Timber Stone

Chapter 2

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I got up at my usual 4:30 a.m. and prepared for work. Getting up at this hour is normal for me! I love my work and the thought of working with plants just seems to get my juices flowing in the morning. Today I have one more reason to be excited - you’ve guessed it…Chris! And I was impatient to get this day rolling! I was thinking that I might have someone that I could call a friend. You’re going think that this is probably sick but…if he enjoys working for Timber Stone I will have more time to be creative in my work rather than just focusing on maintaining the course. The phone started to ring and I quickly picked up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Hi, Sam, it’s Chris!"

"Wuz up?"

"I hope I didn’t wake you up?"

"Heck no! I’m always up at this time! And in case you’ve forgotten, we have to be at work in half an hour!"

"Oh, good! You know that little plan that we created for Val?"


"Well, she started bitching at me the minute I got home yesterday to take her to the Mall and when I told her no, she immediately went to Daddy. He was in a really foul mood and told me that I couldn’t use the car anymore unless I took her to the Mall. I said, fine, I can ride my bike! So now I don’t have a car!"

"Not a problem, Chris, I’ll be right over to pick you up!"

"Thanks, Sam!"

Chris was waiting for me on the porch and quickly hopped into the car. "I hope you don’t mind doing this?"

"It was my plan, wasn’t it?"


I looked at what he was wearing and shook my head. Chris saw this and said, "What?"

"You’re wearing blue jeans and a long sleeved shirt?"

"I don’t want to get burnt!"


When we arrived at Timber Stone the sun was just barely peeking up over the tree line. "Isn’t it beautiful out here? This is the best time of the day!"

I looked over at Chris who was sleeping. I laughed and said, "One thing to remember is to go to bed early, otherwise you’ll be dragging ass all day! Come on, I’ll show you how use the edger and weed eater."

I told him that he had to trim around the trees and the cart paths while I worked in the flowerbeds. Poor Chris was looking warmer and warmer by the hour, but he never complained once. I kept encouraging him to drink water. It was about noon and he wasn’t looking very well. His face was bright red and his shirt was soaked with perspiration. "Time to call it a day, Chris!"

"I don’t feel very good!"

"Come on over here in the shade!"

Chris plopped down on the ground and threw-up. "I think you’re overheated!"

I got out the hose, removed his cap, unbuttoned and exposed his upper body. I had a funny feeling in my stomach when I gazed upon his upper torso. He’s beautiful! I shook my head and focused on the task at hand. I instructed Chris to raise his arms and warned him, "This is going to be cold!"

My mind wandered as I curiously inspected the red hair under his arms. I knew he was in trouble when he hardly flinched from the cold water. Now I was getting worried. I quickly unsnapped his jeans and reached in along the waist. I pulled his pants away from him and shoved the hose down inside. That got his attention because he quickly grabbed the hose and pulled it out of his pants. "Chris, I’m going to let the water run over your head."

He began to look better. "You scared the crap out of me! I’m going to help you get some proper clothing to wear out here! I’ll also get you some knee pads so you can wear shorts."

When we got back to the clubhouse, Gram gave Chris a funny look. I’m sure it looked strange that his jeans were wet and shirt unbuttoned. "Is everything okay?"

"I think he got overheated!"

Gram came over and placed her hand on his forehead. "Hmm, cool as a cucumber! But you look pale! Show him where the showers are and give him these to wear."

"Yes, Gram!" I led him to the shower and turned the shower on so that the water was lukewarm. He undressed and I handed him a wash cloth and soap. My eyes kept wandering down and I had to remind myself that this is wrong! I watched as he stepped into the shower and secretly admired his bubble butt and muscular legs.

I turned my back to him to give him some privacy and said, "Umm, I’ll get you a towel. Holler if you need anything!"

"Thanks, Sam! I’m fine now!"

"Okay, I’ll just sit here and wait." I felt kind of bad because I was worried about his well being but at the same time I was having dirty thoughts run through my mind!

When he turned the water off I handed him the towel and told him that he could put on these clothes. "I’m going to take a shower now. I quickly peeled off my clothes and washed up. After I got in the shower I noticed that he hadn’t left the locker room and was waiting for me to finish.

Looking embarrassed, Chris said, "I’m sorry for what happened out there!"

"Don’t be! It happens to the best of us! Why do you think I get up so early!"

"I don’t want you to think that I’m some sort of weakling!"

"No, I don’t think that at all! In fact you look like you are in great shape! You must work out a lot?"

"I swim. I swim a lot!"

"Wow, swimming has done you well. I wish I looked that good!"

"Thanks but you look great too! I have what some would say is a swimmer’s build where yours is more of a runner’s build. Very lean and defined."

"Okay, if you say so!" I got out of the shower and dried off as we continued to chitchat.

Instead of going outside, we sat near the air conditioner and drank ice water. "Come on, let’s go over to my house. I have another pair of knee pads that you can use tomorrow."

"You mean we’re finished for the day?"

"You are! There’s no way that I’m allowing you to do any more work today!"

"Yes, dad!"

"Hey, since you don’t have a car, why don’t you hang out here for the summer. I can take you home anytime you want!" After I said it I thought, ‘What the fuck am I doing! He’s going to think I’m queer!’

"Won’t your dad get upset with me hanging around?"

"Heck no! My old man’s never home except on the weekends!"

"I’ll check with my parents."

I dropped Chris off at home and went back to work. "Hi, Gramps!"

"How’s your friend doing? I hear he got overheated!"

"He’s fine now! I made sure that he’ll come better prepared tomorrow!"

"Good boy! I don’t want to see him get hurt!"

"I’ll keep a close eye on him!"

The next morning I had him work in the flowerbeds while I mowed the fairways. I kept a close eye on him, which was an eye pleasing experience.

As I completed each fairway I handed him water and had him ride along on the tractor to the next fairway. Keeping busy was not a problem. If there weren’t any weeds to contend with, there were always divots to repair. "Okay, we’re finished!"

I handed Chris the water jug and said, "This is great, it’s only 9:00a.m! Hey, do you want to earn some extra money?"

"Sure! What do we have to do?"

"It involves retrieving golf balls in the ponds throughout the course. Let’s get our swim trunks!"


"Yeah, it is cool…a great way to cool off and make money at the same time!"

Chris said, "I didn’t plan on swimming! I’ll need to go home to get my trunks."

"No problem, let’s go!"

When we got back to put on our trunks, Chris pulled out a Speedo. Laughing, I said, "You’re wearing that?"

"Yeah, but I’ll be wearing these over my Speedo. I take these off when I’m in the water."

I shrugged my head and said, "That’s cool because I know Gram wouldn’t like you to be wearing a Speedo around the course!"

We drove out to the first water hazard on the ATV. Chris looked unsure of what we were going to do. "We swim in here?"

Giggling, I said, "Sure!"

He said, "Okay?"

I explained to him what we needed to do. "You have to time your dives so that you don’t get hit with balls. I usually wait until after a group has teed off. Then I make a few dives without having to worry. One more thing, watch out for snapping turtles. They can take a finger off."

Chris’ eyes got big when I told him that. "Don’t worry! The water clarity is very good and they are easy to spot."

"Thanks for the warning!"

Chris ended up finding more balls than I did! The golfers usually smiled at us as they passed by. Chris was so graceful in the water. I could tell that he was really enjoying this! We ended up finding four dozen balls. "Hey, we just made $48. Not bad for having fun?"

"This is great! How often do you do this?"

"Every couple of days!"

"Can we do this everyday?"

"Sure can!"

When we got out to dry off, three of Chris’ buddies came along. "Hi, Chris, where the hell have you been?"

"Hi, guys! I’ve been working out here."

Eyeing me, one of them said, "You call this work? Looks like you’re having fun!"

Chris looked a little uncomfortable and said, "I’d like to introduce you to Sam! Sam, this is Scott, Bill, and Jake!"

Scott shook my hand and said, "Hey, I know you! You’re that Johnson kid. Your pop is Richard Johnson, right?"

"Yeah, that’s right!"

"I hear you are a pretty good golfer!"

"I’m alright!"

"Here, let me see you hit my ball."

"Well, I don’t have my golf shoes on!"

"So, hit it anyway!"

"Okay!" I addressed the ball and smacked it about 250 yards onto the green.

"HOLY SHIT! SIGN HIM UP! You’re going to be a sophomore next year?"


Scott looked at the other boys and said, "Next summer we’re going to kick some major ass!"

"Next year?"

Scott said, "Yeah, when you are on the varsity team! We should let you guys get back to work!"

I looked over at Chris and said, "Weren’t you trying out for the varsity team?"

He looked down and said, "I don’t have what it takes to be on the team!"

"You’re kidding! I’ve seen you play! All you need to work on is your short game! Tell you what, I’ll help you with your game and next year you’ll be on the team!"

"You’d do that for me!"

"Hell, ya!"

Grandma fed us supper and we ate like horses. "So do you think you want to work out here all summer?"

"Yes, Mrs. Johnson! I really like it out here. It’s so beautiful and quiet."

"I take it you didn’t get sick today?"

"No, Ma’am! Sam made sure that I drank plenty of water!"

I really enjoy hanging out with Chris! His golf game is better than he lets on! He knows exactly what to do. In fact I’ve learned some things from him! I did notice that he isn’t always consistent. It doesn’t make sense. Whenever he comes close to breaking 80 he seems to buckle under the pressure.

One evening his buddies came over to the house unannounced. "Dude! You’re never home and your bitchy little sister won’t tell us where you are!"

"I’m hanging out here for the summer!"

"You should have told us!"

"Sorry, guys! I’ve been so caught up in working out here that I forgot to let you guys know!"

The three guys kept glancing at me but excluded me from the conversation. I could tell that they wanted some time alone with Chris so I said, "Chris, I’m going to run to the clubhouse and get us some sodas!"

When I came back to the house the four guys stopped talking and smiled at me. "Care for soda?"

"Thanks, Sam!"

"You guys can come out and visit Chris anytime you want. Did you tell them the hours you’ll be putting in at Timber Stone?"

Chris said, "Yes and they were going to ask you if they could come over to visit."

"Like I said, it’s not a problem!"

"Hey, Sam, do you mind if we bring our girls out here?"


I looked over at Chris and said, "You can bring your girl out here too. Dad won’t mind as long as she doesn’t stay here overnight!"

The three guys almost choked on their sodas when I said that, "What’s so funny?" Chris appeared uncomfortable as he stared at his soda

Ignoring my question, Scott looked at me and said, "Do you have a girl friend?"

Scott, Jake, and Bill intently waited for my reply, "No."

All three guys smiled. Then Bill said, "Do you ever take a day off so that you can stay up later at night?"

"Well, I suppose I could ask for a day off. With Chris helping me, we get twice the amount of work done!"

Bill said, "Name a day!"

"How about getting together this Wednesday? Thursdays are usually a slow day at Timber Stone."

Jake stood up and said, "Come on, guys! We need to let these two get their beauty sleep!"

Chris got up and followed them out the door. Chris slapped Jake on the back of the head after he mumbled something. The other guys started cracking up. Chris looked as if he was blushing when he came back into the house. "You have some nice buddies, Chris!"

"Yeah, they can be goofy at times but they’re fun to be around. We’re like brothers, we grew up together in the same neighborhood and we’re like one big family!"

"We better hit the sack! Good night, Chris!"

"Good night, Sammy!"

Sammy! I think he’s been hanging around my grandparents too much!

The next morning I woke up to the sound of thunder and the bright flashes of lightning. It was pouring rain outside. I turned the weather channel on and it forecasted rain all day with temperatures in the low 80’s. I went into Chris’ room to tell him that we are taking the day off and what I saw shocked me. Chris was sound asleep, sprawled across the bed completely naked and sporting a huge erection that had red pubic hair at its base. I stood there in awe of his beauty until I felt my cock getting rock hard. I felt disgusted with myself and ran back to my bedroom. I laid there awake, unable to get back to sleep as I thought about Chris’ naked image that was permanently etched into my mind! A couple of hours passed and a very concerned looking Chris came running into my room wearing only his white underwear and said, "I’m sorry, Sam! I overslept! You’re mad at me, aren’t ya!"

I snapped out of my trance-like state and said, "I’m not mad at you. Besides, it’s raining and that only means one thing!"

"What’s that?"

"A day off!"

Looking relieved, he said, "Oh, okay! Are you sure everything is okay? You look troubled!"

I shook my head no and tried to change my mood by saying, "Do you mind getting wet in the rain?"

"No! Not as long as it’s not a cold rain."

"Oh, it’s going to be a warm rain and you know what’s great about warm rainy days?"


"On warm rainy days the fish love to bite! Would you like to go fishing?"

"Hell, ya!"

I looked outside and it was just misting. There wasn’t any lightning. "I’ve got the bug repellent and the fishing rods. Here’s your backpack with the food and tackle. We’re going to make a day of it!"

"Where are we going?"

"To a place where I’m certain you’ve never been! You’ll need your hiking boots!"

Chris followed me into the wood. "Now you’re going to find out why we call this course Timber Stone!"

There are rocks everywhere. There are big rocks, little rocks, and huge boulders to traverse. If you hit your ball out of the fairway you can kiss it good bye because it’ll hit a rock and bounce yards away from where you saw it go in. The terrain is very hilly. Chris stayed close behind as we hiked the unbeaten trail.

Chris was quiet and I stopped to see how he was doing. I couldn’t help but smile at him as he carefully maneuvered through the woods behind me. When he caught up to me I handed him a bottle of water. "Thanks, Sammy!"

I put down my backpack and pulled my shirt off. "Whew! It’s getting warm out here!"

Chris followed suit and said, "How much further do we have to go?"

"Only a mile more! Look down there!"

"Oh, there it is! Wow, that’s a pretty good sized lake!"

"Aha! Grandpa owns all of the property around it and it’s completely landlocked."

We slowly made our way down to the lake and threw our gear on the ground. All of a sudden the sun peeked through the clouds and it felt like the heat soared into the 90’s. "Well, so much for a rainy day! Care to go for a dip?"



I quickly pulled off my shorts and dove naked into the cool water. When I resurfaced I turned to Chris and said, "Drop the shorts and come in! No one’s ever around here!"

Chris shed his shorts and dove in. "Woohoo! This is cold!"

I dove under the water, grabbed his legs, and pulled him down. I surfaced laughing and waited for him to come back up, but he didn’t. I started to feel panicky and just as I was about to dive under the surface I felt him grab my hips and push me halfway out of the water. He was laughing as I wiped the water out of my eyes. "Gotcha!"

Chris dove back under the surface and I followed him down to the bottom. I playfully grabbed his feet as we explored the bottom. When I did this he quit kicking his feet and allowed me to hold on as he pulled us along by the strength of his arms. With me kicking my feet we were able to cover a pretty good distance under the water. The water was crystal clear and we could see some pretty good-sized bass and an occasional pike. I needed to breathe so I pulled myself up his body until we were face to face. I motioned for him to surface and he nodded in agreement. When I surfaced I took a very deep breath and pulled my wet hair away from my face. After I caught my breath I could hear my pager going off. I looked at Chris and said, "It must be Gram checking on us."

I called her on my cell phone. "Hi, Gram!"

"Are you boys doing okay?"

"Yeah, we’re swimming!"

"You boys be careful!"

"We will, Gram!"

"The reason I paged you is because we’ve got some heavy weather coming in and it should be here in about an hour. I don’t want you boys heading back home until it passes."

"We won’t, Gram! If we have to we’ll just stay here until tomorrow! Call me when the radar is clear!"

"Okay, Sammy! Talk to ya later!"

"Hey, Chris!"

"Yeah, Sam!"

"We’ve got some heavy weather moving in!"

"Are we going to head back?"

"No, we’re going to ride the storm out here in that cabin over there!"

"Wow, I didn’t even see that!"

"Hehehe, wait until you see the inside!"

We slowly wandered over to the cabin naked with only our hiking boots on. I opened the door and walked in. Chris was obviously impressed and said, "Holy shit! This is awesome!"

I explained to Chris that the cabin is all wood. It has wood floors, walls, and even the furniture is wood. Smiling, I looked down at his bare bottom and said, "Be careful not to get slivers!"

I went on to tell him where the port-a-potty was located and that it has a device that is removable so that we can incinerate the waste. It doesn’t have a well so our drinking water comes from the lake. "…so don’t piss in it!"

We were both exhausted after the hike and swim and decided to take a nap in hammocks. No sooner did we get comfortable when a blast of cold wind from the approaching storm turned our naked skin to goose flesh. "Bhrrr, it’s getting cold!"

We jumped out of the hammocks and ran into the cabin as the rain started to pelt us. We put our shorts and shirts on to keep warm. "We should have brought some warmer clothes!"

There were loud cracks of thunder as the storm lashed out its fury. All we could do was to try to stay warm and wait out the storm. I found an old blanket and sat next to Chris. I looked at him and said, "Do you mind?"


I sat down next to him and covered us with the warm blanket.

Chris looked at me and said, "Are you tired?"


"Well then, why don’t we just lie down on this bear rug and take a nap?"

"Sounds good to me!" I laid down on my side as Chris spooned me from behind. Feeling his warm skin against mine felt really good and I quickly faded off to sleep.


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