Timber Stone

Chapter 3

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When I opened my eyes I could see through the window that the rain hadn’t let up. There was an occasional bolt of lightning. We could be stuck here for the night! I rolled onto my back and noticed that he was gone. Yawning, I sat up and stretched my arms out. I went out onto the porch where I found Chris getting his rod and reel ready. When he heard the screen door slam shut he turned and said, "Do you ever think it’s going to let up?"

"If it would quit lightning we could do some fishing but I wouldn’t want to chance it. We’ll just have to wait it out. I probably shouldn’t have taken you out here. We could be stuck here for the night."

"Cool! I’d like that. I’m having fun! I really don’t mind sitting out here watching it thunder and lightning, plus the view from here is absolutely beautiful!"

"It is beautiful, unfortunately I’m usually too busy to enjoy it. In the winter it’s not very easy to get out here because of the hilly terrain but if you’re not in a rush and you take your time it’s not so bad."

"Have you ever seen any bears or moose out here?"

"Bears but no moose. It’s not uncommon to see a sow and her cubs. That’s why we have to make sure that we clean up after ourselves and not leave any food in the cabin. Speaking of food, are you hungry?"


I pulled out of my backpack a package of Oreo cookies. Being typical teens we engorged ourselves on the chocolate cream-filled morsels. Chris looked at me with his mouth full and said, "Water…need water!"

I couldn’t help but smile at him because he had cookie crumbs all over his pink lips. I went inside and found the water canteen and came back outside, started drinking it in front of him. "Ahhh, this tastes so good!"

I took few more gulps of water and gazed out onto the lake. I took another gulp of water and said, "Ahhh!"

Whining, Chris said, "How about giving me some of that?"

"Some of what?"

Sounding flustered, he said, "Some water! I’m dying of thirst!"

"Oh, this water. Come and get it if you can!"

Chris looked at me like a cat who was about to pounce on a mouse. With a smirk on his face he threw down the fishing rod and came charging towards me. I ran out into the pouring rain but he quickly caught up and tackled me in the mud. We rolled around in the mud as the rain cascaded down on us. Attempting to escape, I got up on my hands and knees but the ground was too slippery and I couldn’t get a firm footing. Chris tried to get a grip on me but it was difficult because I was covered with greasy, slippery mud. As I stood up he grabbed my shorts and inadvertently pulled them down to my knees, exposing my ass. That didn’t seem to faze him because he wrapped his arms around my legs, tackling me to the ground. We both were laughing as we continued to roll down the hill towards the lake, all the while he was trying to free my grip on the canteen. "Give me the water!"

He finally pinned me on my back. We were both breathing hard. His face and hair were covered with mud. I held the canteen firmly in my arms. I was determined not to give him the water. Then he straddled my midsection and grabbed my arms to free the canteen. When his attempts were unsuccessful he picked up big globs of mud and began rubbing it all over my naked belly and chest. "Stop, stop, that tickles!"

"Give me the water, Sammy, and I’ll stop tickling you."

I attempted to throw the canteen but he was able to snatch it from me. Chris continued to sit on my naked groin and began quenching his thirst. I wanted him off of me and started bucking my hips in an attempt to throw him off but he was too heavy. He looked down at me, trying to look mad, and said, "Sammy, you are a naughty boy!"

"Come on, let me up!"

He ignored me and just sat there drinking what was left in the canteen. "You know what naughty boys get?"

He didn’t let me answer as he quickly jumped off of me and slapped my bare bottom.

Rubbing my bottom, I said, "OW!"

Chris jumped into the lake and started washing the mud off. Then he removed his clothes and threw them onto a rock near the shoreline. I stood up and dived in too. I had mud everywhere. All of a sudden there was a loud crack of thunder, making us both jump. We looked at each other with fear in our eyes and ran for the cabin. There were more bolts of lightning close by. We stood on the porch looking down at our clothes by the shore. Looking at him, I said, "What do we do now?"

"I’m not going down there!"

I was shivering now, "N-n-neither a-am I. Bhrrr, I’m cold!"

"Ah, hell with it! Let’s go inside."

I followed him in the cabin. "Here, Sammy. Take the blanket."

"What about you?"

"I’m not that cold."

"Hell with it! I’m going to start up the wood burner. I’ll just have a small fire going in it."

We both huddled next to the wood burner as the fire began to warm the room. "Hey, do you have any cards?"

"Yeah, I’ll go get ‘um."

With the room now warm I took off the blanket and spread it out so we could both sit on it and play cards. "Do you know double solitaire?"


"I’ll explain it to you." It’s an easy game but it’s fun. As hard as I tried not to look at his body…I just couldn’t resist. At times I’d notice him staring at me. Sometimes our eyes would lock and he’d smile at me.

Chris said, "Do you have any plays?"


"Neither do I."

"Let’s count our cards."

When we were finished playing I noticed that the sun was coming back out. "I’ll go get our clothes"

I came back in and hung them up near the wood burner and said, "Do you want to go fishing?"

"Sure, I’d love to. Do I need my hiking boots?"

"No, we’re going to use the canoe."

We shoved off and started casting. We immediately caught some nice sized bass. Chris had a fish that was putting up quite a fight, "Woohoo! This is great!"

"Play with it, Chris! Otherwise it’ll break your line." I got the net ready. He finally was able to get it close enough for me to net it for him. It looked to be at least a 6 to 7 pound Pike. With an amazed look on his face, Chris said, "And to think that we went swimming with this monster!"

"Good job, Chris!" Chris released the monster and watched it slowly swim away.

I looked at him and said, "How about we catch something to eat?"

I got out the worms and dropped our lines over the edge. In no time at all we had a stringer full of pan fish. "I think we have enough for dinner. Do you want to head back?"

"Yeah, I think I’m getting burnt."

I reached over and touched his shoulder and watched his skin blanch and then turn a bright pink. "You’re right, let’s go back."

He watched me clean the fish. "You’re pretty good at that."

"Aha, I know how to fillet them without having to deal with bones."

I got some wood out of the shed and started a campfire. When the fire died down I put the grill over it and deep-fried the fish in the cast iron skillet. "That smells wonderful, Sammy!"

"Wait till you taste ‘em."

We ate our fill of fish and sat out on the porch to let it digest.

"Do you think we could come out here again?"

"Absolutely. I enjoy being out here and you know what?"

"No, what?"

"It’s even more enjoyable having a good friend like you to share it with!"

Chris flashed his pearly whites at me and said, "I really like being with you too, Sammy."

"Next time we’ll have to plan on staying the night and remember to bring a change of clothes."

Chris lightly punched my shoulder and said, "Don’t you like running around in your birthday suit?"

"Yeah, but I just don’t want to gross you out."

Chris looked at me seriously and said, "You’re not grossing me out."

I looked away and said, "Well, if you don’t mind, then I don’t mind."

I looked back and he was smiling at me. "What?"

"I was just wondering how your bottom is doing?"

"My bottom? Oh, you mean where you spanked me…well, I don’t think you left any permanent damage. Maybe just a bruise."

He started giggling.

"I think we need to pick up our stuff and head back before it gets dark."

When we were finished we locked the place up and headed back to the house. I took a different route back to the house. This route took us to the very top of a high bluff that overlooked the lake. At the top lies a huge boulder that you can climb up on. "This so beautiful!"

We sat on the edge of the boulder and took in the awesome view. "Over there you can see Timber Stone."

"Sammy, you are so lucky to live out here!"

"Yeah, it is nice out here!"

"Sammy, can I ask you something personal?"

"Sure, anything!"

"Why do you keep to yourself? I mean, whenever I see you at school you’re usually alone. I think you are one of the nicest guys I know! You’re fun to be around! You’re smart! You’re good looking! Your family obviously loves you very much so you must not be a jerk at home. You are a hard worker. What else is there to say? I guess what I’m trying to say is that I like you a lot and I hope that we can continue to be good friends!"

I wasn’t expecting that! And said, "Well, I really like you too! I’m not sure why I don’t have friends? I guess it’s because people sort of make me a little nervous. I catch people giving me odd looks."

Chris laughed and said, "Have you ever thought they may be looking at you because you are very good looking?"

"No! That never crossed my mind! I just don’t relate to kids my age! Most of my time growing up has been here. I’m sort of obsessed with Timber Stone and I’ve always found Gramps to be very amusing. He’s a wealth of knowledge and I’ve tried to learn everything that he knows about horticulture."

Chris listened to everything I said, "Well, I hope you can fit me into you busy schedule?"

Laughing, I said, "Come on, we need to get back! It’s going to get dark soon!"

The next day we didn’t have much time to talk because we needed to make up for yesterday and we didn’t want to leave much work for Gramps tomorrow. We worked on through the heat of the day and finished all 18 holes. Chris asked me, "Do you still want my friends over tonight?"

"Sure! They seem like really nice guys! Do you want to be alone with them?"

Chris’ face turned serious and said, "Now why would you think that?"

"I don’t know…just by the way they kept staring at you like they wanted to say something but didn’t with me around."

"You’re being paranoid! These guys are very nice! They were just a little ticked off at me for not letting them know where I was staying."

That night the three guys came over with their girl friends. I offered them sodas and we sat around talking. This time things were a little different, they included me in the conversation. However at times I felt like I was being interrogated as they bombarded me with question after question. Chris finally came to my rescue and said, "Come on! Give the guy a break!"

Bill said, "Hey, we just want to get to know who your new friend is!"

Chris said, "Yeah, well, you don’t have to know everything about him!"

Bill looked at me and said, "Okay, Chris, we’ll let you do that. Sorry, Sam!"

I nervously laughed and said, "It’s alright."

Bill’s girlfriend spoke up and said, "Anyone up for the game Twister?"

The other girls said, "Yeah!"

The guys gave each other knowing smiles as the she spread the game out onto the floor. We got into all sorts of contortions to stay in the game. It finally came down to Chris and me. We were both determined not to lose and at one point Chris was straddling me sort of in a doggy style position. One of the girls whistled as they cheered us on. Then I got into this really weird position where I practically had my face in Chris’s crotch. The guys were in hysterics as I tried to maintain the awkward position. I yelled, "Come on, spin the wheel!"

Laughing, Scott said, "Sam, watch out for Chris’ one eyed monster, it might peek out at ya!"

The girls were giggling, "Teehehehe, teehehehe!"

Grimacing, I yelled, "Spin the wheel!"

Jake said, "Hey, guys, I think Sam likes it down!"

Chris said, "Spin the fucking wheel!"

Bill said, "Alright! You don’t have to get pissy about it!"


As we both reached for a blue circle I lost my balance and fell on my back. Chris also lost his balance when I fell against his leg and tumbled down on top of me. With my face buried in his crotch, everyone burst out into fits of laughter but soon quit when Chris, who looked mortified, quickly lifted off of me and helped me into a sitting position. "Sorry, Sammy! I didn’t mean to fall on ya!"

I looked around the room and heard two of the girls were whispering to each other, "Did ya hear that…Sammy!"

Bill said, "Alright, let’s put the game away!"

Jake said, "I brought over ‘Scream 1’! Do you want to watch it?"

Everyone said, "Yeah!"

The couples cuddled together as we watched the movie. I sat in a chair across from Chris who seemed to be lost in the movie. There were some funny parts and it kept me guessing as to who the killer was. The room was dark and I could see some of the couples kissing. I looked over at Chris who was still focusing on the movie. At the end of the movie there were some gay references and when I looked around the room again I could see that none of the couples were watching the movie and were making out on the floor. I glanced over at Chris who was looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to him. I whispered to him, "Let’s go out on the deck and leave these lovebirds alone!"

I brought out my telescope. It was a perfect night to gaze at the stars. We looked at star clusters and Jupiter’s moons. We counted meteors and satellites. After a couple of hours, Bill came out and said, "Hey, guys, we’re going to take off. We have to get the girls back home before midnight! Thanks for having us over, Sam! I hope you didn’t take offense to any of our questions! We just want to get to know you better!"

"None taken! I enjoyed having you all out here! We’ll have to do this again!"

We went back into the house and I watched as Chris escorted them to the door. Chris turned to me and said, "Thanks for putting up with my friends! Despite their lack of tact, they’re really nice people!"

"I think they’re fun! However I could live without the interrogation!"


"Ah, no big deal! I’m going to go to bed! It’s past my bedtime!"

"Good night, Sammy!"

"Good night, Chris!"

Like clockwork, my internal clock woke me up at 4:30am. I wasn’t tired so I decided to get up and shower. As I passed Chris’s room, I couldn’t help but look in. Just like the other night he was sleeping in the raw, only this time he didn’t have an erection. So I continued walking toward the bathroom. I found the feelings for Chris troubling. I’ve never felt this way before. After I showered I went to Timber Stone and started mowing. Later that day I went back to the house. I found Chris out on the deck, looking sullen. "Hi, Chris!"

"Hi, Sam. I thought we weren’t working today."

I was surprised by his obvious disappointment and tried to lighten the mood. Chuckling, I said, "You know me. I’m a workaholic! I woke up at my usual time and couldn’t go back to sleep. You were sleeping and I didn’t want to wake you up! Tell ya what, in the future I’ll ask if you want to come along on your day off."

Chris looked up at me and forced a smile and said, "Thanks, Sammy."

The phone rang, "Hello."



"This is Bill. Me and the guys were wondering if you and Chris would like come to a pool party today at 2pm and then go out with us to a movie tonight?"

"Just a minute, let me ask Chris."

"Chris, Bill wants us to go to a pool party at 2pm and then go out with them to a movie. Do you want to go?"

"Do you?"

"Yeah, I think it might be fun!" Chris nodded in agreement.

"Bill, yeah, we’d like to go…"

We drove to Bill’s house and found a parking place about a half a block away from the house. We followed the sound of the loud music, which led us to the back of the house. There were quite a few people there who seemed to be having a good time swimming and jumping in the pool. Scott yelled across the yard, "Chris…Sam, glad you guys could make it! Come over here. We need two guys to play volleyball!"

Chris is pretty damn good at volleyball and made quite a few points. His team of course won the match. My team sucked. I saw Scott and Chris talking to each other. Chris didn’t seem very happy and I saw him shake his head no a few times. I went over to where there was a cooler full of ice and sodas and grabbed a Pepsi. I stood there watching everyone have a good time, then I heard, "Sam, I’d like you to meet someone."

Scott put his arm over my shoulder and whispered, "There’s a girl over there that has the hots for you and would like to meet you."

We walked up to two girls. I recognized one as Brook. The other one looked vaguely familiar and nice looking. "Nicole, I’d like to introduce you to Sam."

"Nice to meet you, Sam. I’ve seen you around school."

She had a nice smile. She began talking about school and how excited she is about her upcoming Junior year. She talked about being in field and track. She seemed like a genuinely nice girl. After talking to for about an hour she asked, "Do you have a girl friend?"

"No. Why?"

"Well, I was wondering maybe we could go out some time after a track meet?"

"Sorry, the summer months are too busy for me to be going out. I have to be up at 4:30am and start work at 5am."

I could tell that she seemed a little miffed with my having turned her down. I suppose a girl like her isn’t used to being turned down. She turned to a girl standing next to her and started carrying on a conversation. I shrugged my shoulders and walked away.

I sat at the side of the pool with my feet in the water, drinking my Pepsi. I began scanning the area for Chris and found myself wishing that I hadn’t come. Chris was nowhere to be seen. Then two girls with long blond hair sat down next to me. "Hi, you look so lonely sitting here by yourself. What’s your name?"

"My name is Sam Johnson."

The girl to my right flicked her hair back and smiled at me. "My name is Jennifer and this is my friend Jackie."

They started droning on and on about being on the cheerleader squad. That’s when I saw Chris over by the fence next to Bill. Both were watching me and when they noticed that I was looking their way they both turned and focused on each other. "Excuse me, girls,. I need to talk to my friend. It was nice talking to you all."

"See ya around, Sam."

I was feeling closed in and I wanted to leave. "Sam, are you having a good time? Duke, you’re like a chick magnet. What’s your secret?"

"I’m sorry, Bill, I’m not feeling very well. Chris, I want to go home now. Are you coming back with me? If you don’t want to leave I can come back later and pick you up"

Chris looked concerned and said, "No, I’ll go with you. Do you want me to drive?"

"Yeah, you can drive. Here’s the keys. Thanks for inviting me over, Bill."

"Thanks for coming. If you feel better later tonight, Scott, Jake, and I will be taking our girlfriends to the outdoor Movie Theater to see ‘Shrek’."

"I’ll let ya know if I feel up for it."

Chris drove me home. "I’m sorry for getting sick at the party."

"Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t having very much fun either."

When we drove into the driveway I said, "You can take the car back to the party if you want. Don’t feel obligated to stay here."

"No, that’s okay."

"Besides, I’m feeling better now."

"Sam, I’d rather stay here with you."

"I must have gotten too much sun."

Chris said, "Or maybe not enough sleep. How about taking a nap?"

"Yes, maybe you’re right. I think I will go take a nap." I kicked my shoes off and laid down on the couch.

Chris laid down on the other side of the L-shaped sofa and took a nap.

When I woke up Chris was gone but I could hear someone talking through the open window next to the sofa. I peeked out the window and could see that it was Chris and Jake sitting on the porch. Whatever they were talking about, Chris seemed a little upset. "I know I should tell him but I’m afraid he’ll freak. What if he isn’t…"

Jake interrupted, "What if he is? Look, if he isn’t, then there’s no sense in getting more attached than you already are and it’s just going to spell more heartache for you if you prolong this."

"You’re right, but I just don’t want to lose him!"

"If he’s not then he was never yours to lose!"

"Alright, I’ll tell him."

"You’ll tell him soon?"

"I’ll tell him tonight."

"Do you want me to be here when you tell him?"

"No, but can I use your cell phone so I can call you for a ride?"

"Here you go, buddy."

"Thanks, Jake."

I laid back down and pretended to be sleeping. ‘What the hell is he going to tell me? He’s afraid of losing me?’ I heard the front door open and a car drive away. I opened my eyes when Chris sat down on the floor next to the sofa. "Hi, sleeping beauty!"

"Hi, Chris. Wuz up!"

"I need to tell you something and I’m not sure how you are going to take it."

I got off of the couch and sat down next to him on the floor. "What do you need to tell me?"


Looking very apprehensive he said, "Sammy, I’m..."


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