An Adaptation of a story entitled “TRICKED” by an anonymous author initially published in NIFTY on March 31, 1993.

Thank you Len (South Africa) for editing; and, Rob (Western Canada) for taking care of the technical stuff.

Adapted by: James FitzHugh <FitzH1943@gmail.com>

I know absolutely nothing about the original author of this story. I have to assume this story is pure fiction. I also have to assume that the original author was just starting out because, as entertaining as the original story was, it was very amateurish. I was sitting there sipping a glass of wine, reading the original story and, just started to play with it. I hope the original author, if he recognizes his work, won’t be too upset with how I ended up adapting it.

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Most of the parents were members of the local Legion. When the men of the village came home from the war, they decided that they would provide some services for their community. The building of the Legion facility complete with its indoor basketball court, squash & tennis courts, a full gym and an Olympic size swimming pool complete with diving towers at the deep end was their contribution. And, during the Fall and Winter months, the organizing committee made sure that there were regular dances put on for the enjoyment of the adults on Friday and/or Saturday evenings and various activities, including movies, for the village children on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. My parents and the Hanratty parents were going to the dance this Saturday night and since Keith, the older of their sons, was home from university in the city, he was asked to keep an eye on us.

My name is Tristan and this happened to me when I was 16 years old. Actually, the idea of staying over at the Hanrattys was suggested by Wayne, their youngest son and my mate, who had said that he wanted to raise hell. Wayne was in the same classes as I at the local High School run by the religious teaching brothers one of whom I could very easily have developed a crush on. Except for a six month period when I was carted off to see the relatives in the Old Country, we had never really been separated. In fact, the first time we ever left the village together was when we had just turned three. It was a case of tonsillitis so we were taken into St. Mary’s Hospital in the big city. I suppose we were typical kids. It didn’t take us long to figure out how to climb out of our beds with the high railing sides and it wasn’t all that long before we found the fun of playing with the carts that were used by the housekeeping staff to carry all the fresh bed linens. One day, without a stitch of clothing on, we found one of these carts and while I pushed it down the empty hall, Wayne or I would take turns jumping in and out of it. We were having a grand ole time until Sister Mary Margaret caught us. We were taken back to our room, given a few quick smacks on our bare butts and put back to bed. The consolation prize came a half hour later when we were taken down the hall and put into a nice warm bath to sooth our little red rumps and Sister Mary-Margaret, herself, brought us big bowls of ice-cream.

We weren’t sure how much hell we might be able to raise with 21 year old Keith in the house this weekend but, if he was snogging and slipping it to his local bitch, Tina, then we could probably get away with a hell of a lot of mischief. Wayne was thinking that because he knew where his dad hid the key to the liquor cabinet, we might be able to make off with a pint or two. But, with Keith in the house, I wasn’t so sure but who was I to burst my best mates bubble.

So I might as well waste your time by telling you how I got to where this story takes place. By the time I was 12, I’d known I was gay thanks to the Cameron boy who lived one street over from us. It started off simple enough. I met Andy Cameron when I was walking along the horse trail that had been carved out of the local forest area. He had just graduated from our local high school and was waiting to begin his national service in the army. Over that summer I would meet him at the swimming hole almost on a daily basis or, if the weather was shitty, we’d meet in the old, no longer used, chicken coop at the back of his property. One thing led to another and before I knew it, one afternoon I ended up sitting up against a tree and Andy was kneeling in front of my face feeding me his thick 7 and a half inch dick. Andy wasn’t a wham, bam, thanks man type of sex partner. He was one of those people who loved to have sex so after he inducted me into the ranks of the cocksucker fraternity for that summer, he would take his sweet time, not raping, but as he called it, ‘puttin the fuck to your throat’. I don’t know how many loads of thick cream that boy fed me over that long, lazy summer but there were times when I could feel all he had pumped into my stomach swishing around as I made my way home.

After Andy left the village that Fall I had a dry spell until the next spring when the Golf Course reopened. One day after caddying a round of 18 holes I was walking home along the far side of the course. I was walking in and out of the trees looking for lost golf balls and had found quite a few of them. I always kept a folded paper bag in my pocket for this purpose and the next morning I would sell those I found to the Pro Shop for practice balls. I really didn’t get all that much money for them but it provided enough for me to buy a pop and bag of chips or chocolate bar at the 9th hole canteen while caddying.

Off the side of the 15th hole, a fair distance in the trees was this old abandoned farm house. Of course, I’d known it was there but hadn’t bothered to investigate. But today I had finished early so I had time on my hands and I had found two dozen balls so I thought I’d go have a look. The house looked in good shape. All the windows had been properly boarded up and, I thought, the doorways had been sealed too in order to prevent squatters from settling in. But, as I came round the back of the house I saw an older boy, maybe 19 or 20, using a crowbar to pry open the back door. He’d heard me, stopped what he was doing and stared at me for a few minutes probably making up his mind whether or not he was going to pound me into the dirt. He must have thought I was no threat because he went back and busied himself with getting the door open.  

I just stood there leaning up against the corner of the building and watched him until finally the door sprung open. Then as he was just about to step inside, he motioned me to follow him which I did. The former occupants of the old house did not seem to have taken all the old furniture because there was still the kitchen table and two or three chairs, a couch and two chairs in the living room, and upstairs there were three old iron beds all set up with blankets thrown over to protect them.

Well we got to talking and he introduced himself as Colin. He was a traveller going from one of the Outports of Newfoundland to somewhere out west looking for work. It took me a little bit of time to deal with his accent and sometimes I would have to stop him in mid-sentence to ask for an explanation. Thankfully he had a good sense of humour. He’d come across the golf course and thought that he might as well get some work on the grounds maintenance crew or as a caddy for a few months to earn some money. He’d found the old house and intended to squat there while he stayed in the area.

With the heat of the mid-afternoon he decided to remove his shirt and I couldn’t help but stare at his beautiful well developed and very furry chest. He must have known or suspected that if he played his cards just right, he’d have a cocksucker to empty his balls into on a regular basis. He gently began talking to me and it wasn’t all that long before he and I were sitting on the couch in the living room and I was running my fingers through his chest hair. On several occasions he gently took my hand and moved it down so that it was rubbing along what appeared to be a very hard pipe hidden in his jeans.

But, he was in no hurry. He simply invited me to explore and eventually I did not hesitate to pull down the zipper hiding the trophy. He was going commando. He gently d put his hand on the back of my head encouraging my mouth and his 8 inch cock into contact. Well, one thing led to another and after a while I left him to get home for supper but only after he’d deposited two very thick and creamy loads down my throat.

Colin stayed in that old house for the months of May, June, July and August after which he left to continue his journey out west. During those months he worked with the grounds maintenance crew. I’d meet up with him when I finished my caddying for the day and he would always sweet talk my lips onto the end of his circumcised knob. While Colin could be a gentle lover there were times when he would get very deliberate and very rough. On those occasions, he would slam his cock deep into the opening of my throat and shoot his cum directly into my stomach. It was through Colin that I met my third sex partner who kept me as his ‘secret’ boy for the next two years.  

When Colin left I was on the edge of my 14th birthday. In fact, my birthday was in early September and Colin had already told me that he had saved a tidy sum for his trip out west. Two days before he left, he invited me to go to a restaurant that was in the Town at the front end of the golf course. It was nice of him to do it but I really didn’t see the need. He’d be gone and I’d be back in school. But! While Colin and I were enjoying our club and fries, this tall, blond, blue eyed older teen slipped into the bench beside me. Nodding to Colin and then turning to me, the tall teen stuck out his big hand and introduced himself as Nicholas van der Linden but I was to call him, Nick, for short.

So, over that dinner, I learned that Nick was 17 going 18. That he was a swimmer on the Provincial team and also ran hurdles in Track and Field. But what I never discovered was the relationship between Colin and Nick. So like a really pathetic Sherlock Holmes I tried to discover if Nick was actually another one of Colin’s cocksuckers or if Colin was really Nick’s cocksucker. Somehow I felt there was a relationship between them but I never came to grips with it and Nick never offered a suitable explanation. However, in the restaurant we chatted up a storm with Colin outlining his proposed trip out to Calgary; Nick asking me a lot of questions about the village; and, my finding out that Nick had just moved in with an aunt whom I didn’t know but who my parents knew. I eventually learned that my father and one of his buddies had agreed to act as Nick’s sponsors when his aunt had offered to bring him from Holland to this Country.

When all was said and done at the restaurant, we three musketeers set off through the village and along the edge of the golf course. Colin invited us to drop in as we were on our way past his place anyway because Nick and I lived in the village at the other end of the golf course. So we went back to the old farmhouse where Colin offered Nick a beer and me a coke. I really wasn’t paying very much attention to the two older guys until Nick stood up and announced he was going out to take a leak. He was no sooner out the door when Colin leaned over, wrapped his hand around my neck and pulled my head down into his now exposed crotch. I was worried about Nick catching me with Colin’s cock between my lips but it wasn’t something that Colin seemed to be concerned about. He wanted to get his rocks off, my mouth was available, and as he said loudly enough, ‘and by the fuck you’ll take it.’ So, there I was, on my knees between Colin’s thighs with his cock firmly embedded in my mouth just a sawing in and out and, just at the moment when he blasts off down my throat, in walks Nick. Only Nick hasn’t done up his fly and this great big piece of salami nestling in a thick blond bush is just a hanging there slowly rising to the occasion.

“Told you I’d help you find a good cocksucker for the school year, didn’t I, Nick?”

“That you did bud,” Nick replied slowly stroking his mammoth cock to its full erection.

And that was how I was transferred from one to the other. I swallowed two of Colin’s loads that night in front of Nick and Nick confirmed his new ownership by really face fucking me in front of Colin and that was it. Nick and I walked home but before we got to my house Nick slipped into some bushes on the McCauley property and dumped another massive load into my stomach before we parted ways. I never saw Colin again and in the coming days I memorized every little wee tiny bump and every vein on Nick’s big thick cream spitting weapon.

My father and Nick were the best of pals. My father often had Nick over to the house to keep me company while my mother and he would go off to the city to shop or visit relatives I didn’t want to see and I was often allowed to go over to Nick’s aunts house. Nick started me running track and swimming. I was definitely Nick’s cock sucking boy but it was tighter than a state secret. Nick was a rising star and wanted no-one to find out that he preferred the services of a cocksucker to impregnating their daughters so while I got all the cream I wanted, I was kept well out of sight until Nick graduated and went off to University in the adjoining Province.

One of the major concerns I had was that I had absolutely none, nada, intention of coming out to either my parents or high school friends. This was really hard for me because I was servicing Nick and turned on to a lot of my high school buds. Like I said earlier, it wouldn’t have taken me very much to develop a crush on Brother Emmanuel, a really cute, red-headed, hairy (I know that because I saw him without a shirt one day), Gaelic speaking teaching brother who was only 20 years of age. If he had shown any interest at all, I’d have been between his legs faster than a shark after his next meal. To make matters worse, it was becoming extremely difficult to not get an erection in the showers.

Now you know how I got to here. I never had an older brother so I always had a thing for Wayne’s older brother Keith. He was tall, had wide shoulders, a narrow waist, with flaming red hair that covered him from the top of his head down to his toes. While he had a thick matting in front, he had only a nice dusting of red hair on his butt in the back. How do I know this, you ask? Well one afternoon I was home but Wayne was away in the city with his father. I didn’t know that so I had gone over to the Hanrattys looking to kill time with my best bud. I ended up going to that nice little pool in the woods near the horse track with Keith. Neither of us had swim suits and he wasn’t shy anyway. He just stripped down to the buff and dove right in. If he hadn’t threatened to catch me and strip me naked, I don’t think I would have bothered getting undressed. I was just as happy as a forest leprechaun to sit on a fallen log and ogle Keith all afternoon. I saw the cut log hanging about three and a half soft inches from the forest of red hair and I think, on that afternoon anyway, I was disappointed that it didn’t rise to what I would eventually find out all by myself was a magnificent 9 thick, pulsing, cream shooting inches. Keith always called it his breeding tube.

Wayne, as I said was my best bud. He was like a brother so I was not especially attracted to him, although I never knew why. He was reasonably handsome and from what I saw in the showers he had a nice sized cock. He wasn’t overly large but not small either, and that was in its soft state. I was dying of curiosity to know how big it got when erect. Me, I was 7½ inches so I wondered if my best bud was larger or smaller. Anyway I figured I would probably never find out.

Being a Friday evening, my parents permitted me to go over to the Hanrattys house because, as they understood it, Keith was not home but the parents were still home. I figured Wayne and I would have a nice time over at his house that night just talking and joking around. Well, when I got to his house his parents had already left and he greeted me with two beers, one in each hand. So for the next few hours we played poker and drank. We must have gone through about 5 beers each. I was scared shitless to think of what his father would say when he found his stash of Guinness sorely depleted. Now’s the time I should tell you that I am a bad drinker meaning that I do not hold my liquor very well, so after having 5 beers I was flying in my own little spaceship out past Mars and heading for the rings of Saturn.

We had been playing cards for a while but decided to stop and do something else. It had been funny though, I had actually won about $5 in the penny ante poker we’d been playing, and I had never won in my life. When it came to cards, I was just plain lousy. We started to wander around the house not knowing what to do next when he told me he had been sneaking through his parents room and found a couple of porn magazines mentioning to me he wanted to show me one of them. Well we went up to his parent’s room and in one of their closets, sure enough, there were a few porno mags stashed behind some boxes in a corner. He took one of them and opened it to a certain page. The picture was of a young man wearing a leather jacket fucking an oriental lady, but not in the cunt. He had is cock stuck up her ass. Studying the picture closely, I couldn't help but feel envy towards her having been fucked several times up the ass once by Colin and several times by Nicholas. I knew how good it felt and I missed it.

Wayne, on the other hand, was acting like he was shocked. He said he didn't understand how she could let him do it to her like that. He went on to say that he knew gays did it because they had no choice if they wanted to fuck each other. “But,” he asked, “Why would she do something so painful when she could be fucked where it was natural?”

Because I was tipsy and not thinking straight, I blurted out that being fucked in the ass wasn't painful. Wayne turned and looking at me asked me, “How the fuck would you know such a thing?”

Thinking quickly as my addled brain would allow, I responded by suggesting that it must be because the look on the face of the girl who was getting it in the picture. She was smiling and looked like she was enjoying it. Thank gawd, he seemed to accept this answer and I felt a surge of relief at the fact I almost gave away my closely guarded secret. He, however, did not seem to want to drop the subject all together and kept talking about how painful it must be. During this conversation I finished off my sixth beer while he hardly seemed to drink at all even though he was sure acting drunk.

I don't remember the exact conversation or how it got to that specific point but all of a sudden he fell back on the bed and rubbed his crotch saying that if I was willing, we should maybe try putting one of our dicks into the other’s ass and see if it was painful.

“What the fuck?” I said looking at him groping himself.

To say that I was shocked would have been an understatement. I certainly didn’t or couldn't let on that I was also getting real horny at the idea and that I was fighting to keep from getting an erection on the spot  I said I wasn't sure and asked out loud, “Wasn't that queer?”

He looked at me and said that we were two guys who were just curious and that all we were going to do is insert the head and not fuck. I asked who was going to do it to whom? At that he paused and then said that he, of course, did not want a dick in his ass. Keeping up appearances, I quickly said the same thing even though I knew that it wasn't true. I wanted his dick in my ass but since I wasn't ready to admit the truth and out myself to him or anyone else, I protested at the very idea of him inserting his cock in me.

He then suggested that the only fair way to solve this situation was for us to play a round of poker. The loser, he went on to say would, of course, have his ass invaded, but only for a second he emphasized. To make the game fair, he proposed that each of us would get ten pennies and the person who lost all his pennies first would be the loser.

I was rather excited at this. After all, if I won I would finally get to put my prick in a guy’s ass, for although I had been fucked before I had never fucked anyone. On the other hand if I lost not only would I get to see how big Wayne’s hard prick was compared to mine but I would get it up the ass if only for a second. Well as we started to play I began to get real nervous not knowing what was going to happen. I began thinking that maybe he might find out I was gay and tell everyone in school. During our initial game I had won and now, when I really needed the luck, it had deserted me. I lost the first two hands and found myself with only two pennies left. Wayne was really a good sport. He told me that we would play the next hand for only 2 pennies so if I won, I would be back in the swing but if I lost, there would be no question but that he would put his dick in me.

I was nervous and starting to shake and when I saw the cards I was holding in my hand, I knew the jig was up. I had nothing. I discarded 3 cards and picked up 3 new ones. After all was said and done, I only had a pair of sixes. I showed my cards and he turned over a full house. Wayne didn’t waste any time. He didn’t want me to think about what was going to happen. He immediately told me to get undressed and lie face down on the bed. While I was doing that he went to get something to make it easier for the head of his cock to get all the way in my ass. I was glad he left before I had finished undressing because I was starting to get an erection and figured by the time he got back, it would be hidden by my lying on my stomach. I quickly stripped and lay face down on the bed.

He came back and shut the bedroom door. As he was undressing he promised he was just going to put the head in and, when it was in all the way, take it out again. After that, maybe we would go to the movies. He made sure I understood that I knew he wouldn't hurt me. He commented that he liked the fact I wasn't hedging on the deal even though he said he knew I didn't want his prick up my ass.

I looked over my shoulder behind me when he told me he was undressed. His cock was already hard and definitely larger than mine. So that was one mystery solved. His cock stood out proudly at about 8½" long, circumcised and quite thick. I felt my cock grow harder while I looked at his dick. He told me that, on the one hand, he was embarrassed at the fact he’d won the bet; but, on the other hand, he was looking forward to seeing what this felt like. Slowly Wayne mounted my back. His big dick was sliding up my right leg leaving a slimy trail in its wake. Then, I felt the tip of his dick nestle between my cheeks. He slowly descended onto my back and I could feel the wetness of his cockhead at the entrance to my ass. It had been months since the last time Nicholas spent several hours fucking my ass. I think we did it two, maybe even three times that night before he left for the adjoining Province. Feeling Wayne’s cock as he applied a downward pressure at my golden gate, it was all I could do to keep my ass from raising up to swallow his manhood.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he started to push the big mushroom head of his cock past my tight sphincter. It hurt a bit. It took a steady pressure but suddenly there was a pop and the head was in. But Wayne didn’t stop there. Slowly he let his body drop onto my back and allowed gravity to work by slowly easing his big cock deep into me. Inch by incredible inch it slid in. I had to bite my lip to keep from sighing. Yes, it did hurt a little, but the hurt was the fantastic hurt of a big dick once again in my ass. Finally, he hit bottom. He was in all the way and I could feel his wiry crotch hair on my ass cheeks.

While he had been slowly easing his big cock up my chute, Wayne had lowered his head to my right ear where I could feel his breath and his moist tongue as he nibbled on my ear lobe. He asked me how it felt. It was a little strange but somehow his voice sounded different. I decided to keep up the pretence and lied when I said that I wanted him to take his dick out now. In a very sultry tone of voice he asked why I wanted his dick out of my ass when I was so hard lying beneath him. Even before I had a chance to answer his question he reached under me and grabbed my pulsating meat. There was no question to either of us that I was as solid as a railway spike.

In an instant his tongue flicked out and caught my ear lobe. Before I could say another word, Wayne told me that the other day when I went to the bathroom before class he had picked up a spiral notebook I used to record my private thoughts. He had read all about my sex life with Colin and then Nicholas. He told me he had read about how I’d had sex with Nicholas that summer and how I loved to be fucked while lying on my back because I could then look up into Nicholas’ beautiful eyes. Then he told me how everything up to that point had been a setup, my winning at cards, our drinking, and all the other things that had happened so far.

I was now very scared and losing my hardon fast. I begged him not to tell anyone else. With his big dick very deeply embedded in my ass, he basically told me that all I had to do was give satisfaction whenever he desired and everything would be all right. He said he wanted me to have fun too while I was being fucked and going down on a cock and, since he had read in my own handwriting, that this is what I liked there would be no difficulty keeping it between us four.

I asked him what he meant by us four at which point the bedroom door burst open and in bounced Keith and Neel, a friend of Keith’s. I was shocked. I had thought that Keith would be snogging with his Tina but, as I later found out, Tina had gone off for the weekend with her parents. Neel was a friend of Keith’s whom he had met before he went to university. I always liked Neel. There was just something about his very gentle, calm approach to everything. A young guy, about 19 I think, who never got frazzled by anything. I guess when Tina had bailed on Keith; he had called Neel to come over to spend time with him. Keith had been made aware of Wayne’s proposed trick on me and more than willingly became a participant. They came into the room laughing and in one synchronized voice commented that he, being Wayne, of course meant them.  

Wayne told me that he had told Keith all about my notes on the time spent with Nicholas and, before him, Colin and that he was pretty sure I wouldn't be satisfied with just one cock. He wanted that I was to take care of all three that night and they would make sure that I enjoyed it. Wayne then said that since his hard dick was still embedded in my ass that the first event that night would be for him to ride my ass to his climax.

Then, he announced that I would be fair game for either Keith or Neel. With Wayne’s weight all along my back, I could barely move. Keith never one to let an orifice, be it belonging to a male or female, go empty, dropped his jeans to reveal he was going commando today, moved up to the headboard, lifted my head in both his hands and slowly lowered it until my lips met his slick knob. Keith had a 9" cut prick that was the thickest I had ever seen. It was certainly going to be a mouthful. Even though I showed a little reluctance at opening my lips, Keith took his right hand and pressing his index finger on one side of my mouth and his thumb on the other. He applied just enough pressure and I was forced to open my mouth. Once his big dripping head slipped past my lips, he slowly applied the necessary downward motion as he worked my lips down to his thick bed of red crotch hair. Keith’s cock was almost as big as Nick’s but wider so I knew that if he put some weight behind it, he would be forcing it into my throat. He and Wayne were merrily chatting about my talents as each sawed back and forth, Wayne in my ass and Keith down my throat. It seemed that neither was in any great hurry. This left poor Neel sitting on a chair with his shorts pulled down past his knees watching the two brothers have their way with me. His eyes certainly never left the action. He had a clear view of both stiff ramrods working their way in and out of my body.

After a little while Keith reached down into his jeans on the floor beside the bed, he motioned for Neel to lend him a hand and Neel jumped up off the chair. He bent down and picked up Keith’s jeans for him and from the corner of my eyes I saw Keith pull a small dark bottle out into the open. I knew what it was because I had once seen Nicholas use one of those little brown bottles before. Nicholas had used them on himself but had not used them on me.

I didn’t remember but I must have mentioned Nicholas using them because Wayne, who was still on my back with his cock hard and deeply in me said he remembered from what he had read in my notebook about Nicholas’ use of poppers. Keith motioned for Neel to take hold of my head while he unscrewed the cap and placed his thumb over the opened bottle. Then without saying a word, he shoved the open bottle under my nose. I tried to fight it but soon I had inhaled a few whiffs and I started to fly on my own little spaceship all over again. What I did notice is that after I had taken a few whiffs, Keith screwed the cap back on the bottle. He had not taken any himself, nor had he offered any to Wayne or Neel. Perhaps that would come later.

The next thing I clearly remember is the sensation of Wayne really fucking me and me fucking back. I was definitely pushing my ass back to meet the downward thrust of his big cock. Oh! Let me tell you once that boy put his mind to it he knew exactly what he was doing. He went back and forth with such speed it felt like he was trying to set my ass on fire. Pretty soon, he and Keith had me up on my hands and knees and we were doing it dog style. I looked over at Neel sitting back in the chair watching the action and wondered what he was getting out of it. Little did I know that before the night was done, in the privacy of his bedroom, Keith used that little brown bottle and turned Neel into a card carrying member of the cocksucker’s fraternity. Keith returned to university with a new bitch, but that’s another story.

Wayne just would not slow down. He was definitely now fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I, by this time, had come to realize that I’d given myself away so I just decided to make the most of this opportunity and, believe me, I thought I was in heaven. I slipped off Keith for a moment and asked Wayne if he was close. He yelled back that he wasn't going to end so soon and he told Keith to push his cock back into my mouth.

Before I knew it Keith's 9" cock was right in front of me and a second later was edging down into my throat. I had this happen to me once the summer before when Nicholas had a friend on his swim team over for the weekend. Nicholas took my ass and Conrad took my throat. As far as I was concerned there was nothing like it. I thought that having a cock in my ass and another in my mouth was as close to paradise as I would ever get.

Keith's cock fitted my throat perfectly and I loved the way Keith let me go up and down on the hard prong on my own and at my own speed. All of a sudden I felt Wayne pick up his pace. I felt his cock grow a little then he started to scream, and I felt the well known feelings of a cock cumming deep in me. That boy came and came and came. Then ripped his dick out of my ass and let the last drops of come fall on my butt cheek to prove to both Keith and Neel that he had indeed let go his load deep in my ass.

Wayne now motioned for Keith to take his place but Keith said he wanted me to do all the work. Keith pulled his big cock out of my mouth and sat down on the edge of the bed. He told me he wanted me to sit on his dick. I wasn't sure and was getting my inhibitions back but after another hit of poppers I found myself raising and lowering myself on his big fat cock. Thank gawd Wayne’s load of cream up my butt acted as a lubricant because I was sure that without it I could never have taken Keith’s very, very thick cock. Keith now lay down on the bed and Neel knelt on the edge of the bed with one leg on either side of me. Neel slowly inserted his 7 or so inches but he was not as thick as either Wayne or Keith. But he was a trooper and once he’d slid his cock into my mouth and my nose was embedded in his thick bush of pubic hair, he started fucking my face like there was no tomorrow. After about two minutes of this I felt Neel start to stiffen and tasted some of his pre cum. I felt his cock get even a little bigger and a little harder when, without any warning whatsoever, he shot his load. I swallowed as fast as he unloaded and it tasted so good. One minute later I started to cum because I had been jerking myself off while the two took their pleasure with me. As I was cumming I felt my ass tighten around Keith's meat and soon he was noisily moaning and shooting a second creamy load up my ass.

This however was only the beginning of the night and I had to put out a lot more, but it was worth it. One minute I had one of the guys, and then was servicing two. The only one not to fuck me that night was Neel. When Keith called it a night, he took Neel by the hand and took him down the hall to his bedroom. But, as I say that’s another story. Come Sunday afternoon, Wayne’s parents arrived home; Keith and Neel left for the university and I skedaddled back to my place before Wayne’s old man found out about the beer. Because Keith and Neel had left, Wayne, of course, blamed the theft of daddy’s Guinness on his older brother and Neel so me and him were in the clear.

The next Monday at school, Wayne told me all about how he had blamed Keith and Neel for the theft of the beer. He also made sure that I understood that what had happened was our secret and I didn't have to be afraid of everyone else knowing what took place that night. Then he told me he was horny and that during our free period he expected me to meet him in the boiler room to suck him off. I did; but that, too, is another story.

The End.