Walking on Water

Hey, first of all id like to say, thanks for checking out my story!!!!!!!!! I know that might sound pathetic but this is my first attempt at a story and I'm kind of nervous to what people will think!!!!!!

Anyway, I guess I should do the whole legal thing. Em if your under the age of consent in the country u happen to be in, please don't read this, coz you'll could get someone into trouble!!!! Also if u don't like the concept of gay relationships or homosexuals, don't read this, and I also suggest u get a life!

One last point before I actually start the story, em I'm not exactly going to get mad for any underage people reading this story, as I am. And I just want to say that this story probably won't contain any sexual material (sorry). So id say this story will be more for gay teens wanting to be re-assured that there is a hope for us all, out there, some where.

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

Well............. Where to start. Em............ Ok well I guess I better start with an introduction, as your going to be stuck with me for a while, he he.

My name's Lawrence, I'm about 5'4, 110 lbs, I have brown/black hair and brown eyes. Id say I'm about average build, and when it comes to my opinion of my looks, well, lets just say it isn't very high, and oh yeah, I'm 15.

I had always been one of those ` out-casts' I'm sure most people have seen at their schools. You now what I mean, never wore the right kind of clothes, wasn't interested in the right kind of things, didn't even act the 'right' way to be popular. I mean, sure I had friends, most of who were girls. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention, I'm gay. You see most places in the world, being gay wouldn't be seen as a bad thing anymore, but not where I'm from. Basically, here's the 511 on Lawrence. Iv more or less spent my whole life in a tiny little town in the North East of Scotland. Probably one of the biggest hotspots for homophobia in the entire world!!!! I mean, sure there were plenty of gay people I had talked to.............. On the Internet though.

Anyway so it was nearing the end of my school year when my life took a turn, which was to change my life forever.

My Dad picked me up for school just like he had been doing for the past.......... Actually, come to think of it, for as long as I can remember! As we started our usual 20-minute drive home, my Dad cleared his throat and started to speak.

" Ehhh......... Lawrence, I have something to tell you," he paused for a few seconds and then started to continue, " Ehhh........ I've been offered a promotion, but I'm afraid that it's not exactly like the ones I've had in the past. You see this promotion actually includes a move."

I replied, " Oh right..............So, where's the move to?" Which he replied " Ohio, in the US"

I could actually feel my jaw drop. He looked at me and smiled at my reaction. I was going to America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the time I had left in Scotland went rather fast, just saying my goodbyes to my friends and family, I was really going to miss them. The final day came around and all my friends came to the airport to see me off. It was really emotional, and, shock, everyone ended up crying!!!

We boarded the aeroplane and within 20 minutes we were in the air, on root to our new home. I actually fell asleep after the first few hours, so I didn't really see much out of the window. The next thing I remember was my Mum tapping me on the shoulder saying, " Lawrence, wake up, we're here." I sort of just squinted at her until I remembered where I was and shot to my feet, like some one had stuck a high voltage cable through my seat and decided it was time to switch on a few lights or something. I cleared my eyes picked up my bag and followed them off the plane.

I was still in a weird hazy mood when we were outside the airport waiting for a taxi. My parents asked if I was ok, and I just nodded as I was far to tired to speak. I must have fallen asleep in the taxi too coz I woke up when the taxi driver hit the brakes to save us from hitting a car in front. I sort of looked around me, and then something outside the window caught my attention. The sea was reflecting the sun right at me. As blinding as it was, it was also breathe taking to say the least.

Our taxi driver turned into a street and suddenly stopped. "This is it," my Dad said almost at the same time as my Mum. My Mum and Dad got out of the car, ran to the door like a couple of school kids, and practically burst the door down trying to get in. "Wow, right by the sea, not bad," I thought to myself as I practically fell out taxi. I landed on my hands and knees, when I noticed a pair of roller blades right in front of me, actually they were quite nice roller blades. Oh wait, the pair of roller blades had ankles attached to them. And strangely enough a pair of legs too. And if this doesn't sound too weird, for a floating pair of legs, they were quite nice!!!! Quite muscular, but not too muscular, a medium dusting of hair, and quite tanned.

Ok, so I couldn't figure out, "why the hell was there a pair of legs standing in the middle of the street?"

" Oh no wait. They must be attached to someone," I finally realized, saying it out loud but quietly I a sort of mocking-myself kinda way. I slowly looked up, and on the way encountered some skater sorts, very nice, some hair that connected from his belly button downwards, even nicer but this definitely was the best part, there was no shirt of the apparently headless body! Oh and was I glad there wasn't! The body had obviously been working out, sporting nice pecs, not like a body builder though, more like a skater, and a gently progressing six pack.

At this point I was breathless but what was to come next would have given me an asthma attack! And I didn't even have asthma. He was probably the most gorgeous and physically perfect guy I had ever seen! Including Abercrombie and Fitch models! (And that's saying a lot!)

He had the most lushes lips I had ever seen, the sort that look like their inviting you to press yours up to them. Then he had the most perfectly formed nose in the world. Then the deepest, most intelligent (if possible), hypnotizing, loving, friendly, light green eyes I had ever come across, it was if his eye were reflecting the near by grass, which were shaded by perfectly shaped eyebrows. The whole package was set of perfectly by his light brown, which was so gorgeous, that came down to his cheek bones, with small strands falling across his face which gave him a boyish, active look.

He started to move, as if in slow motion and bent down to me, right at eye level, and made direct eye contact. I swear I was probably drooling at this point. I saw his lips move but I didn't hear anything. He opened his mouth a second time, and this time, in a really soft and caring voice said, " Hey, you all right? You took a pretty bad fall."

I tried to speak, but my lips were just moving like a fish. I slowed down, took a deep breath and started again.

"Uhhhhhh............ yeah.......... I'm fine thanks," I managed to stutter, and making myself sound like a complete ass at the same time.

"Good,' he replied, in such a comforting tone I just wanted to melt to the road right then and have my Dad scoop me up with a shovel.

He offered me a hand, which I slowly took. He pulled me to my feet unusually fast, showing of his strength of course, which made my head spin, and caused me to fall against him! (Awwww what a pity, he he). He caught me with open arms, and as I landed against his chest I could feel his warmth and comfort. I don't want to sound cheesy, but he smelt so good. I don't know what it was, I couldn't put my finger on it but whatever it was, made him ever more irresistible. I knew I couldn't just stay like that, or he would think I was some sort of weirdo that went around hugging complete strangers. I slowly pulled back and looked up at him, as he was about 5'6.

"You sure you're ok?" Came that totally comforting voice. I just nodded in a sleepy notion and he shot me a quick smile that made my heart stop. His smile was so warm and perfect that he even got me smiling for no reason at all.

"My names Jason," he said, smiling again, and offered a hand again.

"I'm Lawrence," I said shaking his even perfectly formed hand.

"Pleased to meet you Lawrence, is that a Scottish accent I hear?"

"Yeah, it is actually," I said, starting to loosen up a bit.

He started talking again but half way though his sentence I started to feel light headed and weak at the knees and they ended up giving way. He caught me again and I smelt that same smell that almost covered me in a blanket of security, and then black.............

Hey, first of all, yeah I know, it's really short but come on it's my first chapter. Em I don't know if I'll make another one, I'll probably wait to see what people think. So the fait of this story is in your hands!

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