Trance Chapter One

Written By: Stephen Pederson


**Legal Stuff**

This story is a total work of fiction. It contains sexual contact between an adult and a youth. If you are underage, or it is illegal where you live, please leave now. If this is your type of thing please read on.



Written By: Stephen Pederson

Well I need to write, it is an escape for me. I am not sure what to write about though. I could write about my interlude with Sky and Jase, but then that is not what I had in mind. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed everything we did. I want to write about something different. I have a few ideas in mind. I guess we'll see where this goes.

I guess I should give a brief overview of what I look like and shit.

My name is Trance Mikal D'Arbo. Well actually, my name is Terance, how boring. A few years back I dropped the "E". Now I go by Trance. I think mom and dad were a little pissed, but they have never really said much about it. Besides Trance suits me. Every since I can remember, I have been able to put anyone I meet into a trance, so to speak. This works greatly in my favor, I always get what I want.

Lets see. I am 17 years old. I have auburn hair, which I always keep long, and messy looking. Thank the inventor of "Bedhead". I have blue eyes (contacts), my natural eye color is hazel. I think I am about 6 feet tall, but am not too sure. My body type is average, to the muscular side. I work out everyday. I weight about 160, or so My skin has a fair complexion. I very rarely get zits. I also keep it tanned year round, whether by normal tanning, or fake and bake.

Clothing is important to me. I wear all black; form my shirts to my pants. Even my socks and shoes are black. I don't wear any underwear. I think it confines junior too much. Oh and all my clothes are form fitting. I love to flaunt what I have <smirk>. I usually wear a black cloak, along with the outfits.

I guess my best asset is my cock. It's 8 inches or so, when hard, and cut. I even flaunt that every chance I get. I know some of the guys look at it. Heck I know damn well some of those bastards want to suck my rod <smirk>.It seriously doesn't bother me in the least. My motto is, if you got it, flaunt it.

I had know for a long time I was into guys. I did at one point have a girlfriend, but I could never get it up for her. I would only get hard when I look at some hot guy. Believe me it is really hard to do any thing when you're sporting a wood. It would get so bad, I'd have to run into the nearest bathroom, and take care of my problem. Which was no big deal. I was always stroking my cock. My favorite place to jerk off, was the showers after gym. All those hot naked bodies teen bodies. (I'm hard just thinking about it).

When I finally realized that I like guys, I was kind of relieved. Hell I already had a few friends who were gay, and I was so happy to realize I was one of them. That may sound a bit shallow, but I don't give a fuck what people think. I think the hardest thing I did, was telling my girlfriend that I was gay. You know, having to explain it to her. She took it so well. Admitting that she figured it out, way before I did.

After realizing I was gay, and being a total boy-slut, I jumped right into the thick of things. I am a fast learner, so it didn't take me long to perfect techniques, and all. I got all the cock, and ass I wanted. From my gay friends I already knew, or from guys I just met.

Look at me, I am babbling on, not even going to where I wanted to in this little story. Not that I have figured out where exactly I am going with this.

I have been with several guys, since I realized I was gay, and I could, and my write down, about all of them. For now I will just stick to the ones that are in my head right now, I won't go into detail, but give you an overview, and then take it from there.

Lets see. The first guy I had an encounter with was my good friend, Chase. At the time I didn't know he was into guys. He always had some chick on his arm. Well the two of us got to drinking, and well one thing led to another, and well you know the story. We occasionally get together, and fool around. He likes it as much sober, as when we were drunk. That was a year and a half ago. God time flies.

I sucked off the captain of the swim team, Troy, a few times, but the last time I did we almost got caught. I have never done anything with him since then.

A year ago I had a two month entanglement with the Twins, Pete and Istvan. I knew that they were doing each other, because I caught them in the act.

At the same time, I had a fling with Scott, my cousin. Who had come to Banff to spend a week with us.

Then I had fun with Pete, Istvan, and their hot cousin Tristan.

A week after moving to Edmonton, I had a brief encounter with the guy at the convenience store by the house. Sadly I can remember his name.

Then I met Kaaspar. We had an on and off thing going. Man was he good. It's too bad he's taken. I would love to get together with him again.

We had a student teacher in drama class, and every time I looked at him, he was checking me out. Mark was hot. Sure he was Twenty Two, but I wasn't complaining. We had a few encounters, before his time was up.

Then there was my encounter with Sky and Jase. God did I have fun with those two. They were really good. Both of them are so hot.

I realize that it may seem like I am a slut, but hey, I have always practiced being safe, so I always use condoms. Eventually I will settle down, with the right guy. Till then I am going to have fun.

End Chapter One

** A Note From Me**

Hi Again,

Here is another story. I used the characters that I created from other stories I have written. I don't know if this series will go as far as my others will, but we will see in time. Let me know what you think. Email me at