Timber Stone

Chapter 15

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We cuddled and would periodically drift off to sleep in each other’s arms. I studied my sweet lover’s facial features and admired his broad nose, his delicate eye lids and red lips are outlined by his short auburn hair, eye brows and long eye lashes. I watched as he inhaled and exhaled out of his nose and partially open mouth. If I didn’t know him better I never would guess that deep down he is troubled...troubled with his parents because his beautiful lips always seem to be smiling.

I was startled when I heard him say, “What are you thinking about?”

I sighed, “I’m thinking about how beautiful you are and that you always seem to be smiling.”

“Sammy, you make me smile. I’m so happy when I’m with you.”

I ran my hand up and down his chest and belly. I felt him run his hands up and down my back and buttocks. “Chris we better get back. It’ll be dark soon.”

He kissed me again, “I don’t want to go back.”

I grabbed his hand and said, “Come on babe. Let’s go.”

“Hey this isn’t the way back.”

“I know.”

Chris followed me to the stream. I could feel his grip tighten as we neared the stream that nearly took his life. We walked about a hundred yards up stream to where the stream widens out and deepens. “Come on in babe. We have to wash the sex off of us.”

Chris hesitantly followed me into the cool stream. To reassure him I wrapped my arms around his waist smiled to encourage him into the water. Giving him a quick kiss I began to rub off our caked on love juice from his chest and belly. Chris followed my lead and began to rub me down. Satisfied that I had scrubbed off the love juice from my lover’s pink skin I submerged under the crystal clear water and began to wash his gorgeous love muscle and berries. Chris’ carrot immediately sprang into action but I managed to stay focused on the job at hand and meticulously cleaned his love muscle and red pubic hair. When I felt that I could stay under no longer I kissed his love muscle and popped my head out of the water taking a big gasp of air. I smiled at him as I pushed my long hair back and rubbed the water from my eyes. Chris grabbed my arms and pulled me up to him. I instinctively jumped up and wrapped my arms and legs around his slippery wet body. He smiled and kissed me as I rested my forehead against his and stared into his light blue eyes. “We have to head back. It’s getting dark.”

 “But I have to clean you too.”

 I smiled at him and said, “I’ve already cleaned myself down there.”

 Looking disappointed, “Okay Sammy.”

 I pinched Chris’ butt and said, “Come on, let’s go.”

 We put on our smelly grungy clothes and made our way back to Timber Stone. When we came to the end of the trail I noticed someone sitting next to one of the tractors with his back to us. I let go of Chris’ hand and as we approached the stranger from behind, Chris smiled and yelled out, “Hi buddy! What are you doing here?”

 Scott turned his head and smiled momentarily but his smile quickly faded away as he said, “I told my parents that Mel is pregnant.”

 I could see his lips quivering and appeared to be having a difficult time not to cry. Chris immediately walked up to Scott and gave him a hug. Scott began to weep. Standing there I didn’t really know what to do, so I just observed the two of them. This is the second time I’ve observed Chris being very supportive of his friends. Chris always seems so tough around his friends but it’s obvious that when the chips are down, his friends seek him out and Chris is there for support. “Tell me what happened.”

 Scott looked over at me and backed away from Chris, “Dad kicked me out of the house.”

 Chris said, “He what?”

 “I’ve never seen him so angry. He started screaming at me and telling me how stupid I am. I couldn’t take it anymore and took off.”

 Chris wrapped his arm around Scott’s shoulder. “So then he didn’t actually kick you out of the house.”

 Scott wiped the tears from his eyes and thought about Chris’s question. He took a deep breath, “No I-I guess not.”

 I cleared my throat, “Scott you are welcome to stay with us if you want to give your parents some time to chill.”

 Chris and I waited for Scott’s reply. All he did was shake his head yes. I went over and patted Scott’s back and said, “Come on lets get cleaned up.”

 When we got back to the house I headed for the master bath and Chris went into the other bathroom to get cleaned up. After showering I walked back into my bedroom to dress. Scott was sitting on my bed reading one of my astronomy magazines. “Scott, do you want to get cleaned up?”

 “I didn’t bring any clothes.”

 “I’m sure that I can find something, we’re about the same build.”

 I found a package of unopened underwear and threw him a pair. I found some bagging shorts and large shirt for him and said, “Chris should be finished showering.”

 Scott pulled his shirt over his head. I couldn’t resist staring at his naked upper body. Realizing that I was being rude, I tore my eyes away from him and walked over to my stereo receiver and popped in my Incubus CD. I heard Scott clear his throat. “Where’s the bathroom?”

 I turned and couldn’t help but run my eyes up and down his naked body. I wanted to slap myself as I quickly got up to show him the way. “Follow me.”

 When I reach the hallway we met Chris with a towel around his waist, “Where’s…”

 Chris looked behind me, “Oh, there you are.”

 I felt my face getting red, “I’m showing him where the shower is located.”

 As Scott walked by Chris, Chris slapped Scott’s bare bottom and said, “I hope you aren’t making moves on my boyfriend?”

 Scott chuckled and shut the bathroom door behind him. Chris smiled at me, “He’s cute isn’t he?”

 I smiled and shook my head in agreement. Chris said, “He’s as straight as a fucking arrow.”

 I followed Chris into his bedroom and watch him get dressed. “Scott can sleep in the other bed.”

 Chris pulled his shirt down over his head and leaned over to kiss me, “Thanks for letting him stay here Sammy.”

 “No problem. He looks so sad. I hope that he can work things out with his parents?”

 “His folks are very nice. I’m certain that they will work it out.”


 Standing in the doorway was a very wet Scott. With water dripping onto the floor around him, “I can’t find a towel.”

 “Sorry, I’ll get you one.”

 I went into the laundry room and came back with a clean towel.

 The phone began to ring and I ran to answer it. “Hello?”


 “Hi Gram!”


 “We’ll be over shortly. Bye.”

 I went back into Chris’ room and found Scott sitting on one of the beds. “Scott, you can sleep in that bed tonight.”

 “Thanks Sam.”

 “Let’s head on over the club house. Gram wants us.”

 When we arrived at the clubhouse, we were greeted by my grandparents and Chris’ Grandfather, Nick. Gramps looked at Scott and said, "I see you found the boys."

  Scott looked nervously at Chris and said, "Yes sir, I found them on the trail leading to Johnson Lake."

I glanced over at Chris who was now turning shades of red. There was an uncomfortable silence in the room. Gram finally broke the silence saying, "Sammy, did you show Chris lookout point?"

 I cleared my throat and said, "Yes Gram."

 Chris gazed into my eyes and said, “The scenery is beautiful up there!”

 Chris sighed as he continued to stare at me dreamy eyed. I was embarrassed and wanted to slap him along side the head. I glanced over at Gram who was now smiling at Chris.

 “Why it seems like yesterday when Art and I used to spend time alone up there.”

 Gram kept eying Chris as if she knew what was running through his mind. “Yes, yes…the scenery sure is beautiful…almost as beautiful as the Johnson boys.”

 “Yes Maam.” Chris shook his head as his face turned shades of red.

 “Art used to take me up there when we were courting...didn’t you Art?”

 I turned to where Gramps was sitting. Nick and Gramps were obviously engrossed with something on the table and totally oblivious to what Gram was saying. Sounding a little irritated Gramps said, “Yeah, yeah, come here boys. I have something to show you.”

 I moved behind Chris and pushed him to one of the tables and sat down.

 Gramps said, “Boys, here are the blueprints of the sketches that you drew of our brother’s log cabin. What do you think?”

 Chris and I leaned over the table to get a better look at the blueprints. I glance up at Gramps and said, “You’re really going to build it aren’t you?”

 “Yes, but there’s one missing piece of the puzzle. We need to determine where to build it.”

 Nick said, “Correct me if I’m wrong Chris, but in the letters they agreed that they would locate it so that the log home would over look the green valley and the Carlson home.”

 Gramps said, “That’s right Sammy. I remember you telling us that.”

 Gramps went on to say, “Nick and I think that the green valley that they are referring to is now Timber Stone.”

 “Yes, back then this whole valley was pasture land that was cut out of the woods by my Grandfather…but where?”

 “Boys, do you remember reading anything that might give us a better clue as to where they were planning to build it?”

 I shrugged my shoulders and looked at Chris. Chris scratched his head as he thought about it. “Hmm, they wrote that they would be able to see the sun rise over the Carlson’s and set over Spread Eagle.”

 Gramps’ eyes got big, “Nick do you remember where the four of us used to go camping in that clearing just above the 18th tee off box.”

 With excitement in his face Nick slapped his hand hard down onto the table and said, “Yes, we used to set up camp there so that we could do some star gazing and watch the Northern Lights.”

 It was great to see our Grandfathers so happy. They were laughing and acting like little boys. Gramps looked at the three of us and said, “That’s where we’re building the log home. Nick, tomorrow we’ll get some bids. I can’t wait to get started!”

 I looked over at Chris and Scott, “Come on guys, let’s go take a look at this site.”

 As we got up Gram said, “Not so fast. You boys haven’t eaten dinner. Chris, your mother called earlier and wants you to call her.”

 Chris’ smile faded away and said, “Okay Gram.”

 “Now don’t sound so disappointed, you have all day tomorrow to check out this site.”

 “Yes Gram.”

 “Oh, I almost forgot. I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Scott Davis.”

 Gramps held out his hand, “Nice to meet you Scott.”

 “Nice to meet you Mr. Johnson and Mr. Carlson.”

 Nick said, “It’s good to see you again Scott.”

 “Nice to see you too.”

 “Boys, come and eat.”

 We climbed up onto the bar stools and began eating Gram’s famous pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy and medley of mixed veggies. The food was gone in no time at all but before we could finish, Gram plopped in front of each of us a big piece of cherry pie with a dip of vanilla ice cream. “You boys put in a long day.”

 “There was a lot of work out there Gram.”

 I leaned over the counter to whisper something to Gram. Gram leaned forward, “We have to keep Gramps off of the mower. The fairways look like crap.”

 Gram threw her arms up in the air, “I can’t keep him off of the tractor. He feels guilty that you are doing most of the work out here.”

 “I don’t mind. He’s too old to be working in this heat.”

“You’re right Sammy, we should hire more help.”

Scott cleared his throat, “Ahem, Mrs. Johnson. I need a job.”

Gram looked at me for approval. I nodded yes. Gram looked at him and said, “We better ask Art.”

“Gramps, Scott is looking for a job.”

“What can you do son?”

“Well, I’ve bussed tables…that’s about it. I would like to learn to take care of Timber Stone.”

Gramps looked over Gram, “Evelyn, do you think we could use some more help out here?”

Gram said, “I’ve been telling you that we need more help for well over a year now. Despite Sammy and Chris’ help, there’s just too much work for you. Chris has been a god sent but we need another helper. You are getting too old to be working in this heat.”

Gramps looked at Scott, “When can you start son?”

“Tomorrow sir.”

“Very well, tomorrow you’ll start. Sammy will show you what to do.”

Gramps smiled at Nick, “Well Nick, it looks like we can spend all of our time working on our new project.”

As we filled our faces with cherry pie, I explained to Scott our usual routine of caring for Timber Stone. Scott looked surprised when I told him that we start work at 5:30am. When we finished eating we went back to the house. On our way back Chris said, “Scott, did you really find us on the trail?”

Scott hesitantly replied, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to invade your privacy.”

Not wanting him to feel bad I said, “Scott, don’t worry about it. It’s not a big deal…is it Chris?”

Chris yawned and said, “Nah, not a big deal bro.”

“Chris did you call your mother?”

“Shit! I forgot.”

“Is it too late to call her now?”

“No, she’ll be up. Besides she’s probably stewing as to why I haven’t called her yet.”

When we got in the house I found a letter on the kitchen table.


I’m going to be away for a few days. You won’t believe this but a new company that manufactures golf clubs and accessories would like to sponsor me at the next PGA Tour. They’re offering me a lot of $,$$$,$$$.



Behind me I could hear Chris apologizing to his mother for not showing up for dinner and promised to be there tomorrow. “Okay Mom, I’ll bring Sammy too.”


“Okay Mom. Bye.”

“How did it go?”

“She’s pissed. Would you mind having dinner with my folks tomorrow?”

“Not at all. Come on guys, let’s go to bed.”

There was no reply from Scott. We went into the den and found Scott sound asleep on the sofa. “Don’t wake him. I’ll get him a blanket.”

After covering Scott up I grabbed Chris’ hand and whispered, “Let’s go to bed.”

As I led him into my bedroom Chris said, “What about your Dad?”

I kissed him, “He’s away on business.”

Chris stopped walking with me. Tugging on his arm I said, “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

Chris shook his head no. I attempted to persuade him by saying, “The way I see it, as long as we don’t flaunt this part of our relationship in front of Dad, its okay to spend time in bed together. Now lets go to bed.”

Chris reluctantly agreed and followed me in to my bedroom. After shutting the door Chris took a flying leap into the bed. He laid there smiling as he watched me undress. Stripped down to my tighty whities I jumped on top of him and embraced him tightly. I gently kissed his lips and began exploring his mouth with my tongue. His mouth tasted like cherry pie. "Mmm, you taste so good."

I sat up on his midsection and despite feeling exhausted I could feel my penis harden as I rubbed against his package that his Levis extenuated so beautifully. The feel of his rough Levis against my naked thighs and feet felt good as I straddled him. Chris laid there smiling at me as I ran my hand over his chest and then began unbuttoning his white cotton long sleeved shirt. I felt that I was showing restraint by not ripping it off of his body as his chest and belly slowly came into view. I pulled out his tucked in shirt and exposed his cute little belly button that had and auburn colored treasure trail that extended down below his jeans. I leaned forward and kissed his pecks and ran my tongue down to his belly button. I extended my legs and rest the side of my head on to his soft warm belly. Listening to his belly talk to me I closed my eyes and breathed in his wonderful scent. It was so relaxing laying there as Chris ran his fingers through my long hair and massaging my scalp. I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him. Unable to resist mister sand man’s persistent power I slowly drifted off to sleep.

As usual my inner clock woke me up at the usual time and to my disappointment found myself alone in bed. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to tap a kidney. The House was dark and it was obvious that I was the only one up. I peeked inside Chris’ bedroom and found him lying naked on top of his bed. I felt a little pang of hurt. ‘Why didn’t he sleep with me? Hmm, maybe I snore? Or worse…maybe I fart in my sleep!’ I needed to get the day rolling and decided to jump in the shower. After my shower I quickly got dressed and woke up Scott and Chris. I was greeted with his usual sleepy eyed smile. “Good morning Sammy.”

“Morning. When you’re finished showering I’ll have breakfast waiting.”

Before I could exit the bedroom, Chris whined, “Sammy, no good morning kiss?”

I turned around and bent down to give him a quick peck on the lips. Chris gave me an odd look but I ignored it and went to the kitchen to make us some grub. Scott came into the kitchen looking half asleep. “Have a seat Scott. How do you like your eggs?”

“Over easy.”

Chris walked into the kitchen and said, “Yummy, it looks and smells delicious in here!”

I heard Scott snicker. Remembering how much Chris can eat I made him 4 eggs and four slices of toast. I sat down with them and began eating the hearty breakfast. I could feel Chris studying me but I ignored it. “Sammy, you didn’t tell me where your Dad is.”

“I don’t know. He didn’t tell me. He just wrote that he’d be gone for a few days to negotiate with a new golf club manufacturer. He said that they want to sponsor him during the next PGA tour.”


“He wrote that he could make a lot of money in this deal.”

“That’s great Sammy.”

I looked over at Scott who remained sleepy eyed. “You look tired.”

Scott said, “I’m not used to getting up this early.”

After finishing breakfast, we walked to Timber Stone. “I love this time of day. It’s so quiet.”

Scott said, “I hate morning people. My mother’s morning person. I usually get up with the sound of her singing.”

Chris said, “I like your mom. She’s sweet.”

“I don’t really hate her…it’s just a little irritating when I see someone so bubbly in the morning. I just want peace and quiet until I wake up.”

Despite it being cool, I could tell that it was going to be another scorcher. The fact there was a little bit of fog hanging over the fairways and there was a lot of dew on the grass usually indicated that the rising summer sun would turn this day into a tropical paradise. “Okay, guys, we need to repair the divots on the tee off boxes and greens. Then we’ll mow the greens and fairways.”

Surprisingly, Scott appeared to be interested in the work. When I told him it was time to call it a day he appeared to be genuinely disappointed. After arriving at home we all got cleaned up. After showering I got dressed and went into the kitchen. There I found Scott and Chris sitting at the table. I overheard Scott say, “I don’t understand why she won’t talk to me. I don’t get it.”

“Do you think that her parents are passing on the message that you want to talk to her?”

“I haven’t spoken to her parent either. Besides she has her own phone and answering machine.”

Chris said, “I’m going to call Jessica and Nichole.”

I watched as Chris picked up the phone. “Hi Jessica, it’s Chris.”


“Scott has been trying to get a hold of Mel but she won’t return his calls. What’s going on?”


“So you haven’t talked to her either. Aha…aha. Well if you see her have her call Scott at Sammy’s.”


“Scott’s father blew his stack yesterday when he told him that Mel was pregnant. So now he’s staying here at Sammy’s.”


“Okay, bye.”

Chris hung up the phone. “Jessica said that Nichole and her have been trying to call her too. They’ve gone to her home a number of times and no one is ever home.”

Looking concerned Scott said, “I’m going over there.”

I looked at Chris. Chris looked at me. “Do you think that’s a good idea?”

“I don’t care I’m going over there.”

Chris said, “Alright. Let’s go.”

We jumped into Chris’ car and drove to Mel’s home. We knocked on the front door but there wasn’t an answer. We walked around to the back of the house and knocked on the door. No one answered. Scott said, “I’m going to knock this fucking door down!”

“Calm down! Let’s talk to the neighbors.”

We went next door. Working on his yard was an older gentleman about Gramp’s age, “Hi boys! What can I do for ya?”

Scott said, “I’m worried about the Smiths. I haven’t been able to get a hold of them for the past couple of days.”

“Hmm, well I have a key to their house. I’ll go over with you.”

“Thanks sir.”

We followed the gentleman into the home. Scott yelled, “Mel are you home?”

“Anyone home!”

I followed Scott up to Mel’s bedroom. I looked at Mel’s answering machine. It had 12 messages on it. We listened to them. Most were from Scott and the other ones were Jessica and Nichole. We looked throughout the home but the house was empty. We walked out the house. “Where the hell are they?”

Poor Scott was beside himself. “Come on Scott lets go back to my house.”

Over the next couple of days, Scott was very quiet. Every day we’d go over the Smith’s home to see if they were home. We finally convinced Scott to call his home to see if they had heard anything. He called home when he was certain that his father would not be there. “Hi Mom.”


“I’m at Sam’s home.”


“I couldn’t stand hearing him scream at me.”


“I’m sorry if I worried you.”


“I said I was sorry. Mom I’m under a lot of stress and I don’t need Dad telling me how stupid I am.”


“I’ll come home on one condition. That he doesn’t yell at me. I already feel bad enough. He doesn’t have to remind me how stupid I am.”


“Mom…Mom. Have you heard from Mel or her family?”


Sounding disappointed, “I’m worried Mom. No one has seen or heard from them since she left the hospital.”


“I’ll try not to worry. Bye Mom.”

Scott hung up the phone. “Well, Mom said that they haven’t heard anything from the Smiths. She also said that Dad feels terrible about how he reacted the other day. They want me to come home. She said that Dad and her will be over to pick me up after he gets home from work.”

Chris walked over to Scott and patted him on the shoulder. “I’m happy to hear that your father has come to his senses.”

“Thanks Chris.”

His shoulders relaxed, Scott had a look of relief on his face. ‘Now if we could figure out where the Smiths are, Scott could quit worrying.’ “Why don’t we call the gang and go swimming?”

Excited Chris said, “Yeah! That would be fun!”

I could tell that Scott wasn’t as thrilled about the idea but agreed to come along. Chris called the gang and within an hour the seven of us were on our way to Johnson Lake. “I want to show you where Gramps plans on building a log home.”

The gang followed me. The 18th hole is one of the most interesting holes on the course. It’s 600 yards long with a fairway that contains a series of plateaus onto which you must hit onto. Each plateau is approximately 75 yards in length and at the end of each there are 10 foot drop offs. In between each plateau there is 50 yard of rough made up of boulders and long grass. The tee off box offers an awesome view to the green. To the right of the green there is a large pond and a deep bunker to the left. Off in the far distance you can see Spread Eagle Lake nestled in some large pine trees. We made our way to the top of the hill which extended another 200 yards above the tee off box. To me there wasn’t much of clearing for a home to be built unless you cut some of the trees down. They’ll have to take a look at the site. As Gramps always says, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way.’

“Come on guys lets go swimming.”

Chris held on to my hand as we hiked the trail to Johnson Lake. It felt good to be able to show our affection for each other in front of other people because it gave me a sense of normalcy. When the trail widened Chris wrapped his arm around my waist as we walked side by side. Chris smiled at me, “Sammy, I have to start getting serious about training for football. Maybe we could do some swimming around the lake. I have to gradually build up my endurance.”

When we arrived at the lake Bill yelled, “Last one is a cock sucker!”

With a mischievous grin, Chris held me back as we watched the rest of the gang quickly jump into the water. When their heads popped out the water they all turned around and began pointing and giggling at us. Laughing Chris said, “I guess we’re the cock suckers!”

Playfully I jumped on Chris’ back as he ran for the water and held on as he dove below the surface of the frigid crystal clear water. He took us to the bottom where we could look up to the surface and see the rest of the gang kicking their arms and legs. I could hear muffled sounds of talking and laughter. When we surfaced Chris said, “Hang on Sammy, we’re going back down.”

I took a deep breath as we immediately submerged under the water. As we neared the bottom I noticed small schools of sun fish watching us in the distance. Chris gave me a thumb’s up as we watched the different species of animal life darting in and out of the grassy bottom. We surfaced again and took another big gulp of air as we went back down. We swam to a huge submerged boulder. As we swam over it the water on the other side became pitch black as we peered down into the abyss below. I motioned for Chris to surface. “Holy shit that drops straight off!”

I looked back and saw that we were about 100 yards from shore. I could see Scott sitting on the beach surrounded by the rest of the gang. “We better head back to shore.”

We spent the rest of the afternoon frolicking in the water. When we got back on the beach I looked at my watch and said, “Chris, we need to get back. We don’t want to miss supper at your house.”

Chris’ smile faded as he nodded at me in agreement. Chris said, “Come on guys, lets go.”

When we got back to the house, Scott said, “Bill is going to take me home. That way my parents won’t need to come out here. Thanks for letting me stay out here. I had a great time today. See ya in the morning.”

“Okay, see ya.”

I got cleaned up and put on some dress clothes. I wanted to make a good impression. “Mm, Sammy you are looking fine!”

Smiling I said, “We gotta go. It’s 5pm.”

I parked the car in front of the house and sighed. Chris looked at me, “Are you nervous?”

“A little.”

Chris opened the door, “Come on, lets get this over with.”

I followed him up to the house. Chris opened the door and motioned for me to go on in. “Mom, I’m home!”

“Chris, I’m in the kitchen. Did you bring your friend along?”

I followed Chris into the kitchen. “Yes Mom.”

“Hi Sam.”

“Hi Mrs. Carlson.”

“Dear, get Sam something to drink. Supper should be ready in about 30 minutes so why don’t you two go make yourselves comfortable. Your father should be home any minute now.”

“Let’s go up to my room.”

After what happened last time, I was a little hesitant to go with him. When we entered his bedroom Chris picked up a Nerf ball and threw up it in the air and made a basket. Chris went over to his desk and flipped on the computer. I pulled up a chair next to him as he opened Outlook Express to view his email. “As usual it’s full of junk mail. Hmm, here’s one from Dave.”

“Coach wants to meet with me July 30th. That’s only a week away.”

“We haven’t been following his exercise regimen.”

“I know…I know. Tomorrow, I’m going to start working out. Would you like to come to the gym with me tomorrow after work?”

“Sure, I’d love to.”

“Then we could have the guys come out to the football field and we could throw the football around.”

“Boys, come down and eat!”

“Okay Mom!”

Chris reached out and grabbed my hand, “Come on Sammy lets go eat.”

I whispered, “Maybe we shouldn’t hold hands. Let’s just ease her into this. Okay?”

Chris looked at me and said, “Okay Sammy.”

Chris followed me down the stairs and then into the dining room. “Oh, there you are, Sam, have a seat and make yourself comfortable. Christopher, can you help me carry in some of this food?”

“Sure Mom.”

“Sam, what do you like to drink?”

“Pepsi please.”

Mr. Carlson was sitting at the end of the table. “So how are you doing Sam?”

“I’m doing fine Mr. Carlson.”

“Fred, call me Fred.”

“Yes sir.”

Chris and Mrs. Carlson brought in what appeared to be prime rib and an assortment of vegetables. “This looks delicious Mrs. Carlson.”

“It’s Christopher’s favorite, prime rib. Before we begin eating, let’s say a prayer. Christopher, would you please say the prayer?”

Chris frowned, “Yes Mom.”

Everyone clasped hands before Chris started the prayer, “Bless oh Lord and these your gifts which we are about to receive, through thy bounty, through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

“Okay, everyone dig in.”

There was an uncomfortable silence. I’m used to my family being loud and gregarious. I looked over at Chris who seemed nervous when he passed me the prime rib.

I tasted the prime rib, “Mm, this is absolutely delicious.”

Mrs. Carlson smiled proudly, “Why thank you Sam.”

I heard the front door shut. “Mom, I’m home!”

“Come in and eat dear!”

Val came in the dining room and sat down at the table. “Hi Sam. How’s it hangin?”

For once I was happy to see Val. Usually I avoided her like the plague. “I’m doing fine.”

Smirking she said, “Yes, I’d have to agree, you are looking very fine…isn’t he Momma?”

“Hush child, you’re embarrassing the young Lad.”

“Hi Chris.”

Chris looked over at her and acknowledged her, “Val…”

Fred said, “I here that Dad and Art are planning on building a log cabin?”

Chris said, “Yeah, you should see the blue prints. It’s going to be awesome!”

“They’re thinking of building it above the 18th tee off box so that it will over look the old Carlson farm and Timber Stone.”

“What the heck are they going to do with a log cabin way up there?”

“Well, I think they plan on allowing the Carlson and the Johnson families use it for family reunions, to tell you the truth, I really don’t know.”

“You boys are doing a fine job out there. The course looks great this year.”

“Chris has been a great help.”

Chris said, “Scott is working with us too.”

“Yeah, Gramps is getting too old and I think he’s looking forward to retirement.”

Fred said, “I’ll have to see that to believe it. The guy’s like an ant…he never stops. He was always on the move and constantly rearranging things out at Timber Stone. I think he’s managed to make Timber Stone one of the finest courses in the state.”

Proudly I said, “Timber Stone was ranked 5th from the top last year. I plan on keeping it that way.”

Mrs. Carlson said, “How’s your father doing.”

“He’s doing very well. He’s visiting a new golf club manufacturer that wants to sponsor him at the next PGA Tour.”

Fred said, “Your old man is really coming into his game. Are you going to follow in his foot steps?”

“I’m not really sure. I love golf but my true love is horticulture and Timber Stone.”

Val said, “I thought Chris was your true love.”

I inhaled some of mashed potatoes and began coughing uncontrollably. Chris immediately stood up and began patting me on the back. I reached for my glass of water and in the process knocked over my glass of Pepsi.

Mrs. Carlson stood up, “Oh dear are you okay?”

I couldn’t quit coughing. With a hoarse voice I said, “Where’s the bathroom?”

I would like to dedicate this story to Edward W. who died unexpectedly. Edward who preferred to be called “Mr. Editor” edited chapters 1 through 14 of this story along with my other story, “Like Father, Like Son”.

Thanks Ed for encouraging me to continue my writing. I will miss you!