Timber Stone

Chapter 14

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 Chris said, “Come on, Dad, it’s time to go home.”

Slurring his words, “But I’m just starting to loosen up!”

“I think you are loosened up enough.”

Gram said, “Yes, I agree with Chris, you boys have had enough to drink.”

Chris said, “Give me the keys. I’m driving you home.”

As Chris’ father stood up he had to grab his arm in order to keep him from toppling over. After gaining some balance, Chris then wrapped his arm around his father and led him to the door. Dad looked over at Fred and said, “He never could hold his liquor.”

Gram said, “And you are in no condition to drive either. I’m driving you, Nick, and your father home. You can leave your car here and pick it up in the morning.”

Dad whined, “But Mom...”

Gramps said, “Don’t argue with her, son.”

Gram shook her head and said, “Let’s go home.”

“Dad, give me your keys, I’ll drive your car home.”

He handed them to me and patted me on the head. “You are a good boy.”

I watched as Gram, Gramps, Dad, and Nick pile into the car and drive away. It took Chris and his dad a while to stumble their way to the car. After he helped him into the car Chris looked around the parking lot and when he saw me, waved. I waved back and got into my Vet. Reluctantly I followed Chris to his home. I didn’t want to cross paths with his mother but went ahead and followed them home anyway. When we arrived at the Carlsons’ home I got out and helped Chris get his father out of the car. With me on one side and Chris on the other, we walked him to the front door. Chris’s father was humming something. I looked over at Chris to get some sense of what might be going through his mind. To my dismay he had a concerned look on his face.

The door was unlocked and we went into the house. Chris turned on the lights. “Dad, you can sleep on the couch.”

Fred didn’t seem to hear him and continued to hum as he sat down on the couch. Chris placed a pillow on the couch and said, “Lay down, Dad.”

Fred did as he said as Chris pulled off his shoes for him. Then he covered him up with a blanket and whispered to me, “Let’s get out of here before she wakes up.”

As we shut the door I could hear his mother say, “Fred, is that you?”

Chris nudged me from behind and whispered, “Come on, let’s go.”

When I turned the engine over I noticed Chris’s mother looking out the door at us. I could see her mouth moving but couldn’t hear what she was saying. I quickly turned the ignition off and rolled the window down. Whining, Chris said, “What are you doing? Let’s go!”

“Your mother wants you.”

“I don’t want to talk to her.”

 I could hear her calling out, “Chris, come in the house.”

Chris rolled his eyes and laid his head back against the headrest. “Why, Sammy? Why?”

“Because she’s your mother.”

“My mother’s a pain in the ass.”

“At least go out and see what she wants. If she wants to argue with you, tell her it’s late and you would be happy to talk with her tomorrow.”

Chris grunted in frustration as he got out of the car and walked up onto the front porch. Chris stood there fidgeting about with his hands in his pockets. His mother did all of the talking as he stared down at his feet. Then after a couple of minutes he looked up at her, nodded his head and walked back to the car. When he got back in I said, “Well, what did she say?”

Staring at the dashboard he said, “She apologized for the way she acted tonight…and she wants us over for dinner tomorrow.”



I started the car and drove back to the restaurant to pick up Dad’s car. I pulled up next to the car and said, “Do you mind driving Dad’s car back to the house?”

“Not at all.”

Chris opened the door, but before he got out of the car said, “Sorry about tonight…you know…with my mom. I put you in an awkward position.”

“Don’t worry about it…and if it’s alright with you I’d like to eat dinner with your family so I can get to know them better.”

Looking away from me, “Well, okay, if you want to. I need to warn you that my mother is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She’s a control freak and very manipulative. You should see the way she leads Dad around by the nose. I don’t know how he puts up with her. If she knew that he was messing around she’d chew him up and spit him out.”

“You make her sound like a monster!”

“You know how manipulative Val is?


“Well, Val doesn’t hold a candle to her. Mom has the art of manipulation down to a science.”

“I still want to get to know your family. I’ll follow your lead when it comes to your mother.”

“Sammy, don’t follow my lead. I don’t know how to deal with her.”

“Okay...then I’ll just deal with her the best that I can.”

“Sammy, I’m so tired right now I can’t even think straight.”

“Hmm, perhaps you’ve discovered one of etiologies of homosexuality?”

“Ha ha, very funny!”

“Bad joke…I’ll follow you home.”

We walked into the dark house and into the dimly lit den. There we found Dad sacked out on the sofa with the television on. “Hi, boys.”

“Hi, Dad. The car’s in the garage.”

I looked at Chris and said, “We better go to bed. We have to work tomorrow.”

Chris stood there gazing into my eyes. I returned the gaze, wondering what was going through his mind. After few seconds he turned to go to his bedroom, “Good night, Sammy.”

“Not so fast, Chris. You didn’t give me a good night kiss.”

Chris glanced nervously over at Dad but before he could look back at me I quickly walked up to him and kissed him on the lips. “Good night, Chris.”

Even in the dim light I could see that his face was bright red. “G-good night, Sammy.”

As he walked away I couldn’t resist admiring Chris’s little butt as he walked towards the bedroom. I sighed and then turned to Dad and said, “Dad?”


“Can we sleep together?”

Smiling, “Sammy, you haven’t asked to sleep with me since you were a little boy. What’s troubling you, son?”

Nervously I crossed my arms over my chest and said, “You know what I’m asking.”

“Oh, you mean you want to sleep with Chris?”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Aha…so is it okay?”

I could see what I was asking was making him uncomfortable. “Sammy…um…No.”

Seeing his discomfort I realized that I’d just crossed the line and regretted popping the question. I stood there in my embarrassment, not knowing what to say. After a long silence I said, “Okay. Good night, Dad.”

As I turned to go to bed, Dad said, “Wait, Sammy.”

I stopped, “Yeah, Dad?”

Scratching his head, Dad said, “Sam, I hope you know that this has nothing to do with you two being…you know…”


“Yeah. Even if you were a boy/girl couple I wouldn’t feel comfortable with it. It just makes me uncomfortable.”

I yawned, “Good night, Dad.”

“Are you mad at me?”

I shook my head, “No, just tired.”

Before I went to bed, I couldn’t resist peeking inside Chris’s room. He had his back to the door and appeared to be asleep, so I quietly shut the door. But before I could close the door I heard Chris say, “Sammy…is that you?”

I opened the door and said, “Yeah.”

I could hear him snickering, “I can’t believe you asked your old man if you could sleep with me.”

Smiling, I said, “Good night, Chris.”

Before I could shut the door, Chris turned over in the bed and said, “Sammy?”


“I love you.”

Whispering, I said, “I love you too. Good night.”

I started to shut the door, but before I could, he said, “I’ll be dreaming about you tonight, my sweet angel.”

Giggling, I shut the door. I jumped when I heard Dad from behind say, “Good night, Sammy.”

I couldn’t wipe the silly grin off of my face, “Good night, Dad.”

Dad smiled and patted me on the back as he made his way to his bedroom.

The next morning I woke up to the feel of something tickling my lips and the sound of snickering. When I opened my eyes I was greeted with the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. Chris’s red lips were smiling at me. “Good morning, sunshine.”

Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and stretching, I said, “Good morning, Chris. What time is it?”

“Time to get up. We need to mow and then I’d like to find out how Mel is doing today.”

I bolted up in bed, “Holy shit, I forgot about Mel!”

Looking at the clock I could see that it was 6 a.m. I jumped out of bed and ran to take a shower.

Chris whined, “No good morning kiss?”

Smiling, I turned around and knelt down to give him a quick peck on the lips. As I made my way to the bathroom I thought to myself ‘How in the hell could I have forgotten about Mel?’ Drying off, I noticed that Chris was not in my bedroom. I quickly got dressed and wandered into his bedroom and found it empty as well. ‘Did I piss him off?’ I went into the den and found it empty too. I then went into the kitchen where I was greeted with aroma of eggs, toast, and the most beautiful red headed boy dressed in a white T-shirt and Levi’s that hugged his body so that that his ass appeared to be smiling at me. I could feel my heart go pitter patter as I gazed upon his perfection. I was removed from my trance when I heard him say, “Hungry, Sammy?”

All I could do was shake my head yes. Chris smiled knowingly at me and then focused his attention back on the stove. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms tightly around him, giving him a big hug and kiss on his neck. Chris moaned. “Keep that up and you can forget about breakfast.”

I ran my hands up and down the front of him and ground my groin into his butt, “I can’t help it. You look absolutely delicious.” 

Chris placed the food on the table and motioned for me to sit down. Chris looked at me and said, “So what was the big rush to take a shower this morning?”

I sat back in my chair. “I forgot all about Mel. Do you know Scott’s phone number?”


I got up to get the phone. “Aren’t you going to eat?”

I ignored his question and picked up the phone. “What’s his number?”

I dialed the number. “Hi, is Scott there?”

“Oh, I see…thanks…bye.”

I hung up the phone and turned to Chris, “She said that he’s with Mel at the hospital.”

Chris was shoveling eggs and toast into his mouth. Chris pointed at my plate. “Are you going to eat your food?”

“I’m not hungry, you eat it. When you’re finished we have to go to the hospital.”

With his mouth full, Chris looked up at me and said, “Sammy, I’m sure she’s fine. She’s a tough girl.”

I sat down and watched him inhale my food. Chris held out a slice of toast. I shook my head no. Chris shrugged his shoulders and ate the rest of the food. “We have to see how she’s doing.”

“Okay…right after we’re finished mowing.”

"No…I want to go when you're finished eating."

Chris shrugged his shoulders and said, "OK, Sammy."

I called Gram and told her that Chris and I will be going to the hospital to visit Mel. I also told her to tell Gramps not to mow.

When we walked into the hospital the smell of rubbing alcohol permeated the air. People were hustling about, going off in all directions. I looked at Chris and said, "I hate hospitals.”

We walked up to the receptionist to get directions to Mel’s room. The old woman pointed down the hall towards the elevators, "Go up to the second-floor. She's in room 242."

After thanking the receptionist we made our way towards the elevators. We found her room and knocked on the door. We heard Mel say, "C'mon in."

I followed him into the room and noticed that Scott was sitting in the corner of the room. Mel was in bed with her leg up in the air connected to some sort of traction. I was relieved to see that despite what had happened to her, Mel looked as good as ever. Scott looked exhausted. Mel said, "Oh good! Now I have three strong men to help me bathe."

Chris said, “Isn't that Scott’s job?"

We all jumped when we heard a stern voice from behind say, "You three boys need to step out. It's time for her to get cleaned up."

We immediately moved aside to allow the nurse to get by. I studied the nurse, trying to figure out how such an intimidating voice could come from such a petite woman who appeared to be in her 50s. "Melanie, tell your friends goodbye. I'll help you get cleaned up."

Scott jumped to his feet, "C'mon guys, let's go get something to eat."

Mel said, "Don't be long, guys! You know how bored I get if I don't have someone to talk to."

 Scott shook his head and sighed, "I know."

We followed Scott down the hallway. It was obvious that he knew where the cafeteria was. To my surprise Chris stood in line behind Scott and began pulling food items off the breakfast buffet. I grabbed a bagel and a cup of coffee. "I can't believe that you’re still hungry!

 "Hey, I'm a growing boy."

"So how is Mel doing?"

"She's having a lot of pain."

 "Why don't they give her something for the pain?"

 "Because she's pregnant."

 Chris started choking on the milk that he was drinking. "Pregnant?"

 Scott pushed his plate forward and sat back in his chair. Chris must have inhaled a lot of milk because he couldn't stop coughing. Scott looked at me, “You didn’t tell him?”

I shook my head no. I patted Chris on the back and when he quit coughing said, "When is she due?"

"In about six months. We've decided to have the baby. And the reason she won't take anything for pain is because she doesn't want to hurt the baby. Today they're planning on taking her to surgery and setting her leg under a spinal block. The Dr. said that she will be able to go home later this evening."

 There was a long silence as Chris and I focused on Scott. Scott buried his face in his hands and began to quietly sob. Chris and I stood up and walked to the other side of the table where we sat down on either side of him. Chris wrapped his arm around his friend's shoulder and repeated, "I'm here for you, buddy, I'm here for you."

 "I’m not ready for this. I can't believe this is happening to me. I'm only 17. How am I going to go to college? Should I marry her?"

 Chris asked, "Do your parents know?"

 Scott shook his head no. "Mel hasn’t told her parents either."

 "Mel’s and your parents are cool. Don't you think you should tell them?"

 Scott shook his head yes. "We're going to tell them when the time is right. We don't want to tell them here."

"There you guys are! Mel's nurse chased us…are we interrupting something?"

When I turned around I was happy to see it was Bill and the rest of the gang. I could see their smiles fading as they noticed Scott crying. "What's going on?"

They sat at the table anxiously waiting for someone to say something. Scott finally collected his composure long enough to say, "Mel is pregnant."

Without saying a word Jessica and Nicole immediately stood up and left. I watched them as they hurriedly walked down the hall to the elevators. Bill and Jack sat back in their chairs with surprised looks on their faces. Jack said, "You and Mel will get through this. We'll do everything we can to help you two out. Won't we, guys?"

"I know you guys want to help us, but this is something that Mel and I need to work out on our own. In a couple of years you guys will be going off to college. It will be up to us to take care of our child. No one else can do that for us."

Bill said, "You're right, Scott, but you don't have to go this alone. We want to help you and we will."

"Thanks, guys." Scott wiped the tears from his eyes and gave a small sigh of relief.

I said, "I know I'm new to the gang but I’d like to help you out any way I can."

Scott looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "Thanks, Sam. I really appreciate that."

Bill said, "Let's find out what the girls are up to."

We knocked on Mel's door, "Can we come in?"

“Give us a minute.”

As we were waiting, Mel’s parents arrived. Mel’s father said, “Hi, boys.”

Scott said, “Hi, Mr. Smith. Mel is bathing. She should be about finished.”

Mr. Smith seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Mel got her looks from her mother but it was obvious to me that she got her personality from her father. “So are you guys getting excited about this year’s football season?”

Bill said, “We sure are! Hey, guess who our star quarterback is going to be?”

“I already heard the news. News like that gets around pretty quick. Chris, I’m sure you’ll do a great job.”

“Thanks, Mr. Smith.”

The little nurse opened the door and with the growl of a wolverine said, “You can come in now. She’ll be going to surgery in about 15 minutes.”

Mr. Smith placed his hand on Scott’s shoulder. Scott stiffened up. “Relax, Mel’s a tough girl, she’ll get through this without any problems.”

“Yes, Mr. Smith.”

He gave Scott an odd look. “Mr. Smith? You haven’t called me that in years.”

“I-I mean John.”

John smiled and followed him into the room. Mel’s parents kissed her. “How are ya doing, baby?”

“I’m doing fine, Daddy. I just want to get this over with so I can go home.”

I looked over at Chris who was looking at me. I couldn’t read his face and I was wondering if he was thinking what I was thinking…that Mommy and Daddy aren’t going to take this news very well and that Mel is very immature.

Nurse Rachid came back into the room and in her usual tactfulness said, “We need to have you step out now. It’s time for Melanie to go to surgery.”

I stepped out into the hallway to get out of the way and watched as everyone filed out the room. Chris walked over to me and whispered in my ear, “Mommy and Daddy?”

I whispered back, “I know. Poor Scott.”

“At least we don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.”

I smiled but deep down I knew that having children of my own may not be an option. I looked up into Chris’ eyes and watched his smile fade. “Sorry, that wasn’t very funny.”

As expected, Mel made it through the surgery without any problems. Chris and I drove back to Timber Stone and off in the distance could see our grandfathers mowing the fairways. "C'mon, Chris, let's get them off of the tractors before they can do any more damage".

Chris and I jogged to where they were and motioned for them to get off the tractors. Gramps and Mr. Carlson gladly allowed us to continue mowing. "We want you boys to come to the house after you’re finished. We have something to show you".

"Okay, Gramps".

It felt good to get back on the tractor again. I love being with Chris but I also love taking care of Timber Stone. Caring for Timber Stone allows my mind to wander and daydream about what improvements I can make that would make even Tiger Woods wish he had never taken up the sport. Since Chris arrived, Timber Stone has sort of taken a backseat. Now my major focus is on him. My love for Timber Stone hasn't diminished but I now have found someone special to share this paradise with. Seeing what Mel and Scott are having to endure makes my life look pretty damn good! But then I never thought of my life as being bad to begin with. As the day wore on it became hotter and hotter. Off in the distance I could see my red headed boyfriend intently mowing on the red tractor. I wonder what's going through his mind? I wonder if he thinks about me every minute of every day? Chris even occupies my dreams and I wonder if some of those dreams will ever come true. I've grown accustomed to being with him and I dread the thought of school starting.

So that's how the remainder of the day went on, with me sitting in the midday sun daydreaming about Timber Stone but mostly about Chris.

Timber Stone was in need of a lot of TLC. It was very obvious to me that the course had been neglected over the past few weeks and it bothered me. It was around 4:00 p.m. when I saw Chris heading my way. As he got closer I could see the big smile on his face showing me his pearly whites. "Sammy, did you see the weeds in the flowerbeds?"

"I know. We have to take care of that."

We put the mowers away and hopped on the ATV to head on over to the flowerbeds. It was nearly 5:00 p.m. and despite that, it was still hotter than hell. There was no breeze and I could feel the perspiration dripping off of me. I kept glancing over at Chris to see how he was holding up and ever so often would catch him looking at me. When this happened we’d smile and resume weeding the flowerbed. I noticed that his face was flushed and his T-shirt was saturated with perspiration. "Chris, this heat is miserable to work in. Are you doing okay?”

Before he could reply we both reached over to grab the stem of a milkweed. Chris released the milkweed and gently grasped my hand. I looked up into his blue eyes and could see the passion burning within him. He spoke softly to me, "Sammy, I can't think about anything other than you. Not even this heat can take my mind off of you. Sammy, you don't know how much it turns me on, seeing you in your tight T-shirt and baggy shorts. And then there’s your long blond hair that’s sticking to the side of your face as you focus on what you love to do most. I think that you are more beautiful and smell better than any of these flowers."

I couldn't help but smile and I could feel my manhood getting hard. Chris released my hand and grabbed the stem of the milkweed above mine and tugged to remove it. I jerked my hand away when I heard two golfers walking in our direction and resumed my work. We lost all track of time as we continued to flirt with each other. Chris whispered, "Sammy, can we call it a day? I have something to show you."

I gasped when I took a look at my watch and saw that it was after 7:00 p.m. "Shit, I didn't know it was this late! We missed supper. Your mother’s going to be pissed at us!"

"Sammy, the only thing that I am hungry for is you. As for my mother…well she’ll get over it." 


 "C'mon, Sammy, follow me."

 I followed him into the forest on that all too familiar trail to Johnson Lake. Chris was on a mission and it was difficult to keep up with him. He didn't say anything other than "C'mon, Sammy."

He finally stopped and turned to me with a very serious look on his face. For a moment I thought I'd done something to make him angry. He reached out to me. I looked down at his dirty hand and he said, "Come here, Sammy."

We were both filthy and in need of a shower. Chris grabbed me and pulled me into a sweaty embrace. We were located at the highest point on the trail. Nearby was a very large boulder. Much like the one I had dreamt about. We were standing under a large oak tree. A light cool intermittent breeze made me shiver in my damp clothes. Chris tightened his embrace and pulled me in for a kiss. His red lips tasted salty as he drove his tongue deep into my mouth. Chris reached under my T-shirt and lifted it over my head. He began kissing the side of my face and worked his way down my neck, over my shoulder and down to my left nipple. He began teasing it with his wet tongue and pinching it lightly between his front teeth. I wrapped my arms around his neck as Chris grabbed my bottom and lifted me. I then wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to the large boulder. Chris laid me on top of the boulder and let out a deep groan as he looked at my groin.

I smiled and said, “Are you looking up my crotch?”

He smiled, “I can’t help it when little Sammy is peeking out at me. He’s so cute! No underwear today?”

I chuckled, “Well, either you are taking all of my undies or I need to do a load of wash.”

“Sammy, I’ve only taken two pairs.”

I attempted to get up but was immediately pushed onto my back. I stared down between my bent legs as I watched Chris remove his clothes and assessed his nakedness. His arms and face were red in contrast to the rest of his milky white body. I laughed, "I think you got too much sun today!"

Chris smiled briefly and then walked towards me. He got up onto the boulder and crawling on all fours, positioned himself between my legs. He kissed me on the lips as I instinctively wrapped my arms and legs around him, pulling him down upon me. His musky aroma intermingled with my own was intoxicating. It wasn’t until Chris pinned me down on the rock that I came to the realization that I was pumping wildly into his groin. He must have sensed my nearing climax and lifted me so that I was now sitting on his thighs facing him. We gazed passionately into each other's eyes as he began to gently kiss me. Chris smiled at me amusedly as I attempted to get off by trying to rub my groin against him. “Let’s take these off.”

Chris pulled my T-shirt over my head,.then gently laid me back on the boulder and slowly pulled my shorts down over my butt and boner. His gaze moved up and down my body as he ran the back of his hand across the side of my face. “Mm, I could sit here and look at you all day long. Your beauty inspires me. Your mind is like a treasure chest of new ideas. You make my heart sing! I love you, Sammy!”

“I love you too, Chris. I feel so happy when we are together. You rock my world!”

Chris’s hand wandered lower and lower over my thighs and back up to my groin. He toyed with my balls and ran them between his fingers. “Mm, they are so soft.”

He continued playing with me as I stared up into his eyes. He ran his fingers down between my legs and plucked my rosebud. I immediately tensed up and tried to push his hand away but he resisted and held it in place. “Sammy, look at me.”

I looked up at his angelic face. “I know that you think this is dirty but I don’t. I also know that it gives you great pleasure. Please don’t deny me this. I enjoy playing with your bottom.”


“Sammy, let me make myself clear. I know what you’re worried about. You’re worried that there might be some poo down there.”

I started laughing. “I’ve never heard of it called ‘poo’, but …yeah!”

Chris didn’t laugh. “Sammy, seriously, when it comes to you, I even love the poo that exists inside of you.”

I watched in horror as he brought his hand up from my crotch and put his fingers in his mouth. “You are a nasty boy!”

I started to move away from him but then I felt his wet fingers back down there attempting to gain entry. I stopped and arched my head back as one finger slipped inside. I bent my knees to give him better access and lifted my groin up to him in hopes that he’d get the hint and suck my cock. I closed my eyes and shivered as I felt his lips kiss my cock. It felt so good! Then I felt him wrap his lips around the head of my penis and begin to feverishly suck on it. I felt my climax nearing as he ran his finger in and out of me. Just as I was about to explode he quit moving his finger inside of me and pulled me back on his lap.

I was so electrified that I was squirming around on his lap, rubbing my cock against his. He sat there and held me as my approaching orgasm began to fade away. I grabbed our penises and ran my hand up and down our shafts. With his free hand, Chris pulled my hair back over my ears and planted little kisses along my ears and neck. He kept whispering repeatedly, “My sweet Sammy, you are so sweet.”

Straddling his thighs, I got up on my knees and rubbed my cock on his chest. He kissed my belly and ran his tongue in and around my belly button. The head of my cock rubbed against his face, leaving trails of precum as he tickled my midsection. I began bucking into him again and then all of sudden felt the huge head of his penis push against my anus. After a few minutes of this I could tell that my rosebud was wet from his love juice. Chris kept fingering me and then felt him slip a second finger inside of me. I reached down and grabbed his shaft and began jacking him off as I pushed my butt down onto the head of his penis. I wanted him inside of me. Chris let out a loud moan as he began to buck uncontrollably. He held me in place with his strong hands as his thrusts became stronger and stronger. I gritted my teeth, knowing that at any moment he would enter me with his humongous dick. I tried my best to relax but our attempts were futile. I was too tight for him. To my relief it didn’t seem to matter to him because I felt his body spasm and could feel him spray his love juice all over my bottom. My hand became wet as his cum oozed down onto my hand, making his cock very slippery as I continued to stroke him. I watched as his body began to relax. I pushed him back onto the boulder and began to rub my cock against his slippery love muscle. Chris held on to my hips as I bucked against him and climaxed, spraying sticky white cum all over his groin and belly. I collapsed on top of him as my body gradually quieted down and would intermittently thrust into him. I brought my mouth up to his ear and whispered, “I love you, Chris.”

“I love you too, my Guardian Angel.”

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