Transcending Friendship

By David Heulfryn (



I was never really interested in looking at Scott while we were showering after our PE lesson; it was always the other more well endowed boys that caught my eye. Gary was my favourite. He was huge. Well at least for a sixteen year old boy I thought he was huge. I know we all do it, surreptitiously casting our eyes around the misty room and checking out the other boys. I would find it exciting if I saw another boy casting his eye at me. Of course I never indicated that I had seen them, it was not the way.

     I was still cleaning the mud from my body after a particularly dirty game of rugby when I noticed that Scott was in the corner standing with his back to the room, like we all did, but this time he stood unusually close to the wall. Our rugby match had been a rough one that day, and the teacher had put Scott and me on opposing teams. Being good friends, we always tried to get on the same team but occasionally the teacher tried to break up the usual groups, I reckoned for his own amusement. I had tackled Scott a few times bringing him to the ground with a dull thud which reverberated through his body. They were hard tackles, but not illegal. I took the game very seriously and played every weekend for the first team in the local under 21 league.

     I sidled over to Scott, worried that I had hurt or upset him with my tackles.

     "You alright, Scott? Sorry about earlier, you know I can get carried away."

     "No, I'm fine." He responded and I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that his hands moved to cover his crotch.

     "You sure? You seem a little jumpy."

     I heard him sigh, deeply. "I've got a little problem." As he spoke he moved his hands and twisted his body a little so that I could see him.

     "Fuckin' hell. Watch yer backs boys, Scott's a queer." Gary laughed and elicited the same response from the group of lads he was with.

     I just stood looking at Scott with my mouth open. His hands quickly moved to cover up his erection. Gary and his mates had come over and knocked me aside.

     "Come on then," Gary gripped his soft dick and swirled it around, "let's see if you know what to do with it."

     Scott was now cowering, too ashamed or embarrassed to defend himself, so I barged between Scott and Gary.

     "Why don't you just fuck off and leave him alone! You know it can happen to any of us at any time."

     Scott seemed relieved at me sticking up for him and stopped cowering, I sensed him stand up straight, but still hid behind me, either to hide his hard-on or to show he was behind me in defending him. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. He was breathing hard and fast, his nervousness showing.

     "So, Matt. You're standing up for your bum-chum then. Well I'm not surprised, I always thought there was something between you two."

     "Don't be absurd, you wanker. Now just fuck off and leave him alone."

     "Don't tell me to fuck off." Gary pushed me back and I fell against Scott. I could feel his hard dick touch my buttock and then slide between my cheeks. Feeling Scott's hard knob against me made my dick twitch and I grew afraid that I would also get hard.

     For a moment there was silence, I stood up straight again and felt Scott's dick become free from my crack. I felt like lashing out, retaliating. I wanted to pound Gary's head into the wet tiled floor of the showers; I had not felt this angry for some time, it was the touch of Scott's dick which enflamed me.

     My hand swiftly connected with Gary's shoulder and pushed him hard. He twisted and would have fallen to the ground were it not for a couple of his mates which braced him. His eyes widened and stared at me, his face tightened and his teeth mashed together. I steadied myself, expecting him to lunge at me.

     Then our little altercation was broken up.

     "What's all the shouting about?" Our teacher's deep voice resonated against the smooth walls of the shower room, the echoing sound shocking us all to silence and then a timid chorus of boys replying, `Nothing, Sir'.

     He stood by the door, his arms folded and his eyes seemingly looking at every boy individually. His untold instruction made us all file out into the changing room, grabbing our towels on the way and wrapping them around our waists. Scott stayed close behind me, shielding himself until his towel covered him.

     Scott dressed quickly and I struggled to keep up. He was eager to get out and get home. He also wanted to leave well before Gary so that there would be no more trouble. I tried to talk to him but he was intent on leaving as soon as possible. I didn't want to spend the weekend worrying about him, so I was as eager as he was to leave so that we could talk on the walk home.

     "Hey, mate. Wait up."

     "No," Scott said, "I just want to get out of here."

     I knew he wouldn't wait for me and I was still drying myself while he was already dressed in his shirt and underwear. I stuffed my towel into my school bag and pulled on my briefs. My crotch was still damp which caused the fabric to bunch up, they did not feel comfortable but without adjusting them, I slipped my arms into my white school shirt. It stuck and became translucent as it clung to the water droplets which still covered my back.

     Scott was now picking up his bag. I called out to him as he quickly walked towards the door.

     "Wait up, mate." But he ignored me.

     I stuffed my bare feet into my black patent leather shoes, draped my striped tie around my neck and stuffed my arms into my blazer.

     "That's right, Matt. Run after your bum-chum then." Gary called after me as I ran to the door while zipping up my bag.

     Out on the street I could see Scott a few hundred yards ahead of me, his pace fast and energetic.

     I ran after him, almost tripping over my laces a few times which I had not had time to tie. Drawing up beside him, I matched his pace and panted to get my breath back.

     Looking across at him I saw tears running down his cheeks, his eyes red and puffed up. "It's alright, mate. It'll be forgotten by Monday." I tried to console him.

     "Of course it fucking won't!"

     I started to reel of as many platitudes as I could think of, `it can happen to anybody', `it doesn't mean anything', `Gary's just a wanker', but he was having none of it and it just served to upset him even more. In the end I just remained silent and walked with him.

     As we approached my house, I saw that he was still crying. "Look, Scott. Why don't you come back to my place? My Mum aint home and you can get yourself together before you go home. Your Mum'll just ask a load of questions if you turn up like that."

     Scott followed me to my house.

     We dumped our bags in the hallway before going upstairs; Scott went to the bathroom to wash his face while I went to my room to change. I felt very uncomfortable in my uniform, not having dried myself properly, and so quickly stripped. My briefs were now damp having soaked up the soapy water from my moist crotch. I peeled them from me and pulled on my shorts, which hung on my desk chair. On my chair, with the shorts, was my tee shirt. I slipped it over my head as Scott stood in the doorway.

     "You must think I'm...Well I don't know what you now think of me."

     "Come here," I beckoned him over to sit on my bed with me, "I don't think any different of you." I put my arm around his shoulder and squeezed. "Well, that's not quite true." I smiled.

     "What do you mean?" Scott frowned at me.

     "Well, I've never seen one grow so much before. I mean you're not exactly that big when I've seen you in the showers before. But today, you were fucking huge."

     Scott blushed bright red and lowered his head in embarrassment.

     "And as hard as steel. When I felt it press against me, it just went straight in. Any further and you would have fucked me in front of Gary."

     "Sorry." Scott mumbled as I drew breath before continuing.

     "And that would be something to make him run a mile. He's such a big mouth but I bet he's never even touched a girl. Come to think of it, I don't think he's ever had a girlfriend. But I don't mind telling you, when I felt you pressing your dick into my arse I thought I was going to lose it, my dick jumped and I very nearly got hard myself. Now just imagine that wanker's face if that happened. It would have looked like some gay orgy or something."

     "Sorry, Matt. I didn't want you to get involved. I didn't want anybody to get involved. I was hoping that it would go away soon. But it wouldn't."

     "So how big does it get?" I asked in a quiet tone.

     Scott looked at me strange, I could see him wondering. "I don't know, I've never measured it."

     He was lying, or at least I guessed he was. "Ah, come on. We've all done it but we'd never admit it."

     That was my gambit; I gave him the opportunity to ask me. He took the bait, but expected me to deny it also; I took him by surprise when I said I was just over six inches, hard. He looked uncomfortable as I sat and looked at him, waiting for him to tell me how big he was. I knew the silence would get to him eventually and I waited. Then I got my answer.

     "Just under eight inches."

     Fucking hell, I thought. Now it was my turn to feel uncomfortable with the silence. I had no idea what to say after that. My dick was now hard and would have shown were I not sitting down. My hand went to my crotch and I squeezed my dick. I could feel a cool drop of precum drip onto my thigh. I shuddered.

     "Oh, Scott. You've just made me rock hard." I began to stroke myself through my shorts. "Are you?"

     "Yes." Scott nervously cleared his throat.

     I moved my hand from my crotch to feel the hard rod strain against Scott's black school trousers. As he felt my hand touch him, he inhaled deeply. I leant forward and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

     Scott pushed me away. I looked into his eyes and saw just confusion. With his rejection of my kiss I removed my hand from his crotch, and then I saw disappointment in his eyes together with confusion.

     "But you're not..." He whispered.

     "Don't tell me what I am or am not. I'm not sure myself, but I know how I feel."

     It was getting too overwhelming for Scott; he stood up and looked at me. "I'm not sure. I need time. Time to think."

     I rose slowly to my feet and hugged him. "Take as long as you want. I'll be here whatever you decide."

     "I think I'd better get home. Mum is expecting me."

    I went with him to the front door and let him out. As he left I called out to him. "I'll be here for you, whatever you decide."

     Scott smiled back at me.

     Closing the door, I looked at the ticking clock on the wall. It was four o'clock and my mother wouldn't be home for at least another hour.

     I dashed upstairs and shut my bedroom door. I was alone. I slipped my tee shirt off and felt the cool air on my chest. My nipples hardened and I rubbed my fingers over the nubs. The sensation caused my dick to twitch and I saw the damp patch on my grey flannel shorts grow bigger. I slipped a hand into my shorts and ran my fingers over the leaking tip to collect the sticky fluid and rubbed it down my shaft.

    Releasing my dick, I gripped the elastic waistband of my shorts and pulled them down. I felt my dick spring free and slap against my belly as it swung back and forth. Finally resting, it pointed perpendicular to my thick set of brown pubes.

     My dick throbbed, demanding attention and I rubbed it as I lay down on my bed. I closed my eyes, my right hand slowly stretching my foreskin down to reveal my glistening knob and then easing it back, my thumb and fingers catching against and teasing the ridge of my bell-end.

     With my left hand, I traced a line from my chest down to my balls, once there; my hand cupped both balls and caressed them as my other hand slid almost silently up and down my dick.

     I opened my jaw and breathed heavily through my teeth. My mind went back to seeing Scott in the showers, his pale body hunched in the corner before turning round to show me his huge hard on. I panted as it came into view and I quickened my pace. The quiet sound of my juices squelching against my skin only made my dick even harder and my balls ache.

     My eyes remained glued to Scott's thick and hard dick. I watched as a clear drop oozed from his flaring slit and fall to the floor. I opened my mouth wide, wanting to take his dick inside me, wanting to taste him and feel my nose nestle amongst his thicket of black pubes. He had a dick I wanted to touch, to feel, to wank and to suck.

     Feeling my balls tighten, it felt painful to keep rubbing them, so my fingers slipped underneath me and traced a line to my arsehole.

     Clenching my buttocks, I gripped my finger and thrust my hips upwards, forcing my dick even harder through my grip. My hand pulled my foreskin further down my shaft and I felt the sharp pain as it was stretched too far.

     Scott was now behind me, his dick between my cheeks and resting against my hole, I relaxed and let him inside, at least I wished it was him but it was only my fingertip. I pulled my fingertip out and tickled my hole before prodding me once again. I watched myself bent double, with Scott guiding himself into me. As with everything he did, it was slow and meticulous.

     Now my dick throbbed and my hand was a blur as it furiously wanked my dick. My other hand came back from my backside rested against my aching balls, feeling the coolness of the sac against my palm. Again my buttocks clenched and thrust upwards. Scott was now standing in front of me, his hand leisurely stroking his dick.

     Hearing the sound of my hand, my foreskin and my moist dick slap against each other made me go even faster and my arm ached, but I couldn't stop, I didn't want to stop. I screamed through the aching muscles in my arm and roughly wanked my sore dick.

     My dick screamed at me and I felt my entire body collapse as my balls disappeared even further into my body and a powerful stream of cum flew from my slit. My hand stopped and just gripped the shaft as I felt it pump the creamy fluid from my dick to splash my smooth chest. I groaned and grunted with each squirt and as the intensity subsided, began to slowly wank my sore dick some more, to tease the remaining drops out and onto my pubes.

     Lying still on my bed, my breathing slowly eased back to normal. My dick softened and fell against the cold cum which gathered around its base.

     I brought my tired hand up and onto my chest; I rubbed the string of pearls which adorned me into my flesh. My eyes remained closed and watched as the image of Scott changed, his dick shrinking back to it soft state.

     Smiling to myself, I imagined him at home and recovering from an orgasm, only with my image in his mind.


Note : This is a story of three parts, the other two parts will be posted shortly.

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