Tommy and Jake

My Kid Brother Tommy and His Best Friend Jake

So you may have noticed the title Nifty has for this story is 'Tommy And Jake'. Seems like the title I originally submitted (My Kid Brother Tommy and His Best Friend Jake) is too long. Okay, it is long but at least it's catchy, right? Right?

Well, live and learn. Anyway, on with the show…

This is a teenage gay love story. It is also about discovering and overcoming the obstacles in life. There are going to be sexual situations depicted but that is not the purpose of the story, If you don't like gay relationships or are legally not allowed to read about them, please refrain from doing so. Do not copy without permission. Please enjoy!

Chapter 3: Planning

Two days after the family meeting I still couldn't shake the feeling my life had changed. At school, news had spread like wild fire over who Principal Linton had slapped and who had put the football bullies in their place. All of a sudden, I was out of the shadows and this new limelight was proving to be more than I could handle…\

“Hey Josh, slow down!" A familiar voice sounded breathlessly behind me as I headed to third period American Literature. “I need to talk to you."

I stepped out of the press of bodies changing classes and waited while Sebastian Graves (one of my few actual friends besides Tommy and Jake) put his hands on his knees and panted, catching his breath.

"Do you always have to walk so fast?" He chuckled as his breath eased. "I swear you should be on the track team. You practically run everywhere...Anyway, I talked to Tommy and Jake, and they gave me all the details about what happened the other day, and about the punishment."

"Wha-?” A dozen thoughts buzzed through my head simultaneously and I got tongue tied. "They told you?"

I didn't really mind that Tommy and Jake told Sebastian exactly what happened the other day, he would have found out anyway, but now everyone would know...Oh, I forgot to tell you, Sebastian is the editor of the school's website, blog and Facebook page. So if he knows something, everyone in school knows.

“Yeah, I'm your friend and theirs, right?" He quizzed.

I nodded dumbly.

“So, yeah, they told me, deal with it." He pushed his wire frame glasses back up his nose. "I knew you wouldn’t volunteer the information and I needed the real story for the blog and Facebook. We had to reign in the rumor mill. You have become quite the cult hero."

I groaned. More unwanted publicity. Can’t I just crawl back into my protective shell of anonymity and disappear? Why is all this happening to me?

"Anyway, I need to get a picture of you to post so everyone can put a face to your name. You are kind of an unknown quantity, you know."

"By choice `Bastian." I grimaced and turned into literature class. Not that it would help, Sebastian shared this class and sat right next to me. I couldn't get away.

I didn't in a million years expect what happened next. As we entered class, a spontaneous spattering of applause broke out and a couple of guys actually patted me on the back, congratulating me. I lowered my head and made a beeline for my desk. Luckily Mrs. Gideon, our teacher, took control.

“Okay everyone, that's enough, let's get started..."

I zoned her out as Sebastian passed me a note.

Hey Josh,

Sorry for all the unwanted attention. I know how much you hate it. I’ve said all along you needed to be less shy and more involved. Here’s your chance. Just give everyone a chance. A lot of us have been bullied so much by these jocks that we need a hero, or at least hope that it will end.

With Mr. Linton gone and vice-principal Grigsby taking over, maybe the jocks will get what they deserve and we will get some justice.

Tommy and Jake explained about the self-defense class and asked me to help organize it with you guys. We have a meeting with vice-principal Grigsby after school to discuss it.

Don't fight your new popularity. We can use it to publicize the class.

Still friends?


I raised my hand and asked Mrs. Gideon if I could be excused. I needed to think and regroup. I headed to the restroom and was relieved to find it empty. I pulled out my phone and clicked into the school’s Facebook page then clicked the link to the blog he had posted earlier. I couldn’t believe what I read...


Has bullying met its match at Bobby Johns High?

Wednesday afternoon, right after school, two freshmen; Tommy Hayes and Jake Clayton, were assaulted by three senior football players (names withheld at the request of vice-principal Grigsby). Name calling soon escalated into shoving and punching. There was no escape for the two freshmen until Tommy's older brother, Joshua Hayes, a sophomore joined the fray.

An accomplished martial arts champion, Joshua quickly subdued the three seniors and defused a potentially dangerous situation. Shortly after, Principal Linton, arrived and detained all six involved. As has been his usual M.O., the principal released the football players and suspended Tommy, Jake and Joshua for "starting a fight" on school property.

Parents were brought in as well as the school board and it was soon determined that all six would be punished equally, which would result in the senior's sitting out this Friday's regional game and almost guaranteeing a loss for the team. Whereupon principal Linton resigned his position, assaulted Joshua and was arrested. He is out on bail and awaiting arraignment on assault and resisting arrest charges.

Tommy, Jake and Joshua's parents pled with the board to reconsider suspension in lieu of alternative punishment which would allow the seniors to play in Friday's game. The board agreed and ruled the seniors must enroll in anger management therapy. The three other students were tasked with creating a self-defense training class for any students that would like to take it. With parental consent, of course.

Could this be the end of bullying at our school? Having been a victim of bullying by members of the football team, I hope so. What are your thoughts? Who was right? Have you been bullied? Is bullying even an issue at Bobby Johns High?


As usual Sebastian's blog was right on the money. He was a good reporter, I just wish he had swept this one under the rug. The blog had only been up since yesterday and it already had over a hundred comments. Most agreed that bullying was a problem and many had been bullied. A few actually had the nerve to blame Tommy and Jake and demand my expulsion. Whatever, I guess that was from the jocks.

Just as I finished reading the responses the bell rang signaling the end of third period. I pocketed the phone and made my way to the door as it flew open and in walked the three football players in question: Jimmy, Robert and Kenny.

I almost made it out before Robert Mancuso realized who I was and bellowed, “Hey faggot! You are so lucky we get to play in Friday’s game."

He blocked the door with his huge frame, his letter jacket blocking my view to the busy hallway. I began to push past him when Jimmy Valdese grabbed my left arm spinning me around.

"You are a dead mother-fucker, fag!" He hissed between clinched teeth. “Don’t think for a minute you can get away from us."

“Yeah," Kenny Johns added. “Your kung fu won't help you next time. We know how to take care of faggots. Just ask that faggot E---"

“Shut up!" Robert yelled, slapping Kenny. “God, you are an idiot! Just shut up. Let me do the talking."

He grabbed at my shirt and I grabbed his hand and doubled his wrist over, forcing him to his knees. "If you--"

"Josh! There you are!” Sebastian exclaimed from behind the grimacing Robert. "I've got your books, let's go eat lunch.”

He tapped on Robert's shoulder. "You really are looking for a suspension aren’t you? How are you going to explain that one to the rest of the team?"

I let Robert go and he collapsed to the floor in pain. I followed Sebastian towards the lunch room. God, I did not need all this attention. Jake and Tommy were waiting for us at the lunchroom entrance.

"Hey guys,” Jake grinned mischievously. “Feel like heading over to BK for an edible lunch?"

“How do you stay so in shape again?" I asked without even thinking.

"Lots of hot, sweaty sex!" He grabbed his crotch suggestively. "This monster needs a steady diet of it otherwise I’d weigh three hundred pounds.”

“No wonder your hands are so blistered!” Tommy laughed, grabbing Jakes hand’s to show everyone.

“Since when is two inches considered a monster?" Sebastian teased. "

“I'll show you two inches, smart ass." Jake lunged at Sebastian menacingly.

I steadied Sebastian as he hastily retreated and bumped into me. I was pleasantly surprised by the feel of firm muscles under his rugby style shirt. I had known sebastian since he moved here in third grade and had yet to see him without a shirt. Now I was curious and really wanted to.

"Um...guys," I stammered. “It's against school rules to leave campus. "What if we get caught?”

“Oh, shit, Joshie! Grow a pair." Tommy teased. “Sebastian is our `get out of jail free' card. If anyone sees us with him, they'll automatically assume we are on school business."

"And if they ask," Sebastian answered, "I'll just tell them I was interviewing you for the school website."

I followed the three of them to my Patriot when Tommy stopped and yelled, "Hey Richie, over here!"

Jake elbowed me. "I hope you don’t mind, we asked Richie Esposito if he'd go with us."

I looked over and a tall thin dark haired guy was walking over. He looked familiar and I asked Jake, "Esposito, why does that last name seem so familiar?”

“Duh," Jake grinned. "He is Sammy Esposito’s son. You know, Sammy's Pizza?"

I smacked my head and looked at Richie as he gave first Tommy and Jake then Sebastian a big hug. Italians and their hugging. This guy was hot! I wish he would offer to hug me...

"Hey Josh!” Richie greeted. cordially. "Long time no see."

I smiled and nodded. "Hi Richie."

I really didn't recognize him. He was familiar, but I don't know where I might have met him. I must have met him though, based on his greeting. You’d think I would remember meeting this hottie.

"You guys met last week. Tommy whispered. Obviously recognizing my lapse. "Richie joined us for our morning run..."

“Oh, yeah!” I smiled at Richie. “Sorry, had a senior moment.”

"Why don't we all head over to our place and have a slice?” Richie suggested, getting in the jeep. "I'll buy."

“Sure, you’ll buy," Jake laughed as he got in the front with me. The other three piled in the back seat. “Your family owns the place, what's to buy?”

I answered as I turned the ignition. “It’s the thought that counts, right guys?”

Everyone gave me a `yeah’ and we drove to the nearest Sammy's. There were three in town and he had a few more spread out over the state. There were two in Tuscaloosa, we always ate there when we went to the Alabama home games.

Not much happened at lunch, everyone ate in a hurry `cause we had to be back at school. The rest of the day was pretty much the same. Go to class take notes, go to the next class. Until the final bell rang and I joined Sebastian, Jake, and Tommy in the Vice Principal's office to figure out the logistics of the whole self-defense course thing. Mrs. Grigsby didn't join the meeting, but Ms. Williamson, our home economics teacher, was there to make sure we were headed in the right direction.

The school board would not budge on the days the class would be scheduled. Though they did give us creative control on how to run it. While not chartered as a school club, we still had to have a teacher as a sponsor (read that as chaperone).

I didn’t think we would find any teacher that would be willing to give up their Mondays and Wednesdays, but somehow Tommy and Jake had charmed Ms. Williamson into being our sponsor; she said she could use the training herself.

I had no idea what to expect from the new class. Heck, maybe no one would want to join up and I could continue teaching at the dojo. --Dream on Josh, dream on.-- Luckily, this was only a three month commitment. After that I'd be free again.

It soon became clear to Ms. Williamson that I would need more than just `double-trouble' in getting everything organized and all the details handled. I knew how to teach a self-defense class, I just didn't know how to actually get the class up and running. We needed an expert. Someone that was highly organized and would be up to the task.

I looked at my friend Sebastian and begged with my eyes. He caved and said that even though his plate was already full, he couldn't wait to get started. His advice about how to get the whole thing rolling as he was the creator and moderator of the school's website and blog, would invaluable.

Sebastian is probably the most organized person I have ever met. I already mentioned he runs the official school website and blog. He is also captain of the jazz band, vice-president of the student council and involved in a couple of computer clubs. He's really, really smart. He might not be the smartest kid in Alabama, but I bet he's in the top three.

“Ms. Williamson'” Sebastian stated. "I think we need to build this opportunity up before we actually have the first class.”

"What do you have in mind Sebastian?" She asked, apparently knowing full well what he had in mind. I could tell by the twinkle in her eyes and the way she tried not to smile.

One of the skills martial arts teaches is reading an opponent's body language and reacting to them before they attack. You know what they are going to do based on the signals their body sends out just before they actually do it. Call it a sixth sense. Anyway I knew what was coming next before he ever said it.

"It's almost November and we only have a few more weeks before Christmas break.” He was talking very animatedly now. He can be very passionate and persuasive when he believes in something.

“Let me sell the idea of Josh's class for a few weeks on the internet and get people to sign up online. That way we can start it up in January, right after Christmas break and run it until spring break. That will complete almost all of Josh's three month commitment and allow his students an uninterrupted schedule.”

I groaned and Ms. Williamson laughed. "Sebastian, I was thinking the same thing. We could also put posters up around the school and do a commercial for it during the morning announcements.”

Jake was so excited he was out of his seat walking around the table voicing his thoughts as he had them. Typical Jake, on a roll and unstoppable.

"We could put public service announcements on the school radio station and create a website just for the self-defense class."

"That's a great idea!" Bastian shouted, and I slapped Jake on the shoulder and he beamed in pleasure. I was finally getting excited about this class too.

Tommy, eager to get involved blurted out. "We could put a link to it from the school website and we should name the site something cool so everyone will want to go to it.”

"Yeah, like 'Fight Club', or 'Beat Down'" Jake exclaimed, getting in on the action. We were really pumping out ideas now.

Ms. Williamson looked at her watch. "Oh my, look at the time. It is already four o'clock. Do you boys think you could finish the planning on your own? I really have to be somewhere and I trust you guys will do a good job."

We all nodded and I had an idea. "Hey 'Bastian?"

"Yeah Josh?." He asked gathering up his notes.

"Since it is Friday, and we're kind of on a roll here,” I stammered. "Why don't you ask your mom if you can spend the weekend at my house? That way we can work out all the details for the class. These guys will be there too."

"That sounds good.” He smiled, grinning at Tommy and Jake. "I'll call my mom and make sure it is okay."

While he called his mom I called mine. I got the receptionist. “Hi Marisa, this is Josh. Is my mom available to talk right now? Thanks."

She put me on hold and my mom answered. “Hi mom, can Sebastian Krauss spend the weekend?"

I noticed Sebastian was talking to his mom and I continued. "No mom its nothing like that." I blushed. She thought he might be my boyfriend.

I looked at him while he was talking animatedly to his mom. I could certainly do a lot worse for a boyfriend. He was adorably cute. Light brown almost blond hair and the brownest doe eyes. Sigh, I love brown eyes. His features were cute. Not handsome or rugged but cute. And his smile, when he showed it was worth the wait. It was a full toothy smile that made you feel welcome and safe.

His body wasn't bad either. He was about my height five foot eight or so, and he was thin. Yeah, I could do worse. He had never given any indication he was gay though. Not that he was overly macho or anything, he was just 'Bastian. He made me feel comfortable.

Unfortunately, my heart was already reserved for someone else. One look at Jakey and I knew no one else would do it for me like he does. Everyone else pales in comparison to him. Wow, how creepy is that? My kid brother's best friend being perved on by his best friend's older brother. Talk about screwed up, I am screwed up. The boy is S_T_R_A_I_G_H_T!

Shaking myself out of that train of thought I explained to mom that the four of us were going to work on the self-defense project over the weekend and she said it would be fine. I looked at Sebastian again since he was trying to get my attention.

"Just a sec, mom." I said into the phone. "Yeah, Bastian?"

"My mom wants to talk to your mom to make sure its really okay.” He smiled that cute smile of his (I've got to quit thinking thoughts like that), rolled his eyes and continued. "Like either of us would lie to our moms. Here's the number."

He was right, neither of us was what you would call a trouble maker. Far from it. We were probably two of the most responsible and boring guys in our class. I gave my mom the number and she promised she would call Mrs. Graves. She also informed me we would have the house to ourselves this weekend since she and Dad and the Clayton's were heading to the Clayton's beach house at Orange Beach for the weekend.

I hung up and the four of us headed once again to my Jeep. We would take Sebastian home to get some clothes and stuff for the weekend. He only lived a few miles from us so it wouldn't take long to get to his house and back to ours. Jake and Tommy crowded into the backseat as usual. They think of me as their personal chauffeur so they always sit in the back and make me sit up front alone.

"All right," Bastian shouted uncharacteristically while buckling his seat belt. “Let's roll!"

We got to his house in just a few minutes. I followed him into the ample two story brick house and up to his room. Double-trouble stayed in the jeep.

Bastian motioned to the bed and said "Make yourself at home I'll only be a few minutes."

His room was about the same size as mine and it too was kept neat and tidy. I tentatively walked over and sat self-consciously on the corner of his double bed. I wasn't used to being in another guy's room and was unsure what the protocol of the situation was.

I looked around nervously while he continued gathering clothes and stuff for the weekend. I noticed his small study desk had a new Mac Powerbook on it.

“Sweet laptop," I said.

"Yeah," he answered from the closet, “My parents got that for me last Christmas. Here, put it and the charger in the case so I can use it at your house. You guys have wi-fi right?"

"Oh yeah" I answered looking around sizing up the rest of his room. You could tell by looking at his room he was smart. He had a poster of Albert Einstein and a couple of movie posters on the walls. He didn't have any music posters or sports posters though. I don't know if that meant anything but didn’t most guys have those kinds of posters? I packed up his laptop and by that time he was finished getting his gear together so we headed back to the jeep.

I guess I hadn't really expected anything to happen in his room but after reading all those stories on Nifty, I halfway expected him to break down and admit he was gay and then we would immediately strip and ravage each other. -Sigh- No such luck. And typical of every gay high school story out there, his parents had not even been home. The perfect set up. It would have been cool, but come on, do those things really happen?

We arrived at our house and Tommy and Jake raided the fridge and got drinks for all of us. They sat at the kitchen island with their school books out

"Hey guys" I called out. “Bastian and I are gonna head up to the studio and work on the program. You want to join us or stay down here and do homework?"

"Duh," Jake laughed. "homework can wait. We want to help you guys."

“Yeah.” Tommy said with his mouth half full. “We've got the whole weekend to spend on homework. This will be more fun."

Bastian winked as he put his bag down. "You two sure you want to help? Homework really is more important."

"Yeah,” I answered, keeping up the charade. "Mom told me you were supposed to get right on your homework and leave the two older guys alone."

Jake grinned his 'watch this' grin to Tommy and asked, “Why, you got some girls meeting you here later?”

Bastian looked at me and I blushed. Jake was busting my balls about being gay. Bastian just smiled and quipped.

"Yeah Jake we do. They are twenty-five and they're strippers. Four of them are coming, two for each of us. So you guys better stay down here or there won't be enough to go around."

My mouth dropped open and so did Jake's. We never knew Sebastian had it in him.

Tommy just laughed and yelled, “Yeah right! Only way that's gonna happen is if you two pay it!"

"Pay for what, Tommy?" Mom asked walking into the kitchen followed closely by our dad. They were home early...

"Uh, uh..." Tommy blushed and looked anywhere but at our parents who were both trying unsuccessfully to hide grins.

"You must be Sebastian,” My mom said, holding out her hand. Bastian shook it and she continued. "I'm Joshua's mother Celia and this is his father Thomas.

"Good to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Hayes." Bastian blushed shaking Dad's hand.

Mom turned to Tommy and Jake. "Tommy you and Jake go on upstairs and help these two with their project, you've got all weekend for homework."

"Yes, ma'am.” They answered simultaneously and raced up the stairs ahead of us. I picked up Bastian's things and we followed them.

"Oh, boys?” Mom called out. “Twenty-five year old strippers?"

Then mom and dad burst out laughing.

"Have fun this weekend."

How much fun will they have? I hope you will stick with the three of them for the journey. I promise it will be worth it. Thank you so much for all your comments on the first two chapters. You guys are my inspiration.