Unknown Thoughts II
By Aiden McCann

This is my very first story that I have ever written to be posted on any website, anywhere. I have to say that I really don’t know too much of what I'm doing, so any suggestions would be appreciated. This story involves the life of two teenage boys (and one teenage girl). This is a GAY or HOMOSEXUAL story. If you do not agree with homosexuality, please leave now. You should be 18 (or 21 depending on your location) to read or view the content in this piece. If you are not, please leave now.


He took his book bag and threw it on top of mine in the corner. I normally threw mine down as soon as I got home, I wasn’t one for homework. It normally just sat there until I left the next day. He then leapt onto the couch and stretched out with a yawn. "Hurry up!" he yelled down the hall, almost taunting me. He stuck his hand under his shirt and felt his stomach and abs as he waited on me to return to the living room.


I found the perfect tape for us to watch: “Size Matters”. It was by far my favorite hardcore porn. They did everything imaginable, and once even brought a guy into the scene and tied him up and three girls abused him. That really turned me on when I saw it, so I thought it would be perfect for us to watch.

Mark and I tended to do this randomly during the summer. We would buy videos off of the internet using simple prepaid credit cards, and we would watch them while my parents weren’t home. His mother was always home during the summer because she worked at home, but my parents were never around much during the day unless there was some construction or services being done on the house. Even now, if they needed to have anything done to the house I would be home to sign off on it, just recently turning 18 over the summer.

I found Mark right where I left him, in the living room. However, I did not expect to see him with his shirt off right as I walked into the room. I have to admit as I Iooked over at his stomach I was turned on a little.

“Dude, I haven’t even put the movie on yet!” I cried as I walked over toward the couch.

“Yeah… and what does that have to do with anything?” he replied, tauntingly, “Cant I get comfortable before the big show?”

“Whatever dude, your still freaking me out!” I said laughing.

I walked over and slapped him on the leg, telling him to move his feet off the couch, as I put the movie in. He was wearing blue cargo jeans and his black shirt, which now was draped on the floor. I then noticed for the first time in my life that he had a tight 6-pack that I’d never even see before. It almost looked more like an 8 pack as I got closer to him and sat down on the couch.

“So what did you get?” he asked as I sat down and hit the play button.

“Oh… only the best porn in my collection!” I said excitedly.

He looked over at me as it started and said “Cool…” almost too unexcitedly. I couldn’t tell what was going on with him, but I had never seen him acting this way before. Before school started, my parents and I took a vacation for one week to Pennsylvania to see my family, and when I got back Mark had been acting strange. I paused the movie before it even got juicy and looked over at Mark.

“Ok dude, cut the shit right now.” I said, almost sounding angry. “I want to know what the fuck is going on. I went away for a week and came back and you seemed like you were way too happy to see me. It made me almost feel horny how much you wanted to be around me. We head back to school and start talking about Kate and you totally shut off. Then we are eating lunch and you head into the courtyard with tears in yours eyes. So what the fuck is going on?”

“Travis…” he said almost crying. I looked at him in the eyes and I think it clicked in my mind then and there.

“Mark… do you like me?” I asked quietly and almost in shock.

“I’m going to go now…” he said to me as he got up and put his shirt on. He finally grabbed his bag and headed for the door.

I couldn’t help it. I ran over to the front door as he was opening it and slammed it shut in his face. My arm against the door, he couldn’t get it to open. More tears started to pile up in his eyes and he wouldn’t say anything.

“Mark, please talk to me.” I said, putting my hand under his face and pushing his face up. I noticed then what was happening. He really did like me, but I didn’t understand why. “Talk to me, please dude.” I said, almost pleading with him.

“Travis… I never knew what I felt about you. Since my freshmen year I’ve seen you go through at least 10 chicks. I tried to date chicks but I couldn’t do it. Every time I went out with them I ended up talking about you. If I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about what we would do together...” He said calming down a bit. “Fuck, I can’t believe I even said anything.”

I look at him and I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t gay and my best friend just basically told me that he wanted me as a close friend, or a boyfriend, or something. I didn’t know what to do. I just looked at him with my mouth almost wide open.

“I don’t know what to say…” I said quietly. “Mark, you are the closest friend I’ve ever had. Every time you come over it’s always comforting, but I don’t think I can handle this right now.” I said walking over to the couch and sitting down. I put my head in the palms of my hands.

Mark saw what I was doing and followed me. He sat next to me on the couch and put his arm around, leaning into me. I could feel his body moving up and down with his breath. I felt secure just then with his arm around me. I couldn’t explain it but it felt so right, being there with him. I turned and looked him in the face.

“Mark?” I said looking at him. His face was different, as if it had changed. I looked him thoroughly in his eyes, and for first time I noticed he had blue eyes with a slight green coloration in the lower left part. I was so taken in by looking at him that I didn’t know what to do. “You have really nice looking eyes.”

“What?” Mark asked in shock.

I didn’t know what was going on. Did I just say that? I just told my best friend that his eyes looked nice? What the fuck was happening to me? What was going on?

He reached up and grabbed both of my hands and pulled me to look straight at him. “What did you say?" he said, looking me straight in the eyes. “What did you say, Travis?”

I couldn’t say it again, I could do anything. I was paralyzed. I felt good to have him holding my hands. I felt secure to know that he was sitting just inches away from me, in my reach. I was so confused. I squeezed his hands tighter into mine.

“Travis… I do like you. I like you so much. I… I think I love you.” Mark said as he looked down at my hands. He reached over and kissed me on the cheek and wiped the tears away that were forming in my eyes. I didn’t even notice he kissed me until a few seconds after, but as soon as I did, I was instantly in a trance. It felt so right.

“Mark… I don’t know what’s going on right now.” I said softly. “I need…” I started to feel agitated at what was going on, I didn’t know what was happening to me. “…I need you to leave.” I said quickly.

“It’s ok…” Mark said hugging me closing. “I understand… this probably isn’t easy for you.”

“You have no idea…” I said, tears rolling down my cheeks.

With that… Mark got up and left. As soon as I heard the door shut I cried. I literally cried, my voice sounded like a girl as I wept. I didn’t know what to do. Suddenly I wanted him back with me right there. I wanted him to hug me and kiss me again.

I ran to the door and flung it open, knocking over a small table with my keys on it that sat behind my front door. I ran outside to try and get to Mark before he went inside, but I failed. He was already to his house and inside. I looked like a wreck, and I couldn’t deal with having to face his mom with my eyes full of tears.

I walked back inside and went into my room. I looked around my room for something to comfort me. I had been playing drums for years and I noticed that my drum set was still unassembled in the corner from when I rearranged my room. I walked over and set it back up, taking roughly an hour of my life away. I started to play different beats as loud as I could. I played for a few minutes before I stopped and started crying again. Mark and I had always played together. I played the drums and he played the guitar. We wanted to start a band but we didn’t have enough people. I couldn’t do anything I loved.

I crawled onto my bed and laid down. I was soaking my face in my tears. I thought I loved Kate, but Mark just came into my life in a new way, and I felt more right with him than I ever had with Kate. I knew I wasn’t gay… at least I thought I wasn’t.

My parents came home and cooked dinner late, as usual. I wasn’t hungry due to the drastic turn of events that I just went through, so I decided to just head to bed. I fell asleep at about 9:30PM. Then, it started.

It was so comforting and soothing. I saw a cloud flying overhead and it took the shape of a turtle. It flowed overhead for a few minutes. Then, strangely, it parted and through it I saw Kate. Her body was floating down through the sky. She was entirely naked and I caught her as she slowly fell into my arms. I held her and noticed a bruise on her side and a cut on her wrist.

I looked her body over for a long time and suddenly it started changing. Her breasts sunk into her chest, and her stomach was sucked in forming a perfect 6 pack and a great upper chest. Her arms grew out and muscles started to bulge toward me. I looked down in disbelief as her pussy started to grow closed and suddenly a large 7 inch dick just started popping out of her skin.

I dropped her, or him. I couldn’t tell what was going on. I was scared to death. Suddenly her brown long hair grew shorter and turned a dark black. Her face started to change and then I saw what it was. It was Mark.

He stood up and looked over at me “Why did you drop me?” he said feeling his side. “You gave me a bruise!” he said staring at me in disbelief.

“No… no I didn’t. You fell from the sky and when I caught you, you had it already!” I said. I couldn’t believe I would even say something like that.

“What? Travis, are you on crack? I didn’t fall from the sky! You’ve been kissing me for the past 5 minutes!”

“No, I haven’t!”

“Yes, you have, see?” he asked, pointing at my mouth. “I bit your lip!”

I felt my lip and I did feel a little bit of the skin was pulled up a little bit.

“How? Impossible!” I said. I started to feel dizzy.

“Listen, I don’t care… just kiss me.” He said as he walked toward me. Before I knew what was going on I felt his lips press up against mine. I felt like I was going to pass out. My mouth opened and I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. I could feel his body touching mine; we were standing so close to each other. I took his tongue into my mouth and slowly sucked on it a bit during our kiss. I felt so good.

He pulled away from me and looked me in the face. “Where did that come from?” he asked as he stuck his hand across my face. I wanted to kiss him more. I grabbed him and pulled him close again. Our kiss seemed like eternity. It went on for nearly twenty minutes, or so it seemed.

I felt him pulling at my belt. I let him take my shirt off of me with his other hand as he started unbuckling my belt. My shirt fell to the floor and he licked my 6 pack which was so much less defined than his. My pants and boxers were taken off with one move and then I felt his mouth sliding over my cock.

I had never felt anything like it before. My cock was sliding in and out of Mark’s mouth. I slowly moved my hips back and forth. His mouth was so warm; it was much warmer than any girl I had ever been with. I loved it so much. I kept moving back and forth and felt him pulling my ass with his other hand.

“Fuck me…” he said as he pulled my pants out from under my feet. He got onto his knees and waved his ass in the air. I got down on my knees and looked at his ass. He had a tight ass, it was incredibly in shape. I slapped his ass once and felt him reach around and grab my cock. He slid something across it and then pulled me toward his hole.

I didn’t know what to do as I felt my cock slide into his ass. It was the best feeling that I ever had in my life. He started to slide back and forth across my cock when he noticed I wasn’t moving. I could feel every inch slide in and out of him. I thought I was about to cum.

He pulled off of me and jumped onto his back. He threw his legs up into the air and slapped them onto my shoulders. “FUCK ME!” he yelled at me and slapped my side. I wasn’t going to argue. I took my entire cock and slammed it into his ass. He cried in pain as I kept sliding back and forth out of him.

I loved it. He was crying in both pain and pleasure as I brutally fucked his ass. “God I love it!” he kept saying to me as I was pushing deeper and deeper into him. “Fuck!” he started to scream with every push into him. It felt so good; I thought I was going to blow my load all over him.

We were fucking as hard as I could slam myself into him. He was moaning and screaming with every stroke. Both of our eyes were locked on each other. I heard his screams getting louder and louder. He looked so good; I loved him so much at this point. I didn’t want it to end.

I woke up. “It was just a dream.” I said to myself. I had the hardest morning woody that I had ever had in my life. I hit the alarm clock that was droning on with its constant beeping. I walked over to my closet and found some clothes to wear. I was going to wear my brand new pair of black jeans and my black shirt. It felt like a black day for me.

I walked into my bathroom and found a towel. I took a shower but couldn’t help but look at my woody. My dick stood at about 7 inches long. It was definitely nothing too impressive. I tried to see if I could suck it right there in the slower. I laid down on the floor and tried to stick it into my mouth, to see what being gay would be like. It wouldn’t reach.

I took one of my fingers and ran it along my ass. It turned me on so much. I started to try and stick my finger into my ass, but it wouldn’t fit. My ass was too closed up. I thought to myself for a minute, and decided I probably couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be gay, it wouldn’t be right.

I got dried off and dressed. I headed down into the kitchen and made myself a packet of instant oatmeal. I hated the stuff, but it always woke me up in the morning. I grabbed my backpack and ran out to my car. I found Mark sitting on the trunk of my car. He looked back at me as I jumped out the front door.

“Sup?” he said as I walked over to the back of the car.

“Nothing much…” I said as he jumped off and I popped the trunk open.

I threw our crap in the back and slammed the trunk shut. We walked over to the front of the car and I let him in. He looked at me and smiled as I put the car into reverse. I smiled back not knowing what else to do. We were just starting to pull out of my driveway when I slammed on brakes. He had just said “I had the weirdest dream last night.”

Thanks for reading, while Chapter 2 had a sex scene which I wouldn’nt have done so soon, I needed there to be a secret between Travis and Mark. My sex scenes will be much more descriptive than that. The sex scene was kind of general, so the will get better later on. See you in Chapter 3! If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions please contact me dentali0308@hotmail.com.