Walking on Water

Hey everyone. Em firstly Id like to start off by saying, thanx to all the people that have sent emails to me. I was actually quite shocked at the number that had arrived within hours of the story being put up on Nifty, which I wasn't sure was even going to get on. Thanx again to those people, including William, Blue and Andy, sorry to anyone I forgot. Oh and thanks to another Mike, for pointing out that Ohio isn't near the sea. I'm sorry everyone, but I didn't take geography, he he.

One thing I would like to point out, and I know what your thinking, "oh god, here comes his bitching," but this is actually quite important. The whole point in me writing this story, and my aim, was to re-assure guys everywhere out there (like me) who are searching for the right guy with little to non success, that there is hope for us, out there, it`s just a matter of time before we find it. This, was never intended to be a sexual kind of story (which I clearly stated in the first chapter, sorry). I know I might loose a lot of readers this way, but I figure that if my message reaches at least one guy out there, and brings him hope, it'll all be worth it.

Anyway, don't worry, the bitching is over, he he. So............ on with the story, I hope u enjoy it, Lawrence x

Chapter 2: Sent from Above

I woke with a jump. Where was I? I looked around me to see an empty room and boxes all over the floor. I squinted at them for a second and they brought it all flooding back.

"Ohhhhh.......... The Move!!!!" I mocked myself, as sometimes I could be a real dunce.

I sat up in bed quickly and screwed my face up tight and I got a sudden head rush that felt like someone had taken a drill to my head........... In other words, it was painful! I closed my eyes to recover for a few seconds, then swivelled my legs round and slowly placed my feet on the wooden floor, almost giggling at the shock I got when I found out just how cold wooden flooring could be.

I was still feeling a bit weird, so I practically had to push myself off my bed to get myself onto my feet. I did a little dizzy jig round the room, until I came to rest against one of the walls. Thank god for walls!

I slowly made my way down the stairs stopping on the way to make a few clumsy stumbles, but hey, that's me. I made it down the stair in one piece and found my Mum and Dad in the kitchen, with a guy I had never seen before. He had a weird brief case thingy and looked quite old.

"Hmmmm, sales man?" I thought to myself. "Nahhhh........ Not smarmy enough," I corrected myself. I walked in and for some reason they all gave me this weird stare as if I had just dyed my hair white or something.

"You're up!" my Mum said in a rather surprised voice. What was she talking about? Most people do wake up after sleeping! I asked what was going on, when the guy in the suit introduced himself as `Doctor Andrews' for across the street. I just looked at him quizzically. He sat me down and cleared his throat.

"Lawrence, Do you remember what happened?" he said in a very calming way, which almost sounded familiar.

"Ehhhh....... Not really," I replied, in a foggy sort of way.

" Do you remember my son, Jason?" he asked. At that time I thought, they must have been playing a trick on me. But wait, the name did mean something to me. Then suddenly everything came back to me, about the gorgeous floating legs, the perfect body, the beautiful eyes and the shiny hair, how the hell could I have forgotten him???

"I passed out, didn't I?" I asked with a sort of dumb, clueless expression on my face.

Doctor Andrews just smiled and nodded. He also said it was good that I could remember that, i.e. I didn't hit my head on the way down. And that brought back a vision of me in Jason's arms, which put an instant haze over my mind and made me stare off into space.

"Lawrence, Lawrence," came a voice that made me practically fall off my chair. "Yeah," I replied, which sounded incredibly stupid considering it was the doctor speaking to me, and I didn't even know him.

" I was just say that you'll be fine, it was only mild de-hydration. You should drink lots of fluids however, over the next week or so, and then get a check up at the hospital, just to be on the safe side."

A few minutes later my parents and I were thanking the doctor and seeing him out of the door. My parents told me I was really lucky that I was talking to the son of a doctor when I passed out, who my parents had told me, put me into the recovery position, till his father came. I was impressed, to say the least. Then I slipped back into one of my little daydreams. I had always been like that. Most of my teachers had said I lived in a little world of my own, which come to think of it, was actually true!

The rest of the night passed quite quickly....... probably coz I spent the duration of it in `The Little World of Lawrence." It was actually really stupid. I found myself asking questions like; "I wonder what sort of music he's into?" and " hmmmm..... what would be his favourite movie be?". All of which I knew were pointless to wonder about, because of course, he wasn't gay, I mean I don't want to be a traitor to my own kind, but gay guys, were never that good looking!

" Lawrence, Lawrence, time to go to bed!" Commanded my Mum as I practically jumped out of my daydream. I just looked at her and replied, " Em....... yeah." She looked slightly puzzled, and then asked if I was still feeling alright, which I of course replied yes..............(Like I was going to say, " Yeah, you know Dr Andrews son, well I think he's totally perfect!!!, I do think!)

I slowly climbed the stairs, changed into my PJ's and crawled into bed. I just lay there, thinking. And before u ask, yes about Jason, Who else? I just couldn't get him off my mind! and yes, I'm perfectly aware of how utterly cheesy that may sound, but it was true. I looked at the clock and in true twilight zone style, an hour had passed!!!! I returned my gaze to the ceiling, and within a few minutes my eyes were slowly closing, almost automatically, and I fell asleep.


I woke up to the annoying shrill of my Mums voice, screaming at me to get up. I hadn't even heard my alarm clock, which probably showed how tired I was! Suddenly my mum burst through the door smiling. As you can probably tell, my Mum had a habit of doing that.

" Good morning, guess what we're doing today?" She greeted me with, in an almost scary way. I looked at my clock to find out it was 7 o'clock in the morning, to which I screwed my face up, into a sour expression. " What ever it is, it's not worth doing at 7 in the morning," I replied, to which she didn't exactly look too impressed with.

" We're going to enrol you in your new school," she said, a little more down to earth this time.

"Oh great," I said, with a little put on smile she knew was fake. " Hurry up, you've got an hour to get ready." Uchhhhhh, an hour to get ready, when there would be heaps of guys there!!!!! ahhhhhh.

I jumped out of bed, in record speed and ran to the bathroom, got washed, ran to my room, got dressed then returned to the bathroom to gel my hair. I ran downstairs after that to find my Mum standing at the bottom of the stairs. She had the eyes closed as if she was about to sneeze, so I took a step back. Then she opened her mouth and screamed `Lawrence' so loud, I swear it broke my eardrums!!!! " What I screamed back," and she jumped and then said to get my ass in the car or we'd be late for the orientation I never knew we were going to.

Within 10 minutes we were in the school parking lot. I must say, as schools went, it looked really nice! We both got out of the car and headed into the school. We got to the office and found about 6 other students there, with their parents. The little tour started, and we started off in the science department, then on to the art department.

" Pretty cool place, huh?" Came a voice from beside me

" Yeah, well, compared my to last one," I replied, with a smile.

" Hey, I'm Claire," said the fairly tall brunet, extending a hand.

" Hi, I'm Lawrence," I said taking her hand.

" Is that a Scottish accent?" She asked, to which I replied yes, I had a feeling I was going to get that a lot over here.

We then went to the P.E. department, which I was really dreading, because saying I didn't like P.E. was the under-statement of the century. We stepped through the door and were shocked to see exactly how big the gym hall was.

" Wow," was all Claire could manage. We both looked at each other at the same time and laughed.

There was actually a class in the hall at the time we were going round and the instructor said they were actually from our year, although they totally looked older (typical jock types!). The squeaking of their shoes on the floor was going right to my head and noticeably Claire's too.

" Hey Lawrence," came an extremely faint voice, which I actually thought I was imaging.

" Hey Lawrence, over here!" The voice came again, but slightly louder, and I could tell it was coming from my right hand side. I looked round sharply to see a guy waving at me. It took me a while to realize who it actually was. It was Jason!

I kinda waved back in a half-hearted, didn't-know-what-I-was-doing sort of way. I noticed he had his killer, floating legs on display! and a sort of vest top thing, that showed of his quite muscled arms. He shot me a quick smile, that made me go kinda weak at the knees. He turned back to his game of basketball and I sort of, half collapsed, half melted against Claire for support. She just laughed slightly.

"Know him do you?" She said with a little chuckle.

"Em, sort of," was all I could manage to release.

The first part of our tour went sort of fast, and the weird part of the tour, was that at lunch break, the parents had to leave, which I really didn't get, but oh well.

Claire and I sort of broke away from our group and got some lunch, then grabbed a table in the corner of the cafeteria. We just talked about stuff for a while, and it turned out she was a really funny, interesting girl. She had transferred from Florida, as her Mum wanted a change of scenery after what Claire informed me was divorce number 6.

We just chatted for a bit more until she stopped and looked at me really seriously.

" Listen, Lawrence, I'm going to ask u a question, but no matter what the answer is, and I won't get mad ok?" She started

"Ok," I replied with a slightly puzzled look on my face.

" Are u gay?" She said, quite laid back and casual.

" Ehhhhh........," was all that came out. She told me it was ok if I was, coz she apparently had heaps of gay friends back in Florida.

" Em, yeah, I am," I said with a slightly nervous smile on my face.

"Cool, so is that what the whole drooling thing in the gym hall was about?" She asked with a little giggle. I put of a little shocked face, and said, " I wasn`t drooling! slobbering maybe, but not drooling," which made her giggle harder. We just sat there for a while, discussing things like who I found attractive and how long I had know for, when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned round to gaze up at the most beautiful sight in the whole universe. It was Jason and he had one of those killer smiles on his face. I just wanted to melt to the chair and table.

" Hey Lawrence," he said, in that unmistakable voice of his.

" Uhhhhh........ Hi," was all I could mutter, making me sound so stupid! What made it worse was the fact that Claire had picked up on my nervousness and was giving me a little cheeky smile, that I just stared at her to stop it.

" Hi," Jason said to Claire and she returned the gesture.

" Em, is this seat taken?" Jason said pointing to the chair between Claire and mine. I knew him sitting there was really going to screw with my speech, so all I replied was, " ehhhh."

Claire just shot me a little cocky smile and said, " no, it's free." God I could have totally killed her!

" So, you two been enjoying your orientation?" Jason said, with a little smile forming on him lips.

" Yeah, it's really cool here," Claire said with a form of confidence I could never have, at least around Jason anyway.

"Good, how about you Lawrence?"

I just looked up at him and said, " Good," followed with a smile. By this stage, he had to think I was a total loser who didn't like him, and could only say one word at a time.

"Cool," he replied, and looked at me for what seemed like forever. I quickly looked away and he looked at his watch.

"Crap, I gotta run, I have to go to last minute football practice, I'll see ya later, yeah?

" Yeah," I said, with another pathetic smile.

Jason had cleared the cafeteria when Claire said, " What the hell was that?" I looked quite shocked at her and said, " What the hell was what?"

" Well if in not mistaken, that's the guy you were totally ` slobbering' over in the gym hall?"

" Yeah it was, why?" I asked, with my usual puzzled look.

" Well you hardly even looked at him, let alone talk to him!"

" Well it's hard for me! he's so gorgeous I'm surprised I'm still sane!" A quick giggle was all I got.

" But really you should be more confident......... oow and what more of a chance do u need." I saw her look over to the table next to me and I squinted. Ok either this school was famous for astral projecting folders, or it was Jason's. Claire just raised her eyebrow at me and smiled.

This morning, I knew there was something I forgot to do, but now it finally came back to me, I forgot to thank Jason for what he did for me!

"Ok but it's only because I have to talk to him in the first place!"

" Go get him," was all I got as I picked up the folder, and ran as fast as I could out of the cafeteria.

As I burst out of the doors the sunshine and heat hit me at once, which being from Scotland, slowed me right down!

I think it was Jason I could make out, on the sports field. I ran as fast as I could, which wasn't fast at all! It took me about 5 minutes of straight running just to catch up to him!

" Lawrence! What are u doing here?" He said in that totally claming voice of his.

" You............. you........... you.........," I stopped to try and catch my breath a little.

" You left this inside," I finally managed to release.

" Oh, god, thanks, I really need this for next period, are you ok?" He said as he could see me totally gasping for air.

" Yeah, I'm just really unfit," I replied, putting a smile on.

" Well, here sit down," he said as he guided my to the ground.

" Thanks, em, I also wanted to so thank you for yesterday." I said, trying not to look directly into his eyes, as I knew my brain would turn to mush and I'd end up babbling as per usual.

"Yesterday?" He said, as if nothing had happened.

"Yeah, you caught me, and put me in the recovery position?"

" Oh right, it was nothing, don't mention it," he said, like he hadn't done a thing.

" No really, what you did was really cool and I just wanted to say thanks."

" Em, I better go your busy right?" I asked as I got up.

" Yeah, we've got a regional game next week, you coming?

" Eh, I don't really know that much about football." I said with a little nervous smile

" Oh, that's ok, but it would be kinda cool if you were there, man."

" Em, I'll think about it," I said and he smiled at me and said "good."

" Em, ok, I'll leave you to it then, see ya later."

" Yeah, I'll see ya around," he called after me as I ex-hailed deeply. God, did I just do that?

I went back to the cafeteria and sat back down beside Claire.

" So, what was that all about?" She asked, with a weird frown. I ended up telling her the whole story over lunch time, needless to say it took quite a while. The bell rang, so Claire and I got off our butts and re-joined our group.

" Ok people, can I have your attention," the guide yelled as Claire gave me a ` what-the-hell-is-her-problem look, that almost had me in fits of giggles. The guide just looked at us, and then carried on.

" Ok, next you'll be going to the out door P.E. department. You are not expected to participate as most of you won't have your kits," the guide screamed, in her nippy little squeaky way.

" Oh god!" I whispered to Claire as my eyes widened.

" What?" Claire replied with a concerned look on her face.

" Jason's going to be there!" I said, with a little whine at the end.

" Aw, poor Lawrence," she mocked, with a sarcastic grin on her face. We just followed the rest of the group, but trailing along at the back, of course.

The P.E. teacher came out to greet us, but more like scared us as he looked like he was going to kill us all, as he had this sort of mad, crazed look in his eyes, as if he was going to snap at any moment! He took a deep breath and cleared his throat. When he opened his eyes, he actually looked calmer, god I wish I could do that!

" Sorry about that folks, I'm just getting nothing but problems from my football team, we've got a game in 2 weeks and they're really not ready. So, as your guide has probably told you, your not expected to join in, in this period, but those of you who actually brought your kit are welcome to join in one of the classes."

Claire looked at me at the exact same time as I looked at her, and we both said in unison, " I don't think so."

We just sat there for the rest of the period talking and joking around, until Claire started to stare at something over my shoulder.

" What is it?" I asked with concern.

" Don't look round or you might pass out!" Was all she said. As reflex I quickly turned round to see the football team making their way over from the furthest sports field. Automatically my eyes found Jason, as of course, he was the most gorgeous guy there, not that the other guys weren't! I actually did feel like I was going to faint, as he was in his whole football kit, with his helmet off, and his hair all messed up and wet.

I hadn't noticed that I was staring so much. When Claire saw the affect ` The View' had on me she pushed me in the shoulder to make me snap out of it. Me being as weak as I was, got shoved completely off the bleacher and landed on my ass.

" Oh my god, I'm sorry, I was only supposed to wake you up!"

" He he, it's ok, I actually needed it!"

The rest of the day passed more or less uneventful, as it basically was composed of Claire and me mucking about! The last bell finally came, though and I said my good byes to Clair as we lived in different directions.

I was about 5 meters out of the school when I heard my name being called behind me. I thought it was just Claire so I turned round, but I almost fell over, when I found out it was Jason.

" Hey Lawrence, wait up," he shouted and eventually caught up to me.

" Hey Lawrence, do mind if I walk home with you?" He asked with total puppy dog eyes and one of those killer smiles!

I just laughed and said " yeah sure."

" So how was your first day?" He asked making his killer smile more obvious. Mhhhhh why did this have to be happening to me?

" It was actually quite nice, I mean good," god, ahhhhhh get me out of here now!

"Cool, so, you thought about joining any clubs or teams?" He asked with an almost excited look on his face.

" Em, well, I`m not exactly a sporty kind of person," I said, like a total loser! God, why couldn't the ground just open up and swallow me whole?

" Oh, well that's cool, so what sort of things are you into then?" He asked, yet again, with a gorgeous smile.

" Em... well, this is going to sound really stupid, but I actually think that gymnastics are kind of cool," I said, lowering my eyes to the ground.

" Ow, well I'm not sure if there's a gymnastics club, but there's the cheerleaders, I have lots of friends on the squad," he said, in that totally comforting voice.

" Tryouts are actually tomorrow, if you wanted to go?"

" Eh, I don't know, I'd probably end up tripping over people and making an idiot of myself," I said, once again focusing my eyes on the ground.

" No, I bet you would do fine, how about I put your name on the list tonight by phoning one of my friends and if you don't go tomorrow it's ok."

" No. It's ok, don't go to all that trouble." I said looking at him again.

" It's no trouble, I was going to phone her tonight anyway. So, you want to put your name down?"

" Em.............. Sure, why not," I couldn't exactly say not, as he was going to all that trouble. We just talked for a while longer with a few awkward silences in between.

We finally made it to my house and I couldn't wait to get in! Not that I didn't like Jason, in fact, he was soooooooo nice and hot and perfect etc. but talking to him and being around him was so hard to do.

" So I'll see you tomorrow?" He said, with a really cute, warm smile, that made me smile too, " Yeah, see ya tomorrow," I replied inwardly cringing. " Em Lawrence, can I walk with you to school tomorrow?" He asked, which made my heart stop for a few seconds and made me want to bash my head off the door screaming " WHY ME, WHY ME!"

" Em, yeah, that would be cool," I said smiling.

" Cool see ya tomorrow then," he said turning and walking over the street to his house.

I ran up to my room and called Claire straight way to fill her in. She of course found it hysterical and lets just say I wasn't exactly impressed with her behaviour.

" I'm sorry, but it's so perfect," she went on about how it was the perfect situation for Jason and me to be in.

" Yeah, you're missing one very important point!" I said to her in a very low tone.

" What's that?" She said in a curious way.

" He's not gay!" I said bluntly.

The conversation sort of went on for a while until I forgot to tell her something.

" Oh and you'll never guess what I got myself stuck in!"

" What?"

" I've been put into the cheerleader try out list!"

" Oh my god! How'd ya manage that one?" She said with a little giggle.

" Don't ask!"

"I was actually thinking of trying out as well, hey you never know, we might both make the squad!"

" Yeah, as if!" I replied with a little giggle.

" Yeah, tell me about it! Anyway, I gotta go, see ya tomorrow yeah?"

" Yeah, see ya!"

" Bye"

" Later"

I hung up the phone. The rest of the afternoon passed quite quickly, mainly because I had no homework. After dinner, I just went up to my room and lay on my bed. I started to think of Jason again, and his perfect everything! My eyes felt heavier and heavier and I slowly drifted into a deep sleep.

Hey, hope you liked it, and before you start, I know, it's wayyyyyyyy over written, but I sort of had to make this one longer coz the last one was tiny! Anyway as usual, any questions or comments, please email them to me at: angelisgod@yahoo.com. Thanx. Oh and sorry if I made a reference to Claire under the name of David or called her a him, coz she was originally in my story as a guy! he he

Lots of Love

Lawrence xXx