Water Polo Balls -- Pt. 5, by swimmboy4@aol.com

This story involves sexual contact between young males. If such stories are not appealing to you, or it is illegal to read such material in your jurisdiction, please do not continue reading.

The next few days seemed to fly by. It was the last week before spring break, and it seemed every teacher had crammed an assortment of mid-term tests, presentations, term paper deadlines, and other school necessities into these last few days before the break. Jake and Derek barely had time to eat or sleep, what with all the late-night studying, paper writing, library excursions, along with a few scattered polo practices they attended immediately after classes. Neither boy had spoken of the strange incident on Sunday night -- the blatant masturbation Jake had performed on a sleeping Derek, and the "love" confession Derek had let slip upon awakening from his wet dream. But Derek did notice one thing had changed -- Jake seemed much more at ease around him. Now, it was not unusual for the big athlete to stroll around their room completely nude, whereas before he would always wear his boxers or boxer-briefs. It wasn't that Jake had suddenly become an exhibitionist, just that he would no longer wrap a towel around his waist before changing his underwear -- he would simply strip them off, paw through his chest of drawers for a clean pair, and nonchalantly pull them on. And he would come and sit on the edge of Derek's bed, clad only in his undies, to chat for a few minutes nearly every evening as Derek would lie there with open books and papers. For the entire fall semester, and well into this spring semester, Derek could remember only 3 or 4 times total Jake had come over and sat on his bed. -- now it had become a nightly occurrence.

Still, nothing more intimate took place. There was a certain sexual tension in the air -- Derek could feel it, taste it, smell it -- but nothing of a physical nature happened. Both boys talked excitedly about their upcoming spring break `Sneak to the Beach' they were planning. Derek double-checked with the hotel to make sure they still had a room reserved, which they did. A few nights before they were scheduled to leave, Jake wondered if it might be wise to add a third person to their group, to help cut expenses. They asked a few senior teammates, but none were able to make the trip. Derek suggested they ask David, but David, who became excited at the prospect of a few days at the beach, remembered he had a regional diving meet in a few weeks, and decided he couldn't miss that much practice. Then Jake suggested Bryce. Derek was hesitant, since Bryce was only a junior. He was also hesitant for another reason -- he suspected Bryce had an interest in Jake, judging by his reactions to Jake at the recent polo game where Derek had caught him staring at Jake's ass, and Derek was concerned that interest might blossom into something more on a spring break trip. "Oh, God," Derek thought to himself suddenly, "I'm jealous! Is that possible? Could I be jealous of a potential rival stealing Jake away from me? Jake isn't even mine to steal!" But realizing the desirability of cutting costs, Derek finally agreed they could approach the team assistant with the idea of sharing the trip to Panama City Beach.

Bryce was elated at the invitation. He had been scheduled to spend break with an aunt and uncle who lived only two hours from Hardwood Academy, and for some odd reason, the idea of a trip to the beach sounded more alluring. But an hour after receiving the invitation, Bryce came back to the boys' room, his face crestfallen and full of concern. "Guys, I just can't go with you. Oh man, how I would love to, but I just got a call from my folks back in Missouri. Early today, our town was hit by a devastating flood -- they need me to come home and help fix things, clean up the basement, help our neighbors. As much as I'd like to go, I'm needed at home and that's where I have to be. I'm really sorry."

Jake jumped up and hurried over to Bryce, putting a comforting arm around his shoulders. "Dude," he said, "don't worry about it. Is there anything we can do to help you?"

"No, I just need to pack some stuff so I can leave after my last test tomorrow. My parents will pick me up at the KC airport tomorrow night," Bryce replied. "I wish I could have gone -- it sounds like so much fun -- but I'm needed at home, so that's where I'm going."

Jake and Derek both understood completely. After a few minutes of consultation, they even went to Bryce's room to offer to come back to Missouri with him, to spend their break helping Bryce's home town pick up the pieces. But Bryce, whose eyes filled with tears at the kind offer, wouldn't hear of it. "Gosh, guys, that's the nicest thing anyone's ever offered me. I appreciate it so much. But I don't think that is necessary -- there are good people in my community, and we will all pull together and get things back to normal. A few families have been left homeless, and my parents have already offered one of them a place to stay at our house, so we just don't have any room. I'll be sleeping on the sofa. Besides, knowing you guys are at the beach having fun will be the only happy thoughts I'll have this coming week! Guess I will have to live vicariously through you two for the next week or so!"

So, it was back to just Derek and Jake and their sneak-away spring break trip. Saturday morning found them at the nearby bus station, where they boarded a south-bound coach for the long trip. By that evening, they were in Tallahassee, where another bus carried them west to Panama City, reaching there about 9 p.m. The boys were excited to be there, and hurried to the ticket office to ask directions to the beach. "Which beach are you looking for?" asked the middle-aged woman. "Panama City Beach, of course," replied the boys happily, in unison. "Isn't it right here -- aren't we just a few blocks away?" added Jake.

"No, honey," the caring woman replied sweetly. "Panama City Beach is a separate city from Panama City -- it's about 7 miles west on Rt. 98 from here. Do you want me to call a taxi for you?"

Their faces fell as Derek and Jake realized they still had a ways to go to reach their destination. Knowing their limited funds, both boys said `no thanks' to the woman, and said they would just walk. Picking up the sport bags where they'd packed a few changes of clothes, they headed out the door. The streets were busy but relatively dark, and both boys felt somewhat vulnerable to be alone in the strange city, walking in shorts, tee-shirts and flip flops. After going several blocks, lightning lit the sky, and a few blocks further on, it began to rain. "Oh, great," muttered Jake, as the boys took shelter under a store awning.

It was now after 10 p.m., and the boys noticed a number of somewhat unsavory persons prowling the streets, many of them looking at the boys curiously, suspiciously. Jake suggested they try their luck hitching a ride, but Derek refused, saying he'd rather just keep walking. The thundershower passed quickly, and the boys started out again, still with six miles to go. A few blocks further on, they noticed a group of four young toughs stalking them, apparently drunk, but also apparently on the lookout for some easy pickings. The boys increased their pace, but so did the group behind them. Just as the boys were about to break into a run, a large, older car swerved to the curb, and a well-dressed, middle-aged man leaned over and opened the passenger door and urged them to hop in. Fearing the consequences of facing the group behind them, Derek and Jake quickly piled into the front seat, with Derek settling next to the driver.

"What are you boys doing walking in this part of town at this hour?" the affable gentleman asked." Derek told him they were trying to get to Panama City Beach from the bus station. "Oh my, that's a long walk, boys. But I don't have anything important to do tonight -- I'll be glad to take you out that way." A few pleasantries were exchanged, then the man reached over to change the radio station as they crossed the bridge over the bay that separated the city from the beach resort areas further west. After changing the station, he casually dropped his hand -- right onto Derek's exposed thigh, which he began to rub as his hand quickly snaked under the edge of Derek's shorts. Derek nearly hit his head on the car roof, he jumped so high out of his seat, jolting a drowsing Jake awake.

"Don't...don't do that...please," Derek said, as the man quickly withdrew his hand and placed it back on the steering wheel. "Wha...what's wrong?" asked a sleepy Jake, now coming fully awake. "Nothing," said Derek, "but we need to get out here. Please pull over." But the man would not stop. Instead, he apologized to Derek, saying, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. My mistake. I just...well, I just thought...oh hell, I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I was just lonely. Damn, I've got two sons older than you. Lately, I've just been so lonely, since my wife left me. I honestly don't know what got into me. Please, let me take you up the road to your motel. It's the least I can do." Jake realized what must have happened, and asked Derek if he wanted stay or get out. Sensing the sincerity in the man's apology, Derek said everything was cool, and they would be greatful for the ride to the motel. The traffic was heavier here, the streets and sidewalks packed with young people in various states of inebriation. When they pulled up in front of their motel, the boys climbed out.


The bright lights at the motel entrance illuminated the interior of the car, and Derek could see the man wiping moisture from his eyes as he once more apologized profusely to Derek for the misplaced hand. Derek smiled weakly at the man, then said, "It was just a mistake, man, no big deal." As the man pulled away, Derek found himself shaking his head sadly.

Now after 11 p.m. the boys checked in at the front desk and were given keys to a room on the second floor. When they opened the door, they were surprised to find a room with just one double bed. "Where is the other bed?" asked Derek. Returning to the lobby, the clerk showed them a copy of their reservation for a single. "Yes, a single room," Derek said. "No," replied the clerk -- "a single means one room with a single bed -- that's what you reserved, that's what you have." "Well, is there some way we can switch and get a room with two beds?" asked Derek. "I'm sorry, but we are completely booked this week -- I don't even have a roll-away cot you can use."

The sleepy boys returned to their room, too tired to even care about the bed situation. While the streets outside were filled with revelers, Jake and Derek only wanted one thing after their 15-hour journey -- some sleep. Stripping to boxers (Jake) and briefs (Derek), both boys headed for the side of the bed nearest the bathroom. "I want this side," said Jake. "Well, so do I," said Derek. Within moments, it was like they were back in their dorm room, as the two jocks began to wrestle in their underwear, laughing and giggling and struggling for dominance despite their need for sleep. Falling onto the bed, the boys went to and fro, grasping biceps and wrists in strong grips, trying head locks, scissors holds, and any other move they could think of. Jumping off the bed, Derek grabbed Jake's wrists and pulled him toward the edge of the bed. The rough bedspread fabric somehow snagged Jake's boxers, and in moments they had been tugged down below his knees as Derek playfully pulled the bigger boy over the edge and onto the floor.

Jake tried to stand, but his feet got tangled in the boxers, which he finally kicked off in frustration. Then he lunged at Derek, grabbing and pinning him to the bed in a matter of seconds. With Jake's knees planted firmly to each side of Derek's midsection, and with his feet and lower legs locked atop Derek's smaller thighs, and with hands firmly pushing Derek's upper arms against the bed, Jake had attained a position of superiority over his smaller, squirming friend. Derek was virtually helpless, but he secretly enjoyed the position in which he found himself -- naked Jake poised atop him, his genitals dangling above Derek, so tantalizing, but just out of reach. Derek could not get his arms free...until, a sudden itch Jake experienced forced him to carelessly raise his left hand to scratch. This momentary lapse was all Derek needed -- his right arm was now free, and he quickly reached up and wrapped his fingers around Jake's low-hanging sack, enveloping the testicles in his grip.

It seemed to take a good five or six seconds for Jake to realize the predicament he was now in. A questioning look came over his face as he glanced down to see his `foe' had turned the tables on him -- to realize that his opponent now, literally, had him `by the balls.' Jake was still kneeling over the prone Derek, so he tried to arch his back to pull his `boys' out of harm's way, but Derek just tightened his grip, forcing Jake to stop pulling back. Looking smug, Derek just smiled up at Jake. "Guess I win," he said, matter-of-factly.

Jake kept glancing from Derek's face to his own gonads, wondering if Derek would really keep a tight grip if he tried to pull away again. But he feared the consequences of such a rash move, preferring to throw himself on Derek's mercy than to risk an injury to his two best friends. "OK, OK Derek, you win. I give. You can have that side of the bed. Now, let me go." But Derek maintained his grip, even tightening it slightly but perceptibly. "I want one more thing from you, Jake, before I let you go." Jake looked slightly alarmed, but finally agreed as his discomfort grew. "OK, OK, dude...anything. Just, please, don't crush my nuts. `K?"

"OK Jake -- no nut crushing, so long as you agree to one more thing. Tomorrow, for the entire day, you will only wear your little, tiny polo Speedo suit at the beach or pool -- no boardies for you! Agreed?" To add emphasis to his demand, Derek squeezed a little more.

"Um...OK, OK, whatever you say, Derek!" Jake answered. " Just let me have my sack back, will ya?" Derek smiled again, before finally releasing his jock buddy's large testicles. He couldn't help smiling over the way he'd tricked Jake into doing his bidding, and was quite pleased with himself. Jake slid off the bed, then snorted derisively. "Just one problem, dude," he said with a grin. "I didn't bring my polo suit -- no Speedos for me. Haha!"

"Um, actually Jake, you didn't need to bring them -- I stopped by the locker room before we left and retrieved our suits -- just in case we had a chance to do a workout or two at a pool here!" Jake's lower jaw dropped nearly to the floor when Derek pulled the small, brief suits from his bag. "Ohhhhh...," was all the bigger athlete was able to utter.

The exhausted travelers crawled wearily into bed, and both were asleep before their heads hit the pillows, with each keeping a respectable distance from the other, much to Derek's chagrin. By 9 the next morning, however, they were both wide awake and ready to start their adventure. The motel offered a nice continental breakfast, and Jake and Derek got their fill of bagels, cereal, fruits, and mini-muffins. By 10:30, the motel pool was rapidly filling with loud, crazy college kids, some already on their second or third beer. The beach was also humming with activity -- splashing, sunning, Frisbee-tossing kids seemed to be everywhere.

Derek came out of the bathroom wearing a pair of blue and white boardies, but when he saw Jake pull his boardies from his bag, he held up his hands. "Um, Jake, old buddy, old Jakester -- I don't think you'll be needing those. Here's what you're wearing today," he said, tossing the skimpy suit stamped `Hardwood Water Polo' across the ass to Jake. Jake's face fell, and he looked pleadingly at Derek.

"C'mon man, don't tell me you're going to hold me to that agreement I made under extreme duress last night -- dude, you had my nuts in your hand! Future generations of little Jakester's were wriggling helplessly, totally at your mercy. I would have agreed to ANYTHING! C'mon Derek, give me a break -- don't make me wear my Speedo to the pool or beach. Please!"

"Sorry, Jake, but a man must stick to his word," Derek replied, taking Jake's boardies from him and tossing them on the bed. "Now, hurry up and change -- I want to get a good start on my tan!" Reluctantly, and with a pout Derek found almost irresistible, Jake dropped his shorts and boxers, then pulled on the brief suit. He tugged and tugged, trying to make sure it covered everything important, which it did, but just barely. Derek could not hold back a smirk of satisfaction as they left the room. "I'm sure you're going to be a big hit on the beach, dude," he said, giving Jake's tight, Speedo-clad ass a gentle pat.

As they walked past the pool area and headed for the beach, Derek noticed a few of the guys -- and a couple girls -- turn their heads and nod in Jake's direction. Jake didn't notice, as he kept his eyes staring straight ahead, looking neither left nor right, hoping to be invisible. But he certainly heard a couple of low whistles and cat-calls from a smattering of onlookers at the pool, and on the beach. "I am so embarrassed, dude. You KNOW this means war, and I have a whole week to figure out how to kill you!" Jake whispered good-naturedly under his breath. Derek was loving the situation, and couldn't help but dig a little at his mortified friend.

"Gee, Jake, what if they think we are a gay couple? With you in that little bikini suit, they will probably assume I'm the man in the relationship, and you are my bitch." Jake glowered at Derek, hissing "You are so dead" at the grinning jock beside him. They found an empty place somewhat off from the crowd and spread their towels on the sand. The warm sun was intoxicating, and the boys started to head down toward the surf's edge. A few of the people on the beach, of which probably 80% appeared to be college or high school age, nodded in Jake's direction, obviously surprised to see a Speedo at the beach among the sea of bland, baggy, boring board shorts. Jake noticed some of the nods and pointing, and found himself uncomfortable as the center of such attention. But, making the best of it, he held his head high, a big smile on his face.

Two college guys near them were both staring at Jake, and one said "cool suit", then started giggling. "Well, at least I'll have a better tan than you will," Jake responded, still smiling. After a few more steps, just as their feet entered the water, Derek suddenly said, "You're right, Jake -- you will have a better tan than him. But damn, you're NOT going to have a better than me!" Turning on his heels, Derek ran the short distance back to his towel, and quickly stripped his boardies off, to reveal he, too, was wearing his polo suit. Feeling suddenly liberated, he ran back down to where an astonished Jake stood, mouth agape, another big smile starting to spread across his handsome face. Running straight past Jake, Derek yelled, "Last one in is a rotten egg!" as he raced into the waves. Jake, whooping and hollering, took off after him, and both boys spent over an hour diving under the breakers, body-surfing, dunking each other, splashing, shouting, jumping on each other's backs, and just having fun.

Walking back toward their towels, they noticed the beach had become much more crowded while they'd been in the surf, and that quite a few pairs of eyes were on them as they came up the beach. A couple of snickers and whistles were heard, but by and large the crowd seemed accepting. When they reached their towels, the boys noticed a fairly large group of college guys had settled nearby, sharing several large blankets. They appeared to be `frat guys' to Derek, who became concerned he and Jake would become targets of harassment. But the guys seemed OK, and appeared to be most interested in handing out beers from a cooler. A few moments later, Derek and Jake were astonished to overhear one of the guys say, "If those dudes can be in Speedos on the beach, then so can I!" A tall, lean blond from amongst the frat guys suddenly stood and dropped his board shorts, revealing he was wearing a navy blue Speedo underneath.

Calls of "Oh no, Jeremy is down to his Speedos!" and "Damn swim team guys ALWAYS have to show off!" and "Please Jeremy, don't do this to us!" echoed back and forth between the eight or ten guys in the group, some of whom pretended to cover their eyes in mock embarrassment. But Jeremy held his ground, and refused to put the unflattering, baggy shorts back on. He even looked over at Jake and Derek, and gave them a small wave, which the boys returned. Soon enough, with the blankets and towels fairly close, conversations between the two groups began. It turned out Derek's assumption was correct -- the college guys were from a fraternity at a medium-sized school in Ohio -- one known for its championship swim team, of which Jeremy was a team captain. Derek and Jake were invited to join a game of touch football on the beach, which actually turned into more of a tackle than touch game. One big, beefy frat guy named Brody seemed to delight in tackling Derek, wrapping his hands around the smaller boy's waist, tugging him and his little Speedo down to the sand. Derek would have to yank his suit back up nearly every time he stood up after one of Brody's tackles, causing a few of the other guys to chuckle. The frat boys were surprised to learn Jake and Derek were still in high school, and quickly snatched back the beer they had placed in Jake's eager hands, replacing it with a soda from the cooler. When the boys told the college group how they had sneaked away for spring break, with each set of parents thinking the boys were with the other set, they slapped the polo players on the back, and told stories of their own misadventures in high school and college. Several of the older guys asked questions about water polo, trying to get an insight into the finer points of the game.

By mid-afternoon, the frat guys were ready to head back to their place -- a large home just across the highway a couple blocks from the beach which belonged to the father of one member of the fraternity. They insisted Jake and Derek come along for a late afternoon pool party and cook-out. The boys happily accepted the invitation. As the sun was setting, the party was in full swing. Several new guys, as well as a number of girls had also arrived -- most in bikinis -- at the invitation of the frat guys. A few were girls they knew from their college, including a couple girlfriends, others were girls they'd met on the beach that day. The president of the frat -- a really nice guy named Chris -- had ordered Jeremy to remain in his Speedo for the pool party, telling him, "If you can flaunt it on the beach, you can flaunt it at the pool!" Jake had been offered a pair of spare shorts by one of the guys, but seeing Derek frown at him, and remembering his bet, he declined to wear them. Derek likewise remained in his small suit.

By ten p.m., the crowd was growing raucous, and the alcohol was flowing freely. Walking through a crowd of partygoers, Derek was surprised to feel a hand suddenly grab and squeeze his Speedo-clad ass, but when he turned to see who the guilty groper was, they all seemed engaged in an animated argument of their school football team's poor performance the previous autumn, and Derek had no idea who had grabbed him. Jake, meanwhile, was receiving some unwanted attention of his own. Two of the bikini-clad girls had cornered him, and were attempting to pry the Dr. Pepper out of his hand and replace it with a Corona. Laughing, Jake fended them off. Then one of the girls, so drunk she could barely stand upright, began to paw at the front of his small swimsuit, mumbling she wanted him to take her upstairs and "show me what you got in your Speedo -- looks like a lot to me." Jake was surprised at her forwardness -- with the girls he knew back in Hardwood's town, he was the one who kept pushing and pressing the girls to `put out.' Here was a college girl putting the moves on him, touching and fondling his barely-covered genitals! Jake was shocked, but also rather aroused by the situation, and despite himself, he found himself beginning to harden and lengthen. He was saved from total embarrassment when the first girl, realizing her friend was getting a little `too friendly' with a high school kid, led her back to the open bar for an unneeded refill.

At that moment, Derek had entered the empty kitchen to retrieve another bag of ice from the freezer. Rummaging through the shelves, he finally located the ice and pulled the bag out, setting it on the counter. Suddenly, from behind, his ass was grabbed again, a meaty hand squeezing and cupping his right cheek as a large body pushed him against the counter. A mouth, reeking of beer, pressed against his ear. "Hardwood Water Polo, hmmm? I'd like to see your hard wood." Turning his head, Derek realized that frat boy Brody had him trapped against the counter and refrigerator, that Brody outweighed him by a good seventy-five pounds, and that Brody was shit-faced drunk.

"Look, Brody, I...um...I need to take this ice to Jeremy, so...I...well, um..." Derek said, finally able to twist his body around to face his attacker. But this turned out to be a mistake -- for Brody now had access to what he really wanted -- Derek's cock. His big paw was suddenly grabbing Derek's dick, cupping and jiggling it in the Speedo while Derek struggled to push the heavier boy aside with no success. "Don't fight it, man. You know you want this. You've been teasing me in that little Speedo of yours all day," Brody said, his speech somewhat slurred. "Les...les go up to my room and see what we can get into," he continued, his fingers now tugging the little drawstring on Derek's suit loose, his hand plunging into the front of the Speedo to roughly play with Derek's maleness.

"Please, Brody...let me go...don't...don't do that...please," Derek said, pushing against the obnoxious drunk with little effect. "No...NO...don't," Derek cried out as the foreplay became too rough, too intimate.

"Brody," came the stern voice of Jeremy, who had just entered the kitchen to see if Derek had found the ice. "Get off of him. Leave him alone. You're drunk and making a fool of yourself." Brody slowly turned, quickly pulling his hand out of the front of Derek's suit. Oh, heh Jer'my...I wadn't doing nothin'...we were just havin' a little fun, me and Derek..." he slurred. The distraction had allowed Derek to slip out between Brody and the counter, and move several feet away while he readjusted his Speedo and retied the drawstring. Glancing beyond Jeremy, Derek realized a girl, one he recognized as the swimmer's girlfriend, Casey, had accompanied Jeremy into the kitchen, and had probably witnessed his humiliation. "Go upstairs and sleep it off. Now. Don't make me tell Chris what I just witnessed here," said Jeremy, a strong tone of authority in his voice. Mumbling under his breath, the big drunk quickly turned and left the kitchen, heading for the stairway.

Jeremy and Casey hurried over to Derek, who was trembling slightly, a natural reaction to what had just transpired. Taking charge, Casey escorted Derek to a chair at the table, then told Jeremy, "Bring me a glass of Coke, and put a big splash of bourbon in it." Jeremy rushed out to the poolside bar to retrieve the drink, while Casey sat next to Derek, her arm around his shoulders. The drink helped calm Derek's trembling, and both Jeremy and Casey remained with him as he recovered. "I'm so sorry about that," Jeremy finally said. "I'm sorry he did that to you. He's one guy I wish I didn't have as a frat brother, but his dad is a wealthy and powerful man who donates a lot to our fraternity, so nobody is sure what to do about him." Casey was more direct. "He's a brute. That's the way he is. At a Halloween party last year, he grabbed one of my sorority sisters, threw her over his shoulder, and carried her kicking and screaming up to his room at the frat house. Jeremy and Chris both had to hold him down so she could get away from him. I hate him -- guys like that just think they can take what they want, when they want it."

Jeremy looked chastened, the memory of that troubling scene still fresh in his mind. Placing a hand on Derek's arm, he said, "Please, Derek, on behalf of the rest of my brothers at this fraternity, please accept my apology." Derek nodded and smiled, saying, "It's OK, guys. No real harm done. I was just shaken a little, but I'm OK now. Really, everything is alright. Everything is cool."

Moments later, Jake hurried into the kitchen, having heard about an `altercation' between Brody and `the high school kid'. He rushed over to the table and pulled a chair up next to Derek. "Dude, are you alright? What happened -- what did he do?" Jake asked, real concern in his voice. Casey and Jeremy stayed with the two boys as Derek briefly related the story to his friend, glossing over some of the rougher sexual aspects in deference to Casey. Jake, however, read between the lines, and realized Brody had basically molested Derek, and he was furious. Quietly, Jeremy explained the situation his fraternity faced, and promised the two boys Brody would be no more trouble. This calmed Jake's fury. Jake knew the frat brothers were not responsible for the loutish behavior of one member, and since the other guys had been so cool, so accepting of the high school boys, his temper cooled. Still, it was time for the boys to head back to their hotel, and they gratefully accepted a ride from Jeremy.

Back in their room, Jake and Derek sat side-by-side on the bed, both still wearing their small polo suits. Derek was surprised when Jake wrapped his right arm around his shoulders, and just held him, asking him, "Are you sure you're OK now, Derek? I'm so sorry that happened to you. Most of the guys in that group are really great, but there is always one shithead..."

Derek smiled, and let out a deep sigh. He lowered his head, then, without even thinking, leaned over to rest his head on Jake's broad shoulder. Jake didn't even flinch -- instead, he pulled Derek even closer, slipping his hand down onto Derek's upper arm, which he stroked soothingly. "I think a warm shower would do you good," Jake said. Standing, he led a quiescent Derek into the bathroom and turned the shower on, adjusting the temperature. Jake then slipped his large hands around Derek's trim waist, and slowly tugged the small suit down his teammate's muscular thighs. "Right leg up," Jake commanded, as Derek raised that leg and allowed Jake to pull the suit over his foot. "Left leg." Again, Derek obeyed, until he found himself completely naked. Quickly removing his own Speedo, Jake stepped into the shower, then gently pulled Derek in beside him.

The tub was relatively small, forcing the young men to stand close, their bodies touching as the warm spray covered them. Picking up the bar of soap, Jake began to softly wash the day's sand and sweat from Derek's lean body. He had started on Derek's back, but when he finished, Derek turned to face him, as Jake washed his face, neck, arms -- then started on his chest and abs. When those were done, Jake knelt in front of Derek and bathed his thighs, calves and feet -- his touch so soft and caressing, it began to arouse Derek's soft cock, which soon began to plump and lengthen, though not to full erection. Glancing down, Derek noticed that Jake was also sporting some serious wood, his long dick hanging low and semi-stiff. Finally, Jake stood up, saying quietly, "Well, you're almost done -- just a couple things left to wash. Do...do you want me to help you finish?"

"Yes, please," was all Derek could say. He closed his eyes as he felt Jake's strong hand begin to soap his genitals, squeezing and rubbing his private parts as the warm water cascaded over his body. Almost instantly, Derek felt himself growing to full erection, as Jake's long fingers encircled and rubbed his aching rod, then laved his nutsac. Then, Jake's soapy hand reached behind to cleanse Derek's ass, and one -- or was it two -- soapy fingers slipped provocatively into his ass crack to softly clean him there. Derek felt himself falling backwards as desire swept his young body, his need to be touched suddenly fulfilled.

Jake braced himself quickly, just in time to catch Derek and allow him to lean dreamily against the stronger teen. Derek moaned softly, but said nothing as he rested his head on Jake's solid pecs. Neither boy stirred for perhaps two or three minutes, until Derek whispered, "It's your turn." Taking the soap, he performed the same service on Jake that he had just received, cleaning the muscular stud -- arms, torso, legs -- then, without even asking, grasping the rock-hard shaft protruding so blatantly from Jake's groin and caressing it with warm, soap-covered hands -- rubbing and stroking until Jake was moaning and grunting with passion. Turning him, Derek now began to wash Jake's `bubble butt', and was careful to clean deep, deep within the boy's warm crack. As his fingers brushed Jake's quivering hole, the bigger teen's entire body was rocked by a sudden spasm, and he grunted "Oh, Oh" over and over again.

Finally, the boys grabbed towels and slowly dried each other, then made their way to the bed. Pulling down the bedspread and covers, Jake guided Derek onto the bed, then stretched out beside him. Derek was trembling -- bur Jake didn't know if it was from desire, fear, shyness, nerves, doubt, or longing. Realizing it was Derek's first time, Jake assumed it might have been a combination of all those factors. Wanting to comfort Derek, and help him relax, he lay down beside him and wrapped his big arm protectively around him, just holding him, calming him. But as he did so, Jake suddenly felt a growing doubt -- a sense that perhaps he was doing something wrong, taking advantage of the inexperienced teen. "Derek," he said quietly, "I need to ask you something."

Derek looked at him questioningly, and waited for him to continue. Without hesitation, Jake began to speak. "Am I pushing you too far? After what you experienced tonight -- what Brody did to you, I don't want to coerce you into something you may not be prepared for, or may not even want. Maybe that's why you are trembling so, maybe you are uncertain about, well, about all of this."

Derek stared into Jake's eyes as he answered. "Brody just wanted to fuck me -- there was nothing gentle or kind or thoughtful in the way he treated me. That scared me, Jake. I have to admit that. But with you, it's so different. I feel safe, warm, cared for. I am trembling from excitement, and yes, I guess a little fear of the unknown. You have so much experience, you've bedded girls, been naked with them, been intimate with them. I know nothing about that -- I've never been naked in bed with someone before, and, other than a few kisses and clumsy grabbing or touching, never been intimate before. I'm trying so hard to relax, to feel at ease, to stop trembling and breathing so fast. But, so many feelings are going through me, so many emotions are sweeping over me -- I guess my body just can't handle them all. But you have not forced me, or coerced me -- I have dreamed about this, fantasized about being loved and touched. So please don't stop -- don't pull away. It's my first time, and I want it to be perfect. And, with you, well, with you, I know it will be."

Jake smiled warmly, then leaned over and kissed Derek on the forehead. Then he rolled Derek onto his back, and straddled him. One moment, his hands were pinning Derek's shoulders to the bed -- the next, they were caressing his cheeks, stroking his temples, tickling his ears. Jake leaned over again, planting another kiss on Derek's forehead, then his nose, then -- his lips. Tenderly, he brushed his lips against Derek's then kissed him, harder. Using his tongue, he gently prodded Derek's lips to part, and in moments, their tongues were touching, dancing around each other, as their mouths came together in a passionate tango of oral interaction. At first shy, Derek quickly warmed to Jake's kiss, and accepted his tongue willingly. Too soon, this kiss was over, but new sensations quickly emerged as Jake's mouth moved lower, kissing and licking Derek's neck, shoulders, and chest. A sucking and nibbling on his hardened nipples alerted Derek to the fact Jake had now discovered how sensitive his chest was, and the nipple play made Derek groan with urgent arousal. Lower still went Jake's mouth, as his cheeks and lips brushed the smaller youth's taut abs. But what came next nearly sent Derek over the edge, bringing him feelings he'd never known, causing his body to tremble and quiver uncontrollably.

Jake's tongue had found Derek's rock-hard shaft, jutting upward along his belly, engorged and flush with color. Jake gingerly licked and lapped at the offering before him, running his warm tongue up and down the shaft, then enveloping the top half with his lips while his tongue danced lightly across the silky purple crown. Poor Derek was nearly beside himself as he felt his virgin cock slipping into Jake's hungry mouth, then felt it trapped between Jake's teeth and cheek, then between the teeth, touching the back of Jake's throat as a tongue slickly moved to and fro across the sensitive glans. His breathing grew ragged and raspy as he felt himself hardening uncontrollably in Jake's mouth. Derek had read some of those stories on the internet about the guys with incredible self-control, the ones who could "hold it" for amazing amounts of time. But this was his first time, and Derek had, in less than 30 seconds, lost all control as he felt his ejaculation building. "Jake, oh, Jake,,,you'd better stop,,,now...you'd better pull away...I can't hold back...I don't wanna shoot in your mou..oh...oh...JAKE!" Derek had tried to warn him, but Jake wasn't listening, so intent was he on pleasuring his best friend. Jake felt Derek's cock stiffen, then felt it begin to throb as it pulsed in his mouth, pumping Derek's fresh seed onto his tongue and down his throat.

Jake savored the tangy flavor of Derek's milky semen, surprised that the taste was quite different from his own, which he had sampled from time to time during a quiet jack-off session. It didn't taste bad, just different. Jake had also been surprised at how quickly Derek had climaxed, but not disappointed. He realized Derek was still an `innocent', and knew that with some practice, Derek would learn how to prolong his pleasure. Looking into Derek's eyes, he was again surprised -- at the look of fear or worry he saw there. Was Derek upset? Was he angry, or maybe regretting what had just taken place? Then Jake heard Derek whispering..."so sorry, Jake, please don't be mad. I tried to warn you that I couldn't hold it. It felt so good, what you were doing to me. Please don't be mad. It was my first time, and I wasn't sure what to do, Jake, please don't be mad at me..."

Jake burst out laughing, then leaned up to Derek's face and put his lips on Derek's, saying, "It's OK, man, it's OK. Here, let me share my reward with you." With open mouths, they kissed, and Derek soon tasted his own ejaculate as his tongue wrestled with Jake's. Finally pulling apart, Jake placed his hands on each side of Derek's flushed face, stating, "I could get used to this," before planting another kiss on Derek's mouth. Derek giggled in delight, then suddenly became aggressive, rolling on top of Jake and pinning him to the bed. With unbridled passion, and as frisky as a puppy at play, Derek was all over Jake -- wrestling him, tickling him, fondling him, touching him with carefree abandon -- just full of exuberance and life and joy! Though the stronger of the two, Jake let Derek have his way, enjoying the way Derek was frolicking with him on the bed.

Eventually, however, Derek became more serious, as he began to sensuously kiss Jake's neck, his cheek, then his mouth. Moving downward, Derek began to kiss and lick the bigger athlete's strong chest, even running his tongue over Jake's nipples again and again, until the nubs were standing proudly erect, and overly sensitive. Derek even began licking Jake's sweaty pits, savoring the odor of his hero's manly scent and tasting the sweat that his tongue found there. Then -- lower still -- licking and nipping at the stud's ripped abs, until Derek's tongue began to swab along Jake's lower abdomen, then went lower, wetting the thick patch of curly pubes that grew above the root of Jake's hefty dick. Jake was in ecstasy, and he found himself arching his back, thrusting his groin upward to meet Derek's sexy mouth. Derek, now kneeling next to Jake on the bed, placed his hands on both sides of his teammate's trim waist, pushing his upraised ass back onto the bed. Then he pulled back to admire the site before him -- Jake's hard, stiff cock pointing skyward, a drop of clear precum seeping from the slit in the tip. Derek brought his face down, closer and closer, opened his mouth wide -- and suddenly felt Jake's strong hands pushing against his shoulders, holding him at bay, not allowing him to reach his destination. "Whoa, there, big guy," Jake said, his voice raspy. "Just slow down a minute -- just hold on."

Derek looked up, puzzled about the reason Jake had so suddenly put the brakes on his attempt to return the favor he had so recently received. Jake, taking matters under control, placed his hands under Derek's armpits and pulled his teammate up alongside himself, then wrapped an arm protectively around his confused companion. Looking deep into Derek's eyes, Jake began to speak.

"Derek, I know this is your first time. However, it is not mine -- I have had relations with a number of girls off-campus back in town, and even a couple from my hometown. Because I knew you were a virgin, I knew it was safe to, well, to do things with you without protection. Things like the oral sex I gave you. But when you are with someone else, someone experienced, you must remember to be cautious, and practice safer sex. You can't let your passion and emotion overrule your common sense." It finally dawned on Derek what Jake was saying, and he nodded his head somberly as Jake continued. "The good news is that I was tested at a clinic back at school -- well, in town, I should say -- a couple days before we left, and the results came back fine. But, if you are ever with someone else -- someone besides me -- and you don't know that person's history, you MUST be careful and use protection. Do you understand?"

Derek smiled meekly, and nodded his head. "Yes Jake, I will remember, I promise. But there is one thing I don't understand." As Jake looked questioningly into his eyes, Derek smiled and said, "Why would I ever want to be with anyone other than you?"

Jake blushed as Derek began to once again kiss and lick and suck his torso, moving inexorably southward toward Jake's genitalia. Jake suddenly found himself discretely brushing a tear from his eye -- a tear brought on by that simple phrase Derek has just spoken. "Damn me, I'm getting as sentimental as a silly schoolgirl," thought Jake, as he gently reached down to tousle Derek's short hair, and stroke the back of his neck. "Hell, next thing you know, I'll be drawing little hearts with `Derek & Jake' written inside them," Jake mused ruefully, as he felt Derek's warm lips wrap themselves around his steel-hard maleness. Derek's inexperience quickly became evident as his teeth scraped against Jake's sensitive cock, causing the athlete to squirm and groan audibly. But knowing it was Derek's first time, Jake was gentle in his criticisms. And he couldn't help but enjoy the obvious eagerness on display as Derek experimented with various positions, tongue placement, and oral gymnastics, trying to find just the right way to `do the job.'

As Derek was orally manipulating him, Jake couldn't help but become more and more aroused, his long dick stretching and hardening with each lick and suck. But suddenly, Derek pulled back, then looked shyly into Jake's eyes as he asked, "Jake, would it be alright, I mean, is it OK if I, well, if I just beat you off? I mean, I just always have wanted to wrap my hands around your cock and just pump it, beat it off, make you shoot your load of sperm. Would it be OK if maybe I did that now, then maybe later we could try the oral stuff again?"

"Sure, buddy, that's fine with me," answered Jake, grinning broadly. "I know tonight is your first time, so go for it, dude. Do what you want. I'm all yours." Derek was all smiles, and he started babbling incessantly as he took charge.

"Jake, I just really want to make you cum, and watch you shoot a load right in front of me. Just to stroke your hard meat, tease the juice out of this big ol' cock, milk the spunk out of it, just watch it explode with your hot seed." As he said this, Derek's hands were all over Jake's naked sex organ -- touching and rubbing, squeezing and fondling it, tracing the veins, wrapping fingers around its pulsing hardness, feeling it twitch with energy and arousal. Losing control almost immediately, Jake could feel the lubricating fluids easing up his long shaft and oozing out the tip, wetting his purple cockhelmet. Then he could feel Derek's fingers tracing and swirling across his sensitive glans, smearing the sticky goo, pulling strands of it and watching them glisten as they arced from cockhead to fingertip.

"Yeah, big boy, feel me up, stroke me off like I know you want to," Jake said, his voice again raspy and soft. With his cock now engorged and throbbing, Jake was becoming delirious with lust. As Derek's fingers danced a minuet along his turgid shaft, Jake muttered, "yeah, oh yeah, just like that -- rub me there -- oh yeah, yeah, YEAH -- tickle my nutsac, tease the seed from my aching balls, milk those boys dry -- yeah, like that, like that -- just keep doin' it, just milk that fuckseed out of me. Oh yeah, Derek, you know what to do. What you've been doin' to yourself -- those lonely nights in your bed -- do that shit to me, dude, just do it. Yeah, just like that. JUST LIKE THAT," he hissed, as Derek found that sensitive place on his undershaft, and began tickling him there, scraping his fingernail along his fattened seminal duct, teasing more and more fluid from Jake's long, fat penis.

Derek was barely able to control himself. Realizing Jake's ballsac was as sensitive as his own, he took turns tickling the wrinkled pouch, jostling the testes within, even slipping a finger further back, softly rubbing Jake's perineum, that exciting spot between his genitals and anus. He could hear Jake breathing harder, and watched as his head lolled back on the pillow, his mouth open and muttering...

"Yeah, oh that's it, that's it -- right there, tickle my nuts, tease `em, get `em all worked up. Oh...oh...unhhhh...oh..." Jake muttered. Then, as Derek found Jake's penile g-spot, his ooohs and ahs suddenly changed to oh...OH...OH." Jake was now fighting furiously to control himself, while knowing all along it was no use. When Derek started scratching and teasing along the super-sensitive underside of his shaft, Jake knew it would not be long before he reached a climax, ejaculating his hot load with reckless abandon.

As Jake continued to squirm and moan, Derek started to taunt the bigger jock. "You like that, don't you? You like it when I touch you along here, stroke your long shaft, mess with your nuts? You like that, Jake?" As Jake nodded weakly, Derek continued teasing him. "Yeah, you're a big boy, a real cock-of-the-walk, as they say. Strutting along the pool deck in your skimpy little downsized Speedo, your big cockbulge thrust out, your suit so low your pubes are visible. And in back, your ass half exposed -- teasing the girls in the stands, and, oh yeah, a few of the guys, showing so much crack it's unreal. Putting your hands on your hips, tugging your little tiny suit even lower -- teasing and tormenting everyone with your sexy-ass body and masculine stud-boy attitude. I think you need to pay a price for that -- need to be punished for your bad-boy ways," Derek said, as he continued to fondle and jiggle Jake's reproductive organ.

Between gasps and squirms, Jake responded to these taunts. "You, you really enjoyed...oh...oh...enjoyed me tormenting you, didn't you, little buddy? Getting' yourself all worked up, checkin' me out in my Speedo, fantasizing about putting your hands on my meat..oh...whoa, man, whoa...oh...yeah, you know you loved it, Derek. Loved me teasing you, putting on a show for you."

"Well, who's in charge now?" Derek challenged, manhandling Jake in any and every way he could think of. "Who's the big man now, Jake? I've got you helpless, under my power, at my command. Your body is mine -- your cock is mine -- my own private plaything." Derek wrapped his hand around the base of his friend's hard pole, and began waving it around, shaking and jostling it randomly. But as he did this, he glanced into Jake's eyes, which were now open wide. And what he saw there made him freeze in mid-action. He saw fear. Worry. Confusion. And, having come to know Jake so well after their years of friendship, he instantly understood why.

Releasing Jake's engorged dick, Derek quietly slid down next to the bigger teen and wrapped his arms around him tightly. "It's OK, Jake. I understand, I think. For you, this is a new experience -- in the past, with the girls you've been with, you were the one in charge. You took control -- of them and their bodies -- and you took what you wanted. You're an alpha male, accustomed to dominating and controlling -- to making the girls you fucked submit to you and your powerful sex drive. But now, it's different -- is that what you're thinking?"

"Uh, well, yeah Derek, I guess you are right. I'm not used to being on the receiving end of sex play -- I'm the one who initiates it, and sort of, well, coerces the girl I'm with to go along. I don't mean rape -- I would never do that -- but I just keep nudging, pleading, teasing, urging -- you know, just doing anything I can to get into her panties. When you just said you were now in charge, it sort of hit me that tonight I'm in a different role. It sort of shook me I guess."

"Jake, is it OK -- I mean, for tonight at least, if I am in control? Will you trust me?" Derek asked.

Jake smiled, and once again reached up and tousled Derek's short hair. "Yeah, dude, it's cool, he said. "Tonight, I'll let you have your way with me. Just promise me one thing, man."

"Of course, Jake, anything. You name it."

"Promise me when you leave in the morning, you'll call me sometime. I don't wanna be just a one-night stand you use to sate your sexual appetite, only to be dumped in the morning."

Derek rolled his eyes as Jake started chuckling and laughing at his own joke. But his laughter soon turned to groans of ecstasy as Derek returned to the task at hand. Reaching between Jake's legs, Derek firmly wrapped his fingers around the base of Jake's scrotum with one hand, while wrapping his other hand around the big boy's still-hard shaft. Derek began pumping up and down furiously, while the `choke-hold' he had on Jake's nuts prevented the testicles from pulling up to the base of Jake's cock. In this way, Derek could continue to torment Jake's hard shaft, while preventing him from achieving orgasm. "Now you're gonna pay -- big time -- Jake. I'm not going to let you cum yet -- I'm gonna make you suffer awhile, until you beg me to release your balls. If you're a good boy, I may let you get your rocks off. If not, well, the torture will continue indefinitely.

Twisting and turning, Jake tried to escape Derek's grasp, but his smaller roommate held firm, thumb and forefinger effectively blocking his gonads from ascending. Reaching with his long middle finger, Derek began to probe and rub Jake's sensitive perineum once again, driving the jock crazy with desire. At one point, Derek even tugged Jake's poor, tormented nuts back between his legs, as his middle finger strayed beyond the perineum, tentatively seeking entry into a place hitherto untouched in their frisky session -- Jake's quivering rosebud, the opening to his asshole. Jake, suddenly becoming aware of this new and unexpected intrusion, began to squirm furiously, pleading with Derek. "Don't Derek, please, not there. Not yet. PLEASE! I'm...I'm not ready for that, dude. Please don't go there...not yet, please, please."

Derek immediately backed off, whispering softly, "OK, OK Jake. It's OK, I won't touch you there again." Disappointment showed on Derek's face for a brief second, but it quickly passed. "There will be time for us to explore new things," he thought to himself. But for now, he was content to literally have Jake `by the balls', right where he wanted him.

The pressure in his loins was surging, and Jake knew he couldn't hold out much longer. Glancing downward toward his groin, Jake saw his own penis -- long, hard, and bright red -- and covered with a glistening sheen. Copious amounts of sex fluid were leaking and drizzling from his piss slit, coating his glans with a sticky and shiny coat. Derek was roughly grazing his thumb back and forth over Jake's cockhead, smearing the fluid up and down along his shaft, bathing his sex organ in his own secretions. Fearing the constriction on his nutsac might cause permanent injury, Jake began begging Derek for mercy.

"Please, Derek, please let me get a nut. I NEED to shoot now, I can't stand this torment any longer. Please, buddy, please have mercy on my poor `ol cock, and let him blast off, let him just shoot, will ya? Please?"

Derek could feel Jake's testicles trying to retract -- while his thumb and forefinger continued to restrict their upward mobility, his other fingers had returned to tickling the wrinkled, hairy sac, though now that sac was full and bloated, feeling almost ready to pop, the testes within squirming and struggling futilely to rise and initiate Jake's ejaculation. Realizing Jake was totally horned, and totally at his mercy, Derek relented. As he loosened his stranglehold grip, he could feel Jake's nuts quickly slip upward toward his dickroot. While holding the shaft still with one hand, Derek began to rub his fingertips frantically up and down Jake's undershaft, concentrating on that spot that drove Jake over the edge. And almost immediately, over the edge he went.

Derek felt Jake's entire body suddenly go stock-still, and he heard a low moan escape from Jake's throat. And then, suddenly, Jake's dick erupted with a geyser of teenboy semen, gushing shot after shot high into the air, where it arced back down onto Jake's chest and abs, the first shot actually reaching his face and neck. Derek counted in amazement -- six, seven, eight -- as the spewing cock simply would not stop ejaculating. Eleven, twelve, finally slowing to a small oozing at thirteen.

Jake's eyes were closed, his chest heaving as he struggled to catch his breath. Derek remained next to him, amazed at the sight before his eyes. Jake, naked, on his back, his dick still hard, his body coated with a generous splattering of his seed -- on his face and neck, his pecs, his rippled abs. Without warning, Derek suddenly felt himself totally aroused -- the sight of Jake apparently too much of an overload for his own libido -- and, like Jake just moments before, Derek began to release another load of sperm, though it had been less than an hour earlier that he had cum before. It wasn't a huge load -- certainly nothing to compare to Jake's -- but still he counted perhaps five cumshots, as his sperm sprayed onto Jake's groin and thigh. Derek felt suddenly weak himself, and slumped down next to Jake, their cheeks touching.

"Oh, dude," Jake whispered, "that was the hottest, biggest nut I ever shot. I am totally drained, physically and sexually. While your hands are still down there, could you check one thing for me, Derek? Could you make sure I still have two balls in my sac? Could you do that for me? Dude, I think I may have shot one -- or maybe both -- right up my cockshaft and out of my dick, I came so fuckin' hard."

Smiling, Derek reached down between Jake's legs and confirmed that he did indeed still possess two testicles, gently fondling one at a time between his fingers. "Yep, two healthy male testicles, ready for our next adventure."

Jake responded wearily, saying, "Derek, I think it will be at least a month, or maybe two, before I can even produce enough sperm to stick a stamp to a letter. You've emptied my nuts, dude, totally milked and drained me of my baby batter."

"We'll see," answered Derek coyly, snuggling closer to his lover. Both boys were happily surprised to discover, only half an hour later, that two eager, stiff sex organs were again raising their `heads', anxious to please their sex-crazed masters...