Tom and Carlos

This story is a work of erotic fiction. It is intended for entertainment purposes only. It may contain racial slurs and references, and sexual acts which some readers may find offensive.


It all started on a summer day, when Carlos went to hang out with Tom, his best friend. School was out, and Carlos was looking forward to hanging out with his friend.

He found Tom on his porch, chilling out. Tom was wearing shorts, and as he changed position, the sunlight fell directly onto his legs. Carlos noticed as his friends legs glistened as his golden body hair caught the sunlight; they seemed as if on fire, as if the sunlight itself caressed those muscular, lean legs. Carlos felt something like butterflies in his stomach, and felt both scared and excited. He looked away from his friend's legs, pretended nothing was the matter, and started talking about stuff, anything, to keep his mind off his friend's body. He wondered if he was turning gay, then dismissed it as a weird fluke. But at night his dreams betrayed him.

That night, Carlos dreamed he was a villager somewhere being overrun by Nordic warriors. The dark-skinned villagers, wearing nothing but loincloths, were trying to flee, the women's uncovered dark chocolate breasts bouncing as they ran, but the invaders were seizing them and throwing them on the ground, raping men and women alike. Carlos too was trying to flee, but his knees felt weak and he couldn't move. Then he saw Tom coming towards him, naked save for a Viking helmet on his head, his golden cock erect, his body hair glistening in the sun. Tom smiled, his eyes full of lust. Carlos looked down and gasped when he saw on his chest a large pair of naked breasts. He looked past them and saw the loincloth he was wearing fall of its own accord, leaving him a completely naked female. Naked and about to be ravished.

Carlos woke up with a raging boner.


Tom had secretly admitted to himself he was bisexual for some time. He had never before thought of Carlos in a sexual way, however; he had noticed his friend's slightly older sister, but not Carlos himself. But today there had been something about Carlos, something slighly shy or demure in his behavior, and that night Tom began to wonder what he looked like naked.

Tom dreamed Carlos was in his backyard doing some gardening while he supervised. Carlos was barefoot and was only wearing a pair of white shorts that contrasted nicely with his dark skin. Tom admired his friend's dark, lean body as it glistened in the sun with sweat. Carlos seemed to be digging a hole, and he got on his knees to continue with a trowel, his ass pointing in Tom's direction. Tom then jumped on his friend, pushing him onto the dirt, pulled down his shorts and thrust his white cock into the darker boy's ass, pushing back and forth.


One day when the two boys were hanging out, Carlos didn't notice the way Tom was looking at him. He smiled at something Tom said, and Tom saw something almost feminine about that smile. He made an excuse to invite Carlos into his bedroom, and as the Latino stooped to look at somenthing, Tom just barely brushed his hand against his friend's ass. Carlos froze in place; the tension was palpable, but the Hispanic teen did not protest or move away, maybe in the hope it had been accidental. Tom brushed his hand against Carlos's ass. Carlos barely seemed to breathe, and at any rate had not moved away.

Tom put his hands firmly on his friend's buttocks.

Carlos gasped.

"Come on, Carlos. You know you want it."

Carlos couldn't deny it; he had a raging boner.

"Come on, Carlos. Strip."

The darker boy obeyed, somewhat to his surprise. He was feeling nervous, and tried to make a joke to lighten the mood.

"Man, I've heard all about white people screwing Hispanics, but I never thought I'd be screwed this way..." said Carlos, smiling sheepishly. "You know, not literally, just stuff like being called a spic or a beaner..."

As those words were said, a taboo was broken for the second time that day. Tom looked at his friend's caramel body, and saw him the way he would look at a stranger - a stranger that was his to fuck.

He pushed Carlos onto the bed; the Hispanic teen fell on his stomach, and Tom lost no time climbing on top of him. Carlos was about to say something but Tom cut him short.

"I'm going to fuck your brown ass like I'd fuck a señorita's cunt, I'm going to treat you like the piece of Third World meat you are! "

Carlos gasped. He didn't know how to react, and was scared when he felt Tom put his hands on his buttcheeks, and spread them apart. He felt the blond boy's cockhead grazing against his ass.

"No.... Please..." he whispered. Tom's answer was to push, and his cockhead went into the Latino's virgin ass.

I've just been deflowered. I've just had my cherry popped, thought Carlos.

"Take it like a señorita, you fucking wetback!"

Please don't let me enjoy it... Not like this...

To his horror and amazement, Carlos realized he was pushing back against Tom's cock, helping him thrust deeper into him. Worse, he realized he wanted Tom to fuck him, and he wanted Tom to fuck him as nothing more than a piece of brown ass. He moaned as the white boy pushed deeper, and soon he felt Tom's pubic hair and balls against his ass.

Carlos thought of the men in his dream, of how he was being ravished as he was about to be in that dream, as if his dream had come true.

Tom began thrusting back and forth, driven by lust, pounding the Hispanic boy without pity; with each thrust, Carlos felt the golden hair on Tom's pubes against his dark ass. Then both boys felt something break, but not something physical. The Hispanic boy's masculinity had broken, and things could never be the same again. With one final thrust, Tom filled the Latino's ass with his cum.

Panting, Tom rolled over and lay on his back next to Carlos. Neither boy knew what to say, until Tom, on impulse, leaned over and kissed Carlos on the lips. Carlos kissed him back passionately.

As their lips parted, Tom said "Man, I want to do this again. But next time, I want to do fuck you at your place."

"I'm going to be home alone this Saturday," whispered Carlos.

"Good. Be a good chica and surprise me then."


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