Warning: This story that I wrote may contain graphical sexual content between teenage boys and it is not a work of fiction, and I have the consent of the people in the story that the characters are based on to submit this story. It is for the people who with to read this kind of story, and if this is not the kind of thing that you'd usually read then just ex out the window or don't read it.

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Waste My Time

By: Craig Brickman

Chapter One

Before I begin with this story, I'd like to get a couple of things straight. This story is absolutely true and is something that happened only last year. The truth is that as everything was happening I had decided to keep a journal of the events, due to the fact that in that particular moment of my life I felt that things had to be written down. My name is Craig, and I had recently lost my father to a heart attack...It had a great impact on me, especially since my father was the one who always stayed at home and took care of us while our mother had all the business trips and whatnot.

At the time that my father had passed away, I had become a little detached to the rest of my family. My brother and I barely hung out anymore, even though we were almost inseparable during our seventeen years of life. We were identical twins and we also had a younger sister, her name was Sarah and she was sixteen. My brother and I were redheads like our father, and Sarah had black hair which she had inherited from my mother but all three of us had the same blue eyes in common.

Of course, the death of our father was not going to make our mother stay home. She was the one who was bringing in all the money and she did bring in a lot. My brother Matt had gone into the Goth/Emo phase after the death, but my sister and I hardly changed at all. I had decided to be the strong one in the family, although looking back at it now I think that it was a mistake. After the funeral, I was determined to keep all my grief bottled up inside me and move on with my life, and with my father gone I had decided to take all of his responsibilities into my hands. I was the cook, the driver (My brother and sister were too lazy to get their learner's permit.) and I made sure that everyone was at school when they were supposed to be. I always tried to keep myself busy, because when there was nothing to do...I would always end up thinking about my father. Whereas if I doing something, anything, my mind would be focused on the task at hand. That's why I started keeping a journal, it was to add something else of my things to do list.

Things had gotten better as the months passed by, and I was able to move on. I was grateful for all of my friends because they had helped me through my rough times. I would say I was pretty popular, and so were my siblings. My brother, Max, had gone way into Emo mode so he was pretty popular among the rockers in the school, but my sister and I were preps so we hung around the same group of people and were pretty well-liked. I would always piss myself off at how much I cared about what other people thought of me. I had only one objective in life and that was to take care of my family and friends and make sure that they went far in their lives.

Okay, so I'm done with the back-story and ready to begin. This story begins in my gym class, which was my least favorite class because we didn't really do much in it so it was a bit of a free period, and like I said...I hated having nothing to do. I needed to keep myself busy. I didn't really need gym class anyway; I spent a lot of my time in the local gym and stayed fit, I was about 5'9 and still am. I was with one of my best friends in the whole world, Jackie. We were probably discussing some recent episode of Veronica Mars but the conversation had changed into something else.

"Do you know Alex?" asked Jackie.

"I know like fifty." I replied, with a bored tone in my voice.

"That new kid that moved here like a month ago, dude." Jackie said, removing her brown hair out of her eyes.

"Are you talking about that gay kid?" I asked. Everyone referred to him as "that gay kid."

"Yeah, man. His mom died two days ago. There are a couple of guys who keep making fun of him, even though his mom just died. I feel kind of bad for him, you know? Poor kid has enough to deal with and now he has a bunch of rat-ass seniors who won't leave him alone.

"I know how that feels. Not the being gay part, but like losing a parent. Maybe I'll talk to him about it..." I replied, kind of having some of the memories from my father's death invade my thoughts.

"He doesn't even look or act gay. He's kind of hot, actually." Jackie said, smirking.

"Yeah, Becky said the same thing. Before we broke up, she'd comment on his Myspace a whole lot. In fact...she would comment on a lot of people's Myspaces...which led to us breaking up." I responded, while dismissing the small anger I had left towards her.

"Ah yes, but we all have that little slut within. Don't worry, won't be long till a hot guy like you gets a new girl." Jackie said, patting my back all friend-like.

I didn't have Alex for any of my classes, but that didn't keep him out of my mind. I guess that whole "out of sight, out of mind" thing is just bull. I wanted him to know that if he needed anything that I could relate to what he was going through. I didn't want to come off as the expert on losing family members but I just wanted to help. At lunch I had seen Max and after we chatted a bit about our plans for the day we parted ways and I tried to look Sarah and Jackie. Unfortunately, even though this was a public school we still had uniform, so you had to look hard to tell people apart from one another.

That's when I saw Betty surrounded by a group of guys, and you have no idea how pissed off that sight made me. I wanted to go kill the guy she was sitting on and yeah...really horrible feelings were threatening to turn into violent acts. In a fit, I left the cafeteria, left the school and got inside my car. Max and Sarah would just have to catch the bus home. As I was driving I realized that I still wasn't over her.

Damn, I thought to myself. I'm just going have to move on and yeah...

I had finished eating a Burger King, and was on the way to my house when I decided to head back to the school to see if my brother and sister had gotten on the bus yet. I was pushing the bangs out of my eyes when I had noticed that the bus had already left. I saw Jackie there waiting for her mom to pick her up but decided to head home and get ready to be bitched at for making my siblings catch the bus. That's when I saw Alex walking down the sidewalk...followed by a group of seniors.

He was about my height, with light brown hair. Almost blonde, and had hazel eyes. He had a necklace and three earrings (Two on his left ear, cartilage and earlobe. The other one was on his right earlobe.) He seemed rather fit, and he seemed also aware that he was being followed by a group of idiots shouting his name. I saw him turn around, I didn't hear what he said but then one of the guys stepped up threateningly and got in his face. Alex smiled a rather frightening smile and punched the guy in the face.

I found the nearest parking place and got out of my car. I ran as fast as I can to the scene and saw one of the seniors who I knew well with a shocked expression on his face looking like he was about to burst. I moved in front of Alex and to my surprise he shoved me out of the way.

"Wait up you guys, stop!" I shouted.

"Why are you defending him, Craig? He's a friggin' queer!" Yelled one of the seniors at me, whose name was Sean.

"Do you guys even care at all that he lost his mom?" I countered back.

"Yeah and?" replied one of the other guys, Jean.

"Look, you guys are my friends. You should know why I want you to back off. Did you all forget that my dad died a couple of months ago?!" I shouted.

A couple of them looked a bit sorry for me.

"Yeah exactly, so please. If you guys are my friends leave him alone, he hasn't done anything to you and his life is shitty enough as it is," I continued.

At times like these I like to thank God that I'm popular.

Reluctantly, they apologized (To me, not Alex.) and backed off.

I turned to look at Alex and smiled at him, he grunted something that sounded like `thanks' and was and turned away. Of course, I didn't just leave it at that. I caught up to him and grabbed his arm.

"Hey, hold up a sec." I said, taking a moment to catch my breath.

"What can I do for you, Craig?" He asked, rather sarcastically.

How does he know my name? HOW THE HELL DOES HE KNOW MY NAME? Okay...no big. OMG, OMG, OMG...I think OMG to myself...God, I need to take a year long break from the internet.

"Uh, just wanted to know if you wanted a lift home, or we could go to Burger King or something, my treat." I said, and yes I realize that I just had Burger King but God, do I love those Whoppers...

Alex gave me a half-smile and a `why not' sort of look, and the next thing you know we're in Burger King munching on French fries. I had found out a couple of things I didn't know about Alex...like that he played guitar and that he was in a band before he moved over here. He also watched Veronica Mars and liked to run a lot, which I know isn't a lot but hey, it's pretty cool. I had changed the topic to the death of his mom, which I knew was a sensitive subject and all but I felt like I needed to let him know he could talk about it with someone.

"You know, I know how you feel." I said randomly.

"About?" He replied, cocking his head to the side.

Either I'm not great at expressing myself in words, or he's kind of slow.

"Well, my dad died a couple of months ago...and well I wanted to let you know because I know how hard it is. I mean things get better, you know? But for me, it helped to have someone to talk to about it." I said, with a bit of a stutter between words, which is very rare coming from me.

"Oh...thanks." He replied, his voice a bit low.

Oh great, I freaked him out. What the hell do I say?

"I'm so sorry. Are you freaked? I mean here you are eating and all of a sudden you get someone randomly talking about yeah...sorry." I replied, sort of embarrassed and sort of feeling bad for Alex at the same time.

"Whoa, calm down," He said, sort of smiling. "I'm not freaked; it was just a bit random. I appreciate it, by the way. There's not a lot of people who understand, and I get frustrated because I don't have a lot of friends."

"Well, I don't know why," I said.

Yeah you do, you liar. Because he likes guys, I thought to myself.

"Come on, you don't know?" He asked, a bit skeptically.

"No. Not at all," I responded, sipping on my straw.

"Well, you don't have to hang out with me after you know...It's because I'm gay?" He said, looking me straight in the eye. It kind of made me uncomfortable.

"And the problem is? It's no big." I responded, putting my hand on his reassuringly...then quickly taking it off.

"That's really cool of you, man. I really appreciate you trying to be my friend and all. I really do." He said, giving me a smile that I couldn't help but give back.

"Do you have AIM or anything?" I asked.

When I got home I had received bitching from my siblings from not driving them home, but they got happy with me when I brought them both food from Burger King. None of them had asked why I didn't show up, and I'm kind of glad they didn't because I wasn't in the mood to say I ran out of the school because of my ex. As soon as they were finished eating, I rushed up to my room and logged into my computer and started AIM and added him to my buddy list. The hours passed by and he hadn't signed on, and if he did then I really didn't notice because I had about sixteen IM windows opened and also had my Myspace page up.

When I got bored of the computer I logged off and went into my Max's room. He played guitar also...dad taught him, and Max eventually started his own band. I was tempted to learn but I just didn't have time. I sat on the bed and watched him play.

"Dad was proud, you know," I said. "He wanted all of us to learn how to play an instrument. He taught Sarah the piano, you the guitar...I don't know, I sort of wish I would've made some time for him to teach me something too."

Max gave me a sympathetic look and said, "Yeah but you made him proud too, dude. What with your awesome grades and all. He would always talk about how you should be an example to us all and stuff."

I gave a slight giggle, "Yeah, I remember all those `Education' speeches he would give us. He'd never let us fail at anything."

I looked at Max hard; we used to be so alike. Now he had black fingernails, black everything...it was a bit depressing. While he shopped at Hot Topic, I shopped at Abercrombie & Fitch.

"You know, I still remember those times when we'd used to rock everyone's world. We owned those damn Weasley twins, and we'd never be apart but this year. I don't know...it's not just us. All three of us have drifted apart. And I don't want that to happen, I think dad would've wanted us to stick together." I said, looking away because my eyes were getting a bit watery.

"I guess you're right, I mean we live in the same house but we hardly...I don't know maybe we should have a family night or something, as corny as that may seem. But I don't know...it's like we live in different worlds or something. Things have been wrong for a while." Max said

"So we'll have to work on making them better, won't we?" Sarah said, while leaning on the door. "It's what dad would've wanted."

"The annoying virgin speaks the truth." I said, playfully. "And next time you can knock, sweetie."