Varsity Commitment


Chapter 5. A Cheerleader's Revenge


The next day at school was horrible. It was a slow going, sunny Wednesday morning. On the grass in front of the school some of the football guys were playing catch.

Amber was there talking to Shane. He was one of the many guys playing catch. I think they were dating now because everywhere they went she was always holding on to his arm. The only time they weren't together was at lunch. Shane was always around the other football players talking about football of course, while Amber sat in a circle of some of the Varsity cheerleading girls.

Levi and I stood against the two rails along the outside of the school building, watching the guys play catch, and  talking about how ugly of a couple Amber and Shane was.

"Typical...that's so typical. Captain of the cheer squad dating the quarterback." Levi sighed.

"It's hideous. Shane doesn't have anything to offer anyone. I don't know what she likes about him, he looks like an ogre to me."

It wasn't long after that I heard something collide with the left side of Levi's head. It went off like a boom of thunder.

When I realized what happened, it registered to me, someone had thrown the football and hit Levi. They threw the ball so hard that the collision made the rails we leaned against, rattle.

"Levi?" I asked him. "...Levi, are you okay?" I tried to grab his arm to check on him.

He was bent over holding the side of his head. All that I heard was him grunting. When he turned his face, the left side had a huge red mark.

"Oh my god! That hurts so-" Levi yelped trying to get up and walk away. "It stings. I don't think I can see right now."

I was so mad right about now. How could those clumsy idiots hit my best friend? It was too much, I had to address the issue.

I picked up the football.  Taking charge of the situation, I walked calmly to the grassy area where the football players were throwing the ball around. To my surprise, Bram was there and a few of our cheerleading team mates.

What really ticked me off, was everybody who was around these guys were snickering, looking over at Levi. Even Amber and Bram! What is wrong with these losers?

I stalked over with the football gripped even tighter in my hand. When I got there, Shane held out his hand smiling "Thanks."

I hope he didn't think I was bringing him the football back like a puppy.

The people standing around just kept snickering like something was funny. I wanted to throw the ball and hit them all, but I knew I only get one throw with this football. I had to make it worth it.

"Oh, I'm not bringing this back to you, if that's what you thought." I fired at him. Images of Levi came up in my head, and the snickering. "I came to see who threw this ball?"

He ignored me, "Just give me the ball back." He demanded with his hand out.

"No!" my voice gradually rising. "Who threw this ball? I'm not giving it back until I know who did it."

Shane rolled his eyes up, sighing "I threw it." people started laughing again.

"Well its my turn to throw the ball!" I lashed out, and before there were cries of `stop!' and people trying to grab me I held my arm back, throwing the ball with all the strength I could muster.

The crowd fell silent. Everybody's eyes were on the spiraling football, still soaring to its long destination. 

It landed with a thud and bounced somewhere in the trees off on the other side of campus.

"Why did you do that?" Shane gritted his teeth. His muscles flexed. I thought he was on the verge of hitting me, but I stood my ground. Not wavering to a threat.

I knew at this moment, all the people who were apart of this crowd was fraud! I will see to it that their day of judgment comes.

"Its not funny now, is it?" I told them all, wearing the smirk Shane had when I marched over here. I stood alone and if anybody felt like they wanted to say something, they have freedom of speech. I will be waiting for it, because I have plenty I could say.

"Let's just go." One of the other players suggested to him.

 "AAAARRRHHH!" Shane snarled walking off.

"Go fetch the ball if you want it that bad." I was feeling a surge of power rush through me. Almost the same feeling I got when I put on my uniform for the first time. "Yeah that's what I thought. Walk off!" I kept going.

The crowd of student's eyes were big. They probably couldn't believe what I just did.

Kenton, who was just getting out of his car, started laughing. His laugh was the only one in the circle of shocked onlookers. He fondled with his keys walking over to me from the school parking lot.

He wore a pair of earrings today. It was neat look for him. His braids hung past his shoulder and down the center of his back, swinging slightly as he approached me.

"I saw that." he put his fist up to his mouth laughing. "You've got an arm on you." He said inbetween his laughs. "That's what Shane get... yesterday can you believe he tried to hand the ball off to me five days later at practice?"

I didn't know what he was talking about but I tried to play interested. "Really?"

"Yes, really. He tried to get me tackled. He's a hater, and he decided to hate on me harder than anybody ever everybody in the school usually does, but he took it to another level. He can't take it that I'm the best looking player on the team." He added rubbing on his face.

I just laughed at what he said. Kent was a character, a `cocky one' at that.

"I could be the whole football team by myself if I wanted to." he bragged more. "Everybody in the crowd would be like `Kronis, Kronis, Kronis!' none stop." He carried on. "My face would be in every girl's room. People would pray to be like me, dads would want their sons to come out looking as good as me."

I nodded in agreement with him. After all, he did agree with me about Shane. It's the least I could do since he supported me with a laugh in the crowd of fraud people.

"...Man everybody would be jealous of the hair." he grabbed one of his braids,

Before Kenton could finish telling me his next bragging statement, Bram called him. "Kenton? Let's go eat breakfast or something."

"Alright." Kenton slapped hands with me. It was a weird handshake, I wasn't use to, then he went off to breakfast with Bram.

The crowd had thinned out about this time. I guess nobody wanted to hear Kent's cocky comments. Everyone hated when he did that.

Anyway I had to find Levi.




Later that day, Saleen (a JV junkie), had the nerve to tell people `I got hit in the face with the football.' I had to hunt her down, and when I finally caught up to her, she was sitting with Janis, Bosh, and Lindsey. Which were more JV junkies. I know how bad they hated me, and I know they wish so badly it was me who got hit in the face with the ball but it wasn't so.

I found her and I confronted her about the lie she told. She swore up and down that she didn't say I got hit with the football. When she swore, I left it at that. I didn't take her word for it though.

Levi and I got together, we snuck into her locker when the halls were cleared out. Stealing her geometry, book, world history book, and English book. We were counting on her to start getting detentions for not having her books in class. Whenever her grades drop because she is coming to class unprepared, and she won't be able to complete her assignments from the books. My revenge would be so exact.

I thought this was perfect, once her grades drop to failing, she won't be able to cheer.

Judgment had come for her, and it will slowly tear her life to ribbons.

In English, Kenton told me he despised Saleen just as much as I did. When I told him what I did to her with her books, he laughed so hard, he almost got in trouble. It was funny because he started to act like her, saying `Where's my books? Where is my books?' in a frantic hype.

My plan worked better than I thought. Kenton was telling me in an earlier class, she was crying because some of her books were missing and she found out that the total cost of the books missing would be: one hundred, fifty dollars.

 He congratulated me on a job well done. "You are the evilest cheerleader, I know."

I blushed a little "I know." I could see why his charms worked so well, he had a vibe he gave off.

Though a lousy frustrated day, I still had practice. Today we were designing a spirit stick. We are suppose to be filling it with candy of all sorts, making posters for the guys, scribbling inspirational things to them. Our main goal was to hang these posters up to send a message out to them, and keep them pumped up.

I helped Levi spray paint a `Go Eagles!' poster. We put glitter and stars all over it. I spray painted `Varsity' in gold letters, we got the list of all the varsity players, and wrote down all their names on the poster. (Except Shane and Trent...oh yeah and Bram)

 When we finished with the posters, our rough practice started as usual. Amber seemed mad about the football ordeal that happened between me and her crush, Shane. She was turning red from screaming at us. Everything was wrong with our routines in her eyes. We were in the raging hot sun, and we couldn't leave until everyone nailed each beat, each move in the routines.

I was getting so irritated. We had to keep doing this over and over again. everybody kept messing something up, sometimes some of the girls were so tired and hot that they accidentally step out of line. Knowing how perfect our routines had to be, that cost us more practice time.

All my muscles were aching, I was strained, and I was exhausted. Not only that, but I had a possessed little sister and an angry mom I had to go home to after this...

I don't know when my life would get better.



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