Unknown Thoughts IV
By Aiden McCann

This is my very first story that I have ever written to be posted on any website, anywhere. I have to say that I really don’t know too much of what I'm doing, so any suggestions would be appreciated. This story involves the life of two teenage boys (and one teenage girl). This is a GAY or HOMOSEXUAL story. If you do not agree with homosexuality, please leave now. You should be 18 (or 21 depending on your location) to read or view the content in this piece. If you are not, please leave now.


A few minutes passed before I broke the silence in the room. “Mark, what was your dream about?” I asked him, when I felt comfortable in my bed. I saw him pop his head up to the side of my bed, like a puppy pops his head over the foot of the bed to look at his master.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me what your dream was about?” he asked.


I stared at his eyes in the dark. It was the only real part of him that I could make out. I felt something move across my bed and I instantly knew it was his hand as he grabbed my leg. I felt pretty turned on, but as I had told him, I wasn’t going to have sex. I reached down and pushed his hand away and continued to stare at him in the dark.

“It was a confusing dream…” I said quietly. I could feel his breath on my arm. He grabbed my hand with his as I continued. “I saw a cloud, it was a nice cloud, and it looked like a turtle. It parted and I saw what I thought was Kate falling into my arms… but it wasn’t Kate. It was something that changed… into you.”

“Hmm…” he said almost jokingly. I knew that something was up by the way he said it.

“You had a cut on your arm and a bruise on your stomach when I looked at you, did I mention you were naked?” I said almost too excitedly. I saw his eyes shift in the darkness. “We talked for a few seconds and then before I could really tell what was going on we were kissing. It was a damn good kiss too…” I said laughing.

He dropped my hand from his suddenly, and I felt him rip the covers off my bed. I felt him moving around, and instantly he jump up on top of me. He knees were on both side of me and I could feel his cock on my stomach. I could tell he was totally naked by the warmth that was touching me. He kissed me on my lips and moved to my earlobe which he bit, sending me into an unreal amount of pleasure.

“Fuck…” I said letting him take me over. I couldn’t help it. He was soon nibbling on my neck and sucking on my skin so softly. I felt his tongue running all across my body. I saw his little eyes pop up every now and then to look into mine. He slowly licked down my chest and went to my nipples. I was so turned on that my nipples felt like they were frozen. He slowly bit one and tickled it with his tongue. It instantly loosened up. I felt like I was about to blow my load in my boxers. “Mark…” I said softly, letting him continuously ravage my body. “Stop…please…” I looked at him in the eyes, though he really couldn’t see mine in the darkness.

His body fell next to mine. “I’m sorry…” he said almost like a broken record as he grabbed my hand into his again. “You’re so beautiful, I couldn’t control myself. Listen, I don’t want to know how your dream went. I already know how it went, I had the same dream.” He kissed me… and I mean hard. I felt my back arch up in my bed and I could feel his entire tongue going down my throat. I felt my cock growing in my shorts again. “It was just like that…” he said licking his lips.

My pants were getting soaked in pre-cum in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t stop kissing him. I felt his tongue going all over mine and I could feel every inch of my body being in a total ecstasy. I finally saw his face after we broke our kiss and I saw not Mark my friend, but Mark my boyfriend. I looked at him from my pillow, both of us on our sides looking at each other. “I love you…” I said softly, kissing him on the nose.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. He was sitting in my bed totally naked and I could feel his cock touching my leg. I reached down and grabbed it with my hand and pulled it toward my stomach. Then, very carefully, I slid his cock to the top of my boxers and pulled my boxers down to my knees with it. I could feel it throbbing as I held it in my hand. He let out a soft moan as I moved my hand off of his cock to pull my boxers all the way off.

It took two seconds before he grabbed it. I felt his warm hand touching my dick. I could feel every second of it as he moved his hand around, forcing my pre-cum onto his stomach and his own dick. “I want to taste you for real now, not what I remember from my dream.” he said as he looked me straight in the eyes. I couldn’t believe that he wanted to even ask me, I told him no sex!

“Mark, I said no sex!” I said almost angrily. He didn’t care what I said. It took him only about five seconds before I felt his mouth on my cock. I couldn’t stop him, it was too good. I felt every moment as he slowly licked around my cock. He then licked my tip and pulled his tongue all the way around the head. He let his tongue wrap all the way around my cock as he slid his mouth down across me. I cried out in pleasure. “Shit!” I said almost too loud. I didn’t care, it was too good.

I felt his cock poking me in my side. I wasn’t going to be outdone, not now. If he wanted to suck me off he was going to get everything he was asking for. I grabbed his legs and pulled him lower body on top of me. He let out a small groan as I licked his balls.

I had never even tried to please a guy before, what was I supposed to do? I carefully licked his balls again, though I can’t say I really liked my first taste of them. I was clueless as to what to do with him. I suddenly had an idea, I took my tongue and put it near the base of his cock and licked all the way back across his balls to his ass. He let out a huge groan as I did this.

I was finding it hard to concentrate on licking his balls; he was doing a number on my cock. Every inch that he sucked on felt so great. His tongue was sliding all around my cock, it felt so warm. I could feel inch after inch as he took it all the way down his throat. It felt weird as he started to deep throat me, like my cock was almost in an endless tunnel. It felt really good so I started to move my hips back and forth into his mouth.

I tried to refocus on everything going on while he was sucking me off. I was in so much pleasure. I licked him again, all the way across his nuts, and he let out another groan. I then sucked one of his balls into my mouth and licked it with a lot of force. He slowly moaned again. I was starting to enjoy the taste of his balls. I guess it was something that I had to warm up to, but I couldn’t get enough of it after a few seconds.

I found his balls pasted onto my head. I was sucking them and licking them with everything I had. His ass was almost over my nose suffocating me, but I couldn’t stop. I licked every inch of his balls that I could. I then slowly grabbed his cock with my left hand and pulled it toward my mouth. I slowly licked the head before I stuck it into my mouth. I explored it with my tongue and slowly I let it slide farther in. Suddenly, I felt him lift up and slam into my mouth. Before I knew it, his cock was going down my throat.

I gagged and pulled him out again, but he slammed back into me. It was painful but I loved it. Every time he slammed his cock back into me it felt better and better. I couldn’t stand it; his cock being in my mouth was extraordinary. I soon recovered from what was going on and decided to follow his lead. I wrapped my tongue around his cock and sucked hard on it as it flew in and out of my throat.

We both felt like we were about to explode. Our moans were overwhelming each other and every moan we made caused our cocks to feel bigger and harder. Soon enough, I was ready to cum and I wasn’t holding back. I didn’t tell him I was close as he ran my cock in an out of his throat. He grabbed my balls with his left hand and squeezed hard, that did it. Cum sprayed straight down his throat and into his mouth. I moaned extremely loudly at both the pain and pleasure of the moment. I felt his cock growing suddenly bigger. I could feel his heartbeat in my mouth when he shot his load straight into me.

I was quiet, his cock in my mouth, as I let it flow down my throat. It was warm and gooey, it felt really good. Soon he pulled out of my mouth and came up to kiss me. The last bit of his cum was still in my mouth as he approached me, and soon we were sucking each others tongues. I could taste his cum but I tasted something else too. I quickly realized we were swapping cum in our mouths. We pulled away from each other and our sloppy mess fell onto my stomach. I drank what I had in my mouth down. He licked what fell out of us off of me and then swallowed it hard.

“No sex.” He said firmly as he laid down next to me.

“What did you call that then?” I asked sarcastically.

“That… was love…” he said with a grin.

We woke up to the droning of my alarm clock. The first thing we noticed was the fact that we had both slept on each other completely naked. So, after a quick freak out session to get into something we could leave my room with, we were heading to the shower. I went ahead and let him take his shower first as I went down to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

I looked around for something to eat, instant oatmeal or bacon. I hated both but they always woke me up. I decided I wasn’t too hungry so I went back up to my room to find something worth wearing. I looked in my closet, wasn’t that a sight. Most of my clothes consisted of jeans and shirts. I went ahead and picked out some blue jeans and a red shirt to wear.

I walked over and sat on my bed, looking at the ground. I tried to remember everything in detail that happened last night, but my memory was fleeting. I looked down at my feet and saw my boxers. I went ahead and picked them up and looked at them. They were stiff in the crotch where my pre-cum had totally soaked them.

I laughed and threw them aside. I then noticed that Mark’s boxers were right under them. I picked them up to look at them as well. He had worn black silk boxers, they felt really good. I turned them inside out and looked at the inside of the crotch, as I suspected he had gotten off more than once in them.

I held his boxers in my hands and I couldn’t help but smile. He was a little bit shorter than me but we wore the same size clothes. I lifted his boxers to my face and smelled them. I had seen this done with panties in movies, but I just wanted to try it. They smelled really nice, just like Mark to tell the truth. They had a scent of his Old Spice cologne which he loved to wear so much.

I looked up at the door when I heard something move. Mark was quietly standing there in a towel. He looked at me stiffing his boxers and gave me a huge smile.

“What’cha got there buddy?” he said almost beaming at me.

“Uh… nothing…” I said blushing. I was caught red-handed. “Sorry…”

He laughed at me and grabbed them from me. He walked over to my desk and dropped his towel intentionally as he picked up his clean clothes. He turned around and looked at me, showing me his blue boxers. I could tell by their shine they were also a soft silk.

“Were you smelling these too?” he laughed and threw them at me. I ducked to dodge them when I noticed that he had thrown them at me so I would get off my guard. He was on top of me, my back on the bed. He was entirely naked on top of me and my cock jumped straight up. He kissed me softly on the lips. “I could eat you up right now, Travis.”

“Yeah well save it until tonight,” I said pushing him off to my side. “And get dressed you fool, what if my mom or dad were to come in?”

“Well then I’d have to say that their son gave one hell of a blowjob last night.”

“Oh, you are a bastard, you know that? A FUCKING BASTARD!” I said blushing again. I was only joking with him. I felt really attached to him now. I loved his company more than ever. I was glad he was there with me. “So, are we boyfriends now?” I asked innocently.

“Only if you want to be, but technically I’d say we are.” He looked at me with a huge smile on his face. I couldn’t help but smile back at his cute face. He had the most beautiful eyes. I was staring at him for a few minutes while he got dressed. “Uh… dude, if we are going to be boyfriends, or even friends, you better get a shower. I don’t like people being all smelly around me.” I nearly fell off the bed. I forgot what I was doing while I was staring at him.

I walked over to him and kissed him, then slapped him really hard on the ass as I grabbed his towel and went into the bathroom. I stood in the bathroom and smelled his towel. I was obsessed, I couldn’t help it. I felt like I was going to pop with joy. I was in the deepest form of love I had ever been in.

I finally found my way into the shower. It was nice and hot just like I liked it. I didn’t adjust it at all; I wanted to see how he liked his showers. It felt so good, even better because it was how he liked it. I was so sucked into him I felt I couldn’t breathe, but I loved it. Every second I was in that shower my heart was sinking.

I wanted to have him come in with me, rub soap all over me and wash me. I wanted him in there with me with his cock out so I could suck it once more before school. I wanted him to suck me off once and let me feel his body like I did last night. All these thoughts were running through my head, and I looked down at my lower head which was now throbbing hard.

I finished washing up and grabbed Mark’s towel and dried off. It was still a little bit wet from him, but I wanted to feel everything he was even around. I put it around my waist and walked out into my room. I noticed that Mark was sitting on the end of bed, looking at the door when I walked in. I shut the door quickly behind me

“Were you waiting on me?” I asked jokingly.

“Come here…” he said as he looked at me. I saw where he was staring, and I looked down as well. My cock was still hard from being in the shower; the towel was poking out about a foot. I walked over near him and he reached under my towel and pulled me by my cock closer to him. “So, were you thinking of me?” he said as he slowly stroked my cock. My towel fell to the floor.

“Yeah, I was. I couldn’t help it, sorry…”

“That’s ok, don’t worry about it.” he said looking straight into my eyes.

“Are you ready to go?”

“I think I am, but your not.” He had an evil grin on his face. He reached over and grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him.

“What are you doing? We can’t do this now…” I said to him looking down at his pretty face.

“Aw… come on,” he said quickly “I just wanted to get you off one more time before school...” He put his tongue out and licked my cock. It felt really good, but it made my dick harder… which wasn’t helping.

“Dude, how am I going to put my pants on like this?” I said staring at him.

“Your not…” he said quietly. I was a little scared that my parents would come in, or hear us. “Can I? Just once?” he asked with his puppy dog eyes.

“Uh, um, I… I don’t know...” I was stuttering.

My eyes grew to the size of oranges. He threw his mouth over my cock and sucked on it, hard. I felt my knees starting to bend and I couldn’t stay up. My body felt so good that I thought I was going to collapse.

“Wow! Dude! Fuck!” I was in shock. His mouth was so warm; I almost fell to my knees. He was sucking me dry and I needed it. It was only a minute or two before I shot in his mouth and he swallowed it all.

“Get dressed man, were going to be late...” He said hugging me around my waist. I grabbed my pants and shirt and put them on. I loved being around him so much. I was truly happy for the first time in a while.

We headed out to my car and I unlocked the doors. Someone had cleaned it out; I didn’t see any of the usual spots on the carpet anymore. Mark jumped in the side and looked over at me with those eyes I loved so much. I wanted to rip them out and put them in a jar and keep them for just myself.

“Come on, let’s go…” he said smoothly. I couldn’t stop staring at him. I couldn’t start the car because my eyes were too focused on him. I felt like a million and one bucks. “Uh… dude?” he asked in a voice that let me know he was kind of annoyed.

“It’s your fault! Why do you have to be so fucking sexy?!” I protested.

I laughed loudly as I put the car into reverse and pulled onto the street. It was strange that I loved him like I did. I had never fallen in love like this before, and never in such a short time period either. I reached over and kissed him on the cheek as we pulled off down the street. We were to the school in about 15 minutes, and I gave him one final kiss in the car before we jumped out onto campus.

Due to a lot of complaining about where I was taking the story, I rewrote the last part of this chapter. I’m writing this story for you guys, so I figured I would try and take it where you want me to. If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions please contact me dentali0308@hotmail.com.