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~Turning Fourteen~
A New Year Story

"Okay, now, close your eyes and picture yourself inside a closet."


"...inside a reeaaaally small closet and that it's locked up and...and you can't get out."


"No matter how hard you kick at the door and scream `til your lungs burst, you just can't..."


Well that got his attention. He looked at me wide-eyed and in clear disbelief. The eagerness on his face disappeared and I could tell that he was surprised at my outburst. I was about to tell him off, but he just had to smirk and that made my eyes squint a bit more and my head to tilt a little.

"What?" I asked.


"It's not nothing when you got that look on your face!"

"What look?" he said, leaning away from me and crossing both his arms over his chest. That little smirk lingered on his thin lips.

"Nevermind," I told him, sighing as I did so.

"Okay," he said. "...about that closet..."

"Wait!" I interrupted. "Why do you want me in a closet? We're right outside in the middle of the night on this freaking tree waiting for the fireworks to start the new year and you want me in a fucking closet?!"

"Yep," he answered nonchalantly.

"Alex," I said, looking him straight in the eyes. "What part of what I said don't you understand?"

"You," he said. "...not inside a closet."

"Why would I wanna be there?!"


"NO!" I cut him off again. "You're toying with me. You know quite well that I'm closeted. And now you want me in another closet?"

"Trust me," he said, returning my fierce gaze with his soft one and made even calmer by his deep brown eyes. The little light inside the tree house almost made it glow.

I sighed once more, closed my eyes and placed my forehead against my palm.

"Mikey," he began, gently lifting my chin to once again mirror his eyes. "...just trust me, okay?

"It's not..."

"Ssshh," he whispered, placing a finger against my lips. "You'll be fine. Just trust me and...and it's part of my surprise for you."


"Oh, c'mon," he said as he giggled. "Just close your eyes for a bit...and don't forget that closet."

Seeing no way out of this, I conceded and began closing my eyes as he removed his finger from my lips and slowly leaned closer to me. I took a deep breath in and began locking myself up inside yet another closet, thanks to his clever idea. Just as the walls began to materialize around me and before I heard the sound of the lock clicking, he whispered something.

"Now," he said, intentionally warming the side of my face with his breath. "...who holds the key?"


It wasn't long ago when I met him. In the most dramatic scene ever, our eyes locked glances unintentionally and I was quite sure that it all happened in slow motion. I don't know what force in the universe made me turn my head away from my friends and narrow my vision on a rather small boy who looked well below my age. It didn't take long for me to learn that he was only a year younger than me.

After several days of wondering who he was, I tried everything I could to know his name. Whenever I saw him walking down the hallway with his friends, I would always find an excuse to follow behind them discreetly. I started obsessing over him and I don't think he seemed to mind. After all, there were those random times when he looked back over his shoulders and saw me quickly turning my gaze away from him. Looking at him from the corners of my eyes, I saw him smile and that was the most beautiful sight ever.

I didn't have enough courage, though, to approach him directly and introduce myself. Well, he was a year below me so we didn't share any classes. Instead, we only shared the hallway and that wasn't enough for me. So I continued spying on him and eventually overheard his name. Alex. What a cute name for a really cute boy.

Feeling totally at loss and freaking hopeless, I decided to stop following him. I wasn't getting anywhere and, surely, nowhere near him anyway. I came to that decision one night when I was scanning over his profile on Facebook. Yep. If I can't actually follow him and be right beside him in real life, I could just stare at him longingly on my computer screen. I was addicted to his smile and those eyes of his that also seemed to smile on their own. He had the perfect face for me with his button nose, thin and pink lips, and olive complexion. His dark hair fell halfway down his ears and covered the back of his neck while some strands fell down to cover his forehead but not his eyes.

We weren't friends even on Facebook, but I didn't mind that much. His profile was for the whole public to see and as much as I was a part of the public, I had access to all his photos and it only took several clicks for me to download a whole folder. There was one where he wore glasses and a lab coat as he grinned and that made him look like a cute little mad scientist. But the photo I liked the most was the one where he pulled off the perfect little pout I had ever seen in my entire life. His eyes were so expressive and even though his lips curved into a pout, he looked to still be smiling. That was just his effect on me. I couldn't get his smile off my mind.

Then that little red indicator showed on screen telling me I received a friend request. And, thanks to that same force in the universe, which I should probably call luck, it was from him. Of course, I accepted within the first few seconds and that got my heart jumping out of my chest as I tried my best not to dance around my bedroom. I was feeling ecstatic but I didn't want to look like some hopeless fanatic overreacting to a friend request from the cutest boy ever. Heh.

I thought that was all that I expected, but then came that beautiful tiny sound of my chatbox showing a new message still coming from him! I couldn't hold it no more so I pushed myself off my chair and fisted my hand into the air. Thankfully, I still wasn't a dancing fool. Carefully running some words through my head, it took me several minutes to reply and all I said was, "Hey". That was a reasonable response for me since I didn't want him to know that I was waiting all my life for this very rare chance to talk to him even virtually so.

Our friendship started off from there and soon we were chatting almost every night, talking about nonsense and just being silly all over. I "lol'd" at most of what he said that I thought was funny and he just said, "hehe". See? We were finally laughing together! It couldn't get any better than that for the time being.

Then came one night when he asked me if I had a girlfriend. That...that saddened me somehow. I thought right then that he was going to ask me for some advice on how to get a girl. And that could only mean one thing. He was straight.

"hey, big bro, y'have a gf or not?" he said on screen. Yep, he started calling me his big brother out of the blue and all I could do was call him my lil' bro.

"you there?" his next message read.


"Comfortable?" Alex asked, his voice still sounding so near me and his breath still warming my skin.

"I'm in a closet," I told him. "What do you expect?"

"It's almost midnight anyway."

"And?" I asked, my eyes still closed and the walls of the closet I was in still looked very real and solid.

"So you need to find the key by then," he answered and his voice finally sounded a bit further away. I guess he must've leaned away from me and was just watching me lock myself up.

"I don't see how this will work."

"You won't know `til you try," he assured me.

"I'm trying already," I said. "What I mean is how could I open a fucking closet from the inside when it's locked with chains on the outside?"

"Chains?" he asked, sounding somewhat disbelievingly. "I didn't say anything about chains."

"Well I put it there. You don't want me to get out so I locked it from the outside."

"Hmm," he sounded amused.

"Any ideas?"

"You still need the key."

"What for?" I asked and even though my eyes were closed, I shifted my head to somehow look at him.

"To open the lock, dummy," he giggled.

"This is all your fault, y'know? And I could just open my eyes..."

"No, no," he argued, placing his hand on my cheek to make sure I listened to what he said. "It's still a surprise, remember? And no surprises ever start with the eyes open."

"Fine," I sighed and tried once again to form a key out of my thoughts. Despite it being easily said and done, I didn't know anything about the lock I placed outside. So I couldn't be sure enough with what key I was supposed to come up with.

"This is like that time when I asked you if you have girlfriend," he reminded. "...right, big bro?"

"How so?"

"...took you long enough to answer and this should take you long enough to find the key," he answered. "Hurry, only a quarter before midnight."

I tried once more, like how I tried back then to be the big bro that I thought he pictured me to be.


"a gf?" I typed back.

"yes a gf...y'know, a girlfriend," he graciously pointed out.

"I know what it means and I don't have one."

"really?!! awesome!"

Well, his reaction chased away the doubt I had earlier. So maybe he wanted to know if I was single and available. Yep, that could be it!

"I know a girl who likes you!" he immediately added.

And that easily brought the whole world crashing down on me again. So this was his intention? He was playing matchmaker...

"and?" I asked him.

"she's really cute and nice and told me how she loves seeing your hair stand up for no reason."

`What the hell,' I thought while looking up at the ceiling in a vain attempt to check out my hair. That was really stupid of me so I just had to put my hand on my hair and see if it did stand up for no reason. It did stand up, actually, but that was because I styled it that way. That wasn't for no reason at all!

"what's her name?" was the next logical question I could ask.

"catherine kessler. she's in my class and one of my best friends."

Damn, this could be hard. He was playing matchmaker for one of his best friends! I could've answered that I'm not interested, but I didn't want to appear like running away from a girl I haven't even met yet. Maybe I could just be friends with her and that shouldn't involve any heartbreak, I think, which would still leave Alex and me as being friends.

"you can meet her tomorrow...this is gonna be so cool!"

He was even being overly ecstatic about this. Still, who would've thought that after meeting Catherine the following day, I eventually ended up having a girlfriend?


"You have the coolest hair, y'know," Alex said.

"Wha...hey!" I protested and leaned back a bit, feeling his fingers poke at my hair.

"Sorry...it's just...awesome, I guess," he told me and I even heard him giggle.

"Uh, I'm still in a closet, remember?" I reminded him.

"That's not my problem."

"You made me put myself in here!"

"Then it shouldn't be hard for you to get out," he said. "Like how you easily broke up with Catherine."

Damn. To be reminded of that painful breakup had put some more weight on my conscience. The heaviness actually came from the fact that it didn't hurt a single bit for me, but it made Catherine break down. She was seriously in love with me, I could tell. But I couldn't stand being "in love" with her for so long. And the break up only happened two weeks ago, the week before Christmas.

"She's one of my best friends," said Alex. "...and so are you, big bro. I can't blame either of you and...and..."

"It was partly `coz of you," I told him, but my voice didn't sound mad or remorseful at all.

"Yeah, I guess so," he answered. "...you hate me for it?"

"You saved me from her," I assured him.

"Saved you?" he asked. "Is she really that bad?"

"Well, no, but she was suffocating me and I can't...uh..."

"I know," he giggled again. "You just don't love her and can't ever be in love with her."




"Yeah," I said. "I figured you'd like chocolates."

"Thanks," Alex answered, smiling cutely as ever. He was a couple inches shorter than me and that already made him look like a little child getting his first lollipop.

"And I did promise to bring you something."

"You did, huh? Well how `bout Catherine? You got her anything?" he asked.

We were both standing by the doorway to their classroom and as I looked over his shoulders, I saw some of his classmates peering over at us. However, I didn't see Catherine anywhere. She and I were officially in a relationship now so it was only reasonable for me to have brought her something when I came back from a weekend over at a nearby city. Still, it wasn't only her that I brought some gifts for. Of course, how could I not bring anything for my sweet lil' bro? I was still secretly...in love with him after all. Yep, I finally conceded to calling that one feeling I have for him as love.

"Here," I said, handing over a similar pack of Kisses. "...can you give this to her?"

"Yeah, sure," he said and even giggled. He was just so sweet and that made his giggles more melodious than any other sound on earth.

"And tell her..."

"You love her," he interrupted. "...right."



"...nothing," I told him, smiling my own little way.

"I'm really glad she's with you, big bro," he said, but his usually radiant smile faded to just a small one. He still looked cute, but his expressive eyes didn't even meet mine. "...and I have something for you, too."


"Well, I can't just receive something and not give back," he told me. "I'll see you after school, okay? If not, then..."

"Of course I'll see you," I cut him off. "...after school it is."

And that brought back his wonderful smile.

For the rest of the day, I didn't even think of Catherine. I'm sure I received a text from her, but I didn't bother to check my phone. It was really frustrating sometimes to even read her messages. Mostly, she wanted to know what I was doing or where I was or if I was asleep yet. Even when we were together at school and talked a lot, I couldn't even bring myself to really laugh at her jokes. I forced my chuckles and I don't think she ever noticed.

So right after the last bell, it wasn't her that got me rushing through the hallway and out the main doors. It wasn't her that got me thinking over and over again of any and all the possibilities of what I might...receive. And it certainly wasn't her who was waiting outside for me.

"Hey," Alex greeted as he stood alone near the sidewalk.

"...kept you waiting?" I asked.

"Only a couple minutes. Catherine didn't make it to school today. She has the flu."

That made me feel guilty all of a sudden. So if it was really her texting me earlier, it was because she wasn't feeling well and might have needed me to comfort her by just sending her a simple... `I love you'. See? Even that was hard to get out of my mind. It just didn't sound right.

"The whole class ate the chocolates by the way," he said after the lingering silence over us.

"That's great," I said. "I mean, sharing is loving, right?"

He just looked at me and smiled. He just knew when to pull off that smile.

"So..." I trailed off for a bit. "...what was it you wanted to give me? And where are your other classmates?"

"I just told them to leave me alone for a while. And...uh..."


"...come home with me," he whispered, averting his gaze from me and my mind immediately went berserk on all the possible meanings of what he just said.

"Uhm, huh?"

"I left it at home," he said. "...that thing I'm s'posed to give you."

I didn't know if I was blushing or not, but my cheeks felt like it went from warm into cold in an instant. I totally misread the coming-home-with-me part. Surely, he didn't mean anything...romantic about it and that chased away the blush I might have had earlier.

"Sure..." was all I could say before we headed for his home.


"Any luck yet?"

"No," I answered. "Want to help me out here?"

"I can't," he said. "I don't even have the key and I don't know who has it anyway."

"Certainly not me. I don't even know what key I'm looking for."

"Try harder," he told me and I felt him standing and moving past me.

"Where are you going?"

"Looking for help," he said and it only took a few seconds for his footsteps to walk past me again and for the gentle thud he made while sitting to reach my ears.

"What help?"

"Here," he said, taking my hand in his and placing something so soft and squirmy in my palm.

"This is..."

"Yep," he giggled once again. "Oreo."


"Are these yours?" I asked as my eyes lit up in sheer fascination of the little creatures before me.

"All of `em," Alex answered. "This is Mocha, Cappuccino, Caramel...and this one's Oreo."

"You named `em?"

"Yep, and those other two over there are Fucker and Bits."

"Fucker? You named a hamster Fucker?" I asked, suddenly feeling the urge to touch the little furballs.

"Fucker `coz she's a devil," he said, reaching out to grab my hand before I even touched one of his pets. "...she bit me so I wouldn't do that, if I were you."

"And Bits?"

"Well, he's Fucker's little bitch."

Remember that time when we were just laughing together in a chatbox? Well, it wasn't that long ago but it already seemed so distant `coz it was so easy for us to actually be laughing together now. It wasn't the same `lol' and `hehe'. We giggled and just enjoyed the boyish sounds we made.

"They're really cute. Can I touch even just one of `em?" I asked.

"You can do more than just touch `em."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm giving two of `em to you," he told me as he bent over beside me and picked up one of his hamsters.

"For real?! I mean, won't you miss `em?"

"As long as they're with you, I'm sure they'll be in good hands. So which two do you like? You should pick one boy and one girl so they could...y'know," he said as he handed me the little hamster he picked up. Its fur was in between golden and deep brown all over.

"I like this one," I told him. "Mocha, right?"

"Yep. It's a female so you should pick a male next."

I scanned over the remaining furballs that were evidently curious as they sniffed and ran around so much and even fought over the hamster wheel. They must've been showing off and saying, `Pick me, pick me!'

"How `bout Oreo?" I asked and it was clear enough which one was Oreo, with how black its fur was.

"Good choice," he said as he picked up Oreo. "...this one's definitely a male and I think he's a good match for Mocha."

"You're really giving them to me?"

"Not only that," he said as he smiled again before averting his gaze and appeared to look somewhat confused and hesitant.


"You'll hate me for it," he said sadly.

"Alex, you're my lil' bro, remember?" I said. "I won't hate you. Ever."


He didn't answer me, but he did give me an innocent smile which instantly got my heart racing. I thought he was going to confess to me about his...feelings toward me, but it appeared as though it was otherwise.

"Can you wait `til Christmas?" he asked.

"For what?"

"Just be patient for a while..."

"Is it a gift?"

"Sort of," he said as he took out a small cardboard box from behind the hamster cage and handed it to me. "Put `em here."

"Okay, I'll wait but just `coz you told me so," I told him. "...and what am I s'posed to feed `em with?"

"Here," he said as he handed me a pack of sunflower seeds. "...and thanks, by the way."

"I should be thanking you," I corrected. "You're giving me your precious hamsters, see?"

"Well, yeah. But I'm saying thanks for the Kisses..."


"The thing that makes Oreo special," began Alex. "...is that he doesn't bite like the others. Instead, he licks way too much...hamster kisses, I guess."

Sure enough, Oreo began `kissing' my palm and even ran his little tongue to the tip of my fingers. I smiled at how affectionate Oreo seemed to be.

"But I don't get it," I said. "How is this s'posed to help?"

"...remember the things that make you different," he said. "...that make you special."


He sighed before saying, "Remember why you're in a closet..."

"Coz you told me to put myself in here?" I said sarcastically.

"You said it yourself, Mikey," he said. "...that you're already closeted before I had you lock yourself up in another closet."

Point taken. I was indeed closeted ever since I first found out that I liked boys. That was a long time ago, before I even met Alex.

"Why are you closeted?" he asked

"...because...coz I'm..."

"Different," he said. "...but that's not a bad thing. It makes you special, doesn't it?"

"I...think so," I sighed while Oreo just continued to leave hamster kisses on my palms, crossing from my one hand to the other.

So maybe I was different. And, as Alex said, special. That was one way of putting it. Still, I couldn't accept how different I was, thus the closet around me. I refused to come out, but I really don't know why.

"You're afraid of what others might think..." he said almost inaudibly. "But I don't think you're any different from that person who was following me down the hallway a few months ago."

I blushed, thinking back on my days of espionage.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Remember why I called you my big bro?" he asked back.

"Coz you wanted a big brother?"

"That," he said. "...and `coz I looked up to you. That day when you first looked my way, I was looking back at you not because of luck or any accident...I heard you laugh that day and you kinda...stood out..."

"I don't get it..."

He sighed again and I felt him put his clasp his hands around mine with Oreo snuggled in mine still quite busy with leaving hamster kisses.

"I knew you were different back then," he told me. "Your eyes told me so... And all I had to do was get close to you `coz I wanted to know you better. I couldn't think of any other way to get closer than be your lil' bro...I didn't want you to immediately think that I was, uhm..."

"That you had a crush on me," I said, smiling at him with my eyes closed.

He giggled while taking his hands off mine and gently resting them on my knees.

"So...you get it now?" he asked.

"I don't think so," I truthfully said.

"Don't be scared, big bro," he whispered. "That closet of yours, it's not real. It's only your fears surrounding you and you feeding it more and more each day. You can't be in there forever. So what if you're different, eh? I'm different, but I've recently got past those closet doors. You made me get past my fears..."

"I didn't do anything..."

"That's what you think," he said. "You...you gave me lots of attention and that made me trust you so much that it made me realize how stupid it was to be all locked up...I knew I trusted you so I came out to you first, remember?"

"Yeah...I do, but..."

"What I'm saying is," he cut me off. "It'll get awfully lonely in there...and I'll be lonely out here, too, if we can't be different together...if you finally find that key, you can get out and we can finally be special...together."

I tried understanding what he said and even tried harder to see those closet walls as something not as solid as I first thought they were. Still, it was quite difficult and I was not in only one closet right now...I was in two...and the other one had chains around it. How was I supposed to get past two heavy closet doors?

"Even Oreo knows you're different," he added. "He's telling you not to be afraid anymore... C'mon, Mikey...big bro."

And that was all it took for me to start forming yet another key in my mind, hoping with all I've got that it was the right one.


The last week had been a terrible downfall for my relationship with Catherine. I broke up with her saying that I just didn't feel anything anymore. I would've said that I haven't felt anything at all from the start, but that would've only made her cry some more. She slapped me right across the face and I thought I deserved that and a few more, but that was it.

Right now, it seemed awkward for me to be celebrating the last day of classes before Christmas break with Catherine's class. She didn't invite me, but Alex did. Sitting all alone, it felt like several pairs of eyes were trying to burn me, including Catherine's. Still, I did join in the games they played and soon enough, those hateful glares turned away from me.

"The last game for tonight," somebody announced. "...is called Marshmallow Kisses."

It sounded interesting, I thought. And it was interesting. Those who played were in pairs and one of each pair had to sit while the other ran from a table nearby, picking up a marshmallow with his lips before running back to his partner and passing it over through their mouths. It was short of kissing, but if anyone dared, they could easily kiss their partners while feeding them marshmallows. It was so fun to watch and I was sure that it would be more fun to join in. However, I didn't have anyone who seemed comfortable enough with me passing or receiving marshmallow kisses from them. So I just watched...with Alex laughing so hard beside me.

Right after the celebrations, everyone just went home on their own or looked for some place to crash with some of their friends. Seeing that it was only me that didn't belong to their class, I went on my own. I didn't expect, however, to hear someone mumbling behind and those hurried footsteps as well.

"Mmmm!" that someone shouted.

I instantly turned around and saw Alex smiling while a marshmallow was in between his contoured lips.

"Alex? Aren't you s'posed to be with your classmates?" I asked.

He just shook his head and gestured for me to come near him and I did while cautiously eyeing him. It seemed he had some plan brewing and I kind of doubted the part I was about to play in this.

He breathed out comically seeing the distance that I clearly left in between us, but he did smile when we finally locked gazes once more. He was still shorter than me and it made him look cute as hell with that marshmallow in his lips.

"Who gave that to you? Your girlfriend?" I asked.

"Mm-mhm," he said, rolling his eyes.

"Okaaay," I said. "...I don't know what you're saying."

"Mm-mhm," he mumbled. "Mm-mhm."

"What the..."

And before I could even say `fuck', he tiptoed a bit and touched the marshmallow against my lips. I stood frozen like a statue, but when he giggled, I finally let it slip past my lips and into my mouth. It was soft and squishy. However, the only thing softer right then was Alex's lips on mine. He had his hands gently placed on my shoulders and I could see his eyes closed. My own eyes were as wide as a saucer and my heart was counting the seconds faster than time actually did.

"Merry Christmas," he said after he withdrew from me and stood shorter than me again. "...and, uhm..."

"...kisses," I mumbled.


"...you returned my Kisses with...a kiss," I whispered while my heart slowed to its normal rate.

"...you don't hate me?" he asked and he sounded so innocent.

"Why would I?" I told him, squinting my eyes at him.

"...well," he began. "Is it okay, then, if I told you that..."

"What?" I asked, noticing how he trailed off.

"I...like you...big bro."

And that was how our Christmas break started. I told him why I broke up with Catherine and why I couldn't be in love with her. Simply put, it was him that held me back. He giggled and said sorry, but I told him it wasn't his fault. The rest of days leading to New Year, we spent together as much as possible. Then, he finally told me that he confessed to his parents and some of his friends that he was, in fact...different. Now, he wanted me to do the same...to finally let myself out of the closet.


"Five minutes," Alex reminded me before taking Oreo from my hands.


"Still no key?"

"I'm not sure," I told him, feeling frantic all of a sudden. "I'm...trying."

"Well...try harder..."

I've never felt so pressured in my entire life than right now. And I was only trying to find...form a key out of my thoughts! It wasn't that hard, right? However, the walls around me felt like slowly closing in on me. Those chains I put around earlier must've started tightening around the second closet. It was almost suffocating, but I knew I just had to try harder.

"Two minutes," he whispered once more and I felt him stand up again, to return Oreo to his little hamster house, I bet.

A key...I needed a fucking key! What lock was it out there? Did it have a big keyhole? A small one? Did it have a keyhole at all?!

"60 seconds," he told me as he sat back in front of me, but I still couldn't see him.

I feared that I wouldn't be able to see him again. I finally felt those wall brushing against my limbs.

"Alex," I begged, but he just put his hand on mine. I needed more than that. I needed him to somehow unlock those chains. "How big is the lock out there?"

"I don't see any lock," he told me. "Remember, it's your closet...not mine."

Fuck. It was my fucking closet and I don't even know a single thing about it!

"10...9...8...," he counted down and I could already hear some distant and low explosions.

"Please...," I begged once more and I finally felt himself shift closer to me. Then, his arms went `round me and I started feeling...safe.


As Alex wrapped me in his embrace, the whole world exploded around me. Even with my eyes closed, I could see all those wonderful fireworks lighting up the night sky. Boom after boom, the sounds echoed inside the tree house. I wondered if Oreo and Mocha were okay, or maybe they hid themselves in their little house, fearing all the explosions.

Alex's arms tightened around me and I slowly wrapped my own around him.

"You're finally out," he whispered and I could barely make it out `coz of all the loud noises around.

"Huh?" I mumbled.

I knew that I didn't find the key I was looking for. So how the hell did he say that I was finally out?

"...the fireworks," he said.

"What about them?"

"I...I shielded you from them...while they blasted through those doors."


"...those chains you put around?" he said. "It's not so tough...all it took was a whole load of fireworks and, of course...a Happy..."

"Happy New Year," I beat him to it, slowly opening my eyes and lifting my head to look at him.

"Hmm," he smiled. "Happy birthday..."

And, as dramatic as it may seem, our eyes closed to the remaining sounds of fireworks exploding and people cheering. We shared a kiss on New Year. It was special. But the thing that was most special to me...was the thought of no more closets enclosing me...or both of us and we can finally be different...and special together. I just turned 14, and so did the 21st century.

~ End of Chapter ~

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