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kkrimson Oran 2014

~Turning Fourteen~
Cardboard Boxes and a List for Two

"That's all of it."

"All of it?"

"Yes, Mikey. All of it."

"Where'd you get this anyway? This is way too much," I told him, spreading my arms to exaggerate just how way too much all this is.

"Basement," he answered nonchalantly as he kneeled in front of me and started stacking boxes. Cardboard boxes. Empty cardboard boxes. A whole pile of empty cardboard boxes. Some small, others mostly big enough to fit a freakin' whale.

"You could burn all of this in a fireplace and it'll last you whole winter!"

"We don't have snow," he said. "Besides, my mom can't figure out what to do with all this and she doesn't even want to throw `em out."

"So you decided to build a fort with this garbage?"

"One man's trash is another man's treasure, I say," he chirped. "Are you going to help me or not?"

I sighed and started stacking a couple of boxes, building a tower of my own, I think. We stayed in Alex's bedroom and decided to move all his things to the walls and build the most awesome fort anyone could ever dream of. With stacks and piles of boxes before us, I'd say it will be a gigantic fort.

"You still think I'm crazy?" he asked.

"Building this fort? Yes. Crazy as hell."

"Not that, big bro. What you told me up in your tree house," he paused and looked at me, intentionally holding my gaze. "...am I crazy?"

"Oh, about that..." I glanced away and focused on the box I was holding. "...not crazy. Just freaky."

"It's called foresight, Mikey. It's just a gut feeling and I didn't mean for it to come true."

"I know."

Yeah. See, I told Alex my concern about his `diary' entries coming true before I even knew it was happening. However, I never told him everything I knew about all those entries I've read per se. I only told him that I had the feeling that he knew what was going to happen that afternoon when I came home to hear my mom's admonition. It wasn't coincidence that he just popped out from behind me and bravely stood up to my mom, I pointed out. It was like he planned the whole thing and waited for some trigger before coming to my rescue. Apart from that, I never told him anything about the next entries in his `diary', especially that one about December 28. As much as possible, I decided to figure out this whole thing on my own and find a way to delete that last entry saying `Goodbye'.

"You're mad at me, aren't you?" he said, looking sad and guilty all of a sudden.

"No, dude. I just never thought that my mom would actually say those things."

"...doesn't mean she's right," he told me. "...right?"

"Are you having another foresight?"

"Nope!" He put the last box on top of his tower. "Your mom's not always right so you don't have to believe everything she says. Don't think about what she said. Just think of what you'll say to her to make her understand."

"Not as easy as it sounds, Alex," I said. "...everything's not easy with her."

"We'll find a way, remember? I know we will."

It was a total repeat of what he said up in my tree house several days ago. Strangely, I felt the same thing when I first heard him say that. It was the feeling of inevitability. It wasn't foresight. It was destiny our own destiny on a long sheet of paper written by a boy who's building a fort with cardboard boxes.

"What'll we use for the flag?" he asked, looking up at the tower he built which was a box and a half taller than him, almost reaching his ceiling.

"Anything you want."

He looked at me strangely and I stared back at him, doubtful with seeing something flicker in his eyes. Then, he smiled so innocently, showing his straight white teeth and blushed slightly.

"What?" I asked.

"Take your pants off."

"You wanna jack off right now?"

"I need a flag."

"And what does it have to do with me taking my pants off?"

"Your boxers."

I frowned at him and he only giggled, slowly walking toward me before placing his hand on the button of my jeans.

"What colour are you wearing?" he whispered.


"I hope it's not white," he said while unbuttoning my jeans and audibly sliding the zipper down.

"Why do I have to do this?" I mumbled, though I felt sure that he had me hypnotized with his brown eyes.

"Red," he chuckled. Then, pulling the hem of my boxers a bit and hearing it snap back on my bare skin, he added, "I like red."

It was pointless to argue when Alex sounded so enticing, innocent and playful. I could not refuse him if he talked to me like that. So there I was, pulling my jeans back up and still sporting an evident erection while Alex clipped my red boxers to a rod and taped it on top of his tower. I sighed, knowing that I had my own tower to take care of. And no, I don't mean that tower.

"What shall we call it?" he asked.

"It's not finished yet," I told him. "We don't have any walls and no gates."

"Dragon Fort," he happily said, looking at me with pure excitement.

"Don't you mean, Red Dragon Fort?"

"I can take off my boxers and put it up next to yours," he offered.

"What? Is it red, too?"

"Nope!" he giggled. "Why don't you see it for yourself?

Yeah, about my other tower. I'm sure it went soft and dangly, but Alex's invitation made it stand up to full attention once again. With his knowing look urging it on, I could only groan as I felt the cold metal of my zipper touch the tip of my erection.

"It's so easy to get you hard!"

"Oh yeah? Just look at yourself!"

He shrugged and walked toward me again. When he stood bravely in front of me, he looked up into my eyes, smiled for a bit and took hold of my right hand while guiding it onto the button of his jeans.

"Hurry, dude," he whispered. "...don't want a wet flag, do we?"

Again, there was totally no point in arguing when Alex sounded so needy and when my hands could feel the outline of his dick. I must say, after all those stuff we did to each other, he got more eager and brave when it came to both of us jacking off. We still haven't moved beyond giving each other heads, but we're making progress. As a matter of fact, we only got to use one yes, ONE chocolate flavoured condom before he decided to try a different flavour. As much as it delighted me, he loved the raw taste of my own skin.

It was Alex's hand that pulled down his own zipper, my hand going along with it. It was his hand that invited my own into his pants and I found out one curious detail. He wasn't wearing anything underneath. I eyed him questioningly, but he just smiled and went on with our little `dance'. We were standing near his bed and by the time I realized that, I was sitting on his mattress and he was still pushing toward me. His bed was right beside an open window and I could feel the cool wind tugging my hair as my back pushed against the windowsill. He crawled onto the bed, wriggling his pants off in the process and once again unbuttoning my jeans. I didn't resist as he pulled those tight pants off me before he knelt in between my thighs with both of us naked from the waist down.

The sight of his hard shaft was like adrenaline rushing through me. Just when I thought he'd start jacking me off, he turned around before looking back over his shoulders and chuckling mischievously. Slowly I mean, evidently slow he dragged his cute butt toward me and sat in between my parted legs. I could feel the hem of his shirt rubbing against my pulsating dick as he settled against my chest. Then, he stopped.



"What are you doing?"


"I thought...uhh...we're not jacking off?"

"No silly!" he said. "...this one's a new routine."

I was in doubt, but to hell with that. I just welcomed his warmth, embracing him and taking in the sweet scent of his hair.

"Trust me, okay?"

I nodded.

It seemed effortless when he pushed himself up before sitting back down again. Only this time, he sat on my freakin' hard dick. My body tensed, but I kept my arms around his waist. He giggled again, before moving his butt over my erection. It went right between his crack and...oh I wanted to fuck him right there. I was desperate, but he took control of me. Knowing that he was sure with what he was doing, I placed my hand on his dick and started rubbing up and down while trying to mimic his dancing butt sandwiching my poor dick. With his back right against my chest, I could feel every breath he took and I'm sure he felt my heart going right through his chest.


And he just had to moan like that! I picked up my pace as he glided down my shaft and back up faster and (this is quite annoying) I found it hot that we were still wearing our white socks while our toes curled with every shiver running down our spines.

Fighting back a moan, I leaned in and placed a kiss on his exposed neck. It was much later that I found a hickey that I thought wasn't supposed to be there. His hands went to either side of my thighs, my arms underneath his, my one hand jacking him off while my other hand played with his balls.




"Ssshh," I whispered into his ear. "...this feels really good."

He nodded before sliding completely downward to put the tip of my dick right against his virgin asshole. I swear, I could've pushed deep inside him, but I held back. This felt better than forcing my dick into him, I thought.

"Shiiiit," he hissed. "I...I love you."

"Shit you love me?"

He giggled as he moaned.

"I l-love...you...big bro."

"I know..."

It didn't take long before he glided way down then back up while sending the most tingling sensation up my spine, making me squint my eyes, tighten my grip around his dick and feel like the world exploded before my eyes. The explosion, which was a thousand times more powerful than any other `kablooey', settled into a mess of auburn hair before my half-lidded eyes, sent an aftershock of quick drawn breaths and dissipated into the scent of our jizz. It was the best goddamn feeling by far.

"...so that's how it feels," Alex hummed, giggling shyly.

"What feels how?"

"Your cum in my ass, Mikey," he said, settling his head gently on my shoulder. "...well, not really in my ass, but still..."

"You like it?"

"It's warm."

For five minutes or so, we sat just like that on his bed while enjoying the start of the warm summer sun. Dragon Fort was far from finished, but our red flag already looked so proud and...red. When Alex finally moved away from me, I felt the stickiness of what seemed like dried cum. It didn't matter, though. We could just take a quick shower and leave his sheets in the laundry.

With both our imaginations running wild, it didn't take long for Dragon Fort to actually be a fort. Its walls went as high as four medium-sized boxes while its two towers up front brushed the ceiling with the tip of our flags' rods. One flag was red, courtesy of my boxers while the other flag was jet black which was really a towel we used earlier to wipe off our cum. I wondered how that would smell up there.

With some heavy books on four corners of a large blanket, we set up a tent right inside Dragon Fort. It wasn't a castle. It was a fort. It was meant to keep unwanted visitors from walking through our narrow gate and we even dug out a river around its walls (oh yes). The whole area inside our fort spanned four by three lengths of my one arm. It was spacious enough for two teenage boys, I assure you.

"I bestow upon thee," Alex began, sounding so unlike him. "...the mighty power of the ancients, the wisdom of a druid, the cunningness of a ninja and...uhh..."

"...the annoying wails of a banshee," I added.

"Right," he agreed. "Go forth and be the guardian of two kings..."

"I thought this wasn't a castle," I interrupted.

"Shush!" he objected. "Spread your great wings and send your mighty tail crashing to the earth..."

"Just get on with it lil' bro."

"I dub thee," he said, holding down ruler in his one hand. "Happy Dragon of Dragon Fort, guardian of its two kings."

As proud as a stuffed dragon can be, Happy Dragon (which was green) stood knee high as Alex dignified his guardian status. After that, he placed the big-bellied toy by the gate of Dragon Fort and went to sit beside me.

"Happy Dragon?" I asked. "...he wails like a banshee!"

"Only at our enemies," Alex answered.

"I hope so. I don't want to hear anyone else screaming when I barge through your gate."

"Don't you mean my backdoor?"

"Doesn't matter," I said. "...as long as you let me in."

"We'll see." He smiled.


Saturday March 15, 2014

"What's this?" I asked as my mom set something on our dining table.

"It's a GPS tracker," she answered. "You will carry it with you from here on and you are not allowed to go to Alex's house without telling us what you'll be doing there."


"And if you go there," she continued. "...maximum is 15 minutes."

"...but mom!"

"I said no `buts', Michael. Your father's coming home tomorrow and he wants you to do as I say. Do you understand?"

"I don't! You can't GPS me! I'm not a prisoner or a dog!"

"We can track you," she clarified. "...we're your parents and you're far from being an adult. You don't even know..."

"No! I know what I'm doing. Alex and I know what we're doing, mom. Why can't you just leave us alone?"

"It's the tracker, or you're not allowed to see him again," she said before turning away and not even waiting for me to offer a counterargument. One thought lingered on my mind, though.

Damn that bitch.

That afternoon, with that pocket-sized black box in my pocket, I rode my bike to Alex's house. 15 minutes, she said. Oh I'll stay for 15 minutes, alright. Not at Alex's house, but outside where she won't have any idea that I'm with him. Unless, she also put a tracker on Alex, which was impossible and a really pathetic and desperate measure.

"She put a tracker on you?" Alex asked as we met outside their house.

"Yeah," I sniggered. "...either this or I won't get to see you again."

"You're sweet, big bro."

"I am?"

"You'd sacrifice your freedom just to see me," he pointed out.

"Oh, that. Of course I'd do anything to see you."

"Really? You mean it?"

His eyes glowed with...hope? His thin lips curved into a shy smile and there was that weird feeling in my gut again that he knew something I didn't.

"I can't really say if I'd die for you though," I told him, ignoring that feeling once more.

"Of course you won't, silly! You won't die. Ever."

`Creepy,' I thought, but just chose to sigh and look away from his hazelnut eyes.

"We're going on a trip?" he asked.

"You have your bike, right?"

"Well, uhh...," he hesitated for a bit while staring at me questioningly.

"Hop on," I said before I saw his eager nod as he got behind me and on my bike, holding onto my shoulders. "Ready?"


And that only took five minutes for us to leave their yard and ride into the afternoon sun. I didn't tell my mom that I'd pick up Alex. I only told her that we would be walking his cousin's dog, although his cousin already took his puppy back last week.

"Where to?" I asked, feeling his light grip on my shoulder.

"The dirt road," Alex suggested and I started pedalling faster, as if to escape that big, mean satellite way up into the atmosphere that was tracking me.

With the sun still far from setting, we ended up far from our neighbourhood and in the middle of an undeveloped area with trees lining the skyline. Back when I was a kid, I knew that this place was a famous meeting ground for every other kid around our town who wanted to escape the routine of living under the roof of their parents' house. In fact, it was near where we stopped to catch our breaths (mostly mine) that I first laid eyes on a boy whose legs were spread apart, pants pulled down and his hands vigorously abusing his little sausage. That kid was just 10 years old and I was nine that time, but he was hot. It wasn't clear to me at first, but he became my first crush.

"Hm," Alex thoughtfully sounded. "...a fork road."

"Which way do you think we should go?"

"Mind if I pedal this time?"

I shrugged and got off the bike before we exchanged positions, with Alex holding the handle bars and me standing beside him.

"You do know where we're going, right?" I asked, though I was quite sure he knew.

"I know this place."

"You've been here before?"

"I saw you here," he told me, staring at me.

"You saw me where?"

"Here," he said, shifting his gaze toward the path on our left. "You were spying on someone."

I blushed. The only time I've been here was during that fateful summer's day when I saw that same 10 year old boy jacking off. After that, I never went back, afraid that he'd seen me and kill me and leave me to rot in the woods.

"Don't worry, big bro," Alex reassured, smiling half-heartedly. "I was spying on him, too."

Soon enough, I had both my hands gripping on Alex's shoulders as he pedalled deep into the unknown. I knew where we were going. We were running away. Not forever, though. Just...for this time.

"Damn, you're really heavy," he told me as we rested on some untamed grassy ground on top of a hill which was high above on some elevation.

Miles below and beyond where we sat was the whole landscape of our lonely neighbourhood. I could even see the maple roof of our house, but I felt sure that my mom couldn't see me from way down there. As for that satellite tracking me, I only wished that a meteor had blown it to scraps and shreds of space junk by now.

"That's one off my list," Alex mumbled.

"What list?" I asked, staring at the side of his face.

"I made a list of what I want to do," he said, staring back at me this time. "...with you."

Oh shit. Was he referring to that `diary' of his? Was it that list after all?

"Did that list include being boyfriends?" I asked.

"Of course, dummy," he giggled. "That was on top of all those other stuff we'll be doing."

"Can I see that list?" I impatiently asked which made him look at me...strangely.

"Sure, but..." he paused. "...it's just a list, Mikey. Nothing special."

"I want to see it."

He sighed and took something out from his pocket. It was a thin sheet of folded paper, much like the one with those prophecies he'd written on.

"Here." He handed it to me.

As I unfolded it, I knew right then that this wasn't the same piece of paper I found on top of his drawer last Valentines. This one had no dates written beside the things he wrote down.

Get Michael Herrera as my boyfriend.

Get a tan this summer.

Get our own puppy and name him Gumball.

The list went on and how different it was from the first one! This wasn't a diary. This was a bucket list.

Go skydiving.

Go skinny dipping in the summer.

Sit on top of our neighbourhood together.

"So," Alex interrupted. "...what do you think? We can do all that, can't we?"

"Skydiving?" I asked in slight disbelief.

"My uncle owns an aircraft. We could ask him to help us out."

"And skinny dipping?"

"What?" He stared curiously at me. "Don't you think that's fun?"

"When did you make this list?"

"Before I met you," he answered. "Can't you read the one on top? I'm s'posed to make you mine and I did! See, I crushed that out already."

I sighed and folded the paper before handing it back to him. It wasn't his `diary' that he showed me. It wasn't what I was hoping he'd show and explain to me. And a more troubling thought came to my mind. What if... What if this was a second list of entries?"

"It's getting late. We should go back," I offered. Truthfully, I wanted to find out if he'd written about our adventure this afternoon on his diary. I felt sure that I captured some dates covering March on my phone.

"You scared your mom might catch us?"

"I don't care."


"Let's go, Alex," I told him as I started pushing myself off the ground.

"No, wait," he held me down by my wrist. "I need to tell you something."


"Promise me, okay?" he demanded. "...that we'll do everything on that list. Promise me."

Which list was he referring to? Looking back into his eyes, I couldn't be sure which list he was talking about.

"That's all I want to do, big bro. Promise me."

"Alex...," I heard my worried voice. "Is something wrong? Are you sick? You're not going to leave me, are you?"

"Huh? Who said I was going to leave you?"

"You sound like you're...you're going to die," I frankly said. "...making that list and...and. You're not sick, right? I'm not going to lose you! Right?!"

Despite the worried look on my face and how my voice sounded fearful, Alex chose to giggle and reassure me with his smile. His eyes changed. It didn't look so mysterious all of a sudden. He removed his hand around my wrist and settled it on top of my own.

"I'm not sick," he said. "I just want to do everything with you."

Yeah, I thought. And I'd do everything to get rid of that entry saying Goodbye.


Wednesday March 19, 2014


Weird. I knew I heard someone, but I also knew that I was sitting all alone inside my tree house while scanning through Alex's entries on my phone. So...weird.


"Alex?" I called, looking down through my window.

You know what was weirder? It wasn't Alex that I locked eyes with. It wasn't him that was smiling at me from down below.


"Can I come up?" my dad asked with a steady hand gripping the ladder to my tree house.

So there we were, my dad and I, facing each other inside my tree house. The last time any one of my parents came up here was when I was eight years old. Coincidentally, it was also my dad who last came up through that trusty ladder years ago.

"What do you want, dad?"

"I just wanted to check on you," his deep voice answered.

His glasses made him look a lot older than he actually was. I could also tell that he recently shaved his beard and trimmed his hair. He even smelled like Old Spice.

"If you're here to give me a fuckin lesson about not doing abnormal things and stuff..."

"I never heard you swear before," he cut me off.

"That's because you're not here most of the time."

That was painfully true. Mostly, my dad was on a business trip to some faraway city and rarely ever came back during the weekend. During weekdays, I couldn't spend so much time with him since he was really busy with his job as the Chief Accountant of some badass company. On summer vacations, I never get to see him much because he was busy with filing their tax returns and stuff. The time I was spending with him right now was a rare novelty on its own.

"So...," he trailed off, causing me to stare expectantly at him. "...my son has a boyfriend, huh."

I would've chocked when he said that, sounding so complacent and...like it wasn't a big deal for him.

"I guess I should start teaching you about safe sex and..."


"I'm kidding, Michael," he chuckled. "Though, I promise you, your mom didn't send me up here to talk you out of it."

"What do you mean? You're not gonna beat me, are you?"

"Don't be ridiculous, son," he said. "I never hit you before, so why should I hit you now?"

"You're not even mad?"

"Why should I? It's not like you've committed the crime of the century!"

"But, mom said..."

"You know how your mother can be so convincing, don't you? Trust me, I'd do everything she tells me."

"You're totally under her!" I accused him.

"I'm sure you know who's on top, son. Though, there are times when I'm under her..."

"Eeeww!" I exclaimed, holding my hands against my ears. "You don't have to be so specific, dad."

He laughed heartily this time, and I giggled at how my father seemed to have loosen up both of us.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, surrendering both of us to silence once again.

"Yes, sir."

"I can't talk you out of it?"

"I'm sure, dad. I've never been this sure in my entire life."

"Do you even know what I'm talking about, Michael?"

"You're asking me if I'm sure that I love Alex. Right?"

"I know you do, buddy. What I want to know is if you're absolutely sure that you're gay."

"How is that different from me having a boyfriend already?"

"Maybe you're just bisexual? Or just going through some...," he paused. "...phase, you know."

"I'm sure."

Some people told me that I looked like my father. The resemblance was uncanny. Our eyes had a slight upward slant to it, our noses pointed to the sky a bit, our thin lips rarely ever got so pink and our faces were defined with sharp cheekbones. I never paid so much attention to our similarities, but looking back at his eyes now, it sure felt like I was looking far into the future. I'll be looking just like him one of these days. I might even cut my hair just like his.

"I need you to help me out here, son."

"With what?"

"With your mom," he said, as if it was the most obvious thing ever. "I don't have any problem with any of your preferences, but your mother is different. I've been talking about this with her, but I still need your help to make her understand. You're our only son and I think she's just afraid that you won't be giving her grandkids when the time comes."

"We can adopt. Alex and me."

"Just think about it first, okay?" He sighed and started getting up. "Now, if you'll excuse me, someone's waiting for you outside. He's hiding behind a bush."


"See for yourself. I'll distract your mother so you can have the whole night to yourselves."

I blushed, but managed to thank my dad before he went down. Crawling over to my window, I saw Alex making his way out from behind a bush and smiling up at me. Before long, it was him that I sat beside with inside my tree house.

"Your dad's cool," Alex said as he made himself comfortable on my mattress, removing his sneakers and shirt in the process.

"Did you talk to him?"

"A little." He smiled. "I saw him on your porch when I came here earlier."

"So you had something to do with him giving me that talk?"

"Nope! It was his idea and he even asked me to hide behind a plant, just in case your mom came out."

"At least my dad is on our side."

Leaning back against the wall, Alex gestured for me rest my head on his lap, which I did. He smelled like lemons and I loved how his navel proclaimed the proudest outtie I've ever seen.

"That tickles," he told me, giggling as he did so.

"Your bellybutton's real cute, y'know."

"Yep! That's an asset to me."

"A what?" I asked as my fingers ran up his bare chest.

"Something I'm proud of, big bro."

I smiled as I pinched his little nipple, making him giggle yet again.

"I think I know what you're really proud of, Alex."

"Oh yeah?"

I shifted to lie on my side, my left arm crossing over his legs with my hand supporting my head. He looked at me expectantly while smiling shyly. I let my right hand run over his belly again, circling his navel before settling on the hem of his shorts.

"I miss your great dark spot already," I whispered.

"Want to see it again?" his shy, funny and boyish voice asked.

"Can I?"

"If you want to."

Seeing his shorts with a bulge at the centre, it only made my clothed member hard with eagerness and anticipation. Running my hand along the length of his shorts' elastic, I finally settled on top of its button and pushed it out, while hearing Alex's loud breaths.

I unzipped his shorts and was greeted by a light blue fabric underneath with the tent seemingly growing every passing second. Alex wiggled his bum and I pulled his shorts down to his knees, leaving him in his underwear. Wrapped up in the moment, I chose to put my hand over his erection and I felt every pulse of his dick. I formed little circles with my index finger before tracing the outline of his balls.

"Want to smell it?" Alex mumbled and I just smiled back before moving my face closer to his crotch.

"I like it," I told him.

"What does it smell like?"


He chuckled and it was his hand that pulled his underwear and let me take a peek at his growing...uhh...dragon.

"Hurry up, big bro."

I nodded and started pulling his underwear down his thighs, while pushing myself up before we sat cross legged in front of each other.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked him.

"That's up to you."

He gave me a quick nod before I started leaning into his lap, positioning myself on all fours with my elbows and knees on the mattress. The smell of lemons grew stronger and I loved every whiff I got of it. His legs were spread apart as I started poking my tongue at his erection, pulling back his foreskin a little and spreading the precum that must have oozed out earlier. Despite the dim light in my tree house, I could vividly see that dark spot of his.

"That tickles," Alex moaned.


With my head bobbing up and down, I felt his hands grip my hair as if pulling me closer to him. I circled my tongue over and under his glans, enjoying the quite tangy taste of his hard dick. He must have been unaware that his cute bottom moved further away from the wall, slowly shifting his position as if to lie down completely before me. I helped him out by moving both my hands around his waist and down to his buttcheeks, pulling him closer to me.



"Is it...," he breathed out. "Is it good?"

Without saying a word, I licked down his whole length and his balls, stopping an inch away from his butthole. That should tell him how good it was for me to be having him like this. When he was completely lying down, he took me by surprise by wrapping his legs around my neck, pushing his dick deep into my throat, almost choking the hell out of me. He loosened his legs around me and settled it on my shoulders instead, allowing me to stroke him without much constraint while my other hand teased his virgin hole with circling motions and light pushes.

"I can't...big bro."

I submitted to stroking him faster, sucking his dick like I've never sucked it before and timidly pushing a shallow finger into his butthole, feeling it tighten on instinct along with his grip on my hair. Taking in the deepest breath ever, he shot what little he had to offer into the back of my throat, making me swallow it all. Though I was quite disgusted during the first time I did that, I learned to swallow eventually and only if it was his cum that went down my throat.

I felt his loud breaths once again, his left leg draping down and over my arm as we locked gazes once more. I loved looking at his blissful face, smiling so innocently at me with half-lidded eyes and beads of sweat running down his forehead.

"You're still the best, big bro."

"I'm your only one, y'know," I said as I lifted his other leg and sat in front of him.

I gave his socked foot a massage and I found out that he was also ticklish right there, but he let me continue.

"Your turn now?"

"That's up to you," I answered.

"One question, though."


"Did your dad leave that right there?"

Looking toward where he pointed, I noticed a lonely pack of condom right beside the hamster cage. I blushed at the thought of my father leaving it there when I noticed a note under it saying, `Michael, this is a condom. Use it when both of you are ready.'

"Your dad's more supportive than mine, isn't he?" Alex teased.

"The only problem now is my mom."

"We'll figure it out soon."

Without warning, Alex jumped on me and pushed me onto my mattress with his shirt running halfway up his chest. My arms instinctively found its way around his waist as I began tracing his spine down to his crack. I even gave his butt a slap and was rewarded with the sound of it.

"Bubble butt," I whispered.

"You like it."


Leaning closer to me, we closed the distance with a soft kiss and I could still taste lemon from Alex's lips. He bit hard into my lip before licking that spot with his wet tongue. As we broke the kiss, Alex stared deeply into my eyes.

"I'll give you the best blowjob ever," he proclaimed.

"Oh yeah?"


We kissed briefly again.

"One more thing, Mikey."


"I know this sounds weird and you won't believe me when I say this, but..."

"What is it?"

Alex's eyes smiled and I could see the little light that shone off it.

"I'm an angel," he whispered.

And before I could come up with anything to say, he chased away all the questions in my mind with a deep and tasteful kiss that left me literally out of breath.

~ End of Chapter ~

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