Timber Stone

Chapter 7

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As we approached our Grandfathers I could see a concerned look on Gramps’ face. Mr. Carlson didn’t look very happy either. "Hi boys. Go get cleaned up. We need to talk."

"Okay Gramps."

"Hi Grandpa." Chris draped his arm over his Grandfather’s shoulder.

"How’s my favorite Grandson?"

"I’m doing great!"

Chris went on to say, "I’d like to introduce you to my best friend, Sam Johnson."

Mr. Carlson reached out to shake my hand, "I’d recognize that face anywhere. All you Johnson boys look the same. You probably don’t remember me but I used to be out here quite a bit when you were a young boy, but then I moved about a 100 miles from here. Now I hardly ever make it back and when I do I spend all of my time with my favorite Grandson."

"I’m your only Grandson."

"You’re still my favorite!"

We followed Gramps into the clubhouse. Chris kept his arm around his Grandfather. It was nice to see that he liked someone in his family and the feeling seemed mutual.

"Boys, I want you to get cleaned up."

"Okay Gramps."

When we got in the locker room I turned to Chris, "What the hell’s going on?"

"I don’t know. My Grandfather has a poker face. I’ve always had trouble reading him and I can’t tell if he’s upset."

We hopped in the shower and scrubbed the sweaty grime off of our bodies. I didn’t dare look at Chris because I was worried that I’d get a bone. Sometimes we’d accidentally bump into each other and I could feel the electricity course through my body. Keeping focused on the task at hand seemed to be getting more and more difficult.

I got out of the shower and dried off. I quickly dressed and sat down to put my shoes on. Chris was drying off and it was all I could do not to just sit there and gaze upon his beauty. Sitting there daydreaming and I felt an uneasiness in the air. What the hell do they want to talk to us about? Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Chris came up from behind me and massaged my neck. "You’re all tense. Relax Sammy."

"I’ve got an uneasy feeling Chris."

"Ah, come on."

Chris I’ve never seen the attic. The attic has always been off limits…even for Gram. And what is your Grandfather doing here?"

"Well lets find out. I can’t wait to see what’s in that attic!" Chris grabbed my hand and pulled me along. "Oh there you two are. Come with us boys."

Grandpa and Mr. Carlson who were sitting at table smoking cigars picked up their drinks and followed them up into the attic. Gramps calls the attic his private lair. No one, not even Gram is allowed to go there. In my younger years I would sometimes sneak up the stairs to have a look but I always got caught. One time I reached the door but it was locked. Eventually I lost interest in it.

Gramps unlocked the door and walked inside. I was surprised at how spacious and brightly lit the room was. The ceiling had a series of sunroofs that allowed enough rays of sun in to eliminate the need for artificial lighting. Plants hung from the ceiling. Some of the vines had flowers on them. Leave it to Gramps to create a green house in his attic. He had red leather chairs and sofas with a big oak desk over in the corner. There were photographs everywhere. I heard Chris say, "Wow! Will you look at this?"

He was studying a picture that had a young man with a black leather flight jacket on standing next to a B17. Pointing at the young man Chris said, "That sort of looks like you!"

I was going to ask Gramps who was in the picture but decided not to when I saw him and Mr. Carlson on the other side of the room smoking their pipes appearing to be in a deep discussion. There was another picture of a young man grinning ear to ear looking out of the top of a tank. The helmet made it difficult to distinguish who it might be. There were other pictures but Gramps called us over to where they were standing, "Boys, come here and have a seat."

Gramps picked up a remote off of his desk and pushed a button. A 30inch flat screen TV descended from the ceiling and automatically turned on. Sound emanated from around the room from hidden speaker. "We’ll watch the golf match up here. Boys, go down and get us something to eat."

"Cool! Come on Chris!"

We ran downstairs and waited for Gram to fix us some grub. We grabbed the platter of food and started to go back upstairs. Gram was smiling and said, "Don’t forget the sodas."

"Thanks Gram." We ran upstairs and sat the food and drinks down on the coffee table.

The four of us sat there filling our faces as we concentrated on the unfolding events on the TV. Dad was tied for second at 6 under Par behind the leader at 8 under. "My boy’s still in contention. Come on Jack, you can do it!"

I looked over at Chris, "I can’t believe Dad’s in second place."

Gramps and Mr. Carlson both looked over at us and said, "SHhh!"

I shut up as we watched dad tee up his ball on the 17th. It’s a 300-yard Par 3. "Come on Dad, go for it."

I watched as Dad finally pulled out a wood, "He’s going for it!"

He addressed the ball and hit it straight at the pin. It landed in front of the green and rolled up close to the hole. "YES!"

We heard the announcer say, "That was an amazing shot! He’s only 4 feet from the hole!"

Our eyes were all glued to the screen as they made there way to the green. The suspense was killing me! We watched as one of the golfers chipped on to the green. Finally it was Dad’s turn to putt. He walked around the hole and then with confidence addressed the ball and putted in for a birdie. ""He’s 7 under!"

I couldn’t eat anymore. Gramps was sitting on the edge of his seat as we watched the guy in first place make an amazing drive on the 18th. It was at least a 300-yard drive and straight down the middle of the fairway. His second shot landed on the green about 20 feet from the pin. Now it was Dad’s turn to tee off. He hit a long drive into the ruff. Having to stand and wait for the group ahead to get off of the green must have been unnerving especially with the roar of the crowd as the gentleman in first place made his second putt for a birdie putting him at 9 under Par. The best Dad can do now is get second place unless he holes his second shot. We watched as Dad pulled out an iron and hit the ball out of the ruff down the fairway approximately 250 yards and landed on the green about 5 feet from the hole. Dad putted the ball in for a birdie and finished at 8 under Par! "Yes! Nice one Dad!"

I gave Chris a high five and a hug. Mr. Carlson shook Gramps’ hand. "Your boy did a fine job out there today."

"He sure did!"

Dad ended up in second place. That’s the best he’s ever done in a major tournament. I can’t wait to congratulate him.

Chris and I got up and started wandering around. There were lots of old pictures everywhere.

I was about to ask who these people are when Gramps yelled across the room, "Boys come over here and have a seat."

We sat down on one of the sofas across from Mr. Carlson and Gramps waiting for one of them to say something. Mr. Carlson looked at Gramps. Gramps looked at him and then he broke the silence and said, "Boys, it’s great to see that you’ve become good friends. Fred and I were…I mean are best friends."

Mr. Carlson went on to say, "Chris, I paid your parents a visit this morning and as I was about to knock on the front door, I couldn’t help but over hear your father say something that was concerning. It was something about you. He was telling your mother that you are ill and need to go see a psychiatrist. He also seemed upset about you and Sam having some kind of affair?"

I looked over at Chris who looked like he was going to be sick. My mouth got dry, so dry that I could hardly swallow and could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead.

He paused as if waiting for one of us to respond, and when we didn’t he continued to say, "Chris, you and I have been close. I’ve watched you grow up to be a fine young man. You don’t seem to be ill. In fact this is the happiest and most at ease I’ve seen you in recent months. Your father said that you were working and living out here for the summer. I had to come out here to make sure my grandson is okay and you seem to be in perfect health. Sam, have you noticed any problems with Chris?"

"No sir."

Nodding in agreement, "Hmm, neither has Mr. Johnson. Now, your father refuses to talk to me about this illness of yours. Would you care to shed some light on this for me."

"Grandpa, I’m afraid to tell you."


"Because you might hate me."

"Did this illness cause you to hurt someone?"

"No Sir."

"Did you try to hurt yourself?"


"I guess I don’t understand how an illness would make me hate you?"

Looking at me and then at Mr. Carlson, Chris said, "I’d rather tell you in private."

"If it’s alright with you, I’d like to stay here when you tell your Grandfather?"

Chris nodded in agreement.

Gramps started to get up and said, "I’ll leave so you three can talk in private

"If it’s okay with you Chris, I’d like Gramps to stay?"

Chris looked into my eyes and said, "Sammy, are you sure?"

Smiling I said, "I’m positively, absolutely sure that I want to be here when you…I mean when we tell them."

"You don’t have to do this Sammy! You know what happened between me and my parents."

"Yes I do know and I know that my family could react the same way but I’m not going to keep this a secret from the people that I love most!"

Gramps cleared his throat, "Keep what a secret?"

Chris and I looked at each other to see who wanted to say it first. Chris turned to his Grandfather and said, "Well, I’ve know for quite a few years…"

I interrupted saying, "And I’ve know for a year or two that I am attracted to guys."

Chris said, "Yeah, me too. I told Mom and Dad a year ago because I didn’t like the idea of being homosexual and wanted to know if there was a cure. They took me to several psychiatrist after psychiatrist but they all told us the same thing…being homosexual is not an illness."

Gramps and Mr. Carlson sat there seemingly unfazed by the news and sat there listening intently while taking hit from their pipes.

Seeing that we still had the floor, Chris continued, "I became depressed after hearing this. Dad is convinced that there is a cure for being gay. He wants to find a shrink that will cure me but what really depresses me the most is that Mom and Dad act as if they don’t want me around anymore…that they are embarrassed of me. I’ve come to accept it but Dad seems to be having the most trouble accepting it but whenever I talk to him about it he turns things around and says that I don’t want to be gay and he will find a doctor to help me. I’ve come to accept it and so should he."

The two men continued to sit there not saying a word, so Chris continued, "A few days ago Dad came out here wanting me to come home but I refused and told him that the only time he wants me around is when they want me to do something for them. He became angry and made some inappropriate comments in front of Sammy like I was going to be a bad influence on Sammy and how is Sammy’s father going to feel about me cornballing his son."

I could see the two men clench their jaws and Mr. Carlson’s hands became fisted but neither said a word.

"Gramps, I’d want to tell you that I am gay too and that Chris did not influence me in any way coming to this conclusion. The fact of the matter is…I came on to him first. I think it’s important for you to know that Chris and I are a couple."

Both men took a deep hit on their pipes and slowing exhaled. Both seemed deep in thought as if trying to digest what we were trying to say. I reached over grabbed Chris’ trembling hand as we waited for their reaction. Gramps got up and went over to a bar and fixed two drinks. With his back to us, he said, "Sammy, if I’m hearing you correcting, you and Chris are having a love affair?"

"Umm, y-yes sir."

He walked back and handed a drink to Mr. Carlson and said, "What you are telling us would be described by some as sick, degenerate behavior. What do you think of that description?"

"Sir, I don’t feel sick. In fact feel quite healthy and very happy!"

"And in-love?"

I looked at Chris, "Yes sir. I’m in-love with Chris. I never imagined that being in-love with someone could be so wonderful."

"You mean the sex?

"No sir, I mean, yes sir…I mean both mentally and physically. I think Chris is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. He’s smart, sincere, caring and nice looking."

Both men continued to suck on their pipes. Then they focused on Chris. "How do you feel about Sam?"

"I think Sammy is the sweetest, most beautiful person I’ve ever met! I love him sir!"

Gramps looked at Mr. Carlson, "Fred, I’d like to talk with you in private. Please excuse us boys."

"Do you want us to leave?"

"No, you stay there and keep each other company."

We watched to two men walk over to the other side of the room. Each seemed perplexed as they paced about and scratching their heads. Chris leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I can’t believe we told them?"

"What do you mean? I think they already suspected."

"Now they’re going to prevent us from seeing each other or worse send us away!"

"What the hell do you think they’re talking about?"

"I don’t know, but they don’t look very happy."

After some pacing about the two men came back over to us. I braced myself for what they were about to say. Gramps said, "Boys, we need you to do something for us."

"Yes sir?"

"This isn’t the army boy, so you can skip the sir stuff, but I do need you to carry out a mission for us."


"This is what I want you boys to do. Go to cabin by the lake today. When you get there, go up into the loft. Above one of the rafters you will find two sealed manila envelopes. You are not to look at its contents. Is that understood?"

"Yes Gramps!"

"I want you boys to stay there and just relax…go fishing, swimming or whatever. Then come back here tomorrow morning with the envelopes. Now go get packed!"

Gramps followed us part way down the stairs. "Ma!"

"Yes Art!"

"These boys are going to be staying at the cabin tonight. Pack them something to eat!"

"Okay!" Gramps went back up into the attic and shut the door.

We ran back to the house grabbed our gear and ran back to the clubhouse. Gram smiled when we walked into the clubhouse. "You boys on some special mission?"

"Why do you say that?"

"It’s unusual for anyone but Art to be up in the attic and you all look so serious."

"No, we’re just going to relax out at the cabin."

"Oh, okay, well here’s a cooler with some food. You boys be careful now."

"Thanks Gram!"

We high tailed it out of there and found the path that led to the cabin. "I want to take a slightly different route that will take us to Johnson Falls."


I could see that Chris was worried and was being very quiet. I finally just stopped and turned around. "Talk to me Chris."

"I’m worried Sammy! I’m afraid that they’re going to send us to some psychiatric facility or a boarding school. You don’t know my father. Once he sets his mind to something there’s no stopping him."

"That won’t happen. Gramps would never permit that to happen and the feeling I got from them was that they didn’t disapprove of our relationship."

"They didn’t appear to approve of it either!"

"Well what ever the case may be, you and I will now be dealing with whatever comes our way together."

Chris hugged me, "Okay Sam."

We continued on the trail and after about a mile or so I said, "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"SHh, listen."

"Oh yeah, I think I can hear the water."

The faint sound turned into a roar as we continued onward. I put my arm out to caution Chris. The path came to an abrupt end with a vertical drop straight down about 100 feet into a gorge. "Holy shit!"

"Yeah I know."

"Wow, I wouldn’t want to be walking out here at night!"

"If you didn’t know it was here, you could die."

We laid in the grass and peered over edge and watched the water cascade down into the gorge. I’d seen it a numerous times despite warnings not to go here. I rolled onto my back to relax. There were daisies growing next to me and I picked one. With the backdrop of the deep blue sky and the puffy white clouds passing overhead, I studied and marveled at its delicate white petals. Chris continued to peer over the side. I rolled over to watch him and thought about how wonderful it is to have someone that I can share my most secret thoughts and favorite places with. I couldn’t help but admired his beauty…his hair, his strong arms and back...ooh and that bubble butt. As I admired his beauty I noticed something crawling on him. I leaned closer to him and identified it as a wood tick. They’re common around these parts and if you want to walk out in the woods, you have to learn put up with ticks. I reached over and picked it off of him. Then I saw another and then another. Chris looked over at me to see what I was doing and casually said, "We have ticks on us."

He looked at himself in disgust. "I hate ticks!"

"Come on, let’s head back."

We walked a little ways above the falls and waded across the stream. "Is this safe?"

"Sure, I’ve done this a million times. Just don’t slip and go down stream."

I couldn’t help but smile at him as he stepped carefully across the narrow stream. We eventually made it to the cabin. We unloaded our gear and opened up the cabin. "Okay, we need to do a tick search!"

Chris looked at me like what the hell is that. "Take your clothes off."

He grinned at me. "I like the sound of that."

When we were naked I told him to sit down on the porch. I kneeled behind him and examined his hair. His hair is short so it made it easy to spot them. After removing about 10 ticks that were crawling around on his scalp I told him to lay on his back. "Arms up."

I found five more under his arms. Chris whined, "These things are grossing me out!"

"It’s okay babe. None of them have burrowed into you. I looked down his belly and then I smiled and said, "Spread-em Chris."

With his knees bent he spread his legs so I could perform my search and destroy mission. I started combing through his red hair. I examined his penis and couldn’t resist pulling back his foreskin. Then I went lower and lifted his scrotum. Poor Chris continued to observe what I was doing with a look of disgust on his face. I couldn’t help but smile at him. Then I went even lower and spread his cheeks. "Oh oh!"

Sounding a little panicky Chris said, "What?"

I shook my head and pulled one of his pubic hairs out. Chris jumped and yelled, "Ouch! Was it stuck in me?"

"Oops, sorry it was just a knotted hair."

Laughing he got on top of me, "You little devil!"

I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet myself. "Your turn Sammy."

I sat up while he examined my hair. "I hope I don’t miss any. You’re hair is so long."

"Just take your time and use this comb." I loved the feel of him running his fingers through my hair. It almost put me to sleep. When he was finished he’d found only five.

"Look behind my ears. It’s a favorite spot for ticks to set up residence.

He kissed my neck and said, "Lay on your back Sammy."

I did as he ordered. I think he was beginning to enjoy this because he did an exceptionally thorough exam. When he got to my genitals he began combing through my blond pubic hair.

He looked up at me smiling, "I never a knew a tick search could be so much fun!"

He lifted my scrotum and continued his search for the bloodsuckers. Then he pushed my knees back and put his face down to where the lord split me. Chris licked his lips and grinning at me saying, "If I were a tick, this is where I’d want to be."

Laughing I said, "You are a nasty boy!"


Then I watched as he brought his hands down to my butt and grabbed my globes. He spread my cheeks and began rubbing my rectum with his thumbs. I closed my eyes and moaned.

"Oh Sammy you smell so good."

Then I felt his face between my legs I opened my eyes and watched him engulf my cock with his warm wet mouth. I rested my legs over his shoulders as sucked on me and in no time at all I was cumming in his mouth. Chris moved up between my legs and started kissing me. I pushed him onto his back and enjoyed the feeling of his cock rubbing across my rectum. I could feel my sacral area getting wet from his love juice that was escaping him and began bucking my hips so that my buns were massaging his bratwurst. Chris obviously enjoyed this because he was moaning louder and louder and bucking faster. A couple of times the head of his penis stopped and pushed against my rosebud. It felt really good so I grabbed him and aimed it at my hole. Enjoying the sensation his penis was causing me I pushed back against his cock. Chris gave some gentle shoves with his hips in an obvious attempt to enter me. I tried to relax my hole but the pressure became too great and began to experience pain. Despite the pain, I had an innate desire to have him in me but he felt so huge. Chris looked like a stallion in rut as he held my hips in place and gradually pushing harder into me. I lifted off of him at the same time I said, "Ouch."

When I yelped, Chris was removed from his Trans-like state and shaking his head, he let go up my hips. "I’m sorry Sammy! Did I hurt you?"

" A little."

"I won’t do that again!"

"Please don’t say that, for some reason I wanted it in me and was trying to shove it in. I’m just not ready yet."

I kissed him and moved back down to position his cock between my cheeks. I reached back to play with his balls as he bucked his hips and felt him squirt his love juice on my back as he called out my name.

Laying on top of him I kissed his chest and neck and after recovering said, "Chris, is it weird that I wanted to put it in my butt?"

Chris snickered, "Sam, I wanted to be inside of you too. Someday I want to show you a site on the Internet. It’s a gay site that has pictures of guys making love. One of the things they do is put their cocks inside of each other. There’s some guys that are as big as I am, so I know it can be done but I’m not sure how they did that without hurting each other and I’m not about to pressure you into doing something that may injure you."

Chris went on to say, Someday I’d like to feel you inside of me but I don’t think I’m ready either."

"Maybe if we start out slow like use our fingers?"

"Maybe, just remember that I don’t want to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable."


I kissed him. Come on let’s go for a swim so I can wash this love juice off."

We ran to the lake and dove in. "Woohoo this is cold!"

Chris came up from behind and started to scrub my back with his hands. It felt good as he gave me rub down. Then he wrapped his arms around me and ground his groin into my butt, he kissed the back of my neck and whispered, "I love you Sammy."

"Mmm, I love you too." We bobbed around in the water holding and kissing each other. I think we both knew that our days together might be numbered and so we just held each other and enjoyed the moment.

"Come on babe. I’m getting cold and hungry. Let’s find out what Gram packed us for supper."

As we walked out of the water, Chris picked me up and carried me to the log cabin. I put my arms around his neck and smiled as he carried me. "I can walk silly."

Smiling, he said, "I like holding you in my arms."

We went into the cabin where he put me down. "I’m going to hang out our clothes and spray tick repellent on them."

We put on the clothes that we had packed for tomorrow and devoured the food that Gram prepared for us. "Dude, I’m full!"

"It’s going to be dark outside soon. I’d like to build a campfire so that we stay warm and gaze at the stars."

"Sounds like fun. I’ll clean up our mess while you start the fire."

I gathered the wood but then remembered the envelopes. I went back into the cabin and said, "Chris, we should probably find the envelopes before it gets dark."


We went up into the loft. I never noticed it before but above the support beams there are some small gaps just big enough to slide your hand into. "Did you find them?"


"Me neither."

We continued on sliding our hands between the gaps. Finally Chris yelled out, "Here’s one!"

I went over to him and stared at the old brown envelope that was covered with dust and labeled "384th Bombardment Group". "What the heck do you think is in this?"

"Damn, it’s sealed!"

"There’s supposed to be second one."

We continued our search and found the second one on another support beam. It read "778th Tank Battalion"

"These envelopes look very old and pretty full. Whatever’s inside feels almost like cards."

Chris said, "I’m dying to know what’s in these."

"We better not open it. If I’ve learned anything in life, its you never disobey my Grandfather."

I placed the envelopes in my backpack. "Let’s go out and sit by the camp fire. Gram packed us S’mores."

I got the fire going and roasted marsh mellows. Sitting there, we stared into the flickering flames and watched the red embers float into the air. As it got darker we could hear the loons out on the lake and off in the distance the sound of raccoon squabbling in the woods.

I couldn’t help but smile as I watched the flickering light of the fire reflect off of his angelic face. I could see a smile form on his red lips when his eyes caught mine and could see the fire in his eyes reflect back at me exposing the passion within. He looked down at the ground and pushed the stick into the fire making the fire flare up. Then he looked back up at me and said, "Sammy, are you ever afraid of being out here alone?"

"No, I’ve been out here many a times and I’ve never once had any problems."

"It’s so dark out here, aren’t you afraid of bears?"

"I’ve seen bears at a distance but never close. Gramps says that the bears are more afraid of us than we are of them and all I need to do is make lots of noise and they will avoid me."

"Well if I were a bear and caught your sweet scent I’d be hunting you down because you smell so edible."

"Hehehehe! Yeah and the minute the bear took a bite he would lose all interest in my scrawny ass. I think you should be the one that’s worried out here, you’re the one who’s packing the salami."

"Hey, you’re not so small either!"

"Yeah but you are huge!"

Chris didn’t seem to see the humor in my comment and quit smiling. "I’m sorry Chris. I wasn’t making fun of you."

"Well, you might think having a big penis is a good thing but I worry that I may be too large for…you know."

I looked at him to try to figure out what he was talking about. "Oh you mean, hide the weenie?"

Chris nodded his head in agreement.

I thought for a moment and then said, "Can I tell you something really personal?"

Chris said, "Sure!"

"I have a little problem with constipation from time to time…well… I’ve taken dumps that are just as fat as you are."

Chris started snickering and then his snickering turned into fits of laughter as he rolled around on the ground holding his belly. I went over and sat on him tickling him as he attempted to push me away, "Laugh it up big guy!"

"Get off, get off! Stop tickling me!"

"Tell me that you love me even if I have problems with constipation."

"Stop! Okay, okay! I love you even if you’re full of shit!"

I stopped tickling him and leaned down to kiss his sweet lips. "I love you too, big stuff!"

Let’s put out the fire and hit the sack.

We rolled out our sleeping bags onto the bear rug and sprawled out on top of them. I rolled over onto my side and rested my arm on his chest and my leg over his. I snuggled up to him and nuzzled my face into the side of his neck. It wasn’t very long before I heard him sleeping. His rhythmic breathing relaxed me as I drifted off to sleep.

I was startled by the sound of Chris saying, "No…no…Sammy!"

I opened my eyes to see what was wrong but it was too dark. I noticed that his skin was covered with perspiration and I shook him, "Chris…Chris, wake up!"

In the darkness I felt him sit straight up. Then he laid back down and rolled over to face me. "Sorry Sammy. I was having a bad dream."

"What were you dreaming about?"

"I dreamt that you got fed up with me and my family. Then you told me that you wanted to break up and never see me again."

I kissed him and said, "Your family isn’t going to scare me away. The only way that you are going to get rid of me is if you tell me buzz off, so stop worrying!"

"I just know something is going to tear us apart."

"Chris, you have to stop worrying. Remember we’re a couple now and we’ll do what couples do best, work through our problems together!"

"Okay Sammy. I’ll stop worrying."

I kissed and hugged him and said, "Go back to sleep babe. I love you."

"Good night Sammy. I love you too."

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