Turkish Dreams
by Ashley Hardric ©2005

    This is a work of fiction.  That means it is not true.  Didn’t happen.  It’s a figment. No boys were involved or harmed in the writing of this story and no trees were sacrificed.  The author does not condone sex with boys; he just writes fantasies about it.  Further, sex in reality requires caution and protection, but my characters won’t catch any bad bugs unless I write them in.  Be safe and legal in the real world, and enjoy the story only if you are of age and location to do so legally.

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    Inanch lay in bed on his back, covered only partially by the well-tented sheet.  His lean muscular chest rose and fell in the last moments of morning sleep before he would wake up.  I gazed at him with unrestrained admiration.  The sheet covered his lower abdomen and downward, supported by the boy’s ridgepole penis like a miniature pup tent.  I sat on the side of the bed, naked myself, and drew the sheet from my teenaged Turkish lover, exposing the body of Adonis.

    The penis rose from a golden triangle of soft curls which ended abruptly, leaving his abdomen totally smooth.  His lower legs were covered by a lighter blond sprinkling of gentle curls, and small matching tufts peeked out from his armpits.  He was lean and slender, but  youthfully well muscled none-the-less.  I touched the rigid muscle rising from his groin and ran my finger from its head to its base.  Two ample balls were hanging loosely beneath his nest of crotch hair, and I cupped them in my hand, massaging gently, before returning to his erection.  His breathing was quickening, and a light sheen of sweat was appearing on his skin.  I continued my delicate exploration of his sensitive skin, running my fingers from groin to abdomen and up to nipples, and returning to the lower regions between his thighs.   Involuntary groans and grunts were coming from his mouth, and the sweat began beading  on his skin.  His eyes moved rapidly behind his closed lids.  He was beginning to make pelvic motions, and precum was dripping from his turgid prick, which was even harder now, a dark shiny reddish brown.  It was time to wake him up.

    I leaned over his heaving chest and brushed aside the golden curls that lay across his forehead  I started kissing him on the forehead, on his smooth cheeks and lips.  “Inanch,” I whispered, “Inanch.  Time to wake up.”  I kissed him some more.  His eyes fluttered open.  “Having a nice dream?” I asked.

    “That’s for sure,” he said in his lightly accented English.  “It was too nice.”  He was breathing easier, and I kissed him again. 

    “Very nice, not too nice.” I automatically corrected him. 

    “Very nice,” he repeated.  Fully awake now, he kissed back and raised his arms to embrace me in a morning hug.  I lifted one leg between his so that I could lie fully next to him, while we were still holding each other. 

    “Tell me your dream,” I said.

    “It was very strange, but very nice.  I had just come from the showers after Physical Training, but my clothes were gone.  All that was left was my tie, my belt, and my shoes.  So I put them on and came to your class.  When I got there, you straightened my tie and my cock, but didn’t say anything about my clothes.  So I sat down.  Suddenly it was morning break, and all the other boys had lost their clothes too, and they were all hard.  Except for Emrey who didn’t want to take his pants off.  So we helped him.  Denis held his arms and Alkan held his feet and Yalchin took the pants off.  Then they turned him over started fucking him up his ass. Everyone was touching and sucking and fucking someone else.  Then boys from the Middle School class came in, and they were naked too, and hard.  Arda was there -- the seventh grader with all the hair -- and Jemrey with the tiny body and the penis nearly to his knees, and Mustapha who was still totally smooth and hairless.  We were on some kind of couch -- I don’t know where it came from.  And then the Middle boys were all around me, sucking me and licking and kissing me.  It was too nice.  I mean very nice.  And then you were lying next to me and you said “Suck me, Inanch, suck me now.”  And then the other boys were gone, and it was just you and me, and I reached for your penis and then you woke up me.”

    “ ‘Woke me up, not woke up me,’ ” I said.  “Nice dream.  Let’s go on to part two.  Let’s see, I was saying ‘Suck me, Inanch, suck me now.’ ”  As he had been speaking, I had resumed exploring his magnificent body, stimulating his already erect nipples, bringing his penile solidity back to full firmness. 

    Now he began to return the favors, and began moving his mouth down my torso to my own raging erection.  He paused with his head just above my cock, and almost tentatively extended his tongue for a first taste.  He touched the drop of precum with his tongue and then actively began licking the entire head.  He covered the entire length with licks, and began a mouth massage of my balls.  He was doing very well, just like I’d taught him five years before after a disciplinary paddling, when he was in eighth grade at his private, bilingual boarding school in Turkey...  


    He’d elected for a bare-ass paddling from just me in my office after school, begging me to tell neither his parents nor the Dean about his getting in trouble again.  I told him to take off his shoes and socks as I bolted the door and pulled the curtain across the window, and then led him behind my desk.  

    “First the shirt and tie,” I instructed, unbuttoning the rumpled white cotton dress shirt that stretched tautly across his chest, nearly too small for the growing boy.  As I did so I stroked his firm adolescent chest, and he slowly pulled his tie off.  He was nervous but determined to go through with it.  

    “You promise not to tell my parents?” he asked.

    “Yes, unless you wimp out before we’re done.”

    “And you won’t tell the Dean either?”

    “Like I just said.  Are you scared?”

    “Is this going to hurt a lot?”

    “Yes, I think it will.”  His eyes filled with both tears and fear, and two drops escaped his eye and trickled down his cheeks.  I slipped his shirt off his just-broadening shoulders and down his developing arms, and used it to wipe the tears away.  “Aren’t you man enough to take it?  If you’re too scared, we’ll just call your parents.”

    He drew himself up a bit, took a deep breath, and said, “I can take it.” 

    I unbuckled his belt and fly, pressing against some definite teen firmness under the fabric, and let his gray flannel trousers drop to his ankles.  He stood in just a pair of boxers, also nearly-outgrown.  I slipped my hands beneath the waistband and released the button, and the shorts fell down as well.  A pubescent penis, half hard, stuck out from a few wispy pubic hairs.  I told him to step out of his pants so that he was totally naked, and took his young cock in my hand.  It was now standing perpendicular to his flat abdomen.  Holding him thus, I turned him around and directed him to lean both arms against the desk.  I ran my free hand across his smooth ass, and down an inner thigh and returned to the target area.  I picked up my paddle and pressed it against his ass.

    “Are you ready?” I asked.  He nodded, and I delivered a quick,  hard swat.  “That was just for aiming,” I told him.  “It doesn’t count.”  I put the board down and fingered his ass again.  “Maybe I should have aimed a little lower,” I said.  “I better try again.”  I took the paddle again, and delivered another hard smack.  His butt was already starting to redden a bit.  “I think I have the range now,” I said.  “Now we’ll start counting.”

    By now, his young prick was even harder, still pointing out almost perpendicular to his body.  I used the protrusion as a handle to steady him and improve my aim.  I hit him quite hard, and then put the paddle down to caress his hot ass some more.  Then another hit, and a third.  

    “Damn!” I exclaimed.  “I missed.  I’ll have to take that one over again.”  I brought my hand back to his backside and moved it down to play with his smooth ballsack.  I fingered the perineum  a bit and then gave him another whack with the paddle.  

    He squirmed in a combination of pleasure and pain, and after the fifth and last whack, while I still held him and massaged with my hand, he came, spurting a few puny drops of cum in my hand, amid multiple spasms of his little dick.  I held his thin, bare body close as he caught his breath, and then brought my wet hand up to his face.  “Have you ever done this before?” I asked, showing him the cum.  He shook his head.  “This is called semen,” I told him.  “Touch it.  Taste it.  It has your sperm cells in it.  It means your body is now able to make babies.  It means your body is ready to be a man.  And it also means that you are ready to have a lot of fun.”  As I talked, I sat down, and pulled him onto my lap, thus relieving some of the strain I was feeling between my own legs.

    “Is that going to come out every time I get paddled?” he asked, now settled on my lap, his pants on the floor, his shirt on the desk where I’d tossed it.

    “Not necessarily,” I answered.  “If you really get turned on, it might.  But if you don’t get hard, it won’t come out.  But you can make it happen by yourself.  That’s what we call masturbating, or jerking off, or lots of other names.  You just stroke and rub and do anything else that feels good and makes it get hard.”  I demonstrated as I spoke, and his little prick started to respond, straightening and enlarging above the few straggly hairs and golden down growing on his groin.

    “Some of my friends talk about that, but I never really knew what they meant,” he told me.  “I just laugh at the same time they do.”

    “Do they ever talk about blow jobs or sucking off?” I asked.

    “Yeah, that too,” he answered.  “What does that mean?”

    “That means that you suck on a guy’s penis until the semen comes out,” I told him.  “Let’s see how that works, too.”  I opened my legs so that he could slide to the floor, and opened my pants as well.  I released my erection in front of his face.  His eyes went round, and his mouth dropped open in disbelief.  I took advantage of the invitation, and inserted my turgid penis.  He involuntarily closed his mouth on my hot meat.  “Lick and suck,” I instructed, “And keep your teeth out of the way.”  Inanch was nothing if not a quick study, and he soon found a natural combination that brought me to the climax I had anticipated ever since agreeing to the paddling compromise that morning.  In contrast to his minimal ejaculation, my own was the maximum, and as I pumped stream after stream into his mouth, a lot leaked out.  When my own spasms ended, I pulled him back up onto my lap, and wiped a glob off his chin.  “In a few more months, yours will look like this, too,” I told him.  He smelled it, and touched it with his fingers before I fed it to him.  He licked my hand clean, and snuggled against my chest.

    “You’ve had quite a lesson today, huh?” I commented.

    “Yeah.  I think I’ll get in trouble again tomorrow!”

    “Well, maybe we can find some ways to keep you out of trouble and still find more ways to have fun.  How does that sound?”

    “What do you mean?” he asked.

    “I mean we can spend special time alone together, but you don’t have to get in trouble or get paddeled.  I think that would be a better idea.”  

    And from there the relationship had grown that resulted in the golden boy lying next to me on the bed in my house on the other side of the world.  I brought my thoughts back to the present pleasures.


    He was giving his usual expert blow job, knowing instinctively when to advance and when to back off, bringing me to the edge and keeping me there until I was mad with desire.  Nor was I ignoring him, for as he worked on me, I worked on him, nuzzling his body with my mouth anywhere I could reach, and covering every inch with my hands that I could.  He shifted his legs to give me better access to his cock, and I took the still hard member into my own mouth.  After my pre-waking ministrations and subsequent stimulations, he too was ready.  With only a few strokes of my warm tongue, his cum blasted into my mouth, and simultaneously mine blasted into his.  I thrust into his face as he did likewise into mine, both bodies in absolute ecstacy.  We both rested, and then returned ourselves to face each other.  We kissed again.  “Nice dream, huh?” I said. 

    “It was too nice,” he said. 

    “Very nice,” I corrected.

    And the day had only just begun.