Varsity Commitment


Chapter 6. Meet the Eagles


We were at JV's first game of the season. They were actually doing pretty good, even though they were barely winning. What else could you expect from JV?

Levi and I only came to this game to see those sorry JV cheerleaders mess up on their cheers, so we could laugh.

It was funny how Saleen came around wearing her black and yellow cheer uniform at school, thinking she looked `awesome'. What she didn't know was on Friday (tomorrow), varsity will come out wearing brand new gold and black uniforms. It should really put the shameful icing on their sad cake.

Shelby and Laura wanted us all to show JV that their uniforms were so whack and off color, but we had to wait until tomorrow for that, our colors and style of uniform should speak for itself.

The same thing was happening with the football players. Kenton kept telling the JV boys how `they sucked' and `he hoped they lose'. I understood his comments. JV thought they were really something in their outfits.

"Look at Saleen!" Levi volunteered laughing away.

"She is two seconds off on her cheers." I said in disappointment. This was a mess.

"Their colors are black and yellow, but they are screaming `black and gold'." Levi was amazed.

"Major contradiction." I implied.

Levi and I sat in the bleachers together tossing insults about JV squad to ourselves. That was until we couldn't help going down the bleachers and leaning on the metal gate in front of the track where the cheerleaders were. We got within ear shot of them. We wanted to intimidate, laugh in their faces, and throw a few harsh words at them.

Joining us at the gate was Amber, Shelby, Laura, and Melissa. They were already laughing when they came up. We didn't have to ask, we already knew what was tickling these four girls.

"OH MY GOD! This is what they practice?" Amber joked. "I can't wait to show them what real cheerleading is... and what real cheerleading should look and sound like."

We all joined in for a laugh.

"I know right. Their jumps are too low." Melissa presented shaking her head.

That's when we all started finding every flaw we could and we brought it up while they stood there trying to do there cheers. We were slowly breaking them down. Taking their focus off cheering, and stealing the show from them at their own game.

"Their uniform color is yellow like the cheese at lunch."

"Saleen's hair is too short to put in a ponytail."

"Janis' body is about to burst the seams out of her uniform."

"They are boring all the people in the crowd."

"You guys suck!"

"S-U-C-K. JV sucks! JV sucks!"

"Wait until tomorrow! Varsity is coming!"

"Varsity is going to show you guys what cheerleading looks like."

"Yeah, and we are going to show you what the color `Gold' looks like too!"

We kept going until JV was worst then they started off. I went back to the stands getting a good seat to watch the game after the damage was done. Levi went off with Laura and Shelby somewhere... I don't know where, but I didn't follow them. I still thought they were fake for laughing when Shane threw that ball at his face. So I stayed behind.

Suddenly while sitting in the bleachers, I heard them rumbling as Kenton, and Bram ran up them.

Kenton had his shades on. Bram was wearing a gold sweat ban around his bicep. When they took their seats, two rows, above mine, I began to eavesdrop on their convo.

"Man, I can't wait until tomorrow, we get our new jerseys." Kent smacked his fist into his hand.

"Me too!...I'm a little nervous, though. It's my first time playing for Varsity, and if I mess up..." Bram's voice cut off. he sounded timid. It was one of the first times I heard him speak and have some emotion behind it.

"Man, don't worry about it, just pretend the crowd is not there, and see yourself on the practice field." Kenton said trying to calm him. "It works for me."

"I hear you." Bram muttered. You could still hear shaking in his voice. I know how he felt, because I felt the exact same way about cheering at his game tomorrow. 

It was at that split moment I felt a connection between us.

Normally when Bram had troubles or problems he came to me for advice or help. Since we aren't friends, I can't give him the comfort he needs at this time. I hate that we have been avoiding each other all because of our different choices.

I hope Kenton knows what he is doing...



 Getting on the bus this morning felt so different from all other mornings. Today was the day we've been waiting for. It's Friday! The day Varsity plays, better known as `Game Day'!

My uniform gave me a sense of anxiousness, and superiority over everyone else. The kids on the bus gave me wide eyed looks as I passed by, making my way through the aisle and to my seat.

I can't wait until those JV turds see our black and gold. I won't have anything to say, the uniform will speak for me.

The bus made a few more stops picking kids up. The further we travelled to school, I was trying to get over my shaky feelings.

My jaw almost dropped when I say Bram walking down the aisle of the bus. He had his solid black jersey on. His honey wheat skin, and his auburn eyes were tempting me. I guess it was the jersey doing this.

There were gold numbers on his jersey read `88' and when he sat in his normal seat. (Which was the empty seat across from mine.) I saw his last name written across the back in gold letters, `Hails'.

The jerseys looked great, especially on him. Regardless of how he feels, I have to cheer today to keep him motivated. I will be in his corner whether he knows it or not. Hopefully the energy I put in my cheers, he will feel it and feed off of it.

Bram hadn't changed his mind about not talking to me. Even if we both were on varsity and it was game day.

I couldn't stop checking out how his thin muscles gave the jersey an astounding look. He had a gold sweat ban over his right bicep, everything matched. Everything matched!

I gazed down at my shell of gold and black, and my pants that had gold and black streaming up the sides. Even the cheer uniforms matched the football jerseys. Just like Amber said.

My cheer uniform matched his jersey! I should have been right beside him. Hyping him up for the game. Our different uniforms were meant to support each other...but the only thing our uniforms had in common, was there were two nervous individuals wearing them.

`Bram. I know you can't hear me saying this but don't be nervous tonight, okay? When you go out there on the field, give me something to cheer about.' Were my thoughts to him, as the bus pulled into Windlewood High.

When we were getting off the bus, the entire varsity squad was outside. They all seemed proud to see how well the uniforms turned out to be. The Varsity football players were just as excited, their new jerseys were an up lift. You could hear them discussing the game, the cool look of the new jerseys, and what plays they'll do tonight.

The Varsity cheerleaders yelled in the football player's huddle of jerseys. "You guys are going to win, right?"

"Yeah!" They shouted back.

"What was that?" Amber and the rest of the girls screamed. "We didn't hear you?"

"YEEAAAH!" The boys roared back, beating their chests.

"You better!" The cheerleaders called out.

 Heading where the other cheerleaders were, I saw Bram make his way to his huddle of football players making light conversation with them. I could see his face was tainted with nervousness. He was my old friend so I was able to tell when he was timid.

If only I could cheer him up.

Suddenly there was loud music blasting. Everyone's head turned together to see who just pulled in the school parking lot blasting loud rap music.

It wasn't a surprise when we saw who's car it was. I should have known from the start.

Kenton swung his car door open, lighting the whole school up with his music. He had two sparkling earrings in. He had his shades on and his pants sagged low. His jersey had the number `27', in gold letters along the back `Kronis' was on the top. His grand appearance caused a riot of people to come up to his car. Which was still blasting loud thumping music.

He stood outside his car rapping to a song by lil boosie. When the football players surrounded him talking, he acted like he was at a rap concert. He started dancing to the song, trying to get the cheerleaders to dance with him, trying to keep the attention on him and his new jersey. Kenton was funny, he never cared what anyone thought.

I don't know, but there was always something cute about `Mr. Cocky'. Seeing him in his jersey might have been the deal sealer for me. Not to mention, how his braids cascaded down his back, and the hazelnut skin was zesty!

JV squad were so jealous, you could see how their faces had twisted in anger while the parking lot party was going on. It was simple, our uniforms were better. It was already spoken for, so get over it!



Later that day, I was still feeling magnificent with my varsity uniform on. I couldn't help carrying a big smile with me to every class.

When I went to my English class, Kenton started talking to me out of nowhere. I guess, us varsity people really do stick closer on Fridays. That's how it had to be. There was a loyalty between the squad and the football team.

"What's up Brice." He said pushing his shades up so that they sat on his braided scalp.

"Nothing much. Just waiting for the game." I said shyly. I still hadn't gotten use to talking to him. He was so charming for some reason.

"Me too. You get to see how talented I really am." He bragged looking into me. "You cheerleaders, better be cheering for us."

I looked at his body. The way it filled out his jersey. The hazelnut skin was pulling me in, his lips were soft as he spoke to me.

I had to shake my head from being charmed by his zest. "Who else would we cheer for?" I threw in trying to keep from blushing.

"You right, you right." He mumbled, "But you have to be loud."

"I know that." I almost smacked him for that. Not hard but playfully. "What do you think we practice for?"

"I mean you have to be like..." he moved his arms as if he was a cheerleader. "Go Eagles! Go number 27!"

His cheering was bad. He could definitely could use some practice. I see why he played football.

"Why should I say `Go number 27'?" I asked.

"Because that's my number." Kenton tugged his jersey. "You are suppose to cheer `me' on, so we can win." He conceitedly squeezed in. I think Kent believes he's the only guy on the team.

"I guess I can try."

"No, just do it." he forced out.

"I guess."

"I'm just messing with you Brice. You know that, right?" he deepened his voice.

I nodded to him.

What was wrong with me? Lately, I have been thinking certain people were likeable. What am I doing? I could get hurt physically if I don't watch out. My emotions are getting weird. They are trying to reach out at impossible guys. Guys I knew that are straight!

I have to stop this. I need to worry about cheering, not trying to get involved with the football players.

The rest of the class period passed by. I could hear Kent rapping that song, he was playing earlier. I was at my locker trying to keep my mind clear. I had a pep rally to cheer at, and I had to go to this `Meet The Eagles' thing after school. I had to remember my routines most importantly. Then, I had to cheer tonight at the game.

My thoughts were constantly flipping and flashing before my eyes. I tried to remember everything I needed to do for the day. Not only that, but my feelings had cut on somehow and they were making me lust after the jerseys I kept seeing.

I think it's my uniform making me feel that way. I believe there's a link between my uniform and the boys football jersey's, seriously!

I walked to my next class, looking at the decorations on the walls in the hallway. I passed by the poster Levi and I had created at practice the other day.

While I was heading to class, I went over a few cheers in my mind...

5,6,7,8, turn right, swing leg over, make arms go up in a high "V", herkie, then spin around, do a side step, then finish everything off with rotation of tumbling.

G-O! let's go eagles,

G-O let's go eagles...

Keep chanting that, and that cheer is done. I hope I know the other ones.

I really hope they beat the tigers. Because...

My thoughts were wrecked when I felt someone come up behind me, clapping their hand down on my shoulder. It was enough force to stop me in my tracks. I was so deep in thought I almost forgot where I was.

Turning around, I started to remember where I was. When I turned around, the hand clapping down on my shoulder was familiar in thousands of ways my mind could calculate. At that sudden change of events, old things became new. A rush came to my beating heart, and my stomach was lit up by a swarm of butterflies.

Who's touch could do that?

I couldn't believe...

"Hey," Bram said, his skin and his seductive cuteness lured me in. "What's up?... I barely caught up with you. You walk too fast." He let his face smile for me. Something he hadn't did for me in months. Why was he talking to me? Why now? I know I couldn't still be at school. No, there's no way Bram was talking to me.

Not Bram Hails! My old friend. The one who hasn't spoken to me for months because of a lie I told. It's not happening, it's not true!

"Oh, I didn't see you." I shyly admitted. It was hard trying to suppress the butterflies in my stomach. I was getting so shy from talking the only thing I could do now was hold my straps on my back pack.

What could Bram want?

"I figured that." he said glancing down, as if searching for what to say to me on the floor. "Hey, are you ready for tonight?" his voice trembled.

"I suppose so. It's my first time cheering, so I'm nervous." Uh-oh I said cheering.

He gave me a deep look. Locking eyes with me. I didn't know what was coming. "I'm nervous too but hopefully when you're cheering it will get my mind in the game."

"I hope I can. That's what the cheerleaders are for. We have your backs, you know? It's like, when I'm cheering tonight, I hope the chants let you know it's okay to be nervous, it's okay to mess up." I explained. I was trying to make everything sound good but I didn't know how, it's been so long since I have spoken to him.

I didn't know what I was saying. I was just throwing words out.

Then his pink lips curved into another smile. "Do good. And wish me luck." He said backing way, while still looking at me.

"I will...number `88'!" I said teasingly, and he laughed turning around, moving down the hall.

He was walking up the hall, I couldn't stop my over excitement of speaking to him for the first time in a long while! I guess tonight's game is really weighing down on him. He broke the ice that separated us. He came to the person he knew he could talk to.

I think this means, I have a new player to cheer for tonight.




 The band rocked the pep rally. Our first performance was a master piece. All the practice paid off.

Sophomore's won the spirit stick in the `V-I-C-T-O-R-Y chant'.

Where the Varsity football players sat, I saw Bram watching me. I didn't know if it was good stares or bad stares. I still wasn't sure if he was okay with me being a cheerleader. There was so much going on...

Other than that, Levi kept me from looking stupid, telling me what cheers we were doing next. I was lucky to have him because I executed every move precisely.

When the pep rally ended everybody was leaving in cars and getting on their buses. Levi and myself had to stay in the gym with some of the other varsity squad.

The squad practice over routines until four o'clock. Windlewood High was letting the younger kids from the elementary school meet the football players at that time. It was called `Meet The Eagles' It was being held in the stadium where it will all be happening tonight.

The varsity squad had to go on the grassy field of the stadium. It was strange sensation I still haven't adapted to. The football guys were out there signing T-shirts, and plastic footballs for the little kids.

I saw Kenton taking pictures with some of the kids, that came over to meet him. A lot of the kids were jumping around Shane because he was the star quarterback.

As cheerleaders, we were supposed to scatter across the field to help out with the little kids, and let them meet what football player they wanted to meet.

I was standing by myself looking out into the stands, of the stadium. They were empty, until 7:30p.m. tonight. I looked at the commentator's box, down the field at the score board, then I saw the tall towering lights. They weren't on but when they do come on, I will be cheering for Bram.

I saw my little sister Breece running from football player to football player, letting them sign her paper. I guess mom was somewhere close talking to Levi's mom.

I hated to see Breece run to get Shane's signature. It was a disgusting moment. I'll tell her who he really was after tonight.

I suddenly felt someone behind me give me a playful shove. When I saw Bram, I could only think this was his way of opening a way for him to start a talk with me. Especially now that it's been so long since we've sat down and had a decent talk.

"Hey, no cheerleaders allowed!" he joked showing his straight even teeth.

I acted surprised. "Oh, is that so? If there are no cheerleaders, then there's no game tonight."

"Ha, whatever." He said watching the little kids getting autographs. "Anyway, I came over here to talk to you... You know, about tonight..." Bram was rubbing his head constantly. "It's eating me up. I'm getting nervous really, really bad."

He rested both hands on top of his head sighing.

"Don't worry. You're not alone. I'm still trying to get my head clear, so I can perform right. Everything is happening so fast."

"You guys did good at the pep rally." He stared off. "It feels good to know. That you cheerleaders do all those stunts, and dances for us." He told me half smiling.

"At least you appreciate our hard work. Most of the players don't."

"Trust me, it took time for me to realize what all you cheerleaders do... it was a real eye opener." He shared "I find the phrases, you guys put on the posters inspiring. Like today, when we went in the locker room. My locker had all these ribbons of gold hanging off of it and on the helmet paper cut-outs, it had `Hails' written on it..."

"I helped decorate the lockers." I interrupted. I was happy, he took the time to notice the details. He had trouble trying to describe the art though.

"Oh you did?" he was still looking out at the stands with his hands on top of his head. I guess he was picturing all the people who will come out to see him play. "Hey, do you have, like a quick, little something, that I can get inspired by?... Like one of those chants you guys do?"

I gave him a crazy look. "I'm not going to cheer out here. I have to save my energy."

Taking his hands from his head he turned to me. "I'm not asking you to. I just need a quick phrase to lift my spirits, you know what I mean?"

Bram coming to me for inspiration? This works nicely. I happen to be a cheerleader, lifting him up is my job.

"Umm, let's see..." what will fit this situation. I stood there thinking of the best chant I could give him at a time like this. Something that would ease the tension from his masculine, beauty. "I got it!"

"Okay, let's hear it then." He spoke smoothly, rubbing his palms together.

"Today we win. Tomorrow we defeat. No matter how you slice it, the Eagles can't be beat."

"That was good! I should have been came to you." His eyes brightened up. Like seeing me actually cheer did something new. I know I didn't say much in that chant but I hope that it was good enough. I'm trying to save my energy.

"Why didn't you come to me before?"

"You know why. I was mad at you. I felt like... like you abandon me." he said making the most sincere eye connection. "but as I accepted your choice of being a cheerleader, it didn't bother me that bad anymore." He shrugged. "Now I see it like this: if I'm playing out on this field, my friend right here," he put his arm around my shoulder. "Can give me that extra drive I need to do great..."

Bram was about to say something. His mouth was open, but Breece came up wearing a little eagles cheer uniform. It was a mini pleated skirt with a black shell. She waved the paper of signatures in Bram's face.

He grabbed the paper looking at her curiously. A line appeared between his brows, as he signed his name in slanted writing.

"Thank you!" Breece said smiling at him.

"You're welcome... you look kind of like..." before Bram could say, Kenton had moved over to our small crowd.

"She looks like Brice!" Kenton said leaning over Bram's shoulder.

"No she doesn't!" I shouted. I hate when people say that. "Please, don't ever say that again!"

They both bent down knee level to talk to her. I was upset a little when I saw them taking to her. They didn't know her like I did. Wait until they find out how possessed she is!

"Yes she does." Bram said smiling. "What's your name?" he asked her

"Breece." She pulled her plaits. Which she only does when she is shy... why is she acting shy?

"I'm Bram." He introduced shaking her small hand.

"I'm Kenton."

Bram ignored Kenton and kept talking to Breece like Kenton wasn't there. "Are you going to be a cheerleader like your brother?"

She was so happy to get attention from older highschool guys. She was so happy, that her face blushed as she nodded `yes'.

"Aww." Kenton and Bram both said in their deepest tones.

"Are you going to cheer for me?" Kenton asked her giving a kind, big smile. She nodded again. I guess she lost her voice, when they both kept asking her questions.

"Remember number `27'." Kenton told her tugging his jersey.

"No, remember my number, `88'." It was like they both wanted her recognition. It was like a competition of some sort.

"Can I have a hug?" Kenton asked her with his arms stretched, and a puppy face. I really don't see why it surprised me for him to ask her for a hug. He is always trying to win somebody over.

Surely after Kenton hugged her, Bram gave her a hug. It was so sweet!

Finally Breece ran off to find our mom. Kenton and Bram still had on their delighted smiles. The exact smiles they gave Breece, but now they were looking at me.

"Why are you guys staring at me like that?" I covered my face.

"How could you not have told us about your little sister, Breece?" Bram said to me. I couldn't believe he fell for her trap. She is sneaky, she is pretending to be innocent. They thought she was sweet!

I spent the rest of my time trying to tell them Breece was possessed, but they didn't listen to me. Instead they continued to compete and argue for her attention.

Everything was going great until she showed up. She is always ruining a good moment. This `Meet the Eagles' event, had quickly turned into `Meet My Evil Little Sister'.


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