Chapter 4


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Time speedily flew by for us over the next couple of weeks. It was that unbearable time of year when every miserable soul in school had to sit through forty hours or so of final exams. I felt sorry for all the other kids in my school, really I did, but not nearly as sorry as I felt for myself.

Me being in Grade 11 (Junior year for all you Americans), the amount of work I had to study was enormous. In South Africa the workload in Grade 11 was ten times more than in Grade 12 (Senior year) as Grade 12 basically consisted of revision, revision, and yet more revision. Or so I have heard.

Anyway, the vast stretches of time I had to put aside for studying meant that I didn't see Kevin all too often anymore. Sure, we still got together for at least an hour each and every day, but compared to whole afternoons and most nights spent together in non-exam times, it was not even close to enough.

We have tried studying together on various occasions in the past, but it never worked out as we usually found ourselves chatting about assorted other much more interesting subjects not long after opening our books. Suffice it to say that we had to decide to steer clear from each other pretty quickly lest our school grades suffer. The horror!

Kevin and I had always been big on talking. Instead of skateboarding or playing PlayStation or Nintendo or whatever normal kids do, we would usually just sit talk. That is probably why our friendship had lasted so long. Small problems were usually talked out before they became big problems. If we weren't talking we would make music in the studio, like you probably had already gathered.

I can imagine that you would think at this moment that Kevin and I were pretty reclusive, only ever spending time with each other. Well, then you would get a brownie for your keen observation skills. It's true that we rarely hung out with other people, but that was of our own volition. We had just never found anybody else that fitted in with us and our rather strange ways. That, however, changed about two days after we finished writing our final papers.

Kevin and I were in our studio, just messing around on the instruments. It was a game that we would often play. First, one of us would play the first ten or twenty seconds of a well known song, after which the other one took over for the next twenty or so seconds while the first one stopped playing. The catch was that, apart from the first part, we were not allowed to conform to the song's melody. In other words, we had to improvise and make it our own song.

Composing as you play is not as easy as it might sound, though. You have to basically keep track of two melodies. The first melody would be the one you are actually playing at that very moment, but that is easy. The hard part is the second melody, which only you can hear in your head. It is basically the melody you are playing, but two seconds ahead of the first melody, like a buffer of sorts.

Anyway, we were happily playing our little game, having started with Piano Man from Billy Joel, and things were just getting interesting as I threw in a whole selection of drums and turned the melody into a punk style when I spotted a guy about our age standing outside our fence watching us jam.

I immediately stopped playing. If you remember correctly, I explained a while ago that only close family had ever seen us play together. Add that with the fact that I was only clothed in my two-sizes-too-small boxers (I did get a couple of nudist quips from Kev about that, but I'm sure he appreciated the view anyway) and you have the makings of an extremely awkward situation.

When Kevin noticed that I wasn't playing anymore, he also stopped. He looked at me curiously. I just shrugged and pointed out the window, where the guy was still standing, albeit with a slight frown on his face.

`Hey! I know that guy.' Kevin said. `He lives like three houses down from here.'

`Dude, why is he staring at us like that?' I asked. The guy was really starting to make me feel highly uncomfortable. `It's freaking me out!'Always my knight in shining armour, Kevin got up and walked towards the front door.

`I'm gonna see what's up with him. Go put some clothes on, though, just in case,' He said over his shoulder. I must have looked supremely confused, because he added almost instantly with a small smile, `Uhm, babe? You know what clothes are and where to find them, right?' I shot him a moc-dirty look, but said nothing and bounded up the stairs listening to his chuckling as a walked out the door.

Actually, I was feeling extremely giddy. That was the first time that he called me babe. I felt so good that I not only found some shorts to put on, but (wait for it........) I also threw on a t-shirt. Gasp!!!

As I was walking downstairs I heard voices (nope, not the ones in my head), one of them sounding a little nervous. I walked over to the kitchen and found Kevin leaning against the stove talking to a guy sitting by the breakfast table. The guy was, well... Wow. He was just... wow. I couldn't really see his features all the clearly when he had been standing outside my house, but now that I see him up close, I can say with total and utter honesty that he was one of the finest specimens of young men to grace our little blue planet.

It may seem a bit drastic for me to say that, but if you could have seen the guy for yourself you would have felt the same, I'm sure. Don't get me wrong. I'm definitely the last person to say that Kev and I were ugly, but this guy was beautiful! He had white hair. Not white as in platinum blonde, but white as in WHITE. I later found out that it was completely natural and wasn't dyed or bleached at all. His white hair framed a very strong, very tan face with warm green eyes and full red lips. All this was complimented by, from what I could see, a killer bod.

Now, before you start to fear for my and Kev's relationship, I should probably also mention that even though this guy was drop-dead please-eat-me-out-NOW gorgeous, my Kevin still held first price for looks in my mind. Remember that I was still getting used to this gay thing. As a matter of fact, I wonder if I am even gay at all. I mean, I can notice a pretty girl or a handsome guy, but I can't say that I have ever felt any spark or sexual attraction for either sex before Kevin came along. Sure, I do beat off (like I already explained, not that any explanation is needed -- I'm a teenage boy, duh!), but my masturbatory fantasies mostly only alluded to sex in the abstract.

Likewise, I didn't feel that sexual spark with this guy, whoever he was. Kevin was still the only one that I could think of in that way. He was the only person who I could ever imagine sharing myself -- all of myself, with, even though we have never even done anything more than kissing.

As if to reinforce my musings, Kevin looked up as I entered the kitchen and gave me a soft smile, a smile that made me feel warm and fuzzy and squishy and bubbly inside, a smile that said `I love you'. It was the type of smile that meant all of the above and still managed to guarantee safety, security and, mixed together with it all, undying friendship. I don't know how I knew all this, but I just did. And , for the first time, as I saw him standing next to what was arguably the best-looking guy on Earth, I believed in my feelings. I believed in them with every single fibre of my body. And I embraced them fully.

I think that it showed on my face, because his eyes softened even more and went all sparkly as he caught mine. He beckoned me over with his hand and lifted his arm as I slid tightly against him, facing the guy at the table. I knew that both of us had been a bit hesitant about letting other people know about us, but for some reason the discomfort surrounding the idea had passed. Maybe it was because of the epiphany I had just had, maybe it was because this total stranger had been beaming at us since the moment Kevin put his arms around me, or maybe it was because of the support our mothers had shown us over the past couple of weeks, but I did not mind one little bit to let this boy (even though I don't even know his name yet!) know that Kevin and I were a couple. It was quite surreal, actually. Even more than that -- it was empowering.

After a couple of seconds of semi-awkward silence, the guy got up and extended his and as he sauntered over to us. There is no other word for how he walked. It was a sexy, lazy, confident stroll (if such a think actually exists).

`Hi. I'm Christopher, but all my friends call me Chris.' From the way we were standing, he couldn't miss that there was more than friendship between Kevin and I. Obviously he was fine with our relationship so I smiled warmly at him and shook his hand.

`Hey. I'm Shane, but all my friends call me Shane.' He chuckled at my lame attempt at humor and gripped my hand tightly before letting me go.

`Man,' he said. `I can't wait to introduce my boyfriend to you guys!' I'm sure the surprise must have shown on our faces because he chuckled again. He had a very raspy chuckle that actually sounded quite sexy, but at that moment only served as an amazing tension breaker.

`Boyfriend?' Kevin asked with one eyebrow cocked and a small smile playing around his lips, the one he pulls off so well. Chris smiled.

`Yeah, Nathan. He lives with my family and moved here with us from Cape Town. You'll like him I think.' His brows furrowed slightly as he seemed to remember something he wanted to say. `I already told your guy here, but I figure I should also tell you that I really wasn't just standing perving on you guys through the window. You guys make the most friggin' awesome music on God's green Earth!

Now I don't know how normal you are, esteemed reader, but normal people blush when they get a compliment like that. Kevin and I went a step farther. We became red as tomatoes and dropped our eyes to the ground. This time Chris didn't chuckle, he laughed. He laughed so hard that tears were coming out of his eyes.

I looked up, a little annoyed and wondering what the hell he found so funny when he managed to say through his laughter, `Have you guys got any clue-` And then he packed up again. `Have you guys got any clue how funny that looked!' He managed a short while later. `You guys became red as beets and looked down at exactly the same time. It was priceless!' I guess it was one of those had-to-be-there moments for you to totally understand how funny it was, but Kevin and I also burst out laughing and thanked him for his compliments.

I suggested we chill out in the studio, and the others quickly agreed. As we were walking down the hallway Chris started feeling around in his pockets, finally seemingly to find what he had been looking for, and pulled out a packet of Peter Stuyvesant.

`Say, would you guys mind if I have a smoke? I could go outside if you want.' I glanced at Kevin and he just shrugged at me.

`Well, Sally smokes inside the house so I guess it's fine of you do as well. You guys go ahead into the studio. I'm just gonna get an ashtray for Chris.' My mother isn't a chain smoker, but she still manages to go through half a packet a day, sometimes even more. Now I know that smoking is bad for you, but she enjoys it so I never say anything. I've even had a cigarette or two with her on occasion but she was always sure to tell me not to get addicted. I actually think she preferred if I didn't smoke at all, but sometimes I just like to.

As I walked back to the studio, I tried to think what it was in cigarettes that made them taste so good to me. Many non-smokers have this misconception that a cigarette must taste bad because it smells bad, and it is true that cigarettes can taste really bad if you smoke too much, but with me smoking maybe two or three every two months while having a drink with my mom they always tasted great -- sort of like burned caramel with a woody, ashy aftertaste. It doesn't sound appetising, I know, and it's maybe a good thing because ciggies are really, really bad for you, but I just like that bitter taste.

Kevin used to be smoker for a couple of years, but he eventually quit. Now he also just smokes every now and then, mostly with me and my Sally. That was why I was so surprised when I walked in and both Chris and Kevin had a lit cigarette clasped between their lips. Kevin was playing a soft, slow drum beat and Chris had grabbed an electric guitar and was playing a song I had never heard before. It was quite good. I wasn't even a little bit surprised that Chris could play, though. He just looked like that type of guy.

`You're smoking.' I pointed out the obvious after I put the ashtray down on the top of the piano and put my arms around his shoulders. Like I said, I will never crap on anybody's head for smoking. I was just curious as to why. They stopped playing and he removed the cigarette from between his lips.

`Just felt like it. You want?' He asked and held the smoke out to me. I contemplated it for a moment and decided, why the hell not? As I was taking a drag of Kevin's cigarette Chris got up and held the box out to me, offering me a fresh one. I took one and he lit it with a Zippo. It's silly, but I actually sorta felt like a rock star, leaning against the piano with a cigarette between my fingers. Very Billy Joel-ish.

We ended up chatting and playing the afternoon away, and soon it was getting dark.

`Oh well, time for me to go home,' Chris said. `My baby is going to wonder where I'm at.' Up until that point I had actually forgotten that Chris even had a `baby' to go home to. I looked at Kevin (we seem to do that a lot) and could tell that he was thinking the same thing I was.

`Why didn't Nathan come with you today?' Kevin asked him. `I mean, the more the merrier, right?'

`Oh,' Chris said, `He was working today. He got himself a job by Lido's and the Greek who owns the store needed him to start immediately. I think he's got tomorrow off, though, so we could both come over if you guys want.' He said, sounding hopeful.

I smiled, `Do you even have to ask? Thanks for a great day dude. You saved me from utter boredom with this guy around.' I nudged Kevin as I said it and received a soppy lick from my left eye to my jaw as punishment. They just laughed as I grudgingly rubbed the spit off my cheek and Chris took his leave.

`Cheers guys. See ya tomorrow.' He said as he walked out the gate.

`Not too early!' I shouted after him. I may be a morning person, but that doesn't mean that I don't like staying in bed late cuddling with my über-hot boyfriend.


That night, as I lied in bed next to Kevin, my irrational side came out again. Don't you just love her. I call my irrational side a her because, in my experience, it's mainly women that get irrational like that. Not that I have anything against women. I mean, I really, really dig them. For instance, if Sally and Gloria weren't around, Kevin and I would probably not have existed.

But anyway, I was feeling guilty about smoking that afternoon. I know it shouldn't be really something that I should be feeling guilty of, since my mom obviously doesn't mind it that much... Well, maybe she does with me because I'm her son. But that's not the point. This was the first time ever that I smoked a cigarette without my mother sitting right next to me. It was actually freaking me out a bit. I mean, I know that she wouldn't bite my head off about it or anything, but it felt a bit like a... like a betrayal to her. God, now I really feel stupid.

Kevin must have sensed me tense up, because he rolled towards me and lightly put his arm around me. We weren't sleeping in each other's arms because the heat was so crazily intense that by morning the parts of our bodies that were touching would have undergone nuclear fusion or something and melted together. Not that I think I would mind that that much: if I have to be a Siamese twin, I would want it to be with Kevin. Of course, then he'd be my brother and it wouldn't be so cool to... Arrgh! I think too much!

Where was I? So Kevin rolled over to my side of the bed and rested one of his hands flat against my naked chest, his palm just touching my right nipple. I sucked in a breath of air as naughty thoughts filled my head. I got real exited, real quick, and could feel my hardness growing down my thigh. He didn't seem to notice any of that, though.

`Are you okay love?' He asked, referring to my jumbled thoughts about smoking and me tensing up just a couple of seconds earlier. Yeah, I know, you got so excited that this was going to turn into a hot steamy sex scene that you just totally forgot about all my insecurities, didn't you?

`Yeah,' I replied, placing my hand on his and softly stroking his outstretched fingers. There was silence for a couple of minutes in the room. `No, not really.' I whispered, my voice cracking slightly. He sat up and supported is head in his other hand, elbow against the bed.

`What's wrong baby?' The way he said it made my heart break. It tore it into pieces, smashed it into smithereens, blended into a pulp and set fire to the remains. But in a good way.

`I'm just being stupid. Don't worry about it...' But obviously he was worrying, because he sat up and crossed his legs, sitting Indian style next to me. His hand was still resting on my chest. With him shifting so much, the sheets moved and I could just make out the tight, black boxer briefs he was wearing to bed in the dark.

`Shane, spill.' It was not a request. It was an order. But honestly, how was I going to explain my messed-up head to him if I didn't really even understand it myself?

`It's just me being irrational again, babes... I don't really want to talk about it now, but just... Just promise me that even though Chris and maybe his boyfriend smokes, we won't fall into that habit ourselves. I mean, it's one thing smoking with my mom, but behind her back like that... I don't really like it.' I'm sure he must have been a bit confused, but he didn't push me for any explanations.

`Okay Shaney. We won't.' That was all he said. And yeah, you read right, he does call me Shaney sometimes, but not very often. Really only when I get like I was then. As getting under the thin sheet again, his arm accidentally scraped against my groin, causing the sheets to slip below my waste and exposing my still rock-hard penis. I gasped. Then he gasped. Then we both gasped. Even though Kevin had obviously seen me in numerous stages of undress in the past, he had never, ever seen me with an erection. He looked a bit dazed for a moment, but soon recovered.

I raised my hand off his and turned his chin so that he was looking into my eyes. As we were staring intently at each other, our heads slowly moved forward. Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. He caressed my cheek with his hand, running his thumb over my eyebrow. His hand moved over my face and his fingertips felt like feathers over my aching lips. I could feel his warm breath across my face. As he breathed out, I breathed in. It was a long, cold eternity lasting for five seconds that felt like five hours before his lips brushed mine.

And then the world exploded. We hungrily kissed to the point where it actually hurt, but I didn't mind. Not one little bit. My fingers were scraping over his bare back, and I was sure I was hurting him but I couldn't control myself. Likewise his nails were dug into my shoulders, and the pleasure... Oh the sweet pleasure that came from him merely kissing me.

Our bodies were on fire. Even though it was dark I could see a conflagration of colours flaming everywhere. His skin was burning hot, and I thought I was going to burst from all the pleasure and the sheer heat emanating from us. His mouth moved lower, licking over my chin and down to my neck. He paused briefly to ravage my nipples and I knew that I wasn't going to last, that our first time will be short. But I didn't care. I pushed his head down until his tongue reached my belly button.

He started to tease me, going slower and slower until his mouth stopped just above my throbbing penis. His breath against my sensitive head made my whole body twitch each time he exhaled, and relax as he breathed in again. And then he lowered his head and engulfed me. The world exploded again, and I with it.


When I woke up the next morning, I actually felt pretty amazing. Both of us nodded off shortly after my explosive orgasm the previous night, so poor Kevin didn't score (laughs evilly). I, however, more than made up for it after I woke him up. When we were finally done with... well, you know, we went down to the kitchen and, lo and behold, who should sit there but my mother.

I was actually quite surprised, since she was supposed to be in Coligny snooping around on a priest who was married with kids but slipped away at night to blow his boyfriend in the bushes. Oi, what the hell is it with clergymen these days? It's like they all seem to like cock all of a sudden.

She looked up at us with groggy eyes as we entered the kitchen, and then did a double take. An evil grin formed on her face. A blush formed on Kevin's. Me? I just groaned. She knew.

`My boys got laid last night!' She squealed. Kevin's blush deepened. My groan lengthened. Her smile broadened. `Now now, no need to be shy about it. Everybody has got... needs.' She said the last word in a deep stage whisper.

`Sally!' I groaned (yep, still groaning). `Down, girl!' My mother just laughed and poured herself another cup of coffee while Kevin squirmed in his chair, having been thoroughly embarrassed.

`How was the trip?' I asked to change the subject.

`Oh it was wonderful! That dirty dominee* is going to get the shock of his life when I publish my article. I just feel so sorry for the wife...' She trailed off. `But tell me,' she asked, levelling her eyes onto us, `How was it?' Now, at that stage I pretty much had enough and dragged Kevin off to the studio. I decided that we could have our Rice Krispies in peace behind my piano.

* "Dominee" is an Afrikaans word for a Christian priest


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