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Valentine Shock chapter 3.

The moment that i stepped outside i smelled the fresh ocean air. There was nothing else quite like that. Just about a few minutes to 7 in the morning, and walking on the beach is heaven for your soul. I placed myself on a rock that looked very much like the back of a donkey and stared into the clear light blue sky. It was only a matter of time before i achieved what i always wanted to do. For the first time in my young life i saw the sun come up through the white clouds that bedazzled the sky and i swore that its first rays fell upon me as i breathed in the scent and the utter glamourous picture of the gleaming ocean water as the sunlight streamed over the waves. It was beatutiful. Suddenly my phone peeped, i grabbed it from the trouser's pocket and looked at the screen. Message from Michael. FUCK!! What did that fag want now?

"Hey sexy! Het sopas gekyk hoe die son opkom en aan jou gedink. Jy's warmer as wat die son ooit kan wees. Wou net se ons kom vandag daar na julle toe. Kan nie wag om jou te sien nie. Michael."

(Hey sexy! Ive just watched the sun come up while thinking of you. You're way hotter than the sun could ever be. Just wanna say that we're visiting you guys today. Can't wait to see you. Michael.)

And in the midst of all this, Michael's face came up into my thoughts. This was a problem. I knew what would happen if he did what he did with the other guys back home. So why was i still tolerating his constant flirting? But somehow i admired his courage. He sure as fuck knew that i was straight. Yet he still did things like this. I took a deep breath and started to reply on his message.

"Cool man. Sien jou dan. LOL, ek het ook buite gesit en die son sien opkom. Ons chat later."

(Cool man. See you then. LOL, i was also outside and watched the sun come up. We'll chat later.)

I squeezed my phone in my hand and then stood up and slowly walked back to the lodge, suddenly rejuvenated and hungry as a bitch on heat. When i entered the dining room, my parents waved me over.

"Tiaan, you and i have gotta to the shops after breakfast to get wood and meat. Tom and Johlene van der Heever is coming for a braai this afternoon. They'll probably be here by 11. It will be good for you to spend some time with Michael. I've noticed that there is not much young people around here."

"Ok, Dad. I'll be ready."

While i was walking over to the buffet table to get some food, i wondered if my dad would say the same thing if he knew how Michael was flirting with me. But in smelling the delicious bacon, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, yogurt, juice etc, i quickly forgot about Michael and concentrated only on my empty stomach.

My dad and i rode to the shops and brought the nessasary stuff for the braai aswell as ingredients for my mother to make a nice potato salad and desert. It was looking to be a very good day. It was hot as fuck though and after helping my father position the wood and getting it on fire, i put on my swim trunks, and headed for the water. After an half an hour or so, i decided to head back to the lodge to make myself decent for when the Van der Heever's would arrive. I was treading my way upwards in the hot sand to the lodge when around the corner walked the one person that i didn't want to see me wearing only wet underwear and swimming trunks. Michael's mouth went from a neutral placing to a full thread smile, and i actually saw his eyes light up as they fell on my naked upper body. Damn, couldn't he at least TRY not to show that he is gay?

"As ek geweet het dat ek n engel sou sien vandag, sou ek vroeer gekom het!" he shouted.

(If i knew i would be seeing an angel today, i would have come sooner!)

I started to blush something furiously and walked straight past him without so much as a word. I walked straight into the lodge, into our suite and into my room, not even noticing someone that might have crossed my path. Im just gald that somebody didn't because i would have surely have committed murder, i was that angry. I slammed my room's door shut and leaned against the wall. Why was he doing this? I wasn't fucking into him! I took deep breaths in order to get my cool back when i heard a slight knock at the door. I walked over to the bed and sat down while still staring at the door. Another knock.

"Tiaan? Maak asseblief oop. Dude, ek jammer, maak asseblief oop."

(Tiaan? Please open the door. Dude, im sorry, please open up.)

I sighed. I had to face this problem head on. They were our guests today afterall and his grandparents and parents became friends even before either of us were born. I owed it to my parents. Even if he was flirting with me, it wasn't like i was returning it, now was I? I stood up and opened the door, and a shock struck me like a big yellow school bus. Michael had tears in his eyes.

"Kan ek in kom?"

(Can i come in?)

Weird as it was to see this completley different side of him, i made way and he sat on my bed, and wiped his hand through his hair. I closed the door, not quite sure what to do at this point. I mean, ever since i met this guy, he was so full of confidance and was sure of himself, i mean if i didn't see it myself, i wouldn't think that it was at all possible for Michael to be sad! Yet, here he was, trying his best to choke away the tears. I felt that it was up to me, that i needed to break the ice between us.

"Michael...ek's jammer oor ek jou geignore het, maar...dude jy moet verstaan, ek is nie gay nie. Ek is seker as ek was, sou ek maybe iets tussen ons n kans gegee het, maar..."

(Michael...im sorry that i ignored you, but dude you gotta understand, im not gay. Im sure that if i was, maybe then we could have given it a go, but...)

Michael stood up from the bed and came to stand right in front of me. After my little speech i looked down at the carpet on the floor. Michael was a nice guy, and i knew that gays stated more than once that they couldn't help how they felt. I felt him lift up my face, and i looked deep into this blue eyes. Something in the back of my mind told me to look away, to tear my eyes from his face, and the intencity of the look that i was getting.

"Tiaan, ek gaan iets doen, en as jy dit nie like nie, stop ek soos in dadelik. As jy daarvan hou, dan is dit cool. Maar try dit ten minste. Jy's so fokken hot, ou."

(Tiaan, im gonna do something, and if you don't like it, then ill stop immediatly. If you like it, then its fine. But at least try it. You're so fucking hot, dude.)

I had a sence about what he wanted to do, and strangely enough i was more than ready for it. Michael placed my hand behind my head, and brushed some of my hair behind my ear. His hand went from my hair to the back of my head, rubbing my neck, and i started to respond to the caressing i was recieving...from a guy...Michael. I slightly winced when he quickly moved his face towards mine, but turns out he went on to whisper in my ear...

"Chill bra. Een soen gaan jou nie gay maak nie."

(Chill dude. One kiss won't make you gay.)

I shuddered when i felt his breathed on my skin. I honestly didn't know if it was the fact that i was still a virgin and that i wanted to get laid more than anything, but with a guy? So what? Michael was right, one kiss won't make me g...wow! The kiss interupted my thoughts as the sheer passion and emotion with what Michael was kissing me with shone through him and into my very being. I heard him sigh in the kiss, and that was it. I tried, i really tried not to get hard but it wasn't working. I was sure Michael could feel my cock pressing against his lower abdomen. He went on to kiss me deeply and i was shocked at how much i liked it and perhaps, wanted even more than this. Then suddenly, it was over. When he parted his lips from mine and pulled away, i was still leaning into the kiss. He stood there with a smile as big as the Kalahari desert and rubbed my shoulder as he pulled me towards him. He hugged me and i felt myself placing my hands around his body aswell. It was in such an embrace that i felt him pulling away first once more and i felt like passing out from the sheer intencity of what just happened. Every single thing that my parents has taught me about homosexuality went through my brain. It was wrong, it was a sin, it was an offence to mankind, it was not natural. A thought crossed my mind. Why would something that felt so...so right, be allowed to be a sin?

"Se iets, Tiaan."

(Tiaan, say something.)

"Wat wil jy he moet ek se dude? Twee ouens wat in n kamer staan en vry? Weet jy wat de fok gaan alles deur my kop nou? En ek het dit fokken toegelaat. Jeez, maar dis jy wat so aanhou! Ek is lus en donner jou dood!"

(What do you want me to say dude? Two guys in a room, kissing? Do you know what the fuck is going throught my head right now? I allowed it to happen. But it was you that just wouldn't stop! I really want to fuck you up right now!"

Michael stared at me for a while, stood up and kissed my again. I started to push him away, but he held me tight. And when his tongue entered my mouth, i lost control and leaned into the kiss. Sure, me and my girlfriend kissed before, hell it was all that we ever had done, but this was nothing like it! Michael sucked on my lips and pulled away, leaning to my right side to kiss my neck and i moaned at the feeling, while his hand was caressing my back. He released me once more, this time with an even bigger smile than before.

"Jy wil my donner, maar dis nie wat ek sien nie. Dude, ons is nog jonk, dammit. Eendag gaan jy trou en kinders kry en shit. Ek gaan nie. Dit wat ons nou gedoen het is net fun. Niks serious nie. Gee dit n kans, bra. Niemand hoef ooit te weet nie."

(You want to fuck me up, but that's not what im seeing. Dude, we're still young, damnit. Someday you will marry and have kids and shit, i won't. What we did, was just for the fun of it, nothing serious. Give it a chance, man. No one needs to know.)

And right there and then i knew, that whatever decision i made, whatever answer i would give Michael, would have an lasting effect on me for the rest of my life. What the hell should i do?


Im leaving this up to you, the readers. What should Tiaan do? And how will his decision affect him?

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