The Dance
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~*~ Chapter 2 ~*~

Several hours later, I wait in anticipation of the final bell, releasing me (along with everyone else) out into the world as my final teacher, Mr. Albrin, droned on and on... small wonder why a lot of people fall asleep in his class, myself not being an exception.

Finally, the bell rings, and everyone rushes to the door while I sit, confused, trying to get my backpack together so I can leave, too. All gathered, I rush out past the teacher, who was clearly irritated by all the rushing about... well, when you're 60 years old and look 100, you can afford to be crotchity, I guess...

As I dash across campus towards the exit, I feel a momentary pang of guilt... after all, practice IS important, and here I was, about to ditch in favor of hanging out with David, which meant by extension with Jacob. Not that I had anything against hanging out with David, so long as it wasn't in public... after all, hanging out with a gay guy tends to sour your reputation just a little, and in Ukiah, I couldn't afford that.

OK, let me explain a little bit about Ukiah. Never heard of it? I'm not surprised... no one has. It's a very small, very hickish town, with very deep-seated prejudices and backwards beliefs. Like for example: you remember the whole Matthew Sheperd tragedy? Well, most people here either celebrated his death, or ignored it. Sick and scary? Definately. Welcome to Ukiah.

As I leave campus, I see a couple of guys from my team warming up, running towards the practice field, and the guilt really started kicking in...

"Why?" I chided myself aloud, startling a couple walking past me in the opposite direction. "It's not as if I actually need to practice... I'm already the best on the team. And they don't need me there, either; they'll do fine without me talking shit... hell, they might do better, without me distracting them!"

This said, I speed up, passing the practice field as I continue down the sidewalk, heading directly for Jacob and David's house, when suddenly, I hear a voice call out behind me...

"Hey, Kyle! Whatcha doin'?"

I turn to face the speaker: fire-red hair, forming a messy pile atop her narrow head; jade green eyes peering out from beneath the sprawling mound of hair; slender features; bold stance. This, of course, was none other than my enemy, Rachel.

Of course, Rachel was actually a good friend of mine... note, I said 'was'... as in, up until I discovered that she held the one thing I wanted more than life itself: she held Jacob's heart tightly within her delicate hand, and nothing I could do could ever change that fact... just like nothing I did could change the fact that, according to popular rumor, she had a thing for me. Scary, huh? Sounds like the kind of thing that happens in the movies, where one person loves someone, who in turn loves someone else, but that last person really likes the first... and the worst part is, none of it could ever happen...

"Hey, Rach," I respond, as nonchalant as possible, then turn and keep walking, hoping she gets the hint.

"Where're ya goin'?" she pressured, obviously not one to catch a hint. "I thought you had practice today?"

"Yeah... I didn't feel like it, not today..." Damn, why can't she leave me alone?

"Oh, I see... well, ya wanna hang out, maybe catch a movie?"

~Oh my God... did she just ask me on a date?~ I thought, stifling a laugh. ~Please, tell me she's kidding!~

"Umm, no," I said, still walking away from her, "I got lots of homework tonight... you know how that is... plus anyways, I've gotta get home soon, or my mom'll be worried sick..."

"Oh, OK... maybe later, then?"

~Why won't she just leave me alone?~ "Uhh... like, maybe some other time... talk to ya later..."

With that, and before she could respond, I reached into my backpack and pulled out a Discman, pushing play to drown her out with the sweet sounds of the Backstreet Boys...

OK, OK... don't everyone shoot me all at once... yes, I listen to BSB, and *NSync, and all that good stuff. So what? I listen to all kinds of music... they just fit my mood more often...

Finally, a few minutes later, I get to the house and knock on the door. No sooner had I finished knocking than David opened the door, ushering me inside, where Jacob sat on the couch, working on his homework.

"Hey guys," I start, keeping cool as well as possible, given the dangerous run-in I just escaped. "Oh, Jacob," I add slyly, "guess who I just ran into?"

"Who?" he asked, baffled.

"Oh, I dunno... who is the ONLY person you seem to talk about...?"

"Oh, Rachel? What was she doing, up here?"

I couldn't tell him the truth. "Oh, she said she was just going by... so she stopped and said hi, that's all... why? Wishing she asked about you, or something?"

Can you believe he actually blushed a little? "Uh, no, nothing like that... just curious..."

Meanwhile, David moved up behind me, startling me. "So, what'dya wanna do?" he asked from right behind me.

"I dunno... what is there to do?" I countered, innocently enough.

"You don't wanna know," Jacob chimed in from the couch, giving me a knowing wink. "I guess I'd better leave you two alone, or my fragile mind will be scarred for life!"

I punched him in the shoulder, lightly. "Ooh, you... listen, if I haven't done anything with your brother yet, what makes you think your 'fragile mind' is in any danger, with us hanging out now?"

"I know you," he called back, a laugh hidden in his voice. "You're gay, too, just like David!"

For one long, long second, the entire world stood still. I didn't know what to say, or think... how could Jacob know? No one else did... well, except maybe David. Did David tell Jacob? Or was he just playing around? Well, if he was playing around, I could think of a new game to teach him, all right...

"Oh, yes, I'm gay... and I want you SO bad," I tease Jacob, imitating David's voice as well as I could, which put them both on the floor, rolling around, laughing uncontrollably.

"Oh my God, Kyle, stop it!" Jacob wheezed between breaths. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were being serious! You, gay? Yeah right!"

If only he knew... if only...

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