Tommo and Telsy

by SR


The following is based on actual events, the age, identity of the

characters have been changed and no real names have been used.


Please contact me by email if you want to ask anything about the story and some of the expressions/slang I used.


It is set in the 70's and It involves what would have been under age sexual contact at the time but which is now legal.

What it was, or what they call it, was some dodgy dealings with the Riley boys, there was Tommy the `Daddy' Tommo and his son Terry, or as we called him back then Telsy.

They was a couple of blokes living up on the same council estate as me in North London when I knew `em back in the late 70's, it's hard to describe now what sort of shenanigans we got up to then, it was a different world, them boys did what they wanted and frequently got dragged in and questioned for it by the Old Bill, still they knew how to have a good time, to an 18 year old like me with a sense of adventure and nothing else to do, going round their gaff was a ride into the unknown.

The pair of `em were left to their own devices when Tommo's wife walked out with Telsy's sister Debs, she couldn't take all the late nights and verbal abuse, the house was a tip and she was well sick of cleaning up after him and his mates, fag end burns on the settee, empty beer cans stuffed down the back, the state of the kitchen, no proper carpet and they was lucky if they had enough dosh to heat the place, Tommo would nick what ever he could and burn it in the fireplace.

Tommo and Telsy got the council house when the old un's passed on, but they couldn't really look after it, Tommo was about 40 then and Telsy his son was a couple of years older than me which would've made him about 20, they looked alike, both about 5 11" dark hair, loadsa body tatts and well fit too, Telsy was obsessed with Bruce Lee for a while and the whole Kung Fu scene, sometimes when I was round their place he would get out the Nunchackers and swing `em around like no one's business, fucking dangerous really but he liked putting on a display with his shirt off showing off his tight torso, he tried me out one day in some friendly combat and ended up pinning me down on the floor one knee on each of my arms, I just let him do it without a struggle and could see his dick dangling about in his shorts and smell the sweat from his bollox, nice it was.

Tommo would watch all this carry on from the comfort of his favourite chair and piss himself laughing when Telsy did something stupid, Telsy had his leg in plaster for a few weeks that summer after coming off his scrambler, he was hobbling around on crutches for a while, One day he decided to do a 360 up the wall in the living room and all the way over by using the crutches as a lever, the mad bastard perfected it but fell on his nut soon enough, lucky it was on the settee cushion!

What he should've been doing is resting up but he was a tight spring alright, he couldn't see the point in getting dressed properly while he was laid up so he would just knock around in his boxers and not much else, if anyone knocked at the street door they got him as he was, not that would would've complained

One day he wanted me to write some messages and stuff on the plaster, I had to grab hold of the top of his leg to keep him still, I could see his dick moving around under them shorts, he knew what he was doing and give me a big dirty wink, I put on there Telsy is a wanker, he had trouble reading it upside down but when he realised he got my head in an arm lock that ended with me giving one of his nipples a bite, Tommo was watching from the other side of the room and laughed his nut off grabbing his crutch at the same time.

Tommo had some rather tasty tattoo's, he left me view `em close up as well, big letters across his smooth belly and around his belly button wiv an arrow pointing down underneath his Y fronts

THIS WAY TO HELL it said, when he was asleep once after too many brews I pulled down his trackie bottoms just enough to see where the arrow went like! His dick must've been about as thick as a can of tango when it was soft, I remember him stirring but he wasn't awake, it was one of the few times Telsy wasn't there, he must've been off scrapping in the van with that bloke Degsy, the pair of `em did more eyeballing for sex driving around in that old Transit than they did dealing, one really hot Saturday, just before Doctor Who was on telly and after the racing, him and Degsy rolled in covered in sweat after lifting some roof led and decided to share a bath, Telsy said it saves water, I could hear `em splashing around up there, was I jealous? Gordon Bennett was I!!

Degsy was about 35, blond, about 5 5" so a bit of a short arse, he had hairy legs but the rest of him was smooth except for that nice strawberry blond trail down from his belly button, he was hitched so he didn't hang around too much, just the odd bit of scrapping with Tels and a few sherbets, he liked to take his trainers straight off when he got in the house and pick at his toes, during a muck about I got the toe in the gob treatment after winding him up, I remember the smell, dirty and sexy, I grabbed one of his little toes between my teeth, like a dog and wouldn't let go, he ended up falling over in the end, splitting his sides laughing he was.

All three of us went over the local Lido one day and Tommo wore his new speedo cossie, no matter what he did he couldn't hide the outline of that dick, his legs were like tree trunks with it, the looks we got, I wasn't so bad either me self, just a bit younger but not as confident and self assured as these blokes, the thing that let `em down was when they opened their gobs, we're not talking Queen's English here! I also managed to get into a barney with some other geysers from another estate while we was in the pool, we didn't get a ban from that place outright but there's no way they would forget it in a hurry.

Usually all the fun happened at the house, Telsy had read somewhere that a martial artist (which he wasn't by a long stretch, although he tried) could benefit from an all over body massage, Tommo was at the bookies and we laid out a towel on one of the beds and Tels got some baby oil, his skin was already a bit brown from the sun and nice and smooth.

He stripped off and laid down on his back, for the first time I saw his body fully raw, his dick had the same shape as his dad's but longer, I got the oil and started rubbing it wherever I could, every now and then he would let out a little laugh when I touched his feet or the side of his torso, he turned over and I did his back, he couldn't see I had a stiffy in this position, after a while I was knackered, big bloke equalled loads of work, I collapsed next to him and lay there on my back, he asked me to get me gear off and he would rub me down as well, he started the way I did but finished up giving my dick a good oily rubdown as well, I remember him commenting it was a nice size, it only took a coupl'a minutes and I shot into the air and nearly caught the old lightshade, Tels thought this was funny, we laid on the bed sharing a smoke and dosed off.

Telsy had some tatts as well, being an ex borstal boy it wasn't unusual, SWEET underneath his left nipple SOUR under the right one, he had a heart wrapped around a snake on his upper left arm and a red and black target round his belly button, the best thing about Telsy though was his light blue eyes and wavy black Barnet, what a fucking looka that boy was, I loved messing around with him doing some wrestling, I could get a grip of his arse and pinch his nipples which would wind him right up, now and then I would give him a dig in the gut and shout `bulls eye, bulls eye' on each blow, he would retaliate by getting his old man involved and before you knew it I had the pair of em on top of me! When this happened the match was over for me, not a chance.

Every now and then they would go down the pub and pick up a coupl'a old slappers, take `em back to the house and fuck their brains out, I tagged along once but always thought of an excuse to avoid it, like lack of funds or other mates, Telsy would go into detail afterwards about what he did to `em, swopping with Tommo while they was all in the same bed, tying the birds up and giving it to `em up the arse, whether they wanted to or not, I asked him once if I could watch, Tels said I could but only if I joined in, I wasn't up to it and would've died of shame if I couldn't get a stiffy.

Anyway I was 18 going on 19 and the summer was over soon and I was moving on, I got a job in the city doing some contract building work and only saw the boys on the odd weekend.

Tommo ended up doing some time again and Telsy got engaged to a bird called Amanda, she was well not up to his standard but she wanted to settle down so he went for it, besides he couldn't fuck around like a kid forever and the boys needed a woman around the gaff.

I saw Telsy thirty years later on a bus and he still had the wavy dark hair which was now greyer, he didn't recognise me but I'll never forget the Riley boys, I saw more of them than most people, as rough as they were they made a good coupl'a mates that summer and had a raw freedom that is hard to come by now, but that's how it was back then.