Under the Sun


"Wake up Ben."

Ben just turned in his sleep and pulled the comforters tighter around him.

"Rise and shine."

The warm rays of sun came in through the window throwing the whole room in light. Ben pulled the covers over his head to block the bright light.

"Look Ben, it's so nice and sunny outside."

Ben groaned something incoherent and shifted onto his back.

"All the amazing things under the sun. I love you."

Ben jumped up in bed. He looked around his room but saw that there was no one there. However, the curtains to the window were pulled back and the window itself was open. Ben got out of bed, walked over to the window and looked outside. It was broad daylight and it was nice and sunny.

"All the amazing things under the sun."

Ben quickly turned around but he still didn't see anyone...

Look at all the amazing things under the sun. Someone for you. Someone for me.

Don't hide in the darkness anymore. Come out into the light.

All the amazing things under the sun...

To be continued...

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