hear Bill breathing heavily behind me. At the summit we ran across Iron Creek and down the path to the lake. To my disappointment there was no campfire burning but smoke was still rising up into the sky. “He must have just put it out because the wood is pretty warm. I’m going to check the cabin.”

 I opened the door. “Chris!”

 There was no answer. I could feel panic setting it. I ran back outside. “He’s gone. CHRIS!”

 Bill yelled out too. “Chris!”

 “Follow me Bill. We’ll back track.”

 As we walked along we called out his name, but there was no reply. We finally arrived at the creek. As a young boy I startled a young doe that was in the creek drinking some water. When she saw me she took off down stream about 20 yard. As you head down stream the grade becomes steeper as you near the falls. The force of the water combine with the slippery moss covered rocks makes it nearly impossible to prevent yourself from going down stream. I stood there unable to help as I watch terrified doe get swept over the falls. “Chris…Chris!”

 I heard a faint, “Over here!”

 I ran down steam and as I did the voice became louder. My heart was sinking as I made my way down stream. “Chris is that you?”

 “Over here!”

 I flashed the light into the creek and that when I saw Chris hanging on to a log in the middle of the creek. Bill began to walk into the water and had to restrain him. “Don’t go in there! You’ll get swept over the falls!”

 Fifty yards away the roar of the falls required us the yell. Bill said, “What are we going to do?”

 “Stay here! I’ll be right back!”

 I ran as hard as I could back to the cabin. Dad and I go repelling off of these cliffs and we keep our gear out here. I ran into the cabin and grabbed the ropes and a sleeping bag. When I got back Bill had fear in his eyes. “He’s getting tired and cold. What are we going to do?”

 “Here. Take this rope. Now go upstream and tie it securely to a tree on the other side of the creek.”

 Bill looked at me questioning. “Just do it!”

 Bill ran up stream and did as I said. I tied my rope to a tree and quickly put on my harness. I checked to make sure that the rope was secure and ran to the water. “Bill! Throw me the rope!”

 I caught it and ran out into the raging water. It’s amazing how much power only a foot of water can exert when it’s flowing quickly. I ran out as far as I could before I slipped and fell face down into the icy water. The ropes prevented me from going down stream. As I suspected the current tried to push me to shore, so I had to use the rope that Bill had thrown me to pull myself to Chris’ location. Chris was no longer talking. “Hang on babe! I’m here for ya!”

 He still didn’t respond to me but I could see him breathing. I ran the rope that Bill threw to me between his legs and around his waist. Confident that I had him securely fastened I jumped on his back and wrapped my legs round him. “Chris! Let go of the log!”

 He wouldn’t let go, so I had to pry his cold hands from the log. He began to struggle as we floated down a ways down stream. I yelled, “I have you! Relax!”

 Chris quit struggling as I slowly let out more rope on my end. Using the force the water in our favor we slowly drifted to the bank. Bill grabbed a hold of Chris and pulled him ashore. I let out some more rope so that I could help Bill pull Chris further away from the water. Chris was shivering uncontrollably and didn’t verbalize anything. I got out of my harness and ran to get the sleeping bag. “Bill, help me get him on the sleeping bag. With him on the sleeping bag I quickly removed his wet shirt, short and shoes. “Take off your clothes Bill!”

 Bill gave me a strange look but could see that I was serious. I quickly removed my clothes and laid next to Chris. Bill laid behind Chris to form a Chris sandwich. I quickly threw the other half of the sleeping bag over the top of us as we hugged Chris’ cold body. Even Chris’ breath was cold. “Bill, give me your clothes.”

 Bill reached out and handed them to me. I place them over Chris’ head to help conserve his body heat. I ran my arms and legs over his body to warm him up. Bill noticed what I was doing and followed suit. After what seemed to be an eternity, Chris’ body seemed to relax and I noticed that he would periodically open his eyes and look at me. His body was gradually warming up and I was starting to perspire from the warmth of three bodies in one bag. Chris finally opened his eyes and said, “Bill is that what I think it is between the cheeks of my ass.”

 “Damnit Chris! I can’t help it! It just feels good down there.”

 “Remove it please?”

 Sounding irritated Bill said, “It’s not like I’m butt fuck you!”

 I was getting irritated. “Alright, alright…shut the fuck up. Chris, do you think you can walk now?”

 “I think so Sammy.”

 Bill and I helped Chris to his feet. “Leave the ropes Bill. I’ll retrieve them in the morning.”

 We helped Chris over the creek and down to the cabin. “Sit here Chris.”

 I stoked up the campfire until it was a raging inferno. I went into the cabin and heated up some water over the propane stove. It wasn’t until then that I broke down and began to silently weep and I couldn’t stop. The water was finally hot and added some cocoa mix. I brought it out to Chris who continued to sit close the campfire with the sleeping bag draped over his shoulder. “Here’s something warm to drink.”

 Chris took it from me. I immediately went back in to make Bill some. When I came back out I handed a cup to Bill. “Thanks Sam. Have a seat.”

 I didn’t say anything and went back into the cabin to make myself some hot chocolate. The tears kept flowing from my eyes. Bill came in. “What’s the matter Sam?”

 I didn’t answer him. Bill placed his hand on my shoulder. “Sam?”

 I looked up at him and wiped the tears from eyes. “What’s the matter Sam?”

 “I don’t know. I can’t quit crying.”

 I began to quietly weep. Bill sat next to me with his arm draped over my shoulders.

 “What’s going on?”

 I recognized the voice. It was Dad’s. “I heard that you had some trouble out here and that you and Bill walked out here in the dark.”

 I could hear Dad walk across the wood floor. “What’s the matter?”

 “Hi Mr. Johnson. I think that maybe Sam should explain it to you.”

 “Okay? What happened Sammy?”

 Dad stood next to me. “You’re crying. How come? Did you and Chris have a fight? Chris is out there looking like a whipped pup.”

 Bill said, “I’m going to go out and check on Chris.”

 “Check on Chris? Why? You make it sound like he’s not okay?”

 “He’s okay now, but…”

 I interrupted. “Bill, I’ll explain it. Go check on Chris.”

 “Something happened to Chris?”

 I began weeping again as I shook my head yes. “Shh, come on Sammy. Stop crying.”

 “I can’t stop. I feel like a big baby but I almost lost Chris tonight. He nearly died tonight.”

 “Die? How?”

 “When we didn’t return he must have gotten worried and made his way back to Timber Stone. When he crossed Iron Creek, we slipped and went down stream. If it hadn’t been for a small log he would have been swept over the falls.”

 With a very concerned tone Dad said, “Oh. How did you get him out of the water?”

 “I used the ropes for repelling.”

 “Nice job Sammy! You’ve always been a bright boy.”

 “Obviously not bright enough. I should have never of brought my friends out here. It’s too dangerous out here.”

 “Oh come on Sammy! Don’t blame yourself. As a boy, I had friends out here all of the time and no one ever got hurt.”

 “Well maybe I have really stupid friends!”

 “Sammy, people get hurt and sometimes there’s not a damn thing you can do to prevent it. You didn’t force your friends to come out here.”

 “No but I should have known better than to invite them out here.”

 “Damn it Sammy, you’re being too hard on yourself! Are you sure that there isn’t something more to this?”

 “Yeah, I almost lost the person I love tonight and I can’t get it out of my head.”

 Dad sat next to me in silence. Then I said, “I don’t think I like the idea of being in-love.”

 “Sammy, don’t say that. Love can be the most wonderful thing in the world.”

 I looked him in the eyes, “And the worse thing in the world.”

 “Well, it does make you vulnerable if that’s what you mean?”

 “I think I’d be better off not being in-love. That way I wouldn’t have to worry about him.”

 “Sammy, you would be shook up over this even if you weren’t in-love with Chris.”

 “No Dad, you don’t get it. I sometimes feel that I couldn’t live without Chris and that scares me!”

 “Let me tell you a story. When I fell in-love with your mother, I thought that she was the most wonderful thing in the world. I practically worshiped her. When she was taken from me in the car accident I thought that I would die. I wanted to give up. I became so depressed that I even considered suicide. I fantasized about joining her in heaven. But then Gram said something that brought me to my senses. She asked me to think about what your mother would think of how I’ve been handling her death? I thought about it for a while and to be honest, she would have been really disappointed in me…maybe even hate me for what I was doing. I’d given up on life and was so absorbed in my sorrow that I’d forgotten about the most wonderful thing that came out of our love…you Sammy. Despite all of the heartache and the short time that we had together, I would do it all over again. Now I consider myself the luckiest man in the world to have had such a wonderful wife and son. The game of life is risky. If you want to play the game you have to be willing to accept risk. Does that make sense Sammy?”

 “Yeah I think I’d be better off not being in-love.”

 Dad frowned at me. “Now wouldn’t life be boring and lonely without love? Besides you can’t turn love on and off like a light.”

 “I don’t know. I thought life before Chris was pretty good.”

 “This is the happiest I’ve ever seen you. Don’t lie to me Sammy. You are crazy about this boy.”

 “I feel like a prisoner of love. For the first time I feel completely out of control.”

 Laughing Dad said, “Isn’t it exhilarating?”

 I rolled my eyes and said, “Yeah, it’s a real rush.”

 “Be serious with me. It’s pretty wild being in-love.”

 “Yes Dad. It’s really nice to feel the chains of love pulling at my heart. Even as we speak I want to go out there and kiss him, love him and kick his ass all at the same time.”

 Dad started laughing, “Get out of here! You should see how he’s moping out there.”

 “Here’s your cup of hot cocoa.”

 “Thanks Sammy.”

 I carried two more cups out to Bill and Chris. Chris was still huddled by the fire. “Want some more Bill?”

 “No thanks. You drink it.”

 “Chris. How about you?”

 “Sit down next to me Sammy.”

 I did as he asked. Chris draped the sleeping bag over my shoulders so that we could huddle together. “I’m sorry about what happened out here tonight. I thought something had happened to you…thought that you were in trouble and needed help…never would have guessed that I would be the one needing rescueing. You saved my life tonight Sammy.”

 I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face into his chest as I began to weep. Chris just held me in his arms. I felt someone sit next to me and put their arm around me. I heard Bill say, “Chris you scared the shit out of both of us. I could just kick your ass. You were damn lucky that Sam knew what to do because you’d be dead.”

 “You’re right. I can’t thank you guys enough. I think I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have you two in my life.”

 “Don’t thank me…thank Sam. All I could do was stand there and watch him save your ass.”

 I felt Chris kiss the top of my head. “Sammy’s my guardian angel.”

 Chris continued to rock me in his arms as I drifted off to sleep. When I finally woke up I found myself in the cabin lying on the bear rug next to Chris. I rubbed my eyes and looked around the room. I could see Bill lying on a cot but not Dad. He’s probably up in the loft sleeping so I snuggle back up to Chris and breathed in his familiar scent.

 I woke up the second time to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and sound of clanging pans. I rolled over and could see Dad busying himself next to the stove. I got up and covered Chris back up. “Good morning Dad.”

 “Hi Sammy. I hope you’re hungry. I’m making pancakes and eggs.”

 “It smells great! And yes I am hungry!”

 “Sit down and have some coffee with me.”

 Dad handed me the coffee in a thick white mug. “It’s been a while since you and I have been out here.”

 “I think the last time we were out here was a year ago when we did some repelling.”

 “You’re right. Do you think your friends would like to try repelling?”

 “I don’t know. I’ll ask them. Ooh, I almost forgot! I need to get the ropes and harness.”

 “Not to worry. I’ve already retrieved them.”

 “Thanks Dad.”

 “Well, even if they don’t want to try it, maybe they wouldn’t mind watching the two of us repel.”

 “Yeah! That would be great!”

 Dad set a short stack of pancakes and two eggs over easy in front of me. I was starving and chowed down. I finished in record speed. Dad looked at me. “More?”

 I patted my full stomach and said, “No thanks.”

 Dad sat down to eat his breakfast. I needed a refill and got up and poured us some more coffee.

 “I’m going to get cleaned up.”

 Located behind the cabin is a solar heated water tank. The tank is filled with rainwater. We have it set up so that the rainwater drains from the roof of the cabin via the water troughs. It’s usually filled with water and best of all, it’s maintenance free. I came back into the cabin with just a towel wrapped around my waist and pulled a clean pair of underwear and shorts out of my backpack.

 “Dad, the water’s nice and warm.”

 “Oh, good. I think I’ll take a quick shower now. You can feed your friends if they wake up.”


 I draped the towel over my shoulders and began putting on my clothes. Dad went out of the cabin and let the storm door slam behind him. I heard some yawning behind me.

 “Mm, what a site to wake up to in the morning.”

 “Good morning Chris. Can I fix ya some pancakes?”

 “That would be great Sammy.”

 I pulled up my shorts and walked over to the stove to make his breakfast. There was an uncomfortable silence. “Care for some coffee?”

 “Sure. I’d love some coffee.”

 Again there was a long silence. I glanced over at Chris and noticed that he was holding the coffee mug in his hands and staring down into the cup. All of a sudden Dad came running through the front door completely nude with the exception of the towel that he was using to dry his hair. “It’s nippy out there this morning. We must have had a cold front move through last night.”

 When Dad noticed Chris sitting at the table he quickly wrapped the towel around his waist. “Good morning Chris! Is Sammy cooking you up some grub?”

 “Yes sir.”

 “Good. Where’s your friend?”

 “Bill’s still sleeping.”

 “No I’m not. I’m just laying here. Do you think we could go fishing this morning?”

 Dad said, “Absolutely!”

 When we didn’t say anything, Dad said, “I’ll show you my favorite spots to catch fish.”

 I placed another stack of pancakes and eggs on the table and said, “Come and eat Bill.”

 I started cleaning up the kitchen. Chris said, “I’ll help you clean up.”

 Chris put his hands in the soapy warm water next to mine and began washing his plate. We stood there shoulder to shoulder washing the few dishes that were left. Despite focusing on the work at hand I could feel Chris’ gaze. “Sammy is everything okay?”

 I shrugged my shoulders and began washing off the counter. Chris remained at the sink and washed Bill’s plate.

 Bill asked, “Hey Sam, where’s the shower?”

 “Get your clean clothes and I’ll show you where it is.”

 I dried my hands off and led him outside. “The water’s pretty warm. Use it sparingly. Chris still needs to shower.”

 As I turned to walk away Bill asked, “Sam, are you okay?”

 I stopped and said, “I don’t know. Yesterday really shook me up and I have to straighten some things out in my head.”

 “Well, if you need to talk, let me know.”

 I turned to head back, “Thanks Bill.”

 Bill said, “Sam, keep in mind, Chris loves you very much and feels badly about last night.”

 I didn’t reply and walked to the cabin. As I walked up onto the front porch I found Dad getting his fishing gear together. “Hi Sammy. Are you going fishing?”

 “I don’t think so, I need to talk to Chris alone.”

 Dad gave me a funny look and continued working on his rod and real. I sat down on the porch and gazed out onto the lake. “It’s so beautiful out here…the lake…the wildlife. I would love to live out here alone.”

 “Sounds kind of boring to me. Oh, I agree it is beautiful out here but to be alone out here would be an empty existence.”

 “I’d have you and my grandparents to visit.”

 “What happens when we’re gone?”

 “You mean dead?”


 “Well, then I’ll be…alone. Oh, I get it. You don’t want me to break up with Chris.”

 “Is that what you are planning on doing?”


 Dad motioned for me to continue, “Maybe…what?”

 “Maybe back off a bit.”

 “Oh, I see…kind of have him conveniently around whenever you need or want him. I’m sure that he would sit by the phone 24/7 waiting for you to call.”


 “So you’re going to break up with him?”

 “Dad, are you encouraging me to continue this relationship?”

 “I just want you to think this through before you do something that you may regret.”

 “Dad, that love stuff is really hard to deal with. You saw me last night. I felt like a big cry baby. Now I’m not only a faggot but I’m also sissy boy who cries.”

 “You aren’t a sissy and you’re definitely not a faggot. You are Sammy. It’s not unmanly to cry and you’re definitely not a girly man. No one would ever guess that you like boys. It certainly shocked the hell out of me!”

 “I’m scared Dad. For the first time in my life I feel totally out of control.”

 “What’s so scary?”

 “Dad, he almost died…I almost lost him!”

 “And now you’re thinking of breaking up with him? You’re not making sense.”

 “You’re right Dad. I’m not.”

 “Just because you rely on someone doesn’t make you weak. What I found so wonderful about my relationship with your mother was that we each benefited from the other’s strengths which more than made up for our weaknesses. We were a team. Oh we had our share of arguments. I’d get bent out of shape over something that she thought was no big deal and would help me see that I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. I trusted her Sammy. I always felt that she looked out for my best interest. Life can be pretty messy Sammy and for me the best way to deal with problems is with the help of friends, family and your mother.”

 Bill came running by us completely nude. “Sorry guys, I forgot my towel.”

 Dad raised his brow and said, “Does that really turn you on?”

 I began laughing. “Does every girl you see turn you on?”

 Dad scratched his head. “No.”

 “I rest my case. Thanks Dad for talking to me.”

 I gave him a hug and then went in to see what Chris was up to. “Chris, do you…what’s the matter?”

 Poor Bill was standing nude by Chris and looking very uncomfortable. “I’m sorry to interrupt but is there a towel that I can borrow?”

 I pointed. “There’s one hanging over there.”

 Chris had tears running down his eyes. “Are you going to break up with me?”

 I knelt down next to him and placed my hand on his arm. “No…no Chris!”

 “But I could hear what you were saying to your Dad. It sounded like you want to break up with me.”

 “Chris I was just trying to describe to Dad how out of control I feel and that being in-love is scary. I’ve always thought life was good but what I had in life pales in size to the absolute joy that you give me. I never thought I could ever be this happy and last night I came to the realization that losing you would be very painful.”

 Chris wiped the tears from his eyes and said, “Sammy, don’t you think this is scary for me too? I love you Sammy. I don’t want to lose you but if you ever want me to leave…I will because I want you to be happy.”

 “I don’t want to break up.”

 I kissed his cheeks and tasted his salty tears. “Dad’s right.”

 Sniffling Chris said, “About what?”

 “Seeing a guy cry doesn’t make him a sissy. In fact I find it downright sexy. You are such a hunk!”

 “You two have got it really bad and remind me never to cry around you Sammy.”

 Chris, “We’ve got it bad just like you and Jessica.”

 “Are you guys fishing with us or not?”

 I wiped the tears from Chris’ eyes and gave him a questioning look. “Yeah Bill we’ll be right out.”


 Gazing into Chris’ eyes I said, “I guess we’ll have to be scared together.”

 “Okay my guardian angel.”

 When we walked out the door Dad and Bill were already in the canoe paddling to one of Dad’s favorite spots. Chris and I pulled the canoe down to shore and took off after them. For hours we caught and released bass, pike and walleyes. “Hey Dad, remember when we were messing around and tipped the canoe?”

 “Yeah and we lost all of our fishing gear.”

 “Dad was so pissed off that he walked all the way back home and brought his scuba gear out here to retrieve his favorite fishing rod.”

 “Yeah, I went down about 30 feet and found my rod but I almost pissed myself when I came face to face with the biggest fucking catfish I’ve ever seen. That sucker could have swallowed me whole!”

 Chris said, “What did you do?”

 “I did what any sane person would do. I popped it on the head with my fishing rod and surfaced as fast as I could.”

 “Yeah, I was sitting in the boat when I noticed all of these bubbles coming to the surface and shortly there after Dad popped his head out of the water coughing sputtering.”

 “Hey! I got my rod back!”

 Bill said, “A catfish bigger than you?”


 Bill’s eyes got big and said, “I’m going to catch that monster.”

 “How are you going to do that?”

 “I’m going to get my Dad’s deep sea fishing rod and I’m going to catch it!”

 Dad said, “Good luck buddy. It’s had over 5 years to get even larger.”

 “Holy shit! I’m going to catch that bastard. Oops! Sorry Mr. Johnson.”

 “I hope you do catch that bastard because I don’t think it’s safe to swim in this lake with that monster lurking in the depths.”

 We got bored fishing so we went back to the cabin. “Guys, I’m going to head back home.”

 “We are too. I want to show Gramps our sketches of the log home.”

 We cleaned up the camp. Locked everything up and headed on home. Chris was very nervous as we approached Iron Creek. I held on to his hand and walked him across. We continued to hold hands until we came to the end of the trail. The ATV was right where I had left it. Dad hopped on it and said. “Anyone want a ride?”

 All three of us declined. “See you later guys.”

 “Okay Dad.”

 “Damn, look at the way Gramps cut the fairway! It looks like shit!”

 “It looks good to me.”

 “No, look at the fringe along the ruff.”

 “I don’t see any fringe.”

 “That’s just it! There isn’t any! And the fairways are cut too long. Gramps always does this and it drives me crazy.”

 “Maybe we should cut the grass now.”

 “No, today’s our day off. Besides we haven’t done our workout today.”

 “You are a slave driver.”

 “Yep. Do you want to get it over with now or after dinner?”

 “After dinner please.”

 “Bill, do you want to work out with us?”

 “Hell no! I’m exhausted!”

 Chris said, “What a woos!”

 “Hey I have to keep up my strength for Jessica.”

 Feeling playful I jumped on Chris’ back and said, “Give me a piggy back ride.”

When we arrived at the clubhouse we were greeted by Dad, Gram and Gramps. “I heard you guys had some excitement out there?”

 We told them all about Chris’ brush with death. “…and then Sammy came to rescue me.”

 Gramps shook his head. “You were damn lucky boy. Promise me boys that you will never walk that trail in the dark.”

 “We promise Gramps. Hey, we have something that we want to show you.”

 “What is it Sammy?”

 “Well, Chris and I read uncle Fred and Jack’s letters and came up with a mental picture of the log home that they wanted to build after the war, so we drew a sketch of it. Chris, it’s in the back pack.”

 Chris pulled it out and laid it out onto the table. Gram and Gramps listened intently as we went over the sketches. Gramps seemed genuinely touch by our drawings. He sat down in the chair and removed his glasses to wipe a tear from his eye. “Evlyn, call Nick. He’ll want to see these!”

 Gram made the call. Gram handed the phone to Gramps and said, “Nick wants to talk to you.”

 “Hello…yes…you’ve got to see what our Grandsons drew us.”


 “No, I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to come over and see it for yourself. You’re just not going to believe it! Alright…goodbye.”

 “He’s coming over.”

 Gramps picked up the drawings and said, “These are truly wonderful boys.”

 We sat down and drank some sodas. Finally Chris’ father and Grandfather walked in. “What do you want me to see!”

 Gramps said, “Come here. You’re just not going believe this. Look at this.”

 Nick looked at the sketches and after about a minute said, “These are nice. Who drew them?”

 “Our Grandsons.”

 “Um, nice drawing boys.”

 “No, no, no, these are sketches of the log home that was described in our brother’s letters.”

 “Oh my god!”

 Nick sat down and studied each page. “I can’t believe this! This is wonderful!”

 Nick got a little choked up and Gramps put his hand on his shoulder to comfort him. “Come here boys. You have made me and Art the happiest old men in the world. Art what do you think of this.”

 “I know what I think. I think we are going to build it.”

 “Gramps, in one of the letters it describes the great room over looking the a…the a…what was it Chris?”

 “A green valley.”

 Gramps and Nick looked at each other and repeated what we had said, “The green valley?”

 “What are they referring to Gramps?”

 “The green valley that they were talking about is now Timber Stone. This is the green valley that was once the Johnson farm.”

 “They wrote that the home would be big enough for both families to enjoy.”

 “Yes, the Johnsons and Carlsons. But where would they have built the home.”

 Nick looked at Gramps, “Boys, we need the letters.”

 I stood up and said, “We’ll go get them Gramps. Come on Chris!”

 We jumped on the ATV. This time Chris drove and I hung on from behind as he gunned it back to the trail. “Isn’t this fun!”

 “This is great Sammy! We’re getting our workout now don’t you think?”

 “Kind of, but this takes priority.”

 We ran into the cabin and retrieved the envelopes and ran back to Timber Stone in record time. We ran into the cabin and handed them to Gramps and Nick. “Go get cleaned up boys we’re going to celebrate. Evlyn, we’re closing up shop.”

 “Yes Art.”

 “We’re all going out for dinner. Fred, call your wife and tell her that we’ll be eating at the Brick’s Supper Club in about an hour. I’m buying.”

 Chris and I ran back to the house and hopped in the shower. We showered together and scrubbed each other down enjoying the closeness. When we were finished Chris hugged me and kissed me with his red lips. “I love you Sammy.”

 “I love you too.”

 We dried off and got dressed. “Sammy, I don’t have any nice clothes to wear.”

 “Well, then we’ll go to your house and get some.”

 I went into Dad’s bedroom and found him dressing. “Dad, I’m going to take Chris home so that he can get some dress clothes.”

 “Okay. I’ll meet you guys there.”

 We got in the car and drove to Chris’ home. We went inside and were met by Chris’ mother. “Hi Mom.”

 “Hi Chris! How are you doing son?”

 “I’m doing good mom.”

 “You really need to come visit us more often.”

 “I know mom but I’ve been working a lot.”

 “I hope the Johnsons aren’t working you too hard.”

 “No Mom.”

 “Hi Sam, how are you?”

 “I’m good Mrs. Carlson.”

 “I hear that we have something to celebrate?”

 “Yes, we…well actually it was Sammy who drew sketches of our Great Uncles log home.”

 “Oh how nice.”

 “Sam, would you like something to drink?”

 “No thanks Mrs. Carlson.”

 “Mom, I’m going to change into something nicer.”

 “Okay Chris.”

 “Come on Sammy.”

 I followed him upstairs to his bedroom. I don’t know why but I was surprised to find his room was immaculate. The walls were covered with football and basketball memorabilia. He had a trophy rack that was filled with trophies. Chris went into his closet to find some dress clothes. My curiosity got the better of me and I began snooping around. “This is some trophy case!”

 Chris turned to look at me from inside the closet. “They’re just things that collect dust.”

 “I’m impressed!”

 “Don’t be. They mean nothing to me.”

 “You don’t find pride in your accomplishments?”

 “Sammy, those trophies are accomplishments that I really didn’t have to work hard at.”

 “Hmm, first place in the national “Gatorade” passing contest…1998 Junior County Golf Champ. I’m still impressed.”

 “Don’t be. As I said before I never had to work very hard. I’m a natural when it comes to sports. I have a lot of fun playing sports. I love the competition and that’s it. I don’t care if I get 1st place, 2nd place or if I get a trophy. I just have fun playing the games.”

 “Why do you keep them?”

 “Dad put the trophy case in here. He likes to brag to his friends about how many trophies I have.”

 “I think it’s great that your parents are proud of your accomplishments.”

 “Sammy, let me explain something to you. My parents like this side of me. I am sort of like these trophies on display, so that they can brag to their friends. It’s hard to explain. It’s like they only want to be around me when I’m in the lime light. Other than that they don’t have much to do with me and they definitely don’t want to acknowledge my sexual preferences. It’s something to be embarrassed of and they won’t discuss it.”

 “So you want them to be happy about your sexual preferences?”

 “Yes, I do! I’m happy about us! I want them to be happy for me.”

 “I see.”

 “I hear mom talking to her friends and they discuss their children’s boyfriends and girlfriends. You can tell that they think it’s cute or that they are happy for their children.”

 “Have you ever thought that they may be respecting your privacy by not telling the world that you are gay?”

 “Maybe you’re right Sammy and I’m completely wrong.”

 “Or maybe they just need some time to get used to the idea.”

 “I think 3 years is enough time, don’t you?”

 Chris pulled off his shirt and Levi’s. He stood in front of me with just his white boxer briefs on and looking very fine. “Do you think I’ll look okay in these black khakis and white shirt?”

 “I think you look good in anything.”

 Chris walked up to me and kissed me. As we were kissing we heard a loud gasp. We both turned our faces to see who it was and saw a very shocked looking Mrs. Carlson standing in the doorway with a tie in her hand. Without saying a word she did an immediate about face and left the room. Chris followed her out the door. “Mom wait!”

 I could hear talking but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I continued to look about his room trying not to eves drop. Just as Val had told me, there was a wallet sized freshman school picture of me taped to his mirror. There was also a yearbook picture of me with the ski team. However, this picture appeared to be an original picture that was used in the year book.

 I was startled when all of sudden a very frustrated sounding Chris said, “Come with me Sam, we’re leaving now.”

 I looked at him and said, “Don’t you think you should put some clothes on?”

 He didn’t answer and immediately walked over to his clothes and quickly pulled them on. “Let’s go.”

 I followed him down the steps which led to the living room. The living room was dark but I could see a light coming from a room that I assume is the kitchen. From the kitchen I could hear his mother talking. As we opened the door we stood face to face with Chris’ father who was hanging up his cellular phone. “Chris, please don’t leave.”

 “Dad, I’m tired of talking about this!”

 Looking pleadingly at Chris, “Son, please. We can work through this.”

 “Dad, I have worked through it and accept who I am. It’s you guys who need to work through this. I can’t help you with that. I love you guys but I’m moving forward…with or without you. Move aside Dad, I’m we’re leaving.”

 “Wait son! I agree, you should move forward with your life. It’s your life and you should live it however you want. All I ask is that you allow us to tag along, so that we can watch you grow up and allow us to help you when you need help.”

 Chris stopped trying to leave and thought about what his dad said. “Son, there are some things that we will never agree on and maybe we should agree that we disagree.”

 “I wish it was that easy Dad. You didn’t see the horror in Mom’s eyes when she caught Sammy and I kissing. You don’t know how that makes me feel…it makes me feel dirty inside.”

 “Chris, let’s sit down and discuss this with your mother.”

 “No, you heard her Dad, she’s practically in hysterics. I think you two need to get your priorities straight. Sammy and I are going out to dinner. If you two decide to go, I’d appreciate it if you at least appeared to be accepting of our relationship. See ya Dad.”

 Chris’s Dad moved aside and watch as we walked to the car. “Okay son, we’ll probably see you later.”

 Chris and I got into the car. Chris mumbled to himself. “Stay home.”

 “Chris your Dad is trying. You might try giving him a break.”

 We drove back to my home so that Chris could get dressed. Dad was already gone. “Hurry up. They’re probably waiting for us.”

 “Damn! I forgot my dress shoes!”

“Who gives a shit! Put your tennis shoes on and lets go.”

When we arrived at the Bricks a gentleman opened the door. “Hi Chris. How’s it hangin?”

“Hi Dave. Hangin low.”

“Sorry to hear that. Where’s your main squeeze?”

“Um, Sammy and I are here to…celebrate something.”

“What may I ask is this something?”

“The past and the future!”

Dave sort of frowned and shrugged his shoulders. Chris motioned for me to go ahead of him through the door. “See ya around Dave.”

“See ya Chris.”

The lights were turned low and it was difficult to locate my family. “May I help you gentlemen?”

“Yes, we’re with the Johnson party.”

“This way sir.”

“Oh, there you guys are. We were wondering if you two love birds were going to show up!”

Gramps obviously had a few too many drinks. Gram elbowed him in the gut. “You’re embarrassing the boys.”

Gramps said, “Waiter, get them a drink.”

“What would you like gentlemen?”

Chris said, “I would like whisky on the rocks.”

The waiter stood there with a raised brow. “Alright, skip the whisky. I’ll have a Pepsi.”

“I’ll have the same.”

As we sat there, Nick and Gramps spoke of old times…stories that I’d heard a hundred times but enjoyed listening to them anyway because it seemed to give Gramps so much joy. To my surprise Chris’s parents did show up. Nick said, “There you two are. Have a seat next to Chris.”

Gramps yelled out, “Waiter!”

“Are you ready to order now?”

After we ordered our dinner Nick said, “I would like to propose a toast.”

We all raised our glasses. “To the finest young men I know, Chris and Sam. May they have long and happy lives.”

We took a sip of our drinks.

Gramps said, “Here, here, my turn. To our brothers who fought and died for the freedom that we enjoy today. May their ultimate sacrifice never be forgotten.”

There was a brief moment of silence throughout supper club. I looked around and could see that many of the folks were my grandparent’s age. Then magically everyone began talking again. “I want to let you all know that I’ve decided to build a replica of our brother’s log cabin. It will be a place where the Johnsons and the Carlsons can gather. As you all know, the two families were like one big family.”

Gramps looked at us, “And I hope that with the help of Chris and Sammy, our two families will continue to prosper from the bond that continues to exist today and well into the future.”

I smiled at Chris. With his flushed cheeks, Chris gave me a big smile showing me his pearly whites. Chris’ father raised his glass and said, “I second that.”

I noticed that even his mother raised her glass and then took a sip of her drink.

Our dinner finally arrived and I ate until I was ready to pop. “Oh, I ate too much.”

Gram said, “You have to save room for dessert. They have the best cheese cake here.”

“I can’t eat another bite.”

Gram and Mrs. Carlson agreed that they would have dessert. Gramps said, “I want another cocktail.”

Gram said, “You’ve had enough to drink.”

In his inebriated state Gramps said, “You can be our designated driver.”

Chris said, “Gram, I can drive too.”

I almost choked on my drink when he said that. I looked over at Chris and it was obvious that he didn’t catch what he’d just said. Gram just smiled at him. “You are a sweet boy.”

Gram looked at Mrs. Carlson, “I think you and Fred have raised a fine young man.”

“We are very proud of our son. The things that he’s achieved so far have been outstanding!”

“What kind of achievements?”

“Well, he finished last year with a 4.0 grade point average. The last two years he’s started on the varsity football team and was the leading pass rusher. He also started on the varsity basketball team scored the most points on the team.”

Gram said, “Chris, I assume that you will be going to college?”

“Ahem, yes Gram, I plan on going to law school.”

“Oh my, just like your father? Isn’t amazing how fast they grow up?”

“Yes, I still think of Chris as my little boy but just look at him…he’s a young man now getting ready to spread his wings.”

Mrs. Carlson reached over and grabbed Chris’s hand. I noticed that Chris didn’t pull away.

Being outspoken and not very tactful Gram said, “They make a fine looking couple…don’t you think?”

Chris reached under the table and squeezed my thigh. I could tell that Gram’s question took Mrs. Carlson completely by surprise and after a brief pause she said, “I think that they are both very handsome.”

Gram stared at Mrs. Carlson and I could tell that she wasn’t sure if Mrs. Carlson understood her question. “Yes, I’d have to agree with you, they are both very good looking but what I was trying to get at is that they make a nice looking couple as in boyfriends…lovers.”

Chris’s mother pushed her plate forward and said, “Fred, I think it’s time to leave. All of a sudden I feel a little nauseated.”

Looking irritated, Fred said, “Please excuse us.”

His parents got up and left. I could see the hurt in Chris’ eyes so I reached out and held his hand. I didn’t care if anyone saw us. The waiter brought Gram and Mrs. Carlson’s desserts with some coffee. “Should I place this in a box?”

 From behind we heard Fred say, “No, I’ll eat it.”

“Yes sir, I thought you had left.”

Fred sat down next to Chris. “A very nice gentleman at the door agreed to drive my wife home.”

Fred looked at Gram and said, “I’ll answer your question Evlyn, I think they make a very handsome couple.”

And with that said, he dug into his cheese cake. “Mm, this is to die for!”

Fred held spoonful of the dessert up to Chris and said, “Do you want to try some of this?

“Sure Dad.”

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