Train Adventure

By Roy Davenport.

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GRTS: Roy Davenport.


"Bye, mum, Bye Dad see you tonight" I was hoping they wouldn't ask where I was going. I did made my fake excuse of course sins I couldn't tell the truth in this mater.

"Wait a minute" my dad said. "May we ask where you thought you were going??"

"Just doing some homework with the twins and if we feel up to it where going out tonight" I answered. Please let them believe it, I thought.

"So doing you're homework on a saterdaynoon???" my dad said, How peculiar. Very peculiar. You never make your homework on saturday. You never make homework at all. So tell us where you're really going or otherwise you won't walk out of that door".

Damm't, they didn't buy it. I knew it had to be to good to be true. This would be the night I was waiting for, for weeks and now they didn't permitted me to leave. Damn't. What would I do now. He was already on his way to the station. I had to be there in just about 30 minutes. How could I convince my dad I was telling the truth even if I wasn't. I couldn't tell the real reason of course.

Okay now you're wondering: What's the real reason? What is this al about? And who the hell are you? Those are good questions And I shall answer them for ya. 

Alright, first I have to tell you who I am. My name is Dennis. I'm 16 years old and I think I might be gay. I'm not sure yet about myself. And tonight that could all change. If only my dad let me go.

What do you mean with: That could change. What's so different about tonight then other nights that you think it could change?

If you wouldn't interrupt me that much I already could have told you. So let me start at the begining. A few weeks ago I found the number of a sexline on the internet and I decided to call. I left an message there and a few day's later I called back. There were a couple off messages waiting for me. One of them was from a boy named Tim. I kind of liked his voice and what he said and I messaged back. A few day's later I had a message back from him. And even better he was still on the phone so I could speak to him directley. We talked for about an hour about different things and then we had to break of since my sister was going to be home soon. We made an appointment to call in 3 day's at the same time so we could speak even further.

And 3 day's later happens to be today. I called the line while my parents were away for their groceries and Tim and I talked again. He told me he was 17, thought he was gay but never had an experience with it and he told me his aunt and uncle where away to America for half a year. Then he asked me if I would like to meet him. Well not only meeting him but he also wanted to have sex with me. And then later today. I took my chance and I said Yes. It was the oppertunity for me to find out if I was really gay or not. However I had a little problem. His aunt and uncle lived in Oldenzaal while I lived in Apeldoorn. I had to go there by train. And my problem was I hadn't any money to pay the trip. So he told me that wasn't a problem since he could go to Apeldoorn and pick me up. He would pay for my ticket and everything was settled. We shared our mobile phone numbers so he could call me if the train was going to be later then scheduled.

And that leaves us where I started with.

I had to get out of the house so I could meet him at the station and then go with him to his aunt and uncles house. But how could I convince my dad about that. You understand I couldn't tell the truth since I wasn't to sure if I was really gay or not.

Luckily for me at that moment my sister arrived. Although I hadn't told any-one about my secret I felt I could trust my sister so I asked my dad that if I told her and she would say okay to it if I could go. "Please say yes" I thought. Luckily for me he did.

So I took my sister outside and I told her my whole problem. She told me it was alright and that she expected something like this a lot sooner. She also told me she wanted to bring me to the station which she did. She never saw Tim however since she left before the train arrived.

Then the train arrived and I was looking if I could find him. A few meters away from me this most gorgious boy came out of the train and took his mobile phone and called a number. Then my phone statred to ring. I couldn't believe it was him. Wow He was just gorgious. He had short cut blond hair. He was about 6ft long and had nice blue eyes. Crystel blue to be precise. He didn't whore any glasses and it almost looked like he didn't have to shave yet. I already told you I liked his voice. It had that soft tone with a little rasps in it.

While I checked him out he checked me out. That reminds me I didn't told you how I look myself.  I'm about 6ft8, blue eyes and very dark blond hair.

After our checking we greeted and then we shook hands. He walked to the ticketmachine and bought me my ticket. Then he handed it over to me and just took my hand a little bit too long. I was very nervous and looked around to be sure no-one noticed it. Then the train arrived and we stepped in. We found 2 empty seats next to each other and settled down. We weren't alone in the coupe so we couldn't really talk about what we wanted to do later that night. I did have my knee pressed agains his and it gave me a hard-on in an instant. When I looked at his crotch I could see a bulge forming in his pants so I know he liked it too.

Then we had to change trains in Hengelo. He took me to the end of the perron. There was a small wall there and we stepped behind it. Then he kissed me on the lips. I never french-kissed before not even with a girl so it was my first frnech-kiss. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right so I told him it was my first time. Then he told me he thought I was a great kisser. WOW. My day couldn't be better then that. How wrong could I be. It was going to be much better :)

The next train arrived and we stept in. The coupe was empty and we could talk about what we liked. I flet his hand on my crotch and I started to get hard. He felt that of course and started to massage it. I was dead nervous and at first I didn't know what to do. Then my curiosity took over and I took hold of his already stiffened dick. Then I decided I wanted to feel his hard prick flesh to flesh and I started to unbutton his pants. When I had al the buttons open my hand found the way in and I felt his, I would find out later, speedo's. That wasn't enough so I forced my hand thorugh the waist band till I felt his now Rock Hard cock. I started to rub it with my hand.

Then I felt his hand unzipping my pants and then open the button. He opened it wide and then he pulled down my boxer just beneath my hard cock. I couldn't believe he did that. We sat in a train and he pulled my dick out of my pant's. Every-one who would step inside our coupe could see it. We french-kissed again and then his mouth went lower. Suddenly he had the tip of my cock in his mouth and he started nibling. I can't discribe the feelings I was feeling. It was just AWESOME. I was recieving my very first blowjob in a public train where any minute other people could get in.

Just when I thought I couldn't control myself any longer we heard the door of the coupe after us opening. That means our door would open soon too. We re-arranged our clothing and I pulled my T-Shirt over my still opened zipper. I didn't have time to pull it up again. Luckily for me my booner was gone in an instant when we heard the doors opening. It was the man checking  our tickets. After he left we didn't start again. Five minutes later we arrived at Oldenzaal Station.

There we stepped out and walked to his aunt and uncles house. It was only a 10 minute walk. We didn't talked much during our walk. We didn't have too. We both felt attracted to each other and we couldn't wait till we arrived at our destiantion.

As soon as he had closed the door he pulled me towards him and kissed me again. Now I kissed some more I started to get the feeling and I kissed back. He took my hands and let me upstairs to his aunt's room. We falled back and continued to kiss. Then we had to brake our kiss sins we still had our clothes on. We stripped down to our underwear in les then a minute and then while watching each other we pulled these down too. 

We laid down on the bed and started to french-kiss again. I was getting Experienced in this and that for one night :)

While we kissed my hand rubbed his nipple wich was very hard. Then I moved down with my head and I took his nipple in my mouth and started licking it. I liked the taste. It was intoxicating. As soon I had kissed and tasted him I wanted more. I wanted his entire body and he was willing to give it to me. We changed positions so now we where laying in an Sixty-Nine. I took his dick in my mouth and I let my tongue swirl all over it. I liked the smell of his crotch. It was like marsmallows (my favorites) mixed with his sweat. His cock was about 7 inches long and I tried to take it in completely. At first I had to gag a little  bit but after a few more try's I managed to get three quarters of his hot boy-isch flesh in my mouth. I kept sucking and licking his dick while he was sucking and licking mine. I think for our first time we did very nice. I felt his teeth twice and I think he felt mine three or four times. I'm not sure since he didn't say anything about it. I didn't say anything about his teeth either.  

I was very close to coming now and I took a moment to let him know sins I didn't know if he wanted me to spurt my sperm in his mouth. Then I took his dick back in my hungry mouth and started sucking again.

When I told Tim I was near coming he increased his speed. I couldn't hold any longer and my sperm started to spurt out. I had the biggest orgasm ever. About 6 or 7 spurts. Tim tried to swallow it all but it was too much. I saw my sperm dripping out of the corners of his eye's. That was such a hot sight I let out a moan and sucked his dick hard. That was too much for him and he started to com too. His sperm tastes very sweet with just a litle hint of salt mixed through it. I liked the taste and wouldn't let go if his dick until I was sure I had all in my mouth. Then we turned together and kissed again. Our sperm and saliva mixed in our mouths. Then we lay down next to each other and we fell a sleep.

About two hours later we woke up and it was time for me to go home. I had to catch the last train back, That I had promised my sister 'cause otherwise she didn't wanted to let me go. Damn't, I thought, this could be one hot night and my sister blew it for me. Wel on the other hand without my sister I hadn't met Tim at all.

After Tim took me to the station we said our goodbey's and he told me to call and I told him alright. We both knew he would never call and that this was a one night thing. Well if he had called I wouldn't have minded since I still think Tim is a aGreek God. At least one thing was sure after this night. My goal was accomplished. I did have hot sex with the cutest boy ever exist and I finally was sure about my oriantation.  I most definetley was and still am gay. I like boy's and specially that thing between their legs :).When I came home I told my sister all about it except for the sex-details. I didn't think she wanted to know them. Strange isn't it :). After that I went to my own room and undressed myself. Then I took Tim's Speedo's out of my pocket. I had manged to grab that away to keep it as a souvenir and a memory of this so hot and so important day. Then I got into bed and fell in a deep sleep. I was very satisfied and happy. And I dreamt about ... Well I don't have to tell ya I think you know already :).

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