Varsity Commitment


Chapter 3. Accepting Varsity


When we got to school Levi greeted me with open arms. He wore a tight fitting Aeropastle shirt. (Tight fitting shirts was our style.)  He was so pumped about practice now that I would be there.

He told me that `the J.V. squad: Saleen, Janis, Bosh, Lindsey...where really jealous of our Varsity team so watch out for the `J.V. Junkies' a.k.a. `The Haters.'

My friend Shelby Grass, and Laura Tillis were happy to be reunited, once again. We hadn't talked since the summer. When they both saw me, they started complimenting me on my clothes. Just as I expected.

Levi and I split from Shelby and Laura after breakfast, so we could roam the school and do what we always do, `Criticize'. To me it makes school fun and worth coming to. I could use it since it was the first day.

On our way into the building to roam the halls, we almost bumped into...

Bram and Kenton Kronis.

Kenton Kronis was one of Bram's best friends. Everyone calls him Kent for short. Kent was conceited. Always thought the most of himself. Today he wore his hair in a big afro. I heard him talking to Bram about how he tried to get braids, but nobody would do his hair for him.

Levi and I just stood there watching.

Kenton was too caught up in his talk to notice us a few feet behind them. His skin was a hazelnut brown. His face had features like: narrow pointed nose, full lips the color of grapefruit, his eyes were of the same light brown as mine. His need to look good all the time kept him looking nice. Especially today since his hair is in an afro.

His afro was shaped neatly. He had thin side burns that trailed down his face. Girls liked Kenton Kronis. But they hated his cockiness. That's how he got his nick name `Mr. Cocky'.

Kenton and I weren't friends but he was pretty cool with me. He knew I had a bad habit of talking about people but he didn't care. Sometimes he would laugh at the things Levi or I would say.

I lied to Bram telling him I tried out for running back. It just so happens Kenton was the actual one who made running back. I think Bram was hanging around him to get use to the new team of guys. I could have been in Kenton's place right now. I could have been walking into the school with Bram, but I didn't want to be a football star. Cheerleading had won me over.

After we got inside the building. We ended up walking into Trent White, this brown haired `want-to-be' and his friend. The infamous quarterback, everybody has been buzzing about all morning, Shane Riley.

Shane Riley was a blond haired mess in my book. All day people keep coming up to him asking him about the game coming this Friday. Our cheer captain Amber Maclin, thought the quarterback was a heart throb.

Shane was a disgusting person to me. The only thing sicker than he was, was his roach infested, asteroid head friend, Trent White. Yuk!

We walked past them. After they gave a few insults about `cheerleaders being fairies' and `how cheerleading messes them up in the games.' It was so like them. Levi and I, called them both wombat faced freaks. Then we told them they shouldn't blame us for losing their games, blame it on their lack of talent and skills.'

Later class had started. I didn't feel like standing up for the pledge either. I had geometry for my first class. Being that it was the first day, our teacher handed out syllabuses, and the lessons we will be covering throughout the year was on them. I didn't have this class with anyone I knew...which made it B-O-R-I-N-G!

My next class was just the same. The Biology teacher handed out syllabuses. Every class, every teacher, was handing out rules, and telling us how we should have our notebooks set up. This happened in all my classes.

 The first day was exciting at first, but when you get all these papers to sign, and return... it really gets dull.

I went to English II, later that day. I received more papers, and rules. I was getting so frustrated trying to keep up with these stupid papers!

That's when something I didn't expect happened.

While in English. Kenton broke the dull first day silence. I was happy to see I wasn't the only person alive here. He raised his hand, "Mrs. Um, Mrs...whatever your name is-"

"Mrs. Boyette." The teacher said politely.

He ignored the teacher skipping straight to what he wanted. "I have a headache. Can I go home?"

"No, you may not." She said smiling. "But you can listen."

Kenton's head snapped up, his afro hovering above his head. "Listen? what?"

Her face went serious. "At what I'm telling you about my class, and it's rules." She informed him, folding her arms.

"Maaan..." Kenton complained throwing his hand to wave her off. "I already heard this same stuff earlier from my other teachers."

"Well you will hear it again." she fixed at him, leaning forward. The class was laughing in low chuckles. It was the first day and Kenton just couldn't be quiet.

"Humph, that's a lie." He said under his breath. He saw me laughing at the scene he was making, and cracked a cocky smirk, ruffling his hair with one hand.

"What's your name?..." Mrs. Boyette asked pointing at him. She was closing in on him. He looked around like he didn't know who she was pointing at. He was acting like he was lost.

Then with a huff he answered "Bram."

She came really close to his desk now. "What did you say it was?" she asked.

"I said, Kenton!"

"Okay, well Kenton, be quiet and listen, okay?" she all of a sudden got polite. I guess when she got close to him, she was sucked into his charm. He had to know it because he was smiling with his conceited grin, looking right at me.

I think I was the only person who caught on to him saying Bram's name the first time the teacher asked him. Kenton knew how to make a dim day, bright. If it wasn't for that laugh I probably would have slept during English.

At lunch I was sitting with Levi. We were on free lunch so we didn't have to worry about paying. Which makes getting our lunch seats easier. We sometimes go outside to eat our lunch.

At Windlewood high school. We get our option to eat in the cafeteria, or go outside and eat. In the cafeteria on the west side, there are doors that lead to an outside area. The tables outside have a stone, cement look to them. The trees overhead cast a cool shade over the eating stone tables.

It's a lavish area. It's almost like you're not in school. Sometimes while Levi talked, I couldn't help peering in the cafeteria windows, to see inside.

 I saw Bram sitting with Kenton Kronis. It wasn't bad until I saw, Trent White and Shane Riley sitting at the same table with him. That was just low class. How could he sit with those two? They are Bevis and butthead all over again!

"Today Amber said we are getting our uniforms." Levi reminded me, dangling a hot fry above his mouth, before chewing it.

"I know. I heard they are brand new and J.V. is getting the Varsity uniforms from last year." I added in a low tone. Trying to disguise my anger from Bram's new seating arrangement.

Levi was excited. "Yes. That's why Saleen the skunk, and Janis are mad." Levi went on chewing away. "and Bosh is such an idiot. He just sat there dumb as a fly, saying: `As long as we get uniforms, I really don't care what they look like.'" Levi did his best to contort his face mimicking Bosh.

"Are you serious?" I tried not to laugh. "It's not about the having a uniform. It's about the difference of getting `hand-me-downs' last year's varsity wore, and getting brand new never before worn uniforms." I clarified. Bosh was on J.V. he was a cool guy but his mind works in opposite ways sometimes.

"Exactly, exactly! Bosh is too simple, I wonder did the judges feel sorry for him and stuck him on JV?" Levi agreed.

"You know, It's still hard for me to establish I'm a varsity cheerleader." I admitted covering my face with my hands. "It's like everything hasn't sunk into me yet. You know?"

Levi nodded, "I know what you mean dude. Last year was my first year cheering. I was nervous, scared, I didn't know if I was going to mess up on a routine or not. I was a mess, it was crazy."

I'm glad I can confide in him to an extent. At least he isn't mad about me being a cheerleader. You really would think your friends would be proud you made varsity.

"...we are sometimes like a family. We stick together because on Friday nights when the stands are roaring and the football players are out there playing. The only people with you, are the people beside you. Which of course is the squad."

Levi had a point but there are some people on this squad I wouldn't say `hi' to. I know we have to work together to make a routine successful, but that doesn't mean I'll chit chat with them.

"You are a Varsity Cheerleader now, Brice." Levi said hitting the cement table. "Of Windlewood high school! Our colors are black and gold, the eagles are who we are and who we represent!"

Oh yeah, I'm an Eagle now! Varsity at that.

"You're right!" I confirmed what he said. Losing all the faint memories of losing Bram as a friend. "Go Eagles!" I raised my fist proudly.

"That is right." Levi joked eating more fries. "Get use to saying that and don't forget we have practice today after school at three-thirty."

"I know, I already have my practice clothes."

"Today we shouldn't do much for the first hour. Except get our uniforms, find out where our positions will be at the pep rallies. Later this week we will go down to the field, on the track and see where everyone will stand during the games." He mentioned.

The bell rung and we left the table, dumping our trays on our way from outside into the building. I headed for my next class, World History.


                                                            Will this day ever end?


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