Trance Chapter 2

Trance Goes For Chase

Written BY Stephen Pederson

Trance Chapter Two

Trance Goes For Chase

Written By: Stephen Pederson

Legal Stuff

This story is a total work of fiction. It contains sexual contact between an adult and a youth. If you are underage, or it is illegal where you live, please leave now. If this is your type of thing please read on.

Trance Goes For Chase

Written By Stephen Pederson

Lets See.....

I first met Chase in grade three, and we became very close friends. We did almost everything together. We lived across the street from each other, which meant we were at one house or the other most of the time.

As we got older, we both went through changes. Yet somehow always remaining the best of friends.

Chase is kind of a jock. He stands 5'9" inches tall. What he lacks in height he makes up for in other ways <Smirk>. He has short blonde spiked hair. Hazel eyes, he had tried contacts to change the color, but almost damages his eyes. Ryan has a goatee, but the damn thing makes him look stupid. He dresses like a skater, I guess it suits him though. What else. His has a dark complexion. He told me that he was part native, and during summer you could really tell. I really think Chase is a hottie.

Chase's cock is delicious looking. It's 9 and 1/2 inches when hard, and thick at least 2 inches or more in diameter. He is extremely shy, and I rarely ever saw him, with out everything covered up. I did once get a glimpse of it. We had just complete gym. He was showering, and turned around. He is uncut. God I wanted him then, and there.

Well, the first time I did something with Chase, was during spring break last year. He parents were out of town at a convention, and with mom and dad working all the time, I would be at his place.

I had yet to tell Chase that I was gay. I had planned on doing it that night. Well it did not work out that way. Ryan had other plans.

Chase asked me to stay the night. Hey, I figured why not, if things went badly, I could always fuck off home. So I had it all planned out. After we ate I would tell him.

When I got over to his place, Chase had already had a couple drinks. His parents let him drink, as long as he did it at home, or somewhere safe. He offered me one, and I took it. I figured it would help take the edge off. Supper consisted of nachos and salsa.

We sat shooting the shit, and drinking. I was still trying to figure out how to tell Chase about me. I was so nervous, and a little scared, we had been friends all our lives practically. I didn't want to lose him as one. Then an idea came to me. "Truth Or Dare".

I suggested it. Chase as usual was game. We played it a few times when we were younger. He ran and grabbed us a few drinks. We started with the usual shit. Mostly truth things, like who you are fucking, and you wanted to fuck, and so on.

Then I finally got up the nerve.

"Truth or Dare?" I asked.

"Truth", Chase replied.

"What would you do if you found out a friend of yours was gay?"

"Nothing man."


"Yeah man it's all good."

He asked me the same thing. I basically answered the same way. I was starting to get build confidence.

"What would you do if someone gay, tried to get in your pants?" I asked.

"Dunno, hasn't happened yet." He replied.

"Yeah, me neither," Trying not to sound foolish.

By this time we had forgotten all about truth or dare. He seemed eager to talk more about the topic of being gay. I figured this was a good way to tell him.

"So what would you do if, say, I was to reach over right now and rub your crotch."

He laughed.

"Man you my bud, I'd let you."

I took that as an invitation, so I reached over and started to rub his crotch. It did not take long for his member to respond. I looked over at Ryan, and he was smiling.

"Go ahead and do more if ya want."

I slowly undid his zipper, and his cock popped out. I took it in my hand and started to stroke it. This was a dream come true, but would he remember it, and if he did, would he hate me? Right now I didn't care. I would deal with the consequences later.

Slowly I moved so I could take it in my mouth. I was almost drooling in anticipation. Slowly I wrapped my mouth around his cock. Chase shivered as I did so. I was going to back off, but he put his hand gently on the back of my head, and urged me to continue. Because of the thickness, I was only able to get three quarters of it in my mouth, but that was enough. I moved up and down slowly. Chase started to quietly moan. He was thoroughly enjoying this.

"Man that feels awesome," He said.

I kept working on his cock. Slowly I was able to take him to the hilt. The smell was everything I dreamed of. I was in heaven. Chase decided to moved on to the floor. He laid down so that my crotch was near his face. I never even realized he was doing anything, until I felt his mouth around my cock. Not wanting to stop I continued to suck his.

I licked his cock all the way down. Took his balls in my mouth, and sucked gently on them. I think this was too much for Chase, cause he had stopped what he was doing.

"Man I am gonna shoot if you keep that up."

I kept at it, and soon I was rewarded with his hot sweet, juices. I had never tasted cum, before, but I knew it would not be the last time.

Chase returned to my cock. I lay there as he continued to suck and lick me. He had also started to finger my hole. Oh man, what a feeling that was. I was going to shoot any minute.

"Man, I think it's my turn."

I barely got the words out, and I was shooting. He swallowed every drop. He kept sucking until every drop was gone.

We lay there for a few, and then we got up, and returned to drinking.

The next morning, I felt kind of embarrassed by what had happened. I prayed that Chase had forgotten about. I guess I was

worried about losing him as a friend.

I sat and waited for Chase to come down stairs. I could here him upstairs. He was his usual self. Chipper and so annoyingly cute.

"Morning," He said as he bound down the stairs.

"Morning," I replied.

Then he did something he has never done. He came around and tousled my hair. I kind of looked at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Nothin, you've never done that before." I replied.

"I've never done this either."

He leaned over and kissed my on the lips. Not like a quick peck, but like if you were kissing a lover.

"You are not mad at me?" I asked him.

"Hell no, I have wanted to do that for some time now." He replied, grinning from ear to ear.

"So are you bi or something?"

"Hell no, I am as gay as you are."

"You knew?"

"For a long time now, Christie and I talked about it."

"She told you?"

"No actually I brought it up one night, before you even said anything to her."

Chase said he figured it out, and was waiting for me to say something about it. It had been his plan to do what happen last night. So in the end it all worked out for both of us. We had no idea what was going to happen now. I mean I had been with guys in the past but this was something I had wanted. I wanted to seriously take it one step further.

Well there you have it. My very first time doing something with Chase. There were more, you can bet on that.

End Chapter Two

A Note From The Author

Hey it's just me again,

Here is the second chapter of my series. I don't know what it is going to be like. I never really know how to run a story. I know truth or dare seems a bit childish, but it worked for me <smile>. I love input from people, so feel free to email me:

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